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ITT: Shit you hate about yourself.
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ITT: Shit you hate about yourself.

>I'm cis but I have a "pretty" face.
> Way to picky and only date fem guys

Pic not related...
>no self control
>constantly complains yet never changes anything
>pretentious af
>posts on 4chan
>is gay
>undergo an existential crisis once a week for past 5 years
>dysthymic at best of times
>push-over b/c too apathetic to argue/stand my ground
>Sabotaging my few chances at life
>Abusive drug and alcohol use
>Inability to really like people
>Not even clever
>high anxiety
>self sabotage lvl100
>wasted most of my opportunities
as far as physical
>broken nose and bad teeth

>Indecisive as fuck (literally changes mind about everything three fucking times)
>pretentious, pompous
>anxiety (ie. thinking people are going to call the humane society to get my dog taken away because they don't like that I'm trans)
>ftm but have curly/longish for a guy hair (love the hair, and I look more boyish with it, but it's not super masculine)
>chubby, but that weird in-between chubby where you're definitely not fat but definitely not thin
>5'5", manlet forever
File: 1449708547904.jpg (32 KB, 297x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 297x331
> 6'5
> 5'2 would be my ideal height
Kill me now please
File: 1498.png (29 KB, 148x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 148x172
>body and face of a twink but I have loads of body hair
>facial hair
>possibly receding hairline?
>extremely picky when it comes to partners
>generally don't click with the overwhelming majority of humans
>practically have no friends
>clueless as to what I should do for the future
>huge procrastinator
>socially avoidant
>suck at math
> Way to picky and only date fem guys

I'm glad I'm like this, I like cock so much, if I wasn't picky I'd be a total whore.
>that pic
File: dNVvntX.gif (133 KB, 311x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 311x366
You don't need to be a "SJW" to considering denying how evil the Nazis were to be offensive, you racist asshole. Whoever made that pic should have the guts to walk up to the families of the non-whites and non-jews killed by the Nazis
File: 1429755330148.jpg (236 KB, 835x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236 KB, 835x550
Everyone that died in the so called "holocaust" got exactly what they deserved. Hitler's only major fault was in not herding them up and killing them fast enough.
>basically never talk
>emotionally fragile
>self image problems
>too optimistic about changes because I'm lazy
>always beat myself up about not trying to get a bf or job
>unrealistically worry about literally everything
>starting to get fat if i dont do something now
File: image.jpg (9 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 200x200
>ftm tranny
>small hands and baby face
>high pitched voice when nervous
>female peers treat me like a toy
>male peers act weird around me
>can't tell when people are joking
>constantly embarrassed
>too pussy to suicide
>I look like a horse
>broken nose
>broken teeth
>probably retarded
>weird accent
>not secure in sexuality
>fears rejection but always seeks relationships
>Can't control self enough to lose weight despite a billion tries
>shitty job, can't seem to get any better job
>super messy
>redish brown hair
>depressed/looks like hes about to off himself(i really try to be a happy guy)
>scars on face
>heroin is the only thing that has ever loved me as much as i have loved it
>I like to sleep like 10 hours a days
>I ignore peoples message and calls
The only think I'm good at is working and doing interviews the rest is just horse shit.
>hairline started to recede mid-puberty
>knew about hormones and transitioning as early as the age of 12 but never came out to my super accepting parents until I was 18 because I was scared of embarrassing myself and looking stupid
>have a hard time not worrying about the future/how I'll look all, day err day

Other than that I'm mostly fine. I feel like I'm happier than a lot of other trans people I know but I think that's mostly because I have a pretty calm personality over all. I don't even think I care about passing too much, just not looking like a freak. My dating pool is pretty much already gonna be limited to ultra liberal bi/gay girls who are attracted to trannies anyways. My only real feature that upsets me significantly is my hairline, but it can be fixed with some transplants. My face isn't perfect and has some aspects I really don't like, but hormones are starting to help it look more feminine. And I guess I hope my hips grow more, but I'm kinda pessimistic about that.
>shit self-esteem
>huge pushover

I'm losing weight now, so whatever ;-;
>triggering persists
Gay nazis. It must be exhausting to be such a walking oxymoron.

