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Translation Thread
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Continued from >>1807478

Welcoming all translators, typesetter, quality checkers etc.

Things translated by /u/: http://dynasty-scans.com/scanlators/u_scanlations

Goggled's translations:
Complete (but may require QC): http://pastebin.com/re7Agwen
Incomplete (need TL help for bracketed segments): http://pastebin.com/kxNXEXAm

KanjiTomo (kanji reader tool): http://kanjitomo.net/

Yurikuma Arashi vol2
Yurikuma Arashi vol2
RAWs: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2udcro5pjf4qdns

Rough TLs:
ch9: http://pastebin.com/vtXGU7Pw (embed)
ch10: http://pastebin.com/hTEaNpAC (embed)
ch11: http://pastebin.com/L2L3urp5 (embed)
ch12: http://pastebin.com/j6ASqg9t (embed)
ch13: http://pastebin.com/Rs4eCJmH (embed)
ch14: http://pastebin.com/Pse2hpUm (embed)
ch15: http://pastebin.com/TeRSMsMB (embed)
ch16: http://pastebin.com/w7ZuDh3Z (embed)
ch17: http://pastebin.com/wUyj8ruM (embed)

Cleaned RAWs:
ch9: https://mega.nz/#!pdoAhSQJ!4vfrCRF8aOgVn1CgFYORHr7629aqx8mrj-arOnTm-bk
ch10: https://mega.nz/#!1YByVBib!6bjLIiwHyE-BG_k7FJQVGqOL0Vmvc9LdKyOhYQ0WwLU
ch11: https://mega.nz/#!4J4GBC5B!M96OprJLTCGSsEUvPc4BqrRkmICIP5oBYzuQ1_wcFd0
It's just these two pages that need translation? Couldn't read a couple of the lines but-
Thanks for including the YKA stuff in the OP post, Goggled Anon.

I would like to add that we need another translator to look over the translations we have so far, so please help out you moonspeakers!

Little trick cos of the scribbles but something like this maybe?



>You're wrong! I don't usually
>make those kinds of noises!
>She made an excuse!

>Is that so?
>Her knowledge of weird stuff increased!!
RizeSyaro (incomplete, small RAWs)
Pls this.
I just did that man. >>1914085
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If anyone is interested in Idolmaster, this one has been untranslated for a long time.

File: MDS00085.jpg (114 KB, 1200x837) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 1200x837
It even has a sequel, but it's in chinese.

File: 001.jpg (654 KB, 1045x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Anyone interested in cleaning Sweet Bitter Kiss 1 by Chaos2nd? It's a love triangle story featuring Ran, Yurika and Kaede.

We got the translator ready, but we need a capable cleaner. Sadly I won't toss the raws around, so you need to directly contact me: shin.gx.fansubs@gmail.com

I need credentials like your experience and relationships/connection with other groups.
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Forgot tripcode for identification.
File: 1447437108884.jpg (643 KB, 480x1297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thanks! BTW the source is http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=51748805
Translation please:
Lel, thanks bro. You saved my life.
Figure I should post here as well. I'm here if you guys need any Thai <-> English translation. Apologies for going MIA earlier, I was quite busy.
Can I request translation for a certain short yuri VN? Will give details if anyone is interested.
Chapter 12 cleaned:

Still could use someone to look over Goggled Anon's translations. The lines surrounded by "[" and "]" are ones that he/she's really not sure about.
Glorious KyoAya with a hint of ChinaAka (some uncertain bits do to thick kanji)
The only doujin of Galilei Donna and is Yuri!
File: komori quintet.png (379 KB, 831x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
komori quintet.png
379 KB, 831x1200
Is anybody going to finish translating and scanning this manga?
Bumping thread for more views.

Someone please look over Goggled Anon's translations of YKA.

I'm already nearly half done the cleaning.
File: yurikuma36.png (45 KB, 400x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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To clarify, this bit is the only thing that really need double-checking before ch9 is ready for typeset.

>[Even if someone in this world would deny Ginko]
>We will never deny her
It wouldn't hurt for someone to check the unsure translations for all the chapters at one time so we wouldn't have to find someone for every chapter.
Are yurika's campus life translations kill?
Would something like this work?
>"Even if everyone in the world were to reject Ginko"
>"We would never reject her"
It's mainly just the phrasing I got stuck on.
Checked 9 chapter of YKA. Here're some suggestions:
>Ever since she hugged that stuffed bear, Ginko has had the scent of lilies.
The stuffed bear Ginko hugged had the scent of lilies
>This bear given to Ginko as a substitute...
Ginko's scent is as this bear's...
>It has my mom's scent.
It was my mom's scent.

>Ugh... It feels like I'm on the Away team.
Ugh... I feel so out of place. Just because I'm not sure what "Away team" is.
>But if I keep training like this, I may one day become a splendid bear!
>But if I keep training like this, I may look like I become a splendid bear!

>I feel a little more comfortable now.
I feel a bit relieved now.
>No, those aren't bears. They're just things the bears use.
No, those aren't bears. They're just things the bears made.
>Frogs and butterflies?
Frogs and insects?
>Hmm... I dunno about all types of plants...
Hmm... It depends on the types of plants...

>I wonder if I'll be able to read it if it's too difficult...
They're all so difficult. I wonder which one should I read.
>I love how genuinely straightforward you are Ginko.
She's so straightforward in her love for Ginko.
>Though you can be a little too straightforward sometimes.
Though a little too straightforward sometimes.

>The apple pie'll get burnt
I baked apple pie


Yeah, it's good.
Cool. Here's an updated version. Kept in the "Away team" bit since they do use "away" in katakana in the original.
Please continue with the next chapters when you have time.
So page 24 has Kureha's mother with a rifle.
In volume 1 Goggled Anon initally translated that her mother was a Matagi, which was then translated to her father.

