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Just curious.
Post your average daily meal plan and weekly exercise routine.

Using as inspo to help me lose a few kgs.
Lift 6 days a week
Run 8-12km 3 days a week
Eat whatever I want (try to limit shitty food)

v delicate balance
Is couch to 5k worth doing?
>Lift 6 days a week

Unless you're doing less than 20 minutes at a time, this is not sustainable.
I was thinking the same thing.
Or there's always steroids.
If you want to lose bodyfat %, yes it is.
It really depends on your goals.
Lift 3 days a week
Run 5km(ish) 2-3 days a week
Don't eat like shit and avoid drink based calories

I also don't often drink alcohol unless i'm getting drunk.
Run 30 mins maybe twice/3 times per week
Eat whatever, stay around or below my caloric needs
Water 90% of the time, then coffees sodas alcohol

It helps to have a partner or be in a relationship to where you want to look good for them, not just yourself
Tennis training, 5-7x per week for 1.5 hours each day

Getting fit as fuck, feels amazing.
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>6 eggs scrambled for breakfast
>Large can of tuna/piece of grilled chicken for lunch and 1 large boiled potato
> 250 grams of grilled chicken, 1 large boiled potato and boiled vegetables for dinner
>Go gym 5 days a week.
This is truly a thread for >>>/fit/
lol that's 1600-1800 calories at most.

Must be absolutely skeletal or short af
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Yeah I am a skinny cunt. Need a lot of calories to put on weight. I'm 6'3 and below 70kg
No it isn't fuck off.
I made this to see how effay people maintain a good figure.
Everyone on fit just wants to get ripped as fuck and shitposts whenever somebody asks a question.
Here's my routine that I got from /fit/ awhile back

Incline/Flat Press 4x8
Higher/Lower Cable Crossover 4x12
Fly Machine 4x15-20
Seated curl 4x8-12
Preacher curl 4x8-12

Deadlifts 4x8
Rows 4x8
Wide grip pulldown 4x8
Reverse grip pull down 4x8
Rope straight arm pulldown 4x12+
Rope tricep pushdown 4x8
Single arm tricep pushdown 4x8
Skull crushers 4x8
Dumbbell kickbacks 4x8

Arnold press 4x8
Over head press 4x8
Side Laterals to Front Raise 4x8
Rear Delt Flys 4x8
Facepulls/Front Raise super set 4x8
dumbbell shrugs 4x8

Squat 4x8
Leg extensions 4x8
Leg Press 4x8
Calf Raises 4x12-15
Leg raises 4xF
Russian Twists 4x20

For food I just eat what ever as long as get my protein and calories
jesus fuck 6 eggs
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Ayy lmao. Retarded bro split

This is my exact routine, and I swear by it.

Drinking shouldn't be regular or else you'll get fat. Just drink when you go out. I stick to Tequila
I stand corrected
Best/fastest way to lose bf% ?
starving yourself is pretty effay
very bad routine
you have to read more about lifting
this is a typical epic mens health routine that doesnt work

what do you recommend to wear for /fit/ bros

>lazy fuckers actually think this

are you guys kidding?
Breakfast: Bowl of oats & two eggs
Lunch: Tuna sandwich with lettuce, tomato and kale
Snack: Apple, red grapefruit and yoghurt
Dinner: Chicken/Turkey/Beef/Lamb stir-fry with green capsicum, red chilli, bok choy, onion, spinach and brown rice

I jog for 30mins 3x a week


fuck off strayan
I was thinking more along the lines of eating a small, balanced diet, and doing a bit of cardio...
any variations during the week?
light lifting mon wed fri sun + 2mi cardio
3mi on tues thurs sat

60mg adderall + 40mg vyvanse everyday but sunday
try to eat some chicken everyday for protein
8-10 bottles of water sometimes more
Diet is rice beans veggies eggs meat three or four times a week usually grilled turkey milk coffee lots of water

