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Traffic Stop Stories
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One of my best:

>just bought '14 Accord V6 and visit a friend to show it off and drink.
>driving home on highway, buzzed as fuck but still driving perfectly in lanes
>pass a cop, look down... 82 in a 55MPH zone.
>here he comes as expected, turn on 4 ways and off to shoulder cause I know he saw that shit.
>approaches passenger door, I open cause it was tinted that day.
>cop: "ahh fresh tint yeah?"
>me: "hah yeah man"
>cop: "looks nice, got your license / reg on ya? You were clippin' along pretty good there. 82 I believe."
>me: "Yea I Just bought this car today, alot more power than my old car had, didn't even realize it."
>cop looking at my license: "Ahh you're a trucker huh? My brother's a trucker too."
>hands me my license, shuts my door, gets in his car and leaves.
>me, stunned as fuck... I continue on home.
Well will you look at that, if you're not an asshole to them bad shit doesn't happen.

>Driving up I5 northbound just south of Canadian border (headed home to syrupland)
>Riding shotgun in friend's early 2000s nissan maxima
>going approx 120MPH in an 80
>A random charger appears
>tailgates the fuck out of us - a slight tap on the brakes would have meant an accident
>radar detector goes off the fucking charts
>red & blues

>pulled over now, Whatcom county highway patrol asking us what the fuck we're doing
>sir the only Carl's Jr in the northwest is in Marysville and we were hungry, now we're going home to Canada
>Cop: "Have you been drinking?" "How much marijuana have you smoked?"

>friend has slight stigmatism, wears glasses for this
>3 passed sobriety tests later, friend is placed under arrest for DUI - apparently his eyes make him look stoned
>Cop: "You're gonna have to drive your friend's car and follow us to the hospital so we can blood test him"
>Me: Ok

>Following highway patrol officer into town to the hospital
>Not a single turn signal was given when officer turns
>Rolls through stop signs
>arrive at hospital approx 1am

>Hospital clerk: ok

>Sit in emergency room until 3am whilst some poor motherfucker who actually needs immediate attention goes "UUUGUHHGUH AaaahAH FUUUUUCK AAAHAHGH" every 10 fucking seconds - looks like internal bleeding or some shit

>Friend and cop reappear after tests
>cop hands him an envelope of tickets "Good Luck"
>Friend: "I won't need luck"
>Canadian customs: where y'all been
>Me *driving friend's car now*: Carl's Jr in marysville
>Customs: have a good night

>2 months later
>$2400 in charges for DUI, Excessive speeding, Wreckless driving and Unsafe lane change all "Dropped without Prejudice"

murika fuck yea
>one thousand one hundred and thirty pm
>pedantic fuck
>driving to Dallas for slipknot concert
>doing speed limit of 75
>see a couple cops on side of road
>they pulled over some guy
>continue about my business
>zoned out
>look at rear view see cop car on my ass
>get in right lane so he can pass
>follows me and turns on lights
>was doing speed limit 100% positive.
>nervous, cause getting pulled over is awkward
>shaking and shit slightly
>get him insurance, and ID
>asks me to get out of car
>tells me he stopped me for tinted tail lights
>asks if I have anything illegal in car
>ofcourse not
>asks why I'm nervous
>cause I don't like getting pulled over
>keeps probing me
>asks if I smoke
>tell him just cigars
>asks what kind
>probably thought I was lying
>still bugged about how I'm acting
>asks me if I'm alright
>finally just pull out wallet and show my ccw license
>asks if I'm carrying
>tell him it's in the car
>asks if he can look at it.
>sure nothing illegal
>he unloads it and says he's gonna check serial
>still doesn't trust me Jesus
>comes back clean
>says he's just gonna give me a warning for the lights
>let's me go

Damn small town sheriff's got nothing better to do.

Then on way back from concert, some dumb bitch was doing like 90 in 75. As she passed me I thought to myself, I hope she gets pulled over. Sure enough, 5 min down the road I see a cop come out of the median and pull her over.
>not an asshole to them
Code for "being white."
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Not kidding about those small town cops...

>Junior in HS, driving a severely drunk friend home from a party since I hadn't started drinking by then.
>Friend has to be home immediately or his parents will see him drunk.
>Sitting at a long ass timed light.
>Fuck it, look both ways, no one around but one car about 1/2 mi down the road.
>Proceed thru the red light
>That one car was our town's psycho cop.
> Pulls me over, spotlight, hides behind his door and pulls his gun, ordering me out of the vehicle.
>I comply
>Cop walks up to me, asks me for my license and registration.
>Runs it, lets me go after a stern 'talking-to' for running thru a light.

>mfw while during this ordeal, a car load of very drunk friends leaving the same party passed us on the side of the road, driving by laughing and flipping me off for getting busted.

Pic is the truck I had during this.
>new job
>new car
>decide to visit friends in Raleigh, two hours away
>everything going great
>smoke lotsa marijuana's etc
>time to go
>driving near Western BLVD on NCSU's campus
>cop behind me
>no big deal in new car
>I pull over, license and temporary registration already in hand
>"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
>actually I don't
>"Well you have improper tags on your plate"
>ummm no I don't officer, this is a new car with temporary tags
>takes my info and now back in his car
>5 min later
>"Sir do you know you have a warrant in Craven County for your arrest?"
>Park brand-new car in student parking lot
>Wake County Detention Center
>$1000 bail 6 hrs later

Cop didnt even admit he was wrong about the tag. Turns out had a failure to appear for a speeding ticket back at home. My lawyer fucked up and didn't show. But what really pissed me off was a stupid cop not knowing DMV temporary tags. I was so fucking mad.
why were they dropped

why did he get a ticket for DUI and not get arrested

No idea why the tickets were dropped desu senpai - however I'm positive the blood test would have came up negative cause this is the most cleancut guy I know

He did get arrested, but was released after blood testing - I should have clarified on this
Yeah, even though it's illegal to tint, I drive past cops all the time here, and none give a rats ass.
Same. I've had 15-20% tint on every vehicle I've owned. In my 16 yrs of driving, a cop has never blinked an eye at it once.
I'm talking about taillights, my windows are legal sadly though
district attorneys are pretty weird like that though

pursuing those charges against someone from another country isn't worth it, when marijuana salesman #4923 looks much better for his track record
If the anon's telling it acurately it would have been a huge black mark on the da's record for pursuing charges like that across borders and then getting his shit handed to him in court.
Must be nice to be white
I'm brown but it works wonders to be polite / friendly to cops.
This one's from a few years ago. On mobile so fuck any formatting errors.

>be working as field tech for shipping company
>more or less i'm a glorified parkinglot guy out at the field where we're loading tomatoes.
>dead tired from my shift, brain is about 30 miles ahead of me at this point
>no clue how fast i'm driving, realize i'm a few hundred feet from a 45 zone that turns into a 35 and then 25.
>hit the brakes, chp pops on the red and blues right behind me
>pulled over just outside the bridge and 45 zone
>officer tells me his partner clocked me at over 80 on the hillsand that he gauged my speed around 90
>hit with a fixit ticket for missing the current insurance card because i'm a local
>thank him profusely
>get a call from my brother before I even make it home "hey I heard you got pulled over by the chp"
>wtf how do you know that you're off in fucking bongistan?
>"I went to highscool with the partner of the guy who pulled you over, he just texted me about it dipshit. Thought you learned not to drive like that from my example"
>get home and dad just gives me the knowing look of "your brother ratted you out but i'mma let you man up about it"
>bother my brother's chp friend to get the fixit ticket sorted out the next day
>tell dad after I get the fixit ticket mailed out.
>forget to tell mom and she flips her shit about it a few weeks later.

