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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

2016 Start Edition

>Ask /o/ related questions and wait for other anons to answer it.
>Also, look through the thread for questions that can be answered by you.
what info do you need to do an engine/tranny swap into a car.

I never did anything more complex than rotor/pad swaps but I finally have a garage to work in.

My aunt has an old 83 subaru brat thats been garaged for the last 20 years. The body looks great but it has no engine.
the wiring loom is important as you will want the dash board and ignition barrel working I suppose
also there are problems like the shift linkage and throttle linkage

that is the complex part
the rest is just knowing what parts will fit in the space available

you have a subaru leone yes ?
that being the case an ea 71 or 81 may fit the bill
Why are DOHC and OHV always used in performance vehicles but never SOHC?
what oil should I use on a 30 year old engine thatused to take 5w30?

Is a 2005 toyota prius worth it? It's $3500, and has about 100,000 miles.

I'm still debating whether or not to buy it.
Should I buy a Chevy pickup with a 6.5 Detroit diesel? Most people are saying it's fairly weak but I don't really have anything heavy to haul around.
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Why the fuck do people like giant screens in cars? They're ugly and it makes me NOT want to buy whatever car they shoehorned a shitty touchscreen into
SOHC isn't more efficient than DOHC, it's just cheaper to make.
What are considered the laughing stocks/meme cars of /o/? I am new here and I am having trouble knowing which cars are ACTUALLY bad/good. Thanks.
... I know...
because normies like screens

I thought you were implying that SOHC is more efficient, nevermind

anything VW
what is comfiest car under 30k
Here's one. Let's say my car's low on coolant. How do I know how much needs to be put in to top it off? Just keep pouring until it starts to overflow?
Decent cars are shit
Cheap econoboxes are GOAT
any Lincoln town car
Why is the straight-5 engine dying out. If there are so many I4 and V6 cars today, it would make sense there is room for the engine in between.
Same, or 10w40 if it's a bit worn, the extra viscosity might help keep the oil film

Use good quality oil, and if it hasn't started in a long time, be ready for leaks of all kinds
Basically. Although you should be able to tell when it's going to overflow, unless you've got some weird radiator cap/filler...
Fill radiator, start car and allow to warm to operating temperature, refill until stops bubbling and dropping

Why are you low on coolant?
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Can someone tell me more about this kind of room for the e36?
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Why did Ford put a v6 in the new GT
Why should I buy a Mustang GT or Nissan 370Z Sport over a Hyundai R-Spec 3.8 Genesis Coupe or Scion FR-S? It's about $100 a month more for the other prior but I see no benefits over the latter.
Mustang unless you want to A. Die because shit brakes, B. Die because you will look like a queer, or C. Get banished from the lands for buying the Toyota Miata (SLOW EDITION).
No matter which one I would get I would be completely gutting most of the car and rebuilding it with one-off custom parts.
>financing a new car
>completely gutting it
Go back to school retard.
is this a meme
is it normal for dual mufflers to have most of the smoke pass through one muffle over the other? I've been noticing my miata on idle to be doing that which seems odd considering I usually see cars with two mufflers on them to have smoke come out equally.
Rather than what? Dropping a solid $35K? Yeah, no thanks. I'll keep my cash invested and deal with the WHOPPING 2% interest rates, thanks.
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1 MB, 1920x1080
What exactly does hooning entail for you guys?
Is it bad if I downshift to help slow my car? I hear it's easier on the brakes but can put wear on other parts.
packaging. V8 too big to get the aero they wanted to achieve. It's an engineer's car, and the "soul" or whatever of a V8 is meaningless to them when the V6TT was superior for their goals.
>complaining about $100
>gutting a car you don't own
>implying YOU can get a 2% interest rate with such retarded ideas
Its a 318ti California top. 318ti are rare California tops are rarer still but neither are all that desirable.

What do you want to know?

That's pretty much it.
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special cat.jpg
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> 1995 Lumina
I need to replace my ignition switch and cylinder. How can I tell if my car has an ignition switch with a floor console or not?

Apparently sometimes luminas in that year have them have them and sometimes they don't and I don't have the car manual to find out. I couldn't find any helpful pics on google so I'm not sure how to tell.

When in doubt, should I just get the one with or without the floor console? Should I just swallow my pride and get an auto tech to tell me?

Pic related: it's how I'm feeling right now.
L4 has: good balance (two pistons go up while two go down, hence keeping most major vibrations in check), small, simple, cheap, can be modular (cut 2 cylinders off an inline 6 and you get an inline 4), the next power stroke happens right after the last one, for a mostly constant torque/power delivery, making it relatively smooth

V6 has: about the length of L4, making FWD packaging easier, more cylinders so it can have more total displacement while keeping the individual cylinder's volume relatively low (so you don't need to balance the crap out of every piston/rod assembly), overlapping power strokes which means smoother operation

L5 is longer than L4 (and so FWD packaging, which is about 70% of the whole market, is difficult. Volvo does it though, with their D5/T5 models IIRC), doesn't have the "opposing hence neutralizing" forces the L4 has, and although it sounds godly IMO, is just not that good of an engine configuration. Add another cylinder and you've got an inline 6, which has a wonderful internal/mechanical balance and even smoother operation than L4 and L5, and matches the V6 for smoothness, in general

There's a TON of stuff I'm missing/butchering in this late-night explanation, but that's what I can blurt out at the moment, hope it helps!
Depends on if its cross piped or not and if one side is longer than the other.

The longer side will have less vapor coming from it, as the condensate will have more time to cool.

If you have actual smoke coming from your pipes you have bigger problems.
Twingo is the ultimate meme car
Viper is the god machine
Juke is the laughing stock
>and matches the V6 for smoothness, in general

Inline sixes are inherently more balanced than V6's though and counterweights aren't needed.
Its no worse than revving it on regular basis, the problem comes if you're not revmatching and minimizing wear to the clutch.
Have fun getting shafted by your insurance when that happens.
I see. So generally downshifting makes slowing down easier, I just have to make sure I rev match when I do it, right?
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Am I a bad person for wanting this?

also is carmax a good place to buy from?
14k for an auto rsx is retarded.
>Carmax's no haggle pricing
FUCK no.
Yeah but revmatching can be tricky, especially on cars that aren't rev happy, and or those with funky pedal placement.

I can do in my 540i and my motorcycles, but can't do it in my f150
File: dcdfx.png (613 KB, 981x949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, the "no haggle" thing is bs. how about this.

anyone with experiencebuying from carmax?
If they are leaky, sold in Canada, and if I should buy one when I'm in Poland and bring it back with me to Canada in the summer
Ive got some already chrome rims but i would like to paint them black chrome. How much would painting all 4 wheels usually go for?
Got an A4 Quattro with 235's on all sides. brand new 'Mazzini Eco605' tyres on the front, back left is 'Fulda Sport Control' and back right is 'Autogrip Grip200' tyre.

Obviously these are all shit no name tyres, and looking at the reviews it seems quite alot of people say the Autogrip tyres are an accident waiting to happen.

The car drives fine in the dry, but in the wet its a bit inconsistent. Today it was raining a bit and the car slipped enough to need countersteer quite a few times even at stupid speeds like 20mph in 4th gear. But there are other times when the car sticks to the road even full throttle on hard bends in the rain.

Is my car fucked or is it just the shit rear tyres? Is there anything else that could cause such extreme oversteer at ridiculously low speeds?
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Has anyone had any experience with the Corolla AE111?

