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Lolita / Cosplay Horror Stories
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Tell us a tale so frightful we'll be clutching our frills in fear and throwing out our favorite cosplay because we can't even look at it any longer without thinking of something that happened to the last person who dressed up as them.
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I've got a few older ones from the days of homestuck.

>Had a lot of life stuff going on, didnt have time to finish any cosplays for a con
>friend lets me borrow her chii cosplay, one of her white dresses
>really grateful
>having fun at con later
>from behind me hear "OMG CHIIIIII"
>dont have time to turn around before I am hugged randomly
>See gray arms
They were mostly sealed but I still scrubbed for a day to get the gray out of it.

not as bad but,
>At con
>have a minor malfunction with a prop
>Go to cosplay repair to make use of a hot glue gun
>Fix prop as a group of homestucks walks in
>One is holding one of their fake nails in their hand
>All asking if any one has any nail glue
>Surprisingly no one has any
>Troll in question grabs the glue gun I just finished using and applies directly to nail before slapping the nail on
>burned the finger he stuck it on as well as some of the fingers he pressed the nail down with
>The rest of us just stare in horror
This may be a bit long but I've been wanting to share this one.

>be classic lolita in a small town in the middle of nowhere
>when I go into town people tend to think I'm some kind of spinster or witch from AHS because I have a parasol because of my skin
>pretty much accept that I'm an outcast because of how I dress in a redneck farming community
>one day I spot another lolita in town walking her dog
>she's probably sixteen or so, wearing some cheap dress that might've been Bodyline
>I try to say hello because I'm just glad to have another lolita in the area
>she looks at me funny and doesn't even act like she recognizes that I'm a lolita
>her yappy little dog even tries to bite my new Mary Magdalene skirt
>ends up biting my leg instead and out of instinct I whack the dog with my parasol
>the dog whines and acts like I've hurt it
>of course she doesn't apologize for her dog or anything
>my tights are ruined but his teeth didn't break the skin
>I'm super angry and threatening to report her to animal control
>she's getting upset and telling me it was my fault and how dare I hit her dog
>decide to just walk away before I get into a fight with a kid
>find out later that she's been talking shit to her family and friends about me over the incident with her dog
>my reputation in town is now worse because I "attacked" her dog for no reason
>at least I have an upcoming convention in a nearby city to go to
>look forward to it because the state lolita comm goes every year and they're big name at the con, especially the comm co-leader, G

>fastforward a few weeks before the convention
>find out that the other co-leader of the state comm, E, has died suddenly
>she was well known for her massive wardrobe full of rare prints and her matching collection of accessories
>her family decide to let G have E's wardrobe since they were close
>G announces she's going to select members of the comm to receive pieces of E's wardrobe

Wow this whole post makes me feel uncomfortable. Cripes anon!
>I've been in the comm from the beginning even though I couldn't attend a lot of meets because of how rural I am
>really hoping that G will let me have a pair of out-of-production shoes that I always complimented E on
>G says that she'll hand everything out at the upcoming convention
>everyone in comm is freaking out wondering if they'll get anything

>convention comes around
>get there Thursday and wander around by myself
>happen to run into G in the hotel late that night
>kind of suck up to her and hint about how I was the only classic lolita in the comm and how E had been my inspiration for the few classic looks she did
>G tells me that she's handing out everything the next day and I should go
>think I've scored the item I've wanted!

>show up at the comm meet
>feel a little out of place among all the sweet lolitas
>I'm the only one wearing anything that isn't bright and gaudy
>spot a familiar person with G
>it's the ita from my town in her terrible Bodyline outfit
>she's carrying a bunch of E's stuff, seems to be G's personal helper
>surprised the ita even found out about the comm but it seems like G has taken in her so maybe she'll get better?
>still can't stand her though because people back in town still haven't forgiven me for stupid dog
>starts handing out E's wardrobe to people from the sweet side of the comm
>ignores the few gothics there and me as well
>the ita gets a brand new gingham dress
>no sign of the shoes I wanted, I don't even get an accessory
>figure that maybe E had gotten rid of them before she had died
>decide to just enjoy the weekend and try not to feel bitter

>the next day the comm has a photoshoot, everyone wears their best
>I'm in my best black classic coord and feeling amazing
>G is there in some OTT pink thing with a crown like she's now queen of the comm
>right beside her is ita in her new dress.. and E's shoes that I wanted
>everyone was supposed to get ONE item of E's but the ita has gotten TWO

Oh god, this is infuriating me second-hand. What an awful story, anon. I'm really sorry. :(
>I don't want to cause a scene even if G is deliberately showing favoritism to her sweet lolita followers in the comm and to the new girl
>instead I get the ita after the photoshoot and take her to the side to talk to her
>try to buy the shoes off her
>she's still spiteful over her dog and refuses
>let my anger get the best of me and tell her off, saying that she didn't even know E and she had no right to wear her things
>by then G notices what's going on and comes over to defend her new BFF
>G just laughs at me when I tell her that I should have gotten E's shoes
>tells me to get lost before I'm kicked out of the comm

>I'm a vindictive bitch and after having the ita ruin my already bad reputation in town and now come into my comm and ruin it there, I want revenge
>spend the rest of the day shadowing ita and trying to make her day miserable
>she's flirting with guys older than her
>the typical socially awkward types, has three of them trying to get up her dress
>she's of course playing innocent and dragging them around the con like it's some great adventure
>the ita starts playing the victim with them and telling them all about how horrible I am
>says she's going to tell the head of security about me to get me thrown out
>betas try to show off how smart and tough they are by saying they'll get rid of me so she doesn't have to worry anymore
>I'm starting to get a little worried so I go back to my hotel room for the night to hide
>by now my skin condition is acting up from stress and I have to put on my organic face mask cream

