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AnonFilly Thread XXI: New Year, New Filly Edition
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>Great. Another general. What is it?

You better believe it's another fuckin general.
This thread consists of everyone's favorite human Anon, the only problem is that he's now a cute, green little filly.

>What should I expect?

Fillies, shenanigans, and usually a bitchy Twilight.

>Pictures? Pastebins?

Find them here:

>I'm a writer!
Awesome! Just be sure to link your pastebin to the OP for Fauvra to add!

Old Mare Anon: >>25905119
>Anonfilly as Bob Ross

there's not a happy little river
>"Hi, I'm Anonfilly and for the next thirteen weeks, I'll be your host as we experience the joy of painting.
>"I'm gonna show you how to bring your inner artist out, because lord knows you're not good at whatever you're doing right now."
>"You should already have all the painting tools you need, and if you don't....well, tough shit, you should've thought about that earlier.
>"Now, we're gonna start with king's robe purple, Everfree green, blank-as-fuck white, shit brown, retard-spit gray, and utter shit-tier asshole faggot purple.
>"What we're going to paint today is a wonderful little picture of a pony I like to call Twinkie Sprinklebutt..."
Shouldn't the Bob Ross version of Anonfilly have a paintbrush painting the question mark as her cutie mark?
Draw ideas for Anonfilly interacting with mane 6 or CMC?
Anon teaching the fillies on how to get gangster Cutie Marks.
AJ brushing anons mane while whittling on about apples or something
Anon launching Scootaloo out of a catapult in order to make her fly.
Pinkie playing with Anonfilly, and/or Anonfilly helping Fluttershy feed animals.
Nyx is a CMC
Nyx is cancer
Nyxfags are cancer

Seriously, you faggots are just as bad as people with shitty OCs who insist their shitty OCs are canon.

Please stop. It's been like ten or eleven threads now. Nyx can find her own home somewhere else.
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No, it's really gotten out of control. The Nyx posting is annoying as hell. Why do so many people worship such a shitty god damn OC? Any other shitty Alicorn OC would get shit on, but this one gets a pass? It's not even funny or amusing, it's just obnoxious.
Welcome to 4chan. You'll hopefully learn in your time here that people get their kicks out of winding others up. And if that includes shitposting about Nyx, that what they will do as long as it evokes a reaction.
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And I am here too.

And truth be told, if you think about it this is generals are born, But yeah, it's to be expected to get constantly nyx spammed mostly do to another nyx story just finished, and they lived in twilight so yeah....

Inother news have something I did last night
more like

That's not even a pun! Her name is Nyx, not Nox.
Then why do people call her nix and nox?
Because she is a fragment of luna's (Read nightmare moons) power Nox is another word for night Nyx(In greek myths anyway) is the goddess of night. Nix is just a fag who cant spell after hearing it on youtube.
>"After months of therapy, training and help, nonny has finally become a lovely mare capable of reentering society!"
"Twilight isn't anon a boy?"
>"Yes and?"
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Nyx was the Greek goddess.
Nox is the Roman goddess.

I can't remember the order but appearently Nix and Nyx are formal and classical names. Can't remember which is which though.

Also makes a good warframe.
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>"What, look at hi- her!"
>"She's lovely."
>"Aw look! shes so happy shes crying tears of joy while your brother gives her a nice hug."
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>"Twi, those ain't tears of joy."
>"What. Did. You. Do?"
>Yeah mom It's because i am a dude that i like mares, not because i am lesbian.

i love how this whole thing is based around twi being dumb enough to turn us into a foal and forget to add a dick
Why is everyone making dragon ball abridged reference?
Is >>25960160
a DBA ref.?
And this is how I ended up a student of Celestia
>And so it was that Anon ended up living with the Apple family.
>While it was certainly better than living with Twiggy Piggy and her attempts at mind rape, it was still shit.
>Anon was a lazy fucker, after all, and he had to do a lot of work on the farm now.
>On the plus side, he didn't have to read the goddamn history book every day while Twiggy figured out something for him to do.
We're never seeing these concepts getting greens, are we?
I could green, But I suck at english
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So it's been a month or two since I posted the previous part of my greentext, but I finally finished the darn thing.

>Synopsis (for Fauvra's list)
A transformed Anon tries to maintain what little pride "she" has left, even while being treated like a young filly by ponies much larger than herself.

1: http://pastebin.com/G66TZ17G
2: http://pastebin.com/YYytatLP
3: Coming soon!
>You are Anon.
>And you're making progress. Maybe.
>On the one hoof, you're still a filly, with an embarassing outfit to match.
>But you now have the leverage you need to "convince" bookhorse to turn you back into a human.
>Buuut in the process, you might've kinda sorta implicitly agreed to be sunhorse's baby for a couple days.
>...Well, it beats being stuck with Twilight, so that's something?
>"Wake up, little Anon..."
"(yawn) Ugh... wait, did I doze off?"
>"(soft laugh) It seems that way, yes."
"...Huh. Alright, then."
>You have a look around. Sunhorse is escorting you through a wide hallway; well-lit, regally decorated.
"This is the palace, right? I've been a few times, but I don't recall this place."
>"I doubt you would; this is a private wing of the castle. You're only allowed in here with royal permission."
>She sets you down and lets you stretch your legs a bit. You follow behind her.
>"As long as you stay in this wing, no one should bother you."
"...Besides you."
>"(snicker) Besides me, of course. And perhaps a few servants, but most of them should be occupied at the moment. As for myself..."
>You enter what you assume to be the princess' bedchamber. She steps onto her bed and pulls an old book from her nightstand.
>In contrast to Twilight's dusty old shelves, Celestia's books are spotless. The perks of having servants, you suppose.
>She gestures towards the bedroom door, still open and rather enticing.
>"I'm going to lie down and read for a while. You are free to have a look around, if you wish."
>A bit of time to yourself, without anypony around to baby you? Yes, please.
>"Don't stray too far, though."
"If you say so..."
Aw yeah, I was worried your story was dead.

Good to see you back!
> Be Anon
> Do to a magical mishap with Twilight, a transformation spell, and a tea party. You are now a filly.
"No Aura I am not doing this second pony bullshit, Let me take that"
>This is the story of tragedy, love, lose and /B/ tier fuck ups.
>This is the story of how I ended up a student of Celestia.

>It started Like any other Tuesday, I was sleeping in bed, the whole Twilight fucking up the anatomy of a transformation spell was behind me now.
>I Awoke to arguing in the fore of the castle, for a castle you can't believe how well sound travels in it, I rolled out of bed. No point trying to sleep now, I stalked downstairs and could here Twilight arguing with AJ over something.
>"After months of therapy, training and help, nonny has finally become a lovely mare capable of reentering society!"
>Oh they are talking about me...behind my back....just like when i was human on earth.
>"Twilight isn't anon a boy?" AJ's voice said
>"Yes and?" Asked Twilight, you and by the sound of it AJ Face Hoofed.
>"Twilight..." AJ said slowly.
>"What, look at hi- her!, She's lovely." She said, clueless
>I walked down stairs "What are you going on about?"
>The two mares look at me, Twilight smiled, "Tell Applejack how happy you are being A filly"
>I walk to where the two mares and sat. "Mom, you put me through 4 months of therapy because you thought I was lesbian,"
>Twilight took a step back, as if we slapped her.
>Then she stormed off, AJ looked at me, "Looks like ya' commin' with me."
>I felt like I wouldn't like were this was going as I followed her to the farm.

Ok I green texting This is going to be pain full for every one.
>"...Oh, and one more thing:"
>She hoists your back end a few inches off the floor for a moment, holding you by the frills of your dress.
>"This? Stays on. We can't have a little filly like yourself running around naked, can we~?"
"(groan) Fine."
>She snickers again, and returns your back legs to the ground.
>Before she can get another word in, you're out the door.
>It's a nice change of pace to not get carried around everywhere.
>You meander for a while, admiring the palace architec-- oof!
>In a moment of distraction, you bump into someone.
>"Well, who do we have here~?"
>You look up, and two mares dressed in maids' attire are looking back down at you.
>You try to shuffle past. The elder of the two, a silver-maned pegasus, blocks your path.
>"Ah-ah-ah; where do you think you're going?"
"Oh, me? I was just, um, going--"
>The younger maid, a red-maned unicorn, lifts you up and coos at you.
>"There's no need to be shy, little one. What's your name?"
"Um, Anon."
>The silver mare sets down the laundry basket she was carrying, then examines your dress and tugs at your diaper.
>"You must be the little foal that miss Celestia brought with her."
"Oh, well, I'm not actually a foal; this is jus--"
>"That's nice, sweetie." (pat) (pat) (pat)
I was occupied for most of December (college exams and holiday stuff, mainly). Good to finally have this one done.

