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Princess Applejack
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Howdy, partner!

What you see here began as a series of comedy-centric stories with the concept of an alicorn-ascended Princess Applejack trying to change a mismanaged Equestria for the better by humorously interacting with the other, quite lazy, princesses.

Not to mention a whole bunch of Changelings with nothing better to do but cause mischief.

The whole thing was set in motion by this gem:


>So, wait, why am Ah' a princess again?

>Because you seem to be the only goddamn one of those ponies who gets that a Princess need to do actual work regarding maintenance of the kingdom. You know how much city planning or trade negotiations Twilight or Luna have done? Fucking nothing. Everyone is obsessed with the world ending threats they think I should fight, but the minute I point out the free health care I have to work to maintain everyone goes quiet. And don't even get me started on Cadence, who can't even manage a basic meeting with the Equestrian Games representative. Fucking annoying. Go do actual princess stuff, because apparently everyone else got the pamphlets mixed up or something and thinks "Princess" means "Beat cop."


Are you feeling creative? Try your hand at writing a story! No contribution is too small and we love having new folks around.

If you're more artistically inclined give a drawing or sketch a shot. Don't fret too much; it doesn't have to be fancy and we appreciate artwork a lot.

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Thread 118, and we're getting out the good swimsuits!
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You're welcome guy
I tried...
That's what you get for gloating.

>Hey, AJ? Got a question.





"...Your question?"

>It's actually more of an observation.


>Just something silly I noticed.


>You're gonna laugh, really.

"No no no no no no..."

>...Spike's as old as your cutie mark, so he's as old as the booty-



"...Are ya' dead?"

>Nothing can kill me.


>30 seconds.

Well, just be faster next time.
Pinkie prophesies!
>the CMC want to know what the exchange rate for shivs are,
>Luna wishes she had found the map,
>Applejack wants to go snorkeling,
>Twilight can do Twience anywhere,
>Shining can't find a pillow,
>Chrysalis is going to swim if it kills her.
>underwater fanservice!
>>Chrysalis is going to swim if it kills her.

Don't tempt us.
>That one arc where we finally go just a bit too far...

Awww, come on, her and AJ are finally getting along, and all it took was a massive Applepowered asskicking.
Thanks for the effort, mate. Damn job....
>It's the stupid comedy one we just made up to cool down after the intense Reveal/AJ's Apple arc.
...makes sense.
Oof, we needed a 'chill' arc after that one, bad. That was long and hype, sure, but turbulent. Someone almost aborted the thing and made the guy go NC for the rest of the arc because AJ was being too sad.

I wonder what he had planned and mapped out for the compromise...
detrot calls again for the CMC
>Applejack never had to do paperwork to update her status when she became a princess... yep...
>On the first stop, Spike gets everyone snacks... it goes really poorly.
>88 continues her wild journey, battling her old persona Canary Gem, and coming to the conclusion that because of what she did, her family never got any closure or a proper burial.
>So, in exchange for helping her, Canary wants her to go and get her body and tell them everything, and then pay them bits. Lots of bits.
>Things get weirder when she is sent back on the journey and learns that, of all things, changelings are awaiting her on her next stop!
>Only, when she meets facsimiles of 32 and 50, her old hivemate, she learns they're not quite the same.
>Mostly the fact they are very tiny is a red flag.
>the Main Six and Spike arrive at the destination Pinkie was bringing them to at last! Behold! A beach!... A great big, empty beach, with nothing on it but a tiny little shack.
>Before they can protest, Pinkie sends Centitrain away, and they have no way of knowing which way civilization was or where they are. But that's okay, because they have each other!
>They don't have their bags, or anything they brought, but they have each other!
>And the all have to sleep in the same room, because the shack only has one, with Pinkie on the top looking out for seawolves... which are a thing.
>A thing that attract seabears, which are a worse thing, apparently.
>So, they all have to sleep cuddled together on the ground with no sleeping bags.
>Spike is finding it very hard to keep it in...
>It's going to be a long trip.
>Back at the Empire, a crystal pony wants Chitty's autograph on her comic book, but laments that Chitania acts too much like Titania. Try to wrap your head around that one.
>Pommel and Sunset are not happy when they find out they got left behind.
>Having had enough of this, and 29's(perhaps justified) moping, 32 says they need to go on a trip of their own! Him, Pommel, Daw, 77, and 29, and of course their friends, to Puerto Burro, a tourist trap. Reluctantly, or not at all but disregarded in 29's case, they agree, and Daw heads off to Ponyille to invite Cheerliee and MM's crew!
>Meanwhile, the CE crew arrive at their place and find it's actually freaking amazing. A massive beachside villa filled with all sorts of amenities and cool things, even a theater. Without question, they all rush to go have fun with it.
>All except for one, Cadence. Who remains on the train, focused on her task of learning.
>Forty Two is tasked with getting her out, but rather than do the social situation, she instead opts to rip the room out of the train and carry it.
>Speaking of rooms, everyone picks theirs! Cadence is first, running into the office the Villa has and locking/barricading the door after literally slamming it in Shiny's face. Then Chrysalis picks a room, and Celestia, and Eighteen, and Forty Two, and Spitfire, and Two, leaving only one room for Shining and Sombra.
>Sombra reveals his hidden secret, mouthsand, and steals the last room.
>Looks like Shiny's sleeping on the floor this vacation...
>But no matter, because Two wants to see the fishies! By... flying over them.
>Celestia is forced to be the one to bring her back in, when Shining can't, because... yeah.
>When daylight comes for the Main Six, Pinkie has created a giant sandcastle, and wishes to have all know of her amazing land which she now controls.
>Needless to say, war is on, and the greatest battles for ponies begin, with many a waterballoon or squirtgun releated scuffle to follow in between naming problems.
>Back in Canterlot, Lingmare who looks like a dude has lost her cookies.
>A back and forth ensues with the Nightguard capatin, until she breaks down at last and grabs hold of her with magic.
>BUT! The NGC has brought backup!
>BUT! The Ling knows she beat up most of them(and may have slept with one of their wives) anyway!
>BUT! Another changeling arrives and points out the first changeling is being stupid. He reasons with 56, pointing out if he goes to the castle he'll be arrested, and guard's can't have criminal records, so 56 decides to wait on his search for the common room, thanking Jetset and Harshwhinny and promising the NGC he'll return to this exact spot so it's not cheating.
>And the changeling... has herself a little cry.
>In Ponyville, Daw arrives to tell 29's friends and 77's fiance about the trip! And she totally knows about who those are despite never meeting them!... right?
>She does not. They didn't tell her. Whoops.
>However, it does not take long before she gets the information, and after a terrifying visit to the school she finds out MM and crew are already on a train heading to the CE! She chases their train down, and taps on the window... and then Trixie shoots her.
>Then when she comes back Zecora judo flips her
>Then MM just tosses icecream into her eyes.
>Then the whole mess gets cleared up and they all agree to go on a vacation... because that's how that works.
>Spike is about to go fishing with his gun, when up from the depths! Thirty stories tall! It's Nicezilla!... Who would rather Spike didn't shoot her babies.
>Spike, wisely, agrees, and she gives him a soycube.
>Do not ask how Nicezilla gets soycubes in the ocean.
>The changelings do not know why they are on a fucking beach...
>Sunset hangs out with chitania, it gets awkward
>Applejack cannot into magic.
>Cadence is really struggling with her studies, only managing two forms after several hours and a lot of inner turmoil, as she very much wants to go out and have fun...
>The CMC may have gotten into illegal pitfighting..
>Applejack discovers she has a candy bar, and with only pickled vegetables to eat besides... there are gunshots, let's just say.
>Chitania is not happy when she learns that she is banned from the library from Pommel, making it very clear if this is not lifted, she will have no reason not to attack.
>Pommel actually stands up to her, saying he's faced scarier, notably Brahmos.
>She laughs him off, but he points out the real reason why she's not going to attack, and it's because if she did, the CE would help in the fight. If they helped, then Chrysalis would want the Hive to help out her allies. If they helped, and Chitania killed a single changeling... 13 wouldn't forgive her and hate her forever.
>He says Brahmos wasn't scarier because of what he could do, but because unlike her, he would have done it already, and not cared. He's not worried, because when push comes to shove, she won't attack if it means 13 might hate her.
>Later, Pommel finds Sweet Note, and shockingly they both realize they come from Baltimare.
>Only difference is, SN comes from the... less sunny side. Pommel, on the other hoof, doesn't even believe her when she says how bad her place was, thinking that Baltimare didn't have anything anywhere near that bad, and no chance were the guard as bad as she says, he never saw anything like that, and it couldn't have had anything to do with him not going to those parts.
>Still, when he leaves, he has some doubts...
>77, while preparing for the trip to Puerto Burro, stumbles across something very... odd in the train.
>Cheese sandwhich.
>He is there, he has been there the whole time, he keeps missing the stop to Canterlot...
>He decides to go along when he learns Pinkie isn't there.
>Meanwhile with the CE crew, weird things are happening in the villa...
>And with the Main Six, the battle comes to a close after a long day's work, and they decide to rest for the evening as the sun sets.
>Which is when the shack collapses from all the damage, of course, leaving them nowhere to sleep.
>They may have gone a bit too far.
>This is only the beginning...
BARELY made it, but as always, I might've skimmed something making that fit, so point it out if I did, otherwise how will I ever learn? I'm such a precocious scamp.

I'm not the only one still shocked that their writer is the same guy who did the EOH-Apple stuff, right? Guy went from radio gags to Dictator-but-good-intention-AJ

What's your excuse for not creating a big, epic thing for AJ now?
Well considering she may end up doing her own version of The Wire soon, I may do that.
>What's your excuse for not creating a big, epic thing for AJ now?

The shame of defeat...
If it doesn't have a zebra gangster who announces his presence by whistling 'Winter Wrap Up', it will be shit tier.
You don't know, maybe they're in prison this time.
Or Mexicolt somehow
Sweetie Belle will fit riiiight in.


>...and.. and this is ALL relevant information, miss?


>You're sure.

"Uh huh."

>I'm noticing some requisitions for... toiletries on the top.


>Does that say vending machine refills?

"Uh huh. Important."

>...How many more boxes?

"Only twelve!"

>Are you sure that fellow can carry them all?

"Oh, sure, he's great... you got this buddy?"




"...Huh, he normally goes YEAH! at the top of his lungs."


"....That must mean he knows how important this is!"


"coughtemporarycough CAPTAIN Lightning Dust, thank you!"

>Yes, of course... well, I just wanted to thank you for being so... open, most associates would hide something to protect their place of work or reputation.

"Not me! You just go out and you search through allllll of that for anything funny!"


"...all of it."


"...good luck!"

>...This administration is... rather strange.
Can't tell if evil or bro for Dash to stall...
Probably thinking bout overthrowing Dash.
So close to quads. So close.

I think it's a legitimate problems this point
Oh, shit! Whatever happened to 10!?
I guess temporary hiatus until the fun part is done?
Makes sense plenty of time for political intrigue later. For now, fun.
Thanks for covering and good choice on ending song.
I wonder if this thread will still be up for the 2 year anniversary, or if we'll have another one up by the end of the week..
Could go either way. Best not to worry about that till the time comes.

-Let the records show that the giant intruder, her giant burning friend, and the mole were recovered without incident.-

~By which you mean you begged her to step up here next to me and she agreed after you told her your goons would stop hugging her legs if she did.~

-SILENCE! Now, Titan-!-




-I don't know how you breached our inner sanctum, but you are now-like this traitor-at the mercy of...THE QUEEN'S CHRYSALIS!-

Dun dun duuuuuhhhhh!

>...does he-

~Have a band cued up play that every time he says that? Yeah, have to listen to that every damn day, I'm getting tinnitus.~

>He puts you on trial EVERY DAY!?

-Yes! His list of crimes grows with each offense!-

~I keep insulting him and he has to hold a trial every single time.~

"Judicial intrigue, this pleases me, but we have no time to lose, tiny bugs! We must go forth on our quest to-"



-Now, you, mole! Who sent you!? Are you from the underground, are you a spy for the Underground, are you...A MOLE!?-

Dun dun duhhhhh!

>Oh wow, every day huh?

~Multiple times. So hey, when we share a cell at night, I'll be hear no evil, you'll be see no evil.~

>Problem there, I'm not laying around here for them to make a cell big enough. Hey loudmouth-


>Canary Gem sent us, she's calling in the favor you owe her to help us go find my eyes in Morlock territory.

-...she expects us to expend valuable resources on your personal crusade!? Into that hell hole!? What does she take us for!?-

~Snobby morons who rigidly follow orders from before the Princess cocooned herself?~

-That's another trial you can look forward to, you worm! Hmm...-

'If ya wanna renege on the deal, sir, Birdie'd be happy to collapse that escape tunnel you commissioned.'


-No! NO NO NO! ...I can spare...three changelings of your choice! No more! The rest will be needed to deal with the hornets nest you kick up the second the Morlocks think we are invading!-

>Ok. First pick, this one.


-HIM!? Unacceptable, he must be made to stand trial until all of his grave crimes are answered for with the QUEEN'S JUSTICE! How can you expect me to- -

~I'll probably end up dying if I go.~


>...well that was easy.

"Shrewd negotiation, this pleases me."

>Now I just gotta flail blindly about until I choose two other guys.

~Strange giant changeling, if I may?~

>My name's 88.

~Lovely, I know a changeling who would be willing to join us. He holds a great many victories over the pale monsters' incursions. You may not have heard much of him bu-~

>Got an eyepatch? Bone knife? Seen some shit?


>Yeah, no, we're getting him. Lead the way.

~Fantastic! Mr. Mole, may I ride upon your back?~

'Uhhh...sure, just don't tear out any fur.'

~Lovely! Off we go!~

>...so these Morlocks, they as tiny as you guys?

~Actually they're a bit bigger than you.~

>Ooooooof course they are.

So close though
>tiny 77
>tiny 32
This is adorable.
...has 88 met Vekir?
Because if we get to meet giant Vekir I will not survive the side loss.
Yes, did she. She ran off screaming.
Tiny 50 is adorable.
Still AM amazed she recognized just her voice.
Makes me wonder what the Chryssy in the cocoon looks like
Tenchi muyo.... oddly fitting.
Did they ever have a beach episode? I thought they just had a hot spring episode.




[The beeesssttt...]


>You have a great big, wide, massive ocean filled with amazing things to see and gorgeous creatures, an endless sea of possibilities, literally! All that you could be swimming in or seeing... and you pick the hot tub.

"...Uh huh."

>You pick the thing we literally have at home, and not the beach, the thing we most certainly do not have at home.


>The hot tub! Not the freaking ocean!




>I can't believe you guys!

"Join usssss..."

>What? No! I'm going to-

'Joooiiinnn usssss...'

>...well, it does look warmer than the ocean..

[Jooooiinnnn ussssss...]

>...And I wouldn't have to wash off after...




"Atta Shiny."

>...So she's alive, right? I don't have to-


>In your zone, gotcha... we're going to regret this later, you know that right?


>Don't care?


>Didn't think so.


>You said it.
Series that showed on Toonami had that, Tenchi Universe had a beach episode complete with swimsuit competition.



>That's... um... impressive.


>...Hey, Twi?


>Not that you makin' a giant igloo outta glass from superheatin' the sand ain't impressive, and it sure will make us a nice shelter from any rain-

"I thank you."

>But ain't we gonna roast alive in there when the sun hits it?






>Stop callin' it that.

"I just like the name..."

>...So, uh, apparently we're vacationing together, cool eh?


>That's neat. You ready to party?


>...No bro-hoof then?


>I'd like a bro-hoof, please.


>...Don't leave me hanging.


>Stop looking at me like that.




"....RARARA! That was her name! How did I forget such fame! Whew, what a thought that one took. Into my mind took forever to look... Oh dear, it seems I drifted off. Oh well, no one around at me to scoff."
Couldn't you just cover it with something?

I mean, I know they don't have sleeping bags or anything, but there's gotta be something.
>Daw lives out the rest of her life thinking she's a racist
>Zecora the whole time is actually just thinking bout random shit

because of course.
Only Shiny would complain about getting in a hot tub with four other mares.
Dude, I want you to imagine his situation for a second.

He's surrounded by hot, powerful, influential mares who all want his dick, and he can't have any of them.


You would complain too.

She could feel.... something.

It wasn't like her normal earth, sand, yet it bore that same, deep, solid, assuring, hum like earth, but far more... detached? Seperated? Where "Earth" as she remembered it was as though many voices coalescing into one... sand was... rough... coarse... almost irritating voices getting everywhere and nowhere at once.

But there was something to be done to it, something to be made and fashioned from it. The world went sideways as she pressed her ear to the ground, shuffled a hoof or two a little deeper, just trying to make sense of it.

She felt something, it was hard to grasp or make sense of, and she found one thought colliding and fighting with another as she tried to think. There was some part of her she had neglected, she knew it was her magic, Twilight, Spike, Celestia, Seven and Chrysalis would be in much better straights if she had bothered to make sense of it, if she hadn't just shrugged it off like the stupid, stubborn, self-centered -

>Come onnnn...

She felt, probed with her magic, felt it stretch through her hooves, nestle and rise from her horn and flow through her. Her makeshift sandy ramparts gave her a modicum of privacy, these massive sandy constructions they built sparked something in her, some purpose...


It wasn't sand, and it wasn't the mingling solid earth that lay beneath it either, between the two, she felt something strikingly familiar respond to her "touch"

It felt light, yet it seemed to throb with a strength she remembered calling to her aid, her anger, not too long before. It felt pliable, and "sang" with purpose and a multitude, she realised she was feeling the kelp and seaweed that surrounded them.

