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Daring Do and the search for Santa Claus
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Lets get this book finished /mlp/.

We still need a lot more posts so fell free to add.(Just make sure it is involved in the story)

We still need a lot of improvements on the cover. Feel free to make one/ improve on this one

Drop box of what we have so far https://www.dropbox.com/s/5d2j4l4mfcvmup0/Daring%20do%20and%20the%20search%20of%20santa.docx?dl=0
While Tracy and Daring carrying and trying to runaway from nignog, Glimmer was facing her own battle.

Go into Glimmers mind

Does Equality even matter to me anymore?What has it really brought me. I've lost my friends my whole community and even fucked by degenerate reindeer and elves. Twilight has been telling me to go out and make friends but that's the only thing she says to me. She doesn't even try to understand how I really feel. It is not just that I lost my friend that day or that I couldn't make any friends with the fillies or colts. I just felt worthless, why did everybody else get to have "special talents" and I got nothing. My parents kept on saying the same thing as Twilight, don't worry it will get better, just go out and made friends. That's when I decided I couldn't handle it, I knew there had to be a change and I could be the person to make it. I finally could be at peace with myself and only by my self. I practiced magic to see how I could make the starting community better. And that's when I got my cutie mark. Thing is, it didn't matter to me. I knew what I could be, and just because of this picture on muh ass would not change me. Equality, does it really even help anybody? Would it ever change anybody for the better?
op needs to git gud at explaining thread premises bump
damn, here you are guys
okay, gimme a minute. i'll see what i can shitpost

"oh my celestia! where the fuck is that chariot?!" screams tracy
"maybe if you didn't kill all those elves before..." says daring
"they are going to imprison us again, i won't go back there"
"whatever, help me find any elf and-"
both see the elf that watch them in prison
"hey you!"
the guy just up his arms
"i surrender! please don't kill me"
"where is the chariot?"
"is in the back. if you don't kill me, i'll show you where is it"
"fine, but if it's bullshit, i'll rip your guts, and make a elf skin hat myself"
"okay, follow me"
after running in the chaos between the fight of elves and reindeers versus nignog, they manage to reach the golden chariot.
everyone go up
"okay green midget, start this shit"
"i need at least 3 4-legged animals to fly"
"are you fucking kidding me?!"
"please don't kill me!"
"you two stop. we need to fly. tracy, try to wake up glimmer. elf, grab the reins"
Daring hooked herself up to the sleigh as Tracy hooked up Glimmer and herself. "So how do we make this thing fly?" Daring asked. "With these." the elf said as he pulled out 3 trinkets.
"They're not just any butt-plugs, they're magic butt-plugs."
"Who cares. Let's just get out of here." Tracy said as she inserted one in her ass. After all three were inserted, the sleigh began to rise and took off toward Rio.
will write soon
now that they were airbone, and with an annoying magic buttplug up their asses, the girls makes th biggest question
"daring, where the fuck is rio?"
"ummm..... hey, little guy, you have a map or something?"
"ehh... let me see...... i have one, but it's very old"
"if it works, we are okay"
"fine, but i need a compass"
daring look down
they were on top of starlight's old cult town
"perfect. they should have a compass"
and they landed
At which point daring do wondered to herself:
'hmm, why the fuck is this excrement of a book making way far too much fucking sense?! All my previous adventures were absolute autistic drek-fests worthy of being read by only the most sordid and perverted of readers. What the shit happened to me? Have I gone soft? Have I lost muh edge? Why am I even bothering? Is anonymous just a shit now? What do I have to do have 50 niggers appear out of nowhere going 'ooga booga' and try to shove dildos up my urethra? Why isn't master chief trying to climb up colon? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SHITPOSTING?! I-it j-just isn't the same'
A single tear poured down from daring do's face as she could hear anonymous whispering in her ear: 'y-you too'
And at this moment Sigourney fell from the sky with his waifu Sparkle Dash to remind Anon that "it was always shit" and that you can always go tongue my anus if you're not happy with it, you fucking nigger.
"But, seriously now, is this one of those collaborations where characters are used without the explicit written permission of the copyright holders? Because I don't want to be involved in a project where intellectual property is being infringed in a most blatant and vulgar way. If anything I would prefer a similar work of fiction where the main protagonist had several deviant sexual encounters with various farm animals but was at the very least free from legal liability" said Anon, his hands no where near his genitals.