Never owned a car with a 4-AGE, but i've heard they're fun.
why do you care? fucking twat
Should I buy a saab as my first car? How much are repair costs for them? Are they reliable? Are they easy to work on? What should I know about saabs? Here's one of the ones I want to buy https://sandiego.craigslist.org/ssd/cto/5383919076.html
Is there an /o/-recommended car diagnostics program or is the understanding usually that you just get a standalone OBD2 sensor and leave it at that?
What's the most spacious coupe with a good rear-legroom?
Super struts will likely break if they haven't already
They're expensive to fix.

Otherwise they're good cars and the 6 speed is great if you're looking for a BZR

The answer is always yes.

Details on the truck? >>14167897
Which is a more practical?

Scion tC or FRS/BRZ?
I'm getting my shitty aftermarket alarm and locking system removed tomorrow for $150. How much would it cost to just have simple remote locking installed? The guy does installations but doesn't list prices.

How much am I looking at for an absolute basic lock and unlock with a key fob button?
What is this thing for?
Truck is a 3500 dually owned by a coworker. I didn't have much time to chat with him today (busy day) but he said it's an 83 model, 4x4, auto, long bed, regular cab. It was a 6.2 diesel from the factory and it's had a crate motor dropped on2. I didn't get the mileage but its in better shape cosmetically than my current dd. I don't drive much so I'm not too worried about mpgs plus my current dd is pretty hard on fuel.
>The guy does installations but doesn't list prices.
I wouldn't do my business there. Sounds like the kind of shop where they try to squeeze as much as possible.

>How much am I looking at for an absolute basic lock and unlock with a key fob button?
Can't help there since I live in another country, but IMO $150, if talking about USD, is too much for such a job. I'd rather do it myself, tho I have extensive knowledge on electronics and stuff.

They vent the cabin air, usually one way. It's so you don't immediately die to an exhaust leak.
pulls out hot air from the cabin
Thanks for the answers. I was told by my friend that those are air-intakes so that you can go in water upto that level.
Lol your friend is a dumbass nigger.
How much does exhaust pipe wall thickness matter in terms of sound surpression?
I suppose it makes sense that thinner = less isolation, but does it matter?
Old American landbarge

Comfy and roomy as fuck

Older Saab's are god tier, but idk about something that new
What are the best car TV shows/Youtube channels if you're interested in cars the average person can afford rather than supercars and ancient classics. Bonus if they don't talk about new cars all the time, and go back a decade or two.
I just bought a 2012 Civic Si for $16k
22k miles on it

>same engine
>just as if not more reliable
>weighs the same
>superior handling
Keep searching senpai
is "certified pre-owned" ever worth it?
Seen em all. Anything else?
i have the cash and am considering a new manual kia rio because i just need an econobox to get from point A to point B

i have considered kia for a while because they are cheap shit boxes and i wonder how many miles i can reasonably get outta one, since i baby my cars and maintain them well. i got 300000 from a tacoma before giving it to a family member in need, and it is still running fine.

i am not an enthusiast and don't care that it is front engine FWD, would get the floor model if that matters

> convince me not to do this
Special Cat here. Just wanted to report that the "floor console" just is asking where the shifting is done. Floor stick (automatic or not)? Floor console. Stick on wheel? No floor console.

Stupid repair guy had no clue WTF I was talking about. Had to talk to some salvage guys to get a straight answer. Dear god, the derpage in my town... DERP. DERP.
What was the last RWD Corolla to be made?
Both a probably equally as practical? I'd imagine you're not going to stuff much more in the Tc than you would in the toyobaru.

The toyobaru would be more fun of course.
A coupe landbarge.
Do you purposely want a overpriced boring car?

I grabbed an 03 6speed E39 for 4grand less than that.
I'm thinking of getting an old shit box turd gen camaro off a relative.

It look mechanically sound but the interior is disgusting, how do you reupholster an entire car?
Just strip the interior out it and put new seats in, makes washing it a breeze.

If you try to put new upholstery in you'll be spending more than the car is worth.
yeah, you're probably right about that.

follow up question. can you completely rip out the rear seat in a camaro and make it a useful hatchback?
I'm going to do the valve covers on my 97 outback legacy. It leaks a ton of oil, so I thought the oil pan gasket might have gone at out as well, but apparently it doesn't come from the factory with one, and they just used some sort of sealant.

My question is, should I install an aftermarket gasket in case it's leaking from there, or should I just do the valve covers and see if it stops?

If I have to do both, I'd rather do it all at once so I don't have tear the engine bay apart twice.
Got lucky in passing my driver's exam, getting my license in a week, and I'll have to drive ~300km in mad snow.

Car has no ABS, has cheap winter tires, I'll be driving alone, I'm a shit driver, I'm scared, roads 100% wont be cleared..

Tips please.
Black RTV is sufficient provided you prep the mating surfaces properly.

>haven't driven in 20 years
>kept under a cover

How bad a sign is this?
Doesn't really make a difference. Thicker walls are just more durable and generally last longer.
go to an empty parking lot first, speed up a little bit and slam on brakes, notice how the car doesn't stop? find the limit of the tires and keep that in mind when your driving
>Gets a car as a gift
>Throws it under the cover because "he never found time to enjoy it."

Sounds weird. I think something would be wrong with it for him to not drive it for twenty years. It might be a good project, though.
jesus, i'd buy that. most of that bad stuff seems to be dirt/dust, get on it. just get it serviced as soon as you buy it, fully serviced.

So family,

How do you guys organize the tools you put in your car? Things like tools, booster cables, windshield waster refills etc.

Do you just throw them in the trunk where they will get knocked around or do you have some sort of cargo organizer etc. I am looking for something like that to put my stuff in.
If I take it in for servicing, and it looks okay, should I buy it? I'm not a wrench and I've never maintained my own car, but I suppose I can learn. How is aftermarket for these things?
I want to buy a truck from a dealer. I want to get it inspected before buying it. Can I negotiate a deal where they hold my car and keys until I return their vehicle or is it going to be mandatory that I sign a contract and place a deposit? Are there any other options?
Soft tool bag for tools
Hard storage box for fluids
Hard storage box for large/odd shaped dry items

Best system

Its a kia, that should be enough to convince you.
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2015-07-03 14.24.34.jpg
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where are u lpg?
>any dealer not lying through their teeth will let you take it to a third party for an inspection
>this is true for private sellers too
>never buy a car you can't inspect or get intersected at a local nunnery
I done good lpg

>what is wikipedia?
>what is google?
>why am I suddenly Dagumi?
4th gen (79-83) plus AE 85 and 86s

Don't do it get something used and reliable never buy new unless you're willing to accept the devaluation that comes with it
How much difference is there between wrenching on a gas motor vs a diesel? Full size trucks not euroshitboxes.
Is there any actual info on the new speed3 yet? My current 3 is getting boring, the RS will cost too much, and I dislike VW...
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will having a misfitting/broken air filter cause my engine to eat moisture from the air (it's been raining for weeks) and cause oil emulsion in my dipstick tube? Could a bad intake manifold gasket do this either? I have a '96 Volvo 850 turbo; the hash mark is still oil but the tip and the rest of the dipstick were all covered in milkshake. No milkshake inside the valve cover or on the oil cap, coolant looks fine, level has been consistent, just the dipstick shaft and tip...
>inb4 that's gay
>inb4 u blew your head gasket dingus
is possibru but i doubt it the car isn't smoking more than a Volvo should. it does wub more than others stock ones that i hear, and while empeegees aren't turrible they're not great either.
>inb4 u turbo's leaking oil and u live in a wet fart doofus
this is probable, but should i be worried about a little emulsion?
Cleaned out the milkshake from the dipstick tube and put a new filter in it, gonna check the oil tomorrow and use my new obd-II reader to check the cel but i assume it's still the evap system or the running rich

Tl;Dr- is a little oil emulsion in the dipstick tube gonna wreck my brick?
if all you care about is mpg then yes
besides the basic principles of how they operate?
And the parts they need?
no, the tools are the same
>inb4 what are glowplugs
>inb4 i hope you have a good 1/2" driver and socket set and a breaker bar
>inb4 u in for it now boah now git coal rolled with the young'uns.
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>warranty on batteries is 10 yrs IIRC
>all the motors and a transaxle from hell
>how would you even?
Anticipate everything, start breaking earlier and brake less, start turning earlier, use 2nd or 3rd gear to move from a standstill (assuming you drive manual or an auto that let's you choose gears or has a "winter mode"), keep a fuckton of distance from everything in front of you, be gentle with your steering wheel and make the widest turn you can safely do.
Do as >>14174012 said, practice in a parking lot or empty road to see how the car reacts on snow.