Only one I have, o ly one I hope to ever have.
The hell is a "fixit ticket"?
Exactly what it sounds like. Get your shit fixed.
A ticket you get where if you fix the problems within, usually, 30 days the judge will likely throw it out. For example:
>cracked windshield
>bad blinker or lights
>license plate not mounted
However that dude is not using the term correctly. driving without your card isn't a "fix it" ticket, but will likely be thrown out once he shows the judge he had insurance at the time.
>Get "Enduring Freedom" TX plates
>never ticketed again

I fail to see the difference.

God I love being white.


You broke the law needlessly, and he pulled you over for it. He didn't know if you were some kind of strung out methhead fucker or insane sovereign citizen. I don't blame him for ordering you out of the car, he's all alone and doesn't want to get shot in the face when he walks up to your window.

Doing his job, and doing it properly. Don't be such an arrogant little shit about it.
I've gotten one for an expired registration and it's the only thing I've ever been pulled over or gotten a ticket for. Basically I renewed my registration and the ticket was thrown out. Simple as that.
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In my defense, I pulled over before he did the U-turn to come behind me and turn the lights on, cause I knew he saw me do that. I submitted... however, the red neons probably didn't help.

Would've shot you on the side of the road for driving that piece of shit, you deep-fried country fuck.
You should be pulled over every time you drive with those on you beaner fuck
Pff, it was 15 years ago... neons were cool then.
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My fave so far
>driving down I-20 to Dallas
>doing speed limit of 75
> justcruisin.jpg
> Shit tier ricer starts revving at me
> turn down my Boston as fart can breaks my eardrums
> Ricer shoots by
>State Trooper is under a bridge 1/4 mile away
> iseeyou.jpg
> I slow down and let beta pass me
> beta gets ticket while I'm cruising by listening to Boston
>Mfw trooper didn't pull me over instead
>pic related, my DD
they never were

Neons were never cool you family-size faggot.
Where you from anon? Got pulled over on way to Lubbock, was doing 89 on I 20 and wasn't paying attention and pretty much pulled next to the cop at that speed haha. Then he proceeded to give me the ticket. 170$ well spent when moving out here.
Only time I've been ticketed was for "reckless speeding". Took dashcam footage to court and made the cop look like a fuckwit. Turns out his radar hadn't been calibrated in like 8 years or something asinine.

Been pulled over for various stupid shit a dozen times. Almost always local cops for whatever area I was in at the time, and almost always fishing for stuff. I did have one instance with a stone cold fuck nuts neighbor. She had her meth head boyfriend call the cops, impersonate me, and report my vehicle as stolen. Got pulled over on my way home from work, and the cop was very fucking confused when I gave him my ID. Good guy. Apparently he'd dealt with her insanity several times in the past and I was free to go in under 20 minutes.
Why the fuck did all that happen? The impersonation and 911 I mean...
>lying on the internet
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She was insane.

She literally came to believe that I was a member of some nonexistent government agency, and was trying to use my wifi to convince her to become a member of some breeding program. She would call anyone and everyone trying to get me arrested. After I had her arrested 2 times for trespassing she started really going off the deep end. Why she contacted the same police force she accused of being a part of the conspiracy is something you'd have to ask her. I've long since realized that it's a waste of time to try to logically follow the thought process of an insane person.

She was really nice and while she was a bit enthusiastic, she was the definition of a normal person. Then something happened and she just broke. Think her sister suddenly got cancer or something and died, I never found out for certain, and only know that there was a death due to something medical. Shortly after that she just went off the deep end. Two years later and I don't even know how many felonies, she wound up committed.

>MFW I got a letter in the mail from a lawyer demanding that I disable my wifi and stop assaulting her "through the ether."

Not making up that quote either. I got a C&D that literally said through the ether. Her mother still sends me hate mail at that address, though I haven't lived there for 10 years. Current owner thinks it's hilarious and forwards to them to me 2-3 times a year.
>Be me, 19 at the time
>Friend just moved to West Virginia and wasn't doing too well, I had some spare time and spent the weekend hanging out.
>Driving back home on Sunday around noon, southbound about to hit I-77.
>Speed limit is 70, traveling in the back of a pack of vehicles all doing the speed limit.
>Crest over a hill, 4 state troopers camping in the median.
>Slow down as we pass by, lots of police out on the highway today so trying to be extra careful.
>After we pass, 2 cars pull out
>Party lights and disco music
>Myself and a red Kia get pulled.
>Trooper writes me up for 72 in a 70.

First and only time I've ever been stopped. The officer was very polite but I was shocked he still wrote me up for that.
thats close enough to get thrown out if you had claimed bad calibration to your cars speedo
Seeing things like this makes me wish for olden time rule, when people like that would be tied to a rock and thrown into the ocean instead...
Been pulled over more times than I care to admit. Between the ages of 16 and 20 I was probably pulled over a half dozen times or so. Resulting in a total of four tickets.

All of them speeding, usually in excess of 20 mph above but always knocked down to the lowest bracket. Still had my license suspended for 2 moving violations before 18. Had it suspended a second time for getting a third before 21. And also got pulled over and arrested for driving on a suspended

Was incident free from 20-24. Turned 24 and started partying a lot more with a new group of friends. Usually got buzzed for a bit, sobered up pretty good, then drove home because sleeping on the floor gets pretty boring.

>Was out doing said partying at their place.
>Drinking and fucking around.
>Sober up for a couple hours
>Start driving home (About two blocks, literally)
>Playing music, windows down, nice night. About 2AM.
>Stop at stop sign, see headlights pull up to perpendicular stop sign.
>Proceed through. Nearly immediately reds and blues come on behind me.
>Procure license, insurance, etc...Cop asks if I've been drinking. Admit that I had been a few hours back.
>Says he pulled me over because loud music, law says that it can't be heard more than 75 feet away or some such.
>Gives me a field sobriety test.
>I do everything adequately, I thought.
>Says he's not satisfied and that he's gonna take me in to give me a breathalyzer.
>Have to wait 30 minutes from the time we get to the station to blow.
>Cop is pretty bro-tier. Tells me about the shit he's had to put up with that night. Chasing some meth-head through a muddy cornfield and shit. He turns up his walkie so I could listen to the shitty banter going on between dispatch and the officers.
>We have a good laugh, some decent conversation.
>Time to blow. Machine comes back with an error. Now we have to wait another 30 minutes.
>Blow again. Comes up below legal limits but still above zero.
>Calls it in to the sergeant.
>Sergeant says that since it's been over an hour and a half since I was initially stopped there's reason to believe I was above at the time of the stop. Get arrested. Booked. And I call everyone I can think of to bail me out of jail at approximately 4am.

>Drinking and driving

Please immediately throw yourself off the nearest tall bridge.