This make sit seem like her mother was the Matagi after all...

Can anyone confirm? I'll pull out the volume 1 stuff to change it if I need to.
Ah, I didn't know this thread existed. I'm translating Virgin's Empire as of chapter 30 and since I'm not a native English speaker, it would be awesome if someone could proofread my scripts. Chapter 30-38 have already been released but everything after that can still be rewritten.
All the scripts can be found in this folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0By0BSYQDRyUXbnh5MFlNbldIbG8&usp=sharing
And if it helps for context, the raws are here: https://manga.madokami.com/Raws/Otome%20No%20Teikoku
I'd like to help, but I'm busy. You probably only need someone to skim through and check for awkward English, I imagine?
I wouldn't read too much into it. After all, Kureha's in a laser rifle club so it's likely her mother was too (or at least its ten-year-old equivelant)
So should I go back an change that?
Maybe they were both Matagi?
Nah. The kanji did say "father" (I had looked over it in my initial run do to mere assumption)
Alright then.

Also, here's chapter 9. Look it over to see if it looks good to you.

>That's what I thought the most
Maybe replace with "That was my strongest thought"?

>a little to straightforward
a little too straightforward

Also maybe change the first "complex" to something like "difficult" to lessen repetition.

>untranslated hiragana
This is...

On a side note, there's an odd fuzziness on all your bolded text for some reason. Might wanna tinker with that a bit.
That would help.
Here's the updated version.

S'all good as far as I can tell
If there's anyone interested in translating this >>1919053 , the publisher is open for translations.
>Inquiries about the translation of this work may be sent to here mailto:rights@poco2.jp?subject=【ぽこぽこ】とある結婚 翻訳出版について(English)
That's about official translations.
Actually, I was translating it the other day and thought I'd make a thread and dump it there. I'm not native in English though.
More glorious Yuyushiki catgirl lewds (and without any futa pages this time too)
And more KyoAya? Why not.
This arrived in the mail and, well, we got the translator covered, but we do need a cleaner for this.
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I am totally not in favor of keeping honorifics in English translations. However, Otome's usage of the -tan honorific is one of her defining traits, so I guess I'll consider keeping it.
File: 09.png (1 MB, 1402x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can you g/u/ys help me a bit?

First SFX (right beside Ran on top right)
> しーん・・・ (silence SFX)

Second SFX (door knob)
>ガチャ (sound of turning door knob)

Third SFX (bottom right, door knob area)
>キィ・・・ (creeping door sound?)
>First SFX (right beside Ran on top left)*
You could go the literal way.
Because any onomatopoeia from doorknob turning will sound weird as fuck.
That got resolved quickly. Thanks!
Oh.. I like honorifics..
I think it's an easy way to show that Otome's talking, so in her case I'd keep it. Otherwise, I completely agree with dropping English-style honorifics.
Secret x Secret PREVIEW ONLY is out by yours truly

TL;DR Artist found out, distribution is restricted.
I changed it by using "Rantan", but it's not on the preview.
Lil bit of Mira
Is it just me or is there loads of new Mira about lately?
Oh, Mirei, you big perv
Had a try at the manga bits in this Yuyushiki Official Fanbook
It's not a new staff from Mira, but thanks to digital distribution we can naw get them all fast.
I thought you had another one killing you off.
Anyway... Aren't we all your friends? kek
Please dump.
Ekhm, Anywone is interested in scanlating 2DK, G Pen, Mezamashidokei? After Vol 1 I was afraid, this will become another Stretch. But in Vol 2 there is finally love development and start of the romance.
File: 10.png (1 MB, 1409x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1409x2000
I'm not really sure I should, Anon. I don't want this to accidentally spread to the internet.
I'll probably translate it, though I'm not especially enthusiastic about doing so. Admittedly I've only seen the first chapter, but... my confidence in Yuri Hime doing anything I like is not very high right now.

More Ran x Yurika please
see >>1914299
If I email you, can I read it?
If we're mutually acquainted.
Had a go at this - never typeset (or indeed used Photoshop) before though.
File: wat.png (390 KB, 799x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can you guys figure out what word Ran said in this sentence after the ashita kanji, and the last kanji? I don't think the last kanji is Neru since they look differently, I guess.
Ah, I see. Thanks. The last kanji after 収録 is 早い.
File: wat2.png (43 KB, 943x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 943x591
Working on handwritten stuff is really difficult. I can't make out the last one at the left.

It looks like 何も見てないよ
Reading the scene and the word fits in their conversation. Thanks again!
File: RanAo_lewd_00.png (955 KB, 1420x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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So... Anyone interested in cleaning a short RanAo lewd? Yes, I'm desperate.
Anyone here got the heart to translate Nisekano? The raw's been out for quite a while though.
YKA Chapter 13 Cleaned

Can anyone please translate the last 2 chapters of this fanfic? You will have my eternal gratitude.


It's smut, but nothing too extreme, it seems (according to google translate).
YKA Chapter 14 Cleaned

What's the typical manga font's name?

like the one used on the Mirei short
Googling 'manga fonts' on image search should give you some examples on what fonts to use.
File: v3-1.jpg (184 KB, 600x855) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm dying with the lack of progress on Kase-san. Anyone want to translate this stuff, all from this year, to keep me alive?
File: v3-2.jpg (187 KB, 600x902) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: v3-3.jpg (160 KB, 600x841) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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2 MB, 1157x756
Could someone so kindly send me a link of the translated version of this, please I've been wanting to read this ever since.
I'm not sure what's going on here, but it's adorable.
Considering you're not even providing the name of said 'this', probably not.
To everyone who watches Aikatsu:

Do you have an idea what 空白のくうはく一年間 (Year of Emptiness) is? It's supposed to be connected to Ichigo going to America in S1. Here's an excerpt from the author's afterword:

As a fan of RanAo, I just couldn’t help drawing something about the Year of Emptiness. I gave it a lot of thought, and drew it according to how I would ideally like things to go.
File: Secret-32.png (1 MB, 1410x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1410x2000
We're trying to imitate the font style of this extra. Can you g/u/ys read this page with no problem?
File: Secret-32.png (1 MB, 1410x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1410x2000
I increased the font size a bit.
It's more or less just explaining that he wanted to draw a story set in the year Ichigo was in America (which of course was completely skipped inbetween S1 and S2). Year of Emptiness seems to fit well (maybe "quote" it if you're not sure it'll flow well)
Oh I see. Thanks. And the author's a she. Can confirm. We went to her booth on three separate occasions.
Not a particularly readable font regardless of the size. Faded text is pretty much a no-no unless the author's using it on purpose (eg. fading conciousness) so you should probably stick with a clearer font.
See >>1924013
The font is like that. Using a 'sterile' font like Astro feels out of place.
Come to think of it, ours a bit too transparent...
File: Secret-01.jpg (4 MB, 1415x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 1415x2000
The doujin is complete. However its distribution is limited. I'm gonna send the author a copy of the translation and ask her to reconsider.

I'm going all this trouble just to get permission from someone who will never notice. But I like her and her RanAo, so...
I pray for your success.
Also, maybe you could try offering the translation for her usage. If she's interested in selling it online or something.
It didn't go well. I provided her a copy and she said... Here's her reply. Admittedly I don't understand what she meant by NG (No go?) and I don't fully understand the 2nd to the last paragraph.






As in the opposite of OK. Don't do it.

I had actually planned on disallowing any translation at all at first, but in this case of showing it only to your friends, I provide special permission. In the case that you start sharing it with just anybody, I will recede to flat refusal of any future requests.
File: well shit.png (42 KB, 258x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
well shit.png
42 KB, 258x298
Thought so. Quite frankly, I really want to ignore her and make a story like "I shared the doujin with a friend and friend shared it without permission". I'm fed up with this restriction shit. It's not like she'll find out, right? I don't think she knows the existence of online readers like Dynasty, right?
Maybe she won't find out? Are they very savvy, in terms of knowing what English sites are up to?
She wrote "Contents" as "Conteants" so I doubt she can easily google these English websites without someone tipping her off. She knows my website though (credits page linking to LL).

This is Nae's first Aikatsu book, so she's kinda attached and protective of it. She was an Index/Railgun fag and for a yuri artist, she made a lewd het doujin of the show's popular couple.

What I truly fear though is I may emotionally hurt her and may stop making more doujins and fan art of Ran and Aoi. Her art are fucking great.
If you've always deferred to artists before, I would remain consistent about it. If you've ignored their response previously, then do what you want.
not publishing it in english and still not allowing a public translation to be released is just a big "fuck you" to the aikatsu fans who can't read moon but want to read this.

but do whatever you think is right
Normally I didn't give a shit and when an artist found out I was translating her "Rainy Day" and "Chocolatier", she was happy they got western attention. Heck, she ended up following me on Twitter. If Shinoasa found out I translated her "Allegro Break," I would have probably ignored her.. or him.

Nae is just, I dunno, I think she's my favorite artist by far and kinda special. I was rather hurt when she found out and sent a C&D letter.

After thinking this through, I will stop giving a shit and share the book... but not now. I need things to cool down first.
File: RanAo Flirt.png (2 MB, 1800x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
RanAo Flirt.png
2 MB, 1800x1300
But... I will let you read it... but you gotta promise me not to share it (for now).
Chocolatier is one of my favorite doujins! Pleased to hear the author seems to be a cool kind of person.
File: 53680513_p10.png (408 KB, 568x767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
408 KB, 568x767
You know what, I don't give a shit any more. Yeah, I made a promise, but I translated this book for the purpose letting fans read it and see the beauty of RanAo. Nae's book is a good introduction to the pair.

A lot of people's work ended up on the internet and there's no mass protest or something. This artist is no special snowflake. I understand her concerns very well, but this sort of thing will eventually happen. If I don't do it, someone else will.



I guess I shouldn't expect much out of a bunch of filthy pirates, but going back on your own word seems pretty low.
They wouldn't be very good pirates if they kept their word, would they?

The link has died.
Now might be a good time to get away from Aikatsu. Maybe, perhaps, absolutely anything else?
booo, damn you internet you had my hopes up.
Booooo. I missed it the first time then I thought I'd get a secret link inside here.
I take it you like the story?
So, any progress on getting Yurikuma ch10 ready?
I've been slowly working on cleaning. I haven't even tried to typeset Chapter 10 yet. I still wouldn't mind someone else looking over your translations, no offense intended.
File: yurikuma37.png (207 KB, 657x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 657x524
None taken. Aside from some lines that could do with a little tweaking, the only notable query is how to translate this "shara" sound effect, since I don't think "shiny object falling out of an envelope" is gonna fit.
>Aside from some lines that could do with a little tweaking
I hope you mean those blatant mistakes. Seriously, reread it.
Made some tweaks to ch10's script, but feel free to point out what these blatant mistakes are. That's why we have this thread after all.
Why don't you help instead of being an ass to someone doing something productive?
Here's YKA Chapter 15 cleaned.

File: 1418478573081.jpg (267 KB, 1071x1518) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
267 KB, 1071x1518

Is this where you go to request translations? If so, I'd like someone to give me one for this Fate Stay/Night Doujin. It's one of the very few Yuri ones out there, and I'd like to know what's going on in it.

>And I ate her

>Born in a forest before disappearing.
disappear refers to bear
>The happy yet sad love story

>If you keep telling her not to open it, she's gonna want to open it~~

>Mama, who's Reia?