There is a considerable delay between your inputs and the car's reactions on snow, get accustomed to that.

I would suggest to skip this trip and take a train/bus if you are this afraid, especially if you are alone.

Im just not well versed in the different parts I guess. Gotta learn more I suppose. I just drove a friends diesel and im in love with the power delivery and sheer torque they have.
Do you usually go for short trips?
Because if you don't let the engine warm up properly before stopping, you are going to end up with a lot of condensation, which will inevitably mix with oil and create emulsion.

That or a slightly cracked head gasket

I don't think your air filter would be a problem, you need a lot of water in the intake for it to start leaking through the piston rings into the oil pan and you would probably hydrolock before reaching that point. My guess is that all the moisture would evaporate way before reaching the engine, especially on a turbo.

Fix your filter anyway, it's not good for the turbo
File: volvo_rozzers.jpg (184 KB, 640x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>short trips
about a 15-20 min drive twice a day almost every day as a DD, mostly at 55mph, and then maybe a few trips around town in between or on the weekends. it heats up pretty fast tho even for short trips so it's usually at operating temp when it's turned off.

I hear Volvos have problems with this, it is an aluminum engine (extra condensensation-y?) and the PCV system is known to gunk up and cause back pressure out the dipstick tube which would explain why it settled there; but I just cleaned the pcv system out, so while i'd like to chalk it up to this I am hesitant.

>slightly cracked head gasket
but wouldn't there be more oil emulsion or a measurable coolant loss?

>bad intake mani. gasket
wouldn't this make my car run lean tho?

>bad filter
I thought it was this b/c my volvo has a pcv system that draws air from before the turbo right after the air box straight to a breather box that vents from the crankcase, which is why I am leaning this way. My filter wasn't torn, but one of the pleats was kinda rough and it wasn't sitting in the box properly anymore.

>fix your filter
it's like you didn't even read my post [email protected]

To recap, my milkshake was thick not chunky and there was an obvious point where it ended and oil began.
Should I be worried?
File: is300.jpg (101 KB, 716x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I didn't feel like making a thread about it but how does /o/ feel about a Lexus IS300?
File: renault-twingo-1.jpg (82 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 1600x1200
Are Twingos fun to drive? I see /o/ mentioning it in every minute.

>but wouldn't there be more oil emulsion or a measurable coolant loss?
It depends on how much it is cracked. It could be a very early stage so you have a mini leak and the emulsion is settling in the pan. Keep your coolant in check.

>wouldn't this make my car run lean tho?
It would run like shit and make some blowing noise because of the pressurised air escaping.

>I thought it was this b/c my volvo has a pcv system that draws air from before the turbo right after the air box straight to a breather box that vents from the crankcase, which is why I am leaning this way. My filter wasn't torn, but one of the pleats was kinda rough and it wasn't sitting in the box properly anymore.
Well, in that case it could be the pcv, but doesn't it have a condenser somewhere to avoid sucking up wet air? The filter should pick up most of the moisture anyway.

>Should I be worried?
Whatever it is, it seems like a relatively minor problem or a very early stage of a major problem, it could be something stupid as water leaking from the dipstick tube.

I might suggest you to drain your oil, flush with new oil and start over.
Clean that pcv inlet tube, drive on a rainy day, remove it and see if it looks wet inside.
Keep coolant in check, male sure the dipstick tube is properly sealed when the stick is in there.
Got an e30 m20 leaking a significant amount of oil recently. I checked it today after a short drive, and the dipstick read at half. Which is not good because I just did an oil change about 1.5 week ago. Car is a dd and I've done probably about 250 miles since oil change.

I notice oil on top of the intake manifold near the firewall and on the hoses underneath. Car has new breather tube, valve cover gasket, and I redid the orings on the bitch tube. I could understand the breather tube letting in oil to the inside of the intake, but why is it seem like oil is splashed all over the intake side only ?

Will be going back out there in a little while because it's fucking cold right now.
>Are Twingos fun to drive?
Not really but with a manual it's a great slightly-fun economical shitbox. It's posted on /o/ often coz of it's reliability and how cute it looks.
Is anyone into ECU repairing / tuning? I'm interested on it and considering to do an online course, but i don't know if it's useful or it's something you can learn from internet and PDFs
what's the name of nohomo's shitposting site again?
How do I learn to work on cars? Once I get out of college in a few years I'd like to learn but I don't know where to start.
The best way is to start working on your own car. Start with small things, like replacing alternators/struts/brakes etc. with youtube tutorials and go from there.
File: volvogrill.jpg (200 KB, 1024x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 1024x682
thanks for helping me troubleshoot anon

>coolant loss, check it
can do, but it's been stable since i noticed this least week
>it's not the intake mani. gasket
>could be the pcv system
>does it have a condenser?
i think the condenser is the breather box, which could very easily fill up with moisture and oil gunk, but i just cleaned and serviced the whole system to pass smog so I know its clear and working. The thing is it's supposed to vent out, not in, so it would be something like a ton of water condensed in it and it drained back into the sump.

I did soak the breather box in some dish water for a few days to avoid buying a new one for $20, that may have done it. I was pretty sure it had fully dried out, and that was in November and symptoms are just appearing now

>flush the oil
this oil is less than 2,000 miles and the last change less than 2 months ago wasn't milkshake so I am trying to avoid that until 3,000 miles. Also the dipstick shows that the sump is filled with not milkshake.
>Clean pcv crankcase hose check for moisture
it's got less than 2,000 miles on it, so it's probably not blocked. Checking for moisture in the intake pipe is a good idea, thanks

>make sure dipstick tube is properly sealed
...I did get a new dipstick from a junkyard...
Sounds like you may be losing oil from the head gasket if there's enough to pool on your intake and you already replaced the valve cover gasket.
If there's no giant pools of oil under it it's very likely to be burning it as well. I'd do a compression test since you're already working on it.
It could be leaking onto the exhaust mani. side too and just burning off; does the car smell like oil?

Also here's my bubba advice: clean a strip around the engine below where you think it's leaking and draw a chalk line around it. Run the car to operating pressure, then inspect your chalk line to see where exactly it's leaking.
>can do, but it's been stable since i noticed this least week
Well, if you are actually leaking coolant in the oil, it is still probably a small leak or you would have emulsion everywhere, keep it in check for a few weeks/months and try to check it always under the same conditions (engine temperature, car on the same flat surface, etc) so you can be more accurate.