She pondered what she could use this for, not armour, she didn't need that, didn't want to deal with everything that came with it either, too much hassle, no real rewa-


That line of thinking couldn't stay any longer, she had a moment of respite, now she'd make use of it. She focused on the mass of seaweed, feeling it's pulse and flow, heard it's "voice". Learn from it, learn to understand it, control it, control herself. Her horn glowed just that bit brighter, her hooves thrummed just a tad more, her mind feeling the plant life below her more intensely-



The drake, either through luck or experience, deftly avoided the sporadic burst of magic that would've done.... things to him otherwise.

Unfortuneatly it required him dodging in such a way to land flat on his face quite comically.


>Aww geeze, Spike, y'all really shouldn't pop up on ponies like that

"Hmmph, I'll say, just what were you doing back here? Pinkie's going to show off that box of herbs she found in the shack, y'know, plaaaants?"


"Oh don't give me that look"

>ENNNH! I was.... tryna figure something out by mahself

"Can I help?"

2/3 blyad
>Ah'.... it's t' do with mah magic, Spike, Ah' jess' need to actually put mah back into it this time, dunno how y'all could help... sorry


Her hoof quickly propped up that sunken chin, a hoof that tingled a little, the more she thought briefly about it.

>Hey now don't take it like that! Come on, lesse what Ol' Granny Ponk left in store for us, an' Faust help me if it's more pickled veg!


Red magic surrounded him, thunking him awfully hard onto AJ's back as the mare clambered over the rampart.

>Let's go!


AJ pranced out of her hidy hole, the magic couldn't wait, but she could think on the go just fine. Each hoof-fall feeling that little bit empowered as she trotted across the sand. She could definitely do something with that kelp, if that burst of magic hadn't already done something.

But now she had to see to these ""Herbs"" Spike was talking about


Pinkie's gonna drug them in canon, gonna happen.
>Heh.... hey.... Spike....

"Ohhhhhhh. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy,..... Jaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy, whaaaaaa...?"

>What if... like... I made... a sea monster appear.... like.... here..... yeah?


>But.... yeah... it was actually.... a SEA monster.... yeah? Like... out of seaweed and shells.... and..... saaaaaaaaaaaand?


>Hahahhhhhhhh, wouldn't that be.... like.... so fun?



>....... I mean..... like thaaaaaaaat?

"Heheheh.... Wooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahh...."

>Yeah.... yeaaaah

Thus yet ANOTHER magical WMD is created.

Because we keep doing that.
Hey, it was gonna be this or Triffids




>...where is Prince Shining Armor?

"Away on vacation."



>We unfortunately got turned around and misplaced our map, and the delay seems to have been... regrettable.


>We knew thou would find it so.

"...Why is your horn alight?"

>...marshmallow spell.


>For the little one.


>Thou cannot prove otherwise.

"I... I guess not?"



"...so she's just not gonna ask why a detective was going through his office?... Okay."
>AJ causes the apocalypse when she learns magic.

...Yep, that seems like a pretty fitting end for /pa/.
You can't say it doesn't make sense.
Twist, AJ controls the apocalypse for the good of everypony.


friggen figures.


>Well, congradulations, you've managed to wipe out every dragon, yak, buffalo, zebra, griffon and... you know what? This will take forever. You just made them all dead.

"But our economy is amazing!"

>I think you're missing the point.

Doesn't sound like she's missing anything to me!
Oh yeah, because that didn't end horribly. Someone call Chrysalis, a bitches work is never done.

It really was great.

>Go long, honey!

Tossing a frisbee on golden sands, the wind in his hair, the sun on his face, this was all downright magical. The look of pure elation on little Two's face just plain made it all perfect.


He didn't even consider it cheating when she flew after it and caught it with her nonetheless impressive albeit small fangs. She had her methods, they worked, that was all there was to it. Let her enjoy this time, however she wants to, who knows how many more days like this she will get.

>Good job, honey!

He almost was happy this had happened, that this had forced their hoof. He was almost glad that there had been distrust and unease, as weird as that sounded. He was almost ready to thank Rarity just for giving him this once in a lifetime opportunity of watching her slide on her belly across the sand before rolling back and tossing it his way.

He was almost perfectly content, almost.

There was just one little thing missing...

"Is Mom gonna come out to play yet?"

>...Not yet, honey! Give her a bit longer.

"Oh... okay!"

She'd come out, eventually, she could never stay away from the fun for long.

She would come out, he was sure.

Without any question... he was sure.

>This one's got some real power to it!


Until then...

He would just have to show her what she was missing.

>Go for it!
File: Little_Different.gif (543 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
543 KB, 500x281
>Welcome to Not Late Night /pa/ with your host Pinkie Pie! It's during this time that content does matter, but we party hardy! Now for our main guests...THE PINK PONY CLUB PLUS APPLEJACK!!!



>And I'm the crazy one!

[Ah'm um...Ah'm just Applejack.]





>I think that's a great idea. Wow, these two are livelier than usual!



[Are yer sure that it's okay for them to be acting like this?]

>They seem fine to me.

Cadence and DT invade AJ's personal space by sniffing AJ.
[...Ah'm starting to feel uncomfortable.]

>That's because you smell good AJ!
Pinkie sniffs AJ.
>Real good!

AJ sniffs herself.
[...so Ah' smell a little sweet.]
Cadence and DT begin rubbing their cheeks on hers.
[...this reminds of the time me and mah cousin Peach went to our first night club and ended up-]

>And that's all the time we have! Thanks for joining us everypony...wait first night club?
What's gonna happen when they wake up?
If you get drugged in the dream, YOU GET DRUGGED FOR REAL.

>Implying she missed him.
>Figuratively or literally.
...That's fucking heartbreaking...

>...So do we tell someone about this, or-

"Do we tell someone about the treasure chest full of dabloons we found just down the beach?"


"Do you really need to ask?"


"The answer is no."

>...Sixty forty?

"Darling, I don't need to have my silence bought... but sixty percent is tempting."

>This is going to get bad very fast.
Downside to being lazy for so long.
It's sad, but it is something she brought on herself.

She literally cannot understand the basic duties she has been assigned to. She cannot do her job or be a good princess. So, in order to compensate and not be so far behind when she finally gets back, she has to give up some very valuable, very rare time with her family. She could have avoided this at any time, been welllll ahead of the game by now, but nope.

Reap what you sow.
Alright. Puerto Burrow crew consists of which members?

Also, last call to join them. I wanna write for he neglected third party commoners between Equestria and the Empire.
>Alright. Puerto Burrow crew consists of which members?

As far as I can tell
>32, Pommel, Daw, 77, Cheerliee. 29, MM, Zecora, Trixie, Cheese Sandwich

That it?
Don't forget Q and Reggie are stowing away.
What's gonna happen to the sideguards?

Haymaker can't go back because he associates with changelings, Quicksilver can't go back because he owes a LOT of money to a changeling, but Lucky and SG are clear.
Pommel tells them to stay put.

They don't move from that spot.

At all.

Day or night.

Until he comes back.

Join in the party? Aren't the lings and CE folk partying?
>that gif


Pinkie with drugs just took on a bit of the old Cosby vibe...

>...She's really something, isn't she?

Despite warning after warning after warning, there she was, in the shallow end of the beach, splashing around and having a ball, completely uncaring to the heart attack she was giving him.

Logically, he knew that there was little if any danger. She wasn't going very far, she wasn't taking any risks, and he was right there if something happened. Even if by some miracle a shark managed to swim in water small enough for a child to play in, it would sooner shatter every tooth than so much as scratch her chitin. She was safe, as safe as could be, and he was still worried she was going to disappear beneath the waves at any second.

Still, he couldn't bring himself to pull her away.

"Mmm, she truly is. Going to be quite a hoof full when she grows up."

>I don't even want to think about that.

"Time marches on all the same, I'm afraid."

>...How did you deal with it?

She got this look in her eye. One he couldn't remember seeing before on her, not even in all the time they've shared together. This strange, farway look that seemed to see something he could not see, or perhaps was not ready to see. Something that she, and only she, could witness.

"...It took some time. That is all. You'll understand someday."

Maybe one day, he would know what that look meant. Maybe. But for now, all that mattered was what was right in front of him.

>Think I'm going to be ready when it happens?

And all that it meant.

"...No, you won't. Not alone, at least."

>Hm... well, that's not really a problem, is it?

There was something he recognized. That smile, he had seen before.

"No, not ever again."

And hopefully would... for many, many years to come.

>...she's holding a sea snake, isn't she?


If he daughter didn't kill him first.
Right? That's just fucking adorable, even if Two is going to grow up with some weird ass parenting techniques.

...Wait, she's not actually related sister wise to any of the other changelings, period, and due to genetic diversity and how Queens reproduce if they were actually cousins it would be so far back it would be more than indistinguishable than two complete strangers.

"Sister' is a term of endearment in their species, remember, not an actual naming convention. As is "Cousin".
>What is this 'joke' you speak of? Is it a type of bird?
>TFW her cooldown doesn't end, and by the time she trains someone else he's old as hell
>Still can't fly because old as fuck
>Forever an old stallion who can't do shit.
>Life is never not suffering.

>Lovely sunset, Celly

"Thank you, Shiny, I always liked the coasts, looked much prettier at dusk than most other places"

>Mhmm, romantic walks along the beach eh? Feels a lot different when you actually do it, not same as advertised

"Well, I suppose it certainly doesn't. Then again, we're not most ponies so there's that. Let's just have this time between us and savour it.

>Of course.

"And just look at the sunlight playing off the ocean, absolutely wondrous...

>Enh, doesn't beat the sun coming up over the snowy plains back home... provided you don't catch looking at it at the wrong angle, we get a lot of snow blindness admittancies in the hospitals I've noticed

"Oh dear"

>Free healthcare, no worry.... as long as we keep up the costs for the eyedrops.... the very expensive eyedropssss-

"Shiny? Bubblehorse? My lovely partner in crime? Please, let that go for now, we are trotting away from it"

>Right, right, my bad... wait, how long have we been trotting into the ocean? I think we've gone from knee deep to chest deep into the water in around five minutes.

"Ummm... now this may be my fault, but I only did it so that the currents wouldn't be so turbulent and not dash us against any rocks while we're down there... You have to understand I could can the moon but that doesn't mean I can always do it PERFECTLY now, Shiny

>So you're saying...?

"I may have induced a very, very low tide"

>Ooookaaaaay.... well, I don't know much about my geography from when I was a colt, but.... there should be a coastal shelf at some poin-



>...Right here in fact



*Hair flip, hair flip*


*sparkle sparkle*


*glisten glisten*


"...Shining? Hello?


"Mhmmm, well, I found the deep end, you ready?"

>Oh...OH! Yes, definitely, I-.... wait, how long are we going to do this?

"Shining? How long?- I thought we had found something togeth-

>Nononononono, I meant, how long are we going to be underwater? This isn't normal Happy Bathtub Times, this is.... Advanced Happy Oceanfloor Times.


>Won't it get cold down there? Hypothermia isn't pleasant...

"Ah, put your hoof on my back"

>Okay I-wow, WOW, that is warm

"I prefer to call it "Toasty", myself

>I never really noticed outside of bed.... and I thought that was just the bed being the bed.

"Well, now you know, so are you going to stand there or hop in?"

>...Hello Deja-vu


>Aaah... that's kinda refreshing

"Come here"


>And that's a seriously cozy hold you've got me in.

"Mhmmm, so, me or you first>"

>I bagise first drown!

"Oh darn it"

>Come on, you always get first dibs, when it's my go you're barely recovered, like you're not even paying much attention to me

"Awwww, shall I make it up to my wuvvly Bubblehorse?"


"Alright... 1.."



Quads confirm.

Sorry, Shining! Let's hope viagra works on Alicorns!
Took us two threads to make that joke.
Ha! But no, seriously, she's carrying a fucking poisonous snake someone grab that thing please?
>implying it can do anything to her
It's more likely to be tamed by her than anything.
It's not her I'm worried about...
Well, Luna is going to be pissed.
Why do you think she had drugs?
Even if I do dislike the drowning thing...
I admit, I'm not really a fan of it either, but it's just a running gag. It doesn't really bother me , even if I don't like it, just a quirk of the thread.
Goodnight, thread.
It's a coping mechanism, honest
Well, we weren't going to have them leap off the train into the hot tub now, had to set things up first.
Morning, thread
>Welcome to Late Night /pa/ with your host Pinkie Pie! It's during this time that content doesn't matter, and the real party happens! Now for our main guests...THE PINK PONY CLUB AND APPLEJACK!!!

[...Pinkie, don't you think this has gone to far?]
Cadence and DT sit on either side of AJ and are licking AJ like she's a popsicle.

>...Yeah. I'm sorry. I just wanted to include you in our club activities. Maybe even get you into the P-Team.

[Aw, that's okay sugarcube. Ah' appreciate you trying. Not everything can work out. Seeing you have fun with yer team makes me think I should probably do something with my A-team. Enjoy your night, Pinkie.]

>Alright, g'night.
AJ disappears.

"...whew I thought she'd never leave."

'Ptooy, you said it, If licking her wasn't going to work I didn't know what would.'

>Wait, you two were faking? When did the injection wear off?

'A good while back.'

"We were trying to make it uncomfortable enough to make Applejack leave."

>Aw why?

'Really? She kicked me off the A-team! I'm still mad! I don't want her in our club activities.'

>Okay your's is obvious, but Cadence?

Serious face.
"...she's not pink enough, Pinkie."

>B-but she's fun, I swear!

"I'd like to bar Applejack from the club on grounds that she's not pink enough for the Pink Pony Club. All in favor, say aye."


"All oppose, say neigh."


'We have 2/3's majority.'

"Motion carries."

>This is my show and I'll decide that.

'Not exactly. We both talked with some people and worked out a deal with your producer.'
Gives Pinkie a piece of paper.

>...You two get an equal share of power on the show?!

"Only until the Dream Eater crisis is over. We're not going to protect your show for free, soooo we're your co-hosts now!"

'Surprise! And that's how you Ponk the Ponk.'

Pinkie does a slow clap.
>...I'm not even mad. Well played you sneaky sneaks. That's all the time we have, but I'll see you all next time with my new co-hosts.
Not really considering it was Fuzzy and the Buzz that sparked the Canterlot and therefore Ponyville riots.
Except she won't. Because her buckling down and staying there the whole time is the BAD END for this arc. She'll be on 18's level (or at least better than Dash) before they leave somehow, but she'll also leave long enough for a paperwork monster to spawn. Because her goofing off and ignoring the work she promised to do is the Good end. As strongly hinted to with all of Cadence and Shiny's internal monolouging about it.
Literally what's the difference?
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I think I'll wait out this weeks forced meme, thanks for sharing /MLPG/ or whatever prompt thread this is a joke for.
Oh yeah, forgot all about that. Neat
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I learned something today.

>...Oh dear.

This one she didn't know. Simply put, had no idea.

She had absolutely zero idea what the steps were to re-writing a law with new legislature to adapt to a new time.

>Oh dear... oh dear...

She had brought many books with her, many many books, and no less than ten dealt with new laws, each one of them thick enough to leave a bruise on Chitania's face if she could find the strength to throw it. Who knows how long she would have to search through that, or if it was in there at all...

>Oh dear oh dear oh dear...

She could be searching for who knows how long, and not find anything.

Or... she supposed she could just go ask. One of them would know, surely. Eighteen or Shining or Auntie Celestia for certain, no question. She just needed to slip out for a second, just a moment, to go ask them, and then she could come right back. No matter what they said, she wouldn't stay out there, no matter how tempting it was to think of all the sun... and the fun... and so many things were waiting for her.

And she needed to know... what was the harm?


She didn't even think about it.

Just moved everything not bolted down in front of that door, and slammed the first book in front of her.

She opened to the glossary, and then she got to work.

>You can do this, Cadence...

The long list before her seemed to grow.

She did not give up yet.

>You can do this...

>Hey Twi' Ah' got a question

"...Why do I feel this sudden urge to throw myself into the sea and not come back up?"

>Naw, besides, tides gone way out, Ah' mean, waaaaaay out.

"Oh fine, what is it?"

>When I use mah magic to grab hold of the sand, like this-


>Am Ah' grabbin' hold of a single clump of sand... or am Ah' grabbin' somethin' of a thousand lil' sandy bits?

"You.... I don't know"

>Ya don't

"Yes?! I mean look at you you're doing it yourself, you should figure it out just fine!"

>.... Meaning?

"Meaning, you can't just walk into my lab, squiggling your feather-pen onto a parchment and ask me how writing works"

>But, y'see Ah'm doing these things...


>...Ah' don't know what Ah'm doin'

"....Huh, that was kinda erudite of you"

>Rude? Me?!

"No, just- Just help me finish this turret, alright?"

Huh... had no idea.


"...Are you still moping? Really? We're going on a vacation!"


"Fun! Excitement! Laughs, probably! I dunno, never been to this place, but it sounds nice!"


"And Trixie, of course, is going, so... you know, stop acting like your puppy just died. Trixie will be there!"


"...Come on."


"Don't make Trixie do this."



With all the enthusiasm of someone lifting out a trashbag they were afraid was going to break, she picked him up.

"It's not so bad, lots of ponies didn't like Trixie after that whole Alicorn Amulet thing either. They got over it, eventually, just give them some time. They're not as smart as us, you've got to cut them some slack on getting it through their heads how great we are, okay?"






"...If you ever tell anyone Trixie hugged you, you're getting zapped in your bed."

>Does that mean I get my bed back?



"Trixie is Great and Powerful at everything, thank you."
...Kay, Trix, you get A point.

She's gotten a few by this point but come on 56 this should be you hugging him..
Which one of you jive mother lovers put this up in the draw thread? >>26049302

And has this been a thing for a while now? I feel I have been negligent if you guys are going after other draw friends.
>Which one of you jive mother lovers put this up in the draw thread? >>26049302

Dunno, but neat.

>And has this been a thing for a while now?

No idea.

> I feel I have been negligent if you guys are going after other draw friends.

