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Weaboo horror stories
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It's been a long time.
Weaboo horror stories thread. (Plot twist, you are the weaboo doing cringy stuff in your story)
>starts thread
>has nothung to contribute
This trend needs to stop.
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>whines about not contributing
>doesn't contribute either

Anyway, i remember an old story like 7 years ago about a girl wearing a terribad gothic lolita milanoo-tier thing with a cheap ass wig and dirty sneakers who tried to seduce a Sephiroth cosplayer and got him outside,in a corner where nobody was (she told she "really needed to tell him something" and he thought if he did he would finally get rid of her...big mistake) and she ripped her dress bodice's zipper open in front of him and lifted her skirt.
According to the poor guy,she was...entirely naked and "wet" down there. She litterally threw herself on the grass/dirt saying she was his sex slave and insane crap like that. It was like in 2009 and not spoken of because the guy was actually so embarassed. One of my friend knew him and told me the story.
He immediatly left and went to my friend and took him appart and told him what happened, then they went for con security but the girl was nowhere to be seen.
>took him appart
Does anyone have the story of doppleganger chan saved? Where some weeb was obsessed with Anon's fiance and tried to become anon to win senpais heart.
Not so much a horror story, but this thread is p much dead anyway so
>Was about 14 or 15, hid powerlevel from everyone
>Friend got super into Naruto and made me listen to all the OPs and EDs, which I didn't mind but pretended not to know already
>'Oh anon! This reminds me, I was listening to these songs on the bus the other day and singing along and when I went to get off I saw I was sitting in front of a group of Japanese people!'
>Jesus how embarrassing
>'No it was great they were so kawaii and sugoi! I said konnichiwa'
Later that year, different friend
>'I'm going to enter the dance show and do a lolita maid version of World is Mine! You probably don't know it haha, it's by this super cool virtual idol called Hartsun Mikooo'
>Ends up getting rejected in the end, so all was well on that front, but she dressed as a 'geisha', complete with cheapass umbrella as a parasol and unsealed kiddie facepaint, on the last day of school, because why not
During lunch one fine spring day
>Go to library to print out stuff, go to pick out a few books while it's printing, lean against shelf to flick through them
>Girl on computer in front of me is reading graphic lightsaber yaoi with heaphones in
>W H Y
>Friend of hers comes in, sees porn, goes over
>The librarian is sitting like two feet away behind a glass door that is very much not soundproof holy shit calm your thirst
And a particularly baffling example
>Bunch of girls do a presentation on something history-related (or something about current events/politics, can't remember)
>Shoehorn Ouran into it in the form of gifs, clips and rose petals
>Kiss kiss fall in love playing in the background while girls mumble their way awkwardly through coursework
I don't know where half of these came from, I went to a very normalfag school with almost no manga in the library (porno girl excluded).
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fucking nope.gif
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>halloween this year
>in hot topic with roommate looking for specific socks/accessories for costume
>chuckle at the extremely commercialized anime merch that's literally coating the walls
>roomie doesn't know about power level, keeping it pretty hidden as to not make her think i'm weird
>just brush it off as amusing nerd shit, continue helping her with costume ideas
>two skinnyfat girls turn the corner holding hands
>one totally screeches as soon as she sees the SNK shelf/aisle/thing
>one calls the other's name
>responds with "levi"
>realize she's saying "eren" and not "erin"
>continue to listen to them banter as if they are these characters with pausing for disgusting PDA
not the most terrible thing i've ever witnessed, but really creepy and more common than one would expect.
>checking out with roommate right as they're perusing the makeup in the checkout line
>one says to the other "your eyebrows are fleek"
What's cringy is OP's picture. It's not even Japanese, it's from a historical Korean drama.
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is the pic supposed to be cringier than your weebiness?
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That's Korean.


what is it about libraries that bring out the weebs? I wear lolita all the time yet the only times I get accosted by weebs is in libraries. Ususally all they do is condemn my baka gajin reading material and direct me to the kawaii manga
I miss these threads, haven't has anything to contribute in years, but have some vintage horror.
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It aint weebiness if its not from japan, clearly he said its korean
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In the end, everyone who browses this board is a weeb and there's no denying it without making yourself look more like a weeb.
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>getting ready for the cosplay contest
>two other grills (one midge, one fatty-chan) come to gush over my costume
>feels good man
>suddenly, fatty-chan sits down on my styrofoam cooler and shatters it
>orange crush cans go everywhere
>fatty-chan runs off blubbering
>pick up sodas while midge just stares
>she wants to tell me about her Homestuck OCs
>tells me about all ten of them while silently farting every few minutes
>listen to this bitch for fifteen minutes while smelling her farts
>suddenly, stagehand appears from nowhere
>cosplay contest cancelled
>olly into the sun
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jesus fucking christ
poor anon
Anyone got that story of the psychotic weeb girl who stabbed the cripple girl in the leg with a fork?
was she a weeb though? I thought that was a con roommate horror story
I think she was a crazy weeb who ended up as a roommate at a con. Gonna try to dig it up
Close enough for me, hook us up fampai
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Hope this pic doesn't get all fucked up,
Thanks bruh

my god, I have never been older
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No prob. Trying to find a really crazy one I read years ago,
jfc they just don't make them like this anymore
Shoo bop doo wop
My personal favorite,
This is horrible
This is I don't want to meet people in cons because a lot of people is weaboo trash
I'm not denying it, but at least I know how to interact with others like a well-adjusted human being

Thank you, anon-kun, for these magical stories. I feel both nostalgic and disgusted.
I remember reading this in a weeb horror thread, as posts. Pictures make it so much worse.
This is the joke, thank you for getting it, you colossal faggot.
Ah, the only reason I visit this board. For the cringe stories. You guys have the best cringe desu.
I know this ain't really weeaboo but it truly reminds me of the cringe fest.

>be me outside restaurant on Halloween
>dressed as Luigi and friend is Shy Guy
>talking with group of friends
>friends stop talking and look at me
>turn around
>two Homestuck girls in my face
>staring into my soul, breathing heavily
>"is there something you need?"
>they freeze
>most likely both autistic
>asks to take picture with Shy Guy
>he agrees nicely
>we all ask if they want us to take the picture
>completely ignore us
>take 3 terrible selfies
>walk away without a word
Isolated him? Sorry my english is retarded by
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One of my favs
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Here's a story from years ago. Let's call it the Karl Chronicles

>be tiny Asian grill who my friends jokingly call the "loli mascot" of our friend group
>go to a university in a small town, don't know anyone so I'm desperate for friends during first year
>join the anime club
>they seem to be well adjusted people, despite the fact that it seems that I am one of only a handful of female members who I never see for some reason (!!!)
>whenever we hang out and play a game like mtg or super smash bros, they make it into a competition for the right to court me (their words not mine)
>when someone wins anything, they turn around and ask me out on the spot only to get rejected
>I'm flattered at first, but its a joke right?
>I'm decent at gaming so I win most of the time anyway
>there's this one guy who's always desperate to win these mini competitions though
>we'll call him Karl
>whenever he wins a game he always has this triumphant look and I always catch him staring at me like a piece of meat
>note he's not an unattractive guy. He's a head taller than me and has a neat appearance. Maybe I would've gone out with him if my boyfriend didn't exist
>everyone knew about my boyfriend who goes to another university, and yet they still "compete"
>I never really talked to him save for when he asked me out occasionally, which I always reject
>I'm too preoccupied with school work, trying to stay in touch with my old friends and boyfriend as well as making new friends to notice him get progressively angrier
Generally, the OP of a themed thread like this doesn't have a story, that's for the next post. You waited 1 minute for the next post. Get out
In junior high and highschool I was super into anime. Not obnoxiously, though. I live in a small town so not many people even know what it is. There was a girl from a town next by who is 4 years older than me, let's call her J. J contacts me and we start hanging out. She is sweet and a little awkward, but I brush it off. We become good friends. Then, she insists on dressing me up all the time. Called me "kawaii desu" unironicly and tells me I look like a real life anime girl, small and cute. I assumed she was just being friendly, even though she knew I wasn't straight. She said she was so I didn't suspect anything.
So one night we have a sleepover. I crawl into bed and she crawls in too. I distance myself on the other half and try to sleep. All of a sudden she gropes my breasts, out of nowhere. I freeze and say, "J, what are you doing???" She literally says "you're so kawaii and small but have big boobs, like Yoko from gurran lagan."
I say I need to go to the bathroom and sleep on the couch. Layer find out Yoko is her "waifu" and distance myself. Weird times.
Continue please
yes please go on
Wasn't this debunked though?
I vaguely remember people saying this one was self-ham? I'm not 100% sure, but there's another one with a bite that someone took off of Deviant art.
In 8th grade I would make angsty, shitty AMVs in windows movie maker and show them to my teachers and guidance counselor
F5 F5 F5
Is the comic still on DA?
I don't want to let this thread die
It was already on the first page...
A person who worked in some medical field (can't remember exactly what) posted a pile of evidence saying it was self harm. Something like direction of cut and some other shit.
2/? sorry if its getting long, also I fell asleep

>when I reject someone, I try to be super nice about it, like I have a boyfriend that I want to marry someday etc and they're usually fine with that
>as time went on he got violent, like punching walls and throwing chairs
>I overheard him to talking with one of the club execs about how he's gonna dress me up in sexy lolita clothes and gang rape me with his friends until the ahegao face gets stuck as my face
>mfw I was working up the courage to wear my ap pieces to class
>I tell the club president about this and he just laughs saying what Karl just has a crush on me and not to take it seriously
>I'm still creeped out and I tell my boyfriend over our daily Skype chat
>he gets super pissed
>bf is also Asian, but super tall, I barely reach his collar bone. We'll call him Mark
>Mark tells me that his co-op is letting him take a week off for his archery tournament and he wants to stay with me during that time
>I email my profs to get permission for him to sit in for one day
>the next week is quiet at the club, I distance myself from the main group where I know Karl is
>no one is asking me out for the competitions anymore, but I still catch Karl staring at me. Maybe the president talked with everyone?
>fast forward to the day before mark is supposed to come into town
>at lunch time, I take the bus to my house as I rent a room off campus
>Karl is on the bus too? I try my best to ignore him
>he walks up to me and holds the same pole as me, his fingers almost brushing mine
>he apologizes for how uncomfortable he made me and asks how my boyfriend is
>I'm relived so I tell him he's doing fine and coming to town
>he says something like if Mark wasn't in the picture than he could have me to himself
>I immediately regret thinking I could date him
Why are weeaboos so thirsty.
File: d6ZvxYLh.jpg (76 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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3/? You have no idea how creepy this fucker was

>I'm like, "how can you say that?! "
>he lowers his hand on the pole to grip mine super hard. My hand is starting to hurt
>"Since you're Asian, you've never dated a non-asian before right? I promise you that my dick is longer than his. You'll be submissive like my waifu reincarnated" etc. I only heard that as I was trying to tug my arm out. His face was really close and he wouldn't let go of my hand
>the rest of the passengers I guess were ignoring us
>I feel the bus slowing down and I bite his arm and bolt out of the rear door of the bus
>it was far from my bus stop still but I still bolted home and never looked back
>when I return, I gather my two housemates and we secure the house. The was a robbery a few months ago so our landlord add new locks and braces in every door and window
>one of my house mates (we'll call her Sarah) let's me crash with her for the night
>I tell my boyfriend what happened and he says he'll come over tonight
>instead of taking the train, he'll drive here instead, which is 3-4 hours away
>I stay up with Sarah playing smash till he got there
>he arrives and Sarah goes to work. We fall asleep watching Netflix on the couch
>the next day, we go to class and he's carrying his giant bow case saying that with the competition so close, he feels anxious not having it close by
>whatevs, we take the aisle seats in the lecture halls
>he even has fun in class discussions and I feel so much better
>You'll be submissive like my waifu reincarnated

holy shit
> Be me
> about 13
> go to first convention
> decide that it's best as a fat 13 year old that I go as pic related
> costume is bought from cosplaymagic
> thighs so fat the costume gets stuck around them
> clasps break
> no wig
> choker can't fit around fat neck
> literally wear a braided belt with a monkey tail because hur durr what is putting a tail into a body suit
> cry and eat pocky the whole convention
> silently farting every few minutes

That's the fucking worst.
>carries the bow with him
Plot twist: the BF is the real cringey one with a loyal knight defending his qt Loli complex
nigga she was already practically assaulted by him once, I'd have no hesitation carrying my bow along fucking everywhere if I was getting threatened

please keep going storyanon, I need this
Did anyone cap that thread where the Bolin was talking about some kid dressed like Naruto who followed him around the whole con?