>i think the condenser is the breather box, which could very easily fill up with moisture and oil gunk, but i just cleaned and serviced the whole system to pass smog so I know its clear and working. The thing is it's supposed to vent out, not in, so it would be something like a ton of water condensed in it and it drained back into the sump.
Water is supposed to evaporate anyway when the engine is hot, so you either really drive only with a cold engine (which is not the case) or the breather is fine.

>I did soak the breather box in some dish water for a few days to avoid buying a new one for $20, that may have done it. I was pretty sure it had fully dried out, and that was in November and symptoms are just appearing now
Again, any leftover water has probably dried out the first time you drove after the cleaning.

>...I did get a new dipstick from a junkyard...
Check if the oring is not broken and that's it.

I am afraid we are narrowing it down to a slightly cracked head gasket.
I assume you already checked every pcv hose for cracks or for an improperly mounted breather box too.
>check dipstick o-ring
it looked okay but maybe it's not touching the walls of the tube and forming a tight seal, I will have to investigate.

>I assume you checked pcv system
I checked and replaced the bad hoses when I serviced the system; the crankcase hose was completely full of gunk and brittle like pasta so i replaced it and the breather box was a little gunky so I cleaned it. The p/o had broken both the crankcase and the manifold hoses and just rerouted the vacuum to the vacuum tree so it was definitely a complete repair, and I am pretty sure of it. It's impossible to visually inspect the breather box and most of the piping however b/c it's underneath the intake manifold, but i felt the hoses and they were still all right; the breather box was still mounted correctly from what I felt as well. there's a drainback valve (I think) between the crankcase and the breather box which could also be causing this if it's faulty but it looked fine when i re-installed it.
>troubleshooting to a slightly faulty head gasket
better than a cracked head, but I am still skeptical. I'll take your advice and monitor it every week in the same spot, and i'll probably drain the oil in a month or so if it keeps happening.
Hope for you it's nothing major, post updates when you know if you are actually loosing coolant.
Godspeed, anon
File: chickentractor.jpg (207 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 600x450
ty anon, and thanks again for the troubleshoot.
Do speeding tickets affect insurance if it's a camera rather than a cop pulling you over? Never been pulled over, but cameras in the middle of nowhere have caught me going 11 to 15 kph over like 6 times.

What about parking tickets? Got 3 of those.
Equally practical, and the FRS/BRZ is widely agreed to be better.

A few simple engine and weight reduction mods and you've got a really fun car.
File: 1438575392748.jpg (21 KB, 280x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 280x200
I was thinking of making a thread about this, but I'll try this first.

Long story short, when I was driving to home from work today my oil light would flicker when making sharp turns or depressing on the brakes. Once I got home, I waited a bit to check the dipstick. It's currently showing nothing. I don't see any noticeable leaks under my car however, and it sounded perfectly fine beforehand. However; I still put in a quart of oil. I didn't turn it on or anything. Let it sit, checked it again. The thing still comes out dry. Except for maybe a tiny tiny bit.

Is there anything I could be doing wrong? or any reason why this is happening? Should I try draining the oil and then refilling it? I've never really heard about this issue before so I'm not too sure what to do. And I don't remember my car having an oil burning problem.

I have a 07 Subaru Impreza 2.5i wagon, manual.
File: safdasg.jpg (39 KB, 720x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 720x405
I've been wrenching on my 05 Subaru Liberty(Legacy) 2.5i for a few weeks now while I fix it back up. I've learned a ton about the car and I need a new project to pick up now that I finished all my other beer-making, headphone-amp producing projects.

It's all paid off and wasn't really that expensive to begin with, so I want to start playing with upgrades. Brakes, suspension, engine, tarbo, ect.

Reckon it's worth it, or should I get a rolling chassis or an old rx7 or S chassis or something?
File: DSC_4187 copy.jpg (492 KB, 1325x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DSC_4187 copy.jpg
492 KB, 1325x2000
Hey guys, so I'm going to be changing my pads soon, and I know my Integra has 4 jacking points, 1 behind each front wheel well and 1 in front of each rear wheel well. I know the tow hook is also a good place to jack the rear up but I can't find anything online about what place is safe to use for jacking up the front of the car. I have a 2nd gen so all the stuff I find for the 3rd gen doesn't really transfer over. Anybody know where I can jack my car up from the front?
how much is it to fix surface rust


how to do it while not looking like a cheap rattle can job
>2% interest rates
>how much?
A lot
>how do?
sand, PREP PREP PREP, prime, paint

Napa will match your paint code and mix it in a rattlecan for srs color match
Is driving a short distance then turning off the engine while not fully warmed up bad for the engine if done maybe once a week?
once a week? nah
What D series motor would be the best to bolt into a 95 honda civic?
So I'm making a trip up Big Bear on friday here in SoCal. For those of you that have been up there this time of year would I pretty much require chains for my tires? I drive a Nissan King Cab with 4WD if that'll be good enough to not die.
Maybe one out of a mid to late 90's integra if you want speed.
2005 XB? Should I stay away? 113 thousand miles for 8 grand.
File: lolvo.jpg (233 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
233 KB, 1280x720
>8 grand
>113,000 miles
>Sciron XB

why. why would you do this. offer 3-4k tops if you like driving boxes.

>not driving a brick for that price
File: radius search.png (10 KB, 222x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
radius search.png
10 KB, 222x389
>Radius: Any
How far is too far to look for cars?
Where do you draw the line?
The Motorweek "Retro Reviews" are fun to watch.
would i have to get a new ecu, wiring harness, mounts, ect?
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 2446x2837) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2446x2837
What the fuck is this? I dont even recognize the brand.
hyundai penis window
Genesis Coupe.

It's literally a Korean Mustang, in terms of price/handling/weight/config/etc. All you need to know.
will a motor from a 1995 honda accord bolt into a 1995 civic? would i need a new ecu, wiring harness, ect? and would it bolt up to the transmission from the civic?
Whats with the wing logo?
I went to the theatre tonight with my car insurance expired. And as I walked out I noticed a cop standing by my car. So I walked down the block and called a taxi. If he noticed can my car be towed for simply being there and not having insurance? If I leave it there would it be towed for being abondoned? What would be the charges?
No but niggers have probably already stolen it. Sleep easy tonight. ;^)
There aren't any niggers this far north Canada. Just the Savages. ;)

Yes but not easily, yes, no. Unless you're in Japan the Accord engine is probably an F series of some sort, and the Civic probably has a D series, but I believe there are adapters to mate some F series engines to D series transmissions. I wouldn't bother though, modify the D series or swap to a better D motor if you're on a budget, or swap to a B series or K if you want to go fast.
That badge has been changed to which seems like the original logo of the 'Genesis'. The car from the factory comes with the basic Hyundai logo on the rear and as well as the front.
What happens when you try to drift or make maneuvers (180° turn, J turn, etc.) with a car that has traction control and ABS enabled?
I've tried to google and search for videos of this, but couldn't find anything.
Depends on the sophistication of the tc. Most won't let you do it, but most cars allow you to defeat it as well.

Abs has no bearing on whether you can drift or not
Depends on the rarity of the car, I've driven 600 miles to get a car
Probably, turd gems have a hatches already so I don't see why not.
What about a FF "drift"? Or what if you initiate the drift with the handbrake in FR car?
This is more for curiosity's sake than anything.
Technically you're not drifting in ff, just hand brake sliding and depending on how good the tc ( if it has yaw sensors or not) is may or may not give you enough power to slide the back end around.

