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My Loyal Ponies: Submission is Mandatory #53
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Old thread: >>21594261

>What is 'Submission is Mandatory' all about?
Submission is Mandatory is a thread dedicated to the whips and chains crowd. S&M, BDSM, Master & Slave.

>What exactly is welcome in 'Submission is Mandatory'?
All stories must have a very clear 'dominant - submissive' power structure as a central element of the story.
Typically, but not always, that means our intrepid green humanoid owning or controlling one or more characters, willing or not.

All variations are welcome. Pet play, maids, consensual slavery, kidnapping, legal slavery, slaving conquorers, pychological domination, extortion, femdom, non-sexual slavery, hypno, et cetera.

>Featured Story

Breaking Armor
After a prolonged guerrilla campaign Shining Armour, former captain of the royal Canterlot guard and one of the leaders of the resistance is finally captured. Stoic, defiant and idiotically heroic he has decided to become a martyr for the cause, and Anonyomus knows this. Shining cannot be allowed this victory.


Pastebin list of all stories on SiM with links:

SiM wiki page:


Submission is Mandatory by MrNameless
( Perhaps our oldest and longest running story, as well the story from which we take our name. Recommended )

( Non-Canon SiM Continuity Side-Stories )
http://pastebin.com/Y2AahdQp ( Octavia POV )
I'd just like to note that JohnColt is a boss for dropping green right at the end of a thread, when it's usually completely barren because people are afraid they won't get visibility.
Truth. Props to him.

JohnColt !Zyy4Ej8EBc 02/11/15(Wed)15:44:18 No.21760726▶>>21761855
Story: Breaking Armor
Chapter 2 - part 1
pastebin: http://pastebin.com/RuSiHfyb

>You have to give her that...
>She simply doesn't want to yield
>not even to her own body
>You have been pushing Broken Armor through advanced training.
"72. You can stop whenever you want, you know?"
>"Tsk" a disgruntled sound was the only thing she gave as a response.
>Using a similarly small gesture you responded only with a shrug
>As a stallion she had surely been able to run for far longer
>as a mare however, her coat was sodden by sweat by lap 25
>you watch her hindquarters sway as she passed you to do another lap
>You brought her here to train to eventually go on about her not needing to be physically fit to be of value to Equestria
>But right now she is pretty much torturing herself.
>A sigh escapes your mouth.
>You should have seen it coming, she was still too proud to surrender
>How to turn this into a better lesson if she does indeed pass out from fatigue...?
>You watch her heaving herself around the running track, panting heavily.
"73. What have we learned about ending a fight if there's nothing to gain from continuing?"
>She shakes her head violently.
>"Just... The 100."
>You give her a smile, you've decided you'd humor her for now.
>She'll crash and you'll get to carry her around in your arms.
>The hormonal cocktail from working out increases ones sex-drive.
>You wonder if it works for ponies as well...
>But you're sure that if she's exhausted she wouldn't be able to fight back anymore.
>Again you sigh. You've already decided rape is not the way to go.
>no matter how erotic her face seems, it was reddened from the strain she put herself under.
>Through her panting you could hear one or the other moan as well.
>You lick your lips.
>Oh, the things you'd like to do to her right now.
>You shake your head to snap yourself out of that train of thought.
>No, not yet...
would have reposted anyway,
but the reason i posted in last thread was not just for additional exhibition
even though I had abandonned the thread for like two months... no rather, especially because I left you blue balled and said 3 days ago I'd write something up "tomorrow" (2 days ago) I simply uploaded what i was confident in

I had a little internal conflict on just what to do next
I knew what I wanted to do, but not what the lesson should be.
Eventually I build exactly that into the story, and hey, now i know how to continue
I feel like we may need more writers. Production on green has dropped ever since ERA left the thread due to getting into way too many arguements.
ERA isn't gone. He just doesn't post with his name anymore.
Vhatug left too, and BloodyPloughman and PennyG have been gone for quite a while.