>The red mare turns you around and rocks you back and forth, continuing to fawn over you.
>(At least someone here's enjoying herself.)
>"Well, I think you're just the sweetest little filly I've ever seen; with your cute little dress and your scruffy little mane and your poofy little bottom..." (pat) (pat) "(giggle) Why, I could just dress you up and brush you and cradle you in my hooves all day~."
>Yyyeah, that ain't happening, lady.
"Uhh, th... that won't be necessary, thank you. Please put me down now."
>The younger mare pouts. The elder stifles a laugh.
>"(sigh) Alright..."
>The maid gently lowers you back down, then gives your diaper one last squeeze.
>"Oh, but if you ever need a change, (snicker) just let one of us know."
>You roll your eyes. Like hell you're gonna willingly submit to that.
"Yeah, sure, whatever."
>"Run along now, little Annie."
>Finally, something we agree on.
>You scurry off, hoping to get as far away from the two mares as possible.
>You don't bother to ask for either of their names. If that little run-in was any indication, you should probably try to avoid those two from now on.
>After wandering the palace halls for a while longer, you settle yourself in a small garden.
>It's... quiet.
>Peaceful, even.
>...For a moment, you long for a computer and an internet connection.
>Nevermind. You can find other ways to occupy your time.
>Even if your options are somewhat... limited, right now.
>You hear a grandfather clock chime from the other room.
>Now that you think of it, you've been a filly for at least twenty-four hours.
>...And most of that time was spent with either a sore bottom, a diaper, or both.
>...Fucking Twilight.
>You're gonna get her back for this, with or without Celestia's help.
>But for now, you're content to wait and see what sunhorse has in mind.
>Though you're also pretty sure she's screwing with you for her own amusement (hence why you're still dressed up like a damn foal), and helping you out just happens to be a side effect.
>Whatever works, you suppose.
>You hear hoofsteps coming closer, and look up.
>The pegasus maid you bumped into earlier is hovering over you.
"Hmm? What d'you want?"
>"Anon, dear? Miss Celestia sent me."
"...Okay, what does SHE want?"
>The mare giggles and stands you up, directing you towards the hallway.
>"Oh, she just wanted me to fetch you for her. It's time for your feeding..."
"Ugh, seriously? I thought we-- urk!"
>She tugs on the collar of your dress, leading you inside.
>"She told me you might not cooperate, little Anon... but she also said not to take 'no' for an answer."
"Leggo! You c--" (SPANK) "Uhn!"
>Dammit, not this again.
>"A young foal like yourself is in no position to be making demands."
>She forces your front end down and your back end up, and smacks your bottom a few more times.
>For a very (ow) brief moment, you're almost (ow) grateful for the extra padding.
"(huff) Cut it out!" (SPANK) "Oof! I told you before, lady, I'm not a foal..."
>"Well, either way, you're still a naughty little filly who needs to do as she's told. Now, march!" (SPANK)
"I'm going, I'm going! Jeez!"
>You walk down the hallway, staying ahead of the maid's reach.
>Celestia is waiting to greet you as you reenter her chamber.
>"(giggle) Hello, sweetie."
>You stand at the doorway for a moment, until the maid catches up to you and sends you into the room with a slap to the behind.
>"She's all yours, milady. (Little brat...)"
>"Thank you, dear."
>Sunhorse waves a large milk bottle in front of you.
>"Alright, hon. You know what comes next~."
>She raises an eyebrow.
>"Excuse me?"
"I didn't sign up for getting babied all day. I want-- oy!"
>The silver-maned pony tugs your dress again and leads you forward.
>"Come now, child. Now is not the time f--"
"Lay off! (huff)"
>"(scoff) Well, I never!"
>"Hush, little Anon. There's nothing to be embarassed about."
"Ohhhhyes there is."
>"Well, I'm sure that we ca--"
"No! It's bad enough getting force-fed like a goddamn foal; I don't need a fucking audie-- wha!"
>Celestia lifts you up and pulls you towards her.
>"I'm sorry; what was that, dear?"
>She raises your dress and brushes your tail aside.
"Hey! Whad'you think y--" (SPANK) "Eep!"
>"I will not tolerate that sort of attitude in my chambers." (pat) (pat) (SPANK)
"But, Celestiaaa!"
>(pat) "That's 'Miss Celestia' to you, young lady."
>With a satisfied nod, the maid steps out of the room and leaves the two of you alone.
>Sunhorse seems content to just lightly tap your bottom.
"(Come on!)" (pat) (pat) "(Oof. What gives?)"
>She leans in and quietly drops her 'stern mother' voice.
>"(I'm sorry, hon, but I can't let you go around and mouth off in front of my servants.)" (pat) "(This is just a warning right now,)" (pat) "(but if you cause any more trouble, then I might be persuaded to spank you for real.)" (pat-pat-pat) "(Understand?)"
>You blush a bit. Somehow, this is more embarassing than the actual spanking you got five minutes ago.
"(groan) (Fine. Just get it over with.)"
>"(giggle) (Very good.)" (pat) (pat) "(Now, where were we? Ah, yes, of course:)"
>She switches back to the mommy voice.
>"So, you're going to behave yourself?"
"(sigh) Yes..."
>"And you're going to drink your milk, like a good little pony?" (pat) (pat) (pat)
"Ugh. Yes, 'miss Celestia'."
>"And after that, you're going to take your nap?" (pat) (pat)
"(...I don't really have a choice in the matter, do I.)"
>"(snicker) (Not really, no.)"
"(Of cooourse.)"
>Once your mock-spanking is over, sunhorse cradles you.
>She bottle-feeds you, gently swaying you back and forth.
>"There, there, little Anon."
"This is demeaning. (suck) (suck)"
>"Say that as much as you want, hon. (giggle) It's not going to change my mind."
"(sigh) Yeah, yeah, I know."
>You finish your milk, and she turns you over and pats your back.
>"Alright, hon. Naptime..."
>You let out a tired sigh as she floats you across the room.
>She pauses for a moment.
>"Oh! I almost forgot."
>Celestia dips her horn to cast a spell.
>You watch a small, filly-sized bed summon and assemble itself in front of you-- frame, mattress, sheets, and a rather large pillow.
>"There... perfect."
>"Hush, you."
>She sets you on the bed, resting your head on the pillow (which is exactly as soft as it looks).
>Sunhorse looks at you quizzically.
"Oh, it's just... at this point, I was expecting a crib."
>She smirks.
>"Well, if you insist..."
"...Wait, I didn't mea--"
>There's a blink of light and a clattering of wood, and suddenly you're behind bars.
"...It was a JOKE, Celestia."
>"(giggle) I know."
>You and your big mouth.
>She drapes a blanket on you and tucks you in, humming softly.
>Within a few minutes, you drift into a relatively peaceful nap.
>You wake up an hour or two later.
>Well, that was... nice? Maybe?
>You yawn, and stretch your legs a bit.
>(And bump against the bars of your crib. Goddammit, Celestia.)
>Aaand you just realized you need to pee.
>Should be able to hold it for long enough, hopefully.
>You're about to let yourself out when the bars lower themselves for you.
>"Did you enjoy your nap, little Anon?"
>Sunhorse watches you climb out and orient yourself.
"...I guess, yeah."
>She smiles, then summons a hairbrush (presumably to straighten out your bed-head), but you push it away.
"Umm... which way is the bathroom? I sorta need to... y'know."
>"Hmm? Oh, that won't be necessary, hon."
>She gives your bottom a squeeze.
"Ha, ha. No, really."
"...You don't seriously expect me t--"
>"There's no shame in it, child. At least not for someone in your... (snicker) predicament."
>She strokes your mane a few times with the brush.
"A-actually, there kinda is. A fair bit of it, in fact. Just sayin'."
>"Well, there should a washroom somewhere down the hall; you're free to look for it. Or, you could stay here, relieve yourself, and I'll change you in private."
"(grumble) I'll take my chances."
>"If you insist..."
>The bedroom door swings open, and you scurry into the hall.
>Dammit, why do all of these doors look the same?
>And why did you not bother to check most of them earlier?
>Whatever. No time for hindsight right now. You're in a rush, here.
>You hear water from behind a closed door.
>On the one hand (hoof, whatever), this could be a bathroom.
>On the other, the sound of running water is not helping you right now!
>You squirm as you try to pull the door open.
>(grumble) Stupid - tiny - body - can - barely - reach - the - fucking - knob. (grunt)
>Why do these ponies even, (grunt) use doorknobs, anyway? No opposable thumbs!
>While you're struggling, a voice interrupts you.
>"Aww, what's wrong, sweetie?"
>Ohhhno. This is the last pony you want to deal with right now.
"(grumble) Nothing..."
>Just as soon as you've pried the door ajar, the unicorn maid hoists you into the air.
>Not now! Not when you're this close!
>"Doesn't sound like nothing..."
"Let go of me, you crazy-- oof!"
>"Now, now, little one. There's no need to make such a fuss."
>You flail and squirm, but you can't shake her magical grasp.
>Aaaaaaand there it goes.
>Your bladder slowly vacates itself, taking your last shred of dignity with it.
>The maid giggles, clearly amused by your plight.
>"I think somepony~ needs a change..."
>You let out an annoyed groan as the mare plays with the frills of your dress.
>She takes you inside the room you were trying to enter.
>It was, in fact, a bathroom. Fuck everything.
>You're helpless as she floats you over to a changing table, lifts your dress, and removes your diaper.
>"There, there, little foal..."
"(groan) I keep telling you, I'm not a foa-- mmph!"
>"(giggle) We'll see about that once I'm through with you~."
>You... don't like the sound of that. At all.
>You try to squirm away, but the red-haired mare pins you down.
>Curse your tiny, easily-overpowered body!
>She rummages through the cupboard underneath you.
>"Just hold still, Annie."
>She spreads your back legs, then holds you in place as she wipes down your crotch.
>(Geez, that's cold.)
>You watch the mare set down a thick diaper beside you.
>...And stack another one on top of that.
"You wouldn't!"
>She turns you on your belly, hoists your tail vertical, and starts to dust your bottom with powder.
>"Oh, (giggle) I'll dress you up all nice," (pat) "and padded," (pat) "and cozy," (pat) "so everyone can see what a cute little baby you are~."
"Ohhhno. I did not sign up for this! You canno-- mmph!"
>The mare silences you with a pacifier. Deja vu...
>Once your rear end has been thoroughly powdered, she turns you back over and re-diapers you.
>Despite your struggling, she forces the second diaper on shortly after.
>"There, see?" (pat) (pat) "Nice and cozy."
"(groan) This is duuumb."
>"Oh, hush."
>The mare pulls your dress back down, then decides to doll you up further.
>She's halfway through tying a large bow into your mane when Celestia decides to check on you.
>Sunhorse examines the scene, then laughs softly.
>"Run into a bit of trouble, hon?"
>"Oh, she had an 'accident' in the hallway. I already gave her a change; I was just, um, prettying her up a bit, for you."
"(whine) (Heeeelp.)"
>Celestia addresses her servant.
>"I think I can take over from here, dear. Besides, I think young miss Anon would like a bit of privacy..."
>"Um, yes, milady."
>The maid obediently exits the room. You're pretty sure you can hear her mutter something on her way out, about Celestia "getting to have all the fun".
"Um, thank you, I think."
>"You're welcome, Anon."
>She takes you down from the changing table.
>You're about to pull the second diaper off, but Celestia pulls it back into place.
>"Ah-ah-ah, not yet."
"Oh, come on! This is--"
>"(snicker) Consider yourself lucky you're only wearing two. I hear any more complaining, and, well..."
"(huff) Fine. Whatever you say, 'ma'am'."
>She smirks.
>"That's more like it. And I must admit, she was right... you do look adorable. Especially with that little pout of yours."
"Hmmph. You're enjoying this a bit too much, methinks."
>"Maybe, maybe not. (giggle) In either case, lest you forget, you still have to do as I say for a while."
>Sunhorse makes for the hallway.
>You try to follow, but stumble a bit; two thick layers of padding around your flank is not conducive to free movement.
"Ugh. I can barely walk in this getup."
>"Then I suppose I'll have to carry you."
>Siiigh. Well, that autonomy was fun while it lasted.
>You fiddle with your mane a bit, trying to--
>"The bow stays on too, hon."
>We arrived at the farm it was late in the afternoon. AJ sat me in the living room and went to have a talk to the rest of my new "family".
>I paced the room a few times before I heared running hoofsteps and then a yellow and red ball of fur tackled me.
>I shove her off, "Yeah, Alright calm down."
>She she seemed contempt to bouncing around me. Squeegeeing.
>Soon Big mac and the old hag are there, talking but saying how there talk good care of me.
>Then My ears perk up at AJ who was trying to talk over every pony "Well we better hit the hey then we got to get up bright and early to buck the trees,"
>Wat....She meant everypony but me....When I asked everypony laughed "Even you," and with that everyone went to bed, everyone but Me.
>i was not working it was as bad as twilight's "Therapy". As soon as I were sure applebloom was asleep, Being forced to sleep with her, an arrangement I might not have minded if it was under different conditions.
>I slide out of the bad, swipe one of AppleBloom's Dresses and bail out of the window.
>i run for the train station and jumped on to the first train to cantorlot.
>I watched the trees go by when I hear "HI ANON"
>I turn and pinkie is in my face. I jump back.
>"So I hear you ran away Like a bad filly, and I said 'Well she going to cantolot, she'll need a place to stay' So I going to give you my loft to live in"
>What....She hands me an apartment keys, "It's the one over the bakery in 132ed and HourGlass."
>And with that she was gone.
>Half an hour later I opened the door to my "New" apartment.
>It was so pink it hurt my eyes. Well It's a place.

