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Group Project Nightmares
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>work on finances for a theoretical business as a group
>we all agree to get to work in two days, assignment due in seven.
>2 days in, check in late, see no work done
>Oh well, set down some background excel formulas (such as total assets being the sum of all asset cells).
>Next day see nothing but my own work
>Put down more excel formulas
>Talk to team and ask about it
>Say they'll get to it
>Put down the last of the excel formulas for cash flows, balance sheet, and income statement, fill in some cells myself
>Tell group I am done and the rest is up to them, I'm not carrying
>Check on it night before it's due, they are scrambling, do some help even though I said I wouldn't
>They meet up next day two hours before class, I check in to see if it will be finished on time, looks like it will
>go to lunch and attend class at 1:30
>Only me and one other member of our six man group is there.
>Receive text after class "tell professor we're almost to class to turn it in"
>Get 70% on it, guys couldn't balance a balance sheet
>Girl in the group tells me that I can fix it since I didn't do anything
>This girl did nothing until I saw her two hours before the project was due.
damn what a bitch, did you attempt a hostile acquisition on her booty?
Have you ever been so mad at a woman that it's impossible to think about her sexually? I thought about her sexually before this incident, but now I cannot.
slightly, like my mom, but I never really had enough interaction with girls to actually encounter one like these

Did you try and talk to the prof? It is better to keep a cool head in situation like these and check your options so there won't be some kind of sudden blame shift because the girl gives the prof a bj.
can you stalk her and kidnap her at her most vulnerable moment to populate your rape dungeon?
Bump for ANGER
Can we have a rage thread as well?
Is anger even going to solve anything? Sometime you need cold and logical calculation.
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Andreys Everywhere.png
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OP here. Since nobody else is going to post, apparently, I'll tell another one.

>Early in semester
>Be put in group of five-six
>two-three drop out
>what's important is there are three of us left
>need to make powerpoint presentation about article
>I do work
>girl does work as well
>this guy named Andrey doesn't do jack shit, says he had family issues and apologises
>teacher says we'll get extra credit if we present our powerpoint
>Andrey suggests we do it
>We present, me and the girl have a nice intro and speak fluently about the subject.
>Andrey just stares at the slide presented, and mumbles what is on the slide
>we have to provide a translation
>next assignment, same thing basically
>offered to have assignment pushed back to after a test rather than before
>I am the only one who opposes this idea, it passes
>weekend comes, it's due monday
>I am unable to work on it, I'm moving into my new residence for university
>message Andrey asking about the status of the project
>He sends me an animated emoji of shock and says he was so focused on studying for that exam that the slideshow slipped his mind
>I feel terrible, the girl did everything herself
>Immediately correct any spelling or grammar mistakes she had, format it to look smooth, and other nuances to make it look great
>apologize to girl for being to busy but that I did what I could to make her work even better
>not sure if Andrey ever apologized
>Andrey's birthday comes along, buy him chocolate bar to get him to maybe want to help from now on, tell him he needs to pull his weight
>New assignment: edit a wikipedia article about a given subject
>our individual usernames will be tracked, grades will be an average of group score and individual score
>Andrey lazily skims articles that we already put information from, adding nothing
>Either before or after this, he asked if we could do him a huge one by hacking into his account and editing for him

Since then, I've called dead weight "Andreys"
damn OP, why you are having so many group works?

was there an appointed orgy at the end of semester as well?

Look her right in the eye and tell her everything you did. Then tell her to fuck off.

Jesus Christ it's not that hard. People respect you more if you push back.

>be in intro to engineering class
>project/presentation on alternative energy
>group if 4
>one guy is fresh off the boat Asian
>learned American culture thru little Wayne music videos and watching basketball
>wears snap backs, basketball shorts, gangsta shirts and gold chains
>just talks about Michael Jordan when we're trying to do work
>"what do you think about doing wind energy?"
"I don't know about wind energy, but Michael Jordan is best baskerbarr prayer ever"
"Anyone risten to the new Rittre Wayne arbum"
>"Eddie, no one gives a shit. We have work"
>Finally finish work and present
>got a 60
>dropped out of engineering
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>have one guy as a partner
>pitch an idea for the project
>he likes it and gets started
>pretty much does everything on his own
>rags on me for doing nothing
>keep telling him I'll send him something soon, never do it
>he ends up doing everything on his own
>doesn't go to the prof cause it was my idea
>get a 90 on the assignment
>never hear from him again
The thread title is "Group Project Nightmares" not "Group Project Fantasies"
Thread replies: 13
Thread images: 3
Thread DB ID: 496232

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