If it wasn't for so many shitposters not giving actual constructive criticism we might have more writers.
File: 1418129120189.jpg (27 KB, 716x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 716x511
Not my general, just dropping by to say your OP pic made me laugh and wish you a nice day.
Threadly reminder that Schwartz can out-write any of these plebs.
I'd accept any write-off challenge from whomever is writefag enough!

Vhatug left because of ERA.
ERA left after calling somebody an asshole for telling him his world building failed because it didn't relate back to the characters.

What shitposting have you seen since he left?
how can we tell? the pig fucker deletes everything he writes, never made a pastebin, throws a shitfit at whomever keeps a record of his stories and when he attempted to run a CYOA he fad to reboot it 4 times because the players didn’t want to think the way he wanted the story to go.

he's not actually black anyway, he's half polish/half puertorican
>deletes everything he writes, never made a pastebin
Wrong http://pastebin.com/u/schwartzanigger
>throws a shitfit at whomever keeps a record of his stories
[citation needed]
> reboot it 4 times
There have only been 4 runs so wrong again.
The first one ended well and people wanted to go again but instead shitposted constantly because they didn't get exactly what they wanted.
>he's not actually black anyway, he's half polish/half puertorican
again, [citation needed] otherwise you sound like a scorned ex-gf that got her fee fees hurt
You forgot his latest CYOA which is on it's first reboot and is already falling apart.
Hey friends, Just wanted to let you know that I'm alive. I know I've been quiet., but I have to fall back on the usual excuse of works just been a bit stressful.
I do have several pages to several stories typed out though and just need to pick which one I want to finish first.

I've just started my vacation today, so I've got some time to actually do it too.

I leave for Ponycon on Friday the 13th, so I'd kind of like to post an update before then. So expect one soon.
Please focus on the main story. Whatever happens, the discussion about what to do next will last for days.

at first I was hyped, and then I noticed all the stories that I actually like are not in there.

>>he's not actually black anyway, he's half polish/half puertorican
>again, [citation needed]
Blacks can't write.
You still haven't proven anything at all in fact you've contradicted yourself in saying that he gets mad that anyone saves his stuff while saying nothing he writes is saved

>he's not actually black
>not black
>Blacks can't write
Again, self contradiction, also racist.
Go back to /pol/ with your shitposting
actually I'm not >>21766398 so no self contradiction.

also it's spelt 'funposting' :^)
apples to apples

>Three guards enter the training court to go about their own workout
>When they spot you they quickly salute. "Sir!"
"At ease."
>They snapped out of there at-attention pose, but still were uncomfortable.
>You guess you could care less about their discomfort.
>But it still hurt to be viewed as a monster, albeit it was true...
>Ever since you came to this world all you did was act monstrous.
>A monster was, by definition, something that defied the natural order.
>"Sir? Is something the matter?"
>The must have noticed your displeased frown.
>Their expressions only grew more afraid of you, at the potential punishment of displeasing you.
>You don't respond and look over to Broken Armor; they follow your gaze.
>When she passes you again you gave her the update on her lap count
"74, Broken Armor. One more and then you still miss a quarter before you reach your goal."
>She didn't respond and closed her eyes so as not to look ath the other guards.
>"Broken Armor..?" One of them repeated quietly.
>All four of you watch after her with various stages of lust and or confusion.
>"Is that...?"
"A guard who needs to know her place." You quickly cut him off.
>Imagination is so much better than simply stating the truth.
>They look back at you, not daring to question the scene they are witnessing.
>"She seems exhausted." One of them states.
>You hear both concern and glee out of his voice. On the one hand (hoof?) he sees a mare in distress.
>On the other this was someone he and his bretheren was fighting against and he wants to see her punished.
"You win, Broken."
>That was probably the last thing any of the present ponies or readfags expected.
what did she win? a teddy bear?