I tried to ask a draw thread a few times for 55 a while back didn't see if the anyone ever delivered.
Anons who asked drawthread for shit, has anyone actually delivered for you? because the Chitty request and Pennydrop seem ignored.
>post made
>Several gorrillion posts come after it
>Nothing 4 (You)


t. vore thread anon


"...I think it's pretty good."

>...did you make a giant glass statue of yourself?


>And you wrote "The Greatest Queen Who Ever Lived" in the plaque on the sandstone base?

"I would've used gold if I could."

>...I just... it's five times bigger than you are.

"I was worried the base would crack if I went for six."

>You can't just... nobody could move...this will be here forever.

"Doy, that's the point."



>I think you might have a narcissism problem.

Now, THAT is something I could see illustrated.
Shiny and Chrissy, on the beach, looking at huge, glass statue of the latter, one with pride of a job well done, other with 'seriously?' on his face.

>Well, that escalated quickly. Don't ya think?


Thoughtfully, the little white unicorn looked around, taking stock of all surrounding her.

Which is to say, an barrne warehouse, about six or so ponies in strong looking suits in a perfect circle around them, and an older, harsher looking pony standing right in front of them, tellingly cleaning a rather large looking sword.

Oh, and there were strange stains. Lots and lots and lots of very strange stains, everywhere.


'I didn't ask for this...'

[If this is about the stuff Vekir borrowed, she was going to give it back.]


Winona had not made a move yet, not yet.

But her blade hungered.

{You's girls have been a real thorn in the old hoof, get me?}

His own blade seemed to agree as he took a few, telling swings with it.

{Had a fuckload riding on that Cragodile in the last round, and all you needed to do was a simple little favor, just somethin' from associate to associate, and that's take a dive.}

>...Didn't ya' say Winona had ta' get eaten?

{One little dive, and we all could'a walked away happy.}

>Ah' wouldn't have been happy at all, Mah dog would'a been dead.

{But no, just had to be a wise guy, had to get smart, didn't you?}

'...What accent are you doing? You keep switching back.'

"I follow it"

{Well... now you ain't gonna be so smart, are you?}

~I HUNGER!... For kibble, actually, WOW I could use a bone, it's been forever. Yours will do!~


Swiftly, they all pulled out their guns.

~...We might have a problem.~


>Well... shoot, didn't think Ah' was gonna die this way...


'Look, I'm not a praying mare, but if you're up there, SAVE ME RAINBOW DASH!'


"Trade you!"

{...You can't be serious.}

"Come on, it's a totally awesome looking shiv! Trade you for one of the guns!"

{...You... you can't........}


"Two shivs? Come on! That's got to be worth a gun!... Or a bullet? Can I just trade for the bullet? Problem solved!"

{...What even...}

"Three shivs?"


"Come on, Vekky! It's for a good cause!"


"She won't go up, is two shivs fine?"


"...Hows about candy, can I trade this in for some candy?"


{For fucks sake, Rocky!}

(It's a nice shiv, I'd trade for it.)

"He's got it!"

{We're going to shoot them!}

(Can we do that afterwards?)


(But then it'll have blood on it!)


(I just want it for display purposes!)

{I... I don't... what!?}

(Come on, please?)


(Bitchin!...Oh, wait, shoot, I don't have anything on me.)

"I'm not giving it up for free!"

(...You mind if I-)


(Look, we'll be right back!)


(Right back I said!)

{...Fine! Why the fuck not!? No, really, why not!? Why not just take this filly out of the fucking circle and go trade for the oh so valuable pointy stick! Because it's not like the whole point of a shiv is that ANYONE CAN MAKE THEM or anything! Nope! This is special and you need it right the fuck now, and it's gotta be clean!}



(He already said fine.)

"Cool! Scuse me! I've got some trading to do!"

Politely, the others stepped aside and let her through, the circle closing in just a bit as the little unicorn filly locked hooves with the taller stallion and followed him off to who knows where.

'...Are you okay?'

{I just... it's so hard to find someone who can put the bullets in straight, and when I do they're like... that. It's so hard...}

>There there... ya' feel like letting us go?


>We should probably go...

{...Boys? Strap them to the crane above the acid vat. I'm going to melt them all very, very slow.}

'...Why do you have that-'

Click went their guns.

File: 1452629706163.png (488 KB, 665x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
488 KB, 665x600
Can anyone archive savvy link story with Celly and Shiny having drowning funtimes in the pool next to the hotel? I think it was in partyland, but not sure.

I managed to acquire pic related in DrawThread and want to relive memories.
wait what

link to draw thread boy
They didn't drown themselves in the pool next to the hotel, it was on the ride.
Search for NC??? or is it CD???

Fun fact I noticed, nobody actually picked up on this one and the guy mentioned that in omakes.

here => >>26085418

I distinctly remember it being in the pool, after rides, their first drowning together.
Celly on the bottom of the pool, ends with Shiny joining in after a bit of hesitation.
To add on, that "mercy kill" drown in the ride wasn't reciprocated till waaaaaay afterwards, I believe after some kind of big arc where stress relief between the two was a must. Ergo the secret pool bath thing Celestia built. But then they just resorted to hijacking various ponies bathrooms for their semi-irregular "sessions"
>I distinctly remember it being in the pool, after rides, their first drowning together.

I have looked through all the rest of PL, cannot find this. Closest that I can find is when 42 almost drowned.

And after much searching I cannot find story 1 with Celly drowning(she drowned alone first, Shiny didn't join in till waayyyyy later), but I can summerize that it is somewhere around theads 95-102.

It was like something out of a dream.

The warm tickle against her hooves, the gorgeous view of calm seas, and the beautiful visage of the setting sun against those crystal clear waters all cascaded together against this sandy beach to deliver her sensations like she had never felt before. No trip to the beach, and she had been to many before, had ever come close to matching the single moment she was experiencing right now. A feeling so gratifying she wondered if she herself could feed the Hive for the next year on it alone. This trip, in all it's beauty, was more than she had ever been given before.

And she knew exactly why.

>It's beautiful, isn't it?


Every bit of it bloomed with a light that had never been matched all because of the one who walked by her on these sandy shores, all because of the one who listened with her as they heard the sounds of the waves gently rolling in and out. It was because of this that moment could be lifted up into something much, much more.

She was finally getting her long, romantic walk on the beach with Shining, and nothing could ever take this away.

Everything was perfect, everything was exactly what it needed to be. The setting, the time, even the amount of clouds in the sky seemed tailor made to make this walk the most perfect walk she had ever been on, ever. Everything seemed to be working with her, for once in her far too long life.

Everything, absolutely all of it, was perfect.

So why, she found herself wondering. Why was it that something felt like it was missing. Was the sand crunching too loudly against her hooves? Was his hair not quite right, sloshed awry by an errant wave? Was something missing in this otherwise faultless moment. Perhaps a dove flying overhead? Perhaps the sun needed to be a touch higher, maybe a little lower?

Everything was perfect, yet something was missing.


Something that, even now, even looking at his handsome, smiling, content face, could not be given to her. Something right now was not as it should be.

Perhaps... it was the kiss.

Was that it, she wondered? Was she merely missing that one final touch? Was she merely bereft of that one little bit of contact that would make it all perfect? Was this, a simple meeting of their lips, the last piece in an otherwise flawless puzzle?

She was tempted to take it right now, to complete everything and make it as it should be. She was tempted, so very tempted. All that held her back was... the truth.

It wasn't that, which was missing.

Though she was hurt to admit it, though his company alone could have carried her through the end times itself, there was, to her regret, something missing in it all.

>...I wish Cadence was here.

"She'll come out when she's ready."

>Are you sure?

"Positive. I know Cadence, and she... she's just got to do this for herself, that's all. She doesn't want us to hang around her, as much as I want to... she needs to do this on her own, for her own sake, and nothing else. I trust her, she'll come... when it's time."

>If you're sure...

"Until then..."

She felt it, that fire flowing through her veins, that power that made her feel like she could rip the heavens from the sky all by herself, without a single care. That power, unmatched, all from a simple kiss upon her cheek.

"We'll wait."


It had been so long since he had kissed her on the lips, so long that she had forgotten how much more powerful it was than any mere touch on her cheek.

There was something missing this time, there was no doubt in her mind. Someone who should be here was not, and she missed them.

Despite that, when they touched together...

Everything was perfect.
Das' just fucking cute man.

I like how he's bonding with everyone in their own, unique ways that makes them the most happy, shows that CD when he knows them enough by now to have a handle on what they'll like the best.
Awwww, that whole thing was sweet. I loved how 18 was worried about Caddy enough she'd actually let it ruin her perfect moment. Remember back when she actively spent all her time trying to get this exact scenario to happen? Seems like for fucking ever ago...

No status quo, man. No status quo.

*Walks back and forth on the beach aimlessly*
>...Ah'm so alone...

"Well.... not really, it's just kinda hard to write is all"

>... That doesn't help
Finally fucking found it.
this pic -> >>26085543 (You)
comes with this omake
part 1 http://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/24333335/#24422171
part 2 http://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/24333335/#24423081

Totally worth it.
So on a scale of Depressed Alicorn AJ Doing Paperwork to Non-Descript Changeling OC Portrait, where does the pic go as possible OP picture?
It fits I guess, due to her being underwater and they're on a beach...
Got a point.


"Now that's just not tru- Applejack?"

>Don't stop me

"But... thats the ocean..."


"I.... buhh...."

>Take me awayblglbg




"ISN'T IT MAAAAAAREVELOUS!?... see what I did there? I said MAREvelous. Cool, huh? I thought that was cool."

>...i have so many questions...

"Go for it! I love talking about my Mane Fortress!"

>w-where... where did you get lava for the moat?



"...That's a good question."



>I wanna go back in the house.
Could always just go hang out with her friends, not like her whole concept is based around a 'love' theme like Shiny/Cadence is.

Got fucking eternity to get to romance, SA might not at this rate.

By being a responsible parent and husband and always ensuring that anything he does is okay with his wife while implicitly trusting her to speak up if anything he does bothers her safe in the knowledge that she is assured if she does he will abide by it and not hold it against her, while also being a responsible adult managing his home and work life in order to provide the best environment for his still developing adoptive child whom he loves as much as any biological one.

Aw yeah, love dat Chryssy, love how great she's written, love it all.

Love my body pillow/fleshlight combo of her the best, I whisper about how great a character she is as I thruuuust~
Shit, he really is white.
Which is doubly funny as he was outright bonkers in thread 1-3. Being a dad really chilled him the fuck out. I mean, he was always about Caddy 24/7, but he used to just up and leave on grand adventures for no reason.

Not that Caddy cared, but nevermind.
Just like every good little c u c k in society
>not like her whole concept is based around a 'love' theme like Shiny/Cadence is.

Yeah, but if we just did honesty gags with Spike it would be eighty percent just sitting there staring at him going
>GROOOOOW... GROOOOOW... STOP BEIN' SHORT.... That's mah' honest opinion.

Joys of character development and no status quo.

Though admittedly we still slip back in sometimes like making the suicide gags come back.

>I will not laugh.

"You shouldn't."

>I will not laugh.

"It wouldn't be smart, you'll look foolish in a second."

>...I will not laugh at you standing on the surfboard in the sand waiting for it to moveohdearFaustAHAHAHAHAHAH!

"Gonna look silly."

>Chrysalis! Chrysalis... Chrysalis, you can't be serious.

"I'm dead serious."

>Ahaha...Okay, okay I can't believe I have to say this, but the board? That surfboard? Goes IN the water.

"For you, maybe."

>What, are you just going to rock it back and forth going "weeee?"AHHAH!

"I'm warning you, you're going to look silly."


"Alright, I guess you don't get a turn next."

>AHAHAH! OH NO! I'm sorry! Please let me stand still with you!

"Too late!"

>Chrysalis... just give me the board, I actually want to surf.

"Too late."

>How. How is it too late?

"Spitfire is almost out of rope."

>...wait wha-





>... huh, I do feel silly.



>...I want a turn...
Sand surfing is actually legit fun, I get why she's excited.
>Because her buckling down and staying there the whole time is the BAD END for this arc.

...it is?

Isn't that the good end? She fights through it all, misses out on her desire to actually go have fun, but overall manages to accomplish something finally?

>Because her goofing off and ignoring the work she promised to do is the Good end. As strongly hinted to with all of Cadence and Shiny's internal monolouging about it.

It's hinting they both want A thing, that doesn't mean it's the good thing.

AJ and Chrysalis wanted the apple, but it was the bad thing.
We talked about this a few threads ago. The anons here want Cadence to go play with the others, to the point they said "just have 18 help her do it right before they leave".
Nooo, AN anon implied LAST THREAD he wanted that, and then instead we pointed out that, instead, we should have her work on it bit by bit over time, making small accomplishments, and then we started doing that.

Here's the chain and everything, complete with first baby step. https://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/26008453/#26042773

18's not going to help her, she's doing it on her own now.
I know about last thread I meant thread before that we we arguing about if Cadence should even go.
But... the argument the guy made why she SHOULD go was that it would make her temptation more real and her sacrifice of this time mean something more than just 'she doesn't do the stuff in the CE that she can do anyway when she's done'.

Did I misinterpret that? I thought that was the whole argument, to develop her and give her a real challenge and obstacle to overcome in her quest to be better, that she just couldn't get at the CE. That's the whole reason I argued for him anyway.
Yep, nail on the head. Think he got the arguments mixed up, guy wanted her to stay for personal reasons, and someone else just wanted it over with because they don't like drawn put conflict. Nothing wrong with that! Just not what I was going for when we sent them off, she's definitely not just getting a sit down and instant talk\fix. She's gotta put in the work now, and she's gonna, and it's gonna suck for her... but it'll be worth it.
That's what I like to hear. Effort, motherfucker.

Should we figure out a side thing for AJ to do, or just let her relax a bit?
Ehhhh, I kinda want her to relax, due to the whole... big arc thing, you know, not to burn her out, but that is pulling a bit of a Caddy there.

I say that, just have some fun with her magic.


"...did you do that?"


"Oh, okay, so someone else made a bunch of seaweed look like an apple."

>Must have.

"Did you see which way they went?"

>...that away?



>..is she serious or humorin' me... can't... tell...
AJ is doing a thing. With the rest of her friends. It just happens to be Pinkie's story this time. Because she is feeling some abandonment issues to point she drug them out to parts unknown beach. (btw are we gong with she has 'herbs'?)

She also is doing a bit where she starts to practice and someone walks up behind her to cause her to spaz because she doesn't want to hear it after all the fuss she gave about it.
She's Pinkie.
>(btw are we gong with she has 'herbs'?)

Whoever lands the canon story first, same as ever
Oh, Spitfire... you really need to get over it.
She is about halfway there. 30 threads is when Dash stopped fucking with Spitfire, she's been at this for like 13
She never will. She's just plain at the point where she outright does not like and never will like Dash.

We shot ourselves in the foot when we had Dash replace her, because... well, how do you go from 'You took my position via your friend and now I will never get it back because of you' to 'we're buddies!'
...we kinda suck, don't we?
I guess we could try to make a joke about it, but honestly it's just funnier that she hates her.
Speak for yourself, I like it better that Spitfire will forever hold rage for the one who got her put in the history books as worst-captain-ever and then kicked down to 'personal bitch' level, and now Spitfire is in a never ending quest for revenge.

That's just plain entertaining.
She'll get over it around the same time Chrysalis gets fucked by Shiny.again.
Didn't she sort of get over it by tricking Dash into eating her briefs or whatever a few threads back? That seemed like a 'able to slowly start over' moment.
>We shot ourselves in the foot when we had Dash replace her,

We probably could have pulled it back if it weren't for the maid thing, but yeah. For as much as some of us like to go "let's just solve it with comedy!" there's a point where they straight up stop being characters and stop making any sort of sense and just become a gag we're supposed to somehow also care about in some way or want to see more of.

That point where attempting to solve it with silly just ends up looking desperate and sad, and you have to look away...

Also this, she's funny as Dash's nemesis. Spitfire is remarkably well rounded as a character for being what is essentially a side number.
I did not get that feeling at all, that just seemed like another one of the pranks she was pulling on her. Did not get even the slightest impression that was supposed to be a start over moment, and she went back to pranking her(kind of mean too) in the next story.

I mean she ended that by snidely saying "Now you've got a piece of your hero inside of you!" and then trotting off, how is that "now we can even remotely try to not be enemies"?
As much as you would want it to be, that was just one in a long line of Spitfire nonchalantly exacting revenge. It just seems like she got over it because we shelved her bit once the last arc started heating up.
Then there is this, a walking reminder for Dash that just because she always wins doesn't mean she was right. Fleetfoot is not this as she is "what if we handled Spitfire's punishment better?"
>Didn't she sort of get over it by tricking Dash into eating her briefs or whatever a few threads back?

The birthday cake one? THAT was supposed to be a 'start over' moment? The fuck?

Did not REMOTELY feel like that to me, but I've been wrong plenty.
>Fleetfoot is not this as she is "what if we handled Spitfire's punishment better?"

Well, less a meta 'what if WE had handled it better' and more an actual character development of "DASH realizing that she could have handled that better, and that giving in to her first instinct could end up blinding her to how much she's really hurting someone. And even if they deserve it, that doesn't mean that being as vindictive is going to help anyone in the long run."

Like, she messed up, she realized she messed up, and she eventually understood WHY she messed up(instead of just getting the 1UP mushroom of smarts), and then moving to fix it, that's not a 'outside writer' thing, that's developing Dash.
If you say so, I get shit on for having characters dislike each other like...a lot.
Could you give an example? I'm having a hard time believing that, especially in a case like Spitfire/Dash where there is just so much justification.
I got told to stop having most of the members of the A-Team dislike 32 and have him make amends...y'know, after he attacked half of them with a brick, pinned one to a wall with a knife, and tried to assassinate the last one's leader.

I mean, I'm going to do it with the two remaining eventually, but still it doesn't mean I wasn't told to knock it off.
I... legit do not know what to say to that, that's fucking retarded.

