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Ponies want- no NEED that white stuff
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Ponies that need the white potion read: cum because they just can't kick the stuff.

So far, only two writefags have stepped up, one of them starting towards the end of the last thread, who has so far remained Anonymous.

Here's hoping there will be more writers this thread around. Now, raise your glasses and drink up.
Kek'd hard on the image
One out of two writefags found it.
File: mlfw3370_large.jpg (86 KB, 1000x875) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Fascinating, What is your race called, I've never seen anything like you"
"I'm human, scientific name Homo Sapiens, but that probably means nothing to you"
>She raises a hoof to her mouth, in deep thought for a moment
>"Hmm, sapiens means wise or intelligent in ancient equus, but I'm not sure about "homo""
>You should have expected that, considering they speak english
>Its still pretty surprising that even ancient equestrian languages have human equivalents
"I didn't expect you to know that. Homo means man in an ancient human language called latin"
"Its basically the name of the genus my species belongs to"
>"This is so amazing!"
>You thought she looked happy before, now she looks ecstatic, grinning form ear to ear
>She does a little excited dance as she rambles about the possibilities
>This goes on for several until she starts talking about writing her own book
>You swear she has an orgasm at the mere though of having it published
>Never have you experienced obsession of this magnitude in person before
>well, maybe at that one ponycon
>Rarity makes an attempt to diffuse this awkward situation
>"Twilight, darling, don't you think you're getting a wee bit off topic?"
>Twilight blushes furiously
>you take this chance to get beck to your original intent of telling them about yourself
>This goes on for several hours
>You swear you see a physical glint in twilights eye when you mention your interest in the sciences
>The girls occasionally chime in with questions, but its mostly twilight
>pinkie is uncharacteristically quiet the whole time
>She seems to be completely enthralled by your stories
>After the fourth hour or so Rainbow interrupts with an exasperated sigh
>"I know this is all SOO0 interesting, but we still don't know what to do with this guy"
>"Rainbow, you may be right, but it 'taint no reason to be rude"
>"Ah wouldn't mind hearin more 'bout human farming techniques though"
>"What should we do twilight?"
>Fluttershy speaks up
That was fast.

>This is only the third time she's spoken since you arrived
>Guess she's not as scared anymore
>"First thing is we should make sure anon is comfortable and has somewhere to stay"
>Twilight is visibly disappointed that the qa session is over
>"Then we need to ascertain the cause of his arrival"
>"After that the only thing left is to find a way to send him home"
>Twi thinks for a moment before continuing
>"I should send a letter to princess Celestia"
>"She'll want to know about this, I'm sure she can offer help"
>You always wanted to get to know the princesses better
>The show revealed so little about them
"Twilight you don't need to worry about me, I can just sleep on the couch in my lab"
>"Oh no darling, that simply wont do"
>"Yeah Nonny, a couch is no fun"
>"You can stay with me instead!"
>Your heart implodes
>pinkies already calling you nicknames
>Also, is she trying to be alone with you?
>You must have magic fingers or something
>"Now now sugarcube, ah know you're excited about making a new friend, but you don't have any room"
>Pinkies mane deflates slightly
>"I guess you're right"
>"ah'd offer to let you stay at mah place, but mah cousin Braeburn is currently taking up the guest room"
>Twilights face lights up
>"Its settled then!"
>"At least for tonight, Anon will be staying here in the library"
>Twi addresses the rest of the mares, still beaming
>"Now that we've got a plan, you girls can leave if you want"
>"I'll contact you all tomorrow"
>"Um, Id like to stay, but I need to go check on the animals"
>"The west orchard is ready for harvest tomorrow, ah'm gonna need a good nights rest"
>"I would love to chat more, but this little detour delayed a big order I have to finish by morning"
>"I'll stop by tomorow to take some measurements though, Youve really inspired me darling"
>"I'll stay longer, I really want our new friend Nonny to feel welcome"
>"You two have fun with alien monkey man, I'm going to take a nap"
>Rd flies away with no goodbye
File: 1422855669471.jpg (52 KB, 362x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 362x336
Damn, I'm writing slow tonight

I just realized a quarter the way through the next post that I've been writing for over 6 hours, and I only wrote about 750 words

I'm going to bed, maybe my brain wont be so laggy tomorrow
It's okay man, I like it so far, quality before quantity, good night.
File: TwiScrunch.jpg (37 KB, 480x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 480x320
>only two writefags have stepped up


>Forgetting there were two writefags in the first thread.

File: Starbutt bump.png (357 KB, 767x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Starbutt bump.png
357 KB, 767x600
Quick bump
And yeah he is right. But didn't know it was pastebinned
>someone else saved it
Well that's a relief
>"Ah wouldn't mind hearin more 'bout human farming techniques though"
Fucking mudpone.
Farm ponies gonna farm.
“Haahaaa... anon. You were incredible.”
>You look up to him.
>Oh my.
>His cheeks are full of your magicum.
>And judging by the look on his face, he is pondering if he should swallow it or not.
“Don't swallo-”
>Too late, you hear him gulp.
>Your eyes follow the faint glow as it travels his oesophagus down to his stomach.
>It settles there, giving his belly a warm and soft purple gleam
“You didn’t have to... but thanks.”
>Seeing him swallow it, fulfilled your fantasy completely.
>You beam him a smile.
>He wipes his mouth.
>”No problem, Twi. Like I said, only the best for my marefriend and best friend.”
>The Flutter.. eh butterflies flutter in your stomach around again.
“Oh you~”
>You grab his arms and snuggle into them.
>”Didn't taste too bad, actually.”
“Really? What did it taste like?”
>He looks into a corner.
>”Hmm... hard to describe. Like tangerines and mmhh... limes? It reminded me of a soda I had back on earth once.”
>You never tasted your own magicum...
“Let me taste.”
>Reaching your neck out, you kiss him.
File: Twihooves.png (71 KB, 950x713) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 950x713
>Your tongue searching for residues of your magic, gathering it from his tongue and teeth.
>And indeed, it does taste like tangerines and limes.
>Pony biology can be so weird some times.
>Something pokes your buttock.
>You break the kiss and look down.
“Oh~ Looks like you don't want to leave the bed any time soon~”
>Anon laughs and fondles your chest.
>”I can't help it. Pleasuring you gets me going like nothing else.”
>His voice took a sultry tone.
“If we aren't careful we may fall into a vicious cycle~”
>”Spending an eternity making love to you? I don't think, I would mind.”
>He nibbles on your ear and his hand moves south again.
“Ach... This feels nice... but how about we do something more... invasive~?”
>”I like your train of thought, tell me more.”
>You free yourself from anons grip and hop off his lap
>You lower your upper body into the mattress and rise your hindquarters.
>Slowly your tail raises, presenting your goods to your boyfriend.
>Looking over your shoulder, you shoot him a sultry look.
“Today and prior to that in the tub, you gave a very special place of mine some attention...”
>Gently flicking his face with your tail, you continue.
“And I liked it very much...”
>He gulps.
>His eyes fixated on your ponut.
>”You mean...?”
“Yes~ I may not be able to give you my maidenhood any more, as much as I would like to, but...”
>You tense it up.
“This place is still pure. And I want it to be yours.”
She loves the feeling most, she mixes it with her coffee and spreads it on her toast, she likes the white stuff, baby. In the middle of an oreo.
I don't have reaction image sufficient enough to describe how I feel, and "ectasic" doesn't cut it.
forgot how to english
>Implying you can properly English after reading such a masterpiece of eroticism
It's still quite an achievement to say something more than "unf" in these cases, anon.
this. unf
File: Hello handsome....png (141 KB, 900x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hello handsome....png
141 KB, 900x535
>He gropes your butt, cupping one cheek in his hand.
>”I-I'm honoured.... But are you sure about this? I don't want to hurt you.”
>His voice is shaky.
>If you ever had doubts if this would be his secret fantasy, they are gone now.
“I know you won't. I trust you anon.”
>His fingers begin to trace the outlines of your rectum.
>You inhale and moan softly.
“But please be gentle. I... I only experimented a bit with it before...”
>”Of course Twi...”
>His fingers still slick with your nectar, he gently inserts two of them.
>Giving you a sort of full sensation.
>”I'm going to stretch you a little, okay? So it won't hurt.”
>”Just relax.”
>You nod and feel his fingers parting.
>Ever so slowly stretching the muscly ring of your forbidden sanctum.
>To be honest the other motion he did before felt far better, but you want do this for him
>You really try to relax your anus, but your body refuses to as it struggles against this unnatural act..
>It starts to hurt a little now as he stretches it even further.
“Anon... argh...”
>You bite into the blanket.
>His fingers connect again.
>”Twi we can stop, if it hurts too much.”
“No... go on.”
>Anon has been so good to you, he deserves this.
“If it's too much, I will tell you...”
>Anon moves his other hand to your marehood.
>Rubbing and stroking it's lips.
>The sudden lust helps you forget the pain and relax your body.
>Your black ring loosens up too and he begins to slowly separate his fingers again.
>Managing greater progress than before.
>It even starts to feel good now.
>He inserts his thumb into you and spreads it with the rest of his appendages in a triangular manner.
>The full feeling grows stronger.
>You begin to wink.
>If this are only three of his fingers, you wonder what the real thing will feel like.
>”Still feeling okay, Twi?
“Yah...it doesn't hurt any more.
>”Good. A little bit more and you should be ready.”
“I-I can't wait.”
>You really can't.
>He repeats his previous motion a few times until there is almost no resistance any more.
>With a soft plop he removes his fingers.
>You can feel your rectum contract itself.
>As you look over your shoulder again, you see anon's stiff penis twitching in anticipation.
>”This should be enough... but we have no lube Twi.”
>He looks a bit crestfallen. How cute.
>A blush creeps on your face.
“I already took care of it... in the bathroom. So don't worry.”
>”Oh you sly thing. Always thinking of everything.” he says, a grin on his lips.
>You giggle
“Of course.”
>He positions himself behind you, his hands on your hips and his cock pressing against your body's only exit.
>”Are you ready Twilight?”
“Y-Yes... but could you do just one more thing?”
“Kiss me.”
File: 2015-02-03 16.12.35.png (532 KB, 1080x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2015-02-03 16.12.35.png
532 KB, 1080x1920
Newfag here, why is this guy a faggot?
but anon, we're all faggots
well yeah, but why is that guy more of a faggot?
>You reach your neck back as far as it allows and anon meets you half way.
>Pressing his lips onto yours.
>Your tongue takes one last impression of his canines before your lips part again.
“Okay... I'm ready.”
>”I love you Twi.”
“Love you too...”
>The pressure on your ponut increases.
>Slowly the tip of his penis creeps into it.
>You shut your eyes tight, as it stretches your ring again.
>It feels strange...
>But luckily there is almost no pain.
>Instead of moving on his own now, anon gently pulls your hips back.
>Allowing more control.
>You can feel his glans being engulfed by your rectum.
>Slow and steady your boyfriend pulls you towards him inch by inch until he is half-way in.
>The fullness returns accordingly.
>”Everything okay Twi? Does it hurt?”
>You shake your head.
“No... just let me accustom to it a bit before you go further.”
>He caresses your marehood again, his thumb on your clit.
>Pressing down on it whenever it pops out.
>The pleasure makes your rectal tunnel contract around his dick.
>This actually feels good.
“I'm good now... Go on. I want to feel you all the way.”
>You grip the blanket as he pushes himself in further.
File: Socklight Sparkle.jpg (264 KB, 800x547) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Socklight Sparkle.jpg
264 KB, 800x547
>After a few seconds more, he is hilted inside you.
>You feel so full.
>Anon moans.
“L-Like it?”
>”Yeah.. it feels incredible.”
>You giggle.
“You can move now, if you want. It should be fine.”
>”Okay. I'm going to start slow.”
>Gripping on the blanket with your hooves, you prepare yourself.
>He pulls out slowly as far as the tip.
>Then gently thrust back in.
>The full feeling leaves and goes with his cock.
>It feels unnatural using an exit as an entrance...
>But somehow exactly this unnatural feeling enhances the pleasure.
“Achh... mmhaa...”
>He keeps this pace and one hand claws from your hips up to your lower mane.
>Setting your nerves aflame.
>Your brain sends you several mixed signals of danger and lust.
>Anon grips your mane and tugs it.
>It sends a jolt of electricity through your body.
“Harder!” you scream out.
>He tugs harder at it, yanking your head back.
>At the same time he increases the speed of his thrusts.
>Your tongue lolls out and your eyes roll up.
“Ah! Ah! Yes!”
>The whole sensation of him fucking your ass starts to overwhelm you.
>It's so primal... but yet so incredibly hot.
>You're making noises you didn't even know existed.
“Faster! Ravage me, anon! RAVAGE ME!”
File: 1395618906634.jpg (247 KB, 1032x774) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
247 KB, 1032x774
>His cock slides in and out of you faster and faster.
>He lets his index and middle fingers glide inside your marehood and fucks it with the same pace as your ponut.
>You are writhing and shaking in ecstasy as your pleasure escalates into new highs.
>Your first orgasm rocks your body and you scream out.
“Yaachch! Anon!”
>The walls of your vagina clench down on his fingers, pushing squirts of your nectar past them.
>Anon just keeps going.
>Sending another surge of lust and pleasure through your nerves every time he hilts.
>The first climax didn't even subside as the second one hits you like a bomb.
>Your eyes rolled completely back now and you are unable to form any words.
“Aachh... Arh...”
>Garnering every available bit of willpower and concentration you achieve to cast the body fluid spell on anon.
>You want to be filled up by his cum.
File: 1396917580740.png (3 MB, 1207x1921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1207x1921
>He grunts and increases his pace once more.
>Another peak surges trough you and completely hazes your mind with lust.
>Anon yanks harder on your mane and pulls his hips back one last time.
>With this final thrust, you feel his cock twitching like crazy and hear him cry out.
>His whole body shudders as he releases a flood of his seed into your ass, pushing you over the edge the fourth time.
>The warm feeling you get when he cums inside you returns tenfold.
>Spreading through your body like a wildfire.
>A minute passes before his dick stops spurting out cum.
>Anon lets go of your mane and your head collapses onto the mattress.
>Slowly he lets his penis slide out of your rectum.
>With any other support gone, your body follows the same fate as your head.
>You fall onto your side, breathing heavily.
>A thick stream of his semen flowing out of you.
>Anon lays beside you and pulls you close to him.
>This was mind blowing.
Twilight anal clop ✓
And it took me a fairly short time to write, nice.
File: 1422893611817.jpg (96 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 1024x768
Great work OP. It expanded my dong. Now to clean.
Fuck, not Op. Sorry Crossroad.
File: 1410330760380.png (62 KB, 477x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 477x363
This makes my clop-fuel resources stocked up for quite some time, thank you cross.
i like it, it's nice

so many other clop stories usually go something like this
>"be gental i'm a virgin"
>"ok" shoves whole thing in one go
>"oohhhh yeah, that feels good"

so it's nice to see a more romantic/realistic clop scene every now and then.

about as realistic as a cartoon horse fuck-ery goes
>in, in

damn it
File: patrick-liebt-dich.gif (231 KB, 500x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 500x366
File: Shylight Sparkle.gif (682 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shylight Sparkle.gif
682 KB, 500x281
Oh stop it, you making me blush never stop[/spoiler
But thanks, I'm trying my best to flesh out the clop as good as my writing and my limited vocabulary allows.
Okay most of it shouldnt be in spoilers, i dont know how that happened.
that and you almost never see the horn sucking fetish. keep up the good work sir.
Your story blew 4chan's mind too, hence fucked up spoiler. There's no other logical reason, m8.
>He idly strokes your side.
>You want to say something, but the only sound that comes out of your mouth are giggles.
>Is this what it feels like to be fucked silly?
>Yeah... you could get used to that.
>Your fur is damp from sweat and your muscles are still jittering from the exhaustion.
>Anon plants a kiss on the back of your head.
>”Twi? Are you alive?”
>The stupid grin on your face doesn't go away.
>But at least your mental capabilities are returning gradually.
>You manage to turn yourself around to face him.
>Looking into the eyes of the one you love.
“Hey stud...”
>”Hey mare.”
>He beams you a smile.
>You throw your fore hooves around his neck and nuzzle his chest.
“You were absolutely wonderful.”
>”I couldn't have done it without you.” he says, chuckling.
“Oh you~. No but really. This was the best... well... fuck of my life.”
>Your cheeks burn up.
>”That good?”
“Come on, you know that's my line! And yes... I came four times!”
>Now it's his turn to blush.
>You nod.
“Really. Like I said before: Stud.”
>You shoot him a wink and kiss his nose.
>His embrace tightens.
>”Oh wow.”
>Giggling you snuggle into it.
>For a few minutes the two of you just lie there in silence.
>Just enjoying each others warmth as the afterglow slowly fades.
>You let out a content sigh.
“What time is it?”
>He takes a look at the clock.
>”Hmm... it's nearly ten.”
“We really should go to the guardhouse soon and bail out Rainbow.”
>”Yeah you're right. But it's so nice right now.”
>Anon pulls you onto his chest, lazily petting your mane and scratching your ears.
>”How about we cuddle for a bit more, then we shower and get breakfast somewhere. And after that we free the Dash.”
>He accentuates the word “Dash” by making a silly “swoosh” noise.
>You laugh.
“Can we go to Sugarcube Corner?”
>”Whatever you want, Twi.”
>His hand runs down your back.
>”Whatever you want.”
End Part 5
>Two off

So this concludes part 5, which only consisted of sex, lust and other frivolities.
Next part will be about rainbows confession, twi starting to work on a cure and maybe her introducing anon as her boyfriend to the rest of the mane 6
File: applause.gif (283 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283 KB, 480x360
*claps while standing*

looking forward to that
File: download (1).jpg (11 KB, 218x231) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (1).jpg
11 KB, 218x231
awesome one thing better then good clop its good clop temper with good feels. my jimmies wit in anticipation.
File: 1421809771452.png (75 KB, 642x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 642x495
Damn xroads, this is really the only clop fic I've ever kept reading and genuinely enjoyed and stayed hooked on. Keep up the good work!
File: 1420512319235.jpg (52 KB, 650x487) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 650x487
Reminder that Schwartz could out write either of these bitches
Reminder that Schwartz never finishes his stories
Except that's wrong you retard, he just finished his latest story. He doesn't finish two stories and you all just jump on the hater bandwagon.
Since when was writing a popularity contest?

