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Tsuredure Children
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Small update then disappear again
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[TN: Title isn't present again but it's 'Pure']

Minagawa Yuki
Year 2 Class 1. Class representative. Soft Tennis Club.
She likes her fellow class rep Furuya-kun.
A virgin.

It's been several months since my classmate Minagawa-san confessed to me. I still haven't answered.

Minagawa-san isn't rushing it though. I expected it. At this rate I think this'll go bad.
[TN: Message] I have something to talk about. I'm staying in class.

Today, I'm gonna answer for sure.
Are all the sporadically translated chapters somewhere? I've been unable to find original 4-koma' 37-39 and yet I'm sure I've seen them translated in /a/.
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Comic 1
"Sorry about that Furuya-kun"
"N...no no!! I'm sorry, making you stay like that"

"So? What is it?"
"U...umm... well..."

"Your answer to the confession?"

"Oh! Sorry. I butted in. Okay, go ahead"

Comic 2
"W...well... I just called you over for that. Umm... whatever... here we go..."

"I like you as well, Minagawa-san. Please go out with me"


Pretty sure they're in the archives at this point
>"I like you as well, Minagawa-san. Please go out with me"
This isn't going to end well.


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anticlimatic as hell
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Comic 1
"....huh, that's it...?"
"Huh? What else is there?"

"Well, you just did it now, but we've always been on this pace for a while now, so let's do it"


Comic 2
"Minagawa-san... aren't you mad that I made you wait?"
"Not really?"

"No...but... your reaction's really plain so..."
"It can't be helped. It was just now"

Well it indeed was just now. Moreover, this is a problem about my judgement. I honestly thought she'd be more...
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Gotcha, cherry boy
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Comic 1
"...Mi, Minagawa-san?"
"What is it?"

I knew it, is she mad...?
"Well... from this point on I'll be your boyfriend..."

"Well... I'll do my best so..."

"Sorry. Continue?"

Comic 2
"Why're you hiding your face?"
"It's nothing. Don't mind it"

"Could it be that from a while ago you've been..."

"Look, from this point on I'll be your boyfriend, was it?"
Shiver shiver

She's teasing me again...!!
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try me, cherry boy
>Pretty sure they're in the archives at this point
archive.moe went down and desu hasn't imported their sump yet.

Oh, thanks.

Oh god what if she's actually genuinely emotional right now.

I'm so erect
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Comic 1
"Aghhh!! Listen to me seriously!!"
"I...I'm listening!!"

"Then why're you laughing!?"
"I...I'm not exactly laughing..."

"Then show me that face..."

Comic 2
"Stop!! It's embarrassing, don't look!!"
"Huh!? Errr...."

"Even my answer just came up now. I didn't particularly think I was unhappy"

"But somehow... when I'm told this, ...it's nice"
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My chest hurts.png
79 KB, 451x337
My heart.
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acting tough, eh
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>"Then show me that face..."
>"Stop!! It's embarrassing, don't look!!"

this is the first time a facade break during a confession right? good lord
He was still thinking everything was a prank, right?
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Comic 1
"The truth is that was planning to tease you, and pull out a salty reaction. But this and that happened and my face loosened up..."

"I...I'm sorry... for attacking you..."
"It's fine. I got over it!!"

"Okay!! And then?"
"Huh? What...?"

"As my boyfriend, what'll you try hard on?"

Comic 2
"Umm... well... there's not really much else..."
"Huuh? That's the important part right??"

"I'll try my hardest so... you can stay smiling, Minagawa-san"

"Ahhh, oh no oh no!! No matter what I hear I get all smiley!!"
"Was it really that good just now...?"

Note on the right: The insincere girl, is weak to the straight ball

People, the title's 'Pure' for a reason
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thanks, that was pic related
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I'll update mega folder soon. Anyways. This and that happened, and if the thread can stay alive for a little longer I'll see if I can work a little bit on his older manga 'Koisuru Michiru Ojou-sama'
>That six inch pecker
I think I finally understand why he's been so hesitant to answer best girl.
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Princess Michiru Is in Love!
>Best girl finally wins the bowl
>Spaghettis in it
His or her's?

both did have it so it's a perfect match desu
Finally. Pretty cute.
I'll post some of the ships summaries to spark some discussion so we can get a teaser of Princess Michiru Is in Love!