>I decide to introduce him to the anime club
>it's awkward at first, but he shows them his bow and he easily integrates with them as though he's known them for years
>even though he has fun with them, he never leaves me alone
>when I go to the washroom, he waits outside. When I got to get a drink, he comes with me. When I go to sit on a table due to lack of chairs, he pulls me onto his lap.
>haven't seen Karl though
>execs tell me he wasn't feeling well
>I have more fun chilling at the club than I had in months
>I leave the room to go to my locker in another building to stash my stuff
>Mark is in an intense game, the n64 controller looks like its gonna shatter
>he tells me to wait for him, but I tell him it's close by so it's fine
>I exit the building skipping
>"hey.... Anon-chan?" No one ever added the "Chan" before
>Karl was hiding in an alcove near the entrance
>"I saw your boyfriend. I'm so much better than him aren't I? He's tall but I bet his dick is small. You love sex don't you? You should just dump him and love me. I became a yandere for you anon-chan. I'd kill him for you"
>he's brandishing an exacto knife
>this part of the campus doesn't get a lot of traffic so there's no one around
File: NeWoNKo.gif (2 MB, 334x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 334x235
>"Since you're Asian, you've never dated a non-asian before right? I promise you that my dick is longer than his. You'll be submissive like my waifu reincarnated
>exacto knife
Shit's able to get down, but I don't know how much damage an exacto knife can do as an offensive weapon.
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>Japan Expo 2014
>two geisha as guests for the traditional scene
>see a handful f really good albeit classic kitsuke, some ok yukata, some bad "wa loli"
>three fatties in chinese brocade bathrobes, chopsticks in bun, "geisha" makeup looking like pic related
>thankfully they didn't get to approach the scene
>a stupid chick still managed to ask if geisha were prostitutes during the q&a
Nicely enough the translator just refused to translate
More anon, please
I feel bad for you anon. I hope it's just a bad play though.
They spend too much time spent jacking off to Chinese cartoons and then they think it's how real life works like post related >>8814288
I was thinking the same thing, anon. It won't do much damage but it does highlight how much of a delusional, crazy weeb he is.
>we /k/ nao
An exacto knife can fuck your hand up, the blades are very sharp and thin like a razor on the end of a stick. However they're fairly delicate. Not good for shanking, a pocket or kitchen knife would be a better weapon

Sage for OT
File: bakemono-5.jpg (131 KB, 678x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Not really cringey but
>Go to small con with close friend
>She's cosplaying pic related
>She need to drink, buy a lemonade inside the con
>Walk arround the con searching a place to rest and drink
>Girl run to her
>Hug her with a lot of power
>Because a fucking miracle, she don't throw the lemonade
>Friend looks anxious
>"Hey mate, do you met her?"
>"No, anon"
>Random girl want a picture and says "I LOVE YOU"
>I just hold friend's things and lemonade and wait
>Friend looks with a weird face
Holy shit I wish I'd seen that. Was it at Japan Expo Paris or Japan Expo USA ?
JFC. This and the stories from 2011 above could make up the first season of a new horror series on SyFy. "The Darkside of Cons" or something.

Anyway I have to hear how this ends anon. Hopefully with this guy in jail.
And I swear you didn't miss anything
File: image.jpg (471 KB, 1384x1138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because quite a bit of anime plots involve an "average" guy that's nice to girls and they all have crushes on him. If you grow up and jerk off enough to these plots you have an unrealistic expectation what what life should be like. And on top of it they are probably awkward and have bad social skills.
5/5 sorry it took so long to finish

>holy shit is this bitch srs
>regardless I try to run around him to get back into the building whilst screaming
>I am tiny Asian grill so I know I can't go super saiyan to roast this guy
>I manage to go through the door at the side of the building that leads to the stairs
>the club room is in the lower levels so I run down, not bothering to check if he was following
>I make it to the outside of the room where my bf and couple of other members stared at me in shock as I babble about what happened
>my bf is strangely calm as he bends down and does something to his bow case
>the elevator down the hall dings and Karl steps outside it
>I go to hide behind Mark while an anime club exec calls campus security
>Karl appears at the doorway, no knife in sight
>"Hey anon. Sorry about that. I just wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for scaring you. Can you forgive me?"
>Mark is super pissed
>"You realize that you've been creeping on my girlfriend right?" Mark says as he raised his fucking bow at him
>it's a practice arrow, but those are still scary
>mark forces him to back off and to kneel
>"look man, I thought anon-chan was cute and I wanted to tease her that's all"
>mark is like "so you pull a knife on her and scare her to death? I should shoot you!" He starts yelling at him with the arrow pointing at his chest. Karl starts crying
>campus police comes to arrest him
>I now have a restraining order against him and he got expelled. Mark did all right on the competition and the testimonies of the club members helped prevent Mark from getting sued by Karl's mother
>I hear he's getting mental help now
>now I'm finishing my degree and I live with mark
Good lordy loo, anon. I hope you carry pepper spray with you nowadays or something like that.
My AMVs landed me a film editing job. Showed them to the boss on Youtube. I still send them to my mom and colleagues because the scene isn't something to be ashamed of when movie trailers and shit are basically AMVs. Keep going with it, anon.
They want to act out all of their shitty fanfiction and reenact their favorite hentai scenes, anon
'Loli mascot' is the biggest cringe of this.
File: brahams.jpg (19 KB, 475x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>listen to this bitch for fifteen minutes while smelling her farts
I think that kind of behavior is more common in smaller, cheaper cons because it's full of young kids who don't quite know better, but in well-established cons, most attendees are older and more experienced.
Oh man, you don't know what's going on here
The most important con in country is full of cringe lolitas neko kawaiis with "free hugs :3" postings.
Pic related is supose to be some "freestyle neko goth lolita". And people shot her. I live in a sad place.
You meant took him aside. Close, anon!
Like.... Shot photos of her?
Yes, people said she was kawaiidesune
Agreeing with >>8814302, a bow, really? Everyone in this story sounds weebtastic. Karl sounds like a piece of shit but a bow and a practice arrow? I don't think anyone IRL would be afraid of that.
Atleast hes passing
>the next day, we go to class and he's carrying his giant bow case saying that with the competition so close, he feels anxious not having it close by

hardest ive cringed in this whole thread, holy fuck
Did you have a stroke while typing or something?
quite a bit, there was an old homeless guy lived a couple of streets away from where I used to and he got slashed by some guy with an exacto knife when he asked him for change

sliced up one of his eyes pretty bad and left him unable to see out of it, got a bit scar across his face too - that was only a passing hit, if somebody wanted to hurt you with it they could do some serious damage
What? How did you noble boyfriend wall around a college campus with a fucking bow? It's a weapon, why the fuck would he carry that around? I'm calling bs on this.
File: full of shit.jpg (101 KB, 837x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
full of shit.jpg
101 KB, 837x431
You're so fucking full of shit your eyes are brown.
Oh I'm sure, rereading it after digging it up it sounds pretty far fetched. I didn't see the original thread, so I never saw a follow up.
guys don't ruin it, it's a pretty good read even if it is made up
Good read? It sounds like a bad self insert fanfiction.
>totally a cute tiny asian loli girl
>my boyfriend is a super tall asian boy and he super cool and does archery
>all the boys wanted to be with me and had competitions over me
>creepy guy followed me around and the my super sugoi boyfriend was a badass with his bow and scared the creep away

Give me a fucking break.
I didn't mean good in the sense of 'would publish as a bestseller', I mean good in the sense of 'better than most of the shit I get to read on cgl with my nightly tea'
In the US, some campuses let you open carry.
I dunno what school she goes to but I assume she's in the US and most campuses differentiate between weapons and "weapons". My school recently got an archery club and all the members have their name on a list and got a pass they carry to show if anyone asks about why they're carrying bows and arrows. Like there is no reason you should be running around with an AK47 but a bow? Meh.
And like anon above said, you can usually open carry (with mixed results)

Either way, maybe its real, maybe its not. I F5'd for the story anyway.
Joke's on you, i love bad self insert fanfiction.
Only with Asian girls.
if you're White you're "maybe"
and if you're Black you're non existant
>and if you're Black you're non existant
Maybe it's just where I live, but qt black weeb girls get hit on just as much as the qt Asian girls at cons.
Anyone have the story of that ita who straight up stole someone's dress
Shit, this reminds me.
>Doing some shitty dating game show thing at a small ass con when I was younger. I don't know, my friend ran it.
>In line with someone because we're next to participate wearing jeans, some belt, a poet shirt.
>She says she likes my costume, I don't even remember what it was anymore.
>I thank her
>She starts getting really uncomfortable
>Aren't you going to say I look nice?
>Oh yes, sorry! I didn't realize you were dressed up as someone specific. Trying to be nice.
>Gets SUPER offended.
>Goes off for the remainder of the game before us, about ten minutes, about how it's from her own comic and it's super good and that I should already know it.
>mfw it's only on her livejournal or whatever was popular at the time
>Does the crazy "Nyan" noises while we're IC in the game.
>I guess some cat girl elf explorer thing? Not even wearing cat ears.
>The person on the other side of the screen was visibly horrified when they had to turn the corner.
File: 1450931277340.png (124 KB, 339x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 339x346

welcome to being male.
A few years ago, I was stopped in my weeaboo tracks by one with a far greater powerlevel than myself.

Part 1/3?

>be emo kid
>play WoW
>make a GaryStu angstbucket of a blood elf on a low-pop RP server
>give him a made-up Wapanese name
>his personality and backstory was basically "androgynous bipolar mana addict who is also the bastard of an abusive lord who just wishes his dad would pay attention to him ;_;"
>make "art" of him by shooping long elf ears and glowing green eyes onto Jrock stars
>make profile on RP site using said "art"
>an RPer with a legit handrawn blood elf avatar messages me to set up an RP together
>i agree, mostly because this person has decent art skills and maybe i will finally get a drawing of Aishiyochikun Bloodsorrow the Unwanted
>other RPer's character also has a weeb name: something like Sephy Roth'lorien
>good art skills, but types like a 11 year old who thinks he's a playa
>i end up doing a lot of proofreading and edits
>very quickly i am drawn into a yaoi plot
>literally, as Sephy draws our OCs' bodies entwined and just barely SFW before i even agree to do ERP
>"would love if our RPs end up like this, anon ;) if ur not 2 shy lol"
>i am 16
>of course i go along, i want more art and want to be treated like a grown up

>no idea how to write sex, my Google searchbar's memory stores infinite variations of "how do gay men fuck" leading to one moment of intense panic when a family member asks to use the comp while i am logged in
>my contributions to sex scenes with Sephy are clinical but frank since i am an edgelord who refuses to admit that this is all really awkward
>Sephy starts linking me to Naruto, YuGiOh, Bleach, and Final Fantasy yaoi fanfiction to "inspire" me to write hotter scenes
>i read all the cringe and feel bored, finally work up courage to ask for a non-sexual drawing of Hidesushimiyazakikun Bloodsorrow the Unwanted because i want to show off Sephy's work as my profile pic on our RP site, but i can't because my OC is in full ahegao mode in all Sephy's pics
>"srry anon, i have 2work with the doujins i download and i only save the good pages"
>i have no idea what this means so Sephy helpfully uploads a folder of random pages from yaoi doujins, none with any plot context, just explicit megabytes of bareback boy's love
>some of them look a lot like the art of our OCs
>because Sephy is a fucking tracer
>end up in huge argument because i have been electronically putting out for a few months without getting my own needs met
>my needs being free unsexualized art of Geiriisutuukun Bloodsorrow the etc.
>i say, "i don't even like yaoi, i just wanted to make you happy because i admire you!"
>"aw anon ur even an IRL uke XD"
>say i'm done RPing, it takes up too much of my time and i'm joining a hardcore raiding guild
>"u'll b back... my sweet innocent thing <3"
>no i fucking will not

It is worth mentioning that we were not on the same server in-game. We made alts on each other's servers to do any in-game RP, but most of our interactions occured on the RP forum that wasn't server-specific.