Yeahthis is going to be strange with my green and BJ's Mixing
>Sunhorse returns you to your crib.
>"I have matters to attend to, Anon. So, hmm... (giggle) just sit there and look cute for a while until I return, okay?"
"(groan) Yes, ma'am."
>Not like you have much of a choice.
>She offers you a selection of books from her shelf, so you can at least enjoy the peace and quiet.
>Afternoon gives way to evening.
>You've halfway dozed off again when you realize that Celestia's back.
"...How long have you...?"
>"(snicker) Another nap, hon?"
"Well, it's not like there's much else to do."
>"I see. Well, since you're unoccupied..."
>She lowers the bars of your crib and offers you a large bottle.
"(groan) This again?"
>You set down the book you were (sorta) reading.
"...What, you're not gonna force-feed me this time?"
>"As long as you don't give me any more sass, Anon. (soft laugh) Just a warning, though: if you do, then we skip the bottle and I breastfeed you instead."
>She's... probably not bluffing with that one. Because, you know. Magic.
>Either way, it's not worth the trouble.
"Ugh. Forget I said anything. (suck)"
>You turn away from her, but you still feel her watching.
>"Remember, Anon; every last drop."
"Hmmph. (suck) (suck)"
>Once you've finished embarassing yourself yet again, sunhorse lifts you up and pats your back.
>"As long as you're here in my care, you will be receiving regular feedings." (pat) (pat) "I suggest you get accustomed to it sooner rather than later."
"Yeah, yeah, whatev(urp)."
>Satisfied, she lets you return to your books for a while.
>Some time after sundown, you hear her call for you.
>"Oh, Anooon~!"
"...Now what?"
>"Come here, hon. (giggle) Bathtime."
>Celestia summons a small washtub in the middle of the room, followed by a bath brush.
>But, on the bright side:
"Does that mean I can take this shit off now?"
>You glance backwards at your dress.
>Sunhorse taps you softly on your rump.
>"Language, little one... but yes, you may."
>She conjures up a steady stream of water and starts to fill the tub. (Well, that's one way to do it, you suppose.)
>While she's preparing the bath, she allows you to undress yourself.
>Within a minute, you're free of the babyish attire, and lie there a bare filly.
>You've never been so relieved to be naked in your life.
>...Royal audience notwithstanding.
>"...Need a moment?"
"...Yes, please."
>You stretch your back legs and relax a bit.
>Celestia takes the time to collect your old dress, then pull out more supplies.
>A towel or two, a bar of soap, bottles of what you assume to be shampoo, and so on.
>You don't really care at the moment. You're content to not be dressed up like a foal, even if only for a minute.
>"...Enjoy it while you can, Anon. (snicker) You're going right back onto that changing table as soon as we're done."
"(sigh) Yeah, I figured as much."
>She lifts you up.
>"Alright, into the tub with you."
>Sunhorse dips you into the warm water.
>Once she's sure you're somewhat comfortable, she pours some water over your head and starts to brush you.
"I still fail to see"(splash) "blrb, why this is all necessary." (splish)
"I mean, last I checked, Twilight didn't actually turn me into a foal. Hell, I could probably pass for a grade-school filly at least."
>"And instead you're here?"
>She raises one of your back legs and lathers it with soap.
"Getting scrubbed down and dressed up by a mare several times my size? Yeah."
>She ponders for a moment.
>"Now that you mention it, (giggle) you would look just adorable~ in one of those little schoolfilly outfits..."
>Note to self, stop giving her ideas.
"Ugh, pass." (splish) "Being forced into a diaper is (blub)ullshit enough."
>Celestia floats a soap bar in front of you.
>"Now, now, hon. One more crack like that and I'll have to wash your mouth out as well."
"(grumble) Yes, ma'am."
>"...However, I do see why this would be frustrating for you."
>She turns you over and starts to brush your back.
"(sigh) ...Well, Twilight I sorta understand. We spent most of yesterday trying to piss each other off. (Literally, in one case. Uh, hehe.)"
>"Really, now? (tsk) Naughty girl."
>As Celestia's brushing your raised tail, she gives your bottom a few pats.
"(Oof!) But, um, she was actively trying to humiliate me." (splish) "What's YOUR excuse?"
>Celestia pauses, then laughs to herself.
>"Well... perhaps when I saw you this morning, and realized what my prize pupil had done to you, I decided there was no harm in playing along."
>Once she's finished washing you, she takes you from the tub, wraps you in a towel, and starts drying you off.
"(huff) Forgive me if I'm not convinced."
>Sunhorse smiles and sets you down on the changing table.
>She hums softly as she powders your rear end and sits you onto a new diaper.
>(Only one layer, thank you.)
>"And yes, Anon, I could help you out of your predicament with no strings attached."
>She smirks, then starts patting your re-diapered bottom.
>"...But this is more fun." (pat) (pat)
"...So you admit you're just fucking with me?" (SPANK) "Oof!"
>Her pats become firm swats.
>...Right. The swearing. You should probably (ow) remember to not do that until this is all (ow) over with.
"Okay!" (SPANK) "Uhn! Sorry."
>"Whatever my reasons may be, I still won't tolera--"
"Yeah, yeah, I know." (pat)
>You sigh in resignation. Sunhorse continues to pat you softly, as if giving you another mock-spanking.
>Afterwards, she zips you up into some footed pajamas, dark blue.
>To her credit, this is probably the most comfortable thing you've worn today.
>Looking in the mirror, you notice that your bottom still puffs out, leaving it quite obvious what's underneath.
>You watch in the mirror as Celestia oh-so-helpfully buttons up your dropseat.
>"There. All cozy?"
"Yes, ma'am..."
>She sighs, then sits down on her bed and pulls you under her wing.
>"Now, Anon, I know you're not entirely pleased with our little agreement."
"Y... you could say that, yeah."
>"But I really do appreciate you putting up with it for this long, and I do want to take care of you as long as you're here."
>You close your eyes for a minute and feel sunhorse stroke your back, her wing like a warm blanket.
>"And, well, if there was something I could do for you, in exchange for a little more... cooperation... you need only to ask."
"...Well, I'm not about to roll over and act like a baby, if that's what you're suggesting."
>"Nothing of the sort, hon. (Besides, at this point, whether or not you act like one is irrelevant; you'll be treated like one anyway, with or without my input.)"
>She giggles to herself, then gives your bottom a squeeze.
"(grumble) (Of course.)"
>"I'm just wondering if we can find a more... comfortable arrangement."
>You think it over for a minute.
"Well... a bit of personal space would be nice. I mean, not getting coddled, or carried around everywhere, or having a bottle or a pacifier shoved in my mouth whenever, or yeah."
>"Hmm... fair enough. But in return, should I summon you for a bath, or a change, or a feeding, you won't make such a fuss about it?"
>Well, it's still embarassing as hell, but it's a better deal than you started today with.
>Which was a better deal than you ended yesterday with.
>Baby steps, Anon. (Figuratively speaking, of course.)
"I'll... (sigh) I'll consider it."
>"That will suffice, child. Now, excuse me for a moment..."
Not really my kind of story, but its written fairly well. Curious as to where it's going.
>You see a bright flash, as Celestia summons a... phone?
>Huh. One of those old rotary phones, it looks like.
"Ooookay, then."
>She dials.
>(RING) (RING) (click)
>"Um, hello? This is Twilight Sparkle."
>Despite the phone's appearance, bookhorse's voice comes through crystal-clear.
>She probably doesn't know she's on speaker, though, so you keep quiet.
>"Good evening, dear."
>"Oh! Um! H-hello, ma'am. Ho-how can I...?"
>"(giggle) We've been over this, dear; there's no need to call me 'ma'am'."
>"Um, o-of course."
>"I just thought I'd check in and let you know how our little friend is doing..."
>You can practically hear Twilight sweating bullets.
>"A talkative little darling, I must say. All sorts of... fascinating things."
>"And don't worry, dear; plenty of milk and an early bedtime, as requested. I just tucked her in a few minutes ago... oh, were you saying something? I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that last part."
>Dead silence.
>"Um, I mean, h-she... n-nevermind. T-tell her I said hi."
>"Alright, dear. We can drop by tomorrow, if you'd like..."
>"T-that'd be... um? Great? Okaygoodnight-"(click)
"Wait, she hung up? Rude."
>"I suppose ettiquette was never her strong suit, either."
"So... what, you're just gonna lead her on for a while, just for the hell of it?"
>"That is... one way to interpret it."
>You laugh.
"You know she's gonna figure it out eventually."
>"Perhaps, perhaps not."
"...And in the meantime, you're gonna keep 'mommy'ing me and treating me like a foal, also just for the hell of it?"
>Celestia smirks.
"...You're twisted, lady. Y'know that, right?"
>"I try my best, hon."
>She lifts you up again.
>"Alright, Anon, I really should be putting you to bed now."
"Fine, fine. (yawn) But, ca--"
>"Ah-ah-ah, first things first..."
>She unbuttons your dropseat and tugs at your diaper.
>"Does somepony~ need a change before bedtime?"
"Well, I WAS gonna ask if I could go and use the bathroom, but..."
"(sigh) ...I'm not getting out of this one, am I?"
>"(giggle) No."