We're here for content, not circlejerks about who's "better".
no, i'm not writing because that other guy is better
Hi Schwartz

I have no idea who that is but im assuming its you
File: 1403310818055.png (263 KB, 945x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 945x945
Thank you so much.
excellent job crossroads.

also bump

>The remaining mares say their goodbyes and leave
"Since I'm staying here, I should pick up some of my things from my lab"
>"Nonny, let me come with you!"
>"Nopony will be afraid of you if they see me with you"
>Cant argue with that
>Besides, you want to spend as much time with any of them as you can
>You don't know how long this will last
"Sure pinkie, lets go"
>While ponyville was practically a ghost town when you arrived, the streets are now bustling with activity
>Pinkie greets every pony you come across
>She was right, none of them seemed afraid
>They even politely greeted you
>It doesn't take long to get there
>Pinkie rushes in front of you bouncing around and asking questions
"That's an oscilloscope"
>Ooooo, a silly scope?
>"Does it tell jokes?"
>The cuteness of these ponies is beyond your imagination
>If you're not careful, you might end up with a heart attack before the night is through
"No Pinkie, an oscilloscope"
"Its a device used to measure and characterize electrical waveforms"
>Pinkie just smiles at you
>"I don't understand anything you just said"
>Every battle cant end in victory
>You collect the necessities like your toiletries and a change of clothes
>good thing you practically lived in here back on earth
>The fridge mostly contains junkfood and energy drinks
>you shove some into a bag
>Don't want to seem like too much of a freeloader
>Satisfied with your haul, the two of you head back
>"I Need to go do something,I'll meet you back at the library Nonny"
>She disappears in a pink blur
>That was sudden
>You arrive back at golden oaks, and ponks has somehow beaten you here
>Oh well, its just pinkie being pinkie
>"Welcome Back Anon"
>"I went ahead and sent that letter to Celestia"
>"We might not get a reply until tomorrow, she's been busy all week"
>She gets a sly look on her face
>"I've been thinking"
>"We don't know how long it might take to send you home"
>"And there might be a lot of free time that you need to fill"
>"We don't know how long it might take to send you home"
>"And there might be a lot of free time that you need to fill"

File: maxresdefault.jpg (109 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 1920x1080
>"I propose that you become my research partner
>she looks as if she's preparing the knockout punch
>"I saw how amazed you were with magic, just think of how much you could learn!"
>she seems so pleased with herself, like she just executed a perfect plan
>Its not like you needed convincing
>you would have agreed no matter what
"Sure I'll be your partner"
"I want to learn as much about his place as I can"
>"Tonight we'll start with some basics on magic and tomorrow I'll write up some study plans to get you caught up"
>She seems so pleased with herself
>"Wow Nonny, this must be a new record or something!"
>""You only got here today and already found yourself a job"
>twilight pulls out an chalkboard and a selection of books
>"Lets start form the beginning"
>She proceeds to lecture about magical theory and historical discoveries
>She offers plenty of info on actually using and controlling magic,
>But there is surprisingly little on the how and why it works
>This will definitely require more study
>Pinkie was nodding off the whole time
>She only perked up when you asked a question or had something clarified
>"Oh geez, we've been at this for hours"
>"Lets take a break, surely you must be hungry"
>"What do you want to eat?"
>"I have..."
>You interrupt her
"Its alright twilight, I brought my own food"
""Besides we need to figure out if its even safe for me to eat anything from here"
>Actually, you just don't like vegetarian fare, but you can never be too careful
>"Oh why didn't I think of that"
>"We don't want you getting hurt"
>twilight pauses for a moment, possibly thinking of ways to test food
>"Anyway, let me show you to the guest room so you can put your stuff away"
>"Hey twilight, I'm hungry too"
>"Can I have something?"
>"Sure pinkie, just help yourself to anything in the kitchen"
>Twilight takes up up the stairs
>"This is the room, you'll be staying in, the bathroom is down the hall, first door on the right"
>"Come back downstairs when you are ready"
>she trots off
>The room is cozy and simply furnished
>Surprisingly, the bed is actually large enough for you
>You dump your stuff in a drawer and head down stairs
>Pinkie is speaking with twilight
>"Come on Twi, a sleepovers a great idea"
>""We want Nonny to feel welcome don't we?"
>"I guess its alright, you can use the extra bead in my room"
>The expression on her face is almost pained
>She was expecting to get you to herself
>Not even 8 hours in Equestria, and two of the six already want you
>Albeit not for the reasons you dreamed
>Bookhorse wants you as a guinea pig
>And the pink one seems to have developed a hand fetish
>All in all, not a bad start
>"Oh thank you thank you twilight!"
>"We're going to have so much fun!"
>Switching gears, Pinks and Twi begin sharing personal stories with you
>Most of them you know from the show
>Its still interesting hearing them first hand
>You decide to flip through the one of the books, a history book you think
>Its complete gibberish so you see if you can notice any patterns
>Suddenly your head feels like its splitting open
>The book falls from your hands due to the pain
>"Nonny, are you alright!?
>Pinkie rushes up to you, worry in her eyes
>It passes as quick as it arrived
"Don't worry, I'm fine"
"Its probably just a lack of sleep, coupled with the shock of suddenly arriving"
>You reach down to pick up the book, and to your amazement, you can read the covers
>"A condensed guide to Equestrian history"
>It still looks like gibberish, but you can somehow understand what it says
>There is also a strange feeling in the back of your head
>It goes away when you aren't looking at the book
"I don't know what happened, but I can suddenly ready what this says"
>Twilight goes right back to excited, her quill burning up a page
>"Amazing, I've never heard of anything like this"
>"Perhaps you have a natural ability to channel magic"
>Her eyes are practically sparkling

>"Oh there's so many tests I want to run"
>She starts rambling under her breath about the possibilities
>This goes on for a few minutes while you and Pinkie stand there in awkward silence
>Both of you addressed her simultaneously
>She blushes
>"Sorry... I did it again didn't I?"
>"You sure did"
"Twilight, I know you are excited, but you are getting a little ahead of yourself"
>"I know, I know"
>"Its just that I haven't felt this way since I was accepted to Celestia's school for gifted unicorns"
>"Its hard to contain my enthusiasm"
"Its alright, I pretty much feel the same way"
"I'm just better at hiding it"
>Twilight looks at the clock and gets up
>"I didn't realize it was so late, its already after midnight"
>You'd been so engrossed in everything that you hadn't realized how exhausted you were
>Its been over 24 hours since you last slept
>"Why don't we get to bed, tomorrow is going to be another big day"
"I'm going to stay up a little longer and read to calm my mind"
>"Okay Anon, don't stay up too late though"
"Don't worry, I won't"
>"Night Nonny!"
>Pinkie rushes up and hugs you
>People would kill to be you right now
"Goodnight Pinkie"
>"Come on Pinkie, lets leave him alone now"
>"Have a good rest Anon"
"I'll try, see you in the morning"
>"If you need anything, my room is the big one at the end of the hall"
>They both head up stairs
>Pinkies tail swings to the side a little too long to be accidental
>Did she just flash her marehood at you?
>This time you get a strange feeling in your other head
>Celestia might classify your hands as a Weapon of Mass Deviance
>You grab a few books like Geography of Equestria, Theory of Magic, and of course, Equine Sexuality 4th ed.
>A man needs to know what he's getting into
>You head to your room and dump the books on the bed
"I really need to take a piss"
>As you rush to the bathroom, you notice a purple flash under the door
"That damn horse is trying to spy on me"
Well shit. I guess it's because it was short enough that I ended up forgetting about it. And honestly, I ended up forgetting the science guy, but a friend reminded me of that one before I made the new thread. I was tired.

>"Then we need to ascertain the cause of his arrival"
>"After that the only thing left is to find a way to send him home"
If these are both Twilight, there's no need to make separate lines for each sentence in speech. This
>"Then we need to ascertain the cause of his arrival. After that the only thing left is to find a way to send him home."
would have been better.
>You open the door and walk inside pretending you hadn't noticed anything
>the bathroom looks like any other you've seen
>except for the fact that everything was lower to the ground
>You walk to the toilet and act like you are going to start
>The you suddenly rip the shower curtain open
>A startled looking purple smart is sitting there holding a notepad
>"H-how did you know I was here?"
"I saw the flash when you teleported in"
"Look, I know you really want to study me, but you shouldn't try to do it without permission"
>"I'm really sorry Anon, its just you're so interesting that I cant resist the need to know more"
>She's on the verge of tears
>It breaks your heart
>"P-p-please don't hate me"
>You pull her into a hug
"I don't hate you twilight, in fact, quite the opposite"
>If only she knew
"You just need to learn a little self restraint"
>"I-I know, I've been working on it"
"If you wanted to study my bodily functions, you could have just asked"
"I'd be willing to give you first hand experience"
>She giggle-sobs
>"I might have to take you up on that offer"
>You laugh with her
>These mares..
"Now seriously, go to bed"
"I really need to use the bathroom"
>You lead her to the door
"Goodnight Twilight"
>"Goodnight Anon"
>Bladder finally evacuated, you return to your room
>You pick up theory of magic and begin leafing through it on the bed
>the door opens and shuts
"What is it this time"
>A pink blob suddenly jumps on you bed
>"Please Anon"
>"Please scratch behind my ears again"
>not what you expected
>"I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day"
>"It just felt so right"
>"Its keeping keeping me awake, please just one more time"
>You feel sorry for her
>How could you have know you would have this effect on her
>Maybe tomorrow you can find out more
>For now, you decide to oblige her
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to affect you like this"
>you start scratching behind her ears
>she curls up next to you like a cat
>"Its not you fault Nonny, its my fault
File: Smile anon !.jpg (105 KB, 1168x823) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smile anon !.jpg
105 KB, 1168x823
>You decide to not press the issue, you can deal with it tomorrow
>An attempt is made to continue reading, but your hearts not really in it
>Pinkies breathing gets deeper and deeper, as you rub behind her ears
>When you are sure she is asleep, you carefully get up and start carrying her to twilights room
>She is surprisingly light
>you quietly tuck her in, being carful not to wake twilight, and return to your room
>Whats going on
>You had to deal with two breakdowns in less than ten minutes
>Is your mere presence hear screwing things up, or are these girls just that fragile
>You try not to think about it as you climb into bed
>nothingness fills your head as it meets the pillow

>A sudden scream
>You are running, you don't know why or where
>A small patch of ground, suddenly illuminated by silvery moonlight
>Celestia lies broken and bleeding, Twilight crying by her side
>Nightmare moon is towering over them
>"Fools, you thought I was gone forever!"
>You try and run to them, the faster you go the farther they get
"Don't do this Luna! just think of what you have to lose"
>Suddenly falling
>Nothing everywhere
>Everything distorted and mixed up
>Familiar maniacal laughter
>"You've done far more to your friends than I ever could have done"
>Flash of purple
>Screams of pain
>squelching impact
>Twilight standing in a red circle
>She is gray
>The circle isn't red, its blood
>What's left of the mane six surround her
"Twilight how could you do this! They meant the world to you!"
>"This is all your fault!"
>Purple flash
>Searing pain
>Green light
>Cant move
>Ethereal voice
>"You were just as powerless as your friends, Now you get to watch as I drain every drop of life from them"
>"When I'm done, I might keep you around as a pet"
>Crystal prison
>"You will forever serve as a monument to the consequences of opposing me"
>The mane six surround your glass cage
>Their bodies strung up in gruesome poses
>Ashes everywhere

>smouldering craters
>glassed mountains
>Pinkies dessicated body lying in your arms
>Similar bodies dot the landscape
>"Fool, If it weren't for you I would have never been able to gain so much power"
>"As a reward I will leave you alive to wallow in the destruction you created"
>"Perhaps I'll comeback and finish you off once I conquer the rest of the world"
>Your eyes fill with tears
"Why can I never save them!
"What Did I do to deserve this!"
>The world begins to fad to white
>"You Had these dreams because you fear the future"
>"You are afraid that the knowledge you carry will lead to their destruction"
>you wipe the tears from you eyes
"Princes Luna, I should have suspected you were behind this"
"Well, now you know my secret, that didn't last very long"

That's It for today, I spent way longer writing than intended

should get to the beginning stages of the cum addiction next time I write, Might even throw in some dream sex with Luna. I imagine she'd be pretty horny after 1000 years And she got a deep enough look into anon's mind to know he's really in to technicolor magical horses

thoughts? suggestions? hatemail?

I should have been asleep five hours ago
Don't know about the dream sex, might be a bit sudden after such an intense nightmare.
But it's good so far, I like it.
you're right, I should save that for another night
But maybe anon's into necrophilia then he could just plain ignore luna and go for the corpses.
Just kidding.
At least I wasn't the only one who felt that way.