>i lose myself in raid life
>server transfers have become a common thing at this point, costs something like $20 to move your character to a different server
>before long, Sephy Roth'lorien joins my guild
>i try to brush it off
>Sephy, who never revealed any personal info to me, divulges my name to the guild in a move to show how "close" we are
>"anon & i go way back, we had epic RP ;)"
>i stay silent because i don't want to admit i'm bothered
>Sephy keeps doing long custom /emotes at me, giving lusty looks from across the room IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING RAID
>i do enigmatic preset emotes in return, like /chuckle, /grin, /shrug, /shy, or /rude
>then she joins voice chat
>has a low, weary voice, children can be heard audibly in background
>i work out that Sephy is a grown woman with a husband and 3 children aged 7-12
>someone tells her i am still in highshool
>she messages me, "hope my ugly IRL self doesn't scare u off... i kno i am not good enough 4 u but u will always be my fave uke. i showed my true self 2 u which my family will never understand. if u ever need a place to stay in FL my couch is urs. lots of good colleges down here. miss u"
>i quit the guild
>quit the server
>quit the game
>contemplate quitting life
>never RP again
>lose interest in jrock
>can't walk by the yaoi booth now at cons without wanting to laugh hysterically
>know if i start, i won't stop
>Aishiyochikun Bloodsorrow the Unwanted
You have all of my attention
Oh, and I never got the art I wanted. The end.
hi Karl
File: 1437065788567.png (569 KB, 540x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Holding someone up with a fucking bow
>tripfag with a secure tripcode
Does anyone have that story with someone who had a crazy weeb friend that tried injecting them with a syringe of their blood in the name of magic protection or some shit?
Glad to amuse
What? this seems like a good story, gimmie
I don't really have any specifics, but good lord going to art school provides me with a lot of cringe, especially in the weeby respect. I have one cringe story, although it's not so much weeby as it is generally cringey
either way, share. cringe for the cringe gods and all that
File: EtgTAUj.png (330 KB, 486x443) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
330 KB, 486x443
Okay, I'm down to share
>Be me, freshman year of college with no friends
>Meet a small group of people with similar sort of weeby interests, and we bond and hang a lot
>One of the girls of the group we'll call Tea. Tea is a small, asian girl who everyone assumes is Japanese
>She's really quiet at first, but soon opens up to be a really fun, mildly perverted person
>Then there's one of the guys, we'll call Bruce
>Alex is pretty cringey right off the bat, but he has aspergers so we try to be a little more accepting with some of the stuff he says
>Throughout the year, he talks with us about stuff none of us particularly care about, such as MLP and abridged versions of a bunch of series and we humor him with some of it
>Eventually Bruce and Tea become closer friends, hang out sometimes outside school and talk more frequently
>It's pretty evident that Bruce is interested in Tea, but Tea has a boyfriend and makes it clear that they're very happy together
>The longer time goes on, the creepier Bruce becomes with how he acts
>Tea comes to me and tells me she's becoming very uncomfortable with some of the stuff he's saying to her, such as how she dresses like his ideal goth waifu and sending her pictures of ships saying "I'm X and you're Y in this picture"
>I suggest she tell him that she's uncomfortable, and she does so, telling him she needs space
>A few days later, Bruce messages me asking for advice, specifically how to deal with a friend asking for space
>I tell him honestly, giving said friend some time to think would be the best idea
>He then goes on to explain how he's jealous that she's talking to other people and not giving him as much attention
>Says he thought it was a good idea to "have a cute girl as a friend, but then I fell for her" and dumb shit like that
>Turns out since he wouldn't stop talking to her even after asking for space, she just told him "leave me alone"
>Classes started getting a little more awkward, with Bruce trying desperately to pull Tea into random conversations he would have with us
>Keeps messaging me for advice and I always tell him the same thing; "Just do your best to get over whatever crush you have even if it's hard"
>It's obvious Bruce doesn't give a shit about what I'm saying
>Eventually in one of out facebook chats, another friend of ours chews out Bruce, we'll call this other friend Jake
>Jake is in the military, not exactly in shape but he's still a pretty big guy compared to Bruce
>Jake pretty much tells Bruce to fuck off and quit making Tea uncomfortable
>Turns into Bruce messaging me with whatever sob story about that and how everyone thinks he's the antichrist etc etc
>He tells me about how his parents say that Tea is entirely in the wrong, she's not in a real relationship because it's long-distance, which turns into this theory about how Tea has parent issues which gave her a loli complex, something giving her a big brother complex, and turning to online relationships because of past abuse
>I'm very uncomfortable and cut off the conversation at this point because I don't want to hear that shit
>Over the next week everything continues like this, constant messages from Bruce asking for advice because he's still messaging Tea but "doesn't want to seem like a creeper"
>Then we have a bad day in class
The one who tried to climb out the bathroom window at a zoo?
Well fuck. Couldn't you just trace over one of your shooped pics though? It'd be better than waiting for some insane lady to give you non-jizzface trace in return for google-inspired rp.
Glad you noped the fuck out of that one.
if yes, its posted over in the cosplay/lolita horror thread.
>Then we have a bad day in class
File: SvU8b.jpg (87 KB, 702x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 702x692
>One day in life drawing, Bruce decides that hovering around me, Tea, and another friend is a good idea
>keeps asking awkward questions, Tea is very visibly uncomfortable
>After about another minute of hovering, Tea bolts from the room to a different classroom, and all of us are kind of in shock
>she messages me apologizing, saying that she was just too uncomfortable and that she had to go to another room because she started crying
>Tea winds up leaving school early, with everyone else in my group being extremely distant from Bruce at this point because we didn't think it'd ever get this bad
>Bruce begins messaging me asking if I think he's a bad person, how he hates himself and so on, but he eventually begins insulting Tea while he's talking to me
>I'd held my tongue up until this point because honestly I was always mildly scared that if we all stopped talking to him he'd bring a gun to school or some shit
>I finally tear him a new one, telling him that he can't blame anyone else or try to get asspats at this point because the damage was done
>He continues with the pity messages and asking if we can be friends, which I say is fine because in my mind, him talking to me distracts him from trying to talk to Tea
>Spend the rest of the year listening to dumb jokes about Jojo abridged or how I should draw some crossover or something
>Tea, Jake, and I go into classes for our 3D major while Bruce goes into classes for illustration
>We don't see Bruce much anymore, but still get secondhand cringe stories from another friend in illustration

It's not the cringiest thing, but during the year it was pretty bad. He still tries to hold conversations with me and tell me how he doesn't have a job/his parents are paying for his supplies which he blows on comics, and he always tries to talk to me about husbandos and shit. If it adds anything to the story, Jake from my friend group went to Dashcon and talked about how much he enjoyed it
File: ohhellno.png (13 KB, 198x153) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Jake from my friend group went to Dashcon
>he enjoyed it

What the fuck.
I'm going to try to keep this cohesive, but I knew this girl for about 15 years so it might get off. Sorry.

>hung out mostly with weeb/geek group in school
>we had the fortune of being mostly aware of our own geekiness and thus could self-police ourselves and only let the weird shit out while in the group
>except one girl, who I will call Sugar
>Sugar would swear up and down that she was not like us, she was not a geek, she just liked hanging out with us
>yet no one squealed as loudly during romancey or ship-teasing moments in Anime Club
>no one bought half as much dvds or merch
>and for sure no one consumed near as much pocky or ramune (bought from Suncoast of course)
>now Sugar was a big girl, as many weeb girls are
>not just weight wise, but height wise as well
>i had the luck of being slightly taller, so Sugar convinced herself we were the same size
>I was (and still am) a 12/14, where Sugar was already in size 18 when we first met in 8th grade, and proceeded to reach about a 24 by high school
>Nonetheless, since we both were plus sized, Sugar declared we could totally share clothes and would bully me into lending her my fandom tshirts and cosplays
>somehow we end up 'best friends' because we are both 'big and beautiful' and she is over my house constantly
>my family, while aware of my geeky interests, had no prior experience with weeb behaviour since I keep that shit with friends
>my dad visibly cringes every time this girl squeals
>which is frequent because everything on my farm is "SOOOOO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIII"
>she's only tolerated because she's the only friend i've brought home all year
>she's also one of those that mimics behavior from her flavor-of-the-month fandom
>sleeps "like a vampire", sits in chairs like L, gives people confusing nicknames that change frequently
>i know this is all pretty run of the mill stuff but it does get weird in the next bit
where do you live?

sounds like you're just unnatractive or so much of a crap bag no one wants to be around you.
with that comment and picture you used i'm guessing its both.
God damn it those were the good old days
>>8815342 sorry net shit out
>by high school i had more friends, and so I had an actual party for my 16th birthday with friends and family
>us weeb kids are all hanging out in my room when Sugar suddenly comes in and slams door behind her
>she points at me and demands I tell her why I invited boys here
>but i didn't invite any boys, its just 4 or 5 girls and my family
>she drags me to door, opens it a crack and points out
>no thats my cousin, he's a few months younger and lives on the neighboring farm
>she goes wide eyed and scolds me for never introducing her to my 'bishie' cousin
>please note that my cousin was, like most of my family, very stereotype redneck farmer
>for the next three years she would obsess over him
>she would invite us on group trips to see movies or whatever that mysteriously everyone else would drop out of at the last minute
>pretty sure i only ended up included because he wouldn't go out with her alone
>she would come over my house just to stare over the fence at him
>she tried to steal my sketchbook a few times because he had doodled in it
>tried to steal family photos with him in them
>even wormed her way into as many family gatherings as possible
>a lot of the things she'd invite me out to I knew I was only going because he had turned her down
>all of our drawfriends she'd bully into drawing him and her as chibis
>it was really weird but i don't think i got how weird it was at the time since most of my friends had some celebrity or anime crush too
Many years ago, nearly forgotten until this thread wrenched the memories to the front of my mind like a freshly salted wound. Th-thanks.

>Doing cartoon/anime-themed halloween party at brother's place
>Go as Spike Spiegel (hair was a mess though)
>Night is going well
>Loli fetish going balls to the wall tonight
>More people show up, including "Cherry"
>"Cherry" ate a sailor moon girl, shat on her uniform, then wore it
>Trailer park must have shut the water off the week before idk
>Made awful poses as if she watched show only once 10 years ago
>She really wants pics with me and I'm fine with just that
>Wants to take more pics, then again, and again
>Put up with it
>Third time she grabs my butt while posing for the pic
>Fourth time, she puts her hand down my pants
>Felt fingers trying to wriggle into my anus
>W T F strafe mode activated, thrusters to full
>She finds me and apologizes
>I notice her fresh heroin marks
>Oh god why does this happen to me
>She tries making a move on me again
>Nope nope nope fuck this
>Boldly walk up to amazingly cute lolita and talk
>Not only is it DIAMONDS, but in full view of Sailor Moonpie
>Cherry gets mad, immediately leaves and takes like half the food
>She tells people *I* tried slipping a finger in her instead
>Nobody believes her

Never once saw her wash her hands so I was scrubbing doorknobs and doorjams and counter-tops with Mr. Clean shit for like 3 days.
this part is kind of hard for me to talk about so i'll try to keep it basic
>fast forward to us being just out of high school
>in the middle of the summer my cousin went missing
>my family (and Sugar) were understandably upset
>we all thought he ran away because of issues at home and stuff he had said to friends, so we were contacting border patrols and neighboring states where we thought he might have gone to
>Sugar seems to take charge and is handing out fliers she made herself at grocery stores and such
>they're cutesied up and photoshopped and not helpful in any way
>after nearly two weeks, i wake up to see cop cars in my uncle's driveway
>to save you the details, my cousin killed himself
>spend most of day in shock, eventually realize i have to tell Sugar
>she doesn't seem to understand at first, then screams and throws the phone so hard that i can hear it smash before the line goes dead
>hear nothing from her for a few days, and glad of it since theres more important stuff to deal with then
>then suddenly she shows up at my house
>with about a gallon of vodka and two bottles of medication
>apparently she had a few nights in the mental ward
>i end up spending the next two or three days stuck with her trying to prevent her ODing or drinking excessively and listening to how badly she will miss him, how much she loved him, and how much this is hurting her
>she is like this right up til the funeral, which she shows up to in extreme mall-goth mode and tries to sit in center front pew with his parents
>she was removed as quietly as possible at this point
>since then we've been trying to steer clear, though being a small town chance encounters are going to happen
>every time i have seen her since this, she's had some kind of memorial item on her person
>having recently gone to the cemetery he is in, i noticed that there's a bunch of weird bad anime fan art plastered to the back of his headstone
god anon, that's horrible. i'm so sorry about your cousin, and that this girl is being so weird about it. best wishes to you and your family.
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>MFW these sweet tears
did i strike a nerve? Please, tell me more about my mother from my one sentence post, internet freud.
File: CYDsB4WWsAINdrS.jpg (31 KB, 599x442) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I notice her fresh heroin marks
Wow, just wow. I hope evrything worked out for her and that her leg healed. Holy shit who acts that way? Hopefully "duri" got some damn therapy in jail.
File: 1436200601193.jpg (38 KB, 384x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I just wanted a free pic from a "good" artist; it was more my own vanity than anything. Learning she just traced it all deflated any prestige I attached to her work and made me realize how low I'd sunk for attention.