10/10, would read again.
Looking forward to more.
I think that's as far as I'm going to go, as far as actual greentext; any further and I think I'd end up repeating myself. There's a short epilogue I'll be posting in a little bit; whatever happens in between (or after) is left open-ended.




Thank fucking god. I haven't read it yet but no matter what I'm fapping to this. It could be a pasta recipe and I'd do it.

I hope you're doing okay in school. ;)
Did the tea party and transformation part not make it to the Pastebin?
>diaper fetishism and age play
no thank you
Whoops my bad, different story.
For Fauvra: http://pastebin.com/N67RAg8s


>After a couple more days, Twilight's paranoia got the better of her.
>The mare was a nervous wreck by the time she finally freaked out and confessed everything.
>And you're pretty sure she never cottoned on to your and Celestia's little... collusion.
>Sunhorse didn't even grant her the dignity of fixing her own mistake; she undid the spell herself.
>Either way, long story short, you're human again.
>Ye gods, it feels good to have actual hands. (Among other things...)
>It took the better part of a day to get readjusted, but you're not complaining.
>Things are finally returning to how they were before this whole... incident.
>...For the most part.
>"You're sure you can look after the library on your own for a bit?"
"Shouldn't be too difficult."
>"If you need anything, please, let me know. It's the least I can do, after she caused you all of this trouble."
>"Of course, ma'am. But, uh, if anyone asks..."
>"Oh? Hmm... just let them know that Twilight will be out of town for the week."
>"A week!?"
>The filly lying naked on the changing table in the middle of the room lets out a loud squeak.
>Celestia gently shushes her.
>"Yes, dear, a week."
>"B-but-- mmph!"
>"Ah-ah-ah. No 'but's. If you behave yourself, I may consider letting you off early. Otherwise... (soft laugh) well, you'll see."
>Twilight's face turns a bright red, and she continues to whine.
>You keep watching; Celestia soon has her powdered, padded, and dressed up in a pink onesie.
>"There. Doesn't she look just darling?"
"(chuckle) Adorable."
>"We should be going soon. Just one thing to do, first..."
>Sunhorse lays on her side, and pulls the filly toward her.
>Twilight's eyes go wide.
>"(whine) Miss Celestiaaa!"
>"Now, now, dear..."
>"B-but, nnph! N-not in front of-- mmmmph! (suck) (suck)"
>You watch and try not to laugh as Celestia holds her prize pupil in place, pressed firmly against the royal teat.
>You and sunhorse exchange a smirk. She knows you're getting a kick out of this.
>Bookhorse, on the other hand, kicks and fusses the whole way through, but the princess easily subdues her.
>Once Celestia decides that Twilight's had her fill, she turns her around and pats her back.
>"Well, I think we must be going now. You and I have a lot to talk about... right, sweetie~?"
>"(urp) Y-y-yes, m-ma'am..."
>Sunhorse's horn glows. She summons a stroller, and lifts up the embarassed little filly.
"Oh, before you leave... may I?"
>"(snicker) Very well."
>You look bookhorse right in her little eyes, and smirk.
>You turn her around, lift her tail, and give her bottom a few firm swats.
"Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" (pat-pat-pat) "Have fun, 'sweetie'."
>Twilight whines again as Celestia sets her into the stroller and escorts her out the door.
>Left alone at last, you sit back, recline, and pour yourself a shot.
>You sit and ponder little filly Twilight, in a diaper, bawling as Celestia spanks her sorry little behind.
>You almost feel sorry about it, but then you realize: nope!
>After what she put you though? Fuck her.
>You are Anon.
>And it's good to be back.

I'll add that as a tag to the entry in the google doc, then.

For all the writefags in the thread, again it would be nice if you could give me some tags for your stories so people know what they're getting into. Nothing sucks like getting into a story only to run into a fetish or something you're not into or hate.

>Be me last year
>Start reading a TF fic
>Celestia transforms (I think Anon) into a pony
>and a foal
>story gets into diaper fetishism.
>stop reading

That's not to hate on you or your story either, don't get me wrong. It's just to help people know what they're getting into. Most of the stories on the doc need tags and never got them (and I can't read everything.)

Adding it now.
Although it does contain a certain level of focus on filly Anon being forced to wear a diaper, I don't think it feels right to just give it a tag that just says that. Tagging it with something else instead would be less likely to scare potential readers away.
Maybe age play or filly embarassment or something.


I totally forgot to leave a pastebin. Shit. Here ya go: http://pastebin.com/5hkF4h3p
Hopefully I'll have time to continue writing soon.

By the way, is anyone still interested in that Undetale themed Cyoa? I can't run it right now because I have work in the morning but it was fun to run the first time, so I wouldn't mind doing it again.
I also would like to know if you peeps wanted to see it be exclusively Undertale, or actually explore Tartarus like the original prompt said. Or maybe just drop the Undertale stuff and go directly to 'Anonfilly in Tartarus.'
Regardless, diapers are in the story. There is no getting around that. That alone is enough for me to completely drop a story regardless of interest and I think that kind of content is something worth tagging so people know.

Also, added your story to the doc.

Fair enough. I can accept that reasoning.
For a tag set, how about: [Light, Regression, Spanking, Diaper] [Finished].
Add [CYOA] or [Multidirectional]
Considering that I leave the ability for others to choose three endings.
Also, [Partially Finished]

I Have lots a work to do
Added [Multiple Endings] and [In Progress]
Hold on, if Anon drank bleach to get into Equestria, couldn't he try it again to get into a different one?

The suicide note would be interesting, to say the least.
>"You guys fucking suck. I'm going to find myself a universe where you're not all gay. Seeya!"
>"Get him sis!"
What are the stories for filly Anon actually having sex? Linkm
"I'm going to start my own universe! With blackjack and hookers!"
If someone were to attempt a long and potentially complex CYOA about anonfilly, what would you want from it?
Sick fites. hijinks, shenanigans and cuteness
File: 1451747518496[1].png (1 MB, 2844x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2844x1600
>"You want a story nonny?"
Yes please.
File: twismile.jpg (56 KB, 489x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 489x590
____No Nyx____
50% nyx

What kind of setting would an Anonfilly cyoa have? Most of our stories have been slice of life, so an adventure would be neat. But how would we set it up? Would you be in ponyville and ablebto explore and go to school? Could you choose your race and study magic or learn to fly? Could you choose your horse mom and go live with your choice of pony? Be it drunk mother Berry Punch or expirenced Cherilee? Or Lyra because I still really want ti see that? Or of course one of the mane six if we wanted to be boring.

Would it even take place in ponyville? Would it take place in Canterlot or maybe the Crystal empire?
Would the goal be to be a good filly or to raise havoc?

Will there be potential love interests scattered around? Or will Anonfilly have to take them by force?

Would we play as Feranon? Try and steal from passing travelers in the forest?

I absolutely would want an AnonFilly Cyoa but I'd like to know what kind of game you'd run.
Hold that thought.
Goddamn it.
File: Time to oil up.jpg (71 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Time to oil up.jpg
71 KB, 894x894
nyx and anonfilly double teaming Twilight
Little league and anonfilly nursing and eating out twilight
with nyx and spike
File: 1396811166372.jpg (66 KB, 608x608) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 608x608
>tfw nyxposting faggots are constantly derailing the thread

Nyx doesn't belong here, fuck off to your own threads.
But Moe.