I get 77 being nice again because BROTHHHEEEERRRRR and all that, and Twi you can swing because she examined him and understands why he snapped, but someone seriously told you to make Spike and DT chill out? DT!? Diamond motherfucking Tiara shouldn't be mad at him and insult/threaten him

I agree, that's retarded, and you should feel good you weren't that retarded.
That's moronic... the "having most of the A-team dislike 32" part not the 'have him make amends' part, I get why you would want to have 32 come to his senses and try to make it right, but anyone who told you to just have the A-team forgive him(San 77, obviously!) ASAP is just dumb.
I agree with these quads, DT is a bitch that will hold a grudge until she dies (She is still canonically mad at AJ)

Spike you probably could have swung if you did it right between the end of Twi-crazy and the start of Partyland.

42 will never forgive him and that is a given and he is probably never shaking that whole 'worst ling' tag even with 13.
Spike was actually chilled out when 32 apologized about the whole thing after he got made ambassador. And I got a great big lecture on how to mend fences with him and 42 I'm eventually going to have to do.

I don't know, maybe I should just stop trying to make 32 resemble a likable character, I'm obviously bad at it no matter what I do.
>And I got a great big lecture on how to mend fences with him and 42 I'm eventually going to have to do.

...You mean that one time that guy wrote out a possible scenario where they talked about it? That ended with 42 still not forgiving him, just understanding him, and him actually understanding her.

You can understand why someone does them and never get over the fact they hurt and tried to kill your friend, but still move past it. If I remember right, that dialog had him admitting she was right, but her not admitting the same for him.
Waiiiiit wait wait wait wait hold the fuck up.

This? You're talking about this? https://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/25673487/#25697783

Nigga you are remembering that shit exactly backwards, or you lyin'. If that's you, then YOU started off with the irrational hatred of 42, admitted you didn't know how to bury the hatches, and someone else wrote a scenario. And THEN when you hated that 32 wasn't right, they proved they could do that too!

Nobody told you to stop making them fight at all!
Sorry to say >>26090103, but it's looking like you just remembered that wrong, I just scanned up and down and can't find anyone telling you to have any A-team member stop being mad at 32, you wanted them to and then someone helped you out, everyone else seemed to think it couldn't be done, and there are zero mentions of DT not hating him.

If you've got another example, provide it, otherwise this is just one of those silly times you remember something but wires got crossed or something.
32, has unfortunately been an antagonist since jump. Despite the fact his goal was get changelings out from under Chrysalis, which is now noble AJ's side mission. He has been getting shit on for his actions in thread 17 and has had to fight for everything he has gotten. It doesn't help that he has always been an asshole and turned into just a male to spout innuendos for a while. Even the good he does gets shit on....Oh my god he's Chrysalis with a dick. That is the problem.
>fact checkers extraordinaire
>just like debating best pony, make sure you have at least five tabs open to various stories pertaining to your topic
>and at least the first two comments after it
The DT thing happened when I wrote 32 coming to tell the A-Team about 77's engagement.

And fine, you know what, I used the wrong words describing it. But it's like goddamn, I'm just going to have to write it and hope I never have to deal with that character again. I just flat out do NOT like her.
>, which is now noble AJ's side mission.

Is she? I thought she was just trying to make them not hated...
That's step one.
Her ultimate goal was dispersing them among the populous to live their own lives. It has been her goal with the changelings since Chrysalis refused to fill out paperwork for them to be citizens all those threads ago. It was also one of the things she thought of to tell her when she was holding the Apple "to be a good queen you must let your subjects go" or something along those lines.

How they had, yet again, ended up next to each other they had not a single clue.

Yet, impossibly, titan and student once more found themselves on opposite ends of a bench, sitting in silence.

Well, mostly silence.


"Stop making that noise."

>I'm not making any noise.

"You are."

>You're imagining things.

"If you're mad they left you behind-"


She had to be telling the truth, the Queen surmised. She was loud. Loud ones were always right.

>...I'm not.


>You know, some of us don't like being alone. Some of us actually get upset when we get left behind.

If she had said a thousand words, the pony wouldn't have been surprised in the least. That, most likely, is what made it so very shocking when she didn't.

She went silent.

>Don't even try playing the pity card.

"The day you pity me is the day I punch in my own face."

>Well then, feel my pity, feel it all!


>You actually found that funny. You seriously, SERIOUSLY, found that funny? Of all the things I could have said, in all the great big wide world, that is what you find funny. That.


She had never wanted to throw something more in her entire life. If she'd a the bomb, it would have gone off by now, without a single care for blowing herself apart.

>...You're an idiot.

"Says the corpse."


Even louder than the last one, surely that meant she was more right.

>...I'm NOT.

It was a very, very good thing she couldn't cry. She would never have forgiven herself.

"If you say so... then why have you not simply fixed your heart? I thought this thing was merely a rock."

Frustration had been building inside of her for a long time. Promises had been made, promises of fixing, of tireless work until she was returned to normal, promises to give her life back. She hadn't been given any of them.

>You want to know?


Promise after promise made, and nothing to show for it. It weighs heavily on the mind, in time. Promise after promise wore her down, in time. Promise after promise had built up something inside of her, something that wanted out.

>You really want to know?

She had nothing to hold it in, anymore.

>Because my heart fucking IS this rock, you moron! It wasn't just jammed in there like you seem to fucking think, it IS the rock! Magic so twisted lodged it in there and outright replaced it! If I take it out, my body will stop and I will fucking die! A complete shut down of every nerve, cell and fucking muscle in my body, everything from my liver to my fucking brain coming to a complete, total stop! You can't restart a body after something like that! The amount of dead blood cells would be catastrophic! I would clog every artery I had and cease pumping blood to my now barren and unworking brain! I can't even remove it for heart surgery because by the time the new heart comes in, my body is so dead nothing could possibly restart it! I'm fucking stuck with this thing you moron, FOREVER!

It felt good, she would admit that. It felt good to be free and lose all that had been inside of her for so, so long. She had wanted to scream this into someone else's face, perhaps Applejack, perhaps Celestia, somebody, for so very long. It felt so good to at last feel release. So good, even if it was in the face of someone who could never understand, or care.

"...I see."

Which is why the expression on her face was nothing short of chilling.

>Don't even pretend to know what I'm talking about.

"I actually do."

>Bullshit, you're as smart as a bag of rocks, and just as capable of understanding biology.


That laugh, that smile, it told her a very, very different story.

>...Do you... know something?



One word, so chilling, so powerful, it made her world stop. One simple word of no more than three letters, and it said so many things. Terrible things, great things, strange things. All from three tiny little letters.

>I don't believe you.

She didn't know what she was denying, the changeling had not said a word yet. She had offered nothing, given nothing, but she felt nothing less than complete denial of whatever it was that wasn't there. It wasn't, that was all that mattered, and the Queen had to know it.

"Don't believe what?"

>Whatever it is you're trying to spin, I don't believe you. Don't even bother telling me one of those lies I know is a load of ponyshit.

"I haven't said anything."

>And if you're smart, you won't.

"Hmmm... well, according to you, I'm quite stupid, aren't I?"

>Yes, you are. You're very, very stupid. Which is why I don't want to hear it.

"So quick, I see... tell me, what would you be willing to give up to be a flesh and blood pony again?"

Every single solitary hair on her neck positively lifted when she mentioned that. Every one, without question.

>You're lying.

"It's just a question."

>It doesn't matter, because you're just trying to lead into a damn offer, an offer of lies that you'd never fulfill, or do so in such a way I'd hate myself forever for taking it. You take hope and desperation and turn it against ponies. You, your type, are all liars, every one of you is full of the worst evil in Equestria, and I don't want to hear a single offer come out of your mouth because YOU FUCKING QUEENS ALWAYS LIE!

She hadn't been phased, not in the least. Not even bothered when magic sparked on her horn, and an errant power lashed across her massive black chest. She gave little more than a smirk as she scratched it, that spot where not so very long ago there had been a hole that lead right to her heart.

"I was just asking."

She looked at her hoof, totally clean, and she smiled.


"For your information, I don't like lying, tends to backfire really easily. No, I like keeping my word as it was to the letter. Now, as for your other thing, you regretting it... I guess I can't argue that, can I? I don't make deals unless I get something out of it of equal value, but isn't that fair?"

>What game are you playing...

She smiled again. That wicked, fanged smile.

"I don't play games. I make deals when I have something I need, nothing more."

>So does a certain other figure, you know.

"Oh? Who's that?"

>Tall red guy with a pitchfork, you'd like him.

"Hm... sounds like someone I'd like to fight."

>You have no idea.

"...Very well, if that's what you want, I suppose I'm done talking with you anyway. It seems Sweet Note has found a cuisine she wants to try, and my Daughter is looking for help to get her away. Such a hooffull, those two."

She let all four hooves smoothly hit the ground before she took her sweet time, stretching out every single limb before she began to leave at a relaxed pace.


She didn't pause, nor did she slow, just as the pony didn't expect her to.

>Just tell me, honestly, could you fix me?


There had not been a single bit of hesitation in her voice, no doubt, no anything. Nothing to indicate it was anything less than the truth. She kept her pace, never slowing, never stalling, uninterested in the least by the pony she left behind.

"Oh, and unlike them... I keep my word."

Not looking back for a moment, to watch the look cross her face.

>You're lying...

She was too far away to possibly hear the whisper, but it needed to be said.

>You're lying... you're a Queen... Queen's only lie.

To herself, it needed to be said, even if it was her alone.

>...You have to be lying... that's what you do. You wait till we need it...

Said to no one else but the pony on the bench, and the tingling need in her chest.

>...then we don't stop regretting it...
>Tall red guy with a pitchfork, you'd like him
Well, there go my sides
Whelp. Sunset's fucked.

Then why was the thing she arrived at "You have to move out of the Empire and get your own place?"

Kind of a big deal.
Because in the end, getting her away from her 'enablers' was more important to her. AJ literally went from I can have her do anything, to you can't live with ponies that like you. She channeled her inner Rarity and went petty.
-Mini 32-

'Right, mum, I think here's where we part ways, I've got my work to get back to and Birdie'll be keen to know you're on your way.'

>Alright, Clay, thanks for your help this whole time.

'Oh think nothing of it, mum, it's been quite the adventure but I don't think there'll be room for me going down the road. Hope you get your eyes back.'

>Thanks, take care.

'You too.'

-Nice mole, kind of wears his feelings on his sleeve, most you have to really- -

>Dig deep, hahahaha.

-...wow, you saw that coming?-

>If nothing else this ordeal will give me a third eye when it comes to puns.

-Some form of crass comedy clairvoyance?-

>Oh is alliteration in vogue up on the surface here?

-Could be, could be I'm just a bit of a prick.-

>Well if your relationship with 50 was anything to go by...

-Oh that? He wasn't going to kill me, he doesn't have the authority to do that. You wanna know how all those trials end?-


-He leaves the verdict to the damn cocoon, who, being a cocoon, never speaks. So he just assumes she's letting me live another day and I'm declared innocent, one charge at a time.-

"Why does the loud small bug do that?"

-I put it down to either A) He hopes eventually she'll drag herself out of that silk coffin she wrapped herself in, or B) This is literally the only entertainment we have and he secretly loves every second of it.-

>Could be either, really.

-Yep, but what about you, where do you come from? Changelings don't grow this large around here. Could there be other hives out there we simply didn't know about? Perhaps a Queen who could wake ours up?-

>Oh I come from a hive that's...similar to yours.

-You don't say, how'd you deal with your Princess cocooning herself?-

>Uh...I don't think it worked that way for us.

-Huh, how did it?-

>I...y'know I never asked.

-Oh well, should have assumed it'd be foolish to get my hopes up. You know it'd be useful to have bigger changelings around, it'd certainly be easier to infiltrate ponies. You know how hard it is to convince a mare her husband shrunk? Luckily they're all the dumbest creatures to ever walk on four legs. Did you know we went to replace their Princesses and they were just GONE? We figure they just wandered off. What's a silly bunch of creatures.-

>Real dumb, reeeeal dumb. Hey, how much longer until we get to where mini 77 is?

-How'd you guess his name?-


-Oh, we should he coming up on his order's little lodge now, it's right on the- -



- -river. Oops.-

"Oh dear, I would help but I have no hands. Also I'm literally fire."

>Gaaaasp! Not cool!

O blind gags, will you ever get old? Probably not.
Now, see, this looks creepy, but literally every single time she has made a deal it has worked out great for everybody. This only looks creepy, there's not really the history to make it seem terrible.
Chitty Deals
>agree to save queens for knowledge
>agree to protect village in exchange for living peacefully among them.
>Agree to hangout for a bit during Cordy in exchange for poison (not fulfilled and she can't go back)
>Agree to stop Spike in exchange for amnesty
>Agree to stop cordy in exchange for a life saving love bump
>Agree to be an ATM to a hooker in exchange for food
>Agree to drop charges against Canterlot for heart surgery

This doesn't even include the things she does incidentally or to return unasked favors.

Sunset, don't do it though. Your bad luck will fuck this up.
... huh, none of those are really that terrible. He's got a point, there is nothing really to say this will backfire except for the fact that if it does, it's because everything always backfires on sunset, not old Titan bugs fault. I mean, in every case it seems to have paid off for the other guy just fine.

"Mr. Pants?"


"We've caught two unauthorized persons entering the palace grounds?"

>Oh dear, what could it be this-


>-time. Have we met?

'No but now we have! Friendly dapper pony, allow for Rekulk to introduce himself!'

-You just did.-

'Shush, Sebjek, I am doing the-what is it called? Networking. Yes.'

>Oh wait, are you the strange ponies that live under the mountain?

'Much of a yesness, fancy pony! I am a trader, here for to trade with the Princesses, be they of Apple or Sky Demon.'

>...I, what?

-Wherefore are the Princesses so we can trade pretty rocks for essentials.-

>Pretty rocks?



'Behold, we dug deep, the bounty was hard fought but it is ours!'






"Uh, sir? You don't have the authorization to do that."

>Oh...oh, sorry, excitement got the better of me.

"Also these two are known associates of the changeling ambassador."

-Zhetri Tuuhl.-

>Oh? Ohhh, no no no, I'm very sorry but you'll have to leave.

'But Sebjek and I have no place to rest our heads, and we cannot return empty suit compartmented.'

>Oh, hmm...well that won't do. Do you have an idea, Private?

"Got one."

Fifteen minutes later..


^Hi Rekulk!^

'Harmless Spider! Blood of Blue! Two strange twiggy ponies! Hallo!'

-So we live in strange cage house?-

"Not if you don't want."

-I live in cave, I sleep in strange bag we buy from City of White, this is... What is word? Vacation? Vacation.-

'Come, Harmless Spider! Show Rekulk your skills with the pretty hats!'
-Sucker Punch-
~Steam Gauge~

>Okay, show of hooves, who wants to spend the investigation in Puerto Burro?


'Is that in Mexicolt? I'm kind of banned from going back there.'

>One, what? Two, it's some kind of vacation town. 32 decided that we all deserve a vacation if the Princesses are going on one, so I'm asking you all before I move on to Sunset.

-Question, can we take a route that goes within Maretov Cocktail-throwing distance of Canterlot?-

>What? Why!?

-Because they're douchebags.-

>Douchebags we took an oath to protect and serve.

-Yeah, and they repay us for doing that by telling us we gotta stay away for making friends. Just because they only got to play with kids in the same net worth bracket doesn't mean they get to say who we hang out with.-

"I'm kind of with him on that, not to Anarchist levels but in principle yes."

>Look we all know this is a sham, they are going to see we have had no influence from changelings and we'll be back before the week is out. Now I ask again, who wants to go on a beach vacation?

-Can I bring 41?-


-Then yeah.-

"I'm in."

'Is it or is it not in Mexicolt?'

>It isn't. I think.

'Then count me in.'

~=Us too.=~

>Good, any questions?

=Yeah, ya think the investigators in Canterlot are gonna count that hallway thingy where we fought with the changelings against Chitania as enough to kick the rest of us out of the Canterlot?=

>...let's uh...let's hope not.

'Wish I coulda had a chance to pack my sequin dress before they kicked us out...'


>DT is a bitch that will hold a grudge until she dies
Yeah, she's that type, but I can see a couple of scenarios where she can patch things up with 32.

32 can't be direct with this one. He's going to need a mediator. Someone that DT knows and respect like 77. DT respects 77's opinions and would listen to him if he asks nicely to ease up on 32. At the very least, it'll keep her from doing anything inflammatory unless 32 starts it first.
She'll eventually drop it if 32 has been respectful, because he doesn't give a reason for her to make her mad anymore. It's better to disarm the explosive than to set it off.

A surefire way to get on DT's good side is to get her reinstated as a member of the A-team and possibly restore the A-team to fighting action. In that scenario, it would earn an incredible amount of respect with her and would make her willing to stick up for him if someone said shit about him. Explosive acquired and will defend you.
I was honestly game with this whole thing until it implied

>Super duper heart surgeon

>Welcome to Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club *cough*(until the dream eaters are gone)! It's during this time that content doesn't matter, and we give everypony good dreams!

"I'm the pretty one <3"

'I'm...the not actually feeling grumpy right now one.'

>And I'm the crazy one. What are we doing tonight?

"I want to introduce a new segment called Love Love High!"

Curtain closes and opens up again to a school library background. DT wears a school girl uniform while Cadence wears a boy's uniform. DT gives an innocent look.
'Cadence-senpai, I have a confession....I'm not doing well in school right now...can you tutor me?'

Cadence touches DT's chin.
"Don't worry, I know a lot of things and with me tutoring you, you'll know a lot of things too. Let's start by opening the book. You can learn a lot of princess stuff from this."

'*gasp* I didn't know that. Learning is so much fun with you Cadence-senpai.'

Cadence does the pretty boy sparkles
"I'm good, but it's because of you're the one who pushes me to go beyond."