>Flash forward a couple of months and I'm sitting in the courthouse meeting with the assistant DA. She says "Oh, I was reading your case files. This is honestly stupid. You should have never been arrested or even stopped in my opinion. I'm dismissing your case entirely."
>Cool, but what about my car. Been impounded since the incident. Didn't have cash to get it out and pay excessive fees.
>We'll take care of that. I'll send word to the lot to release the vehicle. If they have any issues give us a call.
>Go to lot. Talk to shitty ass woman working the counter. They hadn't heard shit about it.
>Go home. Call ADA, get told she'll deal with it personally tomorrow.
>Get the run around for a few days. Finally get in touch with the DA himself. Get told that there's nothing they can do about it, and that the ADA shouldn't have promised that. Pretty much get told to buzz off.
>Accept the fact that I lost my car to my own stupidity and turn over my title. It was a 2003 Eclipse that broke two timing belts before it ever hit 150k and was having constant issues as a result.
>Use it as an excuse to buy a new car.
>Everything sort of worked out.
Actually it is. If you can prove you had insurance at the time they "throw out" the fine and you only have to pay like 10-15 bucks in fee's. If you can't prove you had insurance they get to hit you with bigger fines etc.
It's no different than the other "fix it" tickets.
My lack of current tags was a "fix it" ticket if we are defining fix it as show proof that your shit ain't wrong.
Did you even read his story? He wasn't drinking and driving.
Not having your spedo checked, what are you a pleb? Ignorance is no excuse. [spoiler]mfw when I worked at a dealership we had to get someones spedo calibrated because of a ticket in order to attempt this defense. He needed the differential between it as it was an calibrated. [/spoiler] It was at least $100 iirc
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>Several hours later still blows above zero

Did you even read his story? That is the vertiable definition of drinking and driving.
should have gone full punisher on the tow people or the DA
There's a clear difference between drinking and driving and Drunk driving. If you've had a few or got a cold brew in between your legs, most folks can handle it just fine... but if you're drunk, fuck off and know your limits.
the veritable definition of drinking and driving would be if I was drinking, i.e. had a beer in my cup holder, and driving.

Yes I was guilty of having drank and then drove. Only after ensuring I was adequately sobered up though. And the fact that I passed the field sobriety test on camera, and that I blew below the legal limit substantiated that.

The initial stop was a flimsy excuse at best, and since there was no recorded evidence of me driving in any way that could be deemed erratic it was a complete wash. Even if the DA didn't throw it out, it would have been an easy legal win since there was literally no quantifiable evidence.

Meh. Tow people were just doing their job. The ADA tried to help me out but was extending a helping hand further than she was authorized to. If I would have ponied up the cash to get it out right away I would have only been out a couple hundred. Instead I waited, which was stupid of me.
If you lived two blocks away why did you even drive? Walk or ride a bicycle instead and you could've avoided this whole shitty ordeal
It was raining earlier that day. Also we had other places to be before hanging out. Also, because I own a car, so why not drive it? For any number of reasons someone wouldn't want to walk home I'm the early hours of the morning.
When was this? There are no 80 mph zones on I5, at least not in Washington
It's only two blocks you could've driven home and walked/ran/rode/got a lift to the party.

I've had friends who ended up dying from drink driving by having a similar attitude as yours. It's not worth it anon
>Western blvd
>Raleigh is 2 hours away

You in jville?
>give up car
god what a cuck you are
I cop should be trained to handle situations where people are acting loud and rude, and there are cops that advise their badge, that being said cops are still people and you should treat them as such
Every time I've been pulled over I've always treated the cop with the usual "yes sir", "no sir", smile, don't act like I'm going to blow up, and have still been given a ticket every time
Maybe I'm doing it wrong then because I have never gotten out a ticket
That insurance cost
This was in late 2012. The numbers could be off, I usually think in terms of KMs. All I can remember is that we were well above the limit
There is literally nothing wrong with being "country". You eat without having to hunt and grow your food because "country" people exist. Fuck you.
Was high for awhile. When I switched companies it fell down to about $60 per month for full coverage. At it's highest though it was about $150/month.
>get cdl
>get pulled over
>"class A"?
>"try and slow it down, cool plates btw" (ford racing lol)
>"thank you trooper"

3 times now and im not even full white
Pulled over in oceancity for blaring music and revving at every sportyish car, get pulled over for a dim light, talk with officer while figling with it, let's me go with a warning
>go party at friends house after playoffs games
>smoking and drinking
>friend is wasted
>go to gas station to buy him smokes so he doesn't drive
>leave gas station
>pull out in front of someone and accelerate quick
>it's a cop
>get pulled over
>get license ready for cop
>cop asks if I know why he pulled me over
>tell him "yeah, I was being an asshole and wanted to beat you out of there and didn't realize you were a police officer. Just to let you know I can't find my most recent proof of insurance sir but here's my previous one. Do you mind if I keep my car running for the heat(6* outside)"
>he chuckles
>tells me it's fine to leave the car running and to keep looking for my current insurance card
>comes back after probably 5-10 minutes and asks if I ever found the insurance card
>tell him no
>asks if I have anything illegal in the car
>tell him no
>he goes back to his car
>comes back about 10m later
>are you sure you don't have anything illegal in the car? I can faintly smell weed, I see shake by your shifter there and the eyedrops on your passenger seat
>no sir, there's nothing in car you need to worry about
>"ok, well I figured it's a pretty cold night to make you stand on the side of the road. For future reference, if you don't want a cop to think you have weed in your car, vacuum it out and get an air freshener".
>alrighty, thanks officer and have a good night.
>proceeds to pull me over again about 100ft down the road
>sorry, forgot to give you your license back

I thought I was going to jail, fuck yeah being white.
Forgot to mention, no ticket for pulling out without a complete stop and a provide proof of insurance warning thing.

>everyone not white is an asshole

This story doesn't make sense.

>Not drunk/high
>Gets ticket for DUI
>Not a hoon at all (no seriously, i'm commuting to work
>Heavy fucking rain
>Driving a manual, clutch slips on my foot a little in the rain, i drive forward but do a TINY skid
>Keep going for like 1km, think nothing of it
>Cop car behind me
>Forced to pay fine "on the spot"

Looking back, while i was fucked i got fined for THAT, im lucky i got the corrupt cop instead of the self-righteous female copper.

They legally could have impounded my car for 28 days here and there's nothing i can do about it.

