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Spanking Thread 19.1: Thread Bumps for Spanked...
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It's way too easy to be naughty over the holidays. Ponies in charge have to keep order somehow. Did Diamond Tiara got away with backtalking her mother in Crusaders of the Lost Mark? And what about all the damage Spike caused in Princess Spike? With Equestria being an agrarian society, perhaps spanking is always an option, just as it was in older cartoons.

Featured story:
Fluttershy's Fetish by DCFTEF
Fluttershy has a spanking fetish. Then she gets to find out what they're really like.

Master archive (pictures and stories):

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In more recent news, Bluejay's latest story has a healthy amount of spanking in it. Especially parts 1 & 3.


This old thread is good too.

>Threaten the CMC's with a horsewhip spanking and they'd be scared shitless. Behavior will improve 1000%.

>Tease a mature mare like Spitfire or Mrs. Cake and the results will be sexier.

>Mane 6 age ponies are probably in-between. They're old enough to be titillated but young enough to still fear getting whipped on the rump.
Suddenly our three threads per year strategy doesn't seem so smart.
New theory:
After a pony has a cutie mark, their school has to get permission from the pony's guardian to continue spanking them for misbehavior. Before that there is a common-law history of the school simply acting as a parent would.

Of course, if Equestria Girls takes place in one of the states that allows corporal punishment to this day, in 2016, parental permission is not legally required. Human society is weird.

this is what happens when autism and a page 10 bump mix
eh ill give you a bump. my thread died earlier today got nothin else to lurk
Anyone know if that Blueblood guy from way way back when ever finished the story or wrote anything else? That shit made my dick pure diamonds.
Bump for interest
File: medium.png (423 KB, 653x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
423 KB, 653x600
Bet Chock Full Carafe really tans her niece's fat bottom from time to time. She looks and sounds like some fat aunt herself to Babs Seed
Definitely looks overworked and under appreciated.

Also welcome back spankos haven't seen this thread in a long while.
If Google isn't your thing, there's an Imgur gallery as well. Or try your luck with Derpibooru.

SternyMares made a new image 2 weeks ago. I think it's allowed on 4chan but I'll be safe and just link it.

If you want other bump topics, how about critique of recent-ish stories? Writefags (KrishnaKarnak) say it gives them motivation.

The lack of recent content has me searching far and wide for substitutes.

Deviantart stories: short, sucky. Almost always written by one person. They all start with "one day". If you're dedicated you can fap to it but usually there's better stuff out there. DA sometimes creeps me out because it seems like the people making fetish art and stories are too young to even be using the Internet based on their poor pacing and grammar. Or, the people making the art act immature.
bottleneckbaby on DA: one part of one image has spanking, and another implies it through a disney practical pig inspired image. Heavy diaper / ageplay / mechanical babying fetishism, so be warned. Still super hot
That one Deviantart comic: returning to its roots because the native English speaker left. Now we're back to Minalhan's broken English, which always gave it a charm that somehow made it hotter. Maybe as a distraction to the nonsense story. The latest arc makes more sense than the others, but that's not saying much. I still think her early, mostly story-free comics were the best, since she doesn't write good stories.
AnimeOTK: Found a bunch all co-written by one person. They're awful.
FIMfic: haven't checked in a month. Usually not what I enjoy.

Someone keeps suggesting in MLPG that the whiny colt in that same episode, "curtain call", gets dealt with and I agree.

I don't think so. People keep asking about that poster and nobody has any answers. That's the blessing and curse of anonymous writers.
It's not just critique, writefags live off feedback in general. What was good, what was bad, was made my dick jump, ideas, requests, scenarios,...
Silent appreciation and lurking won't make writefags stay around
Bluejay wrote this.