As for hand brake initiated slides in fr the yaw and slippage sensors would cut power there as well.
you can "drift" fwd cars without the handbrake,
the rear tyres might not be smoking but adding throttle increases oversteer.
it takes a very extreme setup but it's not unknown.
Can I drop


into a


And how much would this cost since I'm not a wrench
Found a P71 Interceptor that includes
>the damn rear cage
>bitchin spotlight
>sweet pushbar
for 1900, it's a '99, 144k miles, should I? It runs pretty good.
yeah dude go for it
File: 3098040005_large.jpg (52 KB, 575x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 575x431
What's /o/'s opinion of the SC2?
bretty gud game, 8/8
What about the Saturn SC2?
it's an ok car froma shitbox pov
didnt some saturns use a honda j series???
saturn vue is better they use a Honda J35A3 engine, from 2004 - 2007
I am looking for a daily driver. My weekend warrior is constantly either up on the lift or has some critical part missing due to my never being satisfied with it. The only requirements are

>Comfortable seats
>Heating and a/c
>Good on gas
>I don't ever have to do any sort of maintenance other than oil and gas
>cheap as shit

Is a 90s corolla the only option?
my 2003 auto tragic wrx makes a quiet high-pitched wooooooo sound when I press the gas, any ideas if thats bad or not?
File: kakacarrotcake.png (997 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
997 KB, 1920x1080
>ITT: i cannot read or use the internet plz halp

>maintenance other than oil and gas

there are other good cheap reliable vehicles
>I'm not gonna read the sticky, must fill dumb questions thread.

>no wrench
>how much cost?
>what is a phone?
>what is the internet?
>what are auto shop estimates?

you can do anything you want to cars (especially if your'e smart enough to google the dimensions of an ae86 engine bay and a shitty rebuilt MR2 engine) but if you're asking a Taiwanese dungeon porn board how much it costs for a shop to do it i bet you can't afford it.
>quota a shit going for all time high score
File: garages.jpg (74 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>what is a turbo?
I have plans of buying an EcoBoost Mustang. It in someway produces more power than the V6 and surprisingly gives more MPGs. Will I regret buying it later on? I have 60K in my hands now. Or should I get the GT instead? Is the GT daily drivable?
File: 1443811502554.jpg (140 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140 KB, 720x720

>only put a quart in
maybe you should refill it and monitor what's happening to the engine while it's running.
let it idle and come to temp while watching the engine bay and tailpipe for leaking oil or smoke.
>Is there anything I could be doing wrong? or any reason why this is happening?
YES you don't check your oil regularly and you probably took it to qwik-lube and they only put two quarts in.

Sure whatever

The frame, the control arms, anything hard
File: BERTSTRIKES.gif (1 MB, 300x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x169
>mustang ecoboost
>blowing 60k like this
shit just get a bin and burn it you'll feel better
Well at least someone answer.

I already got it figured out and all. I didn't take it to qwik-lube last time, I was the one who changed it last time. I've already basically did another oil change. Only 2 quarts came out. So engine must be either burning the oil slowly, or it's got a small leak somewhere. Doubt it's burning as I haven't smelt or seen anything from the tailpipe before.

Thanks for replying anyways.
File: 1439013706445.gif (651 KB, 500x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
651 KB, 500x373
So today I slid sideways into a curb cause it was wet and I have zero traction on any of my tires. I hit kinda hard so when I got home my rear axle was pushed to the right maybe 2 1/2 inches and there is a faint knocking when I brake. Do you guys think anything critical has happened?
Yes, you may have pulled a caliper, or your booster line from your master cylinder on your brakes which if left unchecked will grind your pads through your pads
Do the 2.3, buy a tuner for it, I recommend cobb, and you'll push 380 pound feet of torque. Out of a fucking 4 cyl. Then when you want fuel economy, turn it off and you're getting 30 mpg easy.
ok. The knocking sound is coming from the side that was pushed, not the side that made contact. It's also a body over frame construction so i'm also not sure if I bent the frame or an arm if you got any idea. I'm going to have it looked over in the morning but this has begun to worry me. Here is a picture I took when I got back
How much does it cost to take car to track for few laps? I live in northern California
Cool, thanks man!
File: automobile.jpg (35 KB, 305x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 305x315
Just watched some wigger music video against my will, but there was this car in it.

Anyone know what it is? Thought it was a celica supra at first but I'm not sure.
Looks like a fiero with a paint kit.
File: back.jpg (48 KB, 417x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 417x287
Back looks like this.
I have a '91 Corolla which has been standing in really cold weather for close to a week. Today is -26c and despite having the block heater on for hours, it didn't start, it had no power. We got it started by getting another battery from another car (we did not jump start it), but now the vents inside won't blow any air.
What the fuck happened? Is this a symptom of the weather/unuse for a week or did something get permanently fucked?
>use 2nd or 3rd gear to move from a standstill

Is this honestly something I should do? Sounds like I'll fuck shit up hard doing this. Especially in 3rd gear.
You should only do it if you are driving on snow, a higher gear means less torque to the wheels, which means less wheelspin and higher chance of actually moving the car.
You are not going to rape the clutch as much as you would do on a dry road, if you are on snow your tires will immediately spin anyway so there is barely any clutch wear.

You said you have cheap winter tires, so that may help you a bit.

Try to start in 1st, if you just spin and don't move, try with 2nd and so on. If by 3rd gear you didn't move yet, then you probably dug a hole with your tires and need to shovel a bit of snow away, or use snow chains.
File: lkSIqXf.jpg (724 KB, 4147x2765) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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posted before but has anyone heard of oil starvation issues during start up on these subaru engines with the oil filter on the top of the engine instead of hidden between the exhaust?
Thanks for the advice. I'm so fucking ready now I'm getting hyped even.
How many things are going to go wrong with this if I pull the trigger?

I've seen a 2 year old kia soul where every exhaust hanger had rusted out. I will never look at them same despite the sexy new forte
Good luck anon, don't get too hyped and don't take any risks.
Will a tracked by gps sticker scare away niggers that want to steal my bike?

If its a really good sticker there are some on ebay right now
File: musmpg.jpg (88 KB, 1320x203) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You are most likely to regret on buying a 4cyl Mustang and the words "Should've bought the V8" will echo around in your head for a long time.
Also, the GT gives good MPG ratings which I think is good for daily driving.
>see pic related

Wow. You Americans need to learn what "economy" actually means. Ecoboost cars in the UK get like 60mpg. Even our shit cars get 30.
Is there anywhere I can go to borrow tools and change my own oil/rotate my tires? I'd like a place where I can do general maintenance on my car at my own time. I live in a condo and usually go to my buddy's house and borrow his garage and tools but he's getting busy with marriage and work bullshit all the time and I don't want to be a bother.
technical colleges usually are a good bet and mine will also loan out tools. even at my old shop you could rent a lift to do work but no mechanic will ever loan you their tools
looking to buy a car in early 2017. hoping /o/ would be able to put me in the right direction.

>budget $5k CAD
>performance doesn't matter
>car must be short, need to parallel park on daily basis
>gas consumption as low as possible
>roomy as fuck. I am a huge person. think hulk hogan without muscles.
>4 or 5 door
>going to lug various things like musical gear, ski gear and a big ass dog

right now I'm torn between the toyota yaris and honda fit but I don't know enough about cars to know for sure that those are my only two options

thanks in advance
as far as I know that's just a marketing gimmick and I really hope you're not comparing a mustang to a mini or something
In what shape do I give a machine shop my head?

>Do I need to remove the valve retainers and valves or do they take care of that?