Workout in gym two times a week probably not optimal gains but my body looks pretty good imo and im pretty strong now and get compliments in tanks and shirtless so it works for me. I think a rwally basic diet and routine is all you need to look better than most
Not really, other than the meat but I try to keep red meat to just 2-3 times a week. I'm not bothered eating the same thing every day since it's healthy, fairly cheap and tastes good, also I'm a pretty inexperienced cook so I like sticking to what I know.
usual diet:
>2 tea pots full of green tea
>1 gallon of water
>an apple or 2
>bowl of miso soup
>rice and beans or something of that range (salad, blt, etc)
>snack on some chips
it seems like a lot because it is high in quantity but most things on there aside from chips are healthy and low in calories
also, i forgot to mention that i do not purposely exercise much, although i do walk my dog and swim often if that counts for anything at all
> effay people
all skinnyfat

just roid

everyone roids, even muddles
What's the point of roofing if all you want to do is lose fat
life 5 time a week
cardio everyday
try to limit fatty foods.
Water 24/7

i usually cheat a little when I go out with my gf, all in all I have bout 3-4 meals a week that I would call my cheat meals.
stopped reading there

again, stopped reading there

>Eat whatever
stopped reading there

I don't have anybody to play tennis with

this is good if bulking

this would turn you into a gorilla
I want to look skinny in clothes, not bulky

already doing this

Your reading comprehension skills are piss poor my friend. No one here want to gain muscle only lose weight/bodyfat %

oats are bad

Doing it wrong
opps forgot to quote 2 people, but you know who you are.

but just in case:
again, stopped reading there

>Eat whatever
stopped reading there
What's wrong with oats?

5x10 reps 10lb curls
5x10 reps 10lb hand going up

5x10 shoulder pulls, 5lb
5x10 foot points w/ 2.5lb weight on each ankle
5x10 single foot points w/ 2.5lb weight on ankle

idfk what the point things are called normally it's some ballet thingy

then i do like 20-50 minutes of jog middling difficulty on an elliptical in my garage.
>Peanut butter sandwich
>Plain Greek yogurt
>Chicken breast with brown rice and black beans, broccoli,Carrots and mushrooms

>Cardio every other day

> Pushups and ab circuits. No gym

Very pleased with my body.
more work you put into something the more you get out
stop being such a pussy
everybody giving out advice should really post a pic of their body so we can decide whether to take you seriously or not

so far on the WAYWT threads all i see is skinnyfat manlets badly dressed. This is why i'm having a hard time believing anything you guys are saying.

I don't see the point to just "having a beer". It's just unnecessary calories and not a good habit to get into
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Standing OHP
Dumbell OHP
Lateral Raises

Weighted Pullups

DB Benchpress
Pull Over

Iam running around 6km / 4miles on my restday
Diet is 1300 calories per day on average,doing intermitent fasting so its been months since i had a breakfast.
I eat mostly peas,lentils,crackers,fruits and vegetables.Drink aprox. 2 cups of coffee, 1.5 liters of green tea,and 2 liters of cold water per day.

The only exercise i get is walking 4km everyday when i attend uni (which i havent been doing since mid december btw).

OP if youre want to lose fat try low carbing,that kills your appetite and makes it easier to eat healthy.
so it seems like most of u keep track of ur diet
does it actually matter that much if im already skinny, can i just keep eating what i eat
especially if i dont want to get much muscle
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forgot to attach pic

my body atm
My routine..

Lift four times a week, AXBAXBX split, on the off days cardio of your choice for 30 min.
oats/whole grain toast/red bean bun with two/three eggs + egg whites combined with (onions/tomatoes/mushrooms/whatever toppings you like) + juice

Postworkout: protein shake (I prefer ON Natural) with a banana

Usually grab a coffee or tea before heading off to class

Lunch: Spinach salad with dressing + half avocado + tempeh/salmon

Dinner: Chicken + kale + broccoli

Snack: Nuts + almond milk + seaweed

Supplement Vit D. + omega 3 + multivitamin, drink enough water throughout the day, and get plenty of sleep at night.

Healthy fats, adequate amounts of lean protein, low but complex carbs, high fiber, natural sources for vitamins/minerals, necessarily hydration combined with enough strength training + regular cardio = healthy /fa/ body
you linked the wrong post
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Layne Norton's
I've gotten Fantano quite a bit lmao.
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