>mfw she wrote like shit, stole art, and i wasted months on her because our OCs were probably so insufferable that no one else would put up with us
Duri is probably short for durian, because she's prickly, ugly, and smells like shit.
People don't know common regs. Most states and schools allow bows in a case. It is also bad luck to not keep it close. Even in high school our archery team kept their stuff with them.
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posting some weeaboo horror

kind of confused with 2 threads active, i will try to separate them appropriately
File: 1377132770829.png (521 KB, 1263x2162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1362928653837.jpg (273 KB, 783x1021) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: fdmoKDP.jpg (263 KB, 1191x846) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yo friend, do you have the needle chick story?
File: 1364304458994.png (218 KB, 1633x1517) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 1633x1517

not sure, i can check while waiting for the timer between posts
nope, sorry, deleted some lame stories and that is the end of my dump
Thats kinda hot tho
File: 1399844678227.png (847 KB, 1920x4160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I hope this is what you were referring too.
Jake enjoying Dashcon sounds like the real cringe story we should hear.
>tfw just walked through campus with a axe.
No one stopped me. But I also had a wagon of wood.
I dated this guy a few months ago. He was like really cringy. Best examples:
> he has a Shadow plush hanging from his car rearview mirror and asks it for advice
> he dedicated a bunch of anime openings as "love songs" to me
>he wanted me to speak Japanese during sex even though I don't speak the language.
>he consistently compared himself to Kirito and looked up to him as a role model.
Anyways I broke it off with him after a few weeks and he went completely crazy. He started harassing me through texts. Then he got mad at me for not cosplaying Sword Art Online with him. He said, "I guess I'll just be a Sword Art Online single looking for love that might not ever come." Lost my shit.
not exactly a weeaboo story, but it happened at a con and remains to be one of my weirder con experiences. happened in 2012

>go to homestuck meet because my friend organized it and i wanted to hang with her
>notice an "eridan" cosplayer which was just some fat kid in a whatpumpkin shirt wearing a purple towel as a cape
>watch kid go up to a jane cosplayer who was giving away candy and asks for a lollipop
>watch him proceed to lick the lollipop then stick it on his head
>kid keeps it there for like a minute before forcefully ripping it off and resuming doing this

he did it at least another 5 times. you could actually see sticky bald spots on his head where he managed to rip out a bunch of his hair.
I love that one, someone please post it
I go to an art school too anon. Doesn't help that our biggest major is animation and has twice as many kids as the next biggest major. Yesterday during dinner in the freshman dining hall I saw two girls cosplaying. There are no cons going on remotely near us and I cringed a little
But mine weren't even good. And I forcefully showed them to people
My school offers a film/television major but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go into video game design
Here comes my story, sorry if I fuck up, this isn't my first language
>three years ago I was part of a complete group of sailor moon cosplay, I was Mars, mostly friends with Venus and our leader, Moon
>Moon is way too nice, all the costumes are beautiful, made by her professional seamtress mother, we only had to pay for the materials, wigs and accessories, and also making our weapons
>We work very hard on the coreo and want to win the contest at the small local con, I even travel for hours to get to the rehearsals bc I'm away at uni

Beggining with the proper story and cringe now
>First day we all meet, some old friends and new faces
>Two people I've first met, Pluto, a trans woman with annoying high pitch fake voice, and her gender fluid tomboy bff, Mercury
>At first they seemed fine to me, can dance pretty well and have some ideas for the coreo
>After rehearsal we all eat and talk to get to know eachother better, Pluto and Mercury start to talk about boobs and are quite noisy
>They start to say how big my boobs and Venus's are. lol ok, we are used to it.
>Then Pluto suddenly grabs my tits and I tell "her" to stop. "But anon, I've seen Venus touch them, and I'm a girl too!" yeah, my friend for years does, that does not mean you can too.
>Takes my rejection as some kind of joke and proceeds to try to touch Venus's breasts, but she backs off visibly uncomfortable, and then they go away, no more of this bullshit with us in the following rehearsals


The only time you would ever cosplay a Vocaloid character is probably in Japan. doing it in the west is risking landwhales flocking to you.

Now the con is very soon, so we have a final rehearsal with complete costumes and to check if everyone has done their jobs.
>Everything looks fine, we are very proud
>Then I overhear a coneversation between Moon, her husband and Venus about Pluto and Mercury and join to ask what is wrong
>They look pissed and finally tell me that Moon has paid for both of their wigs (she did it to make sure they would get quality ones) and also accs and weapons, but they promised they would pay her before the con
>I get really mad, but my friends ask me to not tell anything yet bc they dont want to ruin the mood untill the contest, bc the rest of girls would get mad too etc.
>I accept, but I'll make sure this is sorted out right after the contest

Then comes the con, and here was a bonus on my hate
>The day before the contest I'm wearing a steampunk costume I made myself (shitty desu, but I was proud)
>When Pluto and Mercury see me they come running and screaming "SUGOOI"
>I was like, fuck now I have to be nice to them... and then noticed Pluto had a coffe in her hand right after they clashed on me
>Coffe all over my clothes
>I get super angry, and they are like "Oh anon, I'm so sorry, pls forgive me, I was just so exited to see you..."
>I tell them to leave me alone and go to the bathroom to clean my costume in tears of pure anger
>At least it was mostly black so the stains weren't too noticeable

Past years Vocaloid cosplays was pretty popular

I'm just worried at where to cosplay one at. maybe Anime Expo?
And finally, the contest day, everything goes well and we get the second prize, so we are really happy. After the celebration, Moon and Venus go to talk to Pluto and Mercury about the money.

>They claim to be broke and say they will pay little by little
>What the actual fuck. We all knew they had bought some merch at the con, and supposed they had the money to pay her too, even knowing they were poorfags
>There was not much we could do right there, so Moon accepted

This is when shit turns ugly
>As moon is too nice, Venus gives them some friendly reminders to pay her, and after MONTHS they give her only a part of the money
>When Venus asks them when can they pay the rest Pluto says she wont, and obv the other girls in the gorup get mad and talk to her too
>After this, Venus starts to get threatens online by Pluto, saying she knows where she lives and will beat her to death, that sort of things
>Reminder that is a trans woman, who happens to be almost 2 meters tall, with man muscles, and venus is quite small, so she gets scared
>Pluto claims that she has paid all that she owes to moon and that they are trying to steal from her and to make her look like the bad one
>Nobody believes her bullshit exept for Mercury, who defends her

In the end, Moon asked us to let it go, she didn't cared about the money, but was mostly pissed for what happened to Venus. Now they don't show up at cons bc everyone knows the truth about how fucked up they are.
File: 1452441280959.jpg (15 KB, 380x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>all these "I'm a damsel in distress" stories

Give me something that will make me cringe for real. Not self-insert fanfic tier shit.
what are you even on about
File: 1437847657741.jpg (256 KB, 720x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't know if this counts as weeaboo horror but this happened a few days ago and I really need to share it.

>be university student
>weeaboo/koreaboo girl in my major has started clinging to me when she found out I wear lolita, let’s call her Weeb
>keeps calling me kawaii, talks about how she wishes she could fit sugoi Asian clothes, seems convinced that I am somehow part Japanese or Korean even after seeing photos of my 100% white trash family
>so basically the usual weeaboo nonsense

>follows me into study group
>one Asian girl in study group, let’s call her Karin
>Weeb starts obsessing over her, wondering “what kind of Asian” she is
>openly fantasises to me about how she would become bffs with Karin and be invited to visit her glorious homeland and have adventures just like in her animes and dramas and maybe even meet some bishie oppas and get married and have haffu babies
>“Even if she’s Chinese that’s okay because she could help me navigate Taobao!”
>refuses to just go and ask Karin where she’s from for whatever reason

File: 1414724629638.jpg (82 KB, 400x267) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 400x267
>fast forward to thursday
>dude in study group is reading the news on his laptop, goes “hey have you guys heard about the terrorist attack in Asia?”
>Weeb’s ears prick up when she hears “Asia”, probably concerned about her bishie oppas
>everyone starts crowding around the dude’s laptop
>attack on mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, not sure yet how many dead or wounded
>Weeb lets out an obnoxious sigh of relief when she sees it happened in Indonesia because that’s apparently “not really Asia”
>she says this while staring straight at Karin for approval or something I guess
>meanwhile Karin is staring at the laptop screen with her mouth wide open, tears welling up in her eyes
>turns out Karin is Indonesian and used to visit the mall in question with her family all the time
>rest of study group tries to console Karin while I wrestle Weeb out of the room and scold her in the hallway for being a heartless bitch while she’s angrily mumbling something about “fake Asians” and how Karin misled her
>I think I managed to convince her to go and stay go since she was nowhere to be seen yesterday
>if not and she shows up again next week I guess we’ll just have to see what happens

Karin later managed to contact her friends and family in Jakarta and nobody she knows got hurt, fortunately.
There are just some really cringey autistic people who just don't understand social boundaries and norms, and then there are sociopaths like this.
I'm not even that bad usually and I managed to say 'good for him' after a friend told me about how someone he knew being killed in military training
for context: an ex I am still close with is going to military training very soon, part of why we broke up (other reasons being no time to spend together and LDR). mind shut down completely with panic/paranoia and I needed to get away from the situation.
guess that can sort of be considered a weeaboo horror story too..
You inspired this
There's not as much to the Jake enjoying DashCon story, but I'll share at my next break if you guys are interested
Do it.
Holy shit how did you even end up with him in the first place!?
sailor moonpie kek
jesus fucking christ
Fresh in, guys. My 6AM story about clubbing earlier.

>Be me
>hears a whispered 'kawaii......'
>I shouldn't turn around
>bitch don't fucking do it
>turns around
>Girl in a lacy 'lolita' dress with those neko mimi that move with your 'thoughts'
>Holy shit
>This girl goes on about anime for almost 40 minutes because she's had about three pills and too many drinks and she just will. not. shut. up.

I wasn't even wearing anything cute, but I dug my own grave by turning around and responding to her. God help me. I thought weebs were meant to hate drugs and alcohol. If you've ever had someone pinging talk to you, then you know how bad it is. Imagine them going on about Rosen Maiden and 'gossu rori' (her pronunciation) because she's sooo lolita.
What in Fuck's Christ's Name is with all this menstrual blood? This makes that story about girls in Japan mixing it in their valentines honmei-choco-desu seem like it might have not actually been a hoax...?
>Mixing menstrual blood in valentines day chocolates
I will fucking marry you for that. Holy shit.
File: S1_10.jpg (42 KB, 450x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 450x337
>I thought weebs were meant to hate drugs and alcohol
You honestly believed something like that?
Idk when I was thirteen and still a member of the local society they all did except for the neckbeards who smoked outside.
And this is including the 18+ people. They drank, but together, and never went clubbing. That was seven years ago but idk I thought it would be the same here, we're very very small.so I thought that stereotypes would stick with their stereotypes and not deviate so extremely.
Ask and you shall receive, anon

>one of the first days of class, before I really got to know anyone
>teacher's gone one day, so everyone starts getting to know each other
>hear a few kids at the next table talking about anime and homestuck, so I listen in.
>one of them happened to be Jake, and he mentioned how he went to DashCon
>another girl at the table freaks out a little, makes jokes about the ballpit and all the other memes from right after
>Jake insists that it wasn't that bad and how everyone making jokes wasn't actually there
>follows this with talking about how he had to call his dad to borrow an extra 200 dollars for the missing money fiasco
>Later once we're friends he brags that he can be seen in the ballpit photos and that he helped create a meme
>wears one of those garbage tumblr hoodies to school all the time
Not Japan but this is the honest to god truest of stories from South Korea

>major kpop boy band
>fans send in letters and presents, pretty common
>except band starts getting love letters from a few girls
>letters written in blood
>one even rumored to contain pubic hairs
>crazed fans even take pictures of these love letters
>the blood in them in menstrual blood