It's so fucking dumb too because who the fuck hoons at traffic lights on the way to work. They fucking knew it was a genuine mistake, if i was going to fucking do a burnout i would have done a good one.
If you live 2 blocks away, why the fuck didn't you just walk home?
I actually just got pulled over last night

>be 23
>driving new car I just bought
>1984 Buick Lesabre, white sedan with black cloth hard top cover
>8 pm -ish, sunday driving home in shitty part of town after dropping GF off in nice part of town
>turn wide into the far lane like I do 70-80% of the time, I turn left off this street anyway i'm almost home
>right as I complete my turn into the far lane, cop from the intersection heading my way runs the red with his sirens going
>pull over, yadda yadda
>they just passed concealed carry a few months ago, so they're very cautious in approaching vehicles after a few shootings have happened
>roll down my driver window in anticipation, engine off, keys on top the dash visible
>approach from passenger side, didn't even see them, knocks on window
>i reach over to roll window down, they quickly ask me to put my hands on the steering wheel
>wonder if they think it's stolen, has one of my other car tags on it that I plan on transfering over once the court house opens on monday
>btw car is not insured, or registered because my insurance office is closed sundays, and can't register until monday
>but, i have the policy card I keep in my truck on me, and the title, and registration of the other vehicles tag
>hand it over, explain the situation but claim it has insurance, and that is the policy it is on
>they ask what i'm out doing, yadda yadda
>have a donut from the gas station in the passenger seat, chocolate milk, and a granola bar
>mention I'm just about to go home, snack, and go to bed
>they buy it
>go back to their car, run my ID and shit
>come back give me a verbal warning on turning into the far lane, let me go on my way

tfw no seatbelt ticket, despite violation, no proof of insurance charge, or false registration, or anything.

And, I had a couple grams of weed in my pocket. WOO LAD, be white, wear khaki's, and respect the police. Nothing can go wrong, even while in a drug dealers car with no insurance or proper registration.
Closer to New Bern.
that shit sounds made up for the sake of "le be white" meme
nah, legit. I haven't been pulled over in like, two years, and as soon as I buy a drug dealer car, I get pulled over.

I thought it was funny as hell desu.
go to bed tumblr
I had almost the same thing happen to me 2 nights ago. >>14217496

Also, I've got pulled over with switched tags.

>had '91 CRX
>spun a bearing
>obtain SI-R swapped '91 CRX
>pick friend up on way to work
>friend takes a hit or two before we hit the highway
>as we get to highway the oncoming traffic is getting the light
>don't slow down and punch it around the corner to show off new car to friend
>state trooper in the line of cars that I didn't see
>he flies around traffic on the right
>tell friend to light cigarette and he starts puffing on it like mad
>cherries and berries
>cop comes up to his side of the car thankfully
>"you know you're supposed to yield to traffic there, right?"
>yes officer, I just got this car last night and I was just testing it out. I'm sorry."
>asks for license and insurance
>tell him I just sold my '91 CRX and bought this '91 CRX, that the tag is for the other car but I have the bill of sale and I was able to switch over my insurance yesterday before going to get the car even though the card shows the old VIN
>he looks at me like I'm crazy, I guess because most people don't admit to having the wrong tags on a car
>goes back and runs my license
>comes back and gives me a warning and says "have fun with your new car"
you're still privileged, check yourself
Because I was fine to drive and I knew I was fine to drive and my friends made sure I was fine to drive before leaving. No need to inconvenience myself for literally no reason. I was shown to have broken no laws.

>Work at a buddies grow operation
>Tend to the plants while he is away
>Allowed to smoke weed all day
>Get paid in a Pound every harvest
>Decide not to smoke anything today though
>Hands smell like I've been touching pounds all day
>On highway on the way to my apartment
>In middle lane on three lane highway
>Put on blinker to get in fast lane because lady in accord is going slow in the middle
>She goes into the fast lane too, without signaling
>Signal again to get into the middle
>She speeds up and gets in front of me again
>Fly into the right lane without signaling this time so I can get by this dumbass
>MFW shes a stupid teenager on her phone not paying attention, probably didn't mean to be a cunt
>Cop; Sir do you know why I pulled you over?
>Me; No sir, was I speeding?
>Cop; No but you didn't signal when you changed lanes
>Cop; Did you just smoke marijuana?
>Me; No sir.
>Cop; Did you smoke earlier?
>Me; No sir.
>Cop; So your saying I'm just making up smells then?
>Me; Yes sir.
>Cop; I'll be right back
>he is gone for 10 minutes
>Comes back
>Cop; Just use your signal next time kid
>Me; Thanks bro

Surprised he didn't search. Car was free of anything though, would of been a waste of time.
>driving around with black friend
>have QP of weed on me
>mention i haven't been pulled over in years
>knock on fake wood panel in truck
>he freaks out
>gets out
>knocks on wood telephone pole
>gets back in
>didn't get pulled over
>drive down to upper downtown Toronto in moded blacked out daily
>see my dealer
>buy half ounce of sweet sticky
>sitting in parkin lot of building
>"ima smoke a j till I get home"
>smoke fatty
>feels Goodman.jpg
>drive out of lot and turn corner
>RIDE (all lanes blocked,police stopping all cars to check for impaired driving.
>car reeks of reefer
>eyes red as fuck
>my turn comes
>good evening anon
>good evening officer.
>starting to sweat
>any alcohol today?
>no sir.
>long pause
>sticks his head in car
>long deep sniff
>looks deep in my eyes.
>OK anon you have a good night.
>thanks officer you too.

I still don't know how I didn't get fucked that night. High as shit in a car full of drugs.

Now that I think about it, every time I got pulled over in that car I was stoned as shit. But I was never rude or stuck up to the officers. One even told me I probably got away with a lot of shit with the car because of my personality.
Tinted lights are utterly stupid though. He shouldn't have given you trouble for nothing but should have made you fix those goddamn lights so people can actually see them.
>driving at night, it was March 2015
>in my parents' Audi 80 but also had registration documents for my Twingo
>I was pulled over 12 times at that point in time already, mostly just alcohol test and regular papers check
>see cop car behind me
>keep driving like a civilised human bean
>disco lights
>pull over, say hello to the cop
>"Glory to arstotzka, papers please"
>give him my licence as well as my Twingo's papers
>tells me to step out of the car, open the trunk, show him the extinguisher and warning triangle
>do it, he says okay you can get in the car
>he keeps checking the papers
>"Excuse me sir, but your insurance has expired"
>what the fuck
>"That's not possible though, sir"
>"It says it's valid until May"
>"Oh right, it's March... I'm sorry"
>gives me back my papers
>drive off
>he didn't realize I gave him registration documents for another car
>just recently bought my E36, September 2015
>driving my friends home after a LAN party at like 3AM
>see cop car camping at an intersection, know what's coming
>disco lights, pull over
>some young cop with a sidekick
>"Good evening sir, papers please"
>hand him my licence and registration docs
>"Freshly bought huh? But the insurance is not valid"
>"That's not possible sir"
>awkward silence
>stare at him
>"April fool's hehe"
>holy fucking cringe
>gives me back my papers and starts looking inside the car with his flashlight on
>"What's with the long hair? What are those pants? Why not adidas?"
>le typical chav-slav E36 316 with M3 badge driver meme
>"Okay, drive safe please and I hope there are no dead bodies in the trunk"
>just fucking drive away

To this date I've been pulled over 22 times and I've had my licence since October 2014, in a large part due to me driving mostly at night in the past winter/spring.
Are you his mother? Sounds like that anon can handle his alcohol better than the majority of people I know. There was nobody else around, he passed two tests and still got jacked. It's shit that he was taken in after proving he was fit to drive twice.
Is austrailia that shit? You can get your vehicle impounded for a little bit of tire spin? I get little skidz every time I take off from a light even in my automatic shitbox.
I thought you could turn into any lane as long as there aren't dashed lines through the intersection?
> Straya
> last year
> driving 1700-odd kilometres north to new home
> just cruising
> 110 in 100 zone
> cop comes the other way
> reds and blues
> see them pull around in my rear view mirror
> dang
> wait for them to catch up
> pull over
> "I saw you coming the other way and flicked on my radar, it got you going 111. Do you know what the speed limit is here?"
> "Uh...I thought it was 110, sir. This is my first time this far north."
> "The last time it was 110 was [name of town, about 200 kilometres south]."
> "Oh, sorry sir. As I said, first time up here. I guess I just assumed wrong, since it's dead straight."
> "I had to clean up a fatality of a kid your age about two weeks ago, just up ahead. I don't want to do that again. Just keep it at 100, alright?"
> "Yes sir, thank you."
No fuckin' worries.