>Then gently thrusts back in.
>But somehow, this unnatural feeling enhances the pleasure.
>He keeps this pace and one hand claws from your hips up to your lower mane, setting your nerves aflame.
Minor issues fixed above

>>21670601 >>21671778 >>21671906 >>21672581
Now now anons. That's not how you
>react reasonably ____________________________________________
File: Baglight Sparkle.png (2 MB, 3000x2960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baglight Sparkle.png
2 MB, 3000x2960
>You are now anon and you just had a nice and relaxing shower with your marefriend Twilight.
>Currently you are looking through your drawer in search for a shirt that will cover your glowing belly, while Twilight lies on your bed.
>She's reading one of your books, humming a happy song.
>Maybe this red one will do the job?
“Hmm... how about this one, Twi?”
>Twilight looks up from her book.
>”It's still showing through a bit... don't you have any darker shirts?”
>You sigh and shake your head.
“Sadly not. Rarity burned them all, after she made me new clothing.”
>Putting your palm against your forehead, you channel your best Rarity.
“I can't let you walk around like that, darling! What will the ponies think if they saw these gruesome tunics of yours combined with something I made for you?! I would be ruined in no time!”
>She giggles.
>”Yeah that sounds like her.”
>Her brows furrow.
>”Hmm... I could try to cast a spell on them, to make them darker. I normally use it to darken parchments, but it should work on linen too.”
“As long as I don't suddenly burst into flames, I'm okay with that.”
>”Nah... that only happened twice.”
>You shoot her a confused look.
>She giggles again.
>”Just messing with you anon. It's safe!”
“Okay then...”
>You doff the shirt just to be safe.
>Holding it out to her, she takes it into her magical grip.
>Twilight closes her eyes and her horn begins to glow.
>Slowly the shirt's colour turns from a bright red to a dark bordeaux red.
>You whistle.
“Impressive. Magic is really handy.”
>She nods and throws it back to you.
>”Yep! But sadly there is no laser variation of this spell, just an old boring basic arcana.”
>Chuckling, you put the shirt back on.
>You look down and indeed. the gleam can't shine through any more.
“You really like your lasers, eh?”
>Ever since you told her about those bundled rays of light, she fell in love with the word.
>It replaced the word “beam” in her vocabulary completely.
>She blushes.
>You ruffle her mane.
“Anyway, are you ready to go?”
>”Yes!” she chirps and hops off the bed.
>You make your way down the stairs.
>Just as you were about to open the door, Twilight stops you.
>She looks a little bit tense.
>Ehrm... anon?”
>You kneel down.
“Yes, Twi?”
>”How do we go about... us? Do we tell anypony?”
>Oh, you didn’t think about that before.
>Is it too soon to announce it?
“Good question.”
File: Blushlight Sparkle.png (483 KB, 1280x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blushlight Sparkle.png
483 KB, 1280x636
>To be honest you don't have a problem with anyone else knowing that Twilight and you are an item now.
>But she might see things differently.
“Do you want to tell anyone?”
>”I-I don't know... I think I want to find a cure first, before we make it official. Would you be mad if we kept this a secret for a bit more?”
>You pull her in for a hug.
“Of course not, Twi.”
>She returns the embrace.
>”Thanks... I just don't want to be distracted by some other stupid ponies.”
“Sounds sensible. I will be distraction enough.”
>Twilight pulls her head back.
>”What do you mean?”
>You boop her on the nose.
>Aww the way she scrunches her muzzle, makes your heart melt every time-
“You will need to get your samples from somewhere.”
>Her cheeks grow rosy again.
“And I can think of a few ways and means on how you can get them.”
>She blushes even brighter and buries her face in your chest to hide her embarrassment.
Scrapped the last few lines from the last post since I couldn't continue from there if my life depended on it.
This is the uppdated version:
>”Thanks... I just don't want to be distracted by some other stupid ponies.”
“Sounds sensible. But what do you mean with “distracted?”
>”Like judging me.. or us... interspecies relationships are not very common. And some ponies still think it's an act against nature.”
“Even here in ponyville?”
>You can feel Twilight shrug.
>”I don't think so... but I don't want to deal with possibly two major problems right now. One is enough.”
“Okay, I understand.”
>She tightens her embrace.
>”Thanks, anon. You're the best.”
“Naturally, Twi. And even if a few close-minded idiots show up, I will protect you from them.”
>Leaning her head a bit back, she kisses you.
>No tongue, but with so much love that you don't miss it.
>You lean into it and enjoy the short time it lasts.
>Twilight breaks it and looks into your eyes with those beautiful amethyst orbs you learned to love.
>”I love you, never forget that.”
>Nuzzling your face, she removes her hooves from your neck.
>”How about we go out breakfast now. I'm so hungry I could eat a monkey!” she chirps.
“Horse.” you correct her.
“Nothing. Let's go.”

Welp, wasted over a hour.
>You grab your keys and money and open the door for Twilight.
>She trots out of your home.
>”Such a gentlecolt.”
>You do a little bow and follow after her.
>Locking the door, you take a moment to enjoy the morning sun.
>It's warm outside and a soft breeze blows through your hair.
“Beautiful day, isn't it?”
>”Sure is.”
>She beams you a smile.
>The two of you begin to make your way over tu Sugarcube Corner.
>It's not terribly far away, but still quite a walk.
>Ponyvilles streets are fairly busy at this time of the day.
>Ponies setting up stands, pushing carts to the local market or just chatting with each other.
>It really is a nice community.
>Hard to believe that such friendly creatures, who quite literally praise friendship over anything else, are capable of even doing the slightest evil thing.
>Maybe Equestria and Earth aren't that different after all.
>She and you walking together is not a rare sight here, so nopony thinks anything of it.
>Most of them ignore you.
>A few of them wave at you or wish you a good morning.
>Surely to her relief.
File: Twicake.png (276 KB, 550x734) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276 KB, 550x734
>Yeah... such friendly creatures.
>As your walk is more or less spend in silence, you delve deeper into your thoughts.
>You remember your first few weeks here.
>It was difficult.. to say at least.
>Discounting the fact of your arrival, which was an entirely different story of hardship.
>You shudder at the memories of ponyville's hospital.
>Some treatments and physicals are meant to be done with hands.
>The villagers weren't terrible happy with the fact that an extraterrestrial, carnivorous ape was supposed to life in their midst.
>Even after Princess Celestia publicly announced that you posed no threat.
>And they showed you that.
>Stalls were closed upon your arrival and mares hid their foals from you, among other things.
>You tried your best to warm them up to you, but nothing worked.
>Maybe it was your strange sense of humour, which is to be honest a bit dark, or just simpler things like your form or scent.
>Twilight and her friends were friendly enough though.
>But you are sure that Applejack, Rainbow and Rarity just played along because the princesses told them to do so.
>They were pretty cautious around you.
File: Give me money.png (377 KB, 761x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Give me money.png
377 KB, 761x494
>Especially Rainbow.
>She always followed you when you visited Fluttershy to help her out or get some fish.
>You chuckle.
>Hard to believe that she is one of your best friends today.
>Rarity and Applejack just made sure that you didn't get anywhere near their sisters.
>For a long time Twilight was your only friend.
>And Pinkie Pie of course... but Pinkie is everyone's friend.
>You look at your marefriend.
>Her face bears a content smile.
>Curious little mare.
>The moment you woke up she bombarded you with questions.
>And she never stopped.
>But she never stopped helping you either.
>She gave you a bed to sleep in, helped you find a job and a house to call your own after you finally could afford one.
>It was her effort that the towns-ponies began to trust you and see more than a dangerous predator in you.
>Twilight is pretty much the reason why you can live such a peaceful life now.
>You owe her so much.
>And finally you can give her something back.
>”Anon, we're here!”
>You snap back to reality.
>Sugarcube Corner is right in front of you.
“Let's go in then.” you say, smiling at her.
File: Deutschland Pony 2.png (20 KB, 914x1103) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Deutschland Pony 2.png
20 KB, 914x1103
So that's it for today.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Tell me what you think of the last few parts, since I'm not really sure if they are good or not. Didn't "feel" it today.
t'was good. Nice and relaxed.
God job, cross.
>page 9
Not on my watch
Page 9 deserves some love too.
It's like you don't even like it.
page 9 bump
found this, to use as bump fodder


its a bit dark but still good
Very good, is nice to have some relax after the clop.
Still doin' great. Minor errors here and there, but the story itself is nice.

I was told that the separate lines for each sentence in speech is how it's usually done. But I'm so used to the other way, I'm not sure how many would agree to the "each speaker's speech is merged into one line" format. See the pastebin and tell me if it's better or worse.
File: ayylmao2.jpg (22 KB, 333x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 333x500
I'm reading this right before I go to work
>mfw I show up to work with a massive erection
>mfw muh dick is absolutely not very massive
captcha: spagg
File: Poniko next!.jpg (267 KB, 915x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Poniko next!.jpg
267 KB, 915x1024
Okay then, glad to hear that.
I think Inow know why I ddin't "feel" it yesterday, I think it's because I wrote such a long time from Twi's perspective and getting into anons "mind" was a bit difficult at first.
Sounds strange, huh?
Anyway will start writing soon. Ponk incoming.
aww yis
File: image%3A.jpg (32 KB, 250x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 250x370
There is a distinct lack of cum drinking in these stories.
dont worry it is... coming
File: Close up Ponka.jpg (49 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Close up Ponka.jpg
49 KB, 720x540
>The bell chimes as you enter the bakery.
>Your nostrils are filled with the sweet scent of baked treats and your mouth begins to water.
>Twilight shudders a bit.
>Looks like she's really hungry.
>You chuckle and look through the store.
>It's not as crowded as you thought it would be, considering the time.
>Pinkie is behind the counter, serving a customer.
>As soon as she sees Twilight and you, her face lights up.
>In an instant she abandons the poor pony who just wanted to pay and darts over to you.
>Leaving behind only a pink blur and a flustered Ms. Cake.
>You wonder everyday how she keeps her job...
>She must have some kind of blackmail against the Cakes.
>Stopping right in front of you, she takes a deep breath.
>Here it comes...
>”Heya Nonny and Twilight!”
>Huh? How anticlimactic.
>You expected worse.
>”Good morning Pinkie.” Twilight says
“Hey Ponks.”
>”How are my two bestest bipedal and purple friends today?”
>She begins to bounce up and down on the spot.
>Where does she get all this energy from?
>It can't be just sugar...
>Do ponies have cocaine?
“Pretty good, thanks for asking. How are you?”
>Twilight nods and returns Pinkie's smile.
>”Super duper fantastic as always, thanks! Do you want to eat something? We still have breakfast!”
File: Pinkie Present.png (60 KB, 1046x789) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pinkie Present.png
60 KB, 1046x789
“That's why we are here, actually.”
>Pinkie squees.
>”Wondertastic! Follow me! One of the tables at the windows just got free!”
>She bounces over to and slams two menus on it.
>”Isn't this right, Thunderlane?”
>The stallion's face loses all colour, which is impressive considering his fur is black.
>”Y-Yes of course Pinkie!” he stammers.
>”Ms. Pie.”
>She glares angrily at him.
>”Sorry! I will be on my way instantaneously, Ms. Pie!”
>He gobbles the remainder of his muffin down and leaves the bakery.
>You and Twilight share a confused look.
>The pink menace wipes the table and then looks expectingly at you.
>You sit down on the bench, right next to each other.
>Still trying to figure out what just happened.
>”Isn't this a bit close?” Pinkie asks.
>Oh shit. Twilight is basically sitting on your lap.
>Your marefriend's face gets beet red and she scoots over.
>Pinkie just giggles.
>”What can I bring you to drink?”
“I-I will get coffee please...”
>”Wonderful. And you Twi?”
>Twilight is hiding behind the menu.
>”Green tea, please!” she blurts out.
>”Okay then. I will get your drinks, while you two~ decide on what you want to eat.”
>Turning on the spot, she hops away.
>You really don't like how she emphasized the word “you”.
>Does she...?
.>Your gaze follows the pink mare.
>As if she could feel it, Pinkie stops in her tracks and winks.
>You wince.
>She knows!
File: Silly Partyhorse.png (212 KB, 900x795) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Silly Partyhorse.png
212 KB, 900x795
>Tapping Twilight on the shoulder to get her attention, you move your mouth close to her ear.
“I think she's on to us!” you whisper.
>She shoots you an annoyed look.
>”Oh really? How did you get that impression?”
>Her voice sounds frustrated.
>It really must get to her that your little secret might come out sooner than she wanted.
>You rub her back and she sighs.
>Always works.
>”Sorry... I didn't mean to snap at you.”
“It's okay Twi. I'm not mad.”
>She looks at you with a soft smile.
“But what do we do now? Talk to her?”
>”That would be probably for the best
>Twilight sighs again.
>”I just wonder how she found out...”
I bet Pinkie knows cause she heard them, as did half of ponyville.
agreed. they weren't really quiet at all
I tried something different now.
I rewrote the first part of part 6 in Twi's perspective, and honestly I think it's far better.
But tell me what you think.
File: Desperate Twi.png (75 KB, 687x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Desperate Twi.png
75 KB, 687x750
>You are still Twilight Sparkle and you just had a nice and relaxing shower with your boyfriend.
>Sadly no kinky stuff happened there, but anon helped you wash your mane.
>He even brushed it for you afterwards and gave you a quick backrub.
>Which felt incredibly nice. Hands are really better suited for it than hooves or even magic.
>At the moment you are lying on his bed reading a book, while he searches his dresser for a shirt that will cover up his glowing belly.
>That you gave him.
>Anon tries out shirt after shirt, but none of them is dark or thick enough to stop your magicum from shining through.
>Putting on a red one he turns around.
>”How is this one, Twi?”
>You look up from your book.
“Hmm... still shining through. Don't you black shirts? I know you used to own a few.”
>Sighing he shakes his head.
>”Sadly no. Rarity threw all of them away after she made me new clothing.”
>He puts a hand on his forehead and poses in a dramatic manner.
>”Darling! I can't let you walk around looking like … this! What would the other ponies think if they saw these gruesome “tunics” combined with something I made?! My business would be ruined in no time!”
>You giggle.
“Yeah that sounds like her.”
>An idea came to your mind.
“Hmm... how about I try to cast a spell on them? I know a few to darken parchments. I'm sure they would work on linen too.”
>Anon shrugs.
>”I'm fine with that, but don't tell Rarity. She would kill both of us, if she knew I let you meddle with her masterpieces.”
File: Cute curious Twi.jpg (97 KB, 825x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cute curious Twi.jpg
97 KB, 825x770
>He falls on his knees.
>”I meant altering them with your mastery of the arcane arts, oh wise and beautiful unicorn.”
>Snickering you motion him to stand up again.
“That sounds better.”
>”So I just stand still and you shoot lasers at me again?”
“Yep! But this time it's not a laser, only a basic arcana.”
“Horn glows. Shirt glows. Shirt changes colour.”
>He chuckles and spreads his arms.
“But don't worry. I'm working on a laser version for all of my spells.”
>”Good to know. Now come on. Sugarcube Corner only has breakfast till eleven.”
>Oh he's right.
>You really don't want to miss out on their delicious breakfast muffins.
>Closing your eyes you let some magic flow through your horn and concentrate it on anon's shirt.
>Some Aqshy,a little bit of Dhar and maybe a very small amount of Chamon.
>No... It would lighten it up again. Scrap Chamon.
>Satisfied with the right mixture of the magic winds, you release the spell.
>In nearly an instant it changes colour from a bright red to an dark bordeaux red.
>And indeed it now covers up the glow completely.
>Anon whistles.
>”Impressive. Thanks Twi!”
“No problem. That will be 75 bits, please.”
>You beam him a smile and reach a hoof out.
>He takes it in his hand and kisses it.
>”Will this suffice as payment?”
>Your cheeks flush.
“Yes, it will.”
>Letting go of it again, he ruffles your mane.
>”Wonderful! Now let's better get going, before they close up on us!”
>You nod and hop off the bed.
It's looking pretty solid so far.
I think both versions are very good, but if I had to choose the better one, i'd go with Twilight's perspective.
Yeah I think so too. Dunno why but if I write from her perspective I write far better and quickly.
Is it because I'm a pony in disguise? You might never know.
File: Human Juices.png (366 KB, 1208x3576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Human Juices.png
366 KB, 1208x3576
Yeah, I screencapped them too, heres one of them, pretty sure I had another one somewhere.
File: Its Not Evil.png (170 KB, 490x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Its Not Evil.png
170 KB, 490x590
>Now in his living room, you put the book back on it's shelf and follow anon to the door.
>You make a mental note to finish it some time later, it was really exciting, if a bit dark.
>And you should probably ask what a metro 2033 is.
>Anon grabs some of his stuff and opens the door.
>Sunlight shines through the open portal.
>The sudden glimpse of the outside world reminded you of something.
>You and him are together now... but should you tell anypony yet?
“Ehrm Anon? Could you close the door again please?”
>”Why? Aren't you hungry any more?”
“I am... but I want to ask you something.”
>He closes the door and walks over to you.
>”What is it, Twi?”
>You fiddle with your hooves.
“How do we go about... us?”
>His face takes a confused look.
>”What do you mean?”
“Telling other ponies about our relationship.”
>”Oh. Do you want to tell your friends?”
“I-I don't know. To be honest I'm a little bit scared of what they might think.”
>Oh buck! This came out so wrong!
>His expression changes from confused to shocked.
>He opens his mouth but you manage to shush him with a hoof.
“Nonononono! I know what you are thinking, but that's not what I meant. I'm not ashamed of you!”
>”What did you mean then?”
“It's just that they always get a bit... overenthusiastic when I meet someone. And with my current predicament, the risk is too high that they may find out. And this would be a bit awkward, to say at least.”
>For some reason he winces.
>”Yeah that makes sense. So you want to keep this a secret until you find a cure?”
>You nod.
>”Okay then. I'm fine with that.”
>His voice sounded... sad?
>Oh no...
>He avoids your eyes...
>Grabbing him by his face you plant a kiss on his lips.
>No tongue. Just a gentle kiss between lovers.
>After a few seconds you break it and he is able to look into your eyes again.
>The small flames from before returned.
“Never forget that I love you, anon. I might be difficult some times or say things the wrong way, but you make me so unbelievable happy and I would never intentionally hurt you.”
>You throw your hooves around his neck in a tight embrace and whisper into his ear.
“You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”
>Anon relaxes visibly.
>He returns the hug and presses you closer to his chest.
>”Thanks, Twi. I was just a bit flustered, I guess. I love you too.”
>Relishing the closeness to your boyfriend for a moment more, you break the embrace.
>His face bearing now a content smile.
>Which spreads to your lips like a fire.
>Anon opens the door for you.
>”Let's go then. I don't know about you but I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse.”
>”Just a human proverb.”
>Giggling you brush his legs with your tail.
“You already did that, remember?”
>As you trot through the door, you catch a glimpse of him blushing.
>It's fun to flatter him for a change.
File: mynigga.png (329 KB, 537x434) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
329 KB, 537x434
>metro 2033
hourly bump
Interesting seeing this from Twilight's perspective, truth be told I'm really enjoying seeing things from other characters perspectives instead of it always being from Anon's.