"Religion is a lie" replied the colorful, miniature horse.

"HITLER!!!!1one" Anon screamed, his manrod bursting from his jeans and dripping with precum as it aimed its hefty payload towards the middle east threateningly.
I love you anon
Stop producing shitposts you dumb talentless faggots. Fuck this I'm going to deviantart and fimfiction where people actually put some fucking effort into it.
>people actually put some fucking effort into it
I'll see if I can continue the little story arch with the basketball deathstar later on, gotta catch up on what's been written so far to see if it hasn't been thrown away yet.
Pick none.
Nope I was actually wondering why they put it to the side. We can easily add it and I really hope we use TR-8R
While Daring and Anon were sharing the one brain cell they had between them to endlessly insult each other, our purple unicorn snooped around until she found her old paranoia underground bunker, doing her best to not look suspicious to the ponies she once trapped.
"There has to be a compass down here somewhere," she thought to herself.
She opened the floor doors, and tried to be careful walking down into the darkness. However, she tripped and fell face first into a large mound of something.
She opened her eyes.
Thousands of dildos.
Each in pairs of two, bound together to form an =.
And every single one was the same.
Every one.
Her pupils widened and her pussy grew three times its normal size in lube.
"I see..." she whispered "All this equal..." tears began to flow


She then used her muscles to collapse every plastic penis into a perfect propulsion device pointed precisely at Santa's pussy paradise.
Daring paused her now kinky love affair with Anon. Starlight runs up and slaps her in the face.
The propulsion device then falls out of her vagina.
Tracy looks down. "That tiny thing," she mockingly said.
"Just watch, bitch"
And now an interlude, a glimpse into the deviant mind of our protagonist, Daring Do.

Daring Do had long wondered about the exact dimensions of her anal musculature. To what great length could it be penetrated, to what impossible width could it be stretched?

As she sat upon her porcelain throne, ruminating upon this profound philosophical quandary, her anus pulsated with purpose. Indeed, Daring Do's sloppy sphincters sputtered splendidly, soft zephyrs vuvuzelling voraciously from her butthole. She needed to shit. "My anus needs to shiiiiiiiiiiiit!" Daring Do screamed, her eyes bulging from her skull and her tongue wriggling like a piece of raw tuna in her mouth. God that's disgusting. Much like the huge purple poop pushing out of her prolapsed prolehole. It was thick, and veiny, much like the thousands of cocks that had penetrated her in the past [note to reader: this is a Pynchon reference] and had left behind their thick, steamy loads.

Now Daring Do was leaving behind a thick, steamy load of her own, and the more shit that seemed to leave her, the bigger the log seemed to become, until her anus had been stretched beyond the width of her body, and the fat purple turd had begun pushing into that hole at the bottom of the toilet.

So commenced a titanic struggle between the musculature of Daring Do's anal passage and the rigid, unmoving porcelain of the toilet upon which she shat. I mean sat. She was shitting, you understand. She was shitting as hard as she was able, forcing her poop into the tiny, woefully undersized hole at the bottom of the toilet, just shoving it in there like an animal, a beast, completely apathetic about the toilet's welfare.

Daring Do fucked that toilet raw with her poop, and she got it in there. It was smelly and poopy. Top laugh. When finally it pynched from her butthole, Daring Do's eyes rolled back as she orgasmed, thick yellow marecum spewing hot and mucoid all over the toilet seat and the filthy bathroom floor.
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3 MB, 3705x2775
Alright update. I still have things to put on, does anyone want anything specific to go on the cover?
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hay guy I make this col video gobwach an rate god pls

a huge ghostly pony ass floating in the background
I assume there is going to be lots of dildos, right?
Of course

>a huge ghostly pony ass floating in the background
Anything in particular?

You guys can post images of what you want and i'll see if it can fit.
When is this pony gonna see a therapist, got dang
We already Tracy in, I'll see what I could do.

Fat moot and Hiro should be on the cover.

and for the title put at the end (from /mlp/) like the other books. Or whatever it is

Make sure you suggest things that are in the book.
>Fat moot and Hiro should be on the cover
If you got images of them post it.
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Have them stare each other down
bumping this culturally significant thread
Thread replies: 40
Thread images: 5
Thread DB ID: 392851

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