A year later. Driving back on the same route with a new car that I picked up on the holidays down south.

> new car has cruise control
> chillin' on 120 in 100 zone
> see a blue commodore in the distance
> almost definitely an undercover cop
> flick off the cruise control
> doing about 116 when he passes me
> sure e-fucking-nough, reds and blues from the sun visor
> the jig is up
> slow down to 100, keep eyes on him in the rear view mirror
> the section of road I'm on is technically a highway, but one lane each way, and rather narrow
> see the cop attempt to turn around
> other cars are rapidly approaching him as he's sideway across the highway
> lose sight of him
> keep going 100, waiting
> 10 seconds. 30 seconds. a minute. five minutes
> cop fucking gave up
No fuckin' worries.
No. Left turn-left lane, right turn-right lane. It's just that everybody is lazy and does wide turns but it's still illegal and if it causes a collision it's the fault of the driver that did the wide turn.
Lol thinking that actual productive people are inbred rednecks like you. The only people that drive something like that are hillbilly garbage, simple as that Billy Bob.
>a fine for a little skid in the rain
I would have contested that bullshit
Cops pull you over for doing 10% over? Shity Cuntry Mate.
>This poster cannot into 24 hour time. Only counts half the day and doesn't afraid of nothing.
Cops can pull you over for any percent over the limit, dude. Simply depends on whether you get a good cop who's near the end of his shift or a cunt who's had assholes talking back to him all day.
I got a good one for you guys
>about 4 years ago
>mom, dad, grandpa and me are heading south to visit family
>I chose to ride with grandpa because hes a total bro
>he always has a cool story to tell me
>he started telling me about how he talks his way out of tickets
>he is in his late 60's and an ex preacher so shit is easy
>like fucking clockwork a Wisconsin State Trooper pulls in behind us
>like a lil dumbass i bet him that he cant talk himself out of this one
>as the Trooper gets out of her car, a gust of wind blows her trooper hat off her head
>i start laughing, grandpa starts chuckling while we watch this poor woman chase her hat across 4 lanes of rainy, windy highway
>grandpa turns to me and says "Matt, sorry to dissapoint, but i don't think im gonna talk my way out of this one"
>She makes it to his window, wet hat and all.
>god rest his soul my grandpa tries anyway
>"You're too pretty to be a trooper" "Why aren't you on tv instead" etc
>grandpa laying down some savage game fàm
>Trooper flattered, this is going great
>she takes his liscence back to her cruiser
>comes back a little bit later with a ticket for expired tags
>she bumps the fine down from $300 to $150
>he thanks her for the break
>we then get on our way
Where you at in Wisconsin?
Live up north in Rhinelander
We were heading down to waukesha at the time.
Where you from?
>liver can only process like one ounce of alcohol in an hour for most people
>sergeant implying anyone but an extreme lightweight gets drunk off one drink
>implying you would have been over .08 at all
This Sergeant is either a fucking dumbass, or found out his wife cheated on him that night and went on the war path.
What a good friend
>2 Years ago
>Be going 60 in a 35 weaving in and out of traffic in '93 MX-3 to take something to my mom at work
>Hear sirens/see lights behind me
>Get over to right thinking cop is responding to something else
>stops behind me, 2 more pull up as well
>"Do you have some reason to be going that fast?"
>"Not a good one"
>"I like that answer"
>Takes license/insurance and tells others what I said
>They all start laughing, one points at the back of my car
>Cop comes back all stern
>"Do you have any meth on you Anon?"
>oh shit what
>Forgot that I had a Heisenberg decal on my bumper
Cop discusses breaking bad with me for a couple minutes, him and the others have another laugh, and he sends me on my way with a verbal warning
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Way up nort in da Rhinelander der hey? I'm in Grafton; 20 minutes north of Milwaukee.
Another, but first some context:
>Live in Johnson County, Kansas. All of our cities have weird Fucking borders and are packed together
>City of Lenexa in particular has really dickish cops, they actually pulled over my gf once for pulling into a taco bell parking lot and leaving because it was closed.

>Be me 2 years ago, same MX-3 (has a liftback)
>Was 17 at the time, had picked up a carton of cigarettes earlier that day in Missouri and then went to a pool in Lenexa.
>Driving home from pool, right as I cross into city of Shawnee a Lenexa cop pulls me over.
>Never been pulled over at this point, and was absolutely positive that I hadn't been speeding
>"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
>"You made a wide left turn 2 miles back"
>Takes my license/insurance and comes back
>"I'm going to give you a verbal warn-"
>Sees my cigs
>"Can I see your ID again?"
>Already know where this is going, tell him I'm 17 to confirm his suspicion
>"Are those all of your cigs?"
>"Not sure"
Here's where I made a mistake
>Give them permission to search car
>They ask if I have any weapons
>I say "yes" while simultaneously reaching for all of my knives and such in the car
>"NONONO don't take them out!"
>They cuff me, standing in parking lot shirtless, watching them go through my car
>They pull out the better part of my knife collection-15 maybe 20 of them
>Flask that was (thank god) full of water
>Air rifle that I'd been plinking cans with at a creek
>The handle to a bar tap
>All this aside, they find only one issue: One unlit black cat firework that had fallen under my seat
>get scolded for firework, cigarettes taken
>Verbal warning
I Shit you not
Not a traffic stop, but the only time I've been stopped at all.

>Parked at shitty truck stop/gas station on highway, 2 or 3 am
>Doing drug stuff, friend is outside car, left door open
>Cop pulls up behind me without lights on, look up, see car in mirror
>jump because of "oh shit" moment
>Spill both cocaine and weed across driver's carpet
>Strategic Foot Location, go!
>Cop gets to window and asks an excessively long chain of questions ending in:
>"Can I search your vehicle, sir?"
>"Why not?"
>"Why do you want to search it?"
>"....stay there, don't turn the car on."
>Cop proceeds to walk around the car with a flashlight on, looking through every window and the open door
>Gives up
>"You're free to go but I'm going to follow you to the next town"
>Drive perfectly, cop fucks off after 5 minutes without actually getting to the next town

lesson learned; put feet on drugs, avoid jail
Got into an accident in my old Passat that totaled it and I had to use our shitbox Corrola to get to work. I got pulled over by a cop in a small municipality in the city I live in. Another cop pulled in behind him also and that shit weirded me out. He comes up and says he saw my reg was out of date and that was it. I told him how I got into an accident and stuff and told him the Corolla sat in the driveway for months so I forgot about the reg. He takes my license and reg and is back there fucking about for like 30 minutes. He eventually comes out and just gives me a warning and tells me to fix it.