Also when will Rainbow be rescued from her predicament?
File: Guilty pleasure.png (369 KB, 749x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Guilty pleasure.png
369 KB, 749x1024
>The sun shines warmly on your coat and a soft breeze blows through your mane.
>You close your eyes and enjoy the feeling.
>It's refreshing and and clears your mind.
>Not that it needed clearing right now, you are happy.
>But a little bit more happiness cannot hurt, can it?
“Ahh... such a lovely day, isn't it?”
>”It sure is. Makes me want to praise the sun.”
“Really? Princess Celestia would love to hear that.”
>He chuckles.
>”I bet she would.”
>You begin to make your way to Sucarcube Corner.
>It's not terribly far away but still quite a walk from anon's house.
>Ponyvilles streets are pretty busy at this time of the day.
>Ponies setting up stands, rolling carts to the local market or just chatting with each other.
>It's so nice here. You wouldn't want to leave this place even if somepony offered you one million bits.
>Some ponies wave at you as you pass them. But most of them just ignore you.
>You are glad for that, since you don't want to bring any unneeded attention to Anon and you.
>Even if interspecies relationships are somewhat common nowadays, it's still a rare sight in the more rural parts of Equestria.
>It's more of a “city” thing and especially old-fashioned or conservative ponies see it as an act against nature.
>Ponyville is relatively liberal, you think, but still there are some individuals that would probably unleash hell on you, if they heard of your relationship.
>Like Desert Rose and her brothers Desert Storm and Sand Lion.
>They never liked Anon..
File: Hehe.png (99 KB, 762x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 762x700
>You glance at him.
>He has a content smile on his face and looks like he is lost in his own thoughts.
>So you delve deeper in yours.
>Remembering his first few weeks here.
>They were difficult...
>Nopony really liked him.
>They just saw Anon as a dangerous predator which has to be expelled out of the town.
>Princess Celestia told you to just let him try fit in, and you did that for a while.
>But you couldn't watch this misery for very long.
>Stalls were closed upon his arrival, mothers hid their foals from him and they event sent him threatening letters.
>You were shocked, to say at least.
>How could those friendly towns-ponies who were so nice and inviting to you, be so harsh and cruel to him?
>You breathed fire and brimstone.
>So you took things into your own hoofs.
>After he got discharged from the hospital you offered him to live with you until he could afford his own home.
>You introduced them to your circle of friends, who were relatively nice to him.
>But you are pretty sure that Rainbow, Rarity and Applejack just played along at the beginning, to not hurt your feelings.
>They were pretty cautious around Anon.
>Rainbow always followed him when he visited Fluttershy to help her out for a few bits.
>”He is up to no good! I tell you that!”
>Hard to believe she is one of his best friends today.
>You sigh.
>Strange how things can change.
>Applejack and Rarity just made sure that he didn't get anywhere near their sisters.
File: Twilight typing.png (111 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight typing.png
111 KB, 800x600
>The only member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders who regularly visited him was Scootaloo.
>She had almost the same strange fascination with him like you.
>Maybe it's because of the fact the he doesn't have any family like her, but you are not sure.
>Anon was happy enough about the company and quickly made friends with Scoots
>And once she told Applebloom and Sweetie Belle how nice and friendly he actually is, their older sisters grew warmer too.
>Pinkie Pie was never a problem, as well as Fluttershy.
>Fluttershy just saw him as a fascinating animal and Pinkie Pie... well she is just friends with anypony.
>You also helped him find a job at the local workshop, where his hands made him invaluable for fiddling with smaller contraptions.
>To be honest they were a bit intimidated by Anon when they first saw him, but you made clear that they either hire him or several expensive unicorns with that special talent.
>They went with him.
>The other towns-ponies took a bit longer to fully accept him.
>But it certainly helped that he was seen regularly with members of the elements of harmony.
>So they started to trust him too.
>And now look at him.
>Walking around ponyville like he never belonged anywhere else.
>Your smile grows wider.
>”We're here, Twi.”
>You snap back to reality.
>Oh indeed. Sucarcube Corner is right in front of you.
>The scent of sweet, backed treats escaping from it.
“Let's go in then!”
So that's it for today. We are now roughly at the same point as before.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
It's my favourite series of books. And the games were great too.
It's more fun to write too.
And Rainbow Dash will be freed after breakfast.

I'm off to bed now. Good night anons.
no, she will be raped in her cell
She raped herself already. It's too late.
I say write from multiple perspectives then, nice to see things from every characters perspective, looking forward to when Skittles gets freed, have a good night writefriend.

I kek'd.
lazy bump because I don't know how to contribute to the conversation.
There's also a serious lack of Celestia and Luna getting addicted to Anon's cum and becoming increasingly dependent upon it, willing to do anything he asks for another taste, even if it's "Let me fuck you."
I do have to agree with this, would be interesting to see the royal sisters being addicted.
File: 1394054831156.jpg (141 KB, 1191x670) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 1191x670

writer of this
sorry for no posts yesterday(or today). My house entered a new phase of construction and I am doing a lot of the work myself.
I probably wont have much time for writing these next few days. I'll try an write when ever I have the chance, but will hold off on posting until I actually get to cum addiction
also, forgot what luna's lines were going to be

I may write a quick one shot that takes place after a time skip, to at least ensure this thread has more than one active writer.
Suggest a character(mane6 or princesses) and involved fetishes I wont do guro, scat diaper, fart , or similar
have fun playing Bob the Builder!

And I'd imagine that Rarity would want you to cum all over her hind hooves due to her having a hoof fetish?
I have two separate ideas for a oneshot.
Applejack has always wondered how it feels to be milked like the cows she's milked (or seen milked) before while wearing a dress that makes her feel pretty
Rarity has a secret fetish for wearing the farm pony clothes and always wanted to fuck in the mud
The applejack one sounds unf
Speaking of milking i heard mare milk is supposed to be really good for you
Dont know if true though
Well, the Spartans drank it. Learned that one from Madmax.
Both ideas made me hard.
One can learn a lot from MadMax.
I vote for the Rara story.
Liking that applejack one, already working on an outline. will probably post later today if i have enough time.


probably do a rarara story as well

but for now, its bed for me
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Balloonbutt bump.jpg
71 KB, 600x600
Quick after work bump.
I was really secretly hoping that would be picked
File: Twipie hug.jpg (93 KB, 949x842) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twipie hug.jpg
93 KB, 949x842
>The bell chimes as you enter the bakery.
>Your nostrils are instantly filled with the same sweet and warm smell that you sensed before.
>You shudder a bit in anticipation of the delicious, baked you are about to devour.
>Well first you have to find a table... considering the time it's quite full here.
>A nice, romantic one at the windows would be good... where Anon and you are a little bit separated from the rest.
>You take a look through the room and spot Pinkie Pie behind the counter.
>She's serving a customer right now but as soon as sees you, her face lights up.
>Abandoning the poor pony, who just wanted to pay, in an instant, leaving only a pink blur and a flustered Ms. Cake behind.
>It's a mystery how she keeps this job...
>In a matter of femtoseconds she stands in front of you, taking a deep breath.
>Here it comes... Pinkies greetings can be quite loud and irritating.
>”Heya Twilight and Nonny!”
>Huh? How anticlimactic.
>Her face bears a wide grin and she's bouncing on the spot.
>You once tried to harness her boundless energy to use it to power various devices and maybe help her get calmer.
>It didn't end well...
>So you stopped bothering and just accepted Pinkie's bubbly self.
“Good morning Pinkie.”
>”Morning Ponk's, how's it going?”
>”Super, thanks! How are my two bestest bipedal and purple friends on this fantastic morning?”
>”Just swell, thanks.”
>Anon pats her head.
>You just nod and return her smile.
>”Do want to eat something? We still have breakfast!”
>Oh thank Celestia, you could kill for a breakfast muffin.
>”Actually that's why we are here. But it looks like every table is occupied at the moment.” Anon answers.
>Pinkie puts herself on her hind legs to ruffle Anon's hair.
>”Don't worry about that. Let auntie Pinkie handle this.”
>Before your boyfriend could ask what she meant by it, Pinkie is already on her way to one of window tables.
>”This one just got free!”
>She slams two menus on it.
>”Isn't this right, Thunderlane?”
>The stallions face loses all colour. Impressive, considering his coat is black.
>”B-But I'm still eating, Pinkie!” he stammers.
>”Ms. Pie.”
>She shoots him an angry glare.
>”Yes! Sorry, Ms. Pie! I will be on my way instantaneously!”
>Thunderlane gobbles the remainder of his muffins down and dashes out of the bakery.
>While Pinkie wipes the table, you and your boyfriend share a confused look.
>Anon just shrugs.
>”All set! Come here, Nonny and Twilight!”
>You walk over to her and sit down on the bench.
>”What was that all about?” Anon asks the pink mare.
>She stares into a corner, focusing a specific spot.
>”Oh... he knows what he did. He knows...”
“Who... are you talking to, Pinkie?”
>She turns back to Anon and you.
>”Oh just the reader.” she says, grinning from ear to ear.
File: Nightmare Night.jpg (66 KB, 806x992) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nightmare Night.jpg
66 KB, 806x992
>”Don't worry about it. Anyway, isn't this a bit close?”
>Oh buck she is right! You are basically sitting on Anon's lap!
>The temperature in your cheeks sky-rockets and you scoot over a bit.
>Quickly grabbing one of the menus, you hide behind it.
“Ahahaha... we were still just a bit confused! Yeah...”
>Pinkie just giggles.
>”Okay then! What can I bring you to drink?”
>”I will get a coffee please...”
>”Wonderful. And you Twi?
“G-Green Tea please... and a glass of water.”
>”Good choice! I will get your drinks, while you two~ decide on what to eat.”
>You really don't like how she emphasized the words “you two”.
>Slowly raising from behind your laminated walls, you take a peek.
>Is she waving at the corner...?
>Suddenly she yanks her head around and winks at you.
>Quick! To the menu cave!
>Does she suspect something?
>Everything is possible with this mare...
Don't stop m8, let jimmies rustle a little
I find myself curious as to what pinkie did to freak Thunderlane out like she did.
File: Really~.png (176 KB, 496x329) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
176 KB, 496x329
>You motion Anon to come closer.
“I think she's on to us!”
>”Yeah I think so too... Did you see her winking at us? She knows!”
“Or it could just be Pinkie being Pinkie... She does weird stuff all the time. “
>Anon nods.
>”Like talking to imaginary readers... What was that about?”
>You shrug.
“I don't know... Last week she complained that someone in the sky denied her wish for more balloons...”
“Yep. But far more importantly... what do we do now?”
>He scratches his chin.
>”Hmm... how about we just talk to her? If she really knows, it's too late already anyways.”
>That could work.
“Yeah you're probably right... I just wonder how she found out.”
>Maybe it's your scent?
>You take a few deep whiffs of your coat.
>No this isn't it. Most of Anon's scent washed itself off in the shower, so you don't smell like him more than usual.
>Oh no... could it be?
>Lifting your butt a bit, you look at the spot you are sitting.
>Phew... you are not leaking either.
>Now that would be awkward. Dripping his cum all through Ponyville...
>But also kinda hot.
>”What are you doing Twi?”
“N-Nothing... just checking something.”
>”Okay... So do you want to talk to her, or should I?”
>You shake your head.
“I will do it.”
>”Why are you whispering? Can I join? I'm really good at whispering!”
>Suddenly Pinkie Pie stands besides you, balancing a tray with your drinks on her head.
>”Oh did I startle you? Sorry about that. But look! I got your beverages!” Pinkie states, giggling.
File: Frilly Pinkie.jpg (248 KB, 1200x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Frilly Pinkie.jpg
248 KB, 1200x1100
>How can she be this sneaky? Normally she makes more noise than a band of parasprites!
>She sets the tray on the table.
>”One coffee #000000.”
>”Yeah right... Thanks Ponks.”
>Anon mouthes the word “how”.
>”No biggie. And one blue plus yellow tea and of course your water.
“Thank you, Pinkie.”
>She smiles and nods.
>You grab the cup with your magic and take a small sip.
>It's warm and soothing... and helps you think.
>How do you go about this... Just tell her or-
>”So... Do you now want to talk with me, how the two of you are a thing now?”
>In shock, you spurt the tea in your mouth all over Pinkie.
>Her rules of nature breaking mane just absorbs it with a quiet “slurp” noise.
“W-What?! How?!”
>Pinkie's giggling intensifies and she points at her head.
>”My Pinkie sense! Yesterday I had a combo that I didn't have in a while. Two leg twitches, one ear flop and three tail wiggles!”
>”And that means?” Anon asks confused.
>”That one of my closest friends found someone special! And with Applejuck busy watching the Crusaders, Raiubow Dash in prison-”
>”You knew that too? How?!”
>”Another combo. Knee itch, three ear flops and two sneezes.”
>Anon waves her off.
>”Okay.. go on.”
>”Will do! Where was I … Ah yes! With Rainbow in prison and Rarity and Fluttershy at the weekly, nightly spa frenzy, that only left Twilight! And since our purple friend here came with you, I put one and one together.”
File: laughing.png (259 KB, 477x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259 KB, 477x260
Oh didn't see that. Thanks.
(not that it honestly matters, still a really fucking good story, you're catching Pinkie's personality really well! 10/10
Orgy with Ponka and RD when?
Anon, pls.
Bad enough RD wants in.
>Bad enough RD wants in.
>Bad enough
U fokin wot m8
What can I say? I'm that much of a Twifag, that I want to stay loyal to her. Now if AJ wanted in and Twi wanted that to happen...Big Mac ain't lookin' too bad either.
File: Student Pinkie.png (313 KB, 1024x1030) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Student Pinkie.png
313 KB, 1024x1030
>You sigh and massage your temples.
>This mare... Once again she completely foiled your plans with her heathen powers.
>Well the cat is out of the sack now...
“Yeah Pinkie... I and Anon are together now.”
>She squees.
>Her whole body tenses up... That can only mean one thing.
>She's going to explode in a weird fashion and loudly going to congratulate you!
>In front of everypony!
“Anon quick!”
>With a speed that would rival Rainbow Dash, Anon grabs her by the snout and holds it closed.
>”Pinkie no! Calm down. Please.”
>His tone is serious but friendly, and Pinkie stops her antics immediately.
>”I'm going to release your snout now. Don't start yelling or something, listen to us first. Okay?”
>She nods.
>”Okay then.”
>Anon frees her muzzle from his grip.
“Listen Pinkie. I and Anon want to keep our relationship a secret for a while.”
>Leaning her head sideways, you can hear the gears grinding in it. Which could be entirely possible, considering that this is Pinkie you are talking about.
>”But why? I am so happy for you, that I want to throw you a “Twilight and Anon are a couple now!” party, and a week after that your “Happy One-weekisary!”.”
“I know, and I find this incredibly sweet of you but try to understand us.”
>”Understand what?”
>Oh yeah she doesn't know. At least she doesn't have a combo for “a friend of mine is addicted to the cum of another friend of mine”.
>Oh buck what are you going to tell her?
>You throw a pleading look to your boyfriend.
>”We just want to see if it works out, Ponk. With us being totally different species from totally different worlds.”
>Oh... Yes that works. Some times the simpler solutions to something just elude you.
>Pinkie wiggles her eyebrows, a sly grin on her lips.
>”Oh I see... You first want to check if the two of you are “compatible” or not.”
>Your cheeks burn up again and anon's share the same fate.
“Nonono! It's not like that! We-”
>She shoves a hoof in your mouth. It tastes like... sweet dough?
>”Twilight, it's okay. I'm just messing with you. Your secret is safe with me. I'm not Rarity. Only on every sixth Saturday.”
>”Oops, sorry.”
>Giggling she retrieves her hoof from your orifice and wipes it on Anon's jacket.
>”Oh come on! I'm pretty sure you are already used to her saliva!”
>Defeated, he crosses his arms and mumbles something.
>At least she won't tell anypony.
“Thanks Pinkie. That means a lot to us.”
>”No problemo amigos! I will even Pinkie promise, so you guys don't have to worry about anything!”
>From somewhere out of her tail she materializes a cupcake and recites the sacred words.
>”Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!“
>She seals the pact by slamming the cupcake in her face... which also is being slowly absorbed into her mane.
>What kinds of eldritch abominations live there?!
>Maybe her mane is the real Pinkie Pie and the body is just a decoy to protect it...
>You shake the thought off.
“Thanks again...”
>”Yeah thank you, Pinkie. We will make sure to tell you first when we announce it, so you have all the time you need to plan our party.”
>Anon beams her a smile.
>”Awww! Thanks!”
>Squeeing, she pulls you both in for a big hug, which you happily return.
>Pinkie breaks it after a few seconds and looks at you expectingly.
>”What do you want to eat, of course! You silly fillies!”
>Oh right the actual reason you are here.
“We didn’t really think about that, to be honest.”
>”Yeah, We were occupied with figuring you out.”
>Pinkie giggles and takes one of the menus.
>”Let me see real quick if we still serve this...”
>”Serve what?”
>She shushes him.
>”Ah there we go! The love-bird special! Two stacks of heart-shaped pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry syrup on a plate decorated with fresh fruit and chocolate mousse!”
>That sounds delicious... but also very attention-grabbing.
“We don't want to bring any attention to us. Did you forgot already?”
>She shakes her head.
>”But not if I divide it on two plates and make normal pancakes instead of the heart-shaped ones!”
>Sometimes you underestimate her intellect.
“Oh, okay then. What do you think, anon? It sounds really good...”
>”If you want it, we will take it!” he says, smiling.
>”Awww! How adorable! Isn't he a sweetheart!”
>Pinkie is rolling on the floor, hugging herself...
>Anon helps her up again, before anypony sees.
>”Wonderful! One super secret love-bird special coming up!”
>She hugs you once more before she takes her leave.
>You both sigh.