It was a huge deal back in the day right along crazed "anti-fans" that blinded one female singer with chemicals in a water gun and another who tried to kill another boy band member with super glue injected into a bottle of drink.
This. Also other sports teams carry their equipment and a field hockey stick seems way scarier to be threatened with.
More sad than anything, but my sister used to be friends with a very, very obese girl who lived and breathed Sailor Moon and Naruto. She had a shitty life and they were her escape, and her parents and step-parents made up for not giving her any sort of positive attention by showering her with gifts on her bday/Christmas. One of those presents was a Sailor Venus cosplay.
On the last day of school, they were allowed to wear normal clothes instead of uniforms. What did Sad Girl wear? Why, her Sailor Venus cosplay, of course. But it was more original than Sailor Venus, because she had modified it into Sailor Sexy No Jutsu. It was from eBay so it was pretty much splitting at the seams and painfully short, so she 'fixed' it by gluing strips from a torn-up orange t-shirt onto the skirt and drawing the Naruto symbols all over the damn thing. In marker. The tiara was replaced by a Naruto headband, ofc.
She honestly looked like a spray-painted, patchy Cheeto with giant ants crawling all over her. The worst part was that the bodice ended up tearing in the middle of class, and she had to be picked up by her mum while trying to hide the enormous split that went up to her armpit and her fat was bulging out so she couldn't even hold it shut properly.
My sister said it basically turned into a school joke, people started yelling 'SEXY NO JUTSU! SAILOR SPLIT!' at her whenever there weren't any teachers around and she had to move schools. We felt so bad for her but she got some new (fitting) clothes from her family after that so it wasn't all bad.
Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I hope you and your family are doing okay.
Yeah, she's a mess, but wow those are some shitty brats.
What the everloving fuck.
File: 1448989285343.jpg (34 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 413x395
>you could actually see sticky bald spots on his head where he managed to rip out a bunch of his hair.
She was a major pain and an asshole to people for a year before she realised that being a friendless tit wasn't a good career path, so most of the people who were assholes were doing it to get back at her. Still a dick move, though...
No first-hand--or even second-hand--experience with this, thank god, because if I did I'd have killed myself. But if you garglge "honmei choco menstrual" you'll see about 200 stories come up from Feb 2014 about translated tweets and blogposts supposedly from girls talking about how they mix in their "special ingredients" for their "love potion," including blood (menstrual or otherwise), spit, and ground-up hair--but mostly menstrual blood (most magical of all, esp. if you can get it fresh, you see...ah, love). It was probably all bullshit, just female trolls on the 'net having fun grossing out all the guys in their class for once, but god there were a lot of tweets about it. There was also at least one full-up story from a guy that claimed to have melted down his chocolate and found clotted blood, but that too was probably just BS.

Or so I thought, but then I read these stories here, and now I'm having all my sweet images from all the high school anime I so loved being stabbed, repeatedly, drowning in a pool of blood....
That's it! Thanks anon!
>u mad
try harder like when you tongue my ass
File: 1439309371176.gif (898 KB, 540x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
898 KB, 540x400
>Responding to a u mad with another u mad
I believe you forgot about koreaboos
What's with the fleek thing? That's quite a normalfag thing in the UK now. Does it have weebie origins?
it's just more nig-latin like s,mh or f,am
File: 1451431948529.jpg (97 KB, 480x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 480x640

reminds me of when i started school


>asian lolita
>moved to America to start gradschool
>ivy league school with famous art program
>no anime club
>older grad students
>never met a weaboo IRL, only in 4ch threads
>we should be OK right??


>meet L
>L is a guy from CT, one year my senior
>super long hair, speaks in a squeaky voice
>quiet, shy, softspoken
>not many friends, but no alarm bells
>OK we become friends
what are you doing

don't do that selfie avatar thing

just stop
this all could fit in one post.

those aren't my pics. I just posted them since I was looking at buying british bear skirt...

also forgot to add, i'm in an mfa program

>L signs up for every class i take even though he's graduating and shouldn't be taking 1st year classes
>all his artwork is anime-drawn-realistic
>fanart crap
>rei masterbating to the bible
>sailormoon orgies
>rozen maiden bdsm
>teachers tell him to stop
>ignores advice, thinks faculty is out to get him
>you're my only friend anon

>fasttrack 3 months
>i'm in charge of spring exhibition
This is off topic but I wouldn't count you as plus size
>those aren't my pics. I just posted them since I was looking at buying british bear skirt...
get off of 4chan. if you can't look at how you are posting, and how others have posted their stories, and see the difference, you do not belong here.

>really busy has no time to deal with him whining
>texts me everyday
>anon where are you
>anon i miss you
>messages get creepier and creepier
>anon you're my muse
>attached pic
>sketch fucking awful scene of a lolita that looks like me being raped by guns
>blocks all contact, ignores him since i have a spring show to run

>collects all submissions for the show
>one of them by him, it's a film
>bad feeling
>he took scenes from different magical girl series and mixed them with his own artwork of faceless lolitas being gang-raped with his voice narrating
>horrified since some of the dresses pictured are the prints i own
>wants to complain but i can't since he didn't break any exhibition rules
Aus or Britt?
Not exactly a horror story or anything dramatic, but it's cringe worthy typical weeb stuff.

I live in a small city and I was looking into starting a kimono club, where people get together, wear their kimono and go to a restaurant, cafe, or garden or park and hang out. It definitely can attract a lot of weebs but it's also an opportunity to meet new friends, so whatever. Plus if there are any particularly awkward people, there's an opportunity to educate them about wearing kimono properly, etc

Anyways through facebook I recently found a kimono group that already exists in the area. Basically they are 3 overweight extremely awkward white women who are into geisha culture and call themselves geisha and even give themselves Japanese geimei (a name given to a geisha when she debuts, it's kind of a big deal and not something some stupid foreigner should be calling themselves) They also say they are an okiya, or geisha house. They pose in dark, messy rooms in photos taken with flash, with their cheap Chinese made fans and paper umbrellas. They all have really greasy hair that is never styled nicely and I just feel bad for them.

The worst part is how they wear kimono. They don't seem to have any real ones, just ones they badly made themselves. The musubi (knot) on the back is falling over and looks their obi looks like it was made out of a thin fabric, not stiff like it should be. They're so overweight that that their obi is bunching in on itself and is tied tightly with no padding (the proper silhouette of a kimono is a cylinder) but instead their silhouette is bunchy and round. They have photos of themselves at a con with clown make up and wigs (complete with glasses?) with kimono that was put on them by another person. As someone who loves kimono it's just really frustrating to see people abuse them like that.

I won't post photos because because that's a really shitty thing to do, but my description really doesn't do them justice.

>grow up in super religious household led by a literally schizo mother
>4 siblings, homeschooled, "poor" (she hoarded money and refused us normal shit like medicine because it was "too expensive")
>schizo mom has a habit of banishing random shit from the house if she thinks it's evil
>anything from Narnia books (magic=evil, and religious analogy makes Narnia extra blasphemous) to Cabbage Patch dolls (the manufacturers apparently dedicated them to Satanic forces) to toys we get "too attached to" (making them idols by loving them too much)
>develop habit of feigning disinterest in things i like, to keep them from becoming targets
>this becomes a neurotic compulsion even when things are less hellish at home
>struggle to admit to enjoying anything even in safe situations, echo mom's habit of mocking anything that seems weird or too serious

At age 14:

>go to friend's house
>she is 100% weeaboo, makes me watch dubbed Sailor Moon, calls herself Serena
>she is blissfully immune to my mocking of her favorite show
>argues with me rationally and ends up persuading me that this is good shit
>she sends me home with SM manga where she's called Bunny
>hide that shit, but big sis finds it
>shows it to mom, "look at this cool comic anon brought!"
>mom pitches fit
>rips the book up in front of me
>makes me call Serena and tell her i can't be friends with witches


Fast forward two years.

>secretly love anime
>have developed ways to hide my powerlevel
>family is a lot less religious, mom seems more stable
>still hide and hoard my small collection of fanart and images printed from the web
>one day big sis decides she loves anime too and wants to show mom
>i beg her not to
>suprise twist: mom LOVES cowboy bebop
>like, crazy levels of love
>before i know it, she is mixing Yoko Kanno music in with her usual light Christian pop fare
>listen to anime jazz and Steven Curtis Chapman on the way to church
>tells me "See you, space cowboy" if i leave the house
>calls me Ed if i spend too much time on the computer
>her and big sis begin watching other anime together
>i watch with them, weirded out that this is all somehow okay now
>mom even makes bible lessons out of specific epidodes (Vash is totally a Christ figure fyi)
>i'm just like, "uh, okay."

The kicker?

>Narnia, LotR, non-Christian WESTERN music still not allowed
>non-anime cartoons not allowed
>specific anime like NGE not allowed
>finally, frustrated, ask her why some anime is okay but not others and why secular anime OSTs are okay but i can't even listen to Christian rock
>her rationale, paraphrased: "anon, America is a special nation and the devil has his hands in the entertainment industry here. he just isn't as aggressive in Japan because there are fewer Christians there, so a lot of what gets made in Japan isn't dedicated to evil. it would be a waste of Satan's time to attack Christians there the way he does it here!"
>i decide arguing is pointless and go download some hentai for Jesus
>i decide arguing is pointless and go download some hentai for Jesus
Best thing I've read all day
>i decide arguing is pointless and go download some hentai for Jesus
Yikes though. Sorry you had to deal with that mother as a kid. That's really terrible.
File: loz scary.gif (297 KB, 300x157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
loz scary.gif
297 KB, 300x157
> Going to first convention ever, about 16 at the time.
> First cosplay as Jareth from Labyrinth, all put together with things I bought (didn't know how to sew so it was mediocre now that I think about it).
> Wearing grey leggings instead of pants (sorry)
> I'm enjoying the convention, people really like the costume and I'm so excited to be getting this attention
> Fatty-chan spots me from across the hall, runs down to me
> Gross older lady, probably in her 30s with ugly glasses slapped on her face, greasy hair pulled back in a ponytail
> Looks like the kind of bitch you see working at a Tim hortons in the middle of a small town where the population is a result of generational incest
> Says she would love a hug from one of her favourite characters
> I'm already a tall girl, about 5'7 and was wearing heeled black boots which made some ppl mistake me for a man
> Say sure, not thinking anything of it
> Fucking dirty lady wraps her hands around to my ass and starts squeezing my butt
> Mumbles some fucked up shit, can't remember because heart is pounding out of chest thinking THIS IS NOT RIGHT
> creep says thank you and that i have a nice ass
> fucking book it out of there, try to avoid her the whole time.
>>I overheard him to talking with one of the club execs about how he's gonna dress me up in sexy lolita clothes and gang rape me with his friends until the ahegao face gets stuck as my face

Haha, holy fuck. I'd befriend this guy. He sounds like a blast, aside from the autist rage.
No, with pistols.
That's the answer I was hoping for

I believed your story right up to the point mark started brandishing his bow in full sight. Go easy with the embellishments next time
File: 518674.jpg (75 KB, 300x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Looks like the kind of bitch you see working at a Tim hortons in the middle of a small town where the population is a result of generational incest

Oh my fucking god
If it's alright to ask are you black? Two of my black friends have similar crazy religious mom stories.
shit, back in the day I borrowed my friend's Itachi cosplay and had similar shit happen.
never crossplayed again

I'm 6'
not nearly as bad as some posts in this thread but...

>a friend, lets call her A, and I decide to go to a con neither of us have ever been to that’s like a 4 hour drive away
>it’s her first ever con and like my 5th
>get to the con, we’re walking around enjoying ourselves while A gets her drink on, cause it’s that kind of con, but I don’t cause DD and we’re staying at a motel down the road
>A sees a decently attractive dude cosplaying as someone from a game she liked
>asks the dude for a pic and then starts chatting him up asking what there is to do cause we’ve never been to this con before
>dude’s super friendly toward A cause she’s a little tipsy at this point and she’s a pretty attractive girl
>we all head to the game room
>on the way there the dude introduces us to some of his friends that happen to pass by
>once we get there, the 3 of us sit down and start taking turns playing some 2 player fighting game
>A wins against the dude and he suddenly starts making out with her
>she’s a little startled but goes with it as I sit there as the super awkward third wheel just kind of stunned
>dude invites A over to his hotel cause he and his friends, that we meet earlier and that he said he was rooming with, were having a party
>A is super ok with this, but I’m getting some real bad feelings about it
>end up telling the dude A and I need to run back to our motel to drop our stuff and whatnot and that A will text him when she’s heading over
>get back to our motel and I start telling A about how I don’t think this is a good idea
File: 1452552031360.jpg (31 KB, 540x398) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 540x398
>she’s started to sober up at this point and realizes that it does sound like a pretty stupid idea, plus she says she’d rather sleep than party since we had just driven 4 hours and then spent the rest of the day walking around the con
>she texted him about how she might not be able to make it and she’s really sorry
>he’s starting to get pretty angry that she’s not coming, bringing up the fact that they made out and how she was must have been leading him on
>keeps going on about how he was REALLY looking forward to her coming over and he kept promising she’d have a night to remember and how he wanted to make her first con REALLY special
>she texts him and says she’s actually really tired and isn’t gonna make it, and that she’ll try and find him tomorrow so they hang out and maybe get a drink
>he never responded
>next day we see the group of friends he introduced us to and we ask how the party went
>they’re super confused
>A mentions that the dude invited her to a party in their room
>they’re even more confused, saying they weren’t rooming with him and that they had just met him at the con yesterday
>A and I both realize what almost happened to her
>we never seen that dude the rest of the weekend
>mfw my friend almost got raped at her very first con
Thanks anon

Nope, very white. White trash religious homeschool circles are a special kind of insanity.
>>develop habit of feigning disinterest in things i like, to keep them from becoming targets
>>this becomes a neurotic compulsion even when things are less hellish at home
>>struggle to admit to enjoying anything even in safe situations, echo mom's habit of mocking anything that seems weird or too serious
holy shit are you me
this is actually pretty tame buuuut its one of the few things i've directly experienced. i also uploaded this on weebstories so apologies if anyone has seen it!