And that's my boring cop story. Texas cops normally don't give a fuck around where I live. 80mph on the highways all day and no issues
Probably was a 70mph zone, I think that's most of I5 up there though it's been like 8 months since I've driven up to Canada so I don't remember perfectly
How do you get pulled over that many times? I thought I'd have a worse time than most people being a young person driving a miata but I've never been pulled over in a year of driving that car, there was even a time I did 50-60 in a 40 without noticing the cop behind me and he didn't pull me over because I guess he was nice and realized I wasn't doing anything unsafe and most of the other traffic was moving that fast too. That and he couldn't have had radar on me
I have Led lights, so they're still perfectly visible in he daylight. Just makes me car look much nicer.
Sounds like eastern europe, so probably corrupt police looking for someone to brutalise/rape/rob.
Poland to be exact and police here fishes for people that DUI or drive stolen cars or there's something wrong with their papers. Police in Poland gets like pay raises or bonuses for giving tickets or something so they're just niggas trying to make it in the game yo. I mostly got pulled over at night when there's no one on the roads besides a boy driving his Twingo so naturally I was the only target for them. I'm always clean ie I have all my documents on me etc. I got pulled over twice with the risk of getting punished, I didn't notice a 30 sign that was put up for shitty christian holidays in November and I was doing 70 and passed a cop car but they let me go without a ticket since it was night and I didn't notice the sign. The other time and it was the last, 22nd time was when I was driving a freshly imported Audi A3 with german temporary registration plates and I didn't have the german registration docs and the insurance on me and I got pulled over by "Border Guard". I evaded a ticket since it was the day before Christmas and the guy said that if someone brings the documents to us within 10 minutes, I wouldn't get in trouble so I phoned my dad to bring them over. I'm a nice law-abiding citizen for the most part.
>be coming back from gym
>dressed in ratty hoodie
>wife in car with me
>two kids in car seats in back seat
>driving along, cop steps out and flags me down
>"license and registration"
>since I don't take my wallet to the gym I don't have a license to show him. neither does my wife
>looking for registration, can't find it. it's my wife's car and she probably wrote down a grocery list on it and it's long gone
>cop tells me my inspection sticker isn't up to date ("thanks honey for forgetting to get your car inspected")
>cop tells me to take care of it and lets me go

that white priviledge
Was it the Taco Bell right across from the police station on 87th?
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>be me
>Russian immigrant to America, work in South Florida, travel constantly
>DUI checkpoint around Miami Gardens
>stop, hand insurance information and ID
>starts asking what I was doing out at 2 in the morning
>Asks what kind of job I have
>"...Contractor, I work at the port"
>asks me to exit the vehicle
>confused, but whatever
>get out, they have me do a breathalyzer test
>then they have me do various coordination and balance tests
>still pull me aside, and search my car
>find 2 guns, start asking even more questions, one officer had his hand on his service pistol
>Show them my CHL
>after about 30 minutes, their supervisor arrives, I explain everything, he does yet another breathalyzer test, then lets me go
>nearly 45 minutes of my time wasted, I'm exhausted, end up falling asleep at a rest stop half-way home
I try to avoid that area now.
Hampton is a fucking bitch boy in his JROTC suit
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>going 10 over the top

>10km is only 6 miles
You'd almost never get a ticket for this in the U.S.
quads say otherwise
>speaking about the car scene from when he was 3 years old

GTFO moron.
No, Walgreens at 75th and quivira
Oh Shit yeah that's the taco bell my gf got pulled over for going to. They followed us all the way down Quivira and pulled us over right before we got to the one on 95th by the mall their cause was literally "You pulled into a parking lot and left"

>City of Lenexa in particular has really dickish cops, they actually pulled over my gf once for pulling into a taco bell parking lot and leaving because it was closed.

There's no Taco Bell at 75th and Quivira, and I'm pretty sure that's Shawnee.
Here's a story my uncle told me once.

>Driving on the highway in his 2L alfa 156
>Doing 180-190 kmh(That's around 110 mph)
>Limit is 110(around 65)
>He spotted the officer with the radar too late but started braking(he caught him doing 170)
>cop: "I'm sure you know you were speeding"
>uncle: "Yes I was and I don't have an excuse, I was just speeding."
>At this point he told me the officer looked around
>"I like your honesty, people always have some sort of stupid excuse, and since the road is empty(It was on a big summer holiday), I'm gonna let it slide, now let the car cool down and watch this.
>A bit after he pulled my uncle, the other officer pulled over a subaru impreza.
>My uncle told me he stayed just to see what will happen
>cop: "We clocked you doing 210 kmh sir"
>imp: "No way officer, the car cant go that fast!"
>The officer walked to the back of the car, then back to the driver.
>"It says STI in the back. These things have almost 300 hp, right son?"
>"I swear officer! Something is wrong with car lately and it won't speed up!"
>Basically, he pulled all sort of excuses, from the tires to the exhaust, to having set the wing in a way so the car won't be able to reach that speed, until the officer finished writing the ticket.
>After that he let him go and turned to my uncle
>"I have to put up with this kind of shit every day. Have a nice day"
Where do you live that 100km/h over the limit is just a fine? Canada? Here in Switzerland you'd get your license revoked or at the very least suspended for like a year.
>approaches passenger door, I open cause it was tinted that day.

Really surprised you weren't shot.
I misunderstood. The Walgreens is where my story happened but the taco bell you mentioned Is the one we got pulled over for going to
>in mexico
>rented a car
>going back to airport
>speed limit changes from 50-30 after miles at 50
>no indication or reason other than a small sign
>cop sees rental sticker on car and pulls me over
>says i have to go to the station with him
>i have flight, he knows
>"or you can pay me now, $200"
>say I don't have that much money
>"how much do you have
>about 150
>"give it to me"
>no written ticket
>get to flight on time
>pushing back the flight probably would have cost more
nice copypasta anon
>be me, in high school on lunch break
>my buddy has an isuzu trooper II and we often go to lunch together
>as a prank, he keeps his windshield fluid sprayers pointed outward so he can spray all the freshman nubs as he is driving by and they are pouring out of the buildings
>today, he has some bottle rockets
>we decide to go across the street to barnes and noble and spray hipsters and shoot bottle rockets at them as they enter/exit
>do this for about 10 minutes
>my friend: "yeah... we should probably be dipping out now..."
>begin to ease out of parking space
>officer was walking right up behind us out of sight
>four patrol cars pull up to block the exits to the parking lot
>proceed to get bitched out and lectored for TWO hours, while they search the vehicle and confiscate a bunch of illegal fireworks
>friend is a boyscout so hes got all kinds of knifes and tools and shit strode everywhere
>get handcuffed and frisked and mock arrested as scare tactic
>they find his paintball gun and question him
>topkek officer fife
>students walking over to the spillover parking after school see us getting chewed out and put into the patrol cars
>after calling our parents they let us go
>was the talk of the school for a while
play stupid games, win stupid prizes
>be me, with my same friend
>camping out for black friday at best buy
>we've got a killer setup, tent, heater, tv, generator, everything lol
>a cooler full of beer and some bacardi 151 and bacardi limon for chaser
>getting BELLIGERENTLY fucked up, talking shit about all the indians on line for the laptop special
>we were 1st and 2nd in line so we kept telling them we were there to buy all the laptops
>empty beer cans everywhere
>cop arrives... we see him so we try to clean up a bit
>approaches us, ohfuck, hes gonna cite us for public intoxication
>"Hey guys! Hows it going?"
>"I see that you guys are drinking a little bit over here"
>"uhh... yessir. Sorry, do you want us to stop?"
>"No no no, you're fine! I just wanted to bring you this trash bag so you had a place to put your empty cans. Just try to keep them out of sight for me okay?"
>coolest cop EVER, right?