>She looked in your direction with an confused expression
>what did she win? a teddy bear?
"One hundred laps it is! I have other business to attent to, so these gentlemen will oversee the rest of todays training."
>Once she was near enough again you add in the direction of the guards:
"She's filled with pride and wouldn't listen when I told her she can stop. She want's to do 100 laps."
"If she fails, you shall find an appropriate punishment to show her where her pride leads."
>Brokens eyes widen, while smiles crept across the guards faces.
>They saluted and you left the premises.
>The scenario right now wasn't as carefully laid out as you'd like it to be, but it will do.
>You didn't even have to peek from a castle window on the second floor to know what's going on.
>Once she's stopped in her track she won't be able to continue.
>You know that, she knows that, and so do they.
>There was pretty much no way she'll finish the 100, so it came down to two options.
>She'll stumble, or they'll make her stumble.
>Either way it didn't look good for her.
>Something inside of you wants to make it, or at least not let it be her fault.
>Yet every failure of hers would work in your favor
>and the guards were behaving.
>Being further away from Broken Armor cleared your head up a little.
>You geniunely liked her
>She'll be a very good pet
>That was probably the last thing any of the present ponies or readfags expected.
Ok you got me on that one.
bleargh, what's with my motivation...
find me on omegle with "Submission is Mandatory" as intrests...
I fancy a chat
Just spoke with JC, he's chill, make sure to give him your support and constructive criticism.
Are there any stories about anon breaking a stallion?
If Stallion turned into a mare is okay with you then
Breaking Armor, by John Colt http://pastebin.com/RuSiHfyb
or MasterMind's story
I read through as much as has been put out. Not bad I admit.

Still I am rather interested in Anon breaking a stallion.

There's 'A Royal Breaking', that's got Shining Armor in it. He's not really broken yet, though.

I may or may not need some extra time for my story, but I suppose I can post what I have so far.
dooooo iiiiiit
post what you have
I looked over what I had written so far, didn't quite like it, so now I'm re-rewriting it, again. Though I'm still going to post it soon.
No, wait, it's going to take a while, so far I hate everything that I've written...
you're a tease, I hope you can penetrate after all that twiddling with us to make us wet

>Broken Armor finally slipped and fell down hard with her snout into the dirt.
>It's over.
>You stand up from your window and made your way down again to stop the inevitable.
>But when you pass the next window you see her attempting to get up again.
>Yes, struggle... that makes your defeat just much sweater for us and more bitter for you.
>You smile as you decend the stairs to go to the training grounds again.
>You doubt any punishmen had gone too far before you reach them, or at least you hope so.
>That's why you had stayed close enough...
>to burst open the gate to the training grounds and stomp your foot down angrily.
"What the hell do you think you are doing?"
>You kick one off Broken Armor.
>Had you not caught him off guard you certainly wouldn't have been able to bring the pony to fall,
>but he accepted the kick as his punishment.
>Broken Armor was crying, actually crying...
>Her legs have been forced open, and she had not yet closed them.
>Had she accepted her fate?
>Anyway you don't see any blood.
>On that note...
>would she be a virgin?
>You strongly assume /he/ hadn't been a virgin, but now in that mare's body... her hymen could be very well intact
>You shook your head as to end your train of thought.
>The only bodily fluid you saw was sweat, not exactly the best lubricant...
"This is what you call a punishment?"
>You pick up Broken Armor, thankfully she was much lighter than the last pony you picked up. (Applejack)
>Broken Armor, in her female form, had more of a stature like Twilight Sparkle.
>She immediately clenched onto you with all the strength she had left and cried in your shoulder.
>You patted her head and tried to comfort her.
>Okay, this part could have been planned better, you actually don't know how to stop a mare from crying...
>you actually don't know how to stop a mare from crying...
Show the three guards what a punishment is. It's going to cheer her up to see them punished.
Nice, excited to see where this is going.