This is our thread now.
No, it's not. This is anon filly, not nyx. You're as bad as the petfags infesting /ptfg/
That's not happened in ages m8, shit be dead anyway
Maybe if you guys accepted it you wouldn't be making such an upset reaction over it.
File: 1326596467236.jpg (299 KB, 854x689) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 854x689

>maybe if you guys didn't complain then you wouldn't complain
You stop bitching, your anger only riles them up more.
You fuck off or keep quiet. we dont care.
I don't know
I'm just saying, nobody cared originally until you riled yourselves up. Now nobody wants it which has lead into peer pressure of people thinking they will get 'prosecuted' or some shit if they post. Nyxfags may have ruined this thread but you're no better, if not worse if you can't see that it's partially your own fault.
>Drunk mother berry punch
anon...why must you please me so?
play as feral anon.
>steal from travelers
>fight monsters
>explore spoopy innawoods shit
>avoid search parties and getting overly wounded
>Tame other forest creatures, like kill an alpha timberwolf and wear his fucking skull to dominate the other wolves
>Forage , scavenge and hunt for bits and pieces to trade with zecora or build up your den
Pg8 must legally stay at least two pages away from this thread.
Rainbow teaching feranon about preening.
Can you repeat the question?
Muh fetish. Thank you for this. All the humiliation and spanking were perfect, as always. The pats from Celestia were overdone but that's just my personal taste.

Does anyone have the original comic this is based off of?
File: 2997ba_177677.jpg (257 KB, 810x1410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
257 KB, 810x1410
>Training to walk on all fours
>tfw this comic probably counts as 'progressive' in today's day and age
'Progressives' are despised, albeit secretly. my mother and sisters fucking hate it and they're total 'normies'
I always hated Nyx shitposting.
I abandoned this thread altogether for a long while because of it rather than complaining because I know there is no use in shouting at an autist about being autistic.

Glad to see people are finally calling that shit out now that I've peeked my head back in.

I seriously find it hard to believe that Anons on 4chan of all places would accept and worship a shitty OC like this.

A namefag said something about it a while back and all the nyxfags jumped up his ass for not accepting nyx.
File: 124125123412.png (339 KB, 1280x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
339 KB, 1280x908
>Someone got negative attention for saying something negative about something they cared about

Next you'll tell me that people feel happy when they recieve hugs.
something negative about an irrelevant shitty OC being forced into the thread by faggots
>"Get him sis!"
Ladies, please.

You're all faggots.
File: 14527451.png (143 KB, 999x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 999x1024
If I may interject, isn't that how Anonfilly started?
No, Anon has always been a part of a lot of ideas on /ptfg/. I assumed the split was because Anon filly stories focused more on Anon as a filly rather than the TF of Anon into a filly. As far as I know, the idea of Anon being a pony has been around for a long time.
1. I said anonfilly, not anon as a pony.
2. This specific version of anonfilly that is used pretty much like a template
Anonfilly started out when someone created a thread in which the OP pic was a comic of Anon getting turned into a filly.

The idea caught on quick, and soon exploded into multiple threads, and then a general.

But Anonfilly started pretty much in her own threads. There wasn't any sort of shoving the idea down transformation general's throat for months on end.
Could it just be a matter of perspective?

If people actually liked Nyx and wanted it then they could make their own Nyx threads instead of trying to force it into a different thread.

A nyx thread would not last more than a few hours because nobody fucking wants it.
File: 1451752658951.png (800 KB, 1028x702) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
800 KB, 1028x702
Actually it didn't last long because the mods deleted it.

Yet they're completely fine with it being spammed as multiple threads.
And people say the mods are shit.
Sounds based to me.
nyxposters add to the immersion by being as annoying and clingy as nyx herself.
File: 1443323877756.png (291 KB, 435x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
291 KB, 435x436
>disallows a quarantine zone
>doesn't care about nyx spam in multiple threads
I don't mind it :^)
>Quarantine zone
I'd probably liken it more to a festering shitpile.
Better to let the shit land where it falls and bury it rather than let it form into a huge pile.
I have no doubt the one or two dedicated Nyx shitposters would build it into a colossal mountain if allowed.
I'd like it if they just banned it throughout every thread too, but then they would just cry and shitpost harder while ban evading most likely.

There's no winning really.
Now you're getting it!
>I have no doubt the one or two dedicated Nyx shitposters would build it into a colossal mountain if allowed.
Well at least those two shitposters would be shitposting in their own thread instead of shoving their shitty god damn OC into every other thread.
page 9 bump
Have all the content producers gone away?
I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm kinda busy doing other things. With only one day left of my vacation, I feel like I wasted most of it, despite this past week and a half being my most active time in the thread for actual writing. The Feral Anon story already has a higher word count than the entire main story of Anonfilly, not counting the endings.
As for I, It's a simple matter of time, Mostly during the day I am stuck in employment, and when arriving home I'm simply too tired to continue on.
That, and a small lack of inspiration.
The only time I wish I had Depression to inspire me.
I'm at 31K, you?

I've g-got just over 14k on Feral Anon
Counting the entire thing?
Not just the main section.
File: boop copy.png (1 MB, 4717x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
boop copy.png
1 MB, 4717x5000
I have done nothing productive all day
Oh, On Filly Anon?
Just checked and oh shit, I'm wrong. I'm just under the word count.

Feral Anon 14.2k

AnonFilly Main: 14.8k
Merged End: 1403
Both Survive: 1469
Nonny Wins: 970
Anon Wins: 2870
Hey, you can't say that, there are fillies present!
Yeah, what the fuck, asshole? You can't say shit like that in front of them!
fite me fagets
File: 1449808067024.png (29 KB, 498x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 498x421
File: 1451801250144.png (1 MB, 4717x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4717x5000
how about.
>Feral anon colt
emergency page 10 bump
File: oh yeah.jpg (31 KB, 650x530) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oh yeah.jpg
31 KB, 650x530
>"You strike me anon?"
>"Thank you for giving me an excuse."
File: bumpbump.png (93 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 450x450
File: 1451857845826.png (86 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 450x450
I don't know why my colors aways get incorrect.

Jeez, that was a fast edit.
Literally a minute in MS Paint. It was easy because the background was just one color.
Yeah, that makes sense.
File: anonfilly..jpg (5 KB, 200x141) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 200x141
Sure is quiet today...
File: 1451630352240.png (870 KB, 1125x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
870 KB, 1125x1000
I guess I could write something... ...any requests?
anon and nyx become fused together after twilight fucks up some sciencey shit

anonfilly runs after her trying to beat her up or something and they both get caught up in it
Feral anon colt sparring against shining armor or having to attend the gala with luna acting as his surrogate mother or something.just off the top of my head
Anonfilly spends the day with the CMC.
Hijinks ensue.
do whatever you think would be good
Fuck off with the nyx shit. No seriously, get out.
I will love you and you're going to like it.
I like this idea.
fillyrape pls
File: heli.jpg (9 KB, 268x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 268x188
Well fuck it here we go! I always wanted to do this idea...
Maybe later...
>You feel a chill wash down over your spine.
>Slowly opening your eyes you notice your not in twilot's castle.
>Hell this is something completely different.
>metaphorically speaking.
>In truth you can't see jack shit.
>You slowly feel your senses coming back to you.
>First taste, then smell, hearing, touch...
>Finally sight.
>You wipe your eyes with your hooves before taking in the majesty of what is before you.
>The last thing you remember is playing hide and seek with twilight.
>You don't remember going into space.
>Feeling your way around you find yourself to be in some sort of pod.
>Looking up you see some sort of lever above you.
>Without thinking you quickly pull it.
>The front of the pod bursts open and you slowly float out.
>Upon inspection you it seems like a near endless all lined up with pods just like yours.
>looking into them you see they're completely empty.
>You soon fall to the floor with a loud bang on the steel surface.
>Looks like someone turned the gravity on.
>Walking down the long hallway you see that the 'ship' is completely void of life.
>moving through the different rooms you see they are all empty.
>Where is anybody?
>Moving through what you believe to be the fiftieth empty room you finally enter what you think is the flight deck.
>Moving over to the motherboard you start randomly pressing buttons.
>What? If your gonna be alone here you might as well have fun piloting the ship.
>You hear thrusters go on and off and finally you get to see outside in front of you.
>Before you stands a small planet, well it looks small from here.
>You continue pressing buttons.
>Suddenly two green shots, probably torpedoes or some shit, make their home into the nearby moon.
>Oh fuck.
>We need to destroy that thing!
>Suddenly your interrupted by loads of shaking.
>Looking out you see that the once small planet is up in your face.
I'm intrigued. Go on.
>Oh shit!
>You press buttons in vain to try to get the ship to stop.
>Suddenly one of the screens shows you a full speedometer.
>Under it says "Maximum speed engaged."
>Oh fuck...
>Be Luna.
>For once nothing is going wrong today.
>You can finally...
>"Oh Celestia!"
>Suddenly a large uproar comes from outside.
>You practice your best smile and walk out onto the balcony.
>It's probably something the elements can just take care of...
>Walking outside you enquire what is going on.
>You get no response except pointing to the sky.
>looking up your jaw hits the floor.
>Half of the Moon
>YOUR Moon is blasted into space chunks.
>What the fu-
>Suddenly a large bang hits your ears as you see a burning wreck fall out of the sky.
>And by wreck you mean a giant mechanical monster,
>Hoe lee shit.
>You watch as it hits the ocean water erupting out of its way.
>After a whole hour of 'falling' it stops.
>You quickly fly over to make sure no pony was hurt.
>Even though it's in the middle of the ocean.
>Be Anon.
>You wake with a bad headache.
>looking up you see a sharp cut metal pole,
>sharp enough to gouge your eye out,
>just dangling mere inches above your head.
>Talk about close calls.
>You slide out from under it the tinkling of crushed glass around you.
>Looking at your body you see multiple cuts showing a deep red that contrasts with you green body.
>Your bleeding from most of them.
>That would explain the pain.
>You rest your head back down again the feeling of the sea breeze giving you a sense of bliss.
>If only multiple pieces of small glass weren't murdering your back.
>Suddenly you hear a faintly similar voice.
>"Hello? Hast anypony on board of this vessal?"
>It's princess Luna...
>Thank fuck.
>Wait till you tell her that...
>...you blew up her moon...
>...on second thought better not.
>You hear her again.
>"Hello? Is this an unmanned vessal?"
>You try to shout out for help but all you get are squeaks,
>The fuck me?
Keep going.
File: angry.jpg (54 KB, 500x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 500x368
>You try to at least scream but all you get is a grunt.
>What the fuck?
>You try to feel around your mouth with your tongue but...
>...Holy shit your tongue's gone!
>Feeling around your mouth with you hoof you notice that your tongue has been replaced with a stump.
>What are you gonna do with a stump?
>You can't even rim job people!
>Fuck your mute to!
>How are you suppose to tell people to fuck off!?
>You lay there fed up with life.
>How are you suppose the blow people now?
>You sigh...
>At least the sea breeze is nice on your genitals.
>Be Luna.
>The ship has stopped burning but...
>...Nopony's inside.
>Walking down what you think to be an endless hallway you see one of it's many pods is shattered.
>Checking the pod to no avail to any clues you continue your search.
>Moving through the rooms left and right you see they're all empty...
>You call out for someone or something to hear you.
>You hear small squeaks behind a large set of closed doors.
>Opening them you see destruction everywhere.
>Everything is out of order.
>You hear another small squeak.
>Looking down you see a small green filly.
"Hello little one."
>You notice she's bleeding fiercely.
>You have to get her to a safe place before she bleeds out.
>Grabbing a nearby banner you wrap the small filly to try a at least slow the bleeding and keep her safe.
>Putting her on your back you fly back to Canterlot.
>She falls asleep instantly...
That's it for tonight I might be on later.
>That's it for tonight I might be on later.
Can't wait for more.
Added to the doc
Yo this Nyx x Anonfilly story is some of the worst green I have ever read. It's so terribly written I think it may have been done by a middle schooler.