>muh ernst rohm!!!!
>i bet ur a librul cuck!!!
>have you seen this political meme?
>bet you haven't pleb!
>/pol/ pls love me
Balding, short, small dick. I wish I was a femboy.
>no self-respect
>teeth are kinda healthy but ugly, i'm afraid of dentists
>no drive despite having so much luck
>afraid of relationships
>too tall
>big head
>no uterus
>act masculine arround old friends making me hate myself after they leave
>got chubby again
>Anorexic (Everyone tells me to just eat)
>Insomniac (Everyone tells me to just sleep)
>Ginger (People online say it's cute, but everyone irl makes shitty jokes or just straight up insults me for it)
>Very Closeted, I just know my friends will think of me differently, not necessarily maliciously but they will
>My main hobby in life is music but I'm still a dogshit performer with no talent
File: xx0yrFm.jpg (43 KB, 356x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 356x600
you just had to post it, you couldn't resist, your booty is THAT inflamed.
Are you me?
>haven't started transition yet since I could never pass
Just waiting for the day I shoot myself instead of making breakfast.
>really boring
>cant hold a conversation
>cant formulate jokes
>skinnyfat weakling
>coffee. lots of coffee.
I didn't know you could get on coffee at all, at this point I need one in the morning to function normally instead of better
File: Cj5r6vx.jpg (13 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 300x300
>love connecting with new people yet have trouble caring about them
>extroverted yet hate clubs, parties, house shows, etc.
>in college for a major that I have no interest in
>have boring interests and hobbies
>can't stop attention whoring on chans
>Low self confidence
>Posh voice
>Form emotional attachments too quickly
>Not much really wrong, just too lazy to make things better
>Weird penis makes sex difficult
>abuse induced dysphoria
>fucked a lot of things for myself because depression
>now to get anywhere I have to work 50x harder than the rest
>just escaped threat of homelesness
>no social circle
>last two hook ups were a disaster
>no family

It's getting better senpai

: 3
I don't remember posting this...
It's a lot easier for me to list what I DON'T hate about myself, which isn't much. I'm pretty awful.
Brighton soz
File: 1323642227001.png (16 KB, 500x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 500x461
File: S511.png (49 KB, 888x756) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 888x756
>not 5'2"
>terrible person
>face and body out of Lovecraft's nightmares
>a total downer
>always forget to respond
>absent minded
>there is no drug to take to make me not hate myself for any period of time
>my taste in all art is shit
I'd go on, but I guess I should stop there.
>could've started mones sooner at 16 when I had a job instead of now at 18
>body hair
>facial hair
>have come out twice but my mom was drunk both times so sge doesn't remember
>in college but don't know what I wanna do with my life
>too shy to make friends
>any bf needs to have the same hobbies as me or else I feel we'll never click
>>my taste in all art is shit
This is when you start thinking about writing a nice letter running at hot bath and sharping the old bread knife up.

This are all this you can change, but the face you will just have to date ugly people like you.I dont get why ugly people do date ugly people don't you have sympathy and relate to them more?
File: tzu.jpg (2 MB, 2816x2112) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2816x2112
>Zero self confidence
>Have performance issues in the bedroom due to being sexually abused as a teenager
>Cripplingly shy around strangers
>Constantly worrying about everything
>No social life because of the two above points
>look like a child despite being 24 years old.
>Can't look in the mirror without feeling disgusted with myself
>each of the three boyfriends I have had since I left school has cheated on me, leading me to believe that I'm a failure when it comes to being a good partner.