>I thought you had become a hibernating bear!
Why making obvious reference less obvious

>Hey, Ginko, we've got Culture Festival stuff after school toda...
>we've got

>Ever since you collapsed, it's like you've turned evil and become weird~~
>turned evil
Stop making things up. Ever since you collapsed and fell badly you've become weird~

>Is it really weird?
Am I

>Is that why you wanna stop being friends with Kure-chin?
Just because of that

>I guess I wanna cry

>We've always been together after all.
no past tense

>No matter what I am, I believe that me and Ginko are friends.

>What was that!?
Is "was that" really that necessary?

You haven't reread it, have you?

>being an ass
If I was I'd stay silent about mistakes. The one being unproductive here is you.
Some valid points (putting the attitude aside) though a couple of notes

That does not make sense. The point is that Lulu's telling the judgebears that telling Ginko not to open it is just gonna make her want to open it.

>Why making obvious reference less obvious
It literally says "hibernating bear". I'm not sure what this "obvious reference" is supposed to be.

>Is "was that" really that necessary?
It's a 'nandatte' instead of a 'nani' so a simple "what" probably wouldn't be enough.

Another revision: http://pastebin.com/z7SPBngx
d/a, adding a few comments/corrections of my own.

>The point is that Lulu's telling the judgebears that telling Ginko not to open it is just gonna make her want to open it.
I'm not sure what the other anon intended, but Lulu is making a general statement, like "when someone tells you not to open something, it just makes you want to open it even more doesn't it?"

>Don't worry. I'm right her with you.
Typo: "her" should be "here"


>do it yourself
do whatever you want

>She said she's finished packing
>and is about to return to the dorms
She says she'll return to the dorm for now

>I'll have the driver come to pick up the boxes in the room later.
I think 業者 is more likely referring to movers than a driver, unless you have a reason to think otherwise.
Another update. Kept Lulu's line as is as it feels more like she's interrupting the judgebears.
Sure, do whatever. I just wanted to clarify what the jp was.

I also meant to try and explain what >>1932954 probably meant by
>Why making obvious reference less obvious
眠りグマ would be a play on 眠り姫 (sleeping beauty). Not sure how you'd include both meanings in English.

And I just noticed another typo.

>You were unconcious for three days
Ah I see. I'm not caught up on the Japanese fairytale names outside Shiroyuki-hime. I'm guessing "Sleeping Bear-ty" is the obvious pun in question?

Included both options in this revision so TS anon can pick
>I'm guessing "Sleeping Bear-ty" is the obvious pun in question?
Yes, I just couldn't quite bring myself to type it out. You could also just go for something like Hibernating Beauty, people will still get that there's a reference being made.
Yeh, that sounds like the one to go for.
If there's no further complaints, you're up, TS Anon
>Born in a forest, then disappearing
Born and disappeared in a forest

I tried to give you a fishing pole but all you want is fish. Don't rely on kanjitomo+rikai so much and actually google things you don't understand.
>Born and disappeared in a forest.
You do remember we're translating this into English right?
Ok, the meaning is that their love story born and disappeared in the forest. I wasn't sure if disappearing was a good way to put it.
Individually, those words would be written as "It was born." and "It disappeared".
However, combining the two in the sentence you gave turns it into "It was born and was disappeared", which obviously makes no sense. It's describing a story anyway so the tense I used is perfectly fine.
Fine then. I'll proofread the next chapter of your shitty Japanese with my shitty English at the weekend. No one else bothers anyway.
Thanks for proofreading! I'll start placing text for chapter 10.
YKA Chapter 10

Have you heard of a recent(?) type of book called sukebooks?

Basically they're very short books usually 6-8 pages involving a pair fucking with little to no story.

So far I encountered two sukebooks and I'm working on one right now. I'm not sure this type of book is widely used or considered a thing in the doujinshi community though.
>I have no idea
I had no idea

>were al friends
were all friends

>you can still pick up the phone
you could at least pick up the phone

>you were unconcious

>I thought you had turned into Sleeping Bear-ty
I think "Hibernating Beauty" works better

>You're my friend, Lulu, you can stay
You're my friend, Lulu, so you can stay

>the Ginko from when you were young
from when we were young

>She collapsed again!
She's collapsed again!?
That might be a better question for the general thread.
YKA 10 Revised

File: sukebook.png (1 MB, 1400x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1400x2000
no. that says sketchbook
oh god i need this

or maybe it's すけべ + ブック = スケブック since they are all(?) R-18
it could be both too
スケ(ッチ)ブック was the idea.

Anyway seeing the book now, I check the author site and it says スケベコピー本です
Here is proofread 11 chapter of YKA:

Correcting goggled's translations should be classified as penal labour.
Anyone for Kase-san? Anyone?
Thanks tsun-chan! Please keep going even if I can't keep up the same pace with typesetting.
New revision: http://pastebin.com/2WQKMntX

I'm not sure what you got against the term 'delivered'. It feels more romantic.
I think "reach" would be the best of them all but I couldn't make the translation sound right.

Why do you think these lines don't need a correction:
>That was gross, but it totally saved me.
>One wouldn't normally ask a normal high-school student to investigate a past incident.
>It would be better for me to just give up and forget about everything
>It's okay. I want to help you out because I love you.
>That's why I held back my courage
File: Untitled.png (429 KB, 499x651) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
429 KB, 499x651
I...think I'm gonna start shipping those 2.
1. Honestly just missed it
2. Katyusha seems to be remarking that you wouldn't normally ask a student to investigate things, rather than stating she can't do it (particularly since it follows a remark about Yurika's behavior).
3. Pretty much what you put in your correction, just with grammar fixes.
4. Vague 'sukis' can be hard to properly localize to English, but I don't think Sumika using "it" would be appropriate.
5. Again, I just missed it.