Credit goes to the anon who wrote it of course

>Main relationships

>Kanda Saki x Takase Haruhiko
Mutually friend-zoned each other. Neither are able to move forward due to both being extremely beta, despite mutual love.
(Known shippers: Minagawa Yuki)

>Takase Haruhiko x Himemiya Alice
Takase is aware of Himemiya's feelings, but is actively trying to friend-zone her. Himemiya is still persisting, and I don't think she knows that he actually knows
(Known shippers: Himemiya Alice [she delusionally ships herself with him, so that counts for something])
(Known sinkers: Takase Haruhiko [looking to friend-zone her, still counts for something])

>Furuya Jun x Minagawa Yuki
She is having fun messing with him. Nothing bad has happened yet.
(Known sinkers: Furuya Hotaru)

>Katori Shinichi x Hosokawa Kazuko
She can now take on 1% of his love power. She has left an impression the Love Master.
(Known sinkers: Matsuura Ayane [from her reaction])

>Kaji Ryouko x Akagi Masafumi
He's stringing her along to help her become independent. Despite their seemingly thorny relationship, he actually cares for her and she does for him.
(Known shippers: Katori Shinichi, Shibasaki Erika)

>Kaga Yuuki x Nanase Kaoru
Nanase knows about Sasahara's boyfriend. When she 'tells' that to Kaga, he persists in his crush and says they'll break up eventually. She then lies to him by saying it was a joke. But they come to a semi-reconciliation once they realize they've been leaving Sasahara alone in the room.
(Known shippers: Sasahara Satsuki, their moms [Kaga Haruko, Nanase Miyoko])

>Sugawara Takurou x Takano Chizuru
Thanks to Kamine's intervention, Takano is aware of Sugawara's feelings, albeit in the form of a rumor. Sugawara himself, however, does not know of this development. But maybe he has some hope now that she invited him out to the beach.
(Known shippers: Patricia Caulifield, Matsuura Ayane, Tsuji Keisuke [by proxy], Kamine Ayaka, Yoshinaga Noriko [Takano's broken hearted wing girl])

>Yamane Takao x Kurihara Chiyo
Spaghetti-kun's beta-ness is infectious, as both now cannot make a move. Yamane seems to be in active denial that she's in love with him, Kurihara can't even say it anymore.
(Known shippers: Motoyama Tomomichi)
(Known sinkers: Nashimoto Yukari [disapproves Kurihara's choice of a crush])

>Uchimura Chiaki x Iijima Kana
Scratch that. They got back together. In epic fashion.
(Known shippers: the Uchimura household [Uchimura Keiko, Uchimura Kaede], Hosokawa Kazuko, Sunagawa Yoshiharu [He tries to get a kiss from Toda after watching Chiaki give a nose kiss, but he has an epic fail])

>Patricia Caulifield x Tsuji Keisuke
Surprisingly stable, cultural differences aside.

>Kirihara Youichi x Chiba Sayaka
Chiba indirectly confesses to sensei using 'sushi'. She seems to be hoping for something despite knowing she'll probably be rejected. Unfortunately, she's not aware that Patricia told sensei what sushi actually meant.
(Known shippers: Patricia Caulifield)
(Known sinkers: Kirihara Youichi [probably, but he's still in some sort of shock])

>Saejima Haruka x Souma Chihiro
It's over. The misunderstandings have been cleared up and the results were not pretty. Yet, Saejima manages to kiss Souma and get him to think about the meaning of love.

>Kamine Ayaka x Gouda Takeru
Kamine is actively trying to advance their relationship. Gouda is making sure they don't cross the boundary and keeping her in check by either overwhelming her or being stern.
(Known shippers: Uchimura Chiaki & Iijima Kana [They focus on their own relationship over Kamine x Gouda, but use them as an exemplar to follow. So that counts])

>Shibasaki Erika (ie. Miss Wabisabi) x Ubukata Shinji
She manages to win his respect in a guitar face-off. He still has an issue with her mask.
(Known shippers: Every member of the Light Music Club [Uehara Satoshi, Hattori Junpei] and the Tea Ceremony Club [Sano Kyouko, Kamine Ayaka (by proxy)])

>Sonobe Kazuya x Nashimoto Yukari
Not much really happened. We find out Sonobe might have a thing for slightly chubby girls.

>Toda Fuyumi x Sunagawa Yoshiharu (ie. Unsentimental couple): Progress. Very slow and stoic progress, but progress nevertheless.