God damn it's funny though. I love it. I need it in my life.
I want to fuck the filly
But your the filly.
I want to fuck the filly.
>But you are the filly.
I know.
>So you want to fuck yourself?
File: 997901.png (1 MB, 4840x4840) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4840x4840
File: helping.jpg (378 KB, 1422x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
378 KB, 1422x700

Not him (>>25958390) but thanks for idea. I tried.
Fucked up the size and don't knowing how to catapult is suffering.
That is amazing. Thank you.
>And then chikun was planted into the ground
Nice picture anon
Anonfilly, no! You're gonna get rope burn! Backing up would be better!
Why is Anonfilly so cute?... Why are WE so cute!?
File: 1444625425698.png (50 KB, 833x625) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 833x625
saying it doesn't make it true, cutie~
File: Beautiful.jpg (11 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 225x225
I'm slow to read things.
Since you're here I hope you return to the spank thread too.

Someone is getting head trauma.
File: BedTime.png (333 KB, 1216x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333 KB, 1216x1024
Be cool, it's one of my very first time drawing pone
That's awesome.
Anon will dream about having a cock then wake up and get sad, good plan purple horse.
Nice touch.
>Spike leaves a picnic in a huff after the girls make fun of him.
>Determined to prove hes not weak or girly he wanders around dangerously close to the woods wondering what he can do to show them.
>Feral colt saves (unwittingly from a timberwolf attack) spike amazed by the colts skill begs him to teach him how to fight.
>Spike gets ignored but manages to convince the colt with the promise of food etc.
I'll be back once i'm finished whoring out my 'art' ability. Assuming the nyxposting dosen't kill the general.
Bump up there
File: BatSlap.png (920 KB, 1144x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
920 KB, 1144x1024
Same drawfag here
File: 1451937644191.png (906 KB, 1144x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
906 KB, 1144x1024
File: ponies.jpg (20 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 480x360
It's always time for ponies.
Amy content?
No content.
Here ya go Anon.
It took me forever to make
better than fucking clara content
Sorry, I meant any content.
Fucking mobile...
Speak for yourself. My face scares small children.
File: tits.png (455 KB, 2048x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
455 KB, 2048x1024
still same drawfag
I find your lack of post disturbing
Bumping with hope that one of our writers might someday return from being the little filly trapped in Equestria.

Hopefully Story Dingus. Continue your darn cyoa! I just want to know just what kind of power that patchwork doll has!
Yes. This is what I'm looking forward to.
You make me want flood this place with keks.

Waiting for feral anon here.
Anon filly being sissified by a mane 6 member. Anon filly being baby sat by pinkie who diapers her.
Nyx is awesome you COCK smoker
Moar. This is my fetish.
And then anon was spanked and diapered.
>>Little Anonfilly thought it was a good idea to make a new friend on hoofbook...
>The door creaks open, revealing Princess Twilight, who grins in delight
>"Hello, little filly!"
>>But little did she know, the cute colt she spent all night talking with... was actually a chubby, middle-aged mare with a horn and wings...
Is Flash Sentry here?
>You enter the room, stopping at one of the couches. You hear the door close... and lock.
>>Little Anon didn't know that all Alicorns are rapists...
>>Little Anon thought she was safe...
Where's Flash?
>"Flash is here, little filly!"
>"Flash has always been here..."
>"I'M Flash, little filly!"
>Twilight begins walking towards you slowly, as you dig yourself into the couch to get away
>She closes in, planting both forelegs beside you on the couch
>"This is what you get for using Hoofbook!"
>You shake your head in defiance and fear
>"Yes~! This is what you get, for using Hoofbook! Aaah~!"
File: gg.gif (171 KB, 600x526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 600x526
>Daring Do vs The feral pone
File: image.png (92 KB, 495x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92 KB, 495x599
but the filly days were before luna.
Well to be fair, Luna has seen Anon as a filly due to dream magic bullshit. The first dream of Anon's she walked into was a memory of her appearance in Equestria.
Daring Do wins
File: 1450467227123.png (496 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
496 KB, 720x1280
More diapered anonfilly.
For what purpose?
no thank you

he's a degenerate, that's why
You'll need to be more specific than that, anon.
It starts after twilight sends anonfilly off to play with the cmc. They go and play house and anonfilly ends up getting picked as the foal. She gets diapered up and tickled until she wets then one of the cmc older sisters come in and see it. Cmc says anonfilly isn't potty trained and ends up getting coddled and humiliated.

You do the rest I'm lazy.
File: 1452053604844.gif (480 KB, 493x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
480 KB, 493x342
Autism warning.

It's a shame most of the people here won't get the joke.[/spoiler
>implying it's not a dude
>implying I'm not a trap
>implying 'he' doesn't apply to traps
File: 1451977430654.jpg (77 KB, 547x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 547x388
The thread is dead.
Filly is kill.
File: 1443725713499.png (55 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 750x750
tfw nyx
File: image.jpg (54 KB, 279x304) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 279x304
forgot your image bro
File: image.jpg (31 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 400x388
hello there twilight!

I'm Pepe. And I like to -*pushes twilight over*

Come on anon! Back to wojaks lab so we can make you human again

File: image.png (287 KB, 1055x579) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
287 KB, 1055x579

personally I like this one

>tfw you can't kill this thing no matter how hard you try
"But twilight, i don't want to be a little filly anymore."
>She turns nyx into a human to spite him/her

>"There is a slight problem with changing you back."
>"You see if the transformation spell is not canceled within a week of it being casted it becomes... Permanent."

>"Why didn't you say so Anon? Here, I have just the spell for this! Its the same type of spell that Princess Celestial used on me all those years back. I think its supposed to reveal your destiny or something."
"Reveal your destiny? Wait, Twilight-"
>"Too late! I'm already charging the spell!"
"No no no! You don't understand- Maybe being a filly isn't so bad, just hold on-"
>Blinding light consumed the poor filly.
>When everything was over she looked around.
>She was now a foot taller and had a pair of pretty wings sprouting out of her.
>"There you go Anon! Don't you feel pretty?"
"Godamn you purple."
File: 1451953618012.png (468 KB, 702x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
468 KB, 702x602
What is your favorite Anonfilly story/and or/picture?
pretty much anything with nyx in it, fampai.
File: image.png (557 KB, 1334x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
557 KB, 1334x750
nyx being cancer is true, it never goes away.
nyxfags need to leave
should i draw feranon or one punch colt? i have ideas for both pics.
as a fusion
Good idea. i like you anon.
with nyx :^)
>"Would you just!"
>"hey thats hot!"
>"ooh, !"
>Twilight was wet.
>And not in the good way that you want, rather the bad kind of wet where you're annoyed and damp.
>Like rushing through your front door after running through an unwelcome and unexpected downpour.
>That kind of wet , except this water was warm.
>Sighing the pretty purple princess wiped a wet, dangling bang Away from her eyes.
>The colt in front of her glowered at her, in a most adorable way.
>His chest puffed out , his wings flared out to his sides and muzzle scunched up in a display of dominance.
>It was hilarious.
>Twilight tried to maintain the death stare she'd been giving him, but her lips began to quiver and her face contorted in bizzare patterns as she tried her best to maintain her expression.
>Breaking , she couldnt help but snort in amusement. Covering her mouth with a hoof trying to suppress her laughter to no avail as she soon broke out into a fit of giggles and snorts.
>The green colt in the tub before her dropped his stance, wings drooping down to his sides as an angry blush rushed its way onto his face.
I want to beat the devil out of her
if you know what I mean
File: 4t126846192.png (40 KB, 970x631) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 970x631
Pic related but with anonfilly instead of snowdrop
And Twilight instead of nyx.
File: image.jpg (283 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283 KB, 1280x1024
File: game sphere.png (608 KB, 1280x959) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
game sphere.png
608 KB, 1280x959
Bumpin' 'till it's Game Sphere what
>diaper write fag will never return

Dubs confirm we're safe from diaperfaggotry
File: 1423351164436.gif (993 KB, 500x272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
993 KB, 500x272
>hating on best villain
I thought she was a filly forever. kek.
File: 1452021718711.gif (607 KB, 800x792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
607 KB, 800x792
>dank souls
Ive missed that in this image
File: 1443671721072.png (273 KB, 1200x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 1200x900
'Night filly anon thread
the subtle booty
Honestly, it's not a big deal. I'm just happy to see more art of Feral Anon
Don't let this die faglords.
just fucking swap her with snowblind in the original pic you fruit.
Bump in the night
File: LetAnonTeachYou.png (132 KB, 849x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 849x474
The only thing I could think of when I thought about Nyx
File: image.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
nyx uses tentacle magic to fuck the shit out of anonfilly

he likes it
>Anonfilly catches her reading a lewd book
>Knowingly realizes this will end badly for both of them
>She gets a view of the cover
>Horse and tentacles cover with japoniese writing
>"Oh fuck."
Is she using her tail prehensiley? That would be fantastic.

