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Daring Do and the search for Santa Claus
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Lets get this book finished /mlp/.

We still need a lot more posts so fell free to add.(Just make sure it is involved in the story)
Drop box https://www.dropbox.com/s/5d2j4l4mfcvmup0/Daring%20do%20and%20the%20search%20of%20santa.docx?dl=0
And then sex happened. And it was rough.
It wasn't just any rough sex though, it was authentic prison sex. Tracy made both Glimmer and Daring her bitches as she ravaged their asses and simultaneously shanked them with her trusty knife. The flowing blood only made her hornier.
as always like in the prison movies, the elfs take daring and glimmer to the nurse, and treat their bleeding
what they didn't know is daring knows how to fake buttbleeding
"thanks anon" mutter to herself, while she knock out the nurses.
she leave starlight with the other nurses so she can recover her ass
After some Mission Impossible James Bond Ninja Spy: The Prequel levels of sneaking around the stone tower, Daring comes across a large door that read "Saint Nich." She tried opening it, but nothing worked. Knowing the elves could come at any moment, she cleverly picked the lock with a micro dildo she stole from Anon. The door creaked open...
She enter the big room, only to see a empty table.
She closes the door, and starts snooping for clues
Like a dog, she starts to smell everything
Also like a dog, she pisses in the corner.
night you new york times bestsellers
after snooping for a while, she checks the table
in one of the drawers there was a list of the naughties, and another list of the goodies.
starlight was in the naughties, and you and tracy (ironically) were in the goodies
you write glimmer in the goodies. you don't want christmas ruined
>"W-where am I?" said Glimmer
>"Outside the village" replied a mysterious voice
>"What do you want!?!?
>"By hook or by crook...we will"
>"Who are you???"
>"The new Mane #2"
>"Who is Mane #1???"
>"YOU ARE...Mane #7"
after searching a lot, you find santa's location
he's enjoying christmas in Rio de Janeiro.
now your new plan is how fuck you are going to travel all that
"Daring have you seen = whorse anywhere."
"Yeah I left here with the nurses that were repairing her anus." replied Daring.
"Ugghhh lets go get her so we can teleport to Rio de Janerio."
"Daring where the fuck is she you cuck, you said she was here." Yelled Tracy as they walk up to the bed.
Look its a note, from Glimmer.
"What does it say Tracy." Asked the illiterate fuck that is Daring
For the picture cover of the book I have a few ideas you could put in.
1. Doubles guy hand.
2.Aryanne in the back with a Nigger radar? what ever that would look like.
3. 9/11
4. Niggers
6 Hiro
7 A Really fatass Moot with throbbing erection in his pants
I'd also recommend making the sky full of clouds and/or red, if possible. The blue doesn't quite fit.
"Eggs, milk, lube, butter..."
"It must be some sort of riddle! I'll need to try to find the connection" Daring interjected.
"Or the dumb cunt wrote a note on the back of her shopping list." Tracy said turning the note over.
"Got tired of waiting, heard that there was an orgy going on in the reindeer stalls. Meet me there."
both went to the stalls, and find equal horse
the thing is, she was under sexual taming: beign strap into a rape stall, and be pounded by each reindeer and elf in the place, inside all the times, til her babies have babies
Though at a distance, Daring's vagina was becoming a waterfall.
"Every elf and every reindeer must be here," she moaned.
"That's explains why we haven't been caught," said Tracy.
"Tracy, I gotta join!"
The edge OC holds Daring back
"Let me go!"
"Think for once, you idiot! If we jump in there, how are we not going to get arrested and put back into the dungeon again?"
"Tracy, that's my fetish~"
Before Tracy could beat Daring, a large thump shock the ground. The entire orgy stopped in an instant.
"The fuck was that," asked Tracy.
From the distance, a large figure can into frame. Black and huge as ever. He was walking in parallel with two elves, massive dick flopping everywhere.
"NigNog..." Daring cursed.

"Is this really all the elves do?" He asked, voice shacking the snow.
"Well," One of the nervous elves responded, "After Santa found c-cheaper options and left to essentially live in Rio de Haynerio, w-we have nothing to really do. However, we are s-still hard workers and will-"
The massive nigger cut him off, walked up to the orgy, towering above everything. In a moments notice, he flung his massive cock and destroyed the stall and plumbed the orgy over like bowling pins.
"shit..." whispered Tracy.
"These elves are of no use to me, " NigNog yelled, "I have my own army!" He then sucked the elf up into his foreskin, and shot the little man out like a cannon ball, propelled by a stream of semen. The other elf was quivering. Nig turn to him. "Listen here, the deal is off. You are all now my sex slaves." He gently rubs his dick against the elf's crying face. "And with Santa gone, Christmas is mine as well as well."
"we must run!" said daring
"are you crazy? i should kill this nigger now" protested tracy
"you want to bring a knife to a gunfight?"
"stab'em while they laughing"
"he doesn't laught unless he is hearing chris rock! let's take glimmer, and run"
both took glimmer, but her mind was gone
"starlight, are you alright?" asked daring
"summit, breed, obey, swallow" repeated starlight
"can we leave the cumslut? nignog will have fun" said tracy
"no! i have an idea!"
"what is it?"
"the chariot. if we make it, we are gonna be free"
"i'm in"
"summit, breed, obey, swallow"
"perfect! now, we need to hurry!"
Daring knew Glimmer couldn't have been brainwashed that easy. Daring knew deep down that = whorse was still very much =.
Thread replies: 22
Thread images: 1
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