also this
better idea would be to take her to her room and just let her cry for a while while sitting next to her.
File: gonna get weird.png (309 KB, 900x882) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
gonna get weird.png
309 KB, 900x882
Would anyone here be interesting in seeing Anon breaking a Stallion (without the TF)
If it's a cute one, then yes. Full homo.
Ew gay.
File: 68134.jpg (14 KB, 221x228) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 221x228
>Tfw nothing is working or feels right
>Tfw writing block
I'm going to have to start the story completely differently, it just seems a bit too god awful every time I try to start writing. So, hiatus until then.
I really like dungeon deep, so far as I have already read
everyone check it out, http://pastebin.com/McXRjzgc

>>21772165 >>21772405
I do love suggestions, but sadly this time around I already know how to continue

>>21772603 >>21772630
Sorry for boring you with my forced feminization
Forced feminization is fine. I just like stallions too.
File: Handicapper General.png (174 KB, 1189x2764) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Handicapper General.png
174 KB, 1189x2764
Can't wait for season 5 so we can have stories about this semen demon.
Seems quiet in here, so random topic: I finally read broken bluebird.

For some reason I've skipped it up till now, but it got talked up so much in the last thread that I finally gave it a shot.

It's really good, but it hits me square in the feels. It's got the same empathy building mastery that escapade's got going with the Octavia POV, but so much horrible stuff is happening that it actually hits me hard, like "background pony" level of feels. I just want to give RD a hug or something.
The breaking armour story should have a note in it mentioning that it has SA undergoing a magical sex change operation as a central feature in the story.
dubs confirm it

wait... why am i featured?
Because many of us were excited to see a story featuring a stallion as the slave for once.
That'd be a bad idea, depending on how the stuff he has so far is structured. It might be the first third of a chapter, or it might be half a framework with incredibly sparse and crappy character dialogue, with barely any actual movement or plot, and completely missing any elements of character emotiveness, worldbuilding, and immersion.

Some timber, fiberglass, and floor tiles are not half as comfortable as a half-built shed. It's an unassembled mess that doesn't keep you even the slightest bit warm.

You've gotta make sure that your stuff so far is at least decently readable before posting it.
>(without the TF)
What's TF? Transgender Fuckery?

I know what you mean. My story kind of expanded to the point where I spent a bit too much time on a side portion, and it ended up taking too much time away from the central premise of the plot.

Now I'm not sure whether to keep with the expanded story and end up with a less focussed, diluted narrative, or to post these extra parts as a sort of "deleted scenes" companion story.

Because you were the one posting a story most recently before the thread rebooted.

I dislike magic sex change stories, and I'm honestly not all that fond of your story purely due to the subject, but I'd say you earned your time in the feature box.

I doubt it was really that many people relative to the thread's population.

Out of curiosity, what do you think it is? Yaoi-starved femanons, or gay anons?
Little from column A and a little from column B.

Besides it would be nice for a change of pace. Only so many ways you can read about a mare getting beaten and tortured before you starting wondering about stallions.

TF = Transformation.
that is a terrible combination of colours.

would not cum inside/10
because I wanted to feature you, faggot.

I-it's not like I like your story or anything... baka. in all seriousness that was not the only reason, I choose a story that is likely to be updated in the next thread.

S-sorry Anon.

Exactly, it's well-written and I always find myself coming back for it. But at the same time, it makes my stomach turn, especially since I'm a huge dashautist.
Then we'll just have to paint her white with cum.
>Only so many ways you can read about a mare getting beaten and tortured before you starting wondering about stallions.

That's an odd way of looking at it. I started wondering about how the life of his personal maid was going, and the Octavia story feeds into that.

There's also this post in the last thread >>21750020 that brings up a bunch of other things to explore and do in the story that aren't just scenes of dominating mares. Dominating stallions is still just domination. Aside from changing the plumbing around, I don't know if there'd really be much of a substantive change. It'd be like replacing lettuce in a sandwich with baby spinach leaves. It's a change, but fundamentally the same.