>a few hours later there's a knock on my door
>it's ita and she says she's there to apologize and she has E's shoes for me
>I'm a little suspicious but since she's just a teenager I figure she can't do any harm so I let her in
>she looks like she's about to laugh over my face cream
>tell her I have a skin condition that flares up really bad when I get stressed and without the heavy face cream it'll get worse

you sound shitty and this story is weird
>she acts like she's in no hurry to hand over the shoes and leave
>just makes herself comfortable and talks about the comm and how nice G is
>suddenly asks to use the bathroom
>I let her use mine and I can hear her muttering to someone on her phone
>not sure who she's talking to but I want her out
>try to get into the bathroom but she's locked the door
>start yelling at her that she has a minute to get out before I call security to get her out
>she doesn't answer
>hear banging on the room door and yelling
>freaking out and not sure what's going on
>answer the door just to stop the yelling before the neighbors in the other hotel rooms can hear
>it's the ita three beta guy friends that have been following her around the convention
>they claim ita called them and told them I was holding her hostage until she gave me E's shoes
>ita comes out of the bathroom crying and wailing about how I threatened her and her family
>because of course she told them all about how we lived in the same town
>how I was an animal abuser that had tried to get her vicious little dog put down
>even told them that her dog was only trying to protect her when he bit me
>it's four against one and I'm panicking
>can't get to the door because they're blocking it
>instead I try to hurry into the bathroom and hide there
>beta guys rush after me and corner me in the bathroom
>ita is egging them on about getting me in the shower
>realize what's going on
>the bitch found my tub of face cream that's mixed organic and medical ingredients
>the medical ingredients don't mix well with water and react badly
>yelling at them to leave me alone
>they shove me into the shower
>ita turns on the knobs full blast
>they slam the glass door shut and hold it
>immediately soaked
>face feels like it's on fire as the scalding hot water hits my face
>only protected otherwise by my nightgown and robe
>screaming that I'm melting
>ita and her beta male friends freak out and run out

First I was in your side and now I hate everyone in this story. Pls continue.
>end up checking out the next morning and heading home
>humiliated and face is blotchy and red
>get back to rural town
>find out that a tornado has hit the town while the convention was going on
>ita's aunt and uncle's farmhouse got picked up in the twister with her little dog too
>feel sadistic joy out of it
>finally decide to say fuck it to all the hicks in the town
>become the biggest bitch in Kansas
omfg you didnt just
im so mad right now
>screaming that I'm melting
Lots of laughs
>glue gun for fake nails
Serves them right for being stupid.

Are you kidding me
This was a roller coaster ride from start to finish. With an amazing finish.
This sounds like a terrible wizard if oz lolita fan fiction.
I think you may be the wicked witch of the west.
And the it's may be Dorothy with a mental health issue, she's even got the shoes and gingham dress.
are you autistic
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Thats the joke, you stupid fuck.

Rude, im actually autistic and i got it.
Holy shit, do you have any news clippings about the hurricane? I really wit you would have reported the bite.
that was it, that's the joke
well played anon, well played.
Actually there was news footage about it!

Threads getting derailed all over the show today and it's glorious.
this one's turned into the wizard of OZ the selfpost one is nothing but dolls, it's great.
oh my god
>lolita themed Wizard of Oz plot story
>written from point of witch experiencing horror from ita and her friends
>derailing lolita horror stories thread

Hate to tell you anon but 75% of stories posting in horror threads are made up and even inspired by other things.
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Princess Danger-chan, a classic
ah some vintage horror
does anyone have the one of the girl who was in a wheelchair and the fatty-chan who thought she was lying about being paralyzed and stabbed her in the leg?
i think it's already been posted in the weeaboo horror story thread
Danger-chan was 2013? Jesus christ, I thought it was like last summer.
Someone cap this shit oh my god
oh fuck, i remember that one. it was pretty good.

I have a wheelchair related one of my own to share though.

>small local con
>decide to go as a splicer from bioshock for shits and giggles and because its an easy costume
>outfit is pretty ok, all period accurate clothing and pretty good spfx makeup
>group of emo teenagers in shitty naruto costumes come up to me and compliment my blood
>they pester me as to why i'm in a wheelchair
>not in the mood to explain, tell them that
>they start kicking my legs to see if im "really paralyzed"
>at no point did i mention paralysis
>get them to fuck off and meet up with friends for the cosplay contest
>win 7th out of 10
>good with that because no shame in losing to a group of adorable studio ghibli 7-10 year olds
>naruto kids kick up a fuss because none of them placed
>they accuse me of only winning because im a cripple
>they accuse me of fucking the judges
>get fed up and tell con security
>they get a lifetime ban from the con

honestly, kids these days.
At least i had the balls to do something about them
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OP here, I capped it real quick for you.
bless you
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binocular ed boy.png
437 KB, 453x695