Another revision fixing points 1 and 5: http://pastebin.com/uYNTZQen
Yurika is ill-tempered because she knows Kureha wouldn't be able to find anything but still tells her to. That's why she thinks Kureha will eventually give up and forget.

Yurika talks about Kureha there not herself

Kureha wouldn't ask about the meaning then. You can use 'I love helping you out' if not 'it'.
Another slight tweak: http://pastebin.com/jUgnhJ75
Decided to use 'because of love' because 'love helping you out' completely destroys the implication.
>One wouldn't normally tell a normal high-school student to investigate a past incident.
Why are you insisting on it so much?

>It would be better to just give up and forget about everything
Isn't it misleading about who she talks this way?

Also, what about sfxs?
>Why are you insisting on it so much?
It's pretty much the same thing anyway, and it seems to fit Katyusha's style of formality a little better.

>Isn't it misleading about who she talks this way?
I think I've gotten a little confused since I assumed you proofred the whole sentence rather than just a part of it. Should it be "It would be better to give up and forget about everything for her sake"?

As for sfxs, I tend to not bother TLing, mostly cos it's a pain to translate every shlick and gasp when translating smut, not to mention how much of an extra pain it is for the typesetter.
It should be better for her to give up and forget about everything.
K, hopefully final one. http://pastebin.com/nZ9L1kM6
>would seems a better fit than should
File: credits.png (36 KB, 927x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 927x299
>Also, what about sfxs?

Goggled doesn't translate a lot of the random sound effects that don't have bubbles, which I think is just fine; see how I typset chapter 10 for details.

A lot of the time it's obvious what's going on without them and they are more there to be art than for dialogue purposes, but if you want to translate them I'll put them alongside the original Japanese ones.

I'll see about working on chapter 11 sometime after you and Goggled finish deciding on the translations.
So I don't know Japanese, but maybe "realized" or actualized" for that 'delivered vs reached' debate earlier?
I'd say it's at a good enough point. Anything else would just be back-and-forth nitpicking.
>2. Katyusha seems to be remarking that you wouldn't normally ask a student to investigate things, rather than stating she can't do it (particularly since it follows a remark about Yurika's behavior).

She isn't saying that you wouldn't normally ask a student, she's saying that it's clearly impossible for an ordinary student. It should be parsed as [普通の高校生に] not [普通の][高校生に] (I also think the latter would usually be 普通は and would not be combined with something like 無理にきまってる).

In calling Yurika 意地悪, Katyusha is just saying it was nasty of her to ask the impossible of Kureha. It doesn't imply that Yurika is necessarily acting out of character, only that the action itself was bullyish.

I don't think realized or actualized would work, since that would imply mutual feelings. This doesn't, necessarily.
File: 067 (1).jpg (854 KB, 1200x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
067 (1).jpg
854 KB, 1200x1200
Can someone translate what this picture says?
Does anybody know something about "After Hours" by Nishio Yuhta?
Scanlations were stopped at the author's request.
Author's? Wasn't it the publisher?
Meh, same diff.
File: fgdfgdf.png (131 KB, 978x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 978x375
Are the first and third line correct? I don't really get what they're trying to say.
The first line is following on from Yurika telling Kureha to find the truth herself, Kureha's conundrum being she doesn't know where to start. Maybe lost the period.

The third line is basically Sumika adding 'kuma' to the end of a line in typical Japanese mascot fashion, so I took the ol' Persona route with that line.
What is Sumika supposed to be saying anyway? Kureha was thinking to herself that whole page.
Considering their collision on the next page, I assume she was just talking amongst her bears.
Maybe she was addressing the bear, like, "That right, beary!" or something?
I kinda doubt it, since she doesn't look like the kind of person to name one of her many teddies "bear".
YKA Chapter 11


>and shines it's light.
and shines its light (no period)

Also oddly bolded on one bubble

>Wait for me, ginko!
Wait for me, Ginko!
Also, would it be possible to make the "Shabba da doo" bit stand out a bit more (ie. larger with all caps and a different font)?

>unnecesary things

>It's impractical to tell a high-school student
One wouldn't normally tell a normal high-school student to investigate a past incident.
>It's because it's the real thing that it's so bad.
so sad

If you want the bits on the picture TL'd, they read "Tiara", "Ribbon" and "White eyes"

>so I don't thin

Bit of a dialogue mix-up on those last few panels. "they're still warm too" goes next to Lulu's bubble on the second to last panel, then in the last panel Lulu talks about the sexy president while Life Sexy says "shabba da doo"

>If, one day you find a love for your own
If, one day, you find a love of your own (use this correction on p48 too so the dialgoue remains consistent).

I tried to formulate something from both of your comments that could get across that Yurika doesn't really want Kureha to succeed at all, but I'll defer to this.
>p65 "love

More than just p65 and p48 use "love" (in quotations like that. Do you want me to remove all instances of those quotations?
Ah no, keep "love", since it's bracketed in the original. I just forgot about that for purposes of pointing out the punctuation.
Alright, well here's the revised YKA 11.

Looks good to me.
File: 00056.png (801 KB, 1080x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
801 KB, 1080x1536
What are some yuri manga that has yet to be scanned/bought by raw providers? In Japan right now and close to a store that sells manga. There's a homo section and I might get the courage to look for it there and scan it for you when I get home.

Pic unrelated, some shit from Kabukichou.
Check the buyfag thread >>1928292
File: 00056.png (320 KB, 1080x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
320 KB, 1080x1536
Here's the fixed page, as well as the fixed .zip of the chapter.