I'd rather have an expanded look at the setting, characters, and theme that brings something new to the table and gives it some depth rather than see the same thing again, except this time in drag. Is it still called drag when women dress up as men?

Among the many things for Anon to do that aren't scenes of Anon dominating the pet of the day are:

Seeing a viewpoint-shift version of the story (See: the Octavia story)
Having Anon go on a tour to see part of the world with an escort. (Having him oppress townsponies or something if you really have to)
Have Anon try to reach for whatever pieces of his old life he can, with his mind starting to fray from the stress of the extreme change.
Or, just have him get a cold and get sick for a day. That's a small enough story that can even have some funny moments if you're doing it right.

I have a serious love hate relationship with that story. The cage thing is totally my fetish, and forced confinement/sensory deprivation is really hard to write. BB absolutely nails it. Also the world building and characterizations are damn good. I also love how there's an actual world around Anons where substantial things are happening.

But the fucking feels man. I read most of the story in one go, and literally felt like shit the next day. Like, I was actually bummed out all day, it just stuck with me.

Something that occurred to me the other day, there's a tonne of short oneshots and experimental stories that never made it to a pastebin.

I'd kinda like to go through what I can find and make a kind of "bits and pieces" pastebin to keep track of the stuff.

>Or, just have him get a cold and get sick for a day. That's a small enough story that can even have some funny moments if you're doing it right.

Someone actually was doing a really good take on that.
>there are 2 unmet civs that reached renaissance before me
>I have not met Attila
>Attila owns three of the worlds capitals
on a scale of 1 to huns how fucked am I?
fucking wrong tabs...
/tg/ pls
/vg/ actually.
We'll I'm sure /vg/ must be very fascinated with the post you just shared with them.
>Someone actually was doing a really good take on that.
Yeah, that's me. Glad you like the story. I wrote both posts you're replying to.

The snag I ran into in my last writing session is realizing that the Octavia / Panacea (doctor character) dynamic I had going, which I was really starting to like, was taking away from what I intended to be the focus of the story.

Right now I'm thinking of looking at a deleted scenes chapter to toss in their section of the story, which is supposed to slightly intersect with the main six and a bunch of mostly-unnamed satellite rotation pets. Worldbuilding, showing what's going on with the other characters in my particular branch of this setting, further introducing a new side character, and character development for Octavia and her situation with the rest of the castle staff.

I think those are really good things, but it just doesn't seem to really fit in with the rest of the story. I think this is what they mean when they say that editing is painful.

I've been kind of swamped with labs and mid-terms, and I'm going to be spending this reading week in a field course in a different country, then I have even *bigger and harder* labs and projects right afterwards.

I'll see what I can write on the plane, or tomorrow if I can squeeze in the time, but I can't make any promises.

2 months without updates is pretty sad, though.

I know what you mean; I immediately experience a drop in my mood when I see an update, and yet I still come here because I get off on shit like that.

It's like, it pisses me off seeing my favourite horse get put through this, and it's made even worse when I know that eventually, she's going to completely submit and become nothing more than a indoor pet. But the worst part? The worst thing is that it doesn't fucking matter. I want to get super gay and write a whiteknight revenge fic, I imagine all the things I could maybe do to help if I were there, or all the ways this could end up playing out with a happy ending... But it's not real. It's a fanfic of a cartoon featuring talking horses; neither spaceanon nor Rainbow Dash are real, and I'm left just being mad about something completely trivial, while there's millions of people out there starving and shit.
File: It Will Be Okay.jpg (73 KB, 519x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
It Will Be Okay.jpg
73 KB, 519x630

>When you're upset over the way your favourite pony is treated in a greentext.
>Pound sign for a reference or quip

Seriously kill yourself.

I'm always stuck between surprise and a weird sort of honored feeling that my words can have this effect on people.

Hey if people are reading it religiously, then you've done nothing wrong. And for all my dashfaggotry, I'm nowhere near innocent of sentencing her to horrific ends... Hell, I would even say that my darker works are my favourite since I wrote them under the influence of intense emotion.