Clever girl.
Ended up being encouraged by friends to write more so I'll try to make another one in the morning. Thanks for being good sports!
>announcing your intent

don't try too hard please, even "i fucked my dad on a yacht" guy waited for weeks or more and didn't show his hand until anons were invested in the story
>age play for funerals
topkek gets me every time.
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Screenshot (780).png
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I screen-capped your story and labeled your folder, in all capital letters, 'THAT FUCKING ANON'.
Good job, please troll more.
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posting what i have saved here and in the weeaboo horror thread

check other thread for more classic seagull terror
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my bad Retro Horror
I like you.
This is all entirely my fault.
>Have to open chest bind for a costume
>This is something I've done a few times before, no fuck ups ever, get a bit lazy
>Don't put moisturizer on my nips
>My boobs are also larger than they have been in the past wen I've done this so there's a lot more strain on the anchor points of the tape, ie, tape going right over the nipples
>Get to the day end, about 13 hours with this tape on, go to remove it, good portion of my right nipple goes with the tape.
Always take care of your nipples. Supplementary horror story, same costume.
>Rushing before driving to another city to catch my flight to where the con is
>Going to go out and buy tape, my dad's hanging about and offers to go get it for me, tell him what to get
>He gets the wrong brand, it's the same type so I think it'll work any way
>Not until I'm in another country and getting into costume I find out how wrong it is, no car, no places open within walking distance to try find my usual stuff, suck it up and tape them titties
>Very careful of the nipples this time though
>However while my nipples escaped unscathed, the tape was absolute hell on my skin and removed so much of it that I had about 1/4 of each boob with raw flesh and oozing fluid

Since then I have learnt my lesson and refuse to use anything but the sports tape I know will not remove my skin and am very respectful of my nipples (it did grow back).
Buy a binder, seriously. It's a lot safer and more comfortable
There are some characters you can't wear binders for and since I've started being very very careful after these fuck ups, everything has been fine.
*Claps* That was a masterpiece.
Well, I fucked up and gess this >>8815735 goes here...
I think by now everyone's going to be suspicious of any story posted here so if anon is doing it just to make us laugh instead of troll us, I don't see why they can't outright tell us they'll make more.
This one gets me every time.

My chest hurts just thinking about pulling tape off it. I'm so sorry, anon.
I've posted this once before, but it has been a while.

>Meet up at a local cafe in the middle of the day. There is an art walk going on.
>An ouji who normally comes with his lolita girlfriend is there.
>Ouji-san orders a hard cider, finishes half of it without talking, and goes to the restroom.
>He doesn’t come out for a long time. People are complaining to the manager that they can’t use the toilet.
>Manager unlocks the door. He is vomiting all over the floor.
>Manager and some of our girls drag him outside.
>He is slurring and his breath smells like liquor. He continues to vomit outside on the concrete in front of the whole art walk, causing a huge scene.
>Manager is rightfully pissed, demanding his car keys and threatening to call the cops. Eventually we get his keys, unlock his car, and then hand them over with a shit ton of apologies.
>We put him in the car where he passes out. There is a 3/4 empty bottle of Triple Sec in the passenger side. We take it and try to call his GF.
>She says she can’t get him and he has no friends in the area, so her brother-in-law is coming to get him.
>We stay with him for a while, trying to force him to drink some water. He just drooling it out all over his AatP vest and pants.
>Eventually we all just say “Fuck it, we barely know this guy; lets try to salvage this meet”. We leave him in his car with the water and text his GF with instructions on where he is and how to get his keys back.
>Come back 3 hours later and he is gone. According to the manager, the BIL picked him up about 45 minutes earlier.
>Never see him at a local meet again and comm never really speaks of it.
I remember this but it never ceases to make me cringe.
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i have no mouth.jpg
23 KB, 284x253
>good portion of my right nipple goes with the tape.
This is a bit embarrassing to post since I was a major weeb back in the day but I can laugh at myself.

>back in the summer of the Kingdom Hearts 1-2 fandom explosion
>be a young weeb heavy into KH
>read all the fancomics and love the shippy fanart
>especially this one artist who drew AU stuff like Sailor Organization XIII and made alternate world designs for OrgXIII
>decide I'm going to be super cool and do one of their fan designs!
>get a size XS Sailor Mercury costume because I was a tiny skinny stick
>decide I don't want to wear that all weekend
>get a Jasmine from Aladdin costume because one fanart had Demyx in Aladdin's world dressed as Jasmine
>is officially now Sailor Demyx and Princess Demyx!
>so excited about crossplaying Demyx in drag
>don't really think about how I actually look
>barely legal weeb in tight fitting scout dress and then revealing 'adult' Jasmine outfit with slits up the sides because I couldn't find a licensed one for my budget

>get to con, even have a little Mickey Mouse plushie in an Organization XIII coat that I had custom made
>set plushie down for a minute to get some water
>guy dressed as that dude in the hat from Lupin the 3rd runs up, grabs it, and takes off running
>freaking out because holy shit someone stole my stuff!
>run after him in my Sailor Demyx outfit looking ridiculous
>guy darts into a side hallway that's a dead end
>start yelling at him
>he acts like he's done nothing wrong
>says he was just being in character and he was playing with me because I was cute
>hands the plushie back

>I ended up just chalking it up to random convention thing that happens
>go about the rest of my day and head to hotel
>next day I show up in my Jasmine costume with my Demyx wig again
>try to get into the convention
>don't have my badge
>badge is in my hotel room, the shuttle has already left for the hour
>calling my friends on the phone, super upset and crying
>they're not heading to the con for another hour