>Toujou x Ogiue
Ogiue is super afraid of super-tsundere Toujou

>Onizuka x Yamada Sawa
We don't know too much. Other than her interest in rap and Onizuka's super-moeness.

>Secondary relationships

>Furuya Hotaru x Minagawa Yuki
Minagawa is attempting to include Hotaru in her harem. Her attempts seem to be working
(Known shippers: Furuya Jun)

Katori Shinichi x Akagi Masafumi: Sensei and student in the ways of love, respectively. Also bros for life

>Yukawa Hideki x Sasahara Satsuki
Stable. She contacts him for personal and club advice. They'll probably meet again at some point in the manga [for drama purposes].

>Katori Shinichi x Matsuura Ayane
She hates his guts. In the non-tsundere way it seems. But she has some unconscious respect for him as a senpai

>Motoyama Tomomichi
Glasses-bro is now the only person who is keeping the spaghetti relationship together and moving forward, since now both Yamane amd Kurihara are incapacitated.
File: 001.jpg (304 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well, not like I have anything to lose posting a chapter anyways. Nobody's worked on this as far as I can see, so it's free game now
File: 002.jpg (90 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 003.jpg (194 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Be quiet..."


"You want to be heard by someone?"

"Then... what should we do?"
File: 004.jpg (228 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 843x1200
"Michiru ojou-sama"

"What do you want for me, the household tutor, to teach you?"
Woah wait
File: 005.jpg (241 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 843x1200
"S...stop Sakaki!! I'll dismiss you!!"

"But is it really... okay for me to stop?"

"And so... let us begin our secret class"

The lewd is lewd but no explicitness. Bask in it!
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This is the rich ojou-sama, Ninomiya Michiru

"Welcome back, your household tutor will come today"

"Studies again. Such a pain"

"Such a pain, such a pain"

"As fas as this goes, he's a guest, so bring out some black tea. It's cheap so it's fine, it's cheap!!"

"There's still some time. I'll go have a shower..."

"It's not like there's a need to mind it, but I'll change into a dress"

"Ojou-sama, your household tutor has..."
"Wait!! My bangs...!!"

File: 1447594375341.png (1 MB, 1080x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1080x1536

how can i forgot the pic
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Household tutor
Sakaki Kiyoshirou

"Ojou-sama. it's much more beautiful today"

"Y...you think?"

"Yes, your room"

"Do you not notice anything else?"

"Actually I was curious about something, but it's a little embarrassing..."
"What? Try and say it?"

"What's with that costume? Is it Halloween??"

"These are my normal clothes?"
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"Did you do your homework?"

"...you did pretty good huh"
"Just about!"

"But you're wrong here and here you know?"
"Really? An honest mistake??"

"And here and here and here and here and here and here as well and then..."

"This is the third month since I started coming here. I feel as if your concentration level has been gradually dropping"

"Do you have some sort of worry?"
"Y, your method of teaching has some flaws doesn't it!?"

"...that may be true"
"Oh, no, I didn't plan to say anything bad..."

"I have to teach it more so that even an idiot can understand"
File: do you even sushi.png (57 KB, 245x245) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
do you even sushi.png
57 KB, 245x245

seriously this tutor
is that ajimu najimi?

that's correct, anon
Just coming in to sat that I misread that as Tsundere Children.

T-thank you for reading my blog. I'll see myself out...
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This grammar often comes out so... it looks similar... as an example sentence...

"We're alone in a small room... what'll you do if there's a misunderstanding?"

"Please don't worry. I have no interest in children"

"In any case, I'm a high school girl you see?"

"No, it's not a problem of age..."
"Because I'm short!?"

"Don't make fun of me!! Even if my heart is small, mu mumy chest is..."

"That place, is really kiddy"
I should correct that in the last panel. It should say 'That place is especially bratty'
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"Please stop having such weird dispositions"

"Or, do you want to show me?"

"O...of course not!!"

"Okay, I also don't want to see them"

"Have you ever dated before?"

"I knew it!! You have no delicacy, and you're not popular..."

"I always refuse them"
File: 012.jpg (300 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Why aren't you dating?"
"It's a nuisance to the job"

"Woaaah, your work comes first"
"I'm the type that definitely doesn't want to go out"

"If you had no money, in the future you won't have a household"

"......you are serious"

"Then what kind of girl do you prefer?"
"I have no such thing"

"Even if they're cute?"
"I don't mind"
"Even if their personality is bad??"
"I don't care"

"I just would prefer a person who I can think to myself that I'd like to protect"

"Don't make yourself cool!!"
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"Ojou-sama, do you have someone you like...?"