Yes that sounds fucking gay, but for that moment when my fingers are flying on the keys and people are lapping it up like dogs... One can be forgiven for feeling like the detective fag from Boondock Saints.

Going all "THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT!" and shit, but it's fucking true.
You should, your writing is awesome. And don't let the fact that you can pretty much ruin peoples day IRL via the internet screw with you that much.

So much this, though I don't sweat the whole trivial problems in the face of real world problems thing too much. It's the old "why arn't you out curing cancer" argument, and while no one has a good answer to it, it's pretty well established that the world doesn't work that way.

And yeah, I'd love to see a hugbox ending to this story that isn't basically dash completely and totally broken with a kind of unconditional love that comes from a psychological coping mechanism.

This story is seriously a battle between my fetishes and my sense of empathy.
Over 24 hours later and you still couldn't provide any evidence.

You're a sad sad man.
Caught up with the story, and added it to the wiki:
Found it an interesting read.
The only thing that bugged me was when the story broke the fourth wall, because to me that always makes the story feel silly.
One of the biggest appeals the stories in SiM have is their seriousness, so it annoyed me slightly.
Someone else seemed to enjoy it though, so do whatever feels right to you I guess.

If the Raackman guy had made a pastebin, I would also add his story, but I don't feel like copying all that text from his posts.
I personally didn't like it that much, but I've decided to add any story that I've read to the wiki as long as it's readable.
I found it weird that in the beginning it was stated by NMM that Anon would be a sort of puppet, but at the same time he's supposed to be king.
Why was he not made as a "right hand" or something?

Anyways, on another note:
What do you guys think about changing POV in stories?
I personally prefer stories with a constant POV, where other characters are made into sort of black boxes, in the sense that you only see their reactions to certain situations, and kind of have to figure out their character and thoughts on your own.
Especially with SiM, where mind games are a popular theme, I prefer constant POVs.
Was this the thread with Pet Anon where Rarity hits him if he tries to speak? Also Twilight molests him.

I can't seem to find it
Wrong thread m8, though that does sound interesting.

Well crap, I checked the pony pet thread, so the only other place i can think it was was the cock-sock thread that pops up every week or so, if that is the case then that story might just be as dead as that thread.
>tfw you will never be anon's pet pony
>tfw no one to erp with
>What do you guys think about changing POV in stories?
If it's a character-driven green, then I'd rather have PoV stick to a single character to get an in depth look at their personality.
If it's a story driven green, then getting multiple perspectives is better and PoV should switch around.

You could make a CYOA with a Anon's pet pony (your self insert) as the main character, and have us tell you what you're going to do.
the one mention of the readers?
'twas more of an experiment than anything else
some things are better if you are actually reading it in realtime than when you read it a few days later,
I won't have it in my pastebin
or do you mean something else?

about the POV issue
I like how I solved it, I thought about it and am content with my decision
I only jump when the narrative demands it of me to be more efficient and elaborative when it's in someone elses POV
don't jump POV if there's no need for it, think why you want to tell the story and then do it the best way possible
File: Pods.jpg (140 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140 KB, 1280x720
Still gonna be writing this as I go, pre-writing gives me too much time to think