>stuck outside by myself
>awkwardly standing around in my costume
>guy from the day before approaches me from the smoker's area
>"Hey! I saw you yesterday didn't I? I wanted a picture but you were on the phone so I didn't want to bother you."
>shows me picture on his camera where I'm visibly upset and crying
>really confused to why he would have wanted a photo where I looked that bad
>"You mind if I get another one now that you're off the phone? You look really cute."
>tell him I don't feel like it because I'm waiting for my friends to come with my badge
>guy eagerly offers to buy me a day badge so I don't have to wait outside since it's going to rain
>feel bad that he's spending money on me but on the other hand I don't want to be outside alone for another hour
>guy buys me a badge and starts showing me around the con
>don't have the heart to leave because he spent money on me
>a few KH fans stop me for photos along the way
>each time he starts talking to them about me and bragging on how good I look
>but if guys ask for photos he inserts him and his costume into the photo with an arm around me and won't budge
>not that weirded out yet because I've done photos like that with friends
>end up spending the whole day with him
>it starts getting dark
>guy is flirting more
>tells me I ought to come to a party with him since they have great drinks
>I'm really iffy now, tell him I'm underaged for drinking
>"Oh I won't tell anyone, anon. Promise!"
>really don't want to drink, much less around a guy I barely know
>make up some kind of excuse
>guy starts making jokes about grabbing me and carrying me there like he's stealing me
>really think he'll do it since he stole my plush the day before
>tell him I have to meet my friends at the hotel room asap
>he insists on walking me to the con door
>before I can leave he's grabbing me by the hips to hold me still
>says he wants to get his badge back
>I have the lanyard looped under the waistband of my Jasmine pants and through the leg slit to hold it in place
>he pulls out the waistband to push the badge through it
>underwear in full view
>the guy is getting an eyeful of it, even makes a joke that he's surprised I'm not wearing Disney panties
>lets the elastic go so it snaps back against my hip
>freaked out and don't even respond before getting the hell out of there
>don't even go over to the convention on Sunday
>my naive weeb self with her innocent thinking completely gone from then on
>Really needed a room for Katsucon
>Girlfriend at the time needed one too
>Ask around and end up working something out with a couple of brolitas in our lolita community who are dating each other
>Only met them once at a meetup, but they seemed alright
>We made sure there'd be no alcohol in the room because that's how shit starts
>They said they might have a couple drinks at the con but not get sloppy drunk
>Seems fine
>Get to the con
>8 people in the room total but whatever
>At least we're in the Gaylord
>Everyone in the room seems nice
>We get floor but whatever
>We pay half the room upfront and say we'll pay the rest at the end of the con
>First night is fine, no trouble
>Next night we get back exhausted from being in a panel after midnight
>Open the door
>Hear some moaning
>Think someone's having sex
>Flip the lights on
>One of the brolitas I mentioned is half naked with vomit running down his face moaning and speaking incoherently
>Obviously super wasted
>Girlfriend pukes around puke, so I clean him up
>I give her some water and bread to nurse him back while I check the bathroom
>Floor is clean
>Toilet is clean
>Bathtub is full of vomit
>My shampoo has been entirely squeeze out on top of it
>All the towels are in the tub too
>I tell girlfriend
>She tells me brolita has been drinking because his boyfroend has been ignoring him and hanging out with other guys
>Find out he hasn't eaten all day
>I don't know how .uch he drank but it was a LOT
>Apparently he also caught his boyfroend in the room with another guy
>I tell girlfriend to call brolita's boyfriend while I clean up the bathroom
>Boyfriend answers
>Says he doesn't care that brolita is nearly dead wasted
>Brolita won't stop screaming and won't drink water or eat bread
>I'm beyond fed up but whatever
>I finish cleaning up the bathroom and thow away all the towels
>Brolita has finally thrashed himself to sleep
>About 2am now
>We call up some friends and ask to crash in their room
>Don't pay other half of room
Damn, you went above the call of duty cleaning up after that trainwreck.
Looking back, I realize I probably should have left it, but it gave me something to do while my girlfriend was tending to the guy. I was kind of tunnelvisioning at that point and needed a distraction from completely flipping my lid.
Ah, I understand. Glad you two found somewhere else to room though.
I forgot to mention we were entirely covered in grey paint from Homestuck the whole time too, and we weren't able to shower it off until we got to our friends' room.
This is the best fucking thing I've read on this site since Danger-chan. Thank you anon.
Jesus Christ, am I the only one who knows to get the tape a little bit linty before applying it to myself? If you stick it to a tee shirt or something a couple of times before you stick it to your skin it doesn't hurt as much when you remove it.
I want to be mad, but I just can't. That was beautiful
Half a cider and he's already vomiting everywhere? I don't know much about alcohol, does cider usually fuck you up that quickly?
Heck no. Half a cider might make the lightest lightweight kinda tipsy. Sounds like he pre-gamed.
the partially consumed alcohol in his car is the clue that he has been drinking alone since before arriving at the meet

If you make the tape too linty, the tape might not stick well enough. She was using it to bind body bits, not to loosely hold things in place.

Additionally, even if you made the tape slightly linty, there's something about human sweat that sometimes acts like additional glue, so the tape can still be sticky after sweating into it over a few hours.

I would like to contribute that oil dissolves glue from most types of tapes, so if anyone does get stuck trying to rip binding tape, I'd recommend buying some baby oil/cooking oil and going at it with a sponge in a bathtub. It's going to be slow going trying to dissolve the oil rather than rip it off, but at least you'll still retain skin on your boobs.
If I did that the tape wouldn't stick well enough and start peeling off, if I even touch the tape too much with my fingers before getting it on sometimes it wont be sticky enough to do its job.
Yep. Waiting for the adhesive to melt a bit and slowly peeling it off in a hot shower is my usual method of removal, it's slow but it, aside from the two times mentioned has done me well. I'll keep the oil thing in mind and will try seeing if it can speed up the process after the next time I do this.
>one fanart had Demyx in Aladdin's world dressed as Jasmine
oh my god anon im crying i think i drew that

im so so sorry
The character is Jigen. Sad that such a shit head was dressed as him. Jigen has more class. Would have been funny if you were wearing disney undies though.
Am I really the only person sensible enough to put something like tissue paper (literally anything) to cover the most of my tit before proceeding to tape over it with sports tape to do my side bind? Like how can you people be so stupid
OP here, it was actually pic related because back in the day that was the shit and you binge read their collection for an hour or two.