'Y-you mean, you l-like me?'

More sparkles.
"Of course I do. I liked you from the moment-"

Pinkie barges in with a jacket draped over her shoulders and wearing a pompadour.
>Not so fast. You may like DT-chan, but it's me she really wants! I can show her how my dominance, and secret sensitive side will surely win her over.

'Oh my gosh, it's bad boy Pinkie-senpai...but Cadence-senpai is so smart and nice to me. Who do I choose!?'

>That's all the time we have tonight, but stay tuned tomorrow to find out!
So, long story short, everyone possibly involved has to sucker up to the little pink punk with the rocket launcher because her massively inflated ego doesn't allow her to ask others for help. Because she suuuuuure as heck doesn't have anything to apologies for? Hah. Haha to you.

Why would anyone work with her again ?
Oh, the drama!
Superior firepower?
A doi, didn;t you remember how we comically souped her to be some Adeptus Mechanicus tier weapons engineer in a goddamn school house, cobbling together a Fuckoff Launcher out of scrap and Trust fund moni, and then we suddenly shifted the gear stick all the way to the left and tried to make it super serious?

It is probably something along the lines of she thinks that DNA shifting the rock would work, when we already had Twilight rule it out to keep us from fixing her too quickly. We are basically going to have to dues ex machina or way out of this though since we ruled out every fix our characters could do to keep her undead.

Why don't we have the mirror portal fix her instead of killing her like she thinks?
....How has no one thought of a magically induced Stasis field affecting Sunny's body within and without? Total cessation of time in a localised area (Her body) giving our.... wait.... shit, the only actual named surgeons we have are Twilight and... Fucking Screwloose, fuck.


Magic, super specifi,c TIME STOP stasis field on Sunset, cut her open, extract the fuck-off rock, gently/magically attach recipient heart into her, repair arteries and other damaged chest cavity functions. Have all forms of "Make heart go thump-a thump" equipment on standby for when the field is dropped.

Come on folks, we can't balk at some magical heart replacement surgery, WE'RE /PA/ for fucks sake.
"even if we could get a heart in there the second of delay to get blood pumping would kill you" -Twilight.
"In the time it would take to get a new heart in all my other organs would fail"-Sunset

It takes 23 seconds for circulation to complete, even if you did that the fact that we have Twilight saying you die instantly, meaning dropping the field even to get just get blood flowing still kills her or causes severe crippling damage to her body.

We wrote this so the only way it works is the rock becomes a heart and the rest of her body stops being undead at the same time. Which even instant heart surgery doesn't fix.
>We wrote this so the only way it works is the rock becomes a heart and the rest of her body stops being undead at the same time. Which even instant heart surgery doesn't fix.

Well that there's a board meeting I seemed to have missed out on.

Isn't there some goddamn way we could do this without having to bastardise all known biological understanding?

It's not fucking right we kill the poor pone, permanently lodge an OC-mcgee deus-ex stone in her, have her become panicked, subsumed, made into a pariah, then a monster, and a primary source of hate boner fuel amongst the ~Well Developed~ cast. And not even try and address the fact that the fucker responsible got away with it, that and she quite simply went to hell and back, and no-one has managed to help her?

Her life's gone to shit, shit and more shit, the last thing she needs is to become some horrendous "post-pone" necro-wank material
Being fair We killed Varry again but we can't actually do anything about Discord even though the characters know he did it. Fluttershy can only absorb shit he does not actually hurt him.
Apologies for what? 32's the one who betrayed and attacked both her and her friends. After talking to Spike, I thought he was going to make amends, but he has to go and insult her then say how much he doesn't like her. Because you know, that's how you make amends, by further pissing them off. They hadn't interacted in a good while and the first thing he does is insult her unprovoked and out of the blue, so as far as I'm concerned 32's the aggressor and needs to apologize. It felt like the author was just injecting his hate into the character and in turn made me hate 32 even more.

"You know, I think this is kind of unfair. When I got deposed, I didn't get nearly this level of shit."

>I didn't get deposed, Spitfire. They're just doing a trust exercise or something.

"Suuuure, and I just took 'a month long vacation'."

>Pllleeeeaase stop trying to make me worry.

"Heh, no worries, if we do get kicked out, we can go move back in with my mom. She said she was okay with it and everything!"

>...Your mom said it was okay if I moved in with you?

"Well, she said it was okay if I moved back in, but close enough."

>That does not sound close at all!

"Meh, you can hide under the bed again."

>Did you ever clean under your bed?

"Ehhhh, Might want to bring a knife or two."


"... If I get kicked out again, Rainbow Dash is never going to not be smug at me, you know that, right?"

>Oh come on, it won't be...


>...Okay, maybe she'd be a little... loud, but if Twili told her to back off she would.

"Sure she would."


"So, seriously, what's your backup if this goes south?"

>...Do you know anything about turnip farming?

"I thought you hated those."

>I do.





"Yep. Sounds about right."

>It'll be fine, Spitfire.

"Meh... no reason not to trust you by this point."


"So, yes, I'll help you sandsurf."

>Now we're talking!
I thought I apologized for that but apparently I didn't (or, if I did, not to your satisfaction, anon). If it matters I've completely given up on writing her so you don't have to worry about me hurting DT ever again.

>Alright, let's try this again!... Ohhhh, I'm AJ 2, and I'm never feelin' blue, AJ2! Jumping with my bouncy shoes, AJ2! Don'tcha wanna be me tooooo... AJ2!


>... that's where ya' join in.

"Oh... This day is going to be perfect-"


"But I like that one!"

>But it makes mom start singin' randomly!

"Oh, don't be silly."





"...I-I wanna be bad-"




"... Raise this Barn?"


"Good enough."


{...What are you doing?}


{Ohhh, spontaneous singing... I understand.}

>So this is weird to you as well, right?

"Which part, the moving of several very large boxes, or the fact that our new 'temporary captain' has essentially swung the doors open to everything and is all but pushing the investigators inside every single nook and cranny?"

>...All of it? Just, all of it.

"I'm finding some strangeness in there, yeah."

>So, uh... what do we do?

"Now, see, there's the issue. If we do something, WE are the badguys here. If we say 'don't do that', she can ask why, and you know what? There's no good answer why she shouldn't be making them be super thorough in the investigation, there's no reason we should be asking them to back off. We're kind of in a situation where she's in the right here."

>...She's kinda scary.

"Yeah, you know, considering she fucking monologued to us her plans-"

>Which were "I'm going to be super loyal and good so that when Dash moves up I'll be the new captain".

"-right, those, which I should point out would also be weird if we were to try to actually explain-"

>Because how do you explain "She's going to be, like, the BEST wonderbolt and get promoted" without seeming like a jackass.

"-Right, that. Point is, she's... kind of good at this."

>...should.. should we be worried?


"...It might be too late for that one..."
Still don't know if badguy....
She can be selfish and just want advancement, but not be a mustache twirling villain.

She's not willing to actually go full evil, but she's willing to betray someone to get what she wants.
So yes>>26096617 she is the badguy. She went from an also-ran Dash brought on to Cutthroat Bitch. She let Soarin and Fleetfoot dig their own graves and let the Spitfire situation spiral out of control. Probably the only thing that held her back this long is that she wants to fuck Dash. But she isn't one to let opportunity pass her by so she is skipping the 'wait it out' portion and trying to usurp her now in a roundabout long game revenge from Wonderbolts Academy.
But that's not bad, it's completely normal to want to advance in life and get promotions and more prestige and all that.

And that's just it, she never does this herself, she let FF and Soarin' do what they were going to and then made sure they didn't take down Dash with them, she just stepped back and let Dash do what she felt was appropriate to Spitfire, she herself isn't doing anything BAD to get this. Even now, we're not sure if this isn't her endearing herself to Dash by showing she's totally willing to follow the rules great and she's not going to hide anything, or if she just wants them to find something on Dash, because BOTH give her what she wants.

She's driven, but can you name something she did that's actually 'bad'?
No, but the person climbing the corporate ladder by any means necessary is generally an antagonist. Even if they don't specifically do anything to those above. Especially if it is at the expense of a protag. This is how alignments in fiction work.

VS Soarin&Fleetfoot. (Ponies actively attempting to sabotage) good guy
VS Dash (Pony just doing the job thrust upon her and solicited outside assistance) Bad guy.

I'm serious it is all about WHO she is trying to out not what she is doing to accomplish it. If she was at Fawntine and trying to overtake Pennydrop by the same means she would be the good guy.
Think we're mixing up "Antagonist" and "Goodguy".

Chrysalis was technically the antagonist of the VS AJ fight, but she was undeniably the 'good guy' in the battle. Fleetfoot COULD be the antagonist, but that doesn't mean she's the badguy, just that she is the force opposing the protagonist. It's entirely possible for her to want to take over Dash's position but not be a terrible person for it.

>Alright, I want a good, clean race! First one to the end of the seabank wins!

"This ain't fair."

>Now now, nobody is going to push you over or anything.

"Ain't the problem."

'You do kind of outpace us, Dash.'

>Oh pshaw, you're just saying that.

[...because it's true?]

>I'm sure we all have a perfectly equal chance of winning, we all have wings after all!

"That... don't mean much."

>But, on that note, first one over there gets the warm spot in the shack tonight!


>Sure it is. Want to know how fair it is?

'How fair?'

>So fair I'll count to three before I go. Three.


'...Son of a-'



>...but... but you were over there.

[I was.]

>And now you're over here.

[Looks like I got here first.]


[Please don't swear, this is a clean race.]

No LD is not a villain I agree. She is just the antagonist, which means to the main characters, she is going to come off as bad. And since that's the viewpoint we receive most. Every villain with a reason for evil outside of for the sake of it is a good guy to someone. but in the eyes of the hero is how they become defined. Dash is the hero, anyone who attempts to take her out is the enemy. She can forgive or punish to get over it eventually, but that is how this particular line of story ends if Dash gets painted in a negative light with the investigation, LD will not be the hero of the story. And she'll be right back to needing a redemption angle like we found her.
Case and point
Chrysalis despite being the clear villain of ACW is the hero of her story and through the eyes of her changelings (even ones who hate her now, not named 32). But since she was against Princess pretty, Celestia, and the EoH she is and still is considered evil if not by our heroes than by some of our readers.
Trips confirm Fluttershy OP.
Also, rape, that kinda happened
You know what? I take this back. I'm going to write him making peace with them if it fucking kills me. And I will eventually make him not worst ling if it fucking kills HIM

Which it might, in the end.
Here you go buddy, just scroll to the bottom and you'll find the others.

That's what you fucking get.

That's what you fucking get, Dash.
Yes, Rape. Bad for ponies, former survival tactic for Changelings.
That's the spirit. If your kid plays well with my kids, I'll ease up on him.
>Well that there's a board meeting I seemed to have missed out on.

It wasn't a meeting, Twilight and her talked about it in an actual story(they also left out that the problem with the time-stop spell was that they couldn't stop time AND make blood flow at the same time, since that uh.. that would be bad if you're trying to move something essentially frozen in time through veins.)

That said, that's probably the reason I'm so interested in this offer Chitty is making. I really fucking doubt she suddenly knows how to do really complex heart surgery, and I'm also doubting it's just the DNA thing(since they issue with doing that is... it's a fucking rock, you can't change the fucking DNA of a rock.) so I don't know what exactly she's going to do, but I'm super interested in the idea she can do it, just because... what if she actually delivers, and this ends up like her other deals?

What if she actually does pull it off?
If she somehow makes Sunset more of a Changeling or some crap like that I am not gonna be a happy apple.

A character we brought in to be a second Straight Mare after our first attempt crashed, burned and got permanently lodged behind a mound of paperwork get's kicked about in a world of crazy and pseudo-meta-criticism about our plot, gets murdered right off the boat by a certain someone she had no control over, subsumed into doing some crazy shit cos goddamnit the entire world has gone to pot, made into a social and physical freakshow and now in a horrifically dysfunctional mentor-teach relationship that hasn't got her anywhere anytime soon.

If the solution to that is to "MORE CHANGELING" it then I will...

Nnnnnnnnot be happy with it
I thought she got brought in because that one guy had that story, he's the same guy who killed her and did the Variolus stuff. It's not like we were like "We need another straight mare!" some guy just had a story he wanted to tell, and told it. He even ended it saying we could throw her back through the portal if we wanted.

We weren't hurting for characters, somebody just had a story, and they put in the time and effort to write it, and here we are.
Might not be so hard on Chitty if she does. She'd probably back off just a bit on the Queen hate, for her at least. Depending on what Chitty wants in return, of course.

>...Ya' know... Ah' wonder what would happen iffin' Ah' tried ta' move the sun.... hgk... hhhnkkkk.... GHHHNN-


>GAH! WHAT?!... oh hey! Ah' didn't hit you or nothin'! Ah'm learnin'!

"Uh.. that's great, but um..."

>But what?


>...Mah' hair is on fire, ain't it?

"Well, on the positive side, you're not wearing your hat."

>Hey, that is an upswing! Yep. Things are lookin' up!




>...Iffin' you would excuse me.

"No no, you do you."

>Thank you kindly... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I can't tell who that is. It doesn't sound like Spike Rarity or Fluttershy. But it could be either of the other three.

'...To whoever just tried fucking with my sun... fuck you.
I liked everything about that.
>What if she actually does pull it off?

Then Chitty will keep her great track record.

...mostly great track record.

There was like, that one hiccup where it went terrible for everyone.

But that probably won't happen here... probably...
>You can practically hear Faustmom practicing her swing...

>Sooo, this fun, right?

"Hm?... Oh, yeah! It's been a ton of fun!"

>Yeah, right!? Isn't it nice to be hanging out again?

"Yeah, of course!"

>Yep! Great just to have all of the EOH back together. The party girls like it was supposed to be!

"Oh yeah."

>Yeah, just us. Not...


>...nothing! Just happy it's us all hanging out, just the gang again!

"It is pretty great."

>Just us... and nobody else.





>...Note to sell, you cannot make balls out of sand.


>...i missed you guys so much....


>I didn't say anything, Twi!


>...Nothing at all.
Way to not be creepy, Ponka.

Good job.
She is trying not to let her growing hate for OCs shine through.
Not just OCs, pretty much everyone who gets in the way of her special friends.
Considering how little show development anyone outside the M6 gets, they are pretty much all OCs.
But then when they come into HERE...
Nobody will split them apart ever again.

You mean until we send them in their different directions either once this is all over or once that one anon that wants them all together decides to combine the camps.
Well hopefully by the time of the former, Pinkie will have had her heartwarming moment when she realizes her friends never really left her and they weren't ever really drifting apart, and the latter is more than likely to be the cause of said moment, so... yeah, until then?
There will not be a merger of the camps.

...it shall be a warrrrrrrr...
Oh good I was wondering how Cadence was getting out. Destroying the shelter in a taken too seriously play war sounds good.
>This ends with the Villa completely destroyed
>Shack is still standing.

I can dig it.
ell the shack already fell, Twilight had to rebuild it.


>I take it you've found the massage chair.


>Really? Thought that was when you met me.


>...Aw, now I feel bad.


>I'm good.


>...Is that thing just really loud to you, or are you screaming for another reason?


>Ah... won't you-



...Really, Faustmom? Not even a massage chair?

You dick.
Now THAT is what I want to see. Full on prank battles between main six and CE crew. Mane-Iac VS Pinkie, AJ VS SA, Twilight VS Celestia, WAR BABY!
>Brooooother my broooother~
>Tell me what are we fighting for~
>Weeee've got ta end this war~


>...I'll show you how to surf later.
>The Wire
>Place is called the Docks




Okay. AJ and her Key of Honesty will fuck off back to canterlot then to be everyone's straight mare. I mean who needs story when she can be the one telling Shiny and Celly to get out of her bathroom, while we shift the story firmly back to team harem w/Twilight cameos.
>not getting the joke
...Or we could just not rip off The Wire directly and do our own thing with the same premise of 'really shitty place under everyone's noses'? I mean, it's one thing to be inspired by great television, but if you're just outright copying it, what's the point?

It's not like it would work anyway. Like... imagine season 2 if the characters could shoot laser beams and fly, and some of them were sorta immortal. Shit would be crazy.

....kinda want that now....
I just wanted to make a 'Season 2 is boring as fuck' joke, simmer down
Ohhhh, you were making that joke. I genuinely thought you were being genuine of fear due to some of the shit that happens in there.

In which case, you now have another reason to go kill yourself, as Season 2 is hella underrated.
I didn't watch the wire, only know of it. so I missed the joke yes.
OHHHH! got it. But how did you find show about how Shitty a place is boring? Was it too dialogue heavy or something? cut down on the death toll or action?
Taste is subjective, anon.
Season 2 was pretty much a bitter pill of setup we had to swallow for the glory of the subsequent seasons.
Sooooo... We already had that for AJ then.
>all the hooks for character development sunk into her
>only a few have been used
I can see how that would be boring. Setting the groundwork but not having the climax can be blueballing. There is a problem of dragging out a story too long that you lose the initial meaning (and interest of the viewer if they get to the GET ON WITH IT stage) but if the subsequent seasons pay off made it worth it, I can get on how upon review it can also be underrated and appreciated

Yes trips, it was basically played out the same as AJ's now somewhat developed character.
... it sounds like she's goin to get rid of some bodies later...
Goodnight, thread.
'Mini 32'

'Ok, so a word of caution before we go in there. This fellow is a biiiit...eccentric.'

>Says the tiny changeling who is put on trial every day for his own amusement?

'Yes, so you know it's especially crazy. Mr. 77 was once among our top infiltrators, one of our first successful forays into Pony Territory. He successfully seduced a mare without their guard or Princesses catching on to his true nature.'

"Really? Fascinating."

'Yes, and any rumors they didn't intervene because it was-and I quote- adorable are completely unsubstantiated.'