Really! This is how she addresses you? No, ma'am. You take her by the ear before she even has a chance to react.
>"Ow! H-hey!"
>"That's quite enough, dear."
She fights and fusses, but can't prevent you pulling her onto your lap. You waste no time in exposing her rump.
>"Y-you can't! I'll tell Dad!"
>"Your father and I have already discussed it. You've needed this for quite some time!" (SPANK)
>"Eek!" (SPANK) "Moooomm!" (SPANK)
>"That sort of language is un-"(SPANK)"-acceptable in this household." (SPANK) "Do you understand?"
>"Yes, Mom--" (SPANK) "Ee!" (SPANK) "Nnn! Please stop..."
>"Plead all you want, sweetie." (SPANK) "Mama is still going to punish you."
Her bottom is beginning to redden. Her eyes are welling up, but she's not crying... yet. Undeterred, you continue to chastise her.
>"Your behavior as of late has been," (SPANK) "very troublesome, young lady. Do you know what your teacher told me yesterday?"
>"(whine) That wasn't our faaault! She--" (SPANK) "Aah!"
>"No excuses." (SPANK) "You and your little friend have gotten into," (SPANK) "quite some trouble recently."
>"D-don't bring--" (SPANK) "Aah! S-silver into this... (sniff)"
>"And why not? Maybe I should invite her over," (SPANK) "so she can watch you be punished," (SPANK) "or so I can spank her too!"
>"Mm! Mommm..." (SPANK) "No..."
Your daughter is on the verge of tears. 'This has to be done,' you sigh to yourself.


Thanks for keeping the thread going. I hope it's still here when I wake up.

bump for writefag
File: pinkierump.png (152 KB, 634x773) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
152 KB, 634x773

>Mom/Pinkie domestic spankings


Bet that stool would be awful on a well beaten bottom
Yes please!
File: uhoh.png (367 KB, 651x876) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
367 KB, 651x876

CFC being Babs' Auntie has been my headcanon since watching the episode, since Candy Mane occupies the 'mother' slot... though the show makers gotta stop fucking showing her with Twist. This Candy/Babs headcanon is dying a slow, agnonizing death.

Nice seeing a thread again, though. I always try to catch them when they crop up, though I rarely namefag. Not gonna repeat the critique comments brought up in >>25989822 because I'm not gonna beat a dead pony. I've expressed my views in the past, pointless to reiterate when I haven't been contributing publically to spanking writefaggotry anyway. That said, I can totes whip sommat up... I've had an idea in mind for awhile. Pic unrelated.
Thinking of doing one of these. Probably not all of them so take them as inspiration if you want. Have the last two been done in any /mlp/ stories?

An Odyssey 2: Pinkie has to decide in the long term what she wants her discipline to be.
A few dozen words of the CMC asking their family if a cutie mark means they aren't spanked anymore. (less than one post)
One or more of those manehatten foals from season 5 get theirs. This would probably be short too because I hate writing for blank slate characters.
Some poor sap is punished for something they didn't do.
Some flankhurt foal is sent by their parents to another pony's house to be disciplined as that pony sees fit. Reason being the foal's misbehavior affected this outside pony.

Are you in contact with any of the old regulars? How did your post to fimfic plan turn out?
Always been liking your Candy/Babs stuff, it feels more natural as with other more show established characters.

>Some flankhurt foal is sent by their parents to another pony's house to be disciplined as that pony sees fit. Reason being the foal's misbehavior affected this outside pony.
This sounds pretty interesting.
File: 1046584.jpg (707 KB, 1500x1062) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
707 KB, 1500x1062
Wonder if there is any (thread-related) reason she's sleeping at her parents' house and in pyjamas...
Emergency page 10 bump

Spankin' bit from the Moondancer thread:

My dick races at the possibilities. Reminiscent of the two "naughty twilight" stories in the pastebin .

Those pajamas don't look that comfy. Where's the dropseat?
>Are you in contact with any of the old regulars? How did your post to fimfic plan turn out?

DC is always a private message away. I was in contact with the author of the naughty twilight stuff for awhile after Kangaroomerang poofed from 4chan, but they've long poofed.