>mfw I just read about ten comics for nostalgia
Whoops, just saw this. You know, I think I may have tried to find some Disney undies and then gave up because you know, young weebs be like "lawl this would be so funny!" and then you see it costs more than $1 to get a pair and you've already spent $25 on a Leg Avenue costume because it was the cheapest available. Those were the days. Young, dumb, and broke.
God this comic used to be my shit I'm gonna have to reread this. Slightly OT but only a little so, who else tried to get into the Organization XII oc deviantart group be honest
This is why you should never try new conventions the first year they're operating. Especially if they're not actually at a hotel/convention center.

>lived in Hawaii ages ago because husband is military
>guy with more money than sense and a thing for hot cosplay girls advertises a Cosplay Cruise
>manages to charter a small cruise and get people to sign up
>said it's supposed to have guests and activities
>supposed to be once in a lifetime opportunity for amazing cosplay photography
>fair amount of hype over it in cosplay community back in the day
>husband comes from a wealthy family and had a bit of inheritance money so we decide to go and get a big suite for the weekend
>a few dozen people show up on the day we leave in costume
>surrounded by at least a hundred other people
>families with kids and people on honeymoon
>guy (let's call him G) didn't tell anyone that 'chartering' the cruise meant purchasing spots on one deck for cosplayers
>all the other deck rooms are regular tourists and stuff
>everyone's confused but mostly okay because hey, it's still a cruise, right?

>G tries to organize some events after we start the cruise
>random non-cosplayers keep wandering in wondering what's going on
>cosplayers sort of feel like those dumb mascots on the Disney cruises
>normal cruisers taking photos with them and getting them to pose with their kids
>husband and I basically just normie it up and hang out
>consider it a romantic and enjoy the small spa and everything else
>G is still struggling to make this like a mini-convention on the ocean because no one's ever done it before!
>it's slowly falling apart
>cruise is only four days anyway around some of the major Hawaiian islands
>but no, G isn't about to let his big dreams be ruined by his bad planning

>cruise is almost over and mostly the tourists are doing the typical extras like swimming in the ocean, seeing the marine animals, checking out the major islands
>G wants to be better than that!
>G says for an extra cost he's worked out a deal with the cruise
>next stop on island he's rented a charter boat that's going to take us out to a secluded non-tourist area for cosplay photos!
>husband is a thrill seeker, says why not and forks over the cash for it
>only five of us can pay the extra $100 a person for it

>beginning to have my doubts because so far G has managed to fuck up everything with his bad planning
>all of us dress up in our best cosplays
>husband and I are Tidus and Yuna from FFX that's just come out
>decide it's perfect for tropical location photos, really hoping G will come through this once
>just met the other three that paid
>one is a local cos-famous girl that was known for skimpy costumes but had the same idea as us and had gone as Rikku
>the other two I didn't know but the male was dressed as Oak from Pokemon and the female was Misty from Pokemon as well and were a couple

>G rounds us all up at the docks where the little charter boat is waiting for us
>the captain looks like we're the weirdest people he's ever seen
>but G must have paid him good because he doesn't comment
>G seems to know where he's going since he's lived in Hawaii all his life
>he's giving the captain directions and after a half hour or so we show up on this little side of the island
>the view is amazing and there's no one in sight but you can see houses up on the cliff above
>finally G has come through!

>everyone piles out of the boat since we have two hours to hang out and take photographs before making the half hour trek back to the docks before the cruise boat boards back up
>G is a really good photographer despite his less than great planning skills
>everyone gets a session with him
>otherwise you spend the time using your own camera

Sharing the boat with normies is standard though? There is a company that does a big goth cruise every year, and they end up sharing the boat with normies too. Cruise ships are huge, unless you can book enough people to fill the whole ship (doubtful) you're going to wind up sharing the boat.
This was a small cruise ship and G had made it sound like it a bunch of cosplayers had signed up and the whole ship would be nothing but other anime/video game fans. Like a floating convention.

Getting back to finishing the story now.
>Rikku is the last one to have a photo session with G
>she's eager to add 'professional' photos to her album and get the boost to add to her to local cos-famous reputation
>G is just excited to photograph a sexy and single girl in a bikini
>time keeps getting closer to when we have to pack it up and head back
>G and Rikku are still on the far side of the beach for 'privacy' for Rikku to do sexy photos in the water
>sky is turning cloudy, the wind is picking up and waves getting choppy
>starting to get pretty anxious because everyone knows it won't be a nice ride back with choppy waves
>keep trying to get G and Rikku to hurry up, we're already five minutes later leaving than planned
>G and Rikku reluctantly come back to the charter boat
>it's already starting to drizzle a little
>everyone is huddling under the cover of the boat to keep dry
>of course G now realizes we're late and starts trying to get the captain to go faster
>threatening the captain with not finishing paying him if they don't make it back to the docks in time before the cruise ship leaves
>captain is actually listening to the idiot and speeding up
>hitting every wave and bumping all around
>everyone freaking out, I'm clinging to my husband for dear life despite bulky life preservers getting in the way
>feels like storm is getting closer, the rain is coming down harder
>Rikku is outright crying and yelling
>Oak and Misty are huddled together
>G and Captain are yelling, Captain isn't even looking where he's going anymore
>all of a sudden it sounds like the engine is dying
>smoke coming up from the motor
>we've got no motor and we're in the middle of bad waves
>captain's trying to steer as best he can without the motor
>sudden slamming noise that jolts us all forward