Quick Idolmaster smut
YKA chapter 12:
>You don't have to force yourself to keep coming to school if it bothers you so much.
>bothers you so much
painful for you

>Come to think of it, you used to have to change schools because of your physical condition.
You're saying that, but

>You cut it out too, Yurika.
Maybe you should stop coming yourself, Yurika

>Oh my, it's not like I'm neglecting my work as a board chairman or anything.
Oh my, but doing chairman's work isn't painful for me

>In the place of my late brother... your father... I...
In place of your father...and my dead brother...I (means Ginko's father is Yurika's brother)

>[It's got nothing to do with the school]
>I'm not talking about your school's job

>It's about how Yurika had so much love for my Mama, but could not deliver it.
I'm talking about how no matter how much Yurika loved my mother it won't reach her

>She does that of her own will so she can forget her problems and live freely.
Forget that selfish woman already and live freely

>I won't become a mother like that.
like mother

>I'll throw aside my "love" for Kureha.
I threw away

>Even though it's supposed to be spring.
clear weather

>I've been here since the beginning.
refers to storm maybe needs to clarify

>I'm glad you could come today too
I hope it opens today at least

>I know! We should do some stalking together!
I got it! We'll stalk them from here

>Looks like they haven't locked the windows.
I wonder is there a window that hasn't been locked

>I can't help being impatient. I need to calm down.
It won't help being impatient.

>It's kinda lonely
When I'm lonely
>and makes me crave some warmth
I want to crave some warmth

>[I know I'm just spoiling her feelings...]
Even if I know I'm taking advantage of her feelings
>[Even if it's just that]
>[It's somewhat mutual in that regard]
Even if it's just a temporary touch.

The last line is a bit tricky, maybe I'll think up a better translation later.
Revision, with some adjustments: http://pastebin.com/P69kuag7

To make a few notes on things I didn't change:
>In place of your father...and my dead brother...I (means Ginko's father is Yurika's brother)
Saying "my brother...your father" is correct here. Using "and" would imply she was talking about two different people.

>I'm talking about how no matter how much Yurika loved my mother it won't reach her
Sticking with 'deliver' for the sake of consistency.
Thanks for continuing to work on this!

I just finished cleaning chapter 16, but not going to bother uploading since I doubt anyone looks at it anyway.
>I won't become a mother like that.
I won't become like my mother

>I'll threw away my "love" for Kureha.
Ginko says it as if she already did

>I know! We should do some stalking together!
Explain yourself.

>it's only mutual for a moment...
She talks about warmth by touching, not feelings.
>I won't become like my mother
Ginko usually refers to her mother as "mama", but here she uses "anna hahaoya", which more or less she's talking about her "as a mother" rather than directly referring to her mother. Otherwise, she would use Mama in the same context as she does with Yurika.

>I'll threw away my "love" for Kureha

>Explain yourself
"kokokara" seems to refer more to "from the point onwards" rather than "from this exact place". Also sounds more cute when Lulu calls it 'stalking'.

>She talks about warmth by touching, not feelings

Revision: http://pastebin.com/w7VKgF2B
>Ginko usually refers to her mother as "mama"
Yes, usually. But now that she remembered everything does she still call her like that? On the previous page Ginko referred to her as "that selfish woman". Your assumptions are baseless. Ginko doesn't think about motherhood at all.

"kokokara" seems to refer more to "from the point onwards"
When Lulu just told you how you can see everything from there? Lulu still remembers about tailing and observing so she thought Ginko would spy on them in such a nice place for that.

>it's only a fleeting moment of warth...
Warmth is implied, she talks about touch.
File: yurikuma38.png (49 KB, 231x316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 231x316
> But now that she remembered everything does she still call her like that?
Yes, actually. Pic related comes from ch10 after her memories come back.

I'll concede on the other point though.
>ignoring all other points

私は I
あんな母親 that mother
の様に like
はならない won't become

私は I
あんな母親 that mother
にはならない won't become

Give up.
Note how the word 'my' never shows up. Heck, if the point of what you said on >>1938641 was about her being less informal, why should she call her 'my mother'?

TS Anon, feel free to make a start.
>Note how the word 'my' never shows up.

Then a mother like who?

Remember, no matter who wins the translation arguments, we all win with completed scanlations!

So don't get too angry and work together!
Also just my ¥2, but to me it also seems like Ginko is saying she won't become like her mother.
Kumaria damn it, Ginko. You law the smack down on Yurika then the do the the exact same thing in the very same chapter!

Anyway, chapter 12 is finished.
>missing bubble
What about your lessons?

>Even though she's supposed to be inlove with Ginko
in love

>No resistance.
You can probably fit this in the bubble better.
I could have sworn that I had fixed the first and third originally...

Anyway, here's the revised edition.

I'm liking Yuri Kuma manga better than the anime.
Ginko is such a better character
I'm honestly enjoying the adults' story quite a lot. It's really telling their story through the characters we know.
Some more CocoChino
Might help if the first part was TL'd too

It's a follow-up to Himitsu no Natsuyasumi btw, which should be in the TL archives in the OP.
Did you ever do Himitsu no Toilet? This one:
It's pretty much better in every way, except maybe that there's less gao gao and catchy music.
how can I contact with you?
Glorious Nanoha x Adult Vivio

Note: pages 32 onwards does contain that dubious grey area known as ejaculating magical strapon.
Ah, thanks.
Is YKA translation checker Anon still alive?
I am, but if you want to proofread go ahead.
No, I'm the typsetter wondering when the next round of translations will be ready.

Not that I'm going to be working on it tomorrow or anything.
Oh also, if you wanted to translate the omake for Volumes 1 and 2 that would be great. Goggles isn't confident in translating these.

Volume 1 Omake:

Volume 2 Omake:
Okay so I finished cleaning YAKA Chapter 17.

Anyway, I also wanted to know if this is the end, as in there's only two volumes in this series.
There's two volumes to date, but it's pretty much clear the story hasn't ended. Dunno if there's any anons scanning Comic Birz for the more recent chapters tho.
YKA chapter 13:

>So I'll do anything that you want.
So you can do

>I lone you, Onee-tama!