Fucking character limit.
This is the last update for today. I hope you enjoyed it.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
11/10. Captured Pinkie's personality like a fucking boss.
File: 1400769486456.png (196 KB, 830x962) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196 KB, 830x962
Great work, you are very good at writing Pinkie.
I'm no expert on English, but I believe "I and Anon" is technically improper grammar
File: 1422999313210.gif (460 KB, 402x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
460 KB, 402x302
>eldricht abomination
>new fetishes acquired
You're doing a great job
Bumpity bump
God damn m8, you fucking wrote Pinkie perfectly, including her pinkie sense and everything, excellent job write-friend.
File: silly pony.png (149 KB, 660x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
silly pony.png
149 KB, 660x600
File: 1399046001007.jpg (153 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
153 KB, 1920x1080
Twipie bumpu
That was some high-level story here
keepin the thread alive
File: 1310399122864.png (197 KB, 710x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197 KB, 710x433
File: Yep... like this.png (426 KB, 621x857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Yep... like this.png
426 KB, 621x857
Wow. I ddin't think you would all like my ponk so much. She's my favourite pony so maybe it's that.
Anyhow. Gonna start writing in a an hour so, depending on if I can motiviate myself to cook something.
Geez, with how you wrote Twilight and made this story mostly about her, I thought you were a Twifag, either way amazing writing.
>She's my favourite pony so maybe it's that.
>writing a based as fuck story
>Like best pony
Crossroads pls have my babies
You will be a very known writefag on 4chan.
I can feel it
I thought the same.
>”Phew... that went better than expected.”
“I wasn't worried about her telling, just about her reaction upon hearing it. But thanks to you and your quick hands everything turned out nicely.”
>He wiggles his fingers in front of your face.
>”Those little guys here saved me more than once from a sticky situation.
“They were in a sticky situation before~”
>His blush returns.
>Strike two!
>Chuckling, he dusts his shirt off.
>”I'll give you that. Anyhow...”
>”Do you already have a few ideas on how to create a cure? Maybe an addiction annihilating laser?”
>You giggle.
“That would be nice, but however I think magic alone won't solve the problem... Alchemy would be a better take on it.”
>”Alchemy? Do you want to brew a healing potion? I think I have some Bruiseweed and Briarthorne lying around. But you will have to provide your own Crystal Vial.”
>He's grinning like crazy... probably one of his human references again.
“Ehehe... yeah something like a healing potion. I thought of mixing “your stuff” with some magireactant metals and crystals, and see if anything reacts with. If my first theory is right and it is because of it's non-magical state, than giving it magic properties would create a sort of antidote ”
File: #1 fun.png (504 KB, 1000x1007) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
#1 fun.png
504 KB, 1000x1007
>Anon leans back a bit, looks like he is in thought.
>”But that wouldn't take care of the future, if you catch my drift.”
“I know. But I could work on something for you on this basis. For the meantime I would just take the solution I created, so my head stays clear.”
>Nodding. he rests his head on his hand.
>”Yeah... but what do we do, if you can't find anything? I mean I could just keep giving you “my stuff”, but I doubt that's healthy on the long run. It already got stronger once, from what I can tell.”
>Anon's right...
>You really will have to concentrate every available second of free time on this.
>”What's your other theory?”
“It's only an assumption. Sorry but I won't tell you, before I did more research on it.”
>If this theory of yours really comes true, you are in a lot of trouble and possibly pain.
>Celestia please... let it be a normal addiction.
>He sees your distress and puts a hand over your hoof, gently stroking it.
>”I understand. You probably have your reasons for not telling me. But just know, I'm there for you.”
>A soft and gentle smile is on his lips.
>It really makes you feel bad for not telling him. But it's better this way.
>No need to unnecessarily frighten your boyfriend.
>”Awww! He's holding your hoof!” Pinkie suddenly whisper-yells.
>You startle in your seat.
>”Hah! I saw her coming.”
>Pinkie giggles and sets the tray on the table.
>”One neatly divided, disguised love-bird special! Tadaa! I even put extra cherries on yours Twilight!”
>Slowly you regain your composure.
“Heh... thanks Pinkie. I appreciate it. But why, if I may ask?”
>She moves her snout to your ear.
>”They are good for your joints.”
>If her eyebrows would wiggle any faster, you are sure you could use them to propel a small piston.
>Blushing, you gently shove her off.
>”You're welcome! Now enjoy your meal...”
>She moves in closer again.
>”...love birds!”
>Turning on the spot, she bounces away. Snickering every few bounces.
>Your hoof hits your face hard.
>”She only means well, Twi.”
“I know, Anon. I know...”
File: 1420821393960.jpg (50 KB, 472x441) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 472x441
I like this Ponks
I like this Ponks alot
Waiting eagerly for the scene for when Twi-Anon are about to get it on and Ponk appears and says
>pic related
File: Twinkie 26.png (168 KB, 600x680) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twinkie 26.png
168 KB, 600x680
If ponks your favorite pony where's Twilight on your list? You must like her quite a bit to keep writing about her like this. (Ponk's my second favorite, tied pretty much with AJ)
ponk tends to be entertaining to write
>He boops you and your muzzle scrunches up in return..
>Something that finds Anon incredibly cute for some reason.
>It's a completely normal reaction to something like booping. You really don't get it why it's supposed to be adorable.
>”Now let's dig in , before it gets cold!”
>You nod and smile at him.
>Grabbing the fork and knife with your magic, you start eating.
>Slow and controlled of course. It's one thing if Anon sees you pig out, but another if the whole time observes it.
>He sees your attempt and self-control and just chuckles.
>It's really good, like almost everything here in Sugarcube Corner.
>The pancakes are fluffy, the strawberry syrup complements them perfectly and the fruit is fresh.
>You really have to look up if cherries are good for your joints.
>Oh and the chocolate mousse... If you could replace your bed with it you would do it.
>So light and fluffy.... just delicious.
>Halfway through your first pancake you notice something.
>Are there big letters lightly burned in your pancake?
>Looks like an “A”.
>You take a look at anon's stack.
>Who is happily eating away at it.
>And indeed there is something on his too. Could be a “T” and a “W”, but you are not sure since it's already half eaten.
>Carefully that nopony watches you, you quickly scroll through your pancakes.
>Oh Celestia please...
File: Relaxed Partyhorse.png (126 KB, 900x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Relaxed Partyhorse.png
126 KB, 900x706
>Pinkie Pie, the queen of cheesy romances.
>Your hoof finds it's way to your forehead again.
>”Something the matter, Twi?”
“Take a quick look through your pancakes please, and you will understand.”
>”Huh? Okay.”
>”TW” anon states.
>His face lights up.
>”Hey, it spells your name! How sweet of her. Is there my name on yours too?”
>You nod.
>”Aww. It's like we are in a cheesy romance flick.”
>Laughing, he begins eating again.
>You just sigh.
>Is this now expecting you everyday? And that's just Pinkie...
>But to be honest, it is kinda cute.
>It's nice to have friends who care and are happy for you.
“Yeah, you are right.”
>”In 65% of all cases, I'm always right.”
>He points with his fork at you.
“Oh you.”
>You start eating again too, before it gets cold.
>And cold pancakes tend to be hard and chewy.
>The rest of the breakfast is spent in relative silence.
>Just a few bits of small talk here and there, since everything important is already discussed.
>Something is still on your mind, though.
>What did Rainbow Dash do in anon's house?
>He said that it was nothing grave.
>Eh... you will find out soon enough.
>The last piece of your pancakes is picked up by your fork and brought to your mouth.
>Relishing the taste of it one last time before you swallow, you put the cutlery down.
“Ahhh.... that hit the spot.”
File: Pinkie smiling.png (280 KB, 731x698) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pinkie smiling.png
280 KB, 731x698
>You pat you belly a few times. Something you have seen in one of anon's movies, and were curious if it does something.
>Your conclusion to that was a definitive “No”, but it feels nice nevertheless.
>Anon stretches his arms and nods.
>”Mmhhmm. The food here is really something special.”
>Picking a few bits of food out of his teeth he continues.
>You told him many times that such a behaviour is rude, but his canines are too fascinating to look at, so you don't interrupt him.
>”Wanna pay up and bail out Rainbow?”
“Yep!” you chirp.
>”Wonderful. I will see if I can get a hold of Pinkie.”
>”You called?.”
>For the third time today Pinkie manages to startle you.
>She just materialized behind anon and now rests her bodyweight on his shoulders.
>He sits there motionless in a state of shock.
>”So... did you like them?! Did you find the special surprise on them?”
>”Which dark god's did I anger...” anon murmurs.
>”Praised be his unmatched intellect!”
>”Are you serious right now?”
>His voice sounds seriously frightened... what is going on?
>”Nah. I read it in one of your books! So you want to pony up?”
>”Y-Yes please.”
>She hops off his shoulders.
>”Wonderful. Just lemme total this …”
File: Sonicheart!.jpg (58 KB, 640x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 640x541
>From Celestia knows where she pulls out a notepad and pen.
>”Coffee, Tea, Water and the spy-special... carry the four... multiply by point two... minus the “you are friends with Pinkie Pie” bonus.... That will be 18 bits please!”
>Yeah... this bonus is a real thing. The cakes had to raise the prices to accommodate that, since everypony is friends with Pinkie.
>Shaking anon pulls out the bits from his pocket and hands them her.
>”Thanks!” she chirps.
>With one swift swoop of her hoof she grabs the money and stashes it away in her mane.
>”Have a nice day! And greet Rainbow from me!”
>There she goes... a bounce in her step and acting as nothing especially weird just happened.
>Anon visibly relaxes once she leaves.
“Thanks for paying. You didn't have to do that.”
>He waves you off.
>”It was my pleasure. Just do something for me, okay?”
“Of course.”
>”Remind me to never get on her bad side.”
File: Berry 4.png (67 KB, 501x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Berry 4.png
67 KB, 501x400
Good question.
I don't really dilike any horses. But if I would have to make a list of the m6 it would look like this probably:
I also like many background ponies, especially Cherry Berry and BonBon.
Pic related, something I drrew for the chain of Cherry Berry threads
That's pretty close to my listing, just switched Ponk with Twi and Rara with Flutters.

I also absolutely love Lyra.
Switch Twi and Flutters and you'll have my list
Plus hell yeah, there's not enough Bon Bon love in this fandom
File: FuckthatVille.png (279 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 900x900
>You leave the bakery and begin your walk to the guardhouse.
>It's on the outer edge of inner Ponyville, so it's quite near.
>Most of the time it's cells are not in use, since Equestria has a fairly low crime-rate outside of the bigger cities like Manehatten or Trottingham.
>But this time one of your best friends sits inside one of them.
>Not for the first time to be honest.
>Rainbow tends to get in trouble a lot, especially when she drinks.
>You sigh.
>”Everything alright, Twi?”
“Yes. Just thinking about Rainbow.”
>He chuckles.
>”Yeah she will be a bit pissed after we left her waiting for a whole night.”
>You look up to him.
“And she really did nothing terrible at your house?”
>”It don't say it wasn't terrible, but she didn't do anything life-threatening or tried to steal something. But you will find out soon enough. Don't worry.”
>Anon beams you a smile and pats you on the mane.
>Argh! You want to know! What did she do?!
>Grumbling, you try to find out yourself.
>Anon's house didn't looked rummaged through or something similar. And he claims that nothing was stolen... Cuppy is also still intact.
>Did she try to blackmail him maybe?
>No... Rainbow wouldn't do that. At least not to somepony she likes.
>Hmm... what else could it be?
File: Twibot charging.gif (1 MB, 1296x976) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twibot charging.gif
1 MB, 1296x976
>Your boyfriend is still alive, so that eliminates murder. Or...
>Quickly you scan his body with a magic flash.
>Nope. His heart still beats. So she didn't kill anon and resurrect him afterwards with dark arts.
>Also you just remembered that this happened in one of the novels you wrote.
>Maybe you should stop thinking so much and just wait for it.
>It's not like you will have to wait for much longer.
>Doesn't change the fact that this gnaws on your mind like a sort of brain tick.
>To clear your head you look through the streets.
>Nothing much happening. Just a few ponies walking around or window-shopping.
>Hey isn't this Applejack? You would recognize that hat anywhere.
“Anon, could you wait here really quick? I want to ask Applejack how Spike is doing.”
>He gives you a thumps up.
>”Of course.”
>You run over to the orange mare.
“Hey Applejack!”
>She turns towards you.
>”Howdy thar' Twi! How's it going?”
“Good, thanks! I just wanted to ask how Spike is doing.”
>Applejack laughs throaty.
>”Aw he's fine! A bit tired, since he had to play maid all night long, but still alive.”
>Good to hear that... but anon must really teach him some day to stand up for himself.
>Sweetie Belle just exploits him, you fear.
File: Whats that, Anon.png (725 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Whats that, Anon.png
725 KB, 1920x1080
“Wonderful. Could you just send him over when the sleepover is over. I would pick him up myself, but I'm in a bit of a hurry today.”
>She nods.
>”Will do. Rarity comes ta pick up Sweetie and Scoots at around two anyway. Ahm sure she won't mind bringing him home.”
“Thank you, Applejack.”
>”Aww, don't worry about it.”
>You give her a quick hug and make your farewell.
>This is perfect. Even if bailing out Rainbow would take over an hour, you still have enough time to collect a sample from anon.
>Which would prove itself very difficult with Spike around. Nosy little dragon.
>You trot over to your boyfriend, who is currently pony-watching.
>Once he sees you, he meets you half-way.
>”So how is the poor lad?”
“He's fine. Rarity will walk him home later.”
>”How convenient.”
“It is! So we will have some free time after this whole ordeal~”
>You shoot him a wink.
>”For science, I assume?”
“Yep!” you chirp.
>”Okay then. I will look forward to it.”
>Quickly nuzzling his leg when nopony is looking, you continue your journey.
So last update for tonight.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Might be that I won't have much time to write tomorrow, but I will see.
What was the Tzchench thing a reference to?
Warhammer. As well as the magic winds from a few parts before.
page 9 bump
i will not let this die.
Hourly bump because I have no idea how to contribute to the nonexistent conversation at this point in time.
Ah. Thanks for the clarification!
I mean you could always flame me for the mistakes I make, which I now corrected in the pastebin. Made quite a few yesterday.
im gonna flame you for not having best waifu cherry berry in the story
The grumpiest of waifus. Maybe in another story.
Siege engineer Cherry Berry perhaps? Conquering the badlands for the glory of equestria!
what does mare-cum taste like?
File: Applewant.png (383 KB, 543x534) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
383 KB, 543x534
Depends on the mare. Personal hygiene, coat colour and personality are a few factors. The sweeter the pone, the sweeter the marecum.
My headcanon is that Ponk's tastes like a strawberry milshake
File: Colgate Diane Pie.png (496 KB, 3000x3300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Colgate Diane Pie.png
496 KB, 3000x3300
That is a good headcanon
how would coat color be a factor? are you one of those autists who think that if the color of the pone's coat is yellow then the mare-cum must taste like something that is yellow, like vanilla? And personality, seriously?
( >>21725842 this is what i mean)

I've never liked that theory, because it makes no sense each pone to taste THAT different from one another. It would make more sense if the taste was based on dietary choices, and since all the ponies eat more or less the same thing, they should all taste relatively the same.