Speaking of naughty twilight....yeah, that pic has totally been cause for more than one spanko's excitement.

Pic related has some dropseat goodness, and it's from Andy 'I drew spanking for years' Price.

Thanks nigga

Anyway, I've got some other points I wanna reply to here in the morning when I ain't running late for work, from the big post and to some of Pan's intriguing ideas. If thread is still up, I'll post what I've got started.
Taking requests, but deliveries may come later than you expect.
Go go go.
For drawfagging? How about a pony scared seeing a horsewhip or riding crop?
Alright, I'll be back when it's done!
I did finish up my story for the Anonfilly thread, as mentioned (>>25984904), but besides that, I don't really have any greentext in the works. So I'll be here, lurking as usual.
Writers block should not exist with how many options season 5 provided. Yet here I am shitposting.
This thread is 100% responsible for my dropseat subfetish. They work so well for everything.
You've done more than enough. Shame that some rubes in the other thread don't appreciate it.

Aw yeah

The MVPs keeping this thread bumped. We have round the clock sick fucks to make sure this thread has no untimely death.

Are any requests or suggestions for writefaggotry?
Given the right inspiration I might come up with something

That little colt and his mom from the Manehattan ep, Curtain Call or whatever, would be neato. Standard otk for being a heavy bother
Never seen the episode...
What'd he do?

Bugged his ma to stop and watch the play. he had this shocked expression during one scene and it was so adoraballs. Anyone want to find a pic? Data is low
Was it this kid?
File: image.jpg (88 KB, 1260x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 1260x666
New writefags are always great.
>What is that?
>I dunno, sugar, looks like some kinda play.
>Well, can we stay and watch it please? Please, can we, can we?
>Oh, alright, I suppose we could stay for a minute.
Not exactly a prime reason for spanking...
Now if he threw a temper tantrum at a supermarket like a spoilt little colt that'd be more the thing

Actually got that exact scenario already written... with Chock-Full Carafe. Might post if no one else jumps. But I wanna post that other fic I'm working on first.

Kinda given up on DA stuffs. Same with AOTK, most spankfics are pretty trash outside a select few, and the ones generated from these threads have been my faves for ages. Which reminds me, I gotta give that recently referenced fic of Bluejay's a read.

Always check Sterny's imgur though. Hope he/she notices the thread.

>This thread is 100% responsible for my dropseat subfetish. They work so well for everything.

You should check out an artist SkyeHigh discovered called H-bun, on AOTK or boyzbeingboyz, if you're into realistic human stuff. There's a 4-pic series involving a dropseat scenario that might interest you.

Anyways will post part of the fic in a bit
Aotk and DA both are cancerous shitholes anyway. Nothing of value is lost by not going there
File: waifu.png (353 KB, 457x422) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353 KB, 457x422

“How’s ya bid'ness, miss?”

“Meh. Could be bettah, I ‘spose.”

The stallion paid for his popcorn, tipped his hat, and walked off. Chock-full Carafe snorted as he walked away, rolling his bit on the top of her cart. The middle-aged mare knew when she was being sneered at.

Normally, she’d be found nestled comfortably behind her own counter at her diner just off Bridleway. Ground and Round, she called it, as she specialized in coffee and donuts, in addition to usual diner fare. Or, as the young punks and her sister teased, because she had a coffee cutie mark on a flank with puppy fat that she never grew out of.

Carafe pressed a button and the popcorn maker whirred to life again, preparing to pop more kernels as she added more of that heavily trans fatted pseudo-butter topping to a bowl that would slowly ooze on top of the popping snacks.

Some more customers came by and bought some popcorn. Mostly teenagers, some colts, the occasional filly. She enjoyed the smell and the pop-pop noise of the crackling kernels until a blur whizzed by.


The heavy cart had wobbled back and forth dangerously for a few seconds. Chock-Full Carafe was too slow to grab it before the whole contraption tipped sideways.

