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Tsuredure Children
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Its time.jpg
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Well, quiet update for a quiet day. Let's see what else I can do after that.
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[TN: The title is 'Is it alright if I'm popular with girls?']

Yamane Takao
Year 2 Class 7

I was invited to do something by the girl I like
[TN: Text] This may be sudden, Yamane-sen, but could we go out to do something over summer break?


"Well, isn't it because she likes you?
Oh right, the description note above:
If it was the Heian Period, he might have been a handsome guy, but in the current era he's a pig man.
This guy has negative self-esteem.
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Comic 1
I invited the boy I like to do something

Will he find out my feelings...? No it'll be fine!! More like it'll be better if he notices...



Comic 2
"Yamane-dono!! You can't say 'Why'!!"
"B...but Motoyama-kun!! What's so fun about going out with a pig man!?"

"I said she..."
"I activate my trap card!! My face is halloween all year round!!" [TN: Yes, it literally says that]

"Kurihara-dono likes that monster-like face of yours!!"

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Comic 1
Because I want to be better friends with Yamane-san...!!

"Hey!! She definitely likes you!!"
"You're wrong!! It's politeness characteristic of Japanese people!!"

............as a friend....

"This is a blush!! It's the embarrassment of a maiden!! Not counted!!"

Comic 2
I see. As far as I know I'm free anytime

.....huh? Somehow the reply is simple.... because of the characters...?

Or did he understand my feelings, and is ignoring them....?

"Why don't you seem more happ..."
"It's like she's expecting something!!"
Is the best bro balding, or is it just how he draws the hair sometimes?
Where can I find the english scans of these?
When will we see the dense deadpan girl again?
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Comic 1
"How can you be that bone headed...? You like her to don't you Yamane-dono!?"

"For sure, I did have thoughts that Kurihara-san didn't like me before"

"But... trying to cross the line and losing her friendship, is scawy....!!" [TN: He slips his tongue here]

Comic 2
"So I'm fine. I'm having enough fun the way things are, at any rate I'm...."

"Yamane-dono, you should have more confidence in your inner self over outward appearances"

"But, even a big part of my inner self is uninteresting you know?"


Nope. Gotta wait for Tsurezure scans to catch up.

In the future. I think Wakabayashi's trying to wrap up every couple before summer break starts
Thanks as always, Bill.
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Comic 1
"How long are you going to be menial!? Being unattractive is just in face!!"

"If you're not going to have confidence in yourself, have confidence in me!!"

"I, believe in my best friend Yamane-dono!!"


Comic 2
D...did he get annoyed with me...? I'm trying to persistently get in touch with him....

I should really apologize and....

Is there somewhere you want to go?
Confidence slap.
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Comic 1
Huh? Huh? Huh? I'm happy anywhere!! Even at the place you want to go to, Yamane-san...!!

"A...anywhere is fine...??"
"That's your choice Yamane-dono"

"If it's somewhere you want to go Yamane-dono, Kurihara-dono will definitely be happy"

Then Comiket

Comic 2
.........What is Comiket?

"Comiket is.... an anime event, there's cosplayers and......

I......have lost my confidence

The end

Note on the right: The first date is Comiket! Can Comiket accomplish feats that are popular with girls!?

Hahahaha Comiket
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Thanks dude
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>the end
No, no, no. I want to see how this develops.
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Everybody, point at this guy and laugh.
Anon, believe in Yamane.

Besides, would you want someone to date a girl that hates his hobbies?
This level of autism is too much.
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>a bro will never save anon with a fist that wishes for happiness
Yeah this was fun. I forgot to put up 38 as well so I'll go do both now.

I should have really said "If you don't believe in yourself, believe in me!!" I'm gonna sudoku for that mistake.
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point of no return.png
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This fucking guy.
imagine if she awakens as a fujo
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bro punch.png
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Okay, both comics are up with some edited translations. Enjoy!

Also I might do one more Michiru chapter later if the thread's still alive
I'm invested in the freshfu but not the spaghetti.
Betamax doesn't even deserve a wingman like glasses-kun.
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thanks based TLanon
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Not only this is past the point of no return. Only the author interference can help him out of this mess now.

You did well General Motoyama
What a great guy.

This fucking guy.
I keep reading this as tsundere children

He did a manga about Tsundere Children though

I never really enjoy this couple that much but his bro is too good.
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putin facepalm.jpg
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Is there a mega for ohime?

Top bloke.

And he just had to ruin it.

Thanks, mate.
There is. Look for it in archives.
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Well we're still live, so let's get the ball rolling. Then I'm done for the night.

"That's no good. Hiding this from me"

"Punishment is needed for bad kids"

"I, I'm a lady you hear!? If you do something weird...."