I think I know where this is going.......
File: 1452040017060.png (847 KB, 1058x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
847 KB, 1058x591
>we've hit a sandbar or something
>there's a beach right off the side of the boat
>husband and the other men get out and help drag the boat further onto the sand so it won't drift away
>captain is radioing in for someone to get us
>G is acting as if it's everyone's fault but his own
>is offering up stupid solutions to fix the motor despite everyone else knowing we've burnt the damn thing up
>already missed the time we should have been back at the dock to catch the cruise
>Rikku is completely freaking out about being stranded
>Oak and Misty are already trying to be in charge to get everyone calmed down and make shelters to get out of the storm
>husband has more experience because military but his priority is just to make sure we stay in the boat and don't wander out onto unknown beach
>know he really wants to just kick G's ass off the boat and let him fend for himself

>an hour later once the waves have calmed down a boat comes out to get us
>the cruise was at least legit enough to recognize passengers were missing
>G had actually arranged the charter boat through them (having done something right for once!) and they knew we'd gone out
>Captain had provided the location of where we were with the radio call
>everyone gets bundled up with towels and gets on the rescue boat to take us back to port and back on the cruise
>G still refuses to pay the captain the extra money for bringing us back
>husband pays the captain for the two of us and leaves G to sort out the rest
>get home and Rikku goes straight to the local cosplay forum to tell her tale
>only refers to us as the 'rich guy' and 'his wife' along with the professor and misty
>G tries to start a smear campaign to protect his reputation against the cruise line, Rikku, anyone and everyone that spoke badly of him
>never go near another of G's events
>never go on another cruise
>never go near anything again involving a three hour tour
Oh Gilligan. ;)
File: 1452385480238.png (141 KB, 471x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 471x400
I posted a super long story to the wrong thread. I guess I'll just repost it to the correct one since the last one is autosaging, so sorry in advance.
This one might not be as horrific as some others in the thread but it was definitely a horror story to me.

>be 12 years old
>homeschooled up until middle school, very naive
>very talented for my age, put original songs on itunes and have a small group of hardcore fans on facebook
>get message from a fb fan (I'll call him B)
>B really loves my songs and he lives in my state
>says he saw me at a recent anime convention but was too nervous to say hi
>tell him maybe we can meet at the next con
>we do
>at first he just says he wants my autograph
>he ends up following me and my friends around the con
>bought me an expensive figure (despite me later finding out he's extremely poor)
>he reveals he's a 19 year old college dropout >we talk to each other about our favorite anime
>his favorite is one called kodomo no jikan
>had never seen that anime so no flags were raised
>one of my male friends that is with me wants to go to the dealers room so we head there
>we look at the hentai because we're edgy 12-13 year olds and think it's funny
>male friend who is pubescent and horny wants to buy hentai but he's underage
>B comes to the rescue and buys porn for a minor
>idiotic 12 year old me still sees no red flags
>male friend later gets in trouble for reading porn in public but that's beside the point

>con ends, we all had fun but my parents were suspicious of B
>3 days later B confesses his love to me on facebook and asks me out
>had very little experience with romance and wanted to experience a romance like in my shoujo manga
>said yes

It all goes downhill from here, and yes, I'm aware I was fucking stupid.

>conversations start out pretty tame
>soon the delusional 12 year old me has built up a fantasy of marrying this 19 year old NEET dropout
>he uses this to his advantage and conversations begin to get heavier
>starts talking about his sexual preferences
>quoth B: "I don't care about your small boobs, I'm a lolicon after all"
>my reaction to this can only be described as "oh u"
>he decides to move out of his trailer (it was an actual trailer that he lived in with his parents) and get a roommate
>asks me if i can keep some of his figures and manga in my room
>say sure, this is sweet
>my parents are getting more and more suspicious of B but i continually delete my text messages at his command
>they meet up with him and set up some rules for being able to talk to me
>this includes no dating, no lovey dovey talk, and absolutely nothing too mature for my age
>he says he'll agree to the rules
>it was all a ruse
>soon i go out of state to a competition with my middle school showchoir
>this is when it happened
>B had come over to my house to try and appease my mom by giving her a mother's day present and helping her clean the house
>somewhere along the line mom had to run an errand and told B he could go home
>he didn't go home
>B stays at my house and goes into my room
>apparently i didn't clean up before i left and had left some period stained panties on the ground
>i can only imagine B with his fucked up blood fetish and pedophilia popped a massive boner right there
>he uses my bloody underwear to masturbate on my bed
>he even cums on my bed but cleans it up
>when i get back from the competition B says he needs to tell me something, but he's afraid I'll hate him for it
>i tell him i'll love him no matter what
>he describes this entire situation to me in great detail when i arrive back from the competition
>i'm very shocked but at the same time blinded by my stockholm syndrome induced love
>i'm texting him about this when my mom's Protective Parent Senses are activated
>she asks to see my phone (which was actually an ipod because i was too young to have a phone, apparently)
>instead of admitting to her that i had become involved in an abusive relationship with B, i hide the phone
>at this point, she knows something is wrong
>she tries to grab it and i smash the ipod on the ground to try and break it
>the glass shatters but i can see that the screen still turns on
>i grab it and make a break for the backyard where we have a small pool
>drop the ipod in the water and collapse, crying my eyes out
>my mom is seething with rage
>"you just made a big mistake, anon"
>she drives all the way to B's house and interrogates him, finds out everything
>this was the final straw and i'm no longer allowed to talk to B
>12 year old me is absolutely distraught because B had told me that i would never find love with anybody but him because i was so clingy and immature, and as stupid and naive as i was, i believed him
>i pulled quite a few stunts to try and talk to him again
File: 1451767755072.jpg (50 KB, 449x597) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 449x597
>some of these stunts included making chicken scratches on my wrist
>my poor parents who had no clue what do do agreed that if i could go a month without breaking the rules they had given B, i could have limited contact with him
>i agree
>yet this isn't enough for B and he insists that we simply wait until nighttime to communicate
>one night he is fed up with me not sending nudes because he sent me a shirtless photo, "it's only fair"
>he screams at me and tells me he'll break up with me if i don't put out
>guilts me into doing it by saying he's gotten a blowjob from his best friend and his dog, and if i wouldn't at least send him nudes i was no better than them
>mfw i participated in the creation of child pornography
>he send me a video of him masturbating
>essentially had my first erotic experience taken by a weeaboo sexual predator
>cry myself to sleep
>but at least he didn't break up with me, right
>the cycle of him bullying me into sexual favors and then buying me gifts continues
>he even pins me to his bed at his trailer (his roommates kicked him out) only stopping whatever he was going to do when my little sister walks in and asks what he was doing
>he also ended up pulling some similar stunts on my little sis, such as telling her he popped a boner after giving her a piggyback ride
>she was 9 years old when he did this to her
>cycle continues until my mom realizes it's happening again
>i tell her i feel trapped because he's taken my purity away from me and i can't give it to anyone i really love anymore
>mom prints out a list of abuse tactics
>realize B has used every single one
>mom consoles me and i take the initiative and tell B to stop stalking me and that i wasn't going to talk to him anymore
>he's very angry and he sends me images of celery stalks to mock me (at least that part was kind of funny)
>by the time i'm 13 going on 14, about to enter high school, he still isnt over it
File: Rc9hobB.jpg (54 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 500x500
>he attends conventions that he knows i will attend
>sneaks up behind me to try and scare me into leaving
>it worked the first time
>for 2 years after the debacle i had a panic attack if i ever saw him, successfully ruining my good time at cons
>finally my parents bring the police into the picture
>he doesn't know i've deleted every instance of us talking over social media because it gave me flashbacks
>based parents take advantage of this
>they tell him they'll show the police all the evidence of his abuse if he doesn't fuck off forever
>at last, scared by the prospect of being jailed, B ollies the fuck out of my life
>takes 5 years of counselling to get fully over it
>during this time i had developed an intense fear of men and dated quite a few girls, upsetting my christian parents
>still consider myself bisexual but ultimately overcame my intense androphobia
>obviously not underaged anymore and have a kind, employed boyfriend who is willing to wait until i'm ready to do anything of a sexual nature since it still wigs me out
>B is now a genderqueer pansexual child predator on tumblr, constantly complaining about not having anybody to love and flirting with underage snowflakes who buy into his new tactic
>mfw he's completely unsuccessful in love, in his job, in his education, and in his family
>mfw he was completely wrong about everything he said about me
>mfw im living a happy and promising life and he's not