"Someone I like...?'

"N...not really?"

"But you're a high school girl, so you do one or two romantic things right?"

"What do you do then? There's....various things..."

File: 014.jpg (275 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 843x1200
"A, are you an idiot? Of course I can't do that right!?"

"The various things I said was dating and the sort!!"

"Seeing movies, going on walks, the more pure sort of dating..."

"But then, it's sex right?"

"There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a natural desire in puberty"

"And on that we should study even more..."
"Th, that and studies have no relation right!?"

"And if it was... gender studies?"
File: 015.jpg (310 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
310 KB, 843x1200
"Ojou-sama, you seem disinterested in that area"
"You've never dated before..."

"Then shall we try this out?"


"You know you can resist right?"

"S...stop Sakaki!! I'll dismiss you!!"

"It's okay you know, even if I quit... but is it really... okay for me to stop?"

"You want to know don't you? What kind of living being a man is"

"And so... let us begin our secret class"
File: 016.jpg (288 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288 KB, 843x1200
"First off, let us inspect the body whether there's any troubled dispositions"
"Th there's no way there's..."


"I I'm normal!! There's no dispo..."


"I knew this was a bad idea!!"

"Doing it so suddenly... we still haven't k..ki...kissed"

"You want to kiss?"
File: 1393458399019.jpg (65 KB, 400x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 400x489
File: 017.jpg (308 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
308 KB, 843x1200
"B bbbbbbut I still have never kissed someone before..."

"Actually I haven't either"
"Then this is..."

"Please don't worry. Because I decided to do it with the person I love in the first place"

"A am I... really okay?"

"I... if you're okay with it..."

"What are you hoping for?"
File: 018.jpg (285 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
285 KB, 843x1200
"The person I love now...
"Is what I said right?"

"So a kiss with me..."
"I didn't say that"

"I'll kill you!!"

"As expected, your intelligence is like that of a grade schooler, Ojou-sama... I have to educate you so that there will be no mistakes"
"What are you going that far...?"

"My student being hurt gives me discomfort"

"If you're worried that much, you should always stay by my side then..."

And our class is over today. Later.
File: 019.jpg (99 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 020.jpg (89 KB, 843x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 843x1200
Yeah that's it for today. Hope you enjoyed the course.

If anyone wants to QC and typeset this go ahead since it seems that the rest of the manga world doesn't know this exists yet.

It does need some QC though if you guys wanna green light it.

thank you, based anon
Eagerly awaiting Hotaru's reaction.
Oh, I forgot to translate panel 2 here. It says "It's okay you know? Even if I quit"

you missed the last two thread?


Hotaru, the guy's imouto in Tsuredure.
He means the reaction, anon. The reaction
exactly the words i thought seeing her blush
I doubt it, but if an anime were to be ever announced, it's probably going to be this year. Or at least an offer that could get delayed.
have an unannounced offer*

>31. *31,712 *,*31,712 Tsurezure Children Vol.4

vol 3 also did around 30k and featured in weekly sales. Anime when?
It's probably got too many characters to record anyway.
>Thanks to Kamine's intervention, Takano is aware of Sugawara's feelings, albeit in the form of a rumor.
Wait, really? She knows he likes her specifically?
>Chiba indirectly confesses to sensei using 'sushi'. She seems to be hoping for something despite knowing she'll probably be rejected. Unfortunately, she's not aware that Patricia told sensei what sushi actually meant.
>It's over. The misunderstandings have been cleared up and the results were not pretty. Yet, Saejima manages to kiss Souma and get him to think about the meaning of love.
Huh, I also missed these.
File: 1451866022587.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x281
>"I like you as well, Minagawa-san. Please go out with me"
>Even if they aren't cute?
Oh I seem to have missed that. Thanks anon
i hope fuuka doesn't get an anime, runs in the same mag
>Furuya Jun x Minagawa Yuki
>She is having fun messing with him. Nothing bad has happened yet.

This is outdated as of this latest chapter.
Were v4 omake done?
>Takase Haruhiko x Himemiya Alice
I don't remember him being aware.
thanks I'll tell him to revise


I wish I could NTR some of the characters.
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