>we see him pull away
>talk about it for a few minutes... "how strange is that?"
>we scout around the parking lot, see no cops
>the drinking resumes
fast forward a few hours.
>carrying our tvs back to my buddies truck
>got everything packed, ready to go home and check out our merchandise
>my buddy had just bought the truck and was still waiting for the notorized title to be mailed by the seller who had just moved out of state
>his tags on the truck were for his trooper... this was a chevy silverado
>he also had a pistol concealed in the glovebox, and no ccw permit yet
>he began to pull out of his parking space in the middle of all the black friday shopping chaos
>we both notice these white suvs on all 4 corners of the parking lot with only parking lights on
>we see them beginning to creep towards us and immediately we know they are there for us
>now, two marked cars with full lights block us in on both sides
>they ask my buddy to step out and tell me to stay in
>one of them is that SAME officer who gave us the trash bag
>I see them talking to my friend for what seems like forever as i wait in the truck, which is still running, driver door ajar
>officer who has been watching me approaches
>"So, your buddy is going to jail. Anything in the truck we should know about?"
>"I don't know officer, he just bought it. Nothing that I'm aware of."
>"Do you mind if we search the truck?"
>"It's not my truck you'll have to ask him"
>"Okay, well he doesn't consent, but I have probable cause to believe you have an open container in the vehicle. I smell alcohol."
>"That's me officer, I have been drinking, if you want to search me you can, but this is his truck"

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Why do you keep posting this same shit over and over you tosser?

>"Okay anon, sit tight."
>at this point my buddy is sitting in the back of the patrol car
>can overhear the officers talk amongst themselves
>"...b-but I gave him the REAL sobriety test..."
>"...did you call it in with the lieutenant? "
>"...he's okay... he passed everything..."
>sit for another 15 minutes
>two officers walk back with my friend and uncuff him
>"do you have a ride anon? this truck has to stay here..."

my buddy got off with a citation for false/fictitious tags which was eventually reduced in court to failure to display proper registration. No less than an hour or so after the police left, we left as shoppers flooded the parking lot, and he drove us to his house with no tags
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Don't call bullshit on this
>cruising all night on Monday
>morning rolls around and still cruising
>Absolutely no one on the interstate
>Cop rolls by in a Charger
>I too own a charger
>Daytona limited edition
>signals to roll my window down
Cop: "How fast is that thing?"
Me: "Fast enough for an easy speeding ticket"
Cop: "Wanna race?"
>Shrugs shoulders
Cop: "3 honks and we go"
>Floors it
>Cop is actually racing me, neck and neck
>Over 120 car feels like it's going to explode, still going
>Fly by another cop
>Cop I'm racing slows a little and turns on his lights and gets behind me

Well fuck

Almost got my license taken away that day
gonna post another in a minute... my dui experience
If you live in the US, what he did is literally a crime and you can actually sue him. Dont remember what its called, when the cop is inciting the civilian to do something illegal.
The word you're looking for is entrapment.

And yes it is generally illegal.
Happened last month
> go to texas for christmas from virginia
>in-laws got those 2015 5.0 mustangs
>ask if i can drive it
>says yes fuckyeah.jpg
>take it to the closest highway while ny mother in-law was saying she got it up to 140
>thinking i can top that, i do a WOT run and got it to 145
>motherfucking cop just sitting in the median
>i exit, due to my mother in-law telling me to
>cop pulls me over at the exit and i tell him what i was doing
>immediatley think im going to jail
>hands me a ticket for 94 in a 60 instead of taking me to jail
Totally worth it 10/10 would do again. I honestly think i couldve gotten it faster if the cop didnt pull me over
>be me
>be volunteer firefighter for super small town (less than 700 people)

>its late at night and im just cruising on open highway
>see running lights on the side ofthe road try to slow
>too late
>red and blues
>pull over
>I need your license and reg....
>Anon what are you doing?
>speeding Officer Anon
>keep it under 80
>goes back to cop car and leaves

I love knowing most of the state troopers and my towns 2 cops
Got pulled over for going 55 in a 30 while I was in high school, and the cop knew I was slamming on the brakes too. He gave me a ticket and gave me a long ass lecture on being safe. After the whole thing he said he wouldn't show up if I tried challenging it. I did, and he never showed up, got myself out of a $300 ticket.
I'm brown, I was 17, and I was driving an obnoxiously loud rx7.
Just be respectful and honest.
what kind of rx7
baka senpai you shouldnt have stoppped
Also depends where you live. Some cops are assholes. I live in a quiet town of mostly white people with little to no crime. Cops have absolutely fuck all to do here, so if they pull someone over, they're getting a ticket. End of story.
Damn, if it was the FC or the FD i would understand, but the SA/FB honestly just looks like 240z baby's rotary clone
So do you mean you'd get it if he let me off on a fc/fd vs sa? Honestly, all the sevens sound/look over aggressive to me.
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Do you have any sources that back up your claim about who is at fault?
I almost got sideswiped a few days ago when I was in the outside left turn lane that led to a freeway on-ramp that will merge 200 feet later

My thought was if I wasn't as aware of that pickup, or if I was just 6 feet further into the turn than I was that night, and they pushed into me, would they be 100% at fault or could there be shared responsibility because I wouldn't have swerved out of their way.
Not me but close call with friend.
>at beach in hawaii
>military fags
>drinking and swimming
>finally leave
>friend is driving jeep
>we're all drinking in car
>damn Hawaiian traffic
>not paying attention
>friend fender benders some Toyota truck
>nothing too bad
>they get out exchange info
>bottle caps and beer everywhere
>start hiding it
>as we are, cop coming by on other side of road
>stops and asks if everything is okay
>yup officer
>he moves along
What i mean is that i would have understood you being louder if you had an FC or FD, since they are in my eyes WAY more sportier and agressive than the SA, on top of that, maybe if you had the FD, the cop would have noticed and he would give you a lot of shit
Lol you should see the guys down here, they're totally insane. The first gens/rx3s here are total banshees, and ridiculously fast to boot
>moving to Lubbock
I feel sorry for you man
>sister's ex fiance is a sheriff
>he's a fucking pussy and is scared of confrontation
>driving back from gf house at around 1am
>hauling ass down 2 lane road
>speedo in my truck is broken but I guess around 80-85 in a 55
>see cop
>fuck yeah it deputy pussy
>pretends not to see me
>flip him off as I drive by
Seriously, he dumped my sister through a text message after they'd been living together for 3 years then got married to another chick less than a month later. Fucking hate that guy. He's too scared to pull me over because he knows I'd call him a piece of shit.
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i've got a few close call stories if y'all are interested.