>I can't let you give up on your love, Ginko!
you can't give up

>Then let's pay a visit to the library during lunch break tomorrow.
Then let's meet up in front of the library

>You should really keep your distance from Izumino-san.
You shouldn't get close to Izumino-san

>[And her house is filled with living bears].
She's not operating lifelike dolls but lifelike teddy bears
>She chants spells to summon the souls of the deceased
She puts curses and summons the souls of the deceased
>And performs suspicious rituals.
and she knows charming rituals

>L-Living teddy bears?
lifelike teddy bears

>Is someone behind me?
Who is following me?

>Her house is filled with living bears
>She chants spells to summon the souls of the deceased...

>[If we're going into a bear hole, then this cub's got the advantage!]
You could just google it:

>You must really like honey, Yurigasaki-san.
You really like honey, right

>Always lying like that
Always acting bossy

>I cast a spell that allows you to see the "love" that you had forgotten about.
You fell under spell
>You saw your precious person too, didn't you, Yurigasaki-san?
You met

I'll see what I can do about omake but someone would have to revise them in proper English.
Better to wait for the tank. As soon as kindle version will show up on amazon,jp I will buy it and post it on /u/.

I know English fluently, and I imagine Goggles does as well. If you can get it close enough we can probably take it from there.
Ch13 revision: http://pastebin.com/NA86aAvJ
Don't think replacing "living" with "lifelike" works since "lifelike bears" would just mean teddies that look like realistic bears rather than anything spooky. Same with suspicious/charming.
Thanks for always revising the pastebins. It makes it much easier for me by not having to flip around between lots of screens when placing text.
Forgot some:
>If you forget about your "love", it'll become transparent.

>She even knows my name!
She even knows who I am

>Not there bear!

>Don't think replacing "living" with "lifelike" works
You probably won't listen to me but the thing is lifelike dolls are spooky because you can't differ them from children. The same thing with bears. They're not plush toy but looks like scary bears.
>She chants spells and summons the souls of the deceased
She doesn't chant just spells, she curses.
>And she knows some suspicious rituals.
Did you choose suspicious because it's more spooky? Of course 妖しい has the meaning of suspicious but Morishima went out of her way to write it with 妖 which is charming, bewitching.
Went with lifelike dolls, but feel the other words are a little hard to work in the dialogue ("curse" is hard to work in without a subject to curse on, and "charming" seems a little too complimentary for someone you're telling people to stay away from)

If any/all of these TokaHaru books by Amecyan get a TL, I'd love to edit them.
>"curse" is hard to work in the dialogue
Maybe "can curse"?
>"charming" seems a little too complimentary
charm binding?
Nothing beats using an electric massager on your sister for the purposes of education.

Eh, sounds too unnatural. I don't think the specific words matter anyway, as the general point gets across either way.
For those with a nack for subbing vids, I've done rough TLs for all the YuruYuri Happy Go Lucky shorts released on YouTube (which a lot of American viewers can't see without proxies due to the YouTube Red bullshit or something).
Well if there's no other changes I'll start placing some text.
File: 00100.jpg (20 KB, 191x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 191x188
Almost done chapter 13. Need a translation for this right here though.
>the smell Ginko has as a kid

Add a TL note explaining the "Kumajo" pun, since I wasn't able to come up with a good English equivalent.

>Her house is filled with living bears
lifelike bears

>She chants spells to summon the sould of the deceased

>This is bad
This sounds bad

>You sure do like honey, Yurigasaki-san.
You like honey, right, Yurigasaki-san?

>So those rumors were fake.
Looks like those rumors were false.

>she acts like an eight gra...
Fixed YKA 13.

Revision of ch14, fixing some of the more obvious mistakes before proofreader anon gives it a lookover.
And here's revisions for the other chapters (some still have uncertain TLs, but the spelling and grammar issues should be fixed)
ch15: http://pastebin.com/TubVMy4R
ch16: http://pastebin.com/h25CTxaA
ch17: http://pastebin.com/vFtsGGJZ
YKA chapter 14:

>My little brother Milne was a prince.

>We lived in a dark and gloomy room in the corner of a white castle.
I'd point out that there's no indication of castle being.

>Do you like princesses, Milne?
>Yeah, I love them!

>The thing I loved most in this world
>was protecting my one and only little brother.
She loved brother, not protecting

>If I became an adult, it would feel like being able to cast magic.
I believed that when I became adult I would be able to use magic.

>Fly through the sky!
I want to fly too

>We could go on an adventure around the world!
We would

>And then we could build castles in all sorts of countries!
Then we'd pretend to be maids and slip into castles of different countries

>Despite the hunger, we held each other's hands.
Even though we were hungry
>I'd match my pace with Milne's and walk gently
walk slowly
>while thinking happy thoughts.
a happy memory

>I thought that one day we'd be able to leave that place.
I thought we'd leave that place even by 1 day earlier

>It was like a fairyland straight out of a picture book.
>A true princess, shining with light.
It's 1 sentence. Maybe you can make something better with it.

>I'll just pop out for a moment.
I'll just look a bit at her secretly

>I wanna go too
I'll go too

>At that moment, I had left Milne behind.
I tried to
>Because I thought he'd be a hindrance.
Just because

>Even though I had promised that I would always protect Milne
and we'd always be together
>I ended up breaking that promise
because I broke that promise
>Milne was dead.
Milne died

I was wrong to hope that your fixing was related to Japanese.
File: 1445426343762.png (382 KB, 841x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
382 KB, 841x739
Do we have any Russian or Chinese speakers that might be able and willing to take a look at this?

YKA chapter 15:

>Milne was dead.
Milne died

>I heard a voice from somewhere.
I heard someone's voice from somewhere

>Even though ten years have passed since then, somewhere in my heart, I still kept crying.
Probably even with 10 years passed, I'm still crying somewhere in my heart.