"Y, you can't do that.... I'm still a high school student...."
File: 022.jpg (216 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Household tutor
Sakaki Kiyoshirou

"That's wasn't corporal punishment. It was a lesson"

Rich Ojou-sama
Ninomiya Michiru

"I even became a high school student, spanking my butt is... I can't be a bride anymore"

"Huh? You thought you could be one?"

"You're snooping around the room on your own and looking for my papers...?"
"No, I just found them by chance"

"Liar!! You peeked at my underwear didn't you!? You perverted teacher!!"

"What'll I do when I see that?"

"Have a little interest!!"
That second panel is too cute.
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"You're always taking advantage of people's weakpoints..."
"That is incorrect"

The drawer was open so....
"What's this?"

"Once in a while, I find some things I want to see as well"

"What do you plan to do with that exam?"
"Throw it out entirely on trash day..."

"Then there is no meaning to returning the exam. You have to review properly"

"But, these problems are already finished aren't they?"
"Then there's no need"

"What!? Is there's something you wanna say, say it!!"
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>have a little interest

you need to do a research, Ojou
I did. All I found was

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"Can I really say it?"

"You're letting me say my own opinion?"
"S, say it...!!"

"I'm disappointed"


"But if you put in great effort, the results should come out in its own way. Let's do our best without giving up"

"So you still won't abandon me?"
"Of course"

"Since it's business as usual"


It should be in the archives. And it is. Just type up 'Tsuredure Children' in the subject area and look for the Ohime-sama trans-dump thread. The link should be at the end
Mr. Smug himself. Hope ojou-sama gets back at him once in a while.
>that smugness

Prez, is that you ?
It´s probably his older brother.
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So this problem here... With the formula a while ago... no, not there, .... are you listening to me?

Please calm down, if you think about it you can do it, .....that's wrong Ojou-sama

Again with the trap... Even a grade schooler could do it. Even normally if you were more unaffected

"Could you teach me more nicely!?"

"If I teach you nicely, could you actually do it?"


Found it, thank you.

New series?
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"Then what do you tangibly want me to do?"

"First, stop speaking to me sarcastically, I want you to use nice words"

"When I make a mistake don't make fun of me, when I do it praise me a little, I want you to like... pet my head"


"Spoiling you while you study is..."

"Even if you were taught strictly and ended up fine, I'm different!!"

"Although I haven't been taught by people before?"

"I see!!"
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"Oh! Even if you say that you haven't been taught by people before, you were by teachers right?"

".....could it be, you plan on finding faults in me?"

"...........no not really"

"I'm done!!"

"Let me see... it's probably all full of mistakes huh"

"You did pretty well huh"

"On only one problem"

His first one. Nobody's doing it and I got bored
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"One problem in the end huh..... My bad"

"At any rate, it's the best I can do..."

"Shall I pet your head as a reward?"

"No, I just wanted to say it before, I really didn't really want it"

"So shall I stop?"

"..... Let's try it just once as a test"
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"Okay then..."

"Oh, right hand or left hand?"

"Then right..."

"Oh, before I pet you should I wash my hands?"
"Do it quickly!!"

"Sakaki's hand is big..."

".....urg, the whorl..."

"Ojou-sama, is your hair thinning?"
Is "My bad" supposed to be another text bubble?
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"What is it now!?"
"Well, I think something's stressing you..."

"It's your fault!! You hurt [my feelings]!!"

"Then I'll do it one more time...."
"Shut up, go home!!"

"I understand. I will"

"It's too bad. In all sincerity I thought you wanted me to pet your head as a playful gesture"

"Ojou-sama, you're not coming out of your sheets"

"I don't know where you head is from above the sheets"

"Ojou-sama, I can't see your happy face either"

No, that's her speaking.
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".....aren't you gonna make fun of me?"
"I won't"

"Will you wholeheartedly pet me nicely?"
"I promise"

"Your hair is silky"

"Don't say your impressions...!!"

And I'm done. It's been a fun thread.
Shouldn't "One problem in the end huh" be on a different line from "My bad"?
That´s really cute. Thanks for translating OP!
Is it? She's still speaking, and I really only move down a line when someone else speaks or when a conversation is taking place. But here she's the only one speaking
There's two text bubbles there but only one line, so I found it kind of confusing. Seems like I might be the only one though.
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waka fetish.jpg
2 MB, 3153x1600
Which wakas are your favourite?
It's like I'm expecting something!!
"For sure, I did have thoughts that Kurihara-san liked me before"
Minagawa, Patricia, Love master, Council Prez, Takano, Alice, Yamane
Thanks anon. I'll fix them later
Right oh. Doing the lord's work, anon.
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