Just because this is magical talking horse land doesn't mean that an equine could biologically produce a liquid that would taste like, say skittles.

All this having been said, I actually feel like I'm the odd one out here.
dude calm down they are cartoon ponies, imagining different tastes like this is just play and fun.
File: All new butt.png (85 KB, 311x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
All new butt.png
85 KB, 311x364
Chill out mate. Of course it would be otherwise if ponies would be real. They would be normal mammals who happen to have fancy colours and magic. But let us have our silly fantasies.
all i want is some good ol musky mare cum
Also yellow would be banana flavor not vanilla.
File: 1420595770507.jpg (110 KB, 1132x938) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 1132x938
>you will never drink the flowing marecum from Twilight's syrupy vagina
>But let us have our silly fantasies.

Sure, you can have your fantasies and headcannons but I feel like imagining mare cum to taste like anything but a natural, biological fluid is like imagining shit to taste like chocolate and then using this to justify a scat fetish.

In my head mare cum tastes like actual mare cum no i've not actually tasted mare cum, I've just read descriptions of it but it's still a fetish of mine even though it doesn't taste like grape juice.
I can understand you anon. Don't worry I wont write any of my autistic and silly headcanon stuff into my story. So far the clop has been pretty "realistic", I think.
It has and I appreciate that, don't think I meant to insult you though. I was just voicing my opinion.
Totally gonna try this sometime
File: 1408893549469.png (680 KB, 910x2990) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
680 KB, 910x2990
>not posting the whole thing
step it up m8
File: Rainbow Uhhh....png (151 KB, 845x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainbow Uhhh....png
151 KB, 845x945
>After a few minutes you reach the guardhouse.
>You never particularly liked it. It's grey, ugly and radiates an aura of strictness.
>But maybe that's intentional, so nopony wants to get locked up there.
“So here we are...”
>Anon nods.
>”Mhm. Nervous?”
“A little bit. Let's get this over with.”
>He holds the door open for you and you walk in.
>The air is stale and dry. A few guardsponies are playing cards, their armour and weapons lie besides them.
>Is this supposed to be the high-praised discipline of equestrian soldiers? There is not much to do in Ponyville for them, that is true... but at least they could try to look busy.
>The reception isn't even occupied....
>Finally somepony notices you and walks over.
>”Greetings, citizens. How may I help you?”
>Your boyfriend pulls the notice out of his pocket and shows it him.
>”We are here for a friend of ours. She got arrested yesterday.”
>The guard takes the letter and gives it a quick read-over.
>”Ah yes. Rainbow Dash. She broke into your house yesterday.”
>”I know. We are here to get her out. It was a giant misunderstanding. She probably just looked for her towel or something after our workout.”
>”Okay. So nothing was stolen? Because we got a report here that says she has a drug habit.”
>”No everything is still where it belongs. And the drug thing is a lie. She is as clean as a fresh washed tablecloth.”
>”I see. Well she is ready to go then. Just a little thing before we get her.”
>”And that would be?”
>The guard winces.
>”There was a small... incident last night. Her cell needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Also she “broke” one of our flashlights.”
>Anons palm hits his forehead.
>You wonder what she did … hopefully nothing happened to her.
>”I... I understand. How much?”
“Anon? What did she do?”
>He pats you on the head.
>”You don't have to know... Believe me. It's better this way.”
>Strange. You hope that she didn't do what you are thinking... but it is entirely possible. Rainbow is know to act impulsive and without thinking.
>”About 45 bits.”
>Sighing anon opens his bit bag and fishes out four golden coins and five bronze ones.
>”Here you go...”
>”Thank you, sir.”
>He stashes the money away and grabs the cell-keys.
>”I will get her. Please feel free to sit down while you wait.”
>”Actually, can I talk to her real quick?”
>The stallion nods.
>”Of course. Follow me.”
“Anon, what are you doing?”
>”I just want to clarify something with her.”
>”I will be right back”
>He strokes your mane and follows the guard.
I'm writing fucking slow today, so don't expect too many updates.
Whoa, Anon has just paid 45 bits for cleaning Rainow's cell and repairing broken flashlight. Looking forward to see "really quick talk"
File: Embarrassed Dash.png (506 KB, 1280x1984) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Embarrassed Dash.png
506 KB, 1280x1984
>You are Anon now and you follow the guard to Rainbow's cell.
>He leads you through a long, grey hallway before he opens another door which contains all the cells
>Most of them are empty, except for one.
>It really is a peaceful town, so you didn't expect anything else.
>”Here we are. I assume you want to talk with her alone?”
>You sigh.
“Yes, please.”
>”Just call me again, when you are finished.”
>You nod and the guard leaves you alone with Rainbow, closing the door behind him.
>There she sits. Shivering, on her little wooden bench.
“Hey Rainbow.”
>You grab yourself a chair and sit down on it in front of her cell.
>”H-Hey Anon! What's up?”
>Hmm? No complaining about leaving her here for a whole night? She must know, that you know what happened last night.
“Not much. How was your night here?”
>She giggles hysterically.
>”Pretty... interesting.”
“Anything you want to tell me?”
>The tone of your voice is neutral and soft. Which makes it quite difficult for her to read your emotions. A small thing you learned from your time here.
>Eh...I...You see...” she stammers.
>Suddenly she jolts forward, grabbing the bars of her cell.
File: Rainbow Nose pinch.png (180 KB, 690x514) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainbow Nose pinch.png
180 KB, 690x514
>Typical Rainbow Dash... She does something the fast way or never.
>”I'm sorry, Anon! It was so boring here and I didn't know what to do! So I did what I do every time when I'm bored with nothing to do!”
>You raise your eyebrow. That gal really needs more hobbies besides napping and workout.
“So you masturbated and ruined the cell with your... efforts?”
>Her face gets crimson.
>”Ah.. Eh.. Yeah. Sorry...”
>She sits down on her haunches.
>”I'm really sorry! I promise that I will pay you back! Double!”
>Looking at you with puppy eyes, she fiddles with her hooves.
>Oh man why are these creatures so cute...
>You sigh again.
“Okay. But the normal amount will suffice. I know that you don't have much money.”
>Hearing that, she visibly relaxes.
>”Thanks anon! You are the best!” she chirps.
>She lets go of the bars and does a little victory twirl. Something Rainbow always does when things went better than she expected.
>”So can we leave this terrible place now? Come on! Get the guard!”
>You shake your head.
>Her face takes a shocked expression.
>”Huh? Why not? Are you still mad at me? I already said that I'm sorry and that I will pay you back!”
“Isn't there something else you want to tell me?”
>She winces.
>”Uhm... no?”
“Don't take me for an idiot, Rainbow.”
>”I-I'm not! Eh....”
>Not being able to hold eye contact with you any more, she stares into a corner.
>Nervously pawing the ground.
>”Ach... buck.”
heh gotta wonder if RD is almost in heat or something, to be that horny that she seems to have been in this little story. Is that a thing in this world of crossroads anyway? That the ponies go in heat? Maybe Twilight is close to it too and it has made her a bit loopy and think she is addicted to anoncum?
Rainbow x twilight x anon threesome when?
File: Hügen-Dash.png (154 KB, 474x509) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 474x509
Yep it is a thing.
Originally I had one planned, but this was in the very beginning. Now it is pretty unlikely to happen. Maybe as a oneshot.
keep it up writefriend. this is my first anon in equestria story, believe it or not. nice work
I like that idea of keeping the relationship exclusive.

Also have you ever written any CMC clop? I'd certainly love to read something about Sweetie Belle from you.

By the way, what is your nationality?
File: Rainbow Deutsch.png (192 KB, 909x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainbow Deutsch.png
192 KB, 909x880
Nah the only clop I have ever written is in this story, since it's my first.
And ehh... dunno about foal clop. Foals are for cuddles, maybe sensual cuddles. I mean just think, your dick is probably as big as her whole torso. But perhaps I will try my hand on it one day, just to see if I can write it.
And I'm german.
Hows it feel to (economically) rule Europe (economically)?
Wie ist die Lage?
It's okay.
Gut, danke. Dauert heute nur alles ein bisschen länger.
Is the whole efficiency thing true or a silly joke like Canadians and saying sorry?
Not as true as it was a few decades ago. Sadly.
Going to bed now.. Sorry but no more updates today, just too tired write.. Keep it bumped, I will continue tomorrow.
hourly bump without anything else to make the thread better because there is currently no conversation taking place
File: magic bump.png (90 KB, 337x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
magic bump.png
90 KB, 337x640
hourly bump
File: 1399130204461.jpg (24 KB, 392x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 392x500
>Dat file name
Only for the Brazilians
This is when the story kind of lost me to be honest.

I don't really like how alot of greentexts like this one just fucking skip through all the world building. I mean I know this isn't Tolkien, but come on. You just set up a scientific Anon as the science partner for Twilight, and she starts to give him a history lesson but you just skip it. You may as well not have had that bit in at all. It literally would have made no difference.
If you want I could write of the entire thing, but it would take up at least ten posts of nothing but than and I'm pretty sure you would hate me just as much for doing that

if you can suggest how how I can do it without completely boring the audience, or keep them from dismissing it as stupid head canon, I'm all ears
I had some time to write today, applejack short almost done
Sugary bump
>that pic
Fucking unf

Embarrassed Rainbow Dash is kinda cute.

Oneshot definitely works for me. I'm too committed in this fantasy relationship.
>>21740421 >>21740427
Remember to delete your bumps afterward to preserve post count.
File: Twi's bookfort.jpg (127 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi's bookfort.jpg
127 KB, 600x600
>You are now a certain purple unicorn again and you are waiting for Anon to finish his talk with Rainbow.
>Does it have something to do with what she did in anon's house, you wonder?
>Or what happened last night in her cell?
>This whole situation starts to make you nervous.
>Maybe everything is more serious than he wanted to admit...
>Deciding to distract yourself a bit you take another look through the room.
>The rest of the guards returned to their game of cards. So nothing to see here.
>They are not really paying attention to you, so maybe you could take a look through your file...
>You wonder what it says about you
>The file cabinet is just over there...
>No, Sparkle! Keep your curiosity under control.
>Your mother always said that idle hooves are Discord's playthings, so you grab a magazine and begin to read it.
>Ergh. Old celebrity news from Canterlot.
>Prince Blue Blood's scandalous vacation! Find out how many brothels he visited on page 9!
>Is Fleur de Lis in reality a stallion? More on page 14!
>Rarity already told you all that, and much more.
>Sometimes such gossip can be quite fun, but you are not really interested in it usually.
>Bored you put the magazine down and scan the rest of the stack..
>Nothing but gossip and fishing journals.
>But at the bottom of the stack you find something peculiar.
>Is this?
>It is!
>An issue of playmare.
>Quickly checking if the guards are still occupied with their game, you pick it up and turn your back on them.
>Nopony must know.
>Some mare called “Milky Way” is the cover filly and apparently her assets are the biggest thing in our galaxy.
>What could that mean?
>You open the centerfold and... oh my.
>Every ounce of your blood finds it's way to your cheeks.
>How by Celestia's beard can teats grow that big?
>They are like massive blobs of flesh! Stallions can't find this appealing, can they?
>Flicking through the magazine, you see more pictures of her in seductive poses.
>One in particular catches your interest.
>She's standing with her front hooves propped against a barn, hind legs spread wide and tail raised, wearing spotted stockings.
>Her marehood is glistening from her arousal and her giant teats hanging down like two bells.
>This is kind of sexy... especially the lingerie.
>Maybe Rarity can make something like this for you? You are sure anon would like it...
>Stockings and perhaps a nice see-through corset with matching panties? All in black or a dark purple... that would surely look good on you.
>You wonder how much that would cost...
>”Reading it for the articles?”
>Startled from the sudden noise, you accidentally send the magazine flying.
>Anon catches it and takes a look at the cover.
File: Lil' Sparkle Cute.png (91 KB, 897x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lil' Sparkle Cute.png
91 KB, 897x468
>”Her assets are the biggest thing in our galaxy... Interesting. Are they?”
>He grins at you with naked spite.
“Y-Yes. Indeed. The article made it more than clear that this is true.”
>Embarrassed you fiddle with your hooves, staring at the ground.
>”Okay then.” he says, chuckling
>Sitting down besides you, he puts the erotic magazine back on the stack.
“So how was your talk with Rainbow? Is she allowed to go yet?”
>”It went pretty good. She apologized and feels very bad about what she has done. And yes, she is free to go. But she wants to talk with you first.”
“O-Okay. About what happened in your house?”
>He nods.
>”Yep. She is waiting in that room over there. Just go in whenever you feel ready.”
>You take a few deep breaths and hop off the chair.
”Let's get this over with.”
>Finally you will find out what she has done.
>You walk over to the door and put a hoof on its handle.
>With a quiet creak it opens and you step into the room.
Forgot trip
>Twilight looking at Milky
>Finding her sexy
Wouldn't hate it if Anon questioned her more in-depth about it later...
Also, it'd be Playcolt. Playmare would feature males. Just a little thing I figured you should know.