'Though 77's heart got the better of him and he revealed himself to her. True she loved him for who he was, true they were married quite publicly, but sadly this union informed us all that such relationships are simply not meant to be.'

>...angry mob?

'What? Oh heavens no, she stepped on a cockroach, thought it was him, and throw herself off a cliff in grief.'



'Tragic, I know.'

"You're going to laugh."


"You are straining quite heavily."


"This is what is called Black Comedy, yes? This pleases me, but we should meet the strange miniature bug to further our goals. Let's see..."

'Be careful now, that incident left him a bit unhin-'




"Well, this is uncomfortable."

'My goodness, right between his two front teeth! That is skillful!'


Fwump! Clang clang clang!

"That mildly irritates my teeth."



>Ooh, bucked in this lips, that has to hurt.

"It doesn't!"


Boing boing boing!

'Ooh, that looks like fun, can I bounce up and down on the knife next?'

"I am irked."

>...oh please tell me the knife is bigger than he is.

'Very much so, why?'

>...I'm taking both of you home with me, I swear to the Hivemind above.

"Please make him stop."

Gooodnight, bud.
Night, /pa/l
Can... Can she bring them home?
They need friends
>Welcome to Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content doesn't matter, and the best time for senpai to notice you! Now for our main segment...LOVE LOVE HIGH!!!

"I'm the pretty boy <3"
Pretty boy sparkles.

'I'm the school girl.'

>And I'm the bad boy!

"It's no use Bad Boy Pinkie. My love with DT-chan is pure. You're just a bottle of lust wanting her for her body."

>It's not true! What we shared together over the summer forged a bond that can never be fooled by your fake charms.

'I have a confession...I'm actually in love with my childhood friend, Silver-chan!'
Pulls Silver Spoon from the side.

[...what's going on here?]

>You think you can steal DT-chan and get away with it? Think again. I am twice the bad boy you can ever be Silver-chan.

[I...I don't even-]

"Neither of you will have DT-chan's heart. I'm just the smart choice to go with. My intelligence and pretty boy charms will never be bested by the likes of you two."

[...Princess Cadence? Why are you-]

'Little do they know, I'm not DT-chan at all. I'm TD-chan, DT-chan's robot cylon twin sister, who's here to ruin her love life.'


>That's all the time we have tonight! Join us next time for our exciting conclusion!

So how about we make pic related canon, huh?

Grasping at straws at how to make AJ's development speed up to match the Harem and Friends group
I'm not even gonna pretend I have any fucking idea anymore...
...Well that's just silly.

And 'speeding up development' is how we got here in the first place, we made AJ perfect right out the gate and had nowhere to go. This isn't a flaw we could highlight, it's just... silly.
There have got to be rules against that...



>I don't know why... but I really, really, really want to surf, dude.

"Did you just call me dude?"

>What? Nah, I'm just talking about how surfing would be pretty bodacious.


>Gnarly, I mean!


>I mean wicked!


>Radical, I meant radical!


Give in, shiny. Give in and be... Tubular.

>I didn't ask for this...

"Okay, you say that all the time. Seriously, all the time. What, exactly, did you not tucking ask for!? You signed up for the cyborg stuff, right? You actually wanted to be cool and shit! Is it the fucking chainsaw? The guns? All that shit that makes you way cooler than you were? What, are you mad you wanted to be more than a stock guard, and someone delivered? What was it!? What didn't you fucking ask for!?"

>This chocolate shake that came with my order.


>It's nice.


>Think the waitress thinks I'm cute.


>So... Things are going pretty good.


>Yep... *sip*... Pretty good.

"Happy for you."

>Thanks!.. Yep... Things are looking up.

"... So how long till Pennydrop finds out we don't know where this chick lives?"

>I'd give it a day.

"Ah. And then?"

>She cuts our balls off.


>But hey... Free shake.


>Lookiiin up...
How would that even work? Just like... Have her suddenly remember the past and then, what, go nihilistic?
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Huh. Sunset Shimmer. The zombie and the cyborg. Both only half pony.

You'd think having them meet and exchange experiences would be great for both of them. What do you guys think?
Crying, weeping, gnashing of teeth and a mareboner.

Do it
I was wondering when we were finally gonna make this joke.

>You know, I'm proud of her.

"Yeah, she really got outside her comfort zone."

>Tried something new!

"She deserves props, major props."

>And I'm glad we were here to share this with her

"Bonding exercise, that's what this was."

>That it was, and nobody can ever tell us different!




>... So how do we explain that AJ drowned trying to snorkel to the others?

"Bonding experiance-"




>Thank goodness!

"Was totally talking out of my ass!"

>New things are terrible!


She's a FARM MARE you fools!

What part of that says swimming!?
...So they were just watching as she floundered in the ocean before bobbing lifelessly on the surface?

Wow, you guys are TERRIBLE friends
Well, if she was snorkeling, she was face down anyway.

'Duuuuude, you're totally speaking my language!'


[Greetings ta' ya' me fellow surfer, been tree turnin's of the moon since we saw one last!]

"...I find it weird that zebra doesn't speak in rhyme. Is... is that racist?"

'Whoooooaaaa, that cloud is like, totally talking my stripey friend.'

[Did you drop some o' de fresh stuff in my drink again me brudder? Best be knowing you should warn me!]

'Naahhhh, I think he's like... the result of a natural high, like the waves are just so mellow it's lifted up our brains into seeing the other side... duuuude.'

[Pffft, dis crazy kook, right?]

>Totally, man.

'But duuuude, look at the ebb and flow of the waves, isn't it like... hypnotizing?'

>Pretty tubular, yeah.



"Excuse me, can you leave? I think you're having an negative effect on him."

[Ha ha! Don't be joshin' ya' boy, we gotta-]



"Yeah, shoulder pats don't really work on me, I actually don't have a-"







>Thank you.

"No problem."

>If you don't mind, I'm going to hang out with the bodacious babes.


>Surfer Zebra returns!

It was all worth it.

Best arc.
Next thing you know, he'll get an insatiable hunger for corndogs and become completely oblivious to what's happening around him. Kind of a harmless version of TwiCrazy.
... The fuck does that have to do with being a surfer?
...How do you drown by snorkelling?
He's just talking about vauge fan stuff with the weirdest of topic changes.
Very easily, actually. Especially if you don't know how to do it right. Google "Dangers of drowning while snorkeling" for a couple dozen reasons not to go back in the water not shark related.
Is this... AJ's first "death" as a royal?

Isn't that anticlimatic...

She was not a creature of fear.

Fear is that which she used against her foes, fear is the thing she delved deeply into the wanting minds of her target in order to pry free from their depths that which would bring them the most pain in a time of battle or strife. Fear is her weapon, that which she exhumes with only her wicked fangs and monstrous appearance, it was that which she turned against others to such devastating effectiveness it could bring royalty to their knees. Fear, she knew. Fear was her ally, it was her friend.

Fear was her power, it was a weapon.

It was most certainly not something she let into her heart, especially not from something so benign. No... she used fear, she did not feel fear.

>You... you pathetic thing. You think you can bring fear to the Queen of all changelings? You think you have the power to make me worry even the slightest amount? Pathetic. You are no more than a blip on the radar of my vast power, you are no more than a tiny hoofnote in the grand book that is my tale. You, are nothing, while I am the greatest Queen who ever lived. You think yourself powerful? Well..

The magic that rippled through her made her muscles burn, ache to be relieved from all that pent up fire that wished so deeply to be set free. Magic on her horn, venom on her fangs, she smiled.

>Let me show you what real power is.

Fire in her heart, fire in her mind, fire in her being, she charged.

>Even if you should seek my life, even if you try to bring my end, this ends today! I WILL OVERCOME YOU!



"Chrysalis, please get down from my head."


"I'm standing in knee deep water, you can just walk."


"Or fly. You can just fly you know... unlike me."


"Chrysalis you're heavy."




Some things never change...
Two days from now it will be the second year anniversary... and some part of her is that same screeching scared changeling who climbed up Shiny's head and wouldn't come down.

That's kinda magical.
>Remembers past generations
>Realizes fixing stuff is useless
>Becomes full Dictator Apple
>The title all along... was the final boss.
I dunno, did the story make it that she completely drowned and suddenly Alicorned back to life? Prompting Dash and Pinkie to go after here ( I assume they're on the beach)

Or was it some kind of last attempt at kicking her way out of drowning?

Was AJ kill?

>... MY TIME HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! All this time fighting Applejack has paid off! YES! I GET TO BE THE HERO NOW!


>Wow, I'm fucking boring...
Huh. Not nitpicking the joke, but this made me realize she's actually really fucking interesting, even when she's in the hero role. Especially when she was against Applejack, that was some straight up determination shit.
Eh, AJ was the more interesting in that scrape to me for once. Chrysalis was awesome, though, that determination was excellent, even if AJ was just as determined.
Jesus fuck what have we done
Oh god yes, watching AJ break down and seeing every step of her thought process didn't just make her interesting, it actually had me questioning sometimes if it was actually the right thing to do and if she was right. A lot of arguments she made to herself I had a hard time fighting against, and it made it all the more believable when she started getting more intense in the fight, seeing her desperation to reach her goal was heartbreaking, yet engaging.

I was just saying that I found Chrysalis in the opposite role in that particular instance particularly interesting. Not because I necessarily thought she should be fighting or thought she was right, she did some stuff very wrong in that, but she was interesting to see just what lengths she would go to in order to achieve victory, and watching her get brought down to Applejack's Earth Pony levels but keep on against an opponent she couldn't even scratch was brilliant subversion.

Though I should point out, that's the joy of it. Both sides were incredibly engaging in that fight, and watching them evolve and gain more, in AJ's case, or be stripped down until they had nothing left, in Chrysalis's, made it so when they got to the verbal debates, you really felt for either side. You knew why they were doing it, and couldn't begrudge either one. It was really well done.

...Made a story with interesting characters?

The... the horror?
>Made a story with interesting characters?
>Completely failed to develop AJ, cementing her as the one character no-one can write to save there lives.

That shit's depressing senpai
I agree with this, it's certainly more fun when both sides of a conflict make you stop and really think about what they're doing, and inverting their normal roles and seeing how the other deals with it is an effective way to do that. Seeing Applejack be the one leaning on mind control, flight and magic to win her battle while Chrysalis was down to nothing but grit was an event we had never seen before, and it certainly paid off.

>Completely failed to develop AJ,
Yes, which is why everyone went nuts over her mind-apple arc, because she's so underdeveloped and uninteresting. That's why.

Or are you gonna try to lean it on her not learning magic or something? Cause her not learning magic is actually character stuff.
>because she's so underdeveloped and uninteresting
That's the problem

These threads, with AJ as the mian character, would you'd THINK have AJ grow and develop as a character with more depth, nuance, and popularity.

To overcome the hurdles of the actual show where AJ is regarded as the most shallow, boring pony of the Mane 6.

The fact that we failed to develop her until now, and is MILES behind a bunch of one-shot villains, supporting characters and OCs.... well fuck.

It doesn't really bode well for your fave pone, that she's practically impossible to make interesting.
>These threads, with AJ as the mian character, would you'd THINK have AJ grow and develop as a character with more depth, nuance, and popularity.

But she has, she's been filled with that for a while.

What, we gonna pretend there was no depth to the post Cordy recovery? No nuance in the Arm-Break event? And don't give me that popularity thing, she's been one of the most frequent characters by far.

>To overcome the hurdles of the actual show where AJ is regarded as the most shallow, boring pony of the Mane 6....

We had her do stuff like lock up the changelings during a giant monster attack and nearly got them killed, had her nearly start a war out of stubbornness, had her reexamine why she was even there, had her accept she was being unfair to the changelings even if she didn't like Chrysalis, had her be forced to work to recover the trust she had at the start and gradually lost, put her at odds with a foe like Chrysalis who could be a nice opposite to her mentality, and then had her nosell a nuke... that last one isn't a character thing, it's just cool.

>The fact that we failed to develop her until now, and is MILES behind a bunch of one-shot villains, supporting characters and OCs.... well fuck.

She is not, she just developed differently thanks to none of her major developments hinging on Spike like some of those characters you mentioned. She developed, just in a different direction.

>It doesn't really bode well for your fave pone, that she's practically impossible to make interesting.

If that were true, people wouldn't be asking for more development for her. She is interesting, we just want to see more of it and in different ways then we've been doing.

I literally have no idea where this 'AJ never gets any development!' thing comes from, Cordy was a year ago...
>Completely failed to develop AJ
>after all that
>after alllllll of that, the scene stealing, the power, the moral quandary, the fight, the debate, that drive, that discovery
Wow. I find that insulting. I didn't even write that AJ-developing piece yet I feel insulted for whoever did.

I understand there's a meme for drama concerning AJ's development but at least wait until things die down before starting up again.

Same for >>26109507.
>I literally have no idea where this 'AJ never gets any development!' thing comes from
I chalk it up to the same level of hilarity as our 'don't join the gun club' meme. That shit's still funny.
>the scene stealing

She didn't just steal the scene, she stole the whole goddamn arc. Literally. Just took that shit when it was about Cadence at first and WHOOP she was gone for like three solid threads.
>Lightning Dust


Her hooves rubbed together, slowly, eagerly.


Her eyes practically glimmered in the light, shone with an eager glint that sparked like a fire that threatened to rage once unleashed.

>Soon it shall be mine. I shall finally, finally, finally have what I so deserve, what I should have had from the very beginning. Soon I shall have what was denied me, what... she denied me. What all of them denied me. Soon it shall be mine, it shall all be mine. Everything I ever wanted... no, everything I deserved, and should have had from the start. It shall all be mine... and no one can possibly stop it.

She smiled, her hoof reaching out in a soft, caressing motion.

>Soon, oh so soon... I shall get what I deserved.

She smiled her wicked little smile, and she cocked her hoof back.

>And there is no one around to stop me.

Like a viper, she struck.

>Yess... yessssss!





Desperately, she banged on the vending machine, but the moonpie would not fall.


She banged. And she banged. And she banged.

But she was denied, and she called to the heavens.


That was her last bit too...
That was weirdly cute.
The power of apples when we get serious, probably why we don't too often. Other characters would fall off for threads on end.
Hrm, wonder what would happen if she originally had a different love interest...
This is still confusing me
Up to 20precent less Jailbait wait.
Probably nothing, as Spike's push had very little to do with being AJ's love interest and more people wanting a 'serious' version of Spike who carried around a gun and protected Equestria and could powerbomb somebody who could take on Shining Armor.

AJ probably would've been pretty far into the relationship, though.

>So, I notice you haven't really been enjoying yourself.

The grunt that spilled out from the bug pony solider on the ground next to the office door might have been a response of some kind, or she might merely have been clearing her throat. Very few would have been able to tell, he was well aware.

He was one of those few.

>Forty Two...

"She is missing all the fun."

He sighed, easily sliding into place next to her, as if it were of second nature to him.

>I know, but she feels like she has to do this.

"That doesn't mean she should be all alone in there.

>We'd only make it worse by trying to force our way in.

"I would be very quiet."

>It would still bother her you were there.

"I could hide."

He sighed, realizing quite quickly that this particular method was going to be lacking, success wise.

>Two is missing you.

"She's missing Cadence more."

>Chrysalis has a lot of stuff she wants to show you.

"It isn't going anywhere."

>Eighteen is eating all your milk duds.

"Lies, they never come out of my hoof."

Failure after failure. He needed to try something else...

>...If she were out here right now, do you think she'd want you to sit here while she's trying to work, or go have fun with everyone?

The slight, near inaudible hitch in her breathing at that moment said that he had found the right angle of attack.

"...I don't want to leave her alone."

Softly, his hoof found her shoulder, and he pulled her closer.

>Punchbug, come on. You think I do? You think I'd ever leave her alone, if I didn't think that's what would help her the most?

She went quiet, looking away so he could no longer look past her helmet to her face.

>We're not leaving anyone alone. We're just... giving her some space. You get that, right? You, better than most, should get that sometimes... they just want to be alone. Gotta handle your own thing, so that when you're ready to show what you've learned, you'll really wow them."

"...But being alone doesn't help."


It was almost hidden, but he could swear he heard some real emotion in there.

>Not in the long run, no. But at first...

He heard no argument back. There was no question, she didn't have one to give.

>Come on, hows about we go have a beach fight, huh? You never get to train on unsteady ground back at home, gotta change up your game when half the battlefield will kill you.



"...As you wish, Shining Armor. I suppose... a quick battle might be good. If nothing else, the sounds of you crying like a baby when I kick your ass might drive her to come out to make sure your handsome face is still intact."

She got up, smooth as a soldier should. But there was a pause. A short, quick pause where her eyes flickered back, there and gone, and then she was moving.

It wasn't long before he was right behind her.

>Oh pleeeease, I'll be fine.

"I won't go easy on you."

The fire returning to her voice was like music to his ears.

>I wouldn't have it any other way.
42, you're edging from Bro-tier into 'Needs some space' tier.

Not quite at stalker territory, but watch that shit.
...Stop trying to make LD cute.

It's working.
Trips confirm, Mountain Dew head a cute


His one, single, solitary buddy was currently talking with the Hive. Which meant... he was pretty much just sitting here.


Not allowed back in the castle, didn't know anybody over here...


This was a nice vacation.

>...I'm starting to regret pretty much every life choice I ever made.


Without even pausing, the yellow furred, red striped maned mare shoved him into the fountain as she walked by, continuing on like nothing had happened.

Rude, sunset.
She's seen some shit, anon, ain't got no time for self pity if it's not her.

Life just never stops shitting on you.
Weird, right? Like... that guys life is just nonstop getting fucked up. How has he not considered suicide?
She's just worried her crush isn't having fun...
His mom would find him in the afterlife, and never. Stop. Screaming.