>Muffled voices...
>Who are you?
>You can feel your body...
>Awake, finally
>Your mind is in shambles, as if you can only loosely make thoughts
>It feels like... you're underwater
>But you can breathe?
>It's warm here...
>You open your eyes
>Blurry, yellow liquid all around you
>You relax your tensed limbs, and begin gently floating
>More muffled voices from outside
>What are you?
>You flex your arms and hands
>Some times you feel something scrape against your fingers
>No, not your fingers themselves, your fingernails
>You feel something flow into you, although you can't tell where it's coming from
>But it's quelling your hunger
>And it's quite delicious
>Very filling.... empowering, in fact
>Then it stops
>You must have more
>How to get out of here?
>You twist your head around, looking for a way out
>All around you, nothing
>You look up, and see a tube leading down to your body
>Looking down, you see your body
>You stretch your legs, and your feet reach the bottom of the fleshy sphere
>You reach forward with your hand, and meet another wall
>Using your nails, you push your fingers forward into the wall
>It splits, and you feel the liquid rushing past your fingers
>Now where does this lead to?
>You push further, opening the hole wider and more liquid begins to pour out
>Now you can feel the tube from above you beginning to stretch as you seem to be carried towards the opening you've made
>You claw the opening further open with your long nails
>The tube snaps
>Why are you suddenly so hungry?
>Your legs meet the bottom of the tear in the wall, and you feel it further give way as the liquid begins to carry you beyond the wall
>Suddenly you meet another surface
>And you can hear the voices clearly
>"Is... that what he's supposed to look like?"
>Without all that liquid... it's quite cold
>No, it's not another wall, it's the ground
>You push off from it with your arms, and look up
I happen to find this description of events... quite awful.
For fuck's sake
File: gf_stan_orfices.png (784 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
784 KB, 1280x720
I like it.
>You wake up from what feels like a long slumber
>Consciousnes doesn't come with mercy to you.
>You hear voices... muffled as they were they were still the thing responcible from waking you up
>How long have you slept?
>Your mind is trying to wrap itself around the question.
>You don't remember falling asleep,
>or anything else for that matter.
>What happened? Where are you? Who are you?
>And how can you breathe underwater?
>One of the stimulants you were able to process in your dizzy state was that you were inside some liquid.
>You open your eyes.
>Your vision was blurred...
>Was it because the semi-transparent yellow liquid was was foggy?
>For a second you worry about the proper functioning of your eyes.
>You lift your arm closer to your face
>yes, you could see clearer if it's closer.
>Was that your hand?
>You don't remember what your hand is supposed to look like...
>You carry Broken Armor back to her suit, and out the balcony where you lay down on a deck chair with her on your chest.
>She was still crying.
>Holding the sniffing and quivering mess of a pone in your arms...
>Earlier you had felt helpless about not knowing how to make her stop crying.
>But you decided you'd simply let her cry.
>It felt empowering.
>The less control she has over herself, the more powerful you were in relation.
>Wow, you're an asshole... you already knew that.
>You simle as you let your hand flow through her mane as you comfort her and let her cry
>Every second she was like that longer in your arms was a win.
>And the simple fact she was calming down, was it from you comforting her or simply as the event moved further into the past.
>She might see you as her worst enemy.
>But right now you were also her saviour.
>You smile.
>The smile was not meant to be comforting for her, it was geniune.
>There is really no scenario you could see in your head right now that would make this not work in your favor
>no matter what her thought process is right now.
>You move your hand to her chin and angle her face upward.
"The stars are beautiful, are they not?"

sorry, not more today
>You wake up from what feels like a long slumber
>And how can you breathe underwater?
This part is really good. It's confusing, but since Anon is meant to be confused, it's a good ting.
>One of the stimulants you were able to process in your dizzy state was that you were inside some liquid.
This line is terrible. You went from "groggy and confused" to "looking up word in the dictionary"
>You relax your tensed limbs, and begin gently floating
>More muffled voices from outside
>What are you?
This was much better. I can tell that something is happening, but neither Anon nor I can tell what's going on because we're both confused. It sparks my curiosity, and when Anon starts breaking out, I'm already invested in the story, and want him to get out so I can know more.
written by yours truly, missed my name, sry
So, Anon saved Armor from physical abuse, just so he could abuse her emotionally? That's both sweet and cruel at the same time. Well done.
Is ERA actually gone? That sucks.

dat throatfucking, muh fetish
Yeah, he posted that he quit because of the shitposting. Vhatug is gone because of it too.
Darn. I'll have to check the archives, I've been offline for a while.
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