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Cut dick >>>>>>>>>>>> uncircumsized
lurking for qt blondes
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oh god guys, I love cocks so much
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there's a distinct lack of girly boys in here.
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Just how i like it

that looks painful, look at how tight his dick is getting squeezed, squeezed isn't even the right word, crushed is more appropriate, wonder how they got condoms at that age though, I never had the balls to buy condoms until I was like 17
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What I can't understand is half the time is this a shota thread or a loli trap/futa thread and why can't there be distinctions, these threads are weird. Also why are shota threads always gay shit? Why noy straight shota with lolis?

Fuck you all.
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If you want a straight shota thread, start one. They pop up every now and then
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because the people posting boyish shota are retarded and cant into logic, they think every thread is theirs and berate you if you think other wise
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whad up like I have a dig bick...
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Little faggot threads are they best
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sup fags
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oh hi there

not much, what's up with you?
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That is so adorable.
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little makoto is the cutest <3
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You guys need to post more of what I like and not what you like
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only because little faggots.
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>tfw you you are circumcised

really do wish that was illegal how female circumcision is
I fyou want a trap thread, start one. If you want a loli thread, start one. If you want a straight shota thread, start one.
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may I post a thing?
Sue your parents and use money as a foreskin.
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I'm just gonna take that as a "yes"
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you can't actually sue your parents for that can you? (seriously, can you?)
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anyone have more of this!?!?!?
You can. Just because you sue doesn't mean you'll win, but you can sue.
Where do you live? I think it should be possible. They mutilated you against your will after all.
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have people won before? I'm assuming if anyone's won that, it was probably over a botched circumcision, not just a regular old "nothing went wrong" one
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united states of I don't want to live on this continent

appreciate the dumping btw
Not much playing lol, looking at thread in between games.
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i know that feel...
hurts so bad

yea, because the parents are the ones responsible for a botched circumcision

not the people who actually performed the procedure


Theres stuff here. You could probably sue the doctor who did it
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why, though? because of looks?
You can sue the doctor.

Him having a 2 signatures from your rents dont even hold up in court from my research.
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Nah, I actually prefer the way it looks cut, I just would have preferred to have had a say in the matter, will never know if uncut actually does feel better or not
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No, its much more personal then just looks.

on some parts i cant feel anything, really makes me depressed. Its just like they say, little / no feeling.

It also feels dehumanizing.
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Function over form, anon.

you can, but youll lose a lot

a lot

a lot of money

doctors have enough law suits flying at them daily about issues where they may or may not of actually killed someone

when you come at them cuse you think they made your dick look ugly, well, the insurance system will thank you heartily as they take all of your money
The negative side effects of circumcision are well know in court nowadays.

oh ok

then go ahead and do it

youre sure to win
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I need a fucking Hideyoshi
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don't we all
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Cut fags that want to be uncut fags are the worst.
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471 KB, 900x720

Because in general, whining about things that can't be changed is annoying to other people.
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I have a soft spot for the Pokemon boys, anyone got anything?
anyone know a good place to get some nice Silver shota?
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2 MB, 360x480
uncut fags are the worst
File: 1359151325232.jpg (11 KB, 246x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 246x205
Not much except for Silver. I'll dump shortly. Boss and coworkers are hangin' around again
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10 KB, 269x200
First off, ill say whatever i damn well want. Appealing to it being annoying only shows how much you are projecting.

If we don't complain, nothing will change. Its already unacceptable what occured, and the fact it is still being done today for non medical purposes is a dire representation of our backwards incomplete moral structure.

You entitled piece of shit. Your brain must have a deficiency for you to be annoyed at others because they complain when they have been outright wronged for no good reason.
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you seem upset
File: 1360120864297.jpg (692 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
692 KB, 1024x768
spiderman better be spraying his web over some little boys real soon.
>just beccause you sue doesn't mean you'll win
that sounds like you're a piece of meat your parents own and can do anything with as long as it's not against the law, until you're not a child anymore.

shit's sad as hell.
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175 KB, 480x360
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149 KB, 700x1010
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I have a friend who was raped. Rape is terrible. But if she made every single conversation we had about rape, I would stop talking to her. It's not because I love rape and want things to stay the way they are, it's because I'm not fucking interested in talking about rape every goddamn day. Likewise, I'm not fucking interested in talking about circumcision in every thread with a penis in it. By bringing it up, you are being what I consider annoying.

In summation, >>>/pol/
File: anim6.webm (725 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
725 KB, 960x540
No, but gifs are so retro
File: 121534014356.jpg (265 KB, 680x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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609 KB, 1047x1920
Is this a shota thread or trap thread?
File: 1390249865118.jpg (240 KB, 1488x1291) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
240 KB, 1488x1291
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Anyone got any doctor stuff?
File: 121452625440.jpg (123 KB, 630x909) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
123 KB, 630x909
My every conversation is not about circumcision, nor was i the one who brought it up. Someone asked for peoples input, i gave it.