>The engine is a Mazda head, are there specific tools on removing valve retainers that can be store bought and aren't shit?

>How much should I be expecting to spend on a general cleaning and resurface (wasn't over heated). How much would a valve seat machining cost on top of that?
If the axle is visibly pushed to one on a car that old it's pretty much totalled.

This is why you buy good and don't hoon when you don't know what the fuck you're doing
File: PaMvmVt.jpg (43 KB, 448x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 448x454
anti drain back valves negate that shit.

mazda/ford/Nissan's have an anti-flood mode, floor the gas pedal and it'll just crank. Personally I like doing that on (my own) oil changes just so I don't have that second or two of no oil pressure.

Dunno if scion/subie/toyo's do the same thing, I'd only really worry about it during oil changes anyway.

pic unrelated
you'd be better off going to harbor freight, buying a Johnson bar, sockets, a basic wrench set, jack and stands.

Most condo's don't let you work on your own shit on their grounds though, you'd have to find somewhere to wrench.
Rear of car is squeeky going over bumps. Suspension or shocks?
Sorry for the lame questions, but how much would all that you listed run me at harbor freight? What essential tools should I pick up for my car?
I'm really not into cars but my buddy showed me how to change my oil and perform general maintenance and I'd like to keep doing it myself and not take my car into a jiffy lube or dealership.
Johnson bar is like 15 bucks, socket set for 20. wrenches are cheap, so like 10-15

jack and stands, I'm not sure how much those'll run you though. Check online, their website is easy as hell to use

also get a pair of oil filter pliers, getting that shit off without tools is a nightmare
by Johnson bar do you mean a breaker bar?
Bought a used car from a dealership just over a month ago. Today i found out it needs new rear lower con troll arm bushings and new rear tires. At least. Probably more. I am not a mechanic and can do almost no DIY car work. Cant afford repairs as i am now making car payments. How fucked am i and what can i do to become at least somewhat less fucked. ?
File: 20160107_122405.jpg (2 MB, 3264x1836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x1836
Thats what i can see under the car. its the rear lower controol arm according to google. Car floats back and forth and has allot of inner tire ware in the tire connected to that. rear driver
File: Auto26.jpg (573 KB, 1840x1232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
573 KB, 1840x1232
Anyone got the F&F "i like the tuna" scene with the /o/ edit?
What year make model? Bushings can be a bitch if you can't replace the arms themselves.
Shocks are part of the suspension, and the squeak may be some other part of the car affected by vibration. Try to isolate the area of the noise.
File: wat.png (95 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Less salty today, but i'm still a salty asshole
>it's burning oil slowly
>no smoke or smell from the tailpipe
it's not burning it then.
>small leak
open up your charge pipes and see if there's any oil in them, and inspect your turbo for burnt oil and any play in the turbo shaft.

Cold weather = dead battery get a float charger.
Dunno about the blower fan check your fuses


some auto parts stores rent tools for free.
auto parts stores "let" you work on your vehicle in their lot (blind eye, but my o'reilys lets people do stuff literally 10 feet out the door)
inexpensive tool sets are everywhere go to a harbor freight and drop $20 on a nice driver and some sockets

>didn't read the sticky
>roomy yet economical
>like a yaris or a fit
>wants a subcompact

>what do for a resurface?
I just got some out of a junkyard with the bolts and rocker arms still attached and they did them. labor for taking that shit off is nothing and becomes part of the labor hour they round up to anyway. where labor cost really comes in is when you give them an old dirty rusty head they they need to clean for 2 hours. My cost for two ranger heads from a Mazda b4000 was $140 for two resurfacings and two vacuum tests. They weren't too grody but they did have some surface rust and oil so the price definitely included cleaning
don't remove the valves
>valve seat matching
ok maybe remove valves you'll save a few bucks
call your engine shop for a quote they don't bite.
>my engine shop is called wallys
>only shop worth anything in 200 miles
>still charges less or equal to big city shops
>oldest guy there is hella burgers
>coolest burger job evar
File: bubbles.jpg (305 KB, 1712x919) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Had some Johnson's film installed on Monday and just noticed these bubbles

Is this something I should have them look at? Everything else they did looks nearly perfect
yeah, they can probably push them out
I DD a VW jetta, 2008, automatic. was wondering if i drive it 95% of the time on the "sports" mode, which basically just keeps revs around 2.2-3k for more power access, is there anything negative associated with doing this other than the lower mpg?
File: 1449194875080.png (176 KB, 727x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 727x524
>higher revs
>necessarily means more heat
>heat equals wear
i usually only flip to sport mode on my autotragic when i wanna hoon or i'm doing some highway driving, it's totally pointless in city driving, puts extra strain on your engine and drivetrain in stop-and-go traffic, and as you said you get less empeegees.
I'm tired of buying $1000 shitboxes that have an expensive breakdown after a year that makes it cheaper to just buy another shitbox than repair it.

Would I be better off saving up a few thousand bucks and waiting to find something with 150k miles that has been babied, or taking a $10k or thereabouts loan for something with much lower miles?

Financial situation is I'm working part-time and living with my parents. I also have good credit.

I'm currently driving 15k+ miles per year, which is only going to go up when I get on full-time.
pretty much most anything above 3-5k and older than 10 years should be in good condition. but you have to be diligent, attentive to details when looking the car over and be looking for something not sporty or rare.

Even if you have good credit a bank may not loan you squat if you're only part time, and many require to have to worked full time at the same job for 3 years or more.
I just changed my oil and got a full tune up from a specialist. I drive a 2006 Dodge Magnum SXT. But I noticed when I left the shop that when idle, my car jerks a bit. Is my car warming up to the fresh tune up? Or is this a problem? I had my spark plugs changed and all. New oil and all.
What do you mean by jerk? Hesitation?
It's like the engine is causing the car to jerk forward. I would be sitting at a light with my foot on the brake and I've even applied different pressures and the car still jerks. I wouldn't call it hesitation but the car doesn't idle smoothly since the tune up. I'm guessing it has to do with the engine or an electrical problem because my car shut off on me on the way home.
Still don't know what mean by jerking, but it sounds like its idling too low (could be anything) and the ECU is trying to compensate,Take that shit back to them pronto.
Could be the idle air control valve.

Any CELs?
Thanks m8. Already called to come in tomorrow.
Salty? What are you talking about anon? [spoiler]Are you trying to tell me I'm getting too much sodium, doc?[/spoiler][spoiler]:^)[/spoiler]

>say it could be burning
>then say it's probably not because neither of those things are happening

But it's okay anon, I got it taken care of. Thanks for trying though, since no one else replied.

Also I don't a turbo. Wish I did though.
Is there any reason I shouldn't/couldn't swap the drivetrain from a foxbody Mustang into one of these?
>drive on interstate for several hundred miles
>drive on bumpy dirt roads and up steep hills
>drive on muddy water-logged grass
>haul a bookshelf I found on the side of the road
>good mpg
>rock-solid reliability

What car do I need?
Suzuki SX4
My car is rwd and has a bit of toe out. Should I get an alignment?
I bought a truck for 10,200 6 months ago
I hate it. I haven't beaten on it or anything and nothing is newly broken or anything, about how much would I get of I tried to trade it in for something else
toe out where

in the rear yes, you want toe in or nothing
in the front no, that's actually a good thing for handling
In the front, but I thought toe out in the front is good for fwd.
Beep beep
Just looked at one today, not the i-AWD version tho.
Isn't suzuki filing bankruptcy in my native burgerland?

