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Funland Jumpers Inc.
Fun With Phonics
Fundamental Financial Group
Funcrest Bait Shop
These are the four other companies that received the same mystery shipment as the daycare.

to clearify a shipemnt of many tons was deliverd to the so called "day cear"
even more so thread on 8 chan
Another thing, why not look up the employees listed in some of those complaints? I know at this point it's been nearly 8 years, but "Margene" sounds like a pretty uncommon name and like it'd be easy enough to find pertinent info on. Would there be any way to find/contact the agencies that conducted the inspections? Or something regarding all the fines they had to pay or if they were ever paid? Anyone think it'd be possible to pose as inspectors? Again, I'd imagine something like that would be super illegal, but they seem to allow them in no problem.
But, uh..why is (was) there a pick ax just hanging around the playground? Doesn't really sound like something that daycares/preschools have on hand.
Why does that site have the place listed as a food establishment..?
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Just to clarify the food establishment bit..how could it be both a food establishment, getting multiple (2) inspections a year apart (08/2009 and 06/2010), while still receiving citations and inspections as a daycare/preschool during the same time frame?
So "risk level 2 food establishment" inspections were in 08/2009 and 06/2010. The '09 inspection found no violations, while the '10 inspection found what seem to be pretty minor violations (gaps between kitchen cabinets/wall, non-shatterproof lights in fridges).
In 2009, there were 4 inspections related to daycare, spanning across April through early October. Let's go by month.
4/1/09: glass mirror found in infant room not made from safety glass. Repeat violation from '08.
5/18/09: Credentials/qualifications have expired. New copy of credentials was sent to whatever agency, but not received. Repeat violation.
10/8/09: Upon the arrival of a licensing specialist, there were children left unattended. Specialist did not know how long they were unattended prior to her arrival. Apparently fixed during the duration of specialist's stay there.
10/8/09: A pick ax located in an unsecured shed on playground. Repeat violation, apparently the pick ax had also been found in an area accessible by children back on 4/1/09 as well. Apparently corrected during the duration of specialist's stay there.
2/10/10: Citation regarding playground conditions. The substrate under the swings was "coarse sand", which is "not approved cushioning for heights over six feet". They have/had a 9'6" tall swingset. Repeat violation from 7/09 inspection.
5/13/10: Identical to 2/10/10 citation.
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Fuck it. I don't get on this board often enough and the fact that this thread is still here so why the hell not.
Saint Louis used to be a human trafficking hub a few years ago. Missouri is also a methlab paradise, but that's beside the point. I have seen the rabbit before in the saint louis area. As long as the rabbit is there- it's worth investigating. If the rabbit vanishes overnight or someone sprays over it then they moved on.
The rabbit is used basically as a marker, it just looks like street art or some shit some punk would do- so it's inconspicous. I used to investigate human trafficking stuff outside of the country. Sometimes they would use signs and stickers nearby for signals of where was a safehouse where was a store area etc.
Additionally, what is worth noting- and is also what I didn't want to talk about- is that if it is the same group, and this isn't to be creepy /x/ shit but the hard truth you don't normally worry about is this. There aren't going to be a lot of fucking kids. Just a few. Because they are being groomed for their purpose. Is it something nefarious? Maybe, who knows. But since it's SLC it's likely their final destination is the west coast. Humans are trafficked hub to hub through major cities. People disappear all the time. So people coming and going through cities is no big deal to the local authorities.
It's a human trafficking safe house. The rabbit is likely a marker for where the fuck to put shit. Considering it's SLC the humans trafficked are likely for someone on the west coast. So basically if the rabbit is still there, they may be taking deliveries still unless they changed the marker to something else.
Enjoy your lack of sleep.
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The original or 2nd baphomet thread found one in Arkansas or Louisiana and one in California. one of them had like body bags in the google maps picture and the california one was white with boarded up windows. also called fun. this wasn't really brought up again
Archived 4chan /x/ thread from late January: http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/15728591/
I've been following this all day, here's the rundown in somewhat chronological order:
Preface, as with anything any of these people could be trolls or lying for their own reasons. I didn't have the time to look up the usernames, but as Levar says, "You don't have to take my word for it..." Check out the thread for yourself.
Brightly colored day care in SLC with unusually small windows, neighbor says he's never seen kids coming or going. Other neighbors confirm that they've never seen kids there.
Place is relatively well maintained including graffiti cleaned up, lawn mowed and full fresh coats of paint.
Generic website which is nearly identical to a site for another daycare in VA. Website is registered to someone in SLC city government. Within hours whois information is scrubbed. Website has been reddit hugged and is not currently available.
Neighbor says he saw strange looking equipment under a camo tarp that looked odd next to the playground equipment.
Someone claims to have had kids there under previous ownership prior to 2006. Site listing complaints against this daycare is posted. It shows typical complaints up until 2011, nothing since.
Throwaway appears and says they know the owners and defends the place as a legit daycare. Complains that the owners are being harassed and the thread is deleted by SLC mods. Says something about stuffing action figures down OPs asshole and deletes the account.
Various calls to the listed phone number go unanswered. Finally someone gets through but yields little information.
Someone claiming to be a letter carrier for the area claims to have seen kids but they were always napping.
Deathship cryptically warns: "I am going to advise you guys to stop looking into this place." His posting history reveals he was a linguist for the airforce, claims to speak 8 languages "Hindi Urdu Punjabi Bengali Nepali Balochi German and English.", was stationed at area 51 and was questionably discharged from the air force.
Someone claims to have video of kids inside but fails to produce video.
Someone claims their friend broke in one night and found "in the main room was mostly just a chair facing a TV displaying a live video of the other room in the building"
OP says he talked to someone at the daycare and the only way to get your kids in is through