>Going to small convention with my girls, it's our super lazy not give a fuck about anything con.
>Go as homestucks because we fucking hate ourselves and I had promised friend we would be her old HS otp.
>Understand the risks of presenting selves as homestucks when 99 percent of homestucks today are socially retarded splotchy painted horrors.
>even though the year before we had witnessed the horror of three homestuck cosplayers running around screeching, one riding on the other's shoulders
>with cardboard horns on headbands, paint so thin you could see the fingermarks
>they mimed running into the wall repeatedly, over and over, shrieking like toddlers the whole time
>Flash forward to actual firsthand experience
>It's friday, I'm kankri, we are talking to a friend; there was a mixup with a con and she had been promised a room for volunteering to help with panels and such.
>a little ways before the con she had been asking me if she could stay with us just in case it didn't get resolved, so now in person we were making sure she did, in fact, get her room sorted out
>As we are talking, I see movement behind me out of the corner of my eye
>Turn around
>Some girl I have never met in my life who happens to be cosplaying nepeta is doing clawing/scratching post miming silently behind me
>I become the physical manifestation of ????
>"Can I help you?"
>Friend begins choking back giggles because apparently I sounded like i had severe serial killer intonation while saying this
>Nepeta runs off giggling herself with no explanation for her behavior or response to my question
>Assume I scared her off for the rest of the con but I'm wrong
>Next day, decide to indulge morbid fascination by attending the HS photoshoot, then go back to con floor/hotel and chill in the lobby
>Group of homestucks loudly screeching in the corner, suddenly a mituna makes their way towards me
>it's the nepeta
>fear nibbles at my soul
>i think I literally blocked out and repressed the exact memory of what she said but let me attempt to paraphrase:
>"ERIDAN! your dancestor has possessed sollux! We need you to come over and use your WHITE MAGICKS to exorcise the evil spirit!"
>Try to be polite and gently but firmly refuse
>The mituna continues to plead with me, confused by my rejection
>Keep saying no
>Start to feel legitimate fear that I might get dragged off by force
>Luckily this doesn't happen, and the rest of the con proceeds without incident; the girl was like thirteen so i hoped she would grow out of it
>flash forward to a month later, out to dinner with same friends
>one mentions the nepeta; says that aparently she's infamous in the local con circuit, has been kicked out of cons for being drunk in public, was drunk the whole time at this con, and is an adult
>alarmed, because that would explain a LOT, but not quite sure i believe it; i was so sure this girl was like twelve
>two years later, still have no idea whether or not she was an adult woman
Thank you guys. This was nearly 10 years ago (which is what really makes the anime fanart on his grave extra creepy) so we've had some time to deal with it. Still hurts and I kind of hate going home since I'm guaranteed to run into her somewhere.

You gotta shove some Toonami in there man. Never forget our roots.

Maybe, but a lot of places only carry up to 12 here so I shop at a lot of plus size places. Besides, being 5'11" usually means going up to 16 and tailoring down just to get everything long enough.

>White trash religious homeschool circles are a special kind of insanity.

I used to go to a catholic elementary school. Two of my friends (twins) were taken out of the school because the school started requiring vaccines, and according to whatever drivel their mom told them, it wasn't very catholic because vaccines, I kid you not, were made from 'aborted baby lungs.'
was pocky and ramune available in the US in the 90s?

Pocky and yam yam used to be my snack when I was 7 or so which was 1998. Not sure about ramune though.
In middle school I used to ride the bus with this girl down the road who lived in a trailer and her family were pretty redneck religious. This was during the big Pokemon trading card craze and she had to hide hers under her mattress until her mother found them and burned them in front of her, saying she had brought the work of the devil into their home.
toonami was more of a 00's thing.

Real niggas ordered shit off the rite stuff catalouges, which you had to pay 5 fucking dollars just for the goddamn catalouge.
It's always a fucking Karl
File: weeb meet.png (34 KB, 944x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
weeb meet.png
34 KB, 944x417
>went to convention with friend
>friend is small sized and I'm tall, very obvious height gap
>was waiting for other friends to show up
>saw a big dude and he's staring at us, standard weaboo gear and all, wearing some anime girl T-shirt and backpack, didn't pay too much attention
>proceeded to approach us
>without speaking anything, he lifted my friend in a bridal carry
>friend was shrieking and screaming for help, guy was shouting lines like 'OH MY WAIFU I FOUND YOU YOU ARE SO CUTE PLEASE BE MY WAIFU'
>my friend isn't even cosplaying the character he is wearing on his shirt wtf
>shouts at him to let her go, tries to intimidate him with my height
>"Oneesama wanna join? Too bad I like lolis better. Maybe next time!"
>so pissed I cannot
>thank goodness other guys saw it and approach us
>told them the situation and the guys forced him to let her go without injuring her
>Weeaboo dude is angry and claiming we stop him from getting his waifu
>Friend is pissed as hell, shouting at him and all
>at the end security came and escort him out
Yay! You're welcome, it's one of my favs too!
please post pics i wanna see this trainwreck with my own eyes
>Be a 14 year old social outcast who knows nothing about social norms
>Made my own Fem Ezio cosplay from scratch, first time making my own costume and being in Assassin's Creed fandom
>Still pretty naive at cons, walking around
>This very tall, adult Ezio comes over to me, grabs my hand and kisses it with zero warning
>Having no male interaction ever, very flattered and not creeped out by this
>Later adds me on fb
>Find out he's 25, tell him I'm 14
>He has no problem with this, keeps talking
>Later asks me if I want to do a Ezio x Fem!Ezio photoshoot, involving kissing
>My dumb ass doesn't recognize this red flag, but never went to it anyway thank dog
>Some weeks later he tells me a friend is having a cosplay webshow and wants me, tiny 14 y/o, to come to his apartment alone in nyc for it
>He stops talking to me after awhile bc he eventually got a gf

>Later be 17, got multiple friends and learn whats normal and acceptable in social interactions
>Think about this occurrence
>Shrivel up inside

I wish I had the screencaps of the fb conversation :\
I didn't want my mom to somehow get into my fb and find the logs and ban me from anime conventions / cosplay so I always deleted them right after, as per this Ezio's request. -_- Should've just archived them
And how old are you now because the emoticons make me think you're still too young to be on this board.

Now a different guy, actually kinda weeaboo. I just saw the title and realized it's not general con horror, sorry

>Be 14, same cosplay at a con with a couple friends
>My friend and her mom leave me and other girl (I think 15/16) friend alone in the grass outside, we just chill a bit
>Sweaty, bulbous ham man barrels up the hill towards us
>Sits himself down with us without asking, his breath is heavy and smelly
>I forget who my friend was cosplaying, but it was from a mecha anime and had a short skirt + knee high socks
>I'm all covered in my FemEzio cosplay, so he doesn't pay attention to me at first
>Talks to my obviously uncomfortable friend about mecha anime for a long time, senseless smalltalk
>Finally asks for pictures of my friend who complies
>Low angle shots, wonder where he's aiming -_-
>I turn my head, he notices I'm a girl and goes "Oh!! Crossover!!"
>Has my friend lay on ground, wants me on top of her "like I'm about to assassinate her"
>Asks for poses with faces close together, other kinda sexual looking things
>Naive us comply
>Suddenly! My friend's mom starts walking over
>Stumpy sees this
>He quickly gets up
"I gotta go!!! Bye!!"
>Darts the fuck off

I'll never get over how quickly he ran away, like a scared animal lmao
File: Nofun_robot.jpg (59 KB, 448x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Like you've never used emojis before
underage detected
>"anon, America is a special nation and the devil has his hands in the entertainment industry here. he just isn't as aggressive in Japan because there are fewer Christians there, so a lot of what gets made in Japan isn't dedicated to evil. it would be a waste of Satan's time to attack Christians there the way he does it here!"

Holy shit. please tell me you have more of this
File: 1438365371415.gif (2 MB, 360x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 360x270
holy shit this is hilarious
did you actually think i was using "u mad"
uhhh if this is real that's definitely something you need to at least notify the school over. collect everything, print out the convo, and ask your advisor or a professor you trust or someone on how to report something like this because that's the opposite of okay. don't wanna scare you either but how do you know this dude isn't capable of trying to pull off something horrible involving you for real?
if the other art professors don't like him either you might have more standing in trying to prove that he's an odd character that needs to be looked at.
good senses anon!
things that didn't happen
Anon, I know you said you aren't from America but you live here now, so you might not know the laws.

Here we have a thing called "Title IX" that protects against gender discrimination in federally-funded education. It's mostly known for forcing the creation of women's sports teams, but it also protects against sexual harassment, basically assuming that shit like this guy is pulling can harm your education and is not okay.

This seems like a clear-cut case of harassment to me and is protected under Title IX. Your university should have a section on their website about how to report these things. Most faculty are mandated reporters, and if you don't want to go to a professor (though I think you should because you want someone who knows you and him to keep an eye out for you if possible) you can find out who the Title IX Coordinator is for your university and report directly to them.

I don't want to make it sound scary, but what this guy is doing is not at all okay and you can report it. He may not be breaking exhibition rules, but he might be breaking other and more important laws since he seems to be directly targeting you. You need to report that shit before it escalates.

>mfw all that mandatory reporter paperwork and sexual harassment training because of my university job comes in handy on 4chan of all places
>never even had to use that training irl
Why I never saw Denko's story here? I one of my favs weebs stories (´・ω・`)
>mfw i know guys like that irl
I love emoji I just know not to use them here because people like to think we're mature or some shit.
>600 emails.

Pls be fake
I don't get it, what she ugly/fat or something? Why didn't he bang her?
how the fuck did you find 4chan before seeing that story
Holy shit, good call anon. That's really scary.
Don't stick your dick in crazy.
Oh god. Please, please make them do a traditional dance with live music (by them, of course, because they're the geishas and nobody else would get it right) or make them do a tea ceremony. This shit sounds hilarious and I would honestly love to see these trainwrecks.
le epin maymay
What does that even mean?
I don't have anything particularly funny to share, I was in the usual sort of weeb group that did cringey but expected stuff, the worst probably being literally following a boy from school around the city because "omg he looks like my bishie OC character that is in no way just Kisshu from TMM". But I'll try to contribute a story of my own shame.

>Be 12, small nerd trio of two grils (me and best friend) and a smelly nerd boy
>nerd boy has terrible self esteem and generally socially incapable, whereas we girls have normal friends outside of this group, but our love of anime has brought us together
>school allows us to hang out in the IT rooms after hours, mostly unchaperoned, and it becomes our private Neopets RP club
>special magick anime vampire characters, traced mary sue drawings in clear folders for all of them
>eventually we get bored of sitting in a room together just typing, but surprise! A mysterious sexy vampire girl user joins our forum.
>lol no it's just me and bestie using a sock puppet account
>so much time spent signing in and out of our own accounts and this fake one, visibly building a relationship with the fake user and getting the boy in our group to interact with it even though he was cripplingly shy
>after a long time, the boy confesses his love to the fake account in a private chat
>"GOT YOU! Punk'd!" etc, we reveal we've been playing him all along for a fool and laugh at his confession. He tries to laugh with us and denies all feelings proclaimed before, retreats into warhammer, doesn't attempt romance for a very long time.
>now as an adult, wracked with guilt
I still don't know why we did it, it's hard to look fondly on those years without remembering what grade A sociopaths we were. I did get back in touch with him almost a decade after to apologise and he can laugh about it now. Neopets was srs business.
junior high schoolers are savage, jesus
Where was my apology. ;_;
Is it possible that any good cgl horror stories be posted on its wiki page? http://cgl.wikia.com/wiki/Cgl_drama

Debating on putting the most recent horror story in Kansas
>>i decide arguing is pointless and go download some hentai for Jesus

kek'd so hard. Thank you based anon.