Also, how does it fair for road-noise, comfort and stereo?
My 2000 Nissan Altima is coming up on the 150k miles mark. I've had the car for 3 or 4 years and got it with110k miles on it. Since then I've kept up with oil changes, tires and brakes. This past year I've replaced the radiator and water pump. What sort of things should be done by or at 150k miles? Not sure of maintenance before I received it.
yes you want toe in front and rear.
about 1 degree front.
at least 2 at the rear. probably nearer 5 to be honest.
new oxygen sensor, clean throttle body and iacv, either get the injectors ultrasonically cleaned or use a pea rich fuel additive, see if any hoses need replacing.
depending how it sounds and feels over bumps various suspension bushes, strut top mounts etc.
strictly speaking the airbag needs replacing too
Considering a 2006 G6 GT sedan with 60,000 miles. Honestly concerned that a lot of it has been city since it's currently owned by the estate of an old white woman. The car is very clean, and I couldn't find a problem with it on the test drive. Ask is a little above 9,000.

Any thing that I should specifically look for when I look at it again before making a decision? Looking at it as a daily driver.

Has the timing belt/chain been done? Do you know when it should be done?

$9k? In what form of currency?
The only G6 worth getting is a GXP 6spd.

As far as the GT is concerned they're honestly not that fast, don't handle well and doesn't get good fuel economy. You could get a Manual Focus or Cobalt and be just as quick, get much better fuel economy and have a car that can turn.

I just found one under $9k with less than 40k miles.

Don't think so and no I'm not sure. At 110k before I got it my parents had the serpentine belts replaced. I also put in a new battery this year.


Check it out. You don't want your timing belt to go.
Yeah, I'm well aware that it doesn't handle well. But I don't need it to honestly. I just need a reliable car to get me from point A to point B that looks decent (which rules out the standard Toyota / Honda). Plus, I've always liked Pontiacs. My mom had a Firebird when I was growing up, and I absolutely loved that car.

Thanks. Found a few things near me too.
File: 1434518635912.gif (224 KB, 370x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224 KB, 370x200
>5° of toe in
Hello /o/. Not much of a car guy but I am becoming an /out/ guy. Figured I'd ask you guys what would be the best vehicle for general off roading and light hauling (camping gear and bringing back a deer or two). I'd assume some sort of light duty truck but again, not really a car guy. I know how to maintain my car and that is about it.

Thanks for the help.
File: 1448499911354.jpg (246 KB, 660x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246 KB, 660x880
oil leaking and burning in cylinder =/= leaky turbo compressing or burning oil; i could have been clearer. it's a great way to lose oil quickly without noticing but moot point b/c
>subaru with no turbo

>got it taken care of
>not telling us how or what was wrong
u fukn cocktease

>no make model year
>no description
>must be pic related
about tree-fiddy
>not just calling a few dealerships and/or getting a general idea off kbb
forgot to link to

>didn't read the sticky
>pic related
Ford Ranger, Taoyota Tacoma or related, Nissan D21
File: 1446403618209.png (304 KB, 500x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304 KB, 500x363
forgetting everything
is my engine heater broken?

>Subaru Legacy GX (pic related)
>plugged it into the electricity post, which i know has power
>the heater inside the car is running so i know the connections work
>let it sit for 2 hours, tried turning the key, car is obviously very cold and won't start

any tips? i don't know what's wrong.
let me clarify, i know that there's power in the post, and i know that the heater inside of the coupé is working (it's on the passanger seat) but i know that the car is supposed to have a heater that heats the actual engine. and that heater does not seem to work, since the car was cold and did not want to start. so i was wondering if there's something in the operation i'm missing, or if there's any way for me to fix it / check if the engine heater is broken.
Two stupid questions:

I want to change the knob on my gearstick. How do I know wich ones work? It screws on.

How hard is it to add a tachometer to a classic car that doesn't include one?
answer to everything...
For shift nobs different manufactures use a few different threads and pitches so you just have to find one specifically for your brand but it's not really hard to.

For the tach in a classic car its often just wiring one or two wires to the ignition coil , again just find one for the rpm range of your car. Mounting it isn't clear cut just find how you want it mounted and do that.
File: 1444341552897.jpg (100 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 1200x900
>engine block heater broken how check?
check it with a multimeter, the specs should be online. Unplug it and testing the plug would be easiest way but it also might have an inline fuse, a related fuse in the box if it's OE, or a different way to test it so research online.
>car is obviously cold
but was it? did you put your hand on the block or did you just look at the gauge? have you ruled out other common problems like the battery draining in cold weather?
>missing something in operation
I think you just plug them in, but i don't live in the Arctic.
>any way to fix
you could probably pull one out of a junkyard for cheap, but test to make sure it works first and troubleshoot so you are sure the heater is the problem
thx very much for the helpful tips, i will get back later once i tried the things you said.
I have winter tires on my FWD daily driver. I'm keeping the all seasons from the front in the trunk along with rock salt and stuff to keep weight on the rear tires instead of putting winter tires on the back.
Am I an idiot?
How do I know the RPM range of a Citroen BX TGE?
I'm a computer engeneer so wiring will be no problem.
m8. you should put 4 winter tires on the car. really.
File: 03-11-09_1607.jpg (21 KB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 320x240
>putting extra weight on the rear axle for a fwd for extra braking power
sounds good to me mang.
>storing rock salt in your car
double bag it. triple bag it.

>rock salt= rust god in crystal form
>throwing sand bags in a truck bed for better traction and braking
>a tire shop manager that said best tires in back for a fwd for better braking but i think he was full of shit and didn't want to rotate my tires
anyone can confirm?
What happens when you rebuild your top end and not your bottom end if you have good compression?
Hey /o/ just wanting to make sure I've done this right, troubleshooting a 2004 lincoln town car.

>batterylight intermitently coming on
>not seeing corrosion on the terminals
>some asshole in the design process of this vehicle decided that removing the voltage meter on the dash was a good idea
>never been able to catch the damn thing and check the voltage when it's happening because of traffic or forgot the fucking voltmeter.

Mostly think it's the alternator though. Gonna just cruise around all day till I catch it, anyone think it might be something else?
How much should I pay for a stock RX-7 FD3S? I live in the UK.
About tires in the rear, I was told the same, so the ass doesn't hang out and cause a spin. I think it sounds stupid, cuz if you know how to drive well, you just turn it into a drift and off you go.
I'm looking to buy a VST (volvo scan tool) that will work on a 97 model glt. I can't seem to find them on the Web but if any of you could point me in the right direction I'd be happy.
two questions.

Considering a 2004-8 f150 or a Tundra in the same timespan, trying to hunt down a manual but it's gotta be 4wd (work for the forest service and my duty station is up a shitty one way dirt road). Any thoughts on which would be better?

Also, anyone have any experience with stuff like a softtopper or besttop and other canvas type canopys for the bed of a truck? Thoughts and opinions? Thought I just save myself the trouble and just bit the bullet and get an hard canopy?
seconding this.
5k assuming it has some life in it still
But I'm laaaazy.

Definitely triple bagged the salt. Fuck that rust shit.
can i get a link to a list of engines that will fit into a 95 honda civic without having to swap out wiring harness and ecu?
Good 4x4 pickups in the south U.S. for ~$10k?

Seems like there's good trucks for ~$5k, and good trucks for ~$15k, but ~$10k is just shitty ford half tons and 6.0Ls
I just tried to go check my oil but I can't get the dipstick out. It comes out maybe 3 inches and then just gets stuck in place. This is on a cold engine, maybe I'll let it run for a bit and see if that helps unless you guys know what's going on.
Dipsticks should never get stuck... Pull harder but be sure not to pull the handle off and leave the stick in... They're a bitch to get out sometimes
File: a5b7d033f3[1].jpg (103 KB, 425x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 425x681
Tried again and it wouldn't budge regardless of how hard I pulled it.