For once in a horribly long time ill admit i very much am.

Disregard my hostility. You dont deserve it, i know you did little wrong. Im truly sorry. Its just a subject that weights very heavily in my heart.
File: 1397184159907.jpg (306 KB, 779x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306 KB, 779x591

do you hate your own penis?
Not about circumcision, might I add.
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File: 1390248000648.jpg (221 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221 KB, 800x800
Allow me to correct myself,
doesnt deserve my hostility.
on the other hand is just trying to be a troll, and is doing a really bad job. Im not mad at you, anon. I didnt even notice your attempted rusing first glance.

Some people hate traps...
File: 1397177010844.jpg (101 KB, 500x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1397754187712.jpg (97 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 1024x768
File: 1397755150883.jpg (273 KB, 782x1034) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 782x1034
You wouldnt hate your hand if your pinkie was chopped off, would you anon?

My hate is reserved for my parents and everyone who dare endorses the horrible practice. They can all cease life functions for what i care about them. Either mindlessly unquestioning or pitifully brainwashed, all of them.
File: 1397751395958.jpg (175 KB, 890x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 890x692
File: ss0601s.jpg (299 KB, 707x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 707x1000
File: 1397751447992.jpg (203 KB, 557x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 557x750
well, if it helps, I like circumcised ones far better, as do a lot of other people.
File: 1397756698684.jpg (263 KB, 1500x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1403790648985.jpg (215 KB, 750x790) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 750x790
File: 1351688159684.jpg (11 KB, 270x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I pray that you stop being a selfish whiny little bitch sometime soon, anon.
File: 1401893753320.jpg (151 KB, 1046x1146) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 1046x1146
You seem like you would fit in very well with tumblr complaining about the most insignificant things and acting like a victim for no reason.
I know your trying to help but if cave people didnt think to cut at a boys junk you would be non the wiser and enjoy a penis as it is. And those penis' could be completly untouched by such negativness and we could all just not have to worry about Cut v uncut threads and "debates" and we could just be enjoying shota.

But the save people did it, and their childrens chilrens childrens Ad nauseam passed it down with the power of ignorance, and now we are fucking stuck with it.

What would make me feel better is a good blowjob.
Im so selfish how dare i ask that people dont mutilate my body before i can even understand the concept.

Again, not whining. People asked questions, i gave answers.

I sure hope you can stop being an entitled bitch anon.
We wouldn't have to have a debate but people like you need to bring it up for no reason.
Nobody fucking cares anymore. We're just trying to have a shota thread. Go complain in one of those porn threads that are constantly up.
As i said earliar i didnt fucking bring it up.

And there is reason for it. If people like you didnt feel the need to be self entitled "Whaa this doesnt concern me so stop it because i own this thread and can speak for everyone." assholes, people like me would probably be more at ease about slinging the topic around and having to remind all that this issue exists and people suffer for it.

> how dare i ask that people dont mutilate
But you can't do that, you fool, because it's too late.
How dare you wish death upon your own parents and many doctors? Do you even realise how many people would should your selfish desire be realised? I'm pretty sure that the negative effect of those people dying would have a much bigger impact then the negative feelings of you and others like you that make such a big deal of being cut. Not to mention how you're completely ignoring people that DO prefer cut dicks and being cut, as though they don't exist or their feelings don't matter. If you really weren't selfish then you wouldn't wish for such a stupid thing to happen.
It's hard to believe you're an adult that's not trolling.
>have a bone to pick against animal testing
>decide I must preach my beliefs to a group of people just trying to enjoy themselves
>go up to them spouting my opinion against animal testing whilst they try to have a good time
>they get pissed at me and tell me to go away
>fuckin self-entitled pieces of shit, amirite?

That is what you sound like.
I already covered the "I prefer cut" argument"

Im not saying they actually deserve death, you jump to conclusions. I just have significant hate manifested to make me feel like they deserve punishment for their actions, a punishment that will never come, except in the form of them eventually dying. I can only take comfort in their mortal nature to find balance in what they did, no matter how blown out of proportion it is, its the only equalizer, so i must settle for it.

I capslocks because your ignorance makes me so rightly mad. What you are doing right now is literally what is wrong with the world. My anger is just. You are the troll here, trolling all of mankind with your pitifully poisoned reasoning.
*tips fedora*

as part of your fatally flawed logic, its like yelling at someone who talked to the person who was preaching their beliefs, while saying that that person was the whole problem. You do know how id's work, right summerfriend?
are you really that fucking buttblasted about your missing foreskin?
Oh no! What ever will I do without my foreskin?
Le funny tipping may mays Ex De

Le funny ruseman is attamptin to rassle my jimbos.
You have good taste. I love these pics of Len, I prefer Oliver however. If you have anything I'm dying to see.
What are you talking about? I seek justice and for injustice to stop. That isnt "fucking buttblasted".