Brand new! That cart was brand fucking new and that ditzy idiot crashed right into it.
File: duuuuuuuh.gif (2 MB, 436x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 436x426


“Oh! Gosh, I'm so, sooo sorry! I-I was in such a rush, I've got an appointment with La sans Couture and… gosh, I'm sorry! Chocolate Charade, isn't it?”

“CHOCK-FULL CARAFE,” she answered, nearly spitting with rage.

Her name was Coco Pommel. Or That-Coco-dummy-needs-a-Pummeling, as she often thought. Always running around ragged and letting this stupidly chaotic town beat her ass because Coco was incapable of slowing down and getting her bearings. The perfect image of a well-intended dipshit.

“Son of Celestia!” the coffee-marked mare roared, causing the coffee-creamer-coloured idiot to recoil in fear. “Dat cart cost me a fortune and I ain’t insured ‘er yet! Ya have any idea how much that’ll cost me? Huh?!”

She knew Coco Pommel was by no means well off, but at that moment she was quite eager to sue the stupid scarf vest off her. Manehattenites settled most disputes in the courtroom.

“Sorry, so sorry!” Coco bleated, bowing her head sombrely while Carafe continued to storm at her. “But I simply must dash… Is there any way we could discuss this privately?”

Not only was she just going to jet, but she was clearly trying to avoid getting lawyers involved if she wanted to talk privately.

“Listen, ya little whelp!” Carafe started, but Coco was already rushing off again. “FINE! TOMORROW EVENING AT MY DINAH, YA CLUMSY BRAAAAT!”

Title: Coco Pummel

She picked up the corner of the cart and smashed it over all over again while onlookers sped the fuck out of there.

Chock-Full Carafe dragged the busted piece of crap down the street on one working wheel, fuming as she made way for her diner and the loft above. Sure, the popcorn street vending wasn't really her career, just a test venture to see if it was worth hiring somepony to sell from her cart so she could get some extra funds to renovate her real business. But now, not only was she not making extra cheddar, she was fourteen hundred bits in the red.

She threw the cart into the locked cage around her dumpster in the adjacent alley, swore to the sky, and stormed into her establishment.

Her sister was manning the counter, talking idly to one of the patrons. Candy Mane had her own business to worry about, but her eldest daughter was looking after it so she could help Carafe out.

Candy took one look at the blood lust in her sister's eyes and sighed.

“Best chow down quickly, kid,” she advised the lone customer. “Big Bertha over there looks a smidge upset.”

“I heard dat,” Carafe huffed, collapsing into a booth and rubbing her temples. “I just lost my freakin’ sideshow!”

Five minutes of raging was enough to tell the whole story once the customer had made himself scarce. Candy sat in the booth across from her sister, listening carefully.

“That's pretty unlucky, C,” Candy sighed sympathetically. “Coco's barely keeping her own business afloat, especially considering that community theatre project she recently restarted with my cousin's help is nonprofit.”

“So, what? Are ya tryin’ to guilt trip me into not suin’ her into fuckin’ oblivion?” She paused a moment. “Hey, wait a tick, some fancy pants fashion mare spoke to me ‘bout dat project. Whatcha mean, ya cus?”


“It was two of ‘em. Anyway, I’m not necessarily saying don’t sue her for damages, that bit will depend on her.”

“Depend on her… how?”

“Hear me out, sis,” Candy began, sipping her coffee. “I think I can help you. But you have to promise me you’re going to try to help her.”


Carafe finished mopping her floor. Yet again, she shot a glance at the clock behind the counter. It’s after closing time, but no sign of her. Sighing, she put her weight against the mop’s handle and rubbed her forehead. She spent a full day mellowing the fuck out over this. And for what? Coco Pommel to no-show? Maybe this will call for some high octane fireworks.