Goodnight, thread.
G'night, anon
42's autism is palatable by this point
That's one of the least autistic things she'd done in social situations.
Maybe, but she must have genuine assburgers of some sort by this point, there's no denying it
>Welcome to Late Night /pa/ with your hosts the Pink Pony Club! It's during this time that content doesn't matter, and we drag your friends in! Now for our main segment...LOVE LOVE HIGH!!!

[Why am I still here?]

'Because your love for me will never let you go.'

"But DT-chan, I love you more. Why can't you see and can provide you more happiness that you could ever imagine."

[Your character is only in high school!]

>If I can't win DT-chan's love, then I'll take her for myself!
Pinkie gets on top of DT and starts tearing her schoolgirl uniform.

'Kyaaa! Noooo!'

[Hey, uh no means no!]
Silver Spoon pushes Pinkie away. Pinkie suddenly has random splotches of blood all over her body.

>Ugh...I've been defeated. You're stronger than you look.

[I only gave you a push! Why are you covered in blood!]

'Y-you protected me?'

"I was wrong. You moved faster than I could to protect DT-chan. You truly are the one who deserves her love."
Cadence walks into the sunset.

[Considering it didn't take much to push Pinkie, anypony could have done that you know!]

'I'm sorry, but I'm not the real DT-chan. I'm her robot twin, TD-chan.'

[You already said this! You weren't exactly whispering! Nothing's making sense!]

'I meant to ruin DT-chan's love life, but I never expected to fall in love with you. Please take me now, Silver-chan.'

[...This is a dream and you're just pulling one on me aren't you?]

'...I wanted you to feel included.'

[...I guess it was kind of fun...but I'm waking up now.]
Silver Spoon disappears.

"She was a great straight mare."

'Told ya. She can out straight mare me any day. Thanks for letting me bring her in.'

>Don't mention it. This was a pretty fun sketch.

"Thank you. I'm the princess of love, so I wrote Love Love High from what I know."

'Isn't this just based off of one of your Neighpones romance mangas?'

>We should try to pull this on others! That's all the time we have now, but g'night and sleep tight!
>Good Morning and welcome to Sunny Party Beach News! I'm Pinkie Pie and this is my co-anchor Applejack. What do you have for us today?

"Rarity has been complaining about how much our breath stink, but considering that it's caused by our abundance of pickles and how she's eaten a lot herself, she's not exactly in a position to complain about who's breath stinks."

>Excellent. Now to Rainbow Dash with the weather.

'It's been mostly clear here in the skies, but I've manages to wrangle up some clouds, so anypony with wings can have their own mini home in the sky. Pinkie and Spike may have some problems though. Back to you.'

"Looks like you and Spike might be out of luck."

>Don't worry, we'll think of something.

"Fluttershy, what do you have for us in sports?"


>Amazing, don't you just love those little guys?

"Indeed, Pinkie. Let's check on our field reporter, Rarity."

{Things have been less than fabulous, as two crabs have acquired knives from the shack and are in the middle of a knife fight. We're live on the scene with Spike. Spike, what can you tell us about the situation?}

=It started with me trying to find an air pump when I saw something scurry out of the corner of my eye. Somehow they managed to grab knives from the shack and have been fighting each other ever since. When I tried to stop them...well this happen.=
Spike reveals knife jammed into his palm.

{Oh no, are you okay darling?}

=Eh, I'm fine. Thick scales.=

+Girls, come over here! I found something!+
They gather around Twilight and stare at a metal protrusion in the sand.

"...a hatch?"
It's 7am and I didn't even sleep. Thanks insomnia.
>A hatch

Aw shit.

If that thing has numbers on it, I'm out
First sign of a smoke monster I'm leav-SHIT!
Before >>26116227


>Hey girls! Check this out!

"....Darling? I do understand there may not be much to do here, but... Stuffing kelp and seaweed into your mane does not forebode well I'm afriad"

>Ennnh, jess' shut and watch this...HMPH

Slither slither

"...That's... what was that?"


"You can use your magic to make seaweed.... wiggle"

>...Well, yes, but there's more to it than that

"Darling, if you want to learn about how to control your magic, all you need to do is ask, myself and Twilight are more than happy to help..... But this childish behaviour is quite unnerving."

>I know, Rares, but it's just kinda fun to do this..HNK

Wiggle wiggle

"...Now you're making them stand up on end?"

>Yeah! I'm like one of those Meadow-Yoosie monsters, BLEEEH!

Swish Swish


"Ugh, no wonder you were never invited to movie night, that's the completely wrong monst-"


"WAAGH! It's in my eye! EW EW EW EW Ew ew ew ew...."

>...Whoops... Okay, that's enough, out ye git.... come on... donthcha... knot up....


>....Hrmmmm.... Can Ah' really....

She firmly pressed her hoof onto the kelp, not putting much pressure on it, not to "hurt" it, and her horn ignited.


Her voice seemed to resound with that word, and a flow of.... something rushed from her hooves to her horn... and back again







>...Alright... that sure was...

Well, at least says no little black kid-SHHIIII
Oh stop panicking, it's not like timetravel is a FFFFFFFFF

Thup thup

>Okay, seriously, doe nobody else hear that?

"What are you talking about?"

>The thupping under the board! Does nobody hear that thing!?

"Shining, stop making up excuses to rip up the floor."

>I'm not! I heard something! I keep hearing something!

"You've ripped up that same board three times now, stop it. We have to pay for that."

>I hear something, dang it!

"All you hear is your brain rattling in your skull after I punched you in the head."

>You haven't even hit me yet!

"I hit you so hard it went back in time."

>...wait, don't you mean forwards in time, like when you-


"No, I do not."

>...I should have seen that coming.


>I still hear it!




"Fulfilling a prophecy, Shining. That's all I'm doing."

>... this vacation sucks.
Well, now I'm super interested...
Seeing as this is MLP, there's a good chance that whatever is under there is going to be a much too powerful artifact that will totally wreck shit.


"...Well one of us is clearly going to have to change."

>Well? Hop to it, Cellybunny.

"Excuse me? One of us can fwoosh it away, thank you. Time to use that power you like bragging about so much."

>It's really here, though.

"So? Your crown was really there when you were pretending to be Cadence, it didn't go anywhere, but we obviously couldn't see it."



>...Huh... That's... huh.

"Soooo, fwoosh?"

>I got out first though. I was already standing here with it on when you came out.

"But it's easier for you!"

>Who cares about easier? It's about being fair.

"Then be fair to the one who doesn't have fwooshy magic!"

>You change!






>...Fine, we can both wear the sombreros.

"Fine. ARRIBA!"

Or just another mirror pool.

...Which I just realized is still under a rock. Huh.
But only like 10 ponies even know where it is and the clones are dumber than background characters and more destructive than unnamed changelings.
> and the clones are dumber than background characters and more destructive than unnamed changelings.

...What would happen if Chitty used it, then?
A shitload of bugzillas with the smarts of rocks. Only they wouldn't be screaming "fun"...

File: the ture ending..png (1 MB, 800x1799) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the ture ending..png
1 MB, 800x1799
>comic semi related because I don't have the webm on standby.
Thirteen gets her unstoppable army.
Chrysalis enjoys her mind controlled superbugs.

>I've got it! We just need to figure out how to supersize our send-back spell, and they can be safely returned without hurting anyone! That sound good?

"Or I could just murder them."

>Er... think you can handle that many?

*Chitty cracks her neck*

"...Bring it on."
>Two year anniersary is tomorrow


Where did the time go?
I don't fucking know man...
>a whole two years with you guys
That's fucking amazing.
Where does the time go...
What's doubly weird is that we did pretty much the same amount of 'arcs' and the same types from year 1-2.

Remember, year 1 ended with AJ post Cordy realizing she needed to get back to work.
A day earlier

>And into her own reflection she stared, yearning for one whose reflection she shared, and solemnly sweared not to be scared at the prospect of being doubly mared!

She reaches in and pulls a clone out

>It worked! With more than one of me now...I....

"-prospect of being doubly mared"


(seriously though, did we ever gt a ruling on if the little rhyme is needed for it to work?)
>(seriously though, did we ever gt a ruling on if the little rhyme is needed for it to work?)

Yes? It doesn't do anything if you just look it. All the clones did the rhyme too.
>>It worked! With more than one of me now...I....... I..... wait, why the fuck did I want to do this?

"Because now we can hug twelve twice!"









>Close enough.
She's still Punchtania to me.
OOCO before >>26116227, since I don't know where that is going.



"NO! Don't you Dashie me! I can do this!"

>You really, really can't.

'I feel bad...'

"NO! No feeling bad for me! You know what you're about to feel? VICTORY!"


"Wait, shit, no! I mean I'm going to feel victory!"

>Your first statement was more right...

"Everyone get the fuck back! I've got this! FIRST ONE TO THE SHACK WINS-... FAUSTDAMN IT!"



'Do... do you want me to give you a head start?'


>Dash, you can't outfly someone who can bend space and time.

"I am the fastest flier in Equestria, nobody can outfly me! I! CAN! DO THIIIIIIISSSSSSS!"



"D-did I win?"

>Was the contest 'who could drive themselves further down into the sand?'

"...y-yes.. yes that was it. I won, right?"

'Oh, dear. I was trying to hide so you could win one, I thought we were racing. I'm sorry...'

"...Pinkie, I need you to go get Spike's gun really quick."
For some reason, I always wanted her name to be something completely benign and random. Like... Bob or something.
that is why she is still 13, we couldn't agree on a name.
I kinda wanna write more Chitty considering a certain trailer dropped today.

Don't care what anyone says, that movie was cool.
>considering a certain trailer dropped today.

Oh? For what? I can't think of anything that really matched up to that, that got released today. I miss something cool?
Cloverfield sequel dude. John Goodman's gonna be in it.
>Jew Jew Abrams

You're either looking at a crappy "bottle" movie, or some seriously fucked up CQC camera swoops that ruin any monster presence
...Huh, completely missed that thanks to the new title and it not getting featured anywhere.

>It's not found footage.

Yay, but also then why bother.

No wonder it's not making much news...
I know what you meant but I just found the idea of Spitfire not being friends with herself funny.
>>26119731 How the fuck did I miss that, I cannot believe I did that... oh god, it's funny.

>Enjoying yourself so far?

The mare lounging face down on her towel barely even gave a tiny wave before her letting that hoof plop back into the sand, all the meager energy she felt like giving long since spent.

"This is actually really nice, I like this. Feels like I'm actually being treated like someone important again."

>Ah, come on, you were always important.

"Maid. Outfit."

An awkward cough escaped him, and that was that.

"...glad I'm actually hanging out with my friends again."

>Oh? You finally got around to talking to Fleetfoot and Soarin' again?

"I said my friends."

>Now, come on, don't take it out on-

"Joined in the laundry thing."

Another, much more awkward cough left him at that, and the sun suddenly looked very interesting to him.

>...So! How bout those fillydelphia colts?

"Their starting lineup is almost as pathetic as your ability to change the subject."

>The alternative was elbow dropping you and running off.

"Try it."

>Er, I also have bubbles?

"Don't try that, I hate those things."

>...Hey, Spits?


>Glad you came with us.

"...Me too."


"...No, you can't sleep in the observatory with me."

Hey, Fleetfoot tried... for completely selfish reasons that in no way actually make it look like she should be forgiven for what she did, but still.
"Crystal Pony"




"...Can I swing on your-"


"Awww, come on! You let her do it!"

>She's my food! I need her to be happy!



"So, you like tasting her?"

>I don't really taste it, it's more like a feeling.

"Ooooo~! She sweet or sour?"

>...What? I just said it's more like... a buzzing, I guess?

"So, she kicks?"

>No, she's pretty still during.

"You must not be very good at it, you want some tricks?"

>...how the fuck would you know tricks on how to do that?

"Been around the block a couple times, honey. You see me knocked up? No? There's a reason for that."

>...you talk funny?

"Oh no, I say all the right things."

>I'm going to contest that. I am pretty lost here.

"Oh, you want help finding something? That can be tricky, you know."

>What could that possibly mean in this context?

"You ever tried to get a popcorn kernel out of your teeth? You need that level of control."

>I'm hesitant to admit I actually can do that...

"Now that's what I want to hear. So what do you say, you wanna show her a real fun time?"

>She looks like she's having fun.

"Oh, sweetie, sometimes they fake it."

>...I'm pretty sure I'd be able to tell depending on how much she loves it.

"What they all say, honey. Soooo... you wanna invite her over, so I can show you those... tricks, all three of us?"

>How much is this gonna run me? She's already pretty expensive.




"HRMPH! I was just offering, you didn't have to call me a whore!"


>...I am so confused....
I am too, Chitania. I am too.
...Are you seriously, or were you just making a joke?

Is there really someone as comically oblivious as Chitania in the real world?
I knew it was a sex thing. Just got stupid about which sex thing


"Huh? I was just offering for, you know.. the regular reason."



'...Can respect that.'

"Glad to hear it."

'Sorry I snapped.'

"Where, exactly, did you get a knife?"

'...You don't wanna know.'
[Random Salespony]

[Kniiiiiives! Get your knives here! Super cheap discount!]

"...Uh, why didn't I want to know?"

'Because this shit is a rip off!'

[Hey! Those are quality knives, thank you!]

She puts it in her teeth, bites down.
Whole thing shatters.


[...That actually says more about your jaw strength than anything.]

>Did you rip her off?


"So thaaaaat's why you hang out with her."

'Well, one of them... unf.'

"...Unf indeed."

>What the fuck are you talking about!? WHY DOES NOBODY WANT TO MAKE SENSE ANYMORE!?

{Finally! I thought it was just me!}

>Right!? Nobody makes any sense anymore!

{Totally random noises and out of context phrases.}

>Fucking confusing.

{It's like, when I say I mostly watch JJ do stuff with his balls, what do you think that means?}


{A DOY! Freaking juggling! But them-}

"Oh honey, glad you're active!"

'Got enough of that myself, actually.'

{-they just say random stuff!}

>Maybe it's a joke?

{...Have we been getting pranked this whole time?}

>Well, now I just feel silly... and angry... and a little hungry, I might need to take her behind a dumpster or something to drink in her love a bit.

{Oh hey, JJ does that to me all the time. Personal advice? Don't go so fast, gotta take it slow sometimes.}

>Meh, I'm eager to get to the end.

{Everyone is, but it's better for both if you don't.}

>I'll consider it.

{Great!... Oh, and what do you find funny? This is legitimate discussion as to the intricacies of love!}

.../pa/, where do you go sometimes?
To crazy fucking places, man. Crazy fucking places.

Mostly in completely random tangents that somehow spiral into other jokes and create cohesive stories out of insanity.

...welcome to motherfucking /pa/.
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>2 years
>Still can't make AJ an interesting character

That's what you get for making worst pone the main character
>he didn't read the thread at all
read some of the most recent stuff, in fact, go read cordyceps arc a year ago.
we've developed AJ plenty, we're just slow and steady, like her.
Also she doesn't have access to the harem of infinite development.
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>2 years
>Barely managed to develop AJ after 2 years of writing
>Still one of the more uninteresting character

You make the show writers proud
>Obvious bait is obvious

That said, I am kind of wondering what we're going to do next for her.

Besides the obvious PD setup we've been doing, I mean.
PD's probably gonna be the focus point, as she acts as a brilliant opposite to AJ, and with AJ knowing now that using magic can give her a notable advantage over opponents, it's going to be interesting to see her more set in stone ways of doing things be tempted away with the knowledge that if she pulls out some magic, she can win.

This will especially hit monstrously hard if PD calls her out on it, pointing out that the only way she can fight her is to use powers the 'higher ups' granted to her.
This will get further muddied when PD points out her effectiveness. She wants shit done, and it GETS done. With AJ questioning her effectiveness post Cordy and the need for her to have the others believe in her during the Mind Apple War, the idea that there's an earth pony that is both inspiring and effective is going to challenge some views.
Well we still have a bit before she gets to PD. Which is okay, we need her around so we don't have to build a new Big Bad. But AJ's achievable goals before we take on PD (AJ's villian so it HAS to be her).
>Learn Magic control and uses.
>Get Changelings accepted into society
>Deal with the fallout
>Be finished, finished with Chrysalis through the 2 above, by either finally shutting her off from her subjects or helping her start the Changeling City/sovereign Nation.
>Optional: Get Spike and Rarity on the same page with her relationship.
>Optional: Fix the Equestrian Ghetto (or let Pom Pom do it)
>Optional: Use paperwork powers to condense the shit she has to do per day. She has been at this for over a year, she should have streamlined the domestic things by now. It is not like she is 18 trying to micromanage the entire country
>Do something with the KoH if we aren't going to open Twilight's box.
>side quests along the way

The thing with her learn magic is even if she does that we can have her speech about either
>how she used to think that way (canon w/both FWF and her view of alicorns) but it is her power not theirs. And she could never have done some of the things she did for Equestria without the boost.
>Hiding behind her tech is less the Earth Pony way then her Natural Magical powerup
>As much as she wants to she couldn't fight her with her Earth Pony limits if she tried. But that the power she (PD) wields should even the score

She isn't as cutthroat as PD, but it will make her question why she didn't use the Apple.
Something I don't get and I please forgive me if I just missed something here:

What is PD's endgame anyway? She realizes if the shit goes down, she'd get squashed in a New York minute, right? Nothing short of a cruise missile so much as dazes a properly loved-up changeling, so even if she calls in her alliegances with the Griffons and other sundry nations, all that's going to result in is a lot of them dead even if somehow the Royals/Discord/Dumbass McFireFace didn't intervene.

What the hell's she gonna do? Develop some kind of...hate bullet that can pierce Love Shielding? That sounds fanficky as fuck (pot calling the kettle black notwithstanding). Figure out a way for bots to drain love like changelings do? The changelings could just drain them right back.