And I never posted a new song to iTunes or met up with strangers at cons ever again.

Never let underage kids hang out with adults.
Jesus Christ, anon. That's terrifying. I'm glad that you are beyond him. Its a shame he didn't go to jail for your nudes though.
Oh anon, I'm so sorry for you.
Holy nostalgia, wow. I remember watching the voiced versions on Youtube too
I don't think you were stupid in any way. You obviously just didn't have the experience to forewarn you, and when you're stuck in it it's extremely difficult to see past the delusion. I'm glad you're moving on anon.
Different anon here, but the reason we ban adults from engaging in sexual activities with children is that society recognizes that relationships with adults and children aren't on a level playing field, and any such relationship between an adult and a child will be inherently imbalanced and coercive. I'm sure your therapist has gone over this with you, but you did what we fear kids will do, and he did what we order adults not to do.
Oh my god I can't believe I'm seeing this again after so long.
>he's very angry and he sends me images of celery stalks to mock me
everything this anon said.
And then a skeleton popped out!
I went to a con for its first year in Illinois 2014.
The "dealer's room" was Pokémon cards on half a folding table.
Never again.
Caught it but still read it :^)
File: 1434437287836.jpg (60 KB, 509x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 509x720
>B is now a genderqueer pansexual
Nothing worse than ending up as tumblr scum, I'm proud of you for your life completely turning around after that whole ordeal.
well at least yours didn't fall off. My friend did Guy from The Croods for a summer con and she even made his log to walk around in if she didn't want to wear her boar cape, well she was walking through the hall with the log on and because she's a sweat beast she sweated all the tape off (duck tape) and had to walk all the way back to our room with the tape wrap sliding down to her hips
no anon thats definitely a horror story
>finds out everything
And yet she didn't immediately contact the police and allowed you to continue speaking with him?
I'm sorry but how is someone's nipple ripping off somehow better than just the tape coming off?
>handwashing cosplay to remove fake blood from recent shoot
>removed glasses as they were fogging up due to steam from hot water
>putting on washing gloves to protect hands from dye, detergent and drying
>notice white powder like stain on gloves, maybe from bleach use
>notice dark grey splotches, it's probably gone moldy over time
>check other glove, it's in excellent condition, just a few wispy strands from dying wigs
>closely inspect white stain.
>oh god. A baby spider emerges.
>half a dozen baby spiders crawling on my arm
>realised my glove is home to dozens of baby spiders
>quickly remove gloves and dispose in outdoor bin
File: Shocked-GIF-2015.gif (614 KB, 400x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
614 KB, 400x300
File: 1432615094735.png (848 KB, 938x693) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
848 KB, 938x693
jesus fucking christ
Did you read past that? Immediately afterwards it says her mom didn't allow her to contact him anymore, but he got sneaky.
File: 1435700482139.gif (1 MB, 240x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 240x180
File: spider-fire.jpg (42 KB, 746x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 746x436
File: 68790g.gif (1 MB, 300x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 300x200
I would've freaked the fuck out, anon.
back when I was 13 or 14 this chick (who was 16 or 17 I think) got jealous that I was talking to her emo 'bff xdd' who she had friendzoned, and started calling me triangle tits because I was an A cup back then
guess which one of us is a B and which one is a (admittedly small band) DD now :^)

