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>semester starts again
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>semester starts again
>realize i have absolutely no motivation to do anything at all

uni feels thread
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>no cute girls in any of my classes
>this means all of retarded daydreams where i meet the perfect girl were all in vain
That was me last year. Now I'm a NEET. Do something before it's too late.
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I was browsing people's LinkedIn profiles from my college and it literally made me want to just quit and die. They do so much and still get high grades.

I want to stop being lazy now. I'm so behind its unreal. What do I do..
I'm 21 and I still haven't had a job. I've done three internships, though.

I've applied to 20 fast food and retail places. No responses.
>9am class today
>stayed up last night til like 6 am reading personality disorder pages on wikipedia
>end up skipping all my classes cuz im too sleep deprived to go
kill me
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>play smash with people
>read books

Not so bad
>haven't been to uni in 2 months
>gonna ask if I can change course and start in september
wish me luck lads
>tfw I only have 4 years left to complete 209 units
>decide to change 3 of my classes to online because fuck everyone
>$1300 charge showing up on my account
Wew lad, I need to talk to financial advising. I know online classes cost more, but I'm not sure if I should play it safe and pay it.
Didn't mean to link that
Does anyone else prefer online classes? I'm just so fucking autistic in person and can't make normal conversation.
>tfw English major
>online classes cost MORE than regular classes

What the fuck? You can literally torrent all the information in a collidge course for ducking FREE, the only thing you don't gain is a piece of fucking paper. Maybe some important social contacts. But an online course, literally a database stored on a goddamn server that hosts textbooks and some faggot talking on a mic, costs more than all the shit in a classroom???

This world is FUCKED.
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>social contacts
That's everything my friend. I know that everything that I'm learning could be done independently, but you need the credits. Also doing online because it's fucking community college so I don't even benefit from actually being there. I haven't made a connection with anyone that I've wanted to and the one I did make was with someone so smart that I just felt dumb talking to him, and I mean actual retard dumb.
>tfw last semester
Holy fuck does time fly, high school felt like it lasted forever
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>Dropped out of Uni years ago
>Built up 20,000 dollaroos in debt
>Never had friends before college
>Never had time to make friends in college because of STEM
>Couldn't be assed to finish my work because I refused to do labs with other people and couldn't justify working 8+ hours on homework and lab reports every single day when everyone else was out enjoying life
>become a loser who literally cleans up Chad and Stacey's stanky-ass droppings in the Uni toilets
>Have to wake up at the crack of dawn in the middle of 8 degree F weather just to ride the bus to a job I hate, without a guaranteed seat because the bus service just changed their fucking schedules so they try to deliver more people with fewer stops

Your feels are pathetic next to mine desu

Should keep contact with the smart guy. If you managed to get his attention, you're probably smart yourself or at least budding. Good luck in college bro and get successful.
Yeah, I need to send him an email telling him that I switched out of the class we had together.

I feel terrible though because he really wanted to get a Ulysses class and I signed the petition and acted all interested, but now I'm getting my associates before it even happens (next fall). Oh well though, that's what's best for me.
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>Graduating this semester, registering for classes, checking those on the degree plan
>One 1 credit hour course isn't available for registration, ask adviser about it
>"oh, that class is only available in the Fall semester"
>literally couldn't have registered for it before this year due to other classes
> might have to stick around for one fucking 1 credit hour course
>talk to adviser about having it waived because I took/passed all the more advanced courses
>Adviser: "Well, people before have asked to do the same and the department has gotten really sick of people trying to dodge it - I'm on your side, so get as much evidence as you can that you couldn't take it before now and email the department head"
>Do so, email department head
>The next day while walking the halls department head pulls me aside and goes "yeah don't worry about, here's the waive slip and the signature, fill in your name and shit."
>get dorm assignment
>roommate has an Indian name

I'll be living in a triple dorm and my other roommate is white, but I really don't want to have to live in a designated shitting dorm. It's probably going to smell like feces and curry at all times

>implying white kid dorms aren't messy and smelly as shit

The Chinks are the worst, naturally, but don't pretend your dirty dishes and shit on the bowl don't stink
>two of my classes have 80 percent of my total grade from final
We know where this is going, lads
I can't wait for uni to start again. It's basically the only reason for me to leave the house for more than an hour at a time. Otherwise I'm stuck at home being a useless sack of shit browsing some chinese cartoons forums wishing I was dead.
>Go to English
>Teacher is a no show after 20 min
>Leave because if I can show up on time so can she
>Wake up at 11:50 A.M. next english class like usual
Afternoon classes fags
>Check email
>"Please bring a copy of your six page report to class"
>Haven't gone in two classes
I don't want to fail but damn this paper is shit, can only use the schools shit database for sources
I did the same thing and am in significantly more debt. I fucking hate my life.
Same here. I've been saving for some meds tho. I'm going full effexor next week.
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>Entering last semester of senior year
>Last semester I lost most of my motivation
>Feel like my last semester will be my worst because I have 0 motivation
>Find out that I was accepted to a decent graduate school
>Feel like a dark cloud has been lifted
>I want to do things again
>I like doing things again
>tfw the pressure of getting into grad school crippled me but now I'm okay

Not all feels are bad feels.
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>failing bad
>suspended one year
>coming back again at 23 around classmates as young as 17

whoa shit I'm not ready what the fuck am I doing
>quit job and transfer to a 4 year
>finish classes last semester
>become temporary NEET for first time in life
>abandon any form of sleep schedule and just keep playing vidya until I can't be awake anymore
>currently on hour 30 and I would keep going if I didn't have plans tomorrow
>school starts next week
how do I get back to normal guys
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>no friends
>no cute girls on college
>trying my best to get good results on college
>my midterms results was really good last time
>spend whole free time playing video games and shitposting

I actually enjoy /uni/. I have a lot of fun when, ultra normie fucks don't pass exams and they must ask me for notes.

>taking a gen ed for the first time since a couple of semesters ago
>get to be around actual normal people instead of aspie redditor comp sci students
>spill my spaghetti on first day of lecture

just cuck me and fuck me senpai
>semester started two days ago
>told myself I wasn't gonna fall behind this semester
>told myself I would fix my sleep schedule this semester
>told myself I would stop depending on caffeine for motivation this semester
And yet here I am at 2:30 AM shitposting having not done any of my homework for the day and just finishing a can of Monster. At this point I'm sure I just function better waiting to do work until now. No point in trying to fix it if it ain't broke.
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I don't know what I want to do now. I'm only in my second year and getting very lazy. I was gonna get a history degree but now I don't really want to. Honestly I don't even really want to do anything.
In my second year with no motivation whatsoever. Second week of class and I'm already so behind. Just fuck my shit up senpai.
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>already failed out of a state college
>last semester failed 2 community college classes because didnt show up the last month because of laziness/depression
>semester started this week and have literally done nothing related to classes
>almost 4 years into school and have as many credits as a sophomore
>parents think i only failed 3 classes, have failed closer to 10.

the worst part is that it's all my fault, i cant even blame anything else
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