Another question though, what is that part circled in red? The cable leads off of it and attaches next to my throttle cable but I realized that it had come out of place today (the cable) and was just hanging loose.
My cousin did it at my age. 12k loan with a cosigner while working part-time. At the same bank, none the less. I don't think it will be an issue, but I'm also a city employee, and we have a pretty good credit union, so I can check with both.

File: Citroen_BX_Madrid.jpg (342 KB, 1581x949) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
342 KB, 1581x949
Will this http://www.ebay.es/itm/Citroen-BX-series-1-tachometer-rev-coun-new-electric-see-description-/251987992286?hash=item3aaba79ede:g:uDMAAOSwv0tVdaov work in my BX TGE?
probably yes, best to agree a return with the seller
then again it's cheap
cruise control
No wonder it suddenly stopped working a while ago, thanks m8.
File: 1429606135683.gif (149 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 300x300
Hopefully some knowledgeable an/o/n is around.
Here's the thing.
I can afford one of the following:

A) Cold Air Intake. Since there is no already-made kit fr my car (the woes of owning a car not sold in the US of A), it'll be a universal kit, most likely.

B) Front stress bar + front strut bar. Made by a local shop, their quality is quite god as it seems. Made for my particular car.

Car is a FWD econobox, weights 950kg, with a 109hp engine. I love it's small turning radio, but on turns the body roll is quite noticeable.
Of course, more power would be great too, since it's, as you can guess, N/A, and no turbo kits exist (except for a custom, one of a kind one), and I couldn't afford it anyways.

It's my DD, I live on my country's second largest city, and all it sees is city usage.

What should I get?
Being a college student living on his own sucks for a car enthusiast. Also, I'm kinda sure that, if I decide to keep saving up, I'll end up spending the money on school materials/alcohol.
Thxs bbys.
About to buy a 2006 Toyota 4runner.
What am I in for?
When is ford truck month?
How much am I looking at for a door lock cylinder replacement? The P.O replaced it but replaced it with a cylinder that matches a different key (which I don't have).
What are some good brands for used cars?
Im looking for one on autotrader but i need to narrow down my results. Like what brands have the cheapest parts for repair and are reliable.
Basically everything Japanese.
Seriously considering a Toyota Matrix/Pontiac Vibe.
KBB and Consumer Reports make it sound great.
Some an/o/n told it was crap and didn't elaborate.

What is wrong with this car?
Can't let all my secrets out anon~ <3
Both were built in the states. That's whats wrong with them.
>one person's opinion on the internet is enough to make you consider otherwise
>they didn't even say why
I probably wouldn't even really look much into it. Keep in mind, there's always gonna be someone with a bad experience with a certain car. Though I doubt that anon really drove either.

I don't know much about them either, but I doubt there's a lot wrong with them if a lot of people have had a good experience with them. Though that doesn't mean you won't have a bad experience with one. Especially since you have to find a used one. Who knows how the last owner took care of it.
Or maybe get Iridium spark plugs.
It's my very first car, and this would be my very first "mod".
It's a fine shitbox

captain /o/tism probably hates it because it's not a race car or some shit, but it's an adequate A-to-B vehicle.
does anyone have a toyota EPC.
there are websites like epc-data and toyodiy but i need the exploded view diagrams that correspond to each section. must have JDM models.
Just watched the first 2 episodes of Initial D Fourth Stage, and it was fucking terrible. Music, sound, art style, dialogue, plot, all bad.

Does it get good any time soon? If not this stage, what about fourth/fifth?
>snap oversteer
>lift-off oversteer

Is there difference between these two or is it just two names for the same thing?
They are the same
Don't listen to this guy >>14202585

Snap oversteer is when you take a corner too hard and your steering knuckle snaps, sending you into a spin. Lift-off oversteer is when you hit a bump and catch mad air then spin out when you land.
>rusing a poor guy on the internet

You will get wrecked. Sell it on Craigslist. If you financed it, dont expect to get that good of a percentage again. Financial companies hate when you "change your mind"
How would I knw where to connect this? My car doesn't have a tach to start with
Those things usually come with instructions, anyway usual places to connect a tach is on the coil or straight to the battery
That one comes with no instructions, I was hoping the dashboard wad a 4 pin connector that wasn't used.
I'll read up, thanks.
It depends on what kind of signal the dashboard picks up, since the car in question is pretty old tech it will probably pick up the signal from the coil too.
You just have to make sure the tach you buy uses the same signal as the stock dashboard, assuming there is an unused connector in there.
File: IMAG0713_1.jpg (349 KB, 2328x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349 KB, 2328x880
Good, 3rd door is nice if you get a gen 3

Pic related

Just be aware the s series engines use oil
Only worth it if there's $5,000 hidden in the car somewhere
You have a rebuilt top end
If it's a n/a car, unless the stock airbox is super restrictive, you won't see too great of returns with a CAI... Handling improvement might be more worth it.
Thanks senpai, I´ll go for them bars.
wat car is it?
File: engine.png (1 MB, 1023x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1023x673
Nissan March (aka Micra, in Canada) 2012.
Here´s the engine.
In red, the tube where air comes in towards the airbox. Green would be the whole airbox assembly, and orange would be the approximate location/shape of the filter itself. There is a K&N replacement part for the OEM airbox, but I figured that, if I was to change stuff, better got all the way.
>There is a K&N replacement part for the OEM airbox
>OEM airbox
Meant OEM filter
no offence but it's as far from a drivers car as it's possible to get.
if you want to improve things and learn to work on cars then upgrade wear items like brakes.
at least it's a transferable skill
Figured as much.
Appreciate the input, I´ll thinker with it without investing too much time/money.
File: 1447908482723.jpg (138 KB, 511x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 511x681
das what i'm saying, plus i'd rather have more grip for steering

check rockauto, ipd, and fcp groton, but you may have to call a stealership.

Tundra, but the Ford isn't terrible

>full size
see above
see >>14195763

good times?

a time to get cuck'd

matched from the stealership: a lot
from a junkyard: cheap
labor shouldn't be more than an hour
Oil disappearing at about 1qt/1k miles and oil analysis doesn't show fuel or coolant in the oil.

So where's the oil gone off to?

Coolant in oil or coolant loss would mean headgasket, so its not that. Fuel in oil would mean valveseal or piston rings are bad right? So not that. And there's no drip or leak under the car.
blow by into the intake?
Forgot about that. Guess I'll need to setup a catch can. But 1qt/1k mi is excessive. Guess that means bad PCV?
File: 1428631460299.jpg (28 KB, 300x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 300x336

If i'm trying to get an engine started, and i leave all the peripherals like the lights etc disconnected, will i have problems? what's happening is that my battery is draining very fast and i'm wondering if that's the reason. i'm not sure it's charging all the way either. my 12v tester says it should be fine but voltmeter test says its reading 9v?

i don't like electrics
dunno m8, could be rings

That's not how it works. Even the best drivers will get caught off guard with shitty rears.
On the oil catch cans topic.
Is it worth it for a N/A engine?
Or are the gainz only seen on turbo set ups?
Someone make new thread, I have 5 active
File: 1363240341738.jpg (179 KB, 782x1023) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 782x1023
Can a normal 25cent water bottle handle underhood temperatures without melting into things?
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