Just to name a few.
How did you get boyfriends if you're really shy and anxious?
I met two of the three of them online and after trusting them enough, began relationships offline. the most recent one was an introduction through a mutual friend. Well I say friend, more like acquaintance fag hag who acted like a friend for a while before moving away and never talking to me again. But yeah, the guy she introduced me to was really nice at first, understood my anxiety and kind of looked after me, until he started trying to pressure me into an open relationship and when I said no he ended up going out and fucking some other guy anyway. But before then he was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now when I think about him my gut goes cold and prickly and I feel like I'm about to break down and cry. It's only been six months but it feels like an eternity of heartache.
>lots of social anxiety
>emotionally needy
>pretty messy and not very clean
>ass is too big so men and niggers always give me looks

Could be worse desu. im actually pretty well off.
>bad posture
>facial hair
>monotone voice

>avoidant personality disorder
your hormones need to be checked.
God I feel for you anon, hope you get better.

I've never had a bf and I could easily get one, but there are so many guys like this so I keep putting dating off. I can't afford to get that deeply involved emotionally and then have something happen like that.
You don't need to have a high libido to know what makes you want to fuck/get fucked.
The fact that I find the idea of two people rubbing their genitals/orifices together weird and uninspiring is unlikely to have anything to do with my hormone levels. I'll get them checked anyway, but know that the DSM-V recognizes asexuality regardless of hormone imbalance issues.
File: xcvv.png (11 KB, 177x158) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 177x158
>Still questioning gender after a year
>Barely getting through college
>Just got diagnosed with bipolar 1
Heh, if I didn't have some false hope I would.
Also, like there is no one that would willingly date a ghoulish beast such as myself.
Thank you kindly, anon.
As you can probably tell from my initial post, I'm in a pretty dark place right now and it means a lot to hear you say that.
I hope things get better for you too.
>constantly angry 99% of the time
>extremely intolerant
>awfully pessimistic
>bottom faggot in denial
>never had sex or a relationship
>Male (hrt baby. fuck you penis)
>Anxiety to talk to new people, go out in crowded areas or push for what I actually want.
>Always get walked on and I can never say no
>Very emotional and completly shit at controlling it. I have outbursts 12-20 times a year to varying degrees that I hae little control over at the time because i'm so emotional. and then I cry and feel like shit and feel guilty for everything I did. These outbursts have gotten me kicked out of multiple things including my parent's place many times. Can't live with my parent's because we always argue after a few weeks no matter what, always over petty stuff.
>Very dependant and paranoid that people hate me and are just being nice because they feel they have too because i'm such a mess. If a friend doesn't reply or says they are busy I will often spend hours feeling like shit afterwards because I think they are probably glad they got rid of me.
>Procrastinate to fuck and will often loose out on opportunities because I leave stuff too late.
PS. I am at home with my parent's atm but only until I can get a flat of my own. We love each other so much but we literally cannot all be in the same house. I can't relax at home either because I feel so guilty for everything i've put them through growing up with my outbursts in school and at home. I can't look them in the eyes anymore without feeling like shit. This only makes me feel even more worthless and ends up with me having another outburst because I feel at the time that i'm such a fuck up I get in a really stressed mood where I can't think and end up trying to let them know I feel shit but I can't think of the words to explain what I want to say and I end up getting more stressed, angry and tearful. This always ends up with my dad shouting in my face and me punching something in the house because I don't want to punch my dad and i'm too much of an emotional fuck up to just walk away.
>Bad, mannish hairline
>My skin likes to get red and bumpy at the follicles
>I always worry about what strangers think
>Can't figure out if I'm actually trans
>My body/facial hair grows fucking fast, so I'm shaving constantly
>Half the time I feel like my face is weird
>My bodyshape is ugly
>Even at a low BMI, my legs look fatter than I'd like
>No motivations or dreams career-wise
>I get horny too easily
>Not very good at being a man
>Nobody who I'm really close with
>Bad at meeting new people
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Thread images: 12
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