>You can keep going y'know?
It isn't over yet, y'know
>[Your time isn't over yet.]
Because your time hasn't stoped yet

>Then the tragedy of the prince would come to an end.
Then it'd end in tragedy with the death of prince

>[You can keep living and change history!]
The history keep changing as long as you live

>So with that said, let's keep going.
let's look at the continuation

>Um...which one's the the ressurection button?

>I'll stay by Ginko-sama's side
I want to

>We're often away on trips so Ginko could use a companion.
so we can't play with Ginko

>Lulu wants to be a bear too!
Lulu will become bear too

>[The memories from when you were a child should be slowly coming back to you]
The child memories are so fluffy and vague

>I'm rembering them bit by bit.
I can remember

>We'll go on an adventure around the world
Let's go

>When an "eternal love" that became a star becomes fragmented, it becomes a falling star.
The fragment of the star that became "eternal love" turns into shooting star
>When it lands on the surface, it becomes a "promised kiss".
and lands on surface to bacome a "promised kiss"

>translating translations
I wonder which one actually translated from Korean.
By obvious misakes, I meant more along the lines of typos and grammar (plus a bit in ch17 I forgot to actually translate before)


Couple of notes:
>My little brother Milne was a prince.
Lulu's talking about the past here

Kept this as is, since it seems like Milne would be a fan of princesses in general

>I thought we'd leave that place even by 1 day earlier
Yeh, I can't seem to think of a good way to phrase this part.

>I'll go too
Kept "I wanna" since it fits Milne's childish speak better
ch15 revision: http://pastebin.com/QdXiiRzR
>Lulu's talking about the past here
Lulu talks about herself in the same tense. Choose the same then.

>it seems like Milne would be a fan of princesses in general
They talk about book, doubt it has princesses.

>Kept "I wanna" since it fits Milne's childish speak better
You'd fit in with Commie really well.

>We could go on an adventure around the world!
Did you miss it? She doesn't talk hypothetically.
Lulu can still think of herself as a princess.
Everything else I just think flows better and isn't going to massively effect the meaning of the plot one way or another.
>flows better
In other words you're just stubborn.

What about
>>We could go on an adventure around the world!
>Did you miss it? She doesn't talk hypothetically.
It's something that she is suggesting she can do with Milne, so could seems appropriate here.
Where is suggestion here? She says what would she do when she'd become adult.
If you look at the page again, you'll notice the remark about using magic as an adult is in the square box (Lulu's monologue) while the rest is her conversation with Milne.
Yes, which only implies future tense and doesn't have suggestion.
>Then I could fly through the sky and be at the convenience store before you knew it!
should be would as well.
Decided to just go with "we'd" since I've been using it everywhere else on the page.
Ok. No complains about 15.
>chapter 14 and 15 already TL'd

And here I thought I'd get a break.
Oh, we're back.

YKA chapter 16:

YKA chapter 17:

Have fun. Omake soon.
ch16 revision: http://pastebin.com/80DRzwU2
ch17 revision: http://pastebin.com/mib24BD2
Also fixed page numbering error in ch17

Couple of notes:
Pretty sure these mean the same thing

>I can feel it
>It's closing
>I'm becoming swept up in the invisible storm
>wrapping in the invisible storm
Lil uncertain how best to phrase this part. Is that closing as in 'closing in' or 'closing around'?
>Pretty sure these mean the same thing
I wanted to specify that she thought she'd be alone with her.

>Is that closing as in 'closing in' or 'closing around'?
closing around
So what should it be closing around? I don't think your phrasing works without a particular subject in mind, at least when it comes to putting it in English.
>what should it be closing around
the world

>I'm just living in an empty husk.
No, she is the husk

Why did you leave Matagi as is?
File: yurikuma39.png (230 KB, 986x579) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 986x579

I'm keeping Matagi since it's a specific type of hunter that they went into a little of detail explaining in chapter 8 (pic related), so some consistency is in order.
File: 00001.jpg (218 KB, 1125x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 1125x1600
Sayuri-san no Imouto wa Tenshi (1)
We interrupt your bears for glorious Yuyushiki smut
YKA Omake time~


Cool, thanks!
Goggled, if you can, I'd appreciate if you could look over these translations to the best of your ability for correctness with regard to the English.
Nice find/upload anon.

Tried the first one. http://pastebin.com/ASG84xBW

It's a bit harder than comparing the main chapter TLs since I can't really check the Kanji reader to figure out what was meant to be said, so it probably sounds a bit more localized in places. PR Anon is free to clear up anything that goes a bit too far off the mark.
Looks pretty good, with a few fixes I can do myself. Do you want to check it over one last time translator Anon?
>You've probably seen a lot of both her good and bad sides, right?
Means it's neither good nor bad to see a lot of sides of person.

>But that just means that you're both becoming special to each other.

>They'll get angry and say stuff like "You watch too much porn!"
Watch it in porn.
>"That's the hundredth time you've said that"
It's the millionth time I was asked that
His was right here.
Kinda agree on >>1949899, as it looks like 良くも悪くも相 is basically "for better or worse"

Revision: http://pastebin.com/7S6ZuzH2
>良くも悪くも相 is basically "for better or worse"
That's what I meant though. I guess it can be interpreted in both ways.
YKA Volume 1 Omake


>pissed off quite a lot of girl, huh?

There's a different between both and neither.
Second omake revision: http://pastebin.com/DJvZ5Yeb

Took me a while to get the whole Ikunigomakinako-sensei bit.
It's amazing how I always miss this stuff.

All good.

See you in third volume.
Can I ask for a quick opinion?



Pic unrelated.
Lewd, of course.
Lewd, because that art is so cute and it's been a while since we got aoichi
Rounding off the thread with some TsubaHonks (just last page I'm stuck on)
http://pastebin.com/X7Ts0F9h (embed)
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