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ITT: /biz/ books in your library
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Here are some I have, need suggestions for more

>The art of the deal - Donald Trump
>The richest man in babylon - George S. Clason
>Millionaire real estate agent - Gary Keller
>Rich Dad Poor Dad, Business of the 21st century, Midas Touch - Robert Kiyoski
>Investing 101 - Michele Cagain
>Economics 101 - Alfred Mill
>101 things everyone should know about economics - Peter Sander
>Rise and Fall of American Growth - Robert J. Gordon
>Capital in the twenty first century - Thomas Piketty

Not explicitly business but applicable in some situations
>The art of war - Sun Tzu
>The book of five rings - Miyamoto Musashi
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Capitalism and Freedom
Dynamic people skills-Dexter Yeager
Magic of Thinking Big
Think and Grow Rich
Atlas Shrugged (love dat shit)
A few random books on bartering
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>Atlas Shrugged
What can I say? I like it. If you can't get some fiction in your library, you're gonna bog yourself down with facts and no imagination. Creative minds are productive
Early retirement extreme
Mein neger.
I have heard that Tony Robin books : Money master the game and Unlimited Power are pretty good, What is your opinion /biz ?
Reading Boomerang by Michael Lewis
he's great at taking dull subject matter and keeping it interesting.
I'll read The Big Short and Flash boys next
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The Snowball, biography of Warren Buffett. Highly motivational
Can you upload or link a copy of Dynamic People Skills?

Master the game is a mediocre personal finance book. It's 500 pages long that can be boiled down to

1. Buy vanguard index funds
2. Automate your investing

Also there's a lot of unimportant garbage about 401k, an entire chapter to promote his charity, and a chapter about how 3d printing will revolutionize the world.

Tony is an amazing salesman, so his stuff always puts you in a great and uplifting state. But as far as financial advice goes, the book is quite lacking.

Personal power is his first book I believe. It's okay-ish as a personal development book, but lacking compared to his new stuff. Try the personal power II audio program if you really want to get the full Tony Robbins experience.
>>Rich Dad Poor Dad
Here's your thread:
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If I could recommend only one book to anyone, this would be it.
Can anyone explain people who try to apply The Art of War and A Book of Five Rings to business? I really don't get it. They were treatises on warfare written by warriors to be applied specifically to warfare. Attempting to apply them to anything else seems to be grasping to a potentially dangerous degree.
Tony Robbins is not my favorite author. He is extremely verbose and his message and points get conflated and obfuscated.
He will omit and twist things to strengthen his argument and to ensure message delivery.
I found the most useful chapter in the books to be the one about exponential Reward to Risk Ratio's.
Also Compound Savings and Interest are still GOAT Tier
With him you really have to read between the lines. He is a master of the convincing Half-truth. Reading it as an exercise in spotting artful BS is a good idea.

As far as the get your mind right and get moving self help stuff. 3 main books that people talk about
Eckhart Tolle's Power of Now
Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within
Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich

They all have nearly the same advice communicated in different ways. Pick the one that works for you.
I've noticed That the people in business who make the most money gravitate to T&GR.
Performers, like actors lawyers and politicians like ATGW.
A few vaguely spiritual folks like TPON.
On Art of War
I just picked up my copy and used the last 3 of your post number.
Section two page one line five.

"One who excels in employing the military does not conscript the people twice or transport provisions a third time. If you obtain your equipment from within the state and rely on seizing provisions from the enemy, then the army's foodstuffs will be sufficient."

Your post says you've never been in a military. Its a huge logistical endeavor. Move the right people to the right place at the right time. On the way care for and feed them.

>written by warriors
No; written by Generals.

There is tremendous overlap in running large organizations.

I haven't read 5 rings yet but from some points I've heard, the power to generate focus using simply your body and some positions could come in highly useful.

Right now there is a large contingent of people in Silicon Valley reading about Ghengis Khan. b/c he ran the largest empire known to man. When running a multinational conglomerate, I could see how his writing could be useful.
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To my point, it's grasping pretty hard to take that passage you quoted as business advice. It's true I've never been in the military, but even I know what this passage means. It advocates commandeering spoils from vanquished enemies for use by your own forces instead of wasting time and resources hauling supplies to the front from home. It's a point on logistics, for sure, but it has nothing to do with moving "the right people to the right place at the right time." I'll concede that there might be SOME overlap, but to say that there's a "temendous" amount of overlap between running a large army and running a large company is stretching it because of the vastly different objectives that businesses and armies have. A business's objective is to make money. An army's objective is to defeat enemies. If you run a company like you would run an army, I seriously question the results you would have.

I won't get into petty semantics with you about "warrior" vs. "general," as though the two were mutually exclusive terms. It's a moot point anyway, since you're wrong and Musashi was a transient swordsman and not a general. A Book of Five Rings is primarily a treatise on swordsmanship peppered with lofty and muddled philosophical meanderings. Again, to apply it to business you'd need to grasp at this bizarre idea that doing business is analogous to waging war, that killing people and acquiring wealth share some fundamental principle outside of banditry.
In the trash it goes
Borrowed the complete idiots guide to stock investing on a whim, good or nah?
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The Management Series by L. Ron Hubbard. Don't laugh because of the author. It's really good. And available online, just look for it.

See a short description of the series:

Like I said haven't read the five rings and Musashi was a warrior. Lao Zhu and the others were strategists and generals. They are rarely mutually exclusive, simply differentiating strategic and tactical.

It is true the functional goals are different but the practices of management of human capital remain. An army's main objective is to deter war and preserve peace. Doing Battle is a failure of that objective.
Supply chains are critically important in war and business. Acquisition, Management and Care of these systems is most of the work.

Less than 1% of troops today will ever engage in battle b/c of 4th generation warfare.

AOW books were written during 1st generation warfare. Where around 10% of a military were combatants.

One ought not conflate warfare with killing. Most of war is posturing and preparation. Battle is the result of serious strategic failure. It is important also to not confuse battle with war. See the Pyrrhic Victory for example, it is analogous to McDonalds $0.29 hamburger wednesdays.

Logistics and Management are the same in war and peace. The rules of engagement are all that change. During peace the parties involved willingly submit to laws and other agreements about behavioral standards so as to facilitate the coexistence self interest and agency while minimizing subversion such that all can operate at full capacity. While in war, these agreements are tossed aside and victory may now be contingent on the removal of agency and subversion of others. Serious adjustments must be made to create costly defense in warfare, while in peace defense is mutually discarded because neither needs fear subversion except through incompetence.

ch3 section 8
5 factors from which victory can be known:
one who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.
one who recognizes how to employ large and small numbers will be victorious
one whose upper and lower ranks desire the same thing shall be victorious
...one who, fully prepared awaits the unprepared shall be victorious.
Once whose general is capable and not interfered with by the leader will be victorious.
These are the 5 tao of Victory.
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Learn Finnish and read this ty
pls respond
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stop reading these books. they all say the same thing. when you read one "business" book you have read them all. you are not going to find the secret sauce in print media. you have to go out, take risks, fail, restructure your plan, and try try try again until you find something that works.
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