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>be on 4chan
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>be on 4chan
>start a good thread
>thread is gone

Here are a few short stories from the sociopath thread around an hour ago. I hope this entertains someone:

1. A couple of years ago, I was at a store with my family. I've been fascinated by the idea of theft since I was young, but I've never put enough effort in to actually go through with it. If I am going to do something illegal, I must be completely, one hundred percent sure that I will be untouchable. So, each time I went to the store when I was a child (~10 years old), I would sneak a little candy bar in my pocket. I became a shut in for a couple years, so I didn't seek the opportunity to do more. As a teenager, I had ideas of theft, but I easily shoved those away, because I convinced even myself that I am a good person (isn't that ironic?)

So, this time, I am bored while my family shops, and I decide to take some bathing suits to the fitting room. I've tried one on, and now they want to leave. There are two options here: I could either take the top off and put it back where it was found, or I could put my clothes on over it. Which option requires less effort?

Plus, it was a really cute top.
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2. This one is embarrassing, actually. I am quite skittish. While I excel and one-to-one conversation, I perform terribly under pressure and in front of groups. I instinctively run away like a scared little animal. There's a girl who I have seen in some of my classes. I had noticed her presence, but I tuned her out. I had seen her around campus as well, acting very sociable, but she just seemed annoying. By some chance of fate (this was 2 years ago at the beginning of fall semester), we both get a job at the university's help room. And, by some chance of fate, out of the 3 locations on campus and various hours throughout the week, we end up having two overlapping shifts. Now, I didn't even know that I was a sociopath at the time. So I initiated conversation, asking her about the class we were in together. She says "yeah, I know how to act really dumb, so I got the professor to like me." Or something along those lines. I didn't like that because I am enthusiastic about learning, and I go to professors' office hours to learn, not to get to know him on a personal level. I decided just to ignore her. At a later instance, I was having trouble solving a very basic question. A group of students asked me the question, and because I felt them watching me, I was stumped. So I asked her if she could please take over the group for me. She seemed confused, and hesitant, because she couldn't blatantly deny it. She said "I guess I'm taking over, now." But I didn't care, because she saved me.

She begins to explain the question, but I tune out and start helping someone else. Then, she asks me "Anon, do you know this question? The exam one?" and points to it. I genuinely was drew a blank, could not think, and said "I'm sorry, I don't know."

I changed my shift time and location.
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>changed my shift time & location

Ausfag here OP.
Are both posts yours?
>ID: Heaven

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aw, the picture didn't attach.
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Well now I am
>pic related
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Going to bed now, I've had too much fun tonight. Sociopath general thread. There were 2 rules in the previous, but now there are three, also I have altered the second rule:

1) Don't be stupid
2) Don't be mean
3) You are are a btard, act like one.

Good night, you lovely fucks. I'm counting on you idiots to make an entertaining thread and not have it turn to shit.

Hehe, I'm sorry, that was not my intention

Goodnight OP
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Aw forgot the pic
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