Still loving the story man. Keep it up.
Oh fuck you are right, just ponyfied something without thinking.
Pls come back
Like urine, since that's what it is.
Give me a 404 on derrpibooru.
I swear to God I'm about to toss this phone in a lava pit.
Here >>21737282
Heh okay. Could use that for the sample gathering later, thanks.
File: Confused Twilight.png (270 KB, 590x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Confused Twilight.png
270 KB, 590x652
>It's a small room with two chairs and a table. Looks like it's made for interrogations.
>Rainbow is already sitting on one of the chairs, waiting for you.
>Once she sees you standing in the door frame, she waves.
>”H-Hey Twilight.”
“Hello, Rainbow.”
>You close the door and sit down opposite of her.
“Anon said, you wanted to tell me something?”
>She nervously shifts around in her seat.
“Just tell me. It can't be this bad.”
>Hoping to reassure Rainbow a bit, you beam her a smile
>”Uhm okay... Where to begin with this... You know why I had to spend the night here?”
“Yes. You broke into anon's house, looking for your towel and got caught. Also you did something else in there, what anon wouldn't tell me.
>”That is true... except for the towel part. I was there for that one thing anon wouldn't tell you...”
“And that would be?”
>This is it!
>”Ehm... Yeah... This might shock you a bit, but...”
>Shock? What could it be?
>”Remember yesterday? The strange bottle I spilt and you got all mad and desperate about?”
>You nod.
>”After you told me that you have to find anon, I got curious and kinda followed you...”
File: Sorry....png (190 KB, 389x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 389x494
“Y-You followed me?!”
>She winces at your sudden snap.
>Panic begins to well up in you. What exactly did she hear?!
“What did you hear?! Tell me!”
>”I just wanted to know why you needed anon for that strange stuff... so I spied on you through a window.”
>What? No!
“So you know?”
>”Yeah... But I promise I won't tell anypony! Anon told me already that you are working on a cure...”
>Yes... This is certainly shocking. Your friend knows that you are addicted to anon's semen.
>Terrific. Just terrific.
>You begin to feel sick.
>At least she won't tell anypony... That's relieving, but still so bucking embarrassing.
>”But that's not all...”
>She breaks eye contact with you.
“What do you mean “that's not all”?”
>It gets worse?
>Her mouth opens, but no words come out.
“Just tell me Rainbow.”
>Your voice is jittery now.
>Wait... if she spied on the whole conversation between anon and you, you already know where this is going.
“Or don't.”
>She looks at you with a confused expression on her face.
>You get on your four hooves and walk around the table.
>Your gaze locked on Rainbow.
“Just answer me on question.”
>”Of course.”
“Did you listen to our whole conversation?”
>She blushes and looks away.
>That's what you thought.
>And explains why anon wouldn't tell you what she was doing in his house.
>”I'm sorry... I was just so * hic * curious...”
>Her eyes begin to tear up and she sobs silently.
>Many different kinds of emotions go through your head right now.
>But strangely no anger.
>You continue to watch her crying.
>”I-I'm so sorry....”
>You don't see a weird pervert who watched you in an intimate moment.
>You see a friend who did something very stupid and is sorry for it.
>A friend who saved you from something very evil, when you were unable to save yourself.
>Without hesitation or concern for her own safety or future consequences.
>Slowly you approach her.
>”You must h- * hic * hate me now!”
>Rainbow's tears are flowing freely now.
>Much to her surprise, you pull her into a hug.
>She tenses up at first, but then accepts the embrace.
>Weeping into your chest.
“No. I don't hate you.”
>Confused, she looks up.
>”W-What? But I * hic * I-”
>You shush her.
“You did something very stupid and thoughtless, yes. I don't say I'm not disgusted or shocked by it, but everypony makes mistakes.”
>Pulling her closer, you gently stroke her back.
“I made one too, many moons ago. And you saved me from it.”
>She calms down a bit.
“I never really thanked you for what you have done on this day.”
>You tighten your embrace.
“Thank you. Thank you for being there for me, and for being my friend. I forgive you.”
>Hearing that, she starts crying again..
>Her head buried in the fur of your chest.
>You can hear her thanking you between sobs.
Eh I have to go to bed now, my boss wants to talk to me before work tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a nice conversation.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
As per usual tell me what you think about the story.
Good night guys
I hope everything turns out alright.
TwiDashAnon 3some hype
only in dashies next masturbation session fantasy.

Heh what if RD started to get attracted to both Twi and Anon after this whole thing?
>>”Remember yesterday? The strange bottle I spilt and you got all mad and desperate about?”

Wasn't that two days ago?
I think it was yesterday indeed. The first time they fall asleep after sex it was during the day and for few hours. That same day, few hours after RD's arrest, Anon receives the notice about it and at first he meant to go get her out but eventually he and Twily decide to leave it for tomorrow. The evening is spent having fastfood dinner, watching the movie and having sex. The next morning they fuck again, this time hornjob and anal, they shower and go to Sugarcube Corner for breakfast, after which they head towards the prison. Hopefully I summed it up properly without mistaking.
lets just assume we are here for the final
edit and that things like that are our job to
notice and not the writ friends
saving with a bump
Oh look yet another shitty general.
Oh look another pointless "oh look another shitty general" comment.
oh look, another bump
>my boss wants to talk to me before work tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a nice conversation.
>inb4 fired for not writing his waifu into the story
File: Angry Dash.png (214 KB, 1080x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Angry Dash.png
214 KB, 1080x597
Yep it was yesterday. >>21745345 described it pretty good.
Went better than expected. For those wondering what I do. I work in a hospital. Doing mostly nursing in the early or noon shifts. But sometimes I help out with their Computer and IT stuff.
Apparently someone used the computers to download movies and other shit, using a different login every time. And he wanted to know if I knew anything about that, since only the "IT" staff that includes me has a list with every login.
I said I will keep my ears and eyes open and he let me go. I think he suspects me of doing it, but meh.
>implying i would use the shitty hospital net to download movies at 200kb/sec

On a side note, I'm currently writing on a non canon continuation that will end in a three some.
>>>21745345 described it pretty good
That should tell you how much I'm following this story, writefriend

>Non canon continuation
Was hoping for it to be RD's wet dream, but nevermind. My eyes are for Twerklight only after all.

>Implying I would use the shitty hospital net to download movies at 200kb/sec
You could've told your boss that only a computer illiterate would be so stupid to do that and so redirect his suspects towards someone else.
Or Anon could have a sudden wet dream. but I guess that is unlikely with the sex he is getting now.
Or maybe, exactly because of the recent incident with RD and the amounts of hormones bustling around in his body after all this sex in so little time would actually cause him to have a harem wet dream. Whether he'll tell Twalot about it or not is to be discussed further.
Heh, maybe they sleep togheter the same night and he wakes her up with his moaning, and then starts to talk in his sleep instead.
Of course, that could possibly lead to sleepytime blowjobs so Twi gets her fix.
>After a while she finally calms down from her crying.
>You release her from your hug and smile at her.
>Wiping a few tears from her face, Rainbow returns it.
>”Thank you, Twilight.”
“No need to thank me, Rainbow.”
>She shakes her head.
>”No, really. I did something that not many ponies would easily forgive me for, but you did.”
“Aww, come on. Nopony can stay angry at the Dash!”
>Rainbow giggles.
>”Yeah, you're right...”
“But say, Rainbow...”
“Why did you do it? It can't be just mere curiosity. That isn't like you... there is more behind it, isn’t, it?”
>Shyly she avoids your eyes. A slight blush on her face.
>Does she?
“Don't be shy. We are friends. You can tell me anything.”
>”I kinda...”
>Oh. Yeah... you suspected something like that.
>”But I knew that you were interested in him, so I never made any advances...
“Y-You knew?”
>She giggles again.
>”Of course, Twi. It was so obvious...you always spend so much time with him. Not to speak of the ways you look at him when you think nopony is watching...”
“You found my romantic stories about him, didn't you?”
>”That too.”
>Meh. You need better hiding places for them.
>”But now that he has you, my chances of getting a roll in the hay with him are non-existent...”
>Her shoulders droop.
>Aww... poor mare. You know how it feels to not get something you desperately want.
>Maybe you could ask Anon to....
>No male would refuse such an offer.
“Hey Rainbow.”
>She looks at you again, a bit crestfallen but you are about to change that.
“Wait here for a minute okay?”
>”O-Okay... but why?”
“Don't worry about it. Just wait.”
>She nods. Wonderful.
>Shooting her a last reassuring smile, you exit the room.
>It took some persuading, but he gave in.
>Anon wasn't terribly happy about your offer since your relationship was so fresh, but he understood Rainbow's situation.
>Also he admitted that he was interested a bit in her too. Especially after their workout sessions together.
>Something about Rainbow's lean, athletic body glistening with sweat made him always... let's just say eager.
>You can see what he means. There were times were you had fantasies about your friends too.
>In particular with Rarity and Rainbow Dash.
>That story you wrote about the dominant teacher with white fur disciplining the poor unicorn student, made for some excellent masturbation material.
>But that's for maybe another day.
>After you explained to anon that this wouldn't change anything about your relationship, he said yes and went home to clean up a bit.
>Oh boy, you can't wait to tell Rainbow the news.
>You enter the room again in which she waits.
>She was busy playing with her tail, so Rainbow didn't notice you.
>Aww... how cute.
“Having fun?”
>”Whaa! I didn't play with my tail like a little filly!”
>Her snout scrunches up in embarrassment and the blush returns.
“Sure you didn't. Anyway...”
“I had a little talk with anon outside...”
>Slowly you approach her.
“And I asked him if he was interested...”
>Now your face is directly in front of hers. You can feel her hot breath on your muzzle.
>”I-I-In w-what?” she stammers.
>Maybe you should tease her a bit?
“If the three of us could do something...”
>Rainbows breathing got faster. She knows where this is going.
>You are so close now that you could kiss her, if you wanted.
>She backs up a bit, but you don't have any of that.
>Your nethers begin to feel warm. You wonder if she feels the same.
>The pinpricks that used to be her pupils are focused on yours.
>You interrupt her with a kiss.
>She is tense at first, but slowly warms up to it.
>Leaning more and more into your lips.
>Testing the waters, you gently brush her soft lips with your tongue.
>She parts them,. Giving you full access to her mouth.
>Gently you tease her tongue out with playful little strokes against it.
>Finally she complies and slithers it against yours.
>You can her a few stifled moans.
>Since her teeth are pretty boring, you concentrate your efforts on her tongue.
>Yours coiling and dancing around hers. She's a bit inexperienced, you can tell.
>Just like in your story...
>You break the kiss, a bit out of breath.
>Rainbow just sits there as in a state of shock.
>Her lips still apart.
“So how does that sound?”
>She focuses her dazed gaze on you.
>You giggle.
“Good girl.”
>For some reason, she shudders.
Hm, if this will be noncanon it might be good to say it in the posts too, just to avoid future confusion?
>You are now Rainbow Dash.
>And currently you follow Twilight to anon's house, after she offered you a threesome with him.
>She made it more than clear that he is still her stallion and that you shouldn't try anything funny.
>Of course something like that would never come into your mind.
>You are not romantically interested in him, just physically.
>Especially after you saw his dick and stamina...
>Stallions can't compare to that. Those fucking two pump-chumps.
>Twilight herself isn't bad either...
>Her flank is bit on the wobbly side from all the sitting... but still it is a very nice piece of ass.
>You wouldn't mind burying your face into it.
>And by the looks of it she is interested in you too. The kiss from before is prove of that.
>Also she lifts her tail and flashes you when nopony else is on the street. Showing off her delicious and already geared up goods.
>The musk of her arousal drives you wild... and gets you going too.
>Apropos scent... you take a whiff your of own.
>Eww... You wish you had time to shower... you reek of sweat and your own lust.
>Twilight sees that and giggles.
>”Don't worry. If you want, you can take a quick shower before we fool around.”
>You blush.
>She nuzzles your neck and inhales.
>”I quite like it.”
>What? Wow... she really is kinkier than you believed.
>Still waters run deep...
“I see... You're right. Wouldn't make much sense to shower beforehand when we get dirty again anyways.”
>”Now you catch my drift.”
>Twilight playfully bumps her flank into yours.
>”Now come on. We don't want to leave anon waiting, do we?”
>You shake your head and nuzzle her back.
“Of course not. How about a little race, to see who gets dibs?”
>”You would like that, wouldn't you?”
>She throws you a half lidded gaze and suddenly jolts off.
>”Race ya!
>A bit dumbfounded you begin to chase her.
>Nopony can beat the Dash in a race! That is a foolish endeavour.
>In a matter of seconds you overtake her and expand your lead.
>Anon's house is already in sight. Maybe fifty metres more and you have won.
>You can already taste the sweet taste of victory on your tongue when suddenly your marehood begins to feel warm.
>Is she casting a spell on you?! Bucking, cheating bookworm!
>The sudden lust is too much for you. Your legs won't listen to your brain any more.
>You trip and with a soft “thump” you land face first onto the ground.
>Out of the corner of your eye, you see Twilight just trotting pass you. A shit-eating grin on her face.
>She pokes the door with a hoof and states: “First.”.
>Guess you can't win them all.
I just assume everyone read my post before, also I will clarify this at the end again. And who knows? Maybe everything was just a dream.
>Anon has harem wet dream with Twily and RD
>Twi wakes up to him moaning while asleep
>Anon probably speaks in the sleep
>Maybe even says RD's and Twi's names too
>Twi sucks him off anyway
>Anon orgasms in the sleep and doesn't wake up
>The next day she tells him about it and I don't know what would happen. Would Twi be mad? Would she forgive him, knowing he loves her inconditionally?
She would probably also feel a little guilty for taking advantage of him in his sleep. But I dont think this Anon in X-roads story would be entirely against it and would forgive her instantly?
This teasing from Twilight is.. really good. she is a good tease fo sho.
Yo! Question time!
Any specific fetishes Rainbow should have?
Except for the impregnation fetish I already gave her.
Hoof-vagina fucking, specifically her hoofginas.

Ok hm maybe she could like... facesitting? I cant think of many things right now.
File: 1395563212159.jpg (303 KB, 1200x1130) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
303 KB, 1200x1130
you mean her frogs?
>Twilight helps you up and gives you a quick peck on your snout
>She opens the door for you and you walk in.
>It's your first time in anon's house, but you are still impressed how every piece of furniture is far bigger that the normal pony ones.
>Must have cost a pretty hefty sum to custom build all that.
>But oversized furniture is not the reason why you are here.
>It's incredible kinky and dirty interspecies sex.
>With a good friend of yours on top of that...
>The unf is real.
>Your tail swishes around like crazy in anticipation.
>Anon is nowhere to be seen, though...
“Where is anon?”
>Twilight approaches you, her eyes still half lidded.
>”Probably upstairs in his bedroom. Waiting for us.”
>You gulp.
“And you are sure he is okay with this?”
>She laughs and nuzzles your snout.
>”Of course. He wouldn't have said yes if he didn't want this. Also...”
>”Let's just say, he always was interested in you too. Especially after your workouts.”
>Really? Oh wow.
>She nods.
>”Yes. So don't worry about your scent or anything else. Everything will be just fine.”
>You weren't this nervous since your first date.
>”And don't be afraid to tell us what you like. It would be a pity if somepony has to go home with unfulfilled fantasies.”
>Your fantasies? Oh boy...
“Ah... I ...”
>”Yes? Tell me.”
>Twilight plants kisses along your face, up to your ear.
>Her hot breath on it hinders your concentration.
“I have a hoof fetish...”
>”Giving or receiving?”
>She giggles.
>”Okay. Anything else?”
“Uhm...Imp... Impre...”
>You nod. A furious blush on your face.
>”But that would be dangerous, you know?”
“I...I don't care.”
>Another giggle.
>”So you want to be his little cum dump?”
>Yes! A thousand times yes!
“Y-Yes. I want him to t-tell me to bear his foals!”
>Twilight nibbles on your ear.
>By Celestia feels this good...
>”Okay then. Let's go upstairs and have some fun.”
>Only managing to nod in response, you follow her up the stairs.
>Your eyes fixated on her glistening marehood.
Going to a friend now to roast up some pork. Will continue this tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I come home.
Nope mean Hoofginas. A thing that happened on this place last night http://prettyponyplot.tumblr.com/tagged/hoofgina
What the actual fuck? Umm... no. Sorry mate.
Burying her face in Twalot's ass, as you mentioned in the story. Also hoofrubbing like in >>21753911
Maybe something about "stretchy" positions. You know, she's athletic and all, maybe likes to do the bridge or whatever it's called: she'd place herself into an arch, belly faced upwards, and getting facefucked by anon. Or maybe something even more submissive where RD is pushed/forced against the floor, Anon rams her behind (anal and/or vaginal) while Twi gets herself eaten out by RD.

Also, one question: is the Twilight in your story the alicorn version or the original one? Because I think she would like some wing-rubbing by Anon (same goes for RD).

One last thing, you're based as fuck. Looking forward to the 3some.
What's with frogs anyways? Why would pones be so aroused by touching those?
File: Twihooves.jpg (102 KB, 633x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 633x1024
I will work something like that in, the facesitting and all. I will have to look up some threesome postions anyways sadly never had one
Twilight is still a unicorn, but a bit of wingplay will happen with RD.
Itsa headcanon that pony hooves are sensitive, dont know if actual horse hooves are that sensitive. Also I have a hoof fetish myself, so II like writing it.
Soft marshmallow hooves... unf.
I'm off now. keep it bumped.
hehe didnt expect that. still, worth a try I guess.