my first con, I did a shitty 'genderbend Dave' cosplay and got a mild stalker case, but nothing really big happened I guess.. I can tell the story if anyone's interested but it's nothing compared to the level of horror here
>Me at 16 at my first con
>First time cosplay is Mello because fuck yeah Death Note
>Find some other Death Note cosplayers to hang out with
>They're all older and more con-experienced, but they don't mind my weeb ass
>Suddenly feel cold metal on my wrist
>An L crossplayer has handcuffed herself to me
>Not freaking out yet because young and dumb
>Just kinda roll with it because fuck yeah Death Note
>Find out she's 23
>Still no alarm bells
>Rest of the group gets up to move on
>Get up to join them but get pulled back down
>Mild panic as I realize I'm stuck handcuffed with L alone
>She pulls me into her lap and starts like caressing me
>Full panic mode activate
>Get up and start pulling and screaming
>She panics and agrees to uncuff me if I don't say anything about it
>My stupid ass agrees and runs away as fast as I can
>Thankfully don't see her again for the rest of the con (or ever again)
Did your bicycle with the basket survive the tornado?
Damn right it did. Too kawaii to die.
>driving home from event wearing beautiful velvet jsk
>looking over shoulder to change lanes
>rrrriiip...uh oh
>frantically trying to figure out what just ripped while still driving on highway
>after a few miles finally feel a hole between bodice and skirt
>don't want to stop, long drive ahead of me
>start to have to pee really bad
>nope I'm holding it till I get to the halfway point at least, my sister lives near there so I won't have to be in public with a ripped jsk
>driving along uncomfortably
>almost there
>check gas meter
>after passing a few exits decide it's not worth it to risk running out of gas and get off the highway one exit before where my sister lives
>see a gas station, pull in
>look around, have to go inside because of course I only have cash and I have to piss anyway
>notice that I am right next to a very well known strip club
>curl up in a ball and die because everyone is going to think I'm a stripper
Him raping his dog wasn't a big enough sign for you? Gross
File: CSQgXJqUAAAnVz4.jpg (36 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 600x337
Never said anything I did was smart.

Plus I was in too deep at that point. Obviously I realize how fucked up that is after the fact, but when you're in an abusive relationship, you're blind to almost everything terrible your partner does.
was it dashcon?
Bandaids over nips, baby oil to remove taps.
Seriously, didn't anyone learn anything in the whole 'ace bandage' years of crossplaying?

Baby oil gets rid of any stickiness on the tape, bandaids obviously stop your nipples from coming off. wtf. you're just a retard.
>didn't anyone learn anything in the whole 'ace bandage' years of crossplaying
I learned to invest in a damn good binder after I bound with ACE bandages one year and they slipped and tightened around my ribs really hard to the point I had to go to the bathroom with a friend to get help to get them off because I was in such pain.
I am fucking screencapping this.
That was actually pretty clever.
You motherfucker
I assume the nail dissolved like tissue paper, yeah?
Sometimes when you experience an event so fucked up you can't
>Mom showed my cosplay pics to her friends
I had something like this happen.

>go on day trip with family to nature reserve
>end up getting up close footage of an animal
>mom wants to share the video on her FB
>file is too big to text/email so I put it on my friends-only FB and set it to public
>she shares it on her FB from there
>family knows I don't want to add any of them for personal reasons, mostly because if you friend one you have to friend them all or else you'll never hear the end of it
>grandmother's church buddy comes over to house to visit
>waits until my grandmother is out of the room
>"Anon! I saw that video you took and I went on your FB and I saw pictures of you in that white dress costume! You looked absolutely gorgeous!"
>awfuck I forgot my convention albums were public for people to tag themselves in
>"Thanks, grandma's friend. That's nice of you."
>waits until she's leaving to talk to my grandmother about it
>"Did you see your granddaughter's photos in that costume of hers? She was so gorgeous!"
>they're talking about me like I'm not even there
>grandmother's friend is halfway out the door when she decides to share some unwanted advice
>"Anon! You looked so pretty in those photos. You should get contacts and start wearing makeup every day!"
>thanks for saying I'm ugly when I'm not wearing $45 worth of Japanese makeup in the privacy of my own home, ya hag
At first I was like this is some fucking shitty made-up shit who would believe this etc. and then I just. Lost it. God damnit anon.
File: 1453045356634.png (255 KB, 457x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 457x381
>me, 14, first year of high school
>shitty alternative school, everyone there had gotten kicked out of public school
>had "costume day"
>wear a shitty miku cosplay (which i still own)
>go into school, everyones weirded out
>"why are you some anime bitch?" "wtf why are you dressed as a chinese girl" etc.
>explain to them who i was supposed to be, nobody understood
>later on an annoying guy at the school comes up behind me
>snatches my long pigtail wig off my head and runs, leaving me in panic
>wig down to my knees being thrown around like its nothing
>finally get it back, it's tangled beyond saving
>the wig was completely ruined, the hair around the clips for the pigtails had fallen out so you could see them, the bottom of the pigtails were a frizzy, tangled mess
>go into the bathroom with it and cry

i still have the wig and looking at it makes me sad
You sound very bitter anon, your grandma's friend sounded very polite and nice about your pictures.

>thanks for saying I'm ugly when I'm not wearing $45 worth of Japanese makeup in the privacy of my own home, ya hag

It seems you are looking for things to be offended about.
desu it's kind of rude to tell someone you should change your appearance because they like how you looked another way, especially if it involves a big change like altering their vision. Anon was polite about it up until then.
Ugh. I am a homestuck and I hate this. Why the fuck would you just assume you can go up and hug a stranger anyways??
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