I'm not trying to start that '[THING I DON'T LIKE] OP, pls Nerf', I'm just trying to get my ducks in a row, so to speak.
Current setup for conflicts are obviously the PD one, but then we have certain other ones that will probably have challenges like
>Chrysalis's debate on if she should stay in the CE or leave.
>7's experiments, which are going to be a huge problem with the public on eggshells with changelings now
>Going with Pom to Baltimare and witnessing first hoof the problems hidden under the surface of an otherwise stable city and what that means for the ones pushed aside.
Several others of course, assuming this all ends easy, but those are the big ones.

>how she used to think that way (canon w/both FWF and her view of alicorns) but it is her power not theirs. And she could never have done some of the things she did for Equestria without the boost.

But that's just it, PD could very easily argue it's NOT her power, she didn't earn it, she was given it, and for all she knows it's completely reversible and can be taken away from her if Celestia wants.

>Hiding behind her tech is less the Earth Pony way then her Natural Magical powerup

How? That's not her magic. That's not earth pony power. All the tech? That was made, Alicorn magic is given. It's more natural for Earth Ponies to make tools then to be granted magic from 'the important ones' in order to do what they want.
She's creating massively powerful weapons to fight the changelings if need be, but she outright said the reason she's not starting a fight is that she doesn't want to be a dictator, just have power from the side. She outright said it's in her best interests if the ponies down below are happy and not sad like they were to Sombra in her speech to Celestia. Her endgame is to very slowly take control over every sector of Equestria and sow distrust for the ruling class, until when the time comes to take over she can have it peacefully done as they step down and abdicate their power, which she will not directly take up but control nonetheless, and if they wish to keep it they'll have to go fully against the populace, which she is preparing for. She's preparing chaos stuff for Discord in case need be(She already used it against Lavan, and it worked.) and she's creating enough firepower to take on the Alicorns with her Metal Deer series. She's not looking for an all out war, she's looking for a corporate takeover of a country.

That said, she IS developing anti-Changeling tech, notably the lava-infusions that Fizzle is testing all the time.
>. And she could never have done some of the things she did for Equestria without the boost.

Now THAT I want to see.

>Couldn'a done it without these here powers, Ah' have to admit.
"Really? Well, imagine that... I didn't need them. So tell me, if the only way you could have done it is with obscene power you were granted by someone else on a whim, a power that is not yours, never was yours, and could easily be taken away, and I did so much more with not a single spark of that magic granted to me... which one of us would Equestria be in safer hooves with? Is it the mare who needs magic because her old earth pony ways were just too hard?... Or is it the earth pony who found that power anyway, and never needed some tall white special pony to descend from her city hanging above all to give it to her?"
Just in case everyone forgets. Celestia and Twilight are the reason for all the tech. So everything she would throw at AJ originally came from an alicorn.
She knows, but she twisted it around by saying that she wasn't granted anything, Fawntaine(not her) took power from the ones who were hoarding it, from the ones who WOULDN'T give the 'lower' ponies this power and ability, and she turned it against them.

She knows AJ got it all in a day, the plan to get it took months of planning and a lot of work just to get the base plans that, before, could only make crappy robots, and she made Titans with it. Even Fawntaine couldn't manage that. And unlike AJ, since it wasn't granted, there's only one way Celly or Twilight can take it back...

And she wants them to try.
Yes, because they, the elite, took all the power and ability and kept it for themselves. Then they gave it to AJ as well. PD? She took everything, and then she used it as she pleased. The barebones to make the robot was there, but she would never have found out she was capable of creating all of that if she had just waited for Celly or Twi to 'decide' to give it to her like they did AJ. Prometheus didn't wait for that shit.
So we basically ended up making an OC that eclipses our main character and cannot be beat by legit means...
...which means it's time to open the box, which means Twilight needs her damn Key, she's the last one right? Apple got the seeds from Chrysalis.
So, AJ vs PD is more Perseus VS Prometheus.

>Eclipses our main character
In which ability?

Doesn't matter really, since as an antagonist she has to be stronger/faster/smarter than the protagonist, depending on how they fight, so that the protagonist must struggle to overcome the obstacle placed in front of them to achieve victory, but still asking.

>cannot be beat by legit means
Depending on what you mean by 'beat', of course.
Fluttershy still needs hers, though I'm wondering if getting the box is even a good idea for that at all, since it would just prove PD's point if it was used to defeat her.
Well Considering she needs a thousand employees (low estimate for a company) to do what about 7 mares do, I see it is a boon.
Since everyone is looking to get a Gotcha moment to make AJ introspective. AJ has example of tech in the wrong hooves, like her.
>Stalliongrad wars are made more bloody because of her
>If it ever gets out her company started the Cordy infection
>The infusion testing
>the lab 12 was in
>the animal cruelty
>every robot problem since Blueblood.

Pluralize that. We have an ensemble cast with a title character.

Breeize ep isn't in our Canon we need flutterbutter too but that is more super magic.

As in if we don't kill her when we take her on, she will just use her friends to fuck over Equestria in a way that Magic necklesses can't fix.
I'm worried that some anons are letting their old AJ-waifuing shine through there if we're honestly worried that Pennydrop might be someone who would be near impossible to beat.

OH NO! The hero isn't stronger and better in every way than the antagonist, and might actually have to really work to achieve victory, be it fight wise or just arguing her case as to why the antagonist's means of doing things are flawed!... THE HORROR!

It's like back in the day when a couple anons were ticked that AJ was nowhere near Chrysalis's powerlevel, and that just wasn't fair!
Wrongly using tech is a good starting argument, though it gets a little muddied later unless the Cordy Infection somehow gets traced back to her, which would be as shocking to her as anyone as even she doesn't know that happened.

>Oh yeah, all those things sucked. You know what sucked more? Almost fucking dying in an eternal night ruled over by a crazy ass superbeing who nobody else can fight thanks to you hoarding every ability that could be used against super magic royals... kinda shit. Least giving ponies robots never caused the fucking apocalypse.
so we gave her a powerup item to make Chrysalis eat punches until we were satisfied (something we can't do for PD).
how are we going to get AJ out of this one?
by having her manually fix the cities one by one like we've been planning to show PD that she's not a shit princess?
It seems like that's honestly the only way.
Except it did. Twice. We had a robot army siege Equestria once and Canterlot twice.
Luna's combined reigns are canonically about 6 hours.
And 1 no one would know about unless they were in the castle it was so uneventful.
Still wouldn't have been the apocalypse, and even better, that proves her point that only the royals, AKA Blueblood in this case, having the power caused disaster. Once she got a hold of it, the power taken away from the 'ruling' elite that had up till that point been spending out of control and could only be stopped from doing such a thing when the 'important' ponies got around to it, she did great things with it.

And then how did they fight back when the robots got taken over and went crazy? Her not-taken over robots and infusions.

...And your point is? Like, what, they're just going to ignore she completely took over, twice, and could only be stopped by the superweapons that the royalty locked away far far away because she herself couldn't use them?
Everybody knows about the first one, they based every single thing about Nightmare Night off that one event. The whole demonic presence, flying around to 'eat children', only showing up at night, and the statue with fangs... and having nothing to do with taking over Equestria, weirdly enough.

Seriously, national holiday based around the fact whoever else was in or around the castle, probably whoever was stationed at the obvious guard post beside the entrance or the servants that kept the place clean, saw a fucking scary supermare shoot their princess in the air.
You mean the Super weapons that she left in her old castle and left the prophesy and location of in books available in Ponyville Library. Also those superweapons are a it Chooses you type deal, so even if they did known they couldn't do shit with the boulders.
It is because she became a ghost story not a history lesson. Only Twilight knew who the fuck she was and she didn't even know it was Celestia's sister even after reading the source material.
...So seriously, what's with the hatch? Was this going somewhere, orrrrrrr...
It is going somewhere but we arguing right now over whether we should let PD be Aizen levels of untouchable to force AJ to have feels and lose a round 1.
Yeah, but AJ was the one who needed stopped in that scenario, so it makes sense that she reaches a point where Chrysalis has to struggle to stop her.
Technically we're just talking about the debate PD would make, not that she couldn't be defeated.

Beating her, physically, is the least of their problems, as she's just an earth pony if you take out her tech. Find some way to disarm her, and she's powerless. Now, debate wise, that's another story...
Yeah see, AJ is not going to use her magic or strength to beat her, She will out work PD at her own game. Because that is how she beat Chrysalis. She flips the script and plays their opponents game better than them
so she has the talking power of Starlight Glimmer? Didn't stop Twilight from forcing her agenda successfully.
SG didn't have talking power, she had like... actual power, that she used to prevent Twilight form achieving her goal physically, which is actually a good example of the whole 'the villain must be at a certain level in order to provide challenge to the hero' thing. PD's all talk, if AJ caught her alone naked in a room, she's just got debating skills.

Though I don't think there's any argument AJ will EVENTUALLY win. Like... what kinda bad end would we have otherwise?
Ones where her argument is "let's mind control everyone", "I should fuck that dragon", "Lets replace the guards with Robots" to name a few. But you're right if she is wrong when we have her be right, it would cause many problems.
They open up the hatch and look inside, but it's pitch black.
>You don't suppose there's a clapper that could turn on the lights do you?

AJ claps her hooves.
"...nope. Nothing."

'This is a neat little adventure. Let me climb down the ladder and see.'

[No! Don't go down there! It's dark!]

{Spike, can you be a dear and light us a torch or something?}

=Sure hold on.=
Spike breathes fire on a piece of wood.

+You know, I probably could have just used a light spell, but I'll levitate it down.+
The torch is levitated down.


"...that's a lot of rum."
Down below are stacks upon stacks of bottled rum that covered the entire floor.


{Pinkie, was your auntie's cousin an alcoholic? Why would she keep a secret stash of rum behind a hatch?}

>The hatch might be a set from a movie or show a while back and she ended up repurposing it when they left. As for why she put rum down here, beats me. For all we know she was a rum smuggler avoiding taxes.

[...I can see another door on the far side of the wall.]

"Ah don't think we could open it with all the rum in the way."

'There's only one thing to do then!'

They're gathered around a bonfire surrounded by empty bottles of rum.
"Thish was a terrible idea."

>Are you cray cray? Dish was the best idea!

[Why did I agree to thish?]

{I don't know...but you've been really chugging it...*snickers*...chug.}

+I think I'm going to throw up.+

'C'mon Twi, hold your alcohol...but here's a bucket if you do.'

=...you know, we could have just moved the bottles. You didn't have to drink the rum.=

Dash hugs her bottle of rum.
'*gasp* Shhh don't lishen to him. I'm not going to leave you in the sand alone undrinken...undrunken....MORE RUM!'
And that's as far as I planned. What's behind that other door is up for grabs, or forgotten in a drunken stupor. I just wanted rum.
...Wait, we're not supposed to write during debates? FUCK YOU TRIPS! I do what I want!


The sun was going down, at long, long last.

>Woooo... what a day. What. A. Day. Wasn't this fun, guys? This was fun. Me? Had fun, ton of fun, but I think now it's time we hit the hay. Say, why don't I stay with-

It was like a hurricane. Beautiful, in the way that avalanche was beautiful. A stampede of hooves against the ground that mashed together in a powerful rumble that threatened to break the very fabric of everything with it's frantic racing against wooden floors.

Slam slam slam slam slam, like a chorus singing the worst song possible, every door closed. Once again, just as he had been before the stallion was all alone.


He looked to the left.

He looked to the right.


His meager gathering of what little cloths he had brought seemed to have vanished at some point. A pity, as that was all he had in terms of pillow for the night. He had searched quite a lot, yet found nothing in terms of soft substance to which he could rest his head.


There was nothing but the cold, hard floor, or the never ending itch of the sand outside, in terms of options for his slumber. Those options, and no others.


This was not shaping up to be a very fun vacation.


That song, that sound, so sweet. Like a siren calling to him, he would swear he heard that song.


A door opened ever so slowly, revealing a flipping, flowing mane of quite brilliant green. Glowing, one would say, and as enticing as a light to a moth.

"Come on in, Shiiiiinnnyyy~ I have such room in here."

He found himself moving without thinkig, heading towards that flowing mane, that ethereal glow, not a thought in his head as he neared it.

'But Shiiiiinnnnyyyy~, wouldn't you much rather come in here with meeee~?'


Another mane, this one so much more familiar to him. The three tones he had seen upon the head of the one who had stolen his dreams for so many years.

'It's so... warm in here, Shinnnyyyyy~'

Yet, it was not Cadence's voice, yet no less enticing to him. The glow was so much warmer, so much brighter, than the other one.

At least, for a second.

"Noooo, he would much, much rather come in.... heeeerrreeee~"

'Why would he want thaaaatttttt? There's so much more he can do with... meeeeee~'

Brighter and brighter, both of them went, so bright he could scarcely look at it for a moment longer.

"Oh pplleeeeeeeeaaasseee. You have no idea what we could... doooooo!"

'Maybe die in a fiiiiiirrreeeee~?'

"Oh, are you oooofffferrrrrinnnnnggg~?"

'To help you do just that? Of couuuuurrrseee~'

"Shiny should sleep with meeeeee~"

'No, clearly with meeeee~'









'I'm trying to convince Shiny to come in here and sleep with me so we can cuddle, thank you! I deserve Shiny Cuddles!'

"I want beach funtime!"

'Then go out in the beach and have a fun old time, ALONE! He's coming in with me!'



He just stood there, frozen.

Trying not to mash his face into his hoof.

{Uh... I... I mean I guess...}

The normally unflappable soldierbug began to nervously run her hoof up her own foreleg, finding the ceiling quite interesting.

{I wouldn't mind if you wanted to come in here, that would be fine. I could sleep on the floor... or in the bathtub. Would that be far enough away? Should I... should I go outside, is that fine? I'll go outside. I should go outside, you take the bed. And the room. And the everything. That sounds good. Does that sound good?... Am I being too forward?}

>...Forty Two-



The door slammed shut, and he heard no less than six different locks go into place... in a door that didn't even have one.




He groaned, his head in his hooves. It was going to be a long night unless something happeend. Like, say, the door just behind him suddenly opening up.



So wrapped up in their arguement, they didn't hear a thing as he slinked away, slipping into the door and the darkened room beyond.


The door shut, and strangely... everything was quiet.

~Need a place to crash? Well... I owe you one.~

The smile on his face was nothing less than euphoric as he looked to the otherwise unassuming bed. Not particularly large, nor standout, nothing amazing about it at all.

Save for the mare already atop it, smiling behind her ever-flowing rainbow mane.

>How much do you want to bet they'll be arguing until the daylight?

~Not a bit, for I don't take bets for fools. Unless, of course, you're wagering that they'll stop. I could use some more cake fund.~

>Celly, sometimes I fear all the cake in the world wouldn't be enough.

She gave him a playful smile, opening up her covers and inviting him inside to join. The bed, as he expected, was already warm, and soft.

~Don't deny me my simple pleasures.~

>Awww, what, is hanging out with me not enough for you?

~Now, don't be silly, how often do I stuff my face when you're trying to talk to me?~


~Retaliative to how much I do it normally, I mean.~

>Ah. Well, in that case, sure.

~That's what I thought.~

She wiggled, her wings on her back aching just a bit from sleeping on them as she did, but she didn't mind, he knew.

>...What do you think we're going to do tomorrow?

~Something silly, I hope.~

>Well, that's a given... you think, uh...


>...You think she'll come out tomorrow?


~If we're lucky. If not... well, she'd want us to have fun, wouldn't she?~

>Yeah... she would. She's like that. Even if she can't join in, or won't... she'd be mad if I didn't enjoy myself.

~Even if it's a little forced.~

>Very forced, let's not kid ourselves. It's hard to have fun when she's like that...

~Yes, well, you'll have to take one for the team. If you're not having fun, they're not having fun. If they're not having fun...~

>...yeah. This is kind of a rare opportunity, isn't it?

~It is. Indulge yourself a little, Shining. She's fine, simply found a new passion is all. Who knows... maybe this will be good for her.~

>I suppose so...

~Times like these are rare, enjoy them... before they are gone.~

He had no more arguments to give, nor the energy to give them. Tiredness of a day spent in activity was catching up to him, and doing so quite fast.

His side snuggled up to hers, and hers in turn moved to his, and soon the whole world seemed to slow down.

>Yeah... you never know when you're going to get a chance like this... I guess I should just... enjoy it.

So many images of what could come tomorrow already filled his mind.

He would do his best to make every single one of them a reality...

While he had the chance.

Whelp, between the rum ending and this, good time for omakes to eat up the last few posts before 2yrAnniversary thread?
Why not?

>Yep. Rare time to do some...indulgences.

"Uh huh."

>Something... special?




>...Are we in NC?


>Oh thank goodness.


>MMMMMMMmmm... that's gooood.

"Soooooo goood. Silky smoooth."

>Went down like a champ.

"...pffoooooo... yep. We'd never get away with smoking this stuff in canon."

>Right? Pass another blunt.

"Ladadad da da da..."


"There you are!"


>Gaaaasp! Boss?

"I've been looking for you all over, and here I find you trying to drown yourself? For shame!"


"I'll cut to the chase, in thirty minutes everyone who doesn't want to wallow in self-pity about foul up nine hundred and fifty-seven are going to be on the first train to Puerto Burro for fun in the sun and well-deserved R&R!"


"I am officially extending the invitation for you to join us, hell, bring Jugglejack, he can learn to juggle coconuts, there's not damned way THOSE could fit through leg holes."


"I've already had what luggage we packed transferred! Thirty minutes, Actarius! Thirty minutes!"


>...wasn't really doing anything anyway...Hey, JJ!
Pfft, please. 29 and co do it all the time.
See! Everything isn't so bad... even if the only reason your boss wants you on this trip is probably to try to have sex with you.

...try again, I mean.
Hey, maybe if he gets drunk...

>Wooooooaaaahhh... this rum ish greah, Pinkie.

"It ish!"

>Jush one questhion... why do ya' shink she did it?

"Pshhh ta' get dunk! Why elsh ya' gonna have THISH MUCH rum?"




>...How mush ya' wanna guessh shat thish was for nishzilla?