There was a knock on her diner door. Unable to believe her eyes, Carafe watched Coco waving nervously on the other side of the glass. So, this might actually end up resolved, huh? She swept over to the door, unlocked it, and let the younger mare inside.

“Hey, sorry it's so late; I had to lock up shop,” she greeted, exhaling nervously, gritting her teeth, and putting her her most innocent expression. “I’ve been beating myself up all day over what happened yesterday.”

“Uh huh,” Carafe replied simply, locking the door again. “Come up to my loft.” She retreated to the back and went through a door opposite the kitchen. Opening it, she ascended the stairs to her apartment. “I’m cuttin’ the lights down theah.”
File: right on the money.png (823 KB, 1920x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
right on the money.png
823 KB, 1920x1067


Coco followed her upstairs and into her hallway. Closing and locking the shop entrance, Chock-Full Carafe lead her to the sitting room. It was a cozy spot, if a little bit cramped. It came with the area, Carafe had long accepted; if she wants to run a shop in the tourist borough, she’s not going to have some spacious home. Considering she always lived alone unless she had a friend over poundin’ her twat, this wasn’t an issue.

“Come sit down,” Carafe offered, gesturing to an armchair across from her coffee table. She sat down on her couch. “Can I get yas a coffee?”

“Um… tea, if you got it…” Coco responded meekly.

Rolling her eyes, Carafe shrugged her big frame back off the couch and put the kettle on. All she had was Trottingham Jasmine, so that’s what Coco was getting. Pouring herself a coffee she left sitting on the burner for a couple hours—Carafe preferred it strong—she brought out the drinks, as well as a small server of milk and a few squares of sugar.

“Now, to business…” Carafe said once all settled, sipping her coffee and giving Coco a sober look. “Dat cart cost me fourteen hundred big ones. Now, some fault is mine, I was stupid enough not to get some insurance on the effin’ thing. Howevah—”

“No, no,” Coco said quickly, taking a deep sip on her tea and looking apologetic. “I didn’t balance my projects yesterday, I was too harassed and wasn’t watching where I was going. I’ll pay for the full cost.”

Chock-Full Carafe snorted softly. “Listen, toots, we both know ya ain’t got dat kinda money to just piss around. Changin’ jobs really arsed you over, good, and I’m gonna need some sorta reinvestment quickly before the counter downstaeahs falls apart.”

“B-but, since I’ve started my own business, I—”
File: ah shit.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
ah shit.gif
2 MB, 500x281


Carafe shook her head. “No, Coco. I’m gonna make ya an offer. If ya refuse, we’ll need to find some ottah way to deal with dis. I’d really rather not have ya sued.”

Coco looked like she was going to cry on that last word. Since flipping her old boss the bird, Coco Pommel could barely afford her own business’ insurance premiums. It was a bit of a neighbourhood running joke that she was optimistically broke. A lawsuit would destroy her, as the legal fees would drive the pot far beyond the cost of the cart.

“Ideally, you’d help me with my dinah. I’d spin some gimmick or throw out some new donuts, generate some interest, increase my patrons in the evening. I’d mitigate my losses in a few days, with luck.” Coco listened carefully, but looked concerned. “‘Course, ya own schedule don’t allow time for dat.”

Coco nodded solemnly, but Carafe stood up and towered over her, leaning over the table with both hooves and glaring. The younger mare’s aspect changed and she let out a squeak of panicked surprise.

“There’s a fix. Too long, Coco, ya let dis stupidly chaotic town beat ya ass because she ya was incapable of slowing down and getting ya bearin’s.” As she spoke, Carafe got closer and jabbed the other mare in the chest. Coco Pommel’s lip trembled fearfully. This was almost too easy. “Maybe it’d do ya some good to spend some time screaming over somepony’s lap, getting dat ass beat proper, huh?”


I'll post the rest tomorrow. Just about done, estimating twelve parts in total, so 6/12 is a good halfway and as luck would have it, what a great line to end on.
This greatly intrigues my dick
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