I work with a guy who grew up similarly. His parents are anti-vaccine. Won't allow certain movies and such (Frozen was banned because of magic) also only listens to christian music and and Zelda soundtracks. He is now obsessed with anime it all started with Kill la Kill of all things
Seung-Hui Cho was handing in rape-porn plays like Richard McBeef for class assignments; Columbia University let Emma "Totally Not A Porno Movie" Sulkowitz jerk-off the system with her "regret==rape" "art project." I think you could invoke these two incidents with your Ivy's student conduct office, pointing out the violent rape-porn being handed in for class assignments is directed specifically at you, and you'd get some help. I'm not a fan of schools' Stasi atmosphere on policing sex, but this is a case where you might as well make it work for you, because this is actually serious.
Here's a personal story that makes me cringe at myself:

>9th grade, the height of my weeb phase
>take a global issues class
>towards the end of the year, we are assigned a powerpoint project about different countries, naturally, I pick Japan because ~I already know soooo much about their culture!!~
>powerpoint is meant to be between 20 and 25 slides with specific topics to be covered, such as economics, history, religion, government, etc.
>one subtopic is entertainment
>dedicate 20 slides to THAT TOPIC SPECIFICALLY, filling it with weeby shit
>hundreds of gifs of hetalia, death note, and black butler
>describe anime as "Japan's national pastime"
>while discussing music, heavily reference vocaloids
>show my class the music video for Ievan Polkka
>Ron Swanson-esq teacher doesn't understand my weeb-ness, but is vaguely impressed that my powerpoint is 50+ slides, and it's the end of the year anyway

Basically, I was the weeb other weebs post about in the cringe threads.
You mean the lolita Wizard of Oz copypasta?
That's pretty funny. 9th grade me would have loved your powerpoint unironically.
Let it go anon. Didn't you learn your lesson after >>8815159 ?
Danger chan?
Anon you're my hero
Sort of a horror story? More funny than anything.

> Be at first con - 13 years old.
> cosplaying as Rikku from 10-2. (China made garbage. )
>Itachi cosplayer shows up and wants my pic. He's at least 25. Has lazy eye, wearing the contacts made it better.
> starts asking me to do some pervy poses
> moms in bathroom and we can't leave so "wut do"
> tell him id rather not do said pose
> "oh come on you can't see anything!"
> bends over and is full of shame cus I'm to young, dumb and scared to think
>one last picture together this time!
> hands camera to my friend
>picks me up bridal style
> tells me to play dead
> demands friend take several reasons pictures
> my eyes are closed so I have no idea what he's doing.
> mom finally comes out after he sat me down and we run away
> tell her and she freaks out
> " don't worry miss Judy I took care of it" says friend who took the pictures for him when he was holding me.
> howexactly.jpg ?
> I only took pictures of his lazy eye the entire time.

That girl became a mother fucking queen.
>I only took pictures of his lazy eye the entire time.
Even if it didn't do any major damage it would still hurt like hell. Also aiming for the eye or other weak points is always a possibility.
your friend is a keeper, anon
Oh my gosh your reaction image killed me.
I thought the story was good enough on it's own.
Tori P. is a blessing to this world, every time we went to a convention together she kept the weeb trash at bay. Never had to worry about being harassed when she was with us. Well unless she did the harassing.
Poor 13 year old you, but god if I'm not laughing at the lazy eye part.
>Aishiyochikun Bloodsorrow the Unwanted
Anon, I'm dying.

I laughed way too hard.
>12th grade, take some pretentious epistemology class about the the ways of knowing
>have to pick a social issue to present for final project, discuss the ethics of it, legality, artistic merit, etc
>I pick shota con/loli con because i'm sooooo edgy
>Actually do intense research and work the hardest I ever worked on a project, do a great fucking job
>Despite my studious approach to the topic I also make the stupid decision to include boku no pico and kodomo no jikan gifs in my powerpoint
>Present in front of class to wide eye stares
>Get an A but also am referred to as "the anime kiddie pr0n girl" for the rest of my high school career
holy shit anon
What happen in the end of lost umbrella thread? I fell sleep and now the thread's gone.
Man, this so much.
I'm really interested in the ethics of childhood and specialised in it for a few papers, but because I wear lolita and watch anime i couldn't ever take part in class discussions about it without someone assuming that knowing about this field of laws and legal cases + weeby interests = paedophile.
Just go search the archives?
the term emoji, shitfuck
Geez I'm glad I'm not the only weeb with a purely education interest in the topic. I've actually written about the topic again at the grad school level, but this time around no one knows me as a weeb so they respect me for my knowledge on the issue rather than made fun of me.
Doing research for it is nerve-wracking though, I'm sure I'm on some FBI lists for my search terms.
You're clearly not from either aus or brit.
Good taste in bishies anon. I actually bonded with my neopets boyfriend over our mutual love of tokyo mew mew....it...wasn't YOU was it?
Over in the lolita/cosplay horror thread.
Brit here and I've no clue what it means
we're about 20 posts from autosage, so the thread will be replaced shortly anyway; mind sharing any of your observations?
There are no studies that have shown that legally allowing anime/drawn/virtual CP is causally linked to an increased rate of child sexual abuse. To be fair it is an extremely touchy subject to research. However there are a few great studies that have shown that after restrictions on pornography in general were loosened, sexual abuse rates actually decreased, and this finding was replicated in a few different countries.
A big reason that people are against the legalization of virtual forms of CP is that they think it will make it harder to secure a conviction on people who have the real stuff, i.e; "Oh this isn't ReAL CP it's just a picture I drew/a computer animation" but IMO that's a pretty easy distinction to make.

With the way the laws are now virtual CP is not specifically illegal but it can be caught in the net of the obscenity laws...for example the Handley case where this guy had yaoi mangos and got sent to prison even though there was no way to prove the yaoi boys were even supposed to be underage.

Also IMO alllowing the virtual stuff will help to kill of the market for the real stuff and that means there will be less children abused in the making of the real stuff.

I hear what everyone says about "yeah but if people watch it they will start sexualizing children!" but idk I feel like if you ended up watching that kind of thing you were probably already predisposed anyway.
Some people raise the argument that drawn CP, while not depicting 'real' children, can aid the abuse of real children by acting as a tool for manipulation. In essence, the abuse is normalized to children exposed to that type of media. How true would you say that is?
i have mixed feelings because a lot of horror stories ITT alone involve creepy weebs using terms from shota/lolicon as they creep on anons or anons' friends. dunno how many are true, or how many are just playing on the fear that drawn cp will lead to inappropriate behavior at cons. still, the number that use the terminology of porno manga seems high. without such porn to normalize their feelings, i doubt those autists would act on them so cheerfully.

HOWEVER, i don't think virtual porn of any type should be illegal. but in the weeb market, where chuunis and /r9k/ers and the mentally disturbed flock, i wish it wasn't treated like a big innocent joke.
>Also IMO alllowing the virtual stuff will help to kill of the market for the real stuff and that means there will be less children abused in the making of the real stuff.

Not the previous anon, but I agree 100% entirely. Pedophilia is a shitty thing, and I honestly feel bad for any "good" person who has to deal with it. I feel like any person who isn't predisposed to being a criminal/is a decent human being with no other mental conditions would never, for the life of them, want to sexually abuse a child, even if they were sexually attracted to them. A shitty person who doesn't care about human feelings or the safety of children won't give a fuck regardless, but the people who actually repress all of their sexuality on the basis of knowing what they feel is wrong will benefit.

I agree with the other anon that it shouldn't be treated as a joke whatsoever, though. Being attracted to children is a seriously unfortunate thing to befall a person, especially somebody who is a legitimately good person.
No argument that that's true. however that shouldn't/can't really be used as an argument to ban it completely. What i've seen suggested is that previously convicted child rapists should be sanctioned for possessing it, as in their possession it might be dangerous, but the general population should be able to access it legally.

That is true, I'd never really thought of the issue in the context of cringe stories lol but it is a good example. And interest in porn is definitely a process where you need more and more extreme shit to be satisfied. But again I feel like the people who go down that path in the first place are already fucked up in some way and even if they didn't find lolicon they'd find furry shit or other kinks like that. Also having the lolicon available for them to wank it to is at least a preventative tool for some pedos.

And I definitely agree it's not a joke. But in general I think people treat sexual issues like this (rape, for example) as funny just because it has to do with sex. Need some bigger act than banning anime CP to get people to stop being immature about sexual behaviors.

Seriously so happy to be talking about this on /cgl/ lol my brain has been mush lately so i really appreciate this discussion.
Oh god i wish there was pictures to go with this
File: 1404084949005.jpg (40 KB, 236x243) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 236x243
>Be in 6th grade
>School holds a tshirt design contest for Battle of the Books
>Trace popular weaboo DA artist's fanart and turn them into anime Danny Phantom characters dressed up like book characters from the reading list.
>Win the contest
>Teachers love it, my shitty fanart gets printed on tshirts that over a hundred kids are forced to wear.
>Racked with guilt because I traced and submitted it as my own art
>Teacher brings up the damn shirt and how much she loved it every time I saw her for the next three years.
>Sister is bffs with teacher's daughter, see her even in high school and post graduation because small town. STILL BRINGS UP THE SHIRT
>Have it in my closet, rarely ever wore it because it's cringey as fuck, but can't get rid of it for some reason.

I wear it to bed sometimes if I'm out of sleep shirts but oh my god it's just so embarassing to think about. I also used to draw for the school newspaper in middle school and did shitty Suta-Raito chibi copies with Inuyasha characters, or inserted Edward Elric into every school project where you had to draw shit.
holy shit

do you have more
in this vein, my weeaboo horror story, where i was the horror:

>be sexually abused at very young age
>have warped view of world due to paranoid family obsessing over stranger danger after abuser was caught
>forever trying to figure out if any adult who approaches me has bad intentions
>be 13, get into anime
>be realizing i am gay, feel shitty about it because religious family + past abuse = massive guilt and self-disgust
>find yaoi
>plots are mostly adult x young boy
>hear the "samurai used to fuck boys" line used to defend such yaoi in online groups
>end up looking into it, find random historic facts about that and boy actors being banned in Japan way back when due to men falling in love with them
>convince myself this is perfectly normal and should be legal because samurai and kabuki etc.
>continue to think and argue this off and on throughout highschool
>can't understand why other people don't understand it or why they think i'm weird when i'm just explaining facts about historic Japan
>realize in the end i was just trying to normalize my feelings and bad yaoi was the only model of "loving" homosexuality i had ever been exposed to
>for that matter, shitty religion had a grim view of even heterosexual "love"
>the concept of a relationship between equals, in straight or gay relationships, was foreign to me, who just wanted positive attention from an adult

i cringe remembering how warped i was and to this day feel triggered (lol, i know) by fans of series like Loveless or Black Butler.
Pics of the shirt right now please
What a classic.
>Suta-Raito chibi copies with Inuyasha characters, or inserted Edward Elric
>But in general I think people treat sexual issues like this (rape, for example) as funny just because it has to do with sex

>>8818525 here and i agree with your points. there is a small movement to relabel child porn as something like "evidence of sexual abuse" to reduce the view of it as erotic material and refocus on helping victims. in the case of drawn porn, there is no victim nor evidence of abuse of said victim so it can just stay that: porn.

anyway i have been in a few survivor groups and abusers show regular, legal (for adult consumption) 3DPD to kids to groom them so yeah, access to virtual cp wouldn't change much. outside of weeb circles anyway.
File: JUST.png (424 KB, 742x729) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 742x729
Google "kpop antifans" or anything like that and you'll have stories for days.
Appreciate hearing the input of a survivor, sorry you had to go through that kind of thing. I'm glad you're going to groups and stuff.

And I was thinking that even without drawn cp predators have tons of other options with which to lure children in. It sucks that they use drawn cp to do it but we can't go around banning anything that might be used as a lure for abuse.
British, actually. Northern if that makes a difference?
Well played anon, well played.
thanks, and again i agree. the stereotype/joke is being lured with candy, but "candy" can be lots of different things. predators gonna predate. if it was easy to stop it would have gone the way of polio.

good luck with your research, it's an important topic people rarely approach with rational empathy.