Unrelated question, are the different versions of anonfilly all individual characters in the 'canon' of anonfilly? There's anonfilly, anoncolt, both young earth ponies, and feral anonfilly, an older (?) pegasus pony, it could be that each is a different anon turned into a horse.

Are there any other anonhorse variants?
I have same question.
But I like the anon be earth pony because with magic would be a disaster. Also, can the feral pegasus anon pony fly?
she can only fly with the help of nyx of course.
>Also, can the feral pegasus anon pony fly?
If you mean the one in my story, then not yet. She's lived in the forest all of her pony life and one of her wings had been injured when she arrived. I didn't specify what the injury was, but just imagine something non-permanent, but would cause trouble until taken care of.

I'm planning on having her meet a few main characters and each help her readapt to society in their own way. So the story is going to take a more slice of life turn for a while.
I didn't mean her to. But that could be nice ideed! Feel free to imagine it.
>trixie is a wandering magic horse
>probably had to go through the woods
>encounters feral anon
File: 1448515115412.png (303 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 800x800
Page 10 nyx bump
Day 9, the write fag still hasn't made a story about anonfilly being sissified and diapered.
thank god
diaper fetishists are the worst
This. They're even worse than Nyxfaggots.
nothing is worse than nyxfags
what about diaper fetishist nyxfags?
File: Sketch74152641.png (744 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
744 KB, 720x1280
It must suck to be lost, all alone, in the 2spooky forest
File: Sketch74152811.png (896 KB, 720x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
896 KB, 720x1280
Shit, normally i ignore the mistake if i see i forgot something but that is crossing the line
Shit tastes
Closet faggot
Probable retard
Mouth breather

Diapers are awesome
Someone write a story of anonfilly going into the everfree forest and getting lost, then crying until twilight comes looking.
>"Diapers are awesome."

>Diapers are awesome
you're almost as wrong as that guy who said pony wouldn't have any porn way back when season one premiered
File: 1442676442026.jpg (5 KB, 152x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
5 KB, 152x160
Die, scum.

>be anonfilly
>you go into the everfree to look for poinsn joke to spike (lel) twi's tea with
>paths are for pussies who get lost easily so you leave the path
>you get super lost
>you start to cry cause you're gonna get eaten by treewolfs and be dead
>you're crying attracts twi who was looking for you cuase she got woried
>she hugs you and takes you bac to her fucking ugly castle
>you spike (lel) her tea with the poisin you smuggled out anyway cause she's a total bithc

rate please
Failed to mention how Anon got the poison joke without it pulling a joke on him.

There's no bigger joke than Twilight's wings. The poison joke has no effect.
10/10 I came
anonfily stored it in her mare vagina
and since mare juices is the secret ingredient to the anti poison joke bath it didn't do anything t her
there hapy?
glad I could entertain you
i have nothing against diapers, its just not my thing
but nyx and nyx posters are the most annoying frusterating cancerous things on this board
Here goes I'm not a rapper.

>A macabre cloak of purplish-blue settles over the horizon as dusk begins to turn to night.
>You look around from the clearing you're in, rubbing the back of your neck while an uncomfortable sense of fear settles in your stomach.
>Leave it to your dumb ass to get lost in the haunted Everfree forest while looking for the poison joke patch.
>"God this fucking sucks, what kind of jigaboo retard would go near this place?" You complain bitterly as you carefully make your way through something similar to a woodsmans trail.
>Lamenting at a low decible, you strut with your head low.
>Coming up to another small clearing, you pause and grumble as a leaf, wet with rain and tree sap, drops rather abruptly onto your back.
>Craning your neck to knock it off with your muzzle, your eyes widen at a brightly colored centipede casually occupying your person.
>Your spiteful comedic defense fails immediately, and what might have been a loud shout of alarm before Purple turned you into a little filly became a shrill cry of terror, followed by you running around and bucking off the ground as you tried to get the wily insect off.
>After rolling on your back to try and squish it, the demonic beast gets bored and crawls off into the woods.
>You're whimpering quietly as you slowly get up and get your bearings.
>It came as no surprise that you're still lost, alone, afraid, and beginning to get hungry.
>You shakily sit on your green behind, taking a moment to think and calm yourself.
>A faint sound of a stream bubbling nearby was an eerie backdrop for the forests night time noises.
>Wait, a stream! You remember reading in one of twilight's books that following a stream would lead you to civilization.
>You say an inward prayer of thanks to the purple pony before tearing through the bristles and following the sound of water running carelessly over rock surface.

(Keep going? Fuck off?)
I know I'm a shit writer m80's, if ya want me to stop I will.
File: boop.png (545 KB, 700x727) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
545 KB, 700x727

Nice. Without lines seems pretty interesting.

Can you do a scenario where filly is in a hill staring above the trees with a twilight sky (orange, purple and dark blue transition) with some happy clouds?
Keep going.
>It's a short trek to the water thankfully.
>You stumble out of the wooded area, your forehooves getting stuck on a root and dumping you face first into the soft mud.
>A loud curse escapes your lips as you right yourself and brush most of the wet dirt off your flustered face. After clearing your vision of mud, a ghastly image of spiny trees with seemingly twisted expressions heightened your sense of dread.
>"At least this place doesn't have kamikaze centipedes." You mumble, carefully beginning to make your way along the shore.
>The occasional sounds of the forest kept you on edge, a gasp followed by an annoyed growl erupting from you as a crow screams nearby.
>Coming up to what looked like a bend in the stream, you picked up the pace.
>Your hopeful expression twisted into rage and disbelief as you saw that it wasn't a bend, it was a dam.
>You let out a whine of defeat, the sun having set long ago in lieu of Lunas ominous full moon.
>You sat on your haunches, wanting to just get back to twilight's house and fall into bed.
>You were sick of this damn forest. You never should've come here in the first place.
>You felt tears begin to well up in your eyes. Instead of swallowing your emotions as per usual you let them run free, eventually sniffling to yourself on the shore of a stream hidden away in a haunted forest.
>You got lost in your sadness, oblivious to the insects and birds making noises in the background.
>One sound, however, cut through the rest.
>A faint dripping of water heavy with sediment whispered danger against your ears, prompting the fur on your neck to stand on end.
>You were frozen with fear, not wanting to turn around but knowing you had to.
>You swallow, turning around quickly and dipping your head low, as if to ram whatever was behind you with your head.
>You freeze, your pupils dilating as you feel your blood pound against your ears as you take in the sight before you.
Fucking love it <3
It actually hit 2000 here I'm not being a dick.
First half of this one is a little clunky. Not enough emotion in af tripping.

You seemed to get comfortable in the latter half.