>senior year of hs
>2 am
>cop-infested rural alabama town
>ratty subaru full of niggers
>carrying an ounce of smelly chronic
>see cop behind me
>calmly pull into conveniently located gas station to my right
>mfw he doesn't pull in behind me
>mfw he immediately pulls over the corolla that was in front of me

good times
Used to get stopped a lot in the boy-racery days. Britbong plod didn't approve of my angry shitboxes. Thought that'd stop when I grew up and bought a beige Volvo. Apparently not.

>Be 21 year old uni student, working the doors on weekends to pay the bills.
>Work for shit company so have to travel all over.
>Finish shift in some shitty small town at like 3am. Knackered.
>Driving slowly as I don't know the roads, come up to line of cars behind a red light.
>Light goes green, no movement.
>Wait longer than I should, look ahead and realise it's an informal taxi rank and they've just parked in the road with no indicators or anything.
>Groan, pull around them and proceed.
>Copper turns onto the road as I pull away.
>Follows me.
>Know what's coming, lo and behold the blues and twos.
>Pull over, get out (I'm in high vis and I've probably handed some pisshead over to this cop tonight, so figure that's ok) and go to greet him.
>Pleasantries exchanged, explain I'm driving slowly as it's late and I'm trying to find my way out of town.
>He explains that's not why he stopped me.
>He saw me in a taxi rank with no plates on, then pull out when he came along, so he thought I might be..."you know..."
>Awkward moment when I realise what he meant.
>We part ways without saying another word.

Summary: now I have a Volvo people think I'm a creep, trying to prey on the vulnerable in the middle of the night, Fake Taxi-esque. Sheeeeit.
Feel like the thread is dying but anyway here's my story
>be me, 18, just got my drivers license in boring German city
>on my way home from guitar lesson, driving my dad's old vectra
>two lane road, limit is 30, evening rush hour traffic (I wasn't speeding)
>regular traffic check, see cop standing on left lane without his car, waving most people through, so I expected to be fine
>sees my car, tells me to roll down window
>"hey, you see my mates standing there at the bus stop? Please get there and wait for them to give you further instructions"
>pull up next to a dirty MB Sprinter with polish license plate and an old VW Polo with Arab driver
>cop in a bullet-proof vest approaches my window
>"good evening sir. Please hand me your ID and your driver's license and get out of the car"
>too fucking scared to resist, I hadn't done anything illegal but still
>cop takes out a huge ass flashlight "please open your eyes sir"
>do as told
>he starts asking me a million strange questions like whose car it is (registrated on my father), when's the last time I took drugs ('never') smoked cigarettes ('never'), drank alcohol ('eeeeerrr Saturday I think? Like three days ago')
>Meanwhile, two cops in bullet-proof armor and with assault rifles go around my car and look inside it with their flashlight on
>suddenly I remember that fucking bottle of vodka my friend had given me a few days before and which I had pushed under the passenger seat
>luckily, they couldnt find it when going around the car
>"okay sir, have a nice day"
Got another one
>same me, same car, two years later
>on my way home from water pipe and chill at buddy who lives where the crows fly backwards, about 04:00 AM
>Very very foggy night, I'm tired as fuck so for once I'm not speeding
>road ends, I want to turn left, 4-way crossroads, temporary traffic lights, I'm a law-abiding citizen so I wait
>2 minutes pass
>4 minutes pass
>I get really pissed
>suddenly, a single car comes out from the village of the other side of the junction
>Due to mist I can't see license plate or what car it is
>shape of a VW Passat Wagon
>god doesn't listen
>cop car
>hope theyre gonna ignore me and just continue driving their route
>they don't
>perform a u-turn and pull up behind me
>one male cop gets out and approaches my window, other one stays in the car and does registration shit don't know don't care
>"Good morning sir, what are you up to that late at night, can I please see your ID and license?"
>"Good morning, blablabla, on my way home", stay polite as fuck
>Looks at me, looks at the license
>"Who's car is it?"
>"my fathers"
>he asks the same fucking questions as the cop in my previous post, still haven't taken drugs, etc but smoked water pipe
>asks me out about it and too flashes his light in my eyes
>other cop gets out, they ask me to leave my car and show the warning triangle and first aid kit
>I get out, show them both things, they approve and walk back to their car after wishing me a good day
>Cop I goes "can I see the first aid kit again, please?"
>hand it to him, he looks at it
>"sir, it expired two months ago"
>my fucking face when
>Cop I starts grining, looks at cop II
"What do you think, do we fine this young man 50$ or are we gonna let him spend the money on a new first aid kid
>they let me go with a verbal warning and drive off
>the fucking red light STILL HASN'T TURNED GREEN
>I wait for another five minutes then decide to floor it
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Forgot to post mfw
It is times like this I appreciate Murrican freedom.
first aid kit?

I assume required euro items
>tfw wanna be cop and see this thread.

I'll t-treat you guys well.... I sw-swear.
Krauts have to keep first aid kits in their car.
>would of
die now

/pol/ pls go.
Will add one for Eurofags,

>9pm, rusted exhaust on my DD Nissan Primera P10 (tinted windows, DIY gauges and switches, wheels etc.)
>remove mufflers completely, decided it would be good an idea to go to underground parking garage with friend
>go to nearby parking lot later, completely empty part but 200m away is another open supermarket
>doing stupid shit college students do with their POS DD as is similar in USA I believe so you can imagine
>someone probably called cops so they waited for us to leave

>leaving parking lot, cops start following, than flash beacon so I stop
>endangering other ppl, car in no condition to be driven, they demand complete car search, alcohol test, mandatory equipment check
>Sure officer we got nothing to hide, Its just that the exhaust is rusted and it sounds really badass so I wanted to film it for a memory, I know Its stupid etc.
>Will have it fixed as soon as exam term is over ...

>cops turn 180 from being assholes to being absolutely bros, says the car is in very good condition all things considered
>tell me to leave this for closed off area and let us go
This is probably similiar in many euro countries so in mine (Czech rep.) mandatory equips are>
First aid kit / triangle / vest for every passenger / spare tire with jack
this sounds stupid
Okay, I had a stroke about 2 minutes ago and posted this in a different thread.
The same thing as a defect notice.
>>they just passed concealed carry a few months ago, so they're very cautious in approaching vehicles after a few shootings have happened
>WOO LAD, be white, wear khaki's

Liberal nigger detected.
Trucks are fun as hell to drive and really useful. I don't know what your problem is.
was that an invitation for sex?
Its actually not.

Argentina and brazil has similar laws.
Greece. The officer was chill, and the road was empty. I've been on the road in august 15(the same day this happened), and I was a big highway, to only see another car every 10-15 on both sides. That said, he probably got a combined fine, which could go up to 1100 euro and suspension of licence for 30 or 60 days.

I also posted this on another thread, I won't lie, but it also felt appropriate here.
>be me
>be driving
>smoke le 420 weed
>have drugs in the car
>i swear to fucking god i have a fucking weed farm and a colombian rainforest to get cocaine in the car
>cop stops me
>he is blind deaf and mute
>he lets me go with a warning

That's all the fucking greentext stories here. Why are there so many drug junkies here on /o/?
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