>Lives in Florida
>Has 50 kids and husband

I think you met my sister anon
That's a shitty situation to be in, I don't think you count as the horror in this story desu. Having yaoi manga and ancient pedos as the only things you could use to justify your sexuality must have twisted you up pretty badly. Are things better now?
Also, does your family know or have you not gone near that minefield?
Anon, I wish I could give you a hug. Damn.
Seconding the search result thing so bad, having lolita as a hobby is no help.

No where near close to >>8818525 but i do partly blame my time spent as a child reading graphic hentai for normalising non-consent to young me, and even glorifying it. Sort of "they can't control themselves because they like me so much!". It doesn't help that even romance in shoujo seems to follow some scary outdated behaviours.
But at the same time I believe that what's important is the upbringing of a child so that they understand how things actually work and the difference between fantasy and reality. I was really well educated about reproduction, but it wasn't until far too late when things had already gone wrong that I realised I had hugely mistaken how humans should interact. Sex and porn isn't wrong, but as we see in the behaviour of cringe thread creeps, growing up on smutty fanfics and hentai without a basis of reality can be just as damaging to your behaviour and psyche as it is suggested that growing up on extreme violent porn without access to normal relationships is. You can't hide porn from kids, they have their own sexualitiies. They should be discussing it safely in class, parents should be sitting down with kids and telling them porn is not real life.

I'm sorry to anyone upset by this discussion. On a lighter note it reminds me of a funny article about people getting back into dating after being in very long relationships are finding current sexual behaviour baffling, because of how wide use of tinder and porn have changed things so much and so quickly. Mostly buttstuff.
Omg stories please
Is she super into ERP and grooming teenagers to fulfill her fantasy sex life?

Even if not, I echo other anon: Stories, stat.
He has posted in the comm and trying to play it off like he just wants to help. Comm has been warned tho
File: 20160118_000401.jpg (2 MB, 1440x2560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1440x2560
I had to look at the covers of the books they're reading, but that is Danny Fenton and Sam Manson dressed as the kid from City of Embers and the chick from Stargirl.
Not sure if it does help but what comm is it from
thanks for the support anons, i was not expecting it.

>Are things better now?
>Also, does your family know or have you not gone near that minefield?
yes and no, i chose to have 0 contact with them as an adult.

accept this cat instead

>They should be discussing it safely in class, parents should be sitting down with kids and telling them porn is not real life.
bingo. this is where it all goes wrong. all the creeps and weirdos in this thread, and all of us who had a twisted romantic view of being victimized, truly needed good sex education. there is too much shame and secrecy IRL and a lot of intense, imagination-grabbing porn online. when no one gives you the right message you're just going to believe the wrong one.
>mfw i dropped my cat gif
You know what? I ask myself the same damn question. I look back and I really don't know what I saw in him. Maybe I felt pitty?
ILU for posting this.
i feel old
I was basically a female neckbeard during my time of late middle school / early highschool.
>Obsessed with naruto, fruits basket, vampire knight, and whatever I could watch free online.
>Laughed at my friends who were also somewhat weebs for watching the dubbed versions of animes instead of the subbed masterrace.
>Wore hot topic clothes and called it lolita inspired fashion
>More obsessed with yaoi and fanfiction than I'll ever admit irl
>Would go around to the most attractive male cosplayers during cons, ask them for hugs, and flirt shamelessly with them despite being underage and usually way younger than them. Most of them were awkward about it but still said yes to the hugs and then epically hoverhanded.
>All the while being this thirsty and slightly above average looking I never got a bf for a long time because I wasn't willing to date anyone who couldn't live up to the weird and unrealistic standards I set based off my favorite anime characters who were guys.

So much cringe desu, at least I wasn't fat either.
apparently she is still relavent? I saw a post of hers going around tumblr, because Neopets stole some of her fanart and traced it for official merchandise. Also apparently Neopets is still relevant
>a female neckbeard
those are called "legbeards"

lack of socially-acceptable grooming is important to both categories
how the Fuck
reminds of that thing I read about FF7 roleplayers living together that took it too far
Oh wow. My condolences.
People treat children as idiots. Adults tend to assume that children are the same, mentally, from 5-15 and think that they need sock puppets and a costume to discuss anything more complex or threatening than cake decoration. I'm slightly glad that people aren't telling their kids about porn because it'd most likely just end up as D.A.R.E. but more embarrassing, and would probably encourage kids to go after hardcore porn. If it was handled maturely, it'd be brilliant. Teaching children about grooming and telling them that fantasy is not the same as reality would help cut down a lot of other unpleasant behavior too, because they'd be able to realize when they're being creepy instead of romantic.
Sorry about your family, it must have been hard to make that decision.
Waa waa back to tumblr with you ''triggered'' by yaoi aahahah
Shotacon/Lolicon ARE normal, 3d or not.
This one might not be as horrific as some others in the thread but it was definitely a horror story to me.

>be 12 years old
>homeschooled up until middle school, very naive
>very talented for my age, put original songs on itunes and have a small group of hardcore fans on facebook
>get message from a fb fan (I'll call him B)
>B really loves my songs and he lives in my state
>says he saw me at a recent anime convention but was too nervous to say hi
>tell him maybe we can meet at the next con
>we do
>at first he just says he wants my autograph
>he ends up following me and my friends around the con
>bought me an expensive figure (despite me later finding out he's extremely poor)
>he reveals he's a 19 year old college dropout >we talk to each other about our favorite anime
>his favorite is one called kodomo no jikan
>had never seen that anime so no flags were raised
>one of my male friends that is with me wants to go to the dealers room so we head there
>we look at the hentai because we're edgy 12-13 year olds and think it's funny
>male friend who is pubescent and horny wants to buy hentai but he's underage
>B comes to the rescue and buys porn for a minor
>idiotic 12 year old me still sees no red flags
>male friend later gets in trouble for reading porn in public but that's beside the point

>con ends, we all had fun but my parents were suspicious of B
>3 days later B confesses his love to me on facebook and asks me out
>had very little experience with romance and wanted to experience a romance like in my shoujo manga
>said yes

It all goes downhill from here, and yes, I'm aware I was fucking stupid.

>conversations start out pretty tame
>soon the delusional 12 year old me has built up a fantasy of marrying this 19 year old NEET dropout
>he uses this to his advantage and conversations begin to get heavier
>starts talking about his sexual preferences
>quoth B: "I don't care about your small boobs, I'm a lolicon after all"
>my reaction to this can only be described as "oh u"
>he decides to move out of his trailer (it was an actual trailer that he lived in with his parents) and get a roommate
>asks me if i can keep some of his figures and manga in my room
>say sure, this is sweet
>my parents are getting more and more suspicious of B but i continually delete my text messages at his command
>they meet up with him and set up some rules for being able to talk to me
>this includes no dating, no lovey dovey talk, and absolutely nothing too mature for my age
>he says he'll agree to the rules
>it was all a ruse
>soon i go out of state to a competition with my middle school showchoir
>this is when it happened
>B had come over to my house to try and appease my mom by giving her a mother's day present and helping her clean the house
>somewhere along the line mom had to run an errand and told B he could go home
>he didn't go home
>B stays at my house and goes into my room
>apparently i didn't clean up before i left and had left some period stained panties on the ground
>i can only imagine B with his fucked up blood fetish and pedophilia popped a massive boner right there
>he uses my bloody underwear to masturbate on my bed
>he even cums on my bed but cleans it up
>when i get back from the competition B says he needs to tell me something, but he's afraid I'll hate him for it
>i tell him i'll love him no matter what
>he describes this entire situation to me in great detail when i arrive back from the competition
>i'm very shocked but at the same time blinded by my stockholm syndrome induced love
>i'm texting him about this when my mom's Protective Parent Senses are activated
>she asks to see my phone (which was actually an ipod because i was too young to have a phone, apparently)
>instead of admitting to her that i had become involved in an abusive relationship with B, i hide the phone
>at this point, she knows something is wrong
>she tries to grab it and i smash the ipod on the ground to try and break it
>the glass shatters but i can see that the screen still turns on
>i grab it and make a break for the backyard where we have a small pool
>drop the ipod in the water and collapse, crying my eyes out
>my mom is seething with rage
>"you just made a big mistake, anon"
>she drives all the way to B's house and interrogates him, finds out everything
>this was the final straw and i'm no longer allowed to talk to B
>12 year old me is absolutely distraught because B had told me that i would never find love with anybody but him because i was so clingy and immature, and as stupid and naive as i was, i believed him
>i pulled quite a few stunts to try and talk to him again
holy shit anon how were your parents letting you even hang out with someone that old????
File: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg (234 KB, 700x392) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234 KB, 700x392
>some of these stunts included making chicken scratches on my wrist
>my poor parents who had no clue what do do agreed that if i could go a month without breaking the rules they had given B, i could have limited contact with him
>i agree
>yet this isn't enough for B and he insists that we simply wait until nighttime to communicate
>one night he is fed up with me not sending nudes because he sent me a shirtless photo, "it's only fair"
>he screams at me and tells me he'll break up with me if i don't put out
>guilts me into doing it by saying he's gotten a blowjob from his best friend and his dog, and if i wouldn't at least send him nudes i was no better than them
>mfw i participated in the creation of child pornography
>he send me a video of him masturbating
>essentially had my first erotic experience taken by a weeaboo sexual predator
>cry myself to sleep
>but at least he didn't break up with me, right
>the cycle of him bullying me into sexual favors and then buying me gifts continues
>he even pins me to his bed at his trailer (his roommates kicked him out) only stopping whatever he was going to do when my little sister walks in and asks what he was doing
>he also ended up pulling some similar stunts on my little sis, such as telling her he popped a boner after giving her a piggyback ride
>she was 9 years old when he did this to her
>cycle continues until my mom realizes it's happening again
>i tell her i feel trapped because he's taken my purity away from me and i can't give it to anyone i really love anymore
>mom prints out a list of abuse tactics
>realize B has used every single one
>mom consoles me and i take the initiative and tell B to stop stalking me and that i wasn't going to talk to him anymore
>he's very angry and he sends me images of celery stalks to mock me (at least that part was kind of funny)
>by the time i'm 13 going on 14, about to enter high school, he still isnt over it
File: Rc9hobB.jpg (54 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 500x500
We still don't know and they have massive guilt over it today. I wish they had been more strict even when I was cutting over this cunt but I've long since forgiven them since it was partially my fault too
>he attends conventions that he knows i will attend
>sneaks up behind me to try and scare me into leaving
>it worked the first time
>for 2 years after the debacle i had a panic attack if i ever saw him, successfully ruining my good time at cons
>finally my parents bring the police into the picture
>he doesn't know i've deleted every instance of us talking over social media because it gave me flashbacks
>based parents take advantage of this
>they tell him they'll show the police all the evidence of his abuse if he doesn't fuck off forever
>at last, scared by the prospect of being jailed, B ollies the fuck out of my life
>takes 5 years of counselling to get fully over it
>during this time i had developed an intense fear of men and dated quite a few girls, upsetting my christian parents
>still consider myself bisexual but ultimately overcame my intense androphobia
>obviously not underaged anymore and have a kind, employed boyfriend who is willing to wait until i'm ready to do anything of a sexual nature since it still wigs me out
>B is now a genderqueer pansexual child predator on tumblr, constantly complaining about not having anybody to love and flirting with underage snowflakes who buy into his new tactic
>mfw he's completely unsuccessful in love, in his job, in his education, and in his family
>mfw he was completely wrong about everything he said about me
>mfw im living a happy and promising life and he's not

And I never posted a new song to iTunes or met up with strangers at cons ever again.

Never let underage kids hang out with adults.
But anon, some people have reasons for not wanting to bang every willing participant they come across
In this case there were definitely more reasons than usual
The Ouran one is the least cringe of these. One time I had to do a project for a science class about climate change and alternative energy. We were supposed to make a commercial, so I strung together a bunch of sad environmental impact images... accompanied by this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6TWUjtbb9E
Someone later told me I could have a future in politics for pulling this crap.
I've done that. Pretty fun, don't knock it till you try it.
...What am I saying that's probably the most cringe I've done. I guess if you're not taking yourself too seriously...
>genderqueer pansexual child predator

Still if he's creeping around I hope he gets caught. I love these threads and it's safe to say the majority of people don't act like this but im lying if the legitimately bad shit like this doesn't make you have second thoughts about who you talk to. Just a little at least.
Did you really have sex with that creep?
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>You and your parents are both absolute fucking idiots. Seriously, shut yourself in your room and rot away, you retard.
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Just saw this on another thread, it probably actually belongs here.

Jesus. Fucking weebs.
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