Ill tell you hwut. Id rather not have my foreskin then be any of you trolls.
Listen, mate.
How about I go make you your own thread so that you can spout your nonsense over there and attract the people who actually give a shit?
> My hate is reserved for my parents and everyone who dare endorses the horrible practice. They can all cease life functions for what i care about them. Either mindlessly unquestioning or pitifully brainwashed, all of them.

Also, I'm pretty damn convinced you're a troll now. I can't imagine a sane person talking/typing like this and being completely serious. If it was a joke, then you did a good job.
Also, if you call something like eventually dying and being mortal a 'punishment' then every living thing in the universe is 'being punished'.
no he's right.
you're being edgy as fuck right now.
either you remove your entire penis and live as the whiney little girl you are all the time, or you just fucking accept that your parents let someone cut your foreskin off, they must be super fucking sorry that they made your dick less sensitive so you have more stamina.

never thought about that, did you?
Everyone just shut up and start fapping.

Pedofags clinging onto any sort of morality is the lulzier thing I've seen today. Absolutely no weight behind your words.

Get back to looking at underage anime boys with me and keep this thread on track.
... what?
nobody talked about that.

heh. idiot.
Iv already covered how this sentence isnt correct. please l2think

As said earliar, seeking justice isnt insanity. Your simply closed minded. Furthurmore i said it was the closest thing to punishment, trust me, i already know theyll get off scott free.

Im not edgy at all, and your newfriend is showing for using that term.

I accept what they did, i do not however approve of their actions, nor will i ever.

The sensitivity vs stamina is, again, a non argument. I ask to be given the choice. Then i could choose for myself which sounds better, rather then having someone else pick for me.
Seconded, we've hit the image limit so I'll start a new thread
>implying being a pedo takes away morality.
>being this stupid.
New thread is here
It's NEWFAG, not NEWFRIEND, and with that, and not greentexting, you've just proven your newfagness
>your newfriend is showing for using the term "edgy"
said the fucktard ruining an entire thread with whining about not having about a gram of skin.
opinion discarded.

you do not accept it, you do not even tolerate it, because that would mean that you would have no complaints about it, and you do complain, as you keep on and on and on with how terrible it is that they cut off your foreskin. it doesn't matter if it's on a personal level or on a level of principle, openly disliking something is still a complaint.

and your choice bullshit is nonsense because, if you do it after growing up, it ends up looking crippled and disgusting.
>implying greentexting proves oldfagness
>implying time spent here proves anything
>not understanding that newfriend is a term given to people so new to /b/ they cant grapple with the culture of our way of communicating and our norms.
>not understanding newfriend and newfag are two different concepts.

gee is sure is summer in here
You two just stay here and argue on /b/. I'm heading to the new thread with my katana hand firmly on its hilt.

lul bye
>being this much of an autist
>not getting what ishygddt means

I don't mean autist in the mean of "durr you're stupid", you just seem so much to lack of any common sense and normal, simply logical principles that you look like an autist.

i-is this guy a bot?
I could swear it looks like a bot.
Opinion counter discarded.

Furthur, iv stated what my stance on it is. You have absolutly no power to tell me how i feel about something.

My choice bullshit is logical, as iv stated, id rather not. Choice is the best comprimise.

Nor did i ruin a thread, it hit limit cap and iv been helped slightly with the next one and this one as well. Not that you would bother to check.

I may complain all i wish.

-10/10 keep trying anon.
>being so incoherent that copy pasting your own message back to you literally defeats you ad nauseam.

>being this much of an autist
>not getting what ishygddt means

I don't mean autist in the mean of "durr you're stupid", you just seem so much to lack of any common sense and normal, simply logical principles that you look like an autist.
I... you know what, I give up.
I fapped, I came, I stayed a while, I argued a little, and still, you're being like a feminist, no logic, not checking what the flaws of your view are and just saying "NO MY OPINION IS COMPLICATED AND SHOWS GREATNESS AND THAT MAKES ME BRILLIANT, STOP IMPLYING YOU DOUCHES"
You are so silly when you squirm and point at everything that doesnt agree with you and call it feminist logic.

Again, your message is much better applied to yourself anon. The difference between you and me is that after this thread, ill be able to think clearly. and you will continue to disappoint all of humanity with your brainless mind junk.

GG no re peasant.
yeah, go ahead and do that. do whatever you want. I'm not gonna stop you from anything.

go have a nice evening. go out with friends. maybe rape and kill a hooker or two. and also, maybe make pancakes. pancakes are delicious.
Lol, and insanity has been achieved.

I cant really rape, i have a consent fetish so rape kills my mood.
source plox for the love of god.
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