Please continue.
>Twilight turns Anon into a filly as a joke for the afternoon
>Anonfilly runs away and gets picked up by the pony equivalent of Child Protective Services
>After returning Anonfilly to Twilight, they set up regular checkups to make sure things are ok with the cute little filly
>Twilight goes along with it because she doesn't want to have to fess up
>Standing half submerged in the murky water was a pony.
>Its mane was overgrown and matted over its eyes.
>It stared back at you, it's head tilted at an extreme angle. The water rippled as it rose further out of the water, exposing a well worn soggy sailing rope wrapped in a barrel knot around its neck.
>You take a fearful step back as it rises fully.
>The pony's jaw made a sharp clicking noise at your movement, followed by the most ghastly scream you've ever heard in your life.
>Your ears pin flat against your head and you stumble back on your ass as it starts shuffling towards you.
>You quickly stand up and beeline through the woods, pheromones palpable in the air from your radiating terror.
>The forest was dead silent, the only noise being your fearful wailing and the ungodly howls of the beast sprinting lopsidedly behind you.
>Tripping on roots and getting whipped, torn, and smacked by tree vines, you were numb to the pain as you ran for your life.
>You look behind you to see if you're safe. There was a brief pause in the woods before it ripped through the bushes, staring at you and bellowing it's ghastly noise.
>Jagged teeth lined it's maw as it foamed at the mouth, hissing and siting inhumanly as it struggled towards you with surprising deftness.
>You turned and ran, not looking where you were going and smacking into a cedar tree trunk , falling backwards.
>You felt blood on your nose as you looked at Lunas angry luminescent moon hovering above with a dazed expression.
>A pair of hooves slammed into your shoulders, waking you up from your trance with a fright.
>A feral look filled your views the beastly pony stared down at you, his teeth bared as if about to bite a chunk out of your throat.
>You're body ached with soreness but you conjured all of your strength to try and slam your lower legs into his chest.
>The monster stumbled back at the kick, becoming unbalanced enough to fall on its side.
oh fug
Actually as the nyxfag I utterly hate diaperfags in its entirety. I have no issues when its on age appropriate characters like foals or baby horses just the fetish stuff.
>You're sobbing as you haul ass away from the beast.
>You don't know how long you've run. You toss a glance over your shoulder to see if it's still following you.
>Staying absolutely still you waited for the worst to happen. A minute. Two minutes.
>Enough time passes for you to exhale, relaxing and sitting on your rump.
>That is until a muddy hoof lands on your shoulder.
>You let out a high pitch scream, turning around and falling on your back, crying out loudly.
>A perplexed and annoyed voice cuts you off before you were about to cry for your mommy.
"There you are Anon, do you know how long I've been looking for y- oof."
>Twilight states, looking confused when you ran into her embrace, shaking like a leaf.
>She gave you a once over, seeing that you must've been through some shit from all the cuts and bruises lining your body.
>She wraps her foreleg around you, smiling awkwardly as she rubbed your back with her hoof.
"It's okay Anon, I'm here now sweetie." She hums in a kind voice to you. Twilight had never seen this side of the rude, disrespectful alien house guest. His- well, HER now, attitude had been so awful she had turned him into a harmless little filly so people would just think Anon was a poorly mannered brat instead of an offensive and dangerous man-child.
>You had no choice insult for Purple this time. You were just happy she was here.
>After soliciting her for free cuddles and a shoulder to cry your dignity out on, you feel a gentle nip on your neck fur as Twilight picks you up like a foal, placing you on her back.
>You don't offer a peep of protest, shaking from the cold and fright of your harrowing night in Everfree forest. You'd tell Twilight this was her fault for turning you into a defenseless filly tomorrow,you decided, as you closed your eyes to drift off on Twilight's back.
>Tonight, however, you would be her filly.
The whole theme just shifted from horror to drama.
You could've made anon be thinking about how he treated Twilight during his walk through the woods and it would've been ok.
You should've elongated the climax scene.
The cuteness was cute but you shifted characters awkwardly. I would've switched to Twilight and had her take over narration.
The antagonist wad cliche and didn't have an explanation. Wolves would've been more appropriate.
Other than all this it was a mediocre story. I was interested until the enemy appeared. A feral wolf would've been perfect to add tension.
Stop that
File: 145271412.png (198 KB, 890x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
198 KB, 890x1024

nyx bump
This filly thread has died. There will be no more content. Ever. I dare anyone to prove me wrong.
filly thread died back in 2012
This is fucking glorious.
Bump, or i'll find you, and beat the devil out of you and throw you into a happy little bush.
happy little nyx
>putting poison joke in purple's tea
And then she became the little filly.

The horny little filly.

And then Anon and Twilight did some filly-scissoring.
>not adding nyx into scissoring goodness

>Adding nyx to anything
Hahahahaha no
Page 9 bump
and 10.
I think I may have an Idea for a sketch, if our based artfag would like to do so.

Why not have a line up of AnonFillies but each one has their own characteristics depicted by all of our writefags (feral anonfilly, Nonny, Normal Anon filly , etc)
Anonyx filly when?
fillyrape pls
>"Nonny you have a daddy now!"
What does Anonfilly do for the school talent show?
"Look how hard I can pee!"
I imagine something like this


"Imma little filly, and I'm gonna rap you silly!"
"I have this stupid body because of princess Twili-lily!"
"I'm not very tall, my hooves are too small!"
"And if I try and reach the counter you know i'm gonna fall!"
>[Poor beatboxing intensifies]


Did she steal Little Leagues hat? Or do they just have matching hats?
I don't know, I'm just a dog. Maybe she /we can have any hat because of the knowledge of Rarity's weak points.
>anonfilly finds rarity's sex dungeon entrance
>uses it as blackmail to get super fly outfits and shit
>and unlimited access to all of rarity's sex toys
File: 1447020483558.png (281 KB, 750x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281 KB, 750x720
File: feral anon filly.jpg (347 KB, 600x1566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feral anon filly.jpg
347 KB, 600x1566
Feral Anon Filly Climbing BigMac's dick to learn to fly.
Does she launch off when he cums?
that's when she learns how to fly
I am imagining this scenario, and it's beautiful

big mac cums so ferociously that it shoots anonfilly high into the air, horse spunk steaming behind her as she arcs through the sky like some sort of pony sex missile
She gets launched so fast that she creates a sonic cumboom.
File: secret handshake.jpg (291 KB, 1000x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
secret handshake.jpg
291 KB, 1000x670
Page ten no
Needs anon to say
>now this is a story all about how my life got flipped...
nyxed upside down
Did anyone save those spike and nyx fusions? I never saved them, may post to derpibooru.
Pretty dead.
All the content producers have gone away.
That's what you think.
File: FillyIsKill.png (109 KB, 574x794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 574x794
draw nyx dancing on anonfilly's grave
Dark is a faggot.
rip filly
This is sad. Please just let this poor filly die peacefully. Stop bumping her back to life when she is suffering like this.
You monster, you just had to bump it now did you.
So, any green where Twilight isn't an irredeemable monster?
Other guy above me bumped it first.

This guy.
How bout you create a prompt for one so that maybe this thread can be revived.
Surrounded by monsters.
'Ey, if I wasn't occupied with another thread, I'd gladly write for this one.

But that thread's also got less posters.

88 people, man! SOMEONE, even a novice faggot who's never written, could supply this thread and help the shit out of us.
File: Sketch9621929-1.png (312 KB, 720x635) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
312 KB, 720x635
To what ends will Anon go to embarrass Twilight Sprinkle
Great work/10
File: 21415123412.png (13 KB, 667x645) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 667x645
I always loved that comic.
kek. kick her!


88 bumps
Should've had an amused-aroused nyx in the fourth panel
eat shit, nigger
>two 22 dubs
I edited your sketch.
Nyx was under the stage the whole time.
File: Sketch163105537-1.png (127 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 720x720
Page nine ain't fine
Please don't become bump central like the plone threads.

with content here and there occasionally
File: Happy_Halloween.png (484 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
484 KB, 720x720
Whatever happened to the story with anon having to foals and he escaped his pony form fir revenge?
Did that story ever get finished?
Was that the one where he was all sick as a pony? If so, I didn't read as far as you, though I was still interested.

Really, I want to go and read most of the stories in the Doc, but I hate getting into a story only for it to never get finished. There's at least one in the Doc that really had me hooked and the writefag disappeared and there was one in /ptfg/ a year and a half ago that I was really into and hasn't been updated since.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (60 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 1280x720
Which one? I read all of them.
File: 9f8.png (91 KB, 630x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 630x686
The one by ThatGuyM8

Unless you mean the one from /ptfg/ then it's the one by Captain Scrappie.

Twice now my heart has been broken by great fics never to be updated again.
Fine, fine, a prompt where Twilight isn't an irredeemable monster.

>Anon is being an absolute fucking shit to Twilight for a number of months
>Twilight figures that a day or two in "Filly Time Out" would teach him a lession
>Turns out, maybe because Anon isn't from Equestria, the spell didn't work the way it should have.
>Anon cannot be turned back into a human using the methods that should have worked.
>Angry Twilight is now guilty and panicked Twilight when she realizes that the transformation might be permanent.
>Twilight must how find a way to reverse the spell, deal with an understandably pissed off Anon, and deal with the guilt of the consequences of her flagrant disregard for Anon as a person.

wreitfags do your fucking jobs
Ah, yes. ThatGuy's was a fucking awesome story.

And I kinda liked the whole evil Twilight thing, only because I knew that at some point, she'd get hers.
Then it never happened.
I found it to be a really fun and amusing one. I liked all the jokes and it was just a really nice story. Best way I could describe it really is comfortable.
Loved that story. Soo bummed it's not finished.
Page 8 8n't gr8 m8
File: 1441801480510.jpg (430 KB, 1539x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
430 KB, 1539x1080
File: 1449962796263.png (138 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 800x600
Not enough parental bonding
Its not that I like you or anything, mo- Twilight.
spike should go fuck nike already
Love the stalking Spike
File: 1441926991212.png (126 KB, 778x891) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
126 KB, 778x891
Pony is the only place where I want hairy females.
I have some autistic ideas to draw but the thread get page 9 more fast than I can draw.
File: 1446759628603.png (57 KB, 1152x648) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 1152x648
Just draw, i can bump
Stupid frogposter, go back to reddit
File: p13.jpg (574 KB, 900x1638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Write fags assemble.
Here's a prompt: Anon been having dreams about his estranged mother he left behind. Coupled with seeing all the fillies and colts with their mom's he (she?) hasn't been himself lately. Twilight notices this and uses a magic spell to see into his dreams one night.
Sorry for the typing autism I'm drugged up with a 104 fever.
Twilight is just another changing infiltrator.
Filly anon must save the real twilight to save Equestria from the second invasion
File: 5IS5ZWm.gif (2 MB, 425x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 425x319
>When someone posts nyx
There is literally nothing wrong with liking Nyx
Has someone done a greentext yet where Anonfilly and Nyx fuse together to become the ultimate filly?
Both of which are opinions
Will they be fighting in a tornoment?
There is when she's constantly being shoehorned and forced into a thread that's not about her by obnoxious faggots. I wouldn't even care about there being Nyx in this thread if people didn't bring her up and force her into every idea at every opportunity or Nyx this or Nyx that or guys look it's Nyx! If you want to talk and post and write greens about Nyx so god damn much, just fuck off to your own threads already you cunts.
look it's Nyx!
Holy hell, that's great.
Is not autism.
Is good prompt.
Maybe even a sick prompt.
File: 1452473813431.png (147 KB, 1250x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 1250x800
What thread are guys look it's Nyx!