Have a good porking with your friend
I think the frog of the hoof is pretty sensetive, so I could see it work.
I looked online before I asked here >>21754142 about it. It's just a soft part of the hoof and touches the ground before the rest of the hoof. It's made for support or something. I didn't see anything about it being sensitive, but maybe it is.
Didn;t you kind of already make impregnation a thing for her?
Best this is with Anon it'd all be roleplay. Maybe have Twi get in on it too.
>"I'm fed up of having her showing off, Anon. Too fast for her own good."
>"Give her ALL the babies."
Ah right, you got back to that. Cool.
>Getting home from work
>Impregnation fetish
CrossRoads, how can you be any more perfect?
Sensitive or not, it was probably made a canon erogenous part just to have one more excuse to rub it. Kinda like ear scratches, in most greentext stories they also manage to get a pony aroused, not just relieved.
I mean, that's the way I see it.
It isn't at all in real horses. You can poke it with a hoof pick and the horse won't even flinch. I guess they can feel strong pressure through it such as when stepping on a stone, but that's about it.
It's like the equivalent to a human heel, thicker skin with less sensitivity, though horses that have worn horseshoes almost all their lives have more sensitive frogs.
All of the horses I know or have access to are shod or wear horseshoes at least on their front hooves. Despite that, the frogs on their hooves are very hard and substantially keratinized. They just barely yield to the greatest pressure I can exert with my thumb. Only perpetually stabled horses or shod ones that move exclusively on hard flat surfaces will develop softer frogs.

>horses that have worn horseshoes almost all their lives have more sensitive frogs
Perhaps, but it's still within the range of being able to feel a small rock under the hoof and a big one.

>the equivalent to a human heel
Not really. They're homologically closer to the tiptoe, but there are differences such as no tactile sensitivity, greatly diminished pain sensitivity, no demonstrable sensitivity to cold, etc.

I may do more RL experiments tomorrow, but I think they'll only confirm what I already know.
I like where this is going, keep it up.
arise thread
page 9 bump
Not Canon Bump
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another bump
File: 1396305769482.jpg (1 MB, 1087x1537) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1087x1537
>She opens the door to anon's bedroom and vanishes in it.
>Is this really going to happen? You still can't believe it.
>Taking a deep breath, you muster some courage and follow your purple friend.
>They are already on his bed, making out with each other.
>Twilight sprawled above anon's nearly naked body, while he caresses her with his hands.
>Groping and stroking all over her flank and barrel.
>Slowly you approach the couple and they notice you.
>Anon smiles at you and pats the spot besides him.
>Your whole body is shivering as you hop on the mattress and crawl towards the human.
>Twilight looks at you with half lidded eyes, a sly grin on her lips.
>She whispers something into his ear.
>You can't really make out what she is saying, but you assume it's about your fantasies.
>Anon nods and whispers back into Twilights ear, which makes her giggle.
>What are they planning?
>Looking into each others eyes, they kiss again.
>Is he going to kiss you too? This would be nice...
>Twilight shoots you several sultry looks with one eye and leans sideways giving you a better view.
>Oh wow... She is licking along his teeth, especially on those creepy, pointy ones. Moaning every time she probes their tips.
>Does this feel good, you wonder.
>She fully presses her lips on his for a few seconds before she breaks the kiss.
>A thin string of saliva connecting the two. How hot...
>Twilight gets off his lap and you can't help but notice the bulge in his underpants, soaked from her juices.
File: RD stockings.png (38 KB, 364x383) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
RD stockings.png
38 KB, 364x383
>The outlines of his penis shining through.
>No matter what you try to do, your eyes can't get off of it.
>”Like what you see? It's yours too, for this afternoon.” Twilight breathes into your ear.
>She throws her fore legs around your neck and pulls your head closer to hers.
>”He might be not as big as a stallion, but he makes up for it in stamina. Have you ever been fucked silly, my dear friend?”
>You shake your head.
>”Then you will be today... You will experience peak after peak as he uses your slim, tight body to satisfy his desires... and yours of course too.”
>You gulp. Normally Twilight isn't this confident or assertive... She is a totally different mare in the sack.
“Did you tell him?”
>She giggles.
>”Not yet... isn't it more fun to tell him this yourself? That you want your hooves caressed, tickled and rubbed? That you want to be filled up with his seed to the brim? Fertilizing your awaiting eggs? ”
>Oh by the celestial sisters...
“Yes!” you blurt out.
>Anon chuckles.
>She nibbles on the tip of your ear, sending a jolt of pleasure down to your nethers.
>Her hooves moving all over your back and chest.
>”Your body is so unknown to us... how about you lay down and let us explore it a bit?”
“Yea-Yeah.” you shakily answer.
>”Good girl.”
>Another shudder runs down your spine.
>You lay down and roll onto your back.
File: 1395614398846.png (941 KB, 900x1154) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
941 KB, 900x1154
>Your front legs pressed against your chest and your hind legs spread wide, showing off everything you have to offer to your friends.
>Embarrassed you let your tail glide over them.
>Shyly you look to the side as Twilight and Anon position themselves besides you. Their eyes greedily feasting upon your exposed form.
File: unf.jpg (7 KB, 237x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 237x213
>dat anthro
So sexy threesomes are great, and I like the story so far, but if Twi is so concerned about the cum addiction, why is she dragging her friend into the same situation? Especially since she's already found out that it works in every hole, if she follows through with letting Dash live out her impregnation fantasy it's just going to get her addicted as well. If Dash is fine with that then whatever, but she has no idea. It seems really out of character for Twilight to forget or ignore something like that.
Shhh... no logic now, only kinky things. Wait till the end.
File: image.jpg (59 KB, 289x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
59 KB, 289x413
Gtfo nerd virgin
It was all a dream, or one of Twilights kinky stories.
>Twilight's horn lights up and you feel your tail forced to the side. Once again revealing your marehood and teats.
>”Don't be shy now. You are a pretty filly, isn't she Anon?”
>One hand runs along your side to your splayed out wing. Slowly massaging the tense muscles up to the tip.
>Wings are not the most sensitive parts of your body, nevertheless it feels good too when they get some attention.
>”Indeed she is. Such a nice athletic body, you can see she really took good care of it.”
>Twilight giggles and digs her snout into the fur of your neck. Dampening it with her hot breath.
>”Just for us to enjoy.”
>She inhales a few times before planting kisses up to your snout.
>”I love her scent. So musky, yet feminine.”
>Feminine?! You were called many things, but not that yet.
>Feels nice to hear it, though...
>Her muzzle hovers now mere centimetres above yours. Waiting patiently.
>Does she want you to...?
>”Kiss me, Rainbow.”
>She doesn't have to ask that twice.
>You lean in and lock lips with her. They are so soft... you didn't notice that before.
>Kissing a filly felt a bit strange at first, but you could get used to it.
>The feeling of wrongness makes it all the more hotter.
>Her tongue pushes against your lips and you open them to let your own crawl out.
>Meeting hers in a passionate dance.
>You lock your hooves around her neck and she loses her balance, falling on her side.
>Turning to face her, you can see anon position himself below Twilight and you.
>Manoeuvring his hands to grope your respective flanks.
>Your friend moans into your mouth and intensifies the kiss.
>Intertwining her tongue with yours, licking along it's length and let you do the same to her.
>The warm feeling in loins gets hotter and spreads further through your body.
>You can feel your marehood start winking, as Anon begins to caress your inner thigh with soft, delicate strokes. Slowly approaching your honey pot and increasing your lust.
>To give him better access to it, you rise your hind leg and lock it under Twilights, lifting hers too.
>His fingers finally reached your marehood and brush over it a few times. Touching your clit when it pops out of it's hood.
>Sadly this is all the attention it gets, since he moves his hand a bit higher to your teats.
>Cupping one of the small mounds, he gently kneads and massages it. Flicking or twisting it's nipple every so often.
>How can this feel so good? You only do this to warm yourself up and Anon could get you off with it.
>You break the kiss with Twilight and stare into her purple orbs.
>She smiles at you and then shoots a wink to Anon.
>He nods and retrieves his hands.
>Before you can ask why, Twilight rolls on top of you, entangles her hind legs with yours and pushes her hips down.
>Her marehood pressing on yours and her clit winking against your own.
>”Haahaah... Like it? I learned this from one of my books.”
Oh god my sides, i laughed way too fucking hard at this.
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>I learned this from one of my books

Twilight confirmed for owning a copy of Ponysutra
One? Several. One for reading,one for the library and one for collection purposes.
Then I guess she does the same for her own erotic fanfics. One copy for sale at a back-alley sexyshop, one under the bed for a quick go and a spare copy disguised as a boring book in the library itself.
Anypony else ever think of shoving twilights horn up their ass?
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>putting pointy objects into your rectum
>any year
I mean, I wonder how the body would absorb magic cum rectally, but I wouldn't look to it for pleasure
Shoving it into RD's vagoo/ponut in Crossroads' story? One million times yes.
Shoving it anywhere but your mouth to suck it off in your fantasies? No, please her with your tongue and swallow her sparkly horncum.
Shoving it in any of your orifices irl? She's not real

Not letting this thread go.
>Twilight's grin returns as she starts grinding her cunt on yours. Their lips sliding and rubbing against each other, producing lewd, wet noises.
>This sensation is completely new to you. Never have your privates been touched by another mare, let alone pleasured.
>It escalates your arousal into unknown highs.
“Hnnah! Twi...”
>She pecks you on the lips and increases her pace.
>Not wanting to let her do all the work you begin to move your hips in unison with hers.
>Twilight's head jolts back and she lets out a loud moan.
>”Mmnaah... Yes!”
>You take a quick peek at Anon and see the bulge in his boxers twitching like crazy.
>The purple unicorn notices your wandering gaze and slows down her grinding.
>”Hey Anon... Ach... Why don't you mmmh... join the fun?”
>He chuckles.
>”Of course. Want me to do anything special?”
>She fixes her eyes back on you.
>”See this nice slippery tunnel we hnnng... created?”
>”You know what to do.”
>Slowly he removes his underwear.
>You can't wait to finally see his penis. Well technically you already saw it, but now you will actually experience it.
>With a quiet noise it pops out and stands proudly before you.
>It really isn't anything like a stallions. Its looks smoother and far harder. A few droplets of his precum are already dripping down from it.
>Fuck... You want it now.
>Anon creeps forward on his knees and places the tip of his cock between Twilight and your marehood.
>You can feel it pulsating.
>Twilight inhales sharply.
>”Yessss....” she hisses.
>Anon grins and looks into your eyes.
>”But before I begin, I want to hear it from Rainbow here too. Not that she doesn't want it.”
>”Yeah... getting her consent might be a good idea. We don't want to get in trouble, hehe.”
>Are they teasing you? Of course you want it!
>But better play along.
>He pushes his cock down a bit.
“Ach! Please fuck...”
>Twilight sees you struggling with your embarrassment and judging by her expression she enjoys every second of it.
>Why does this turn you on?
>”Come on, Dashie. Be a good girl and say it.”
>There is it again. You shudder.
“Fuck us, anon!”
>”Your wish is my command.”
>You feel his dick parting your lips and hitting your clit as he thrusts forward.
>A sudden wave of pleasure ripples through your body, hazing your mind.
>”Yahhh! Fuck us!”
>Anon pulls his hips back and slams them forward again. His balls hitting your ponut with a satisfying smack.
>Your friend presses your lips onto yours and roughly pries them open.
>You happily give in and let her have her way with you.
>No you don't want dominance... you want to be dominated. Yes... this is it.
>But that doesn't mean that you can't do something too...
>Wrapping your hooves around her head you press her closer to you.
>On your bodies other end, you press your loins upwards to increase the pressure as your lover thrusts past you.
>Twilight moans into your mouth, coiling her tongue around yours. Caressing it with the tip of hers.
>So good... You feel so good.
>Anon increases the speed and force of his thrusts. Bringing you closer and closer to your peak.
>The unicorns body tenses up more and more too. She must be nearing her own climax.
>You want to come together... with both...
>So you break the kiss and move your mouth to her ear, licking it's outlines before gently nibbling on the tip.
>She cries out and buries her face in the crook of your neck.
>Inhaling deeply and throatily stating how she loves your scent between moans.
>Anon must be close too you hope... because you can't hold out much longer.
>The pressure in your groin begs to be released. Your vaginal walls clench down and contract on itself.
>His hand run down your flank, stopping at your taint and probing it's entrance with a thumb.
>He...He can't! Nopony has every tried to do something with it.
>The thumb slides easily into you and moves around erratically.
>You begin to see stars and are barely able to concentrate on your nibbling.
>Judging by the increased volume of Twilight's moans he must be doing the same to her.
>The combined sensation of Anon's sliding over your marehood, fingering your ass and Twilight on top of you, writhing in ecstasy is just too much.
>One more push is enough to send you and Twilight over the edge.
>”Ach YAH!!”
>A powerful wave of pleasure washes over your body.
>Your marehood gushes out cascades of your nectar as the orgasm sets your nerve ends aflame.
>Twilight shares the same fate. Her whole body shudders and you can feel her hot cum splashing on your thighs.
>So hot!
>Anon is still keeping his pace, with no signs of slow down. Why didn't he cum?
>You have no time to continue your train of thought, because another climax already bodes itself.
>”Anon... hnna! Wait!”
>He instantly stops his movements. Aww... why? You were so close again...
>She locks eyes with you, grinning deviously.
>”Our little friend here... hach... has to earn her next reward first. Don't you think so?”
>”Yeah... you are right. I didn't even cum yet.” he says, a bit out of breath.
>You try to form an answer, but your brain still feels mushy.
>So you just nod. You want to please him... earn your prize.
>”Good girl. Come on now...”
>Twilight heaves herself off you and helps you on your hooves.
“T-Thanks...” you stammer.
>She giggles.
>”Don't thank me... thank him.”
>She points at his dick, which is right in front of you.
>”It's all dirty from our juices. We really should clean it.”
>”I will even help you. So we will be finished in half the time, isn't this efficient? That means more time for more fun!”
>Playfully she pushes you towards it with her snout.
>Anon puts a hand on the back of your head. Scratching the skin underneath your mane.
>Eager to please the human, you take a big lap along his shaft.
>Twilight nods in approval and closes her eyes. A warm purple light floods the room.
>Is she casting a spell?
>Apparently she is, since his balls light up and begin to swell up in size.
>”Impressive. isn’t it? This spell increases the body fluid production, or in this case the production of his seed. It will be a real treat for us when he cums.”
>Now you really can't wait.
>You wrap you lips around his glans and suck gently on it. Relishing the taste of his precum and Twilight and your combined juices.
>It's sweets, salty, bitter and has a slight metallic tang. You like it.
>”Oh so eager. You want his cum so badly... I can understand you, but we will have to share."
>With a giggle she bows down and begins to lick his testicles.
>Anon lets out a deep moan and forces your head down.
>You comply and let it enter your throat, trying hard not to gag.
>When he finally hilts you slide up again and repeat this process on your own.
>Coiling your tongue around his cock as good as you can manage, gently squeezing and massaging it.
>The feeling of his penis sliding in and out of your throat is actually kinda nice. As long as you don't overdo it, you could do this forever.
>Twilight is still going at his balls, you can hear the wet noises of her tongue lapping against them.
>Every time you reach his tip, you take a few moments to suckle on it. So now drop of the delicious fluid that comes out of it is wasted.
>”You're doing good, Dashie.” he says, smiling.
>This makes your heart flutter.
>So you increase your efforts and speed up a bit.
>Bobbing up and down on his shaft at a fairly rapid pace.
>He closes his eyes and moves his hips in synchronisation with your head.
>”Aww yeah. Just a little bit more.”
>Twilight moves away from his ballsack and gently pulls you off his cock.
>”Lets finish this together. Not that you forget to share.”
>She giggles and presses her face against yours, her mouth wide open.
>You do the same and reach your tongue out to his shaft, licking it's underside in slow movements while she strokes it with her magic.
>Some of your competitive spirit awakens and lets your wing fold out to tickle and caress his balls. You don't want to fall behind...
>”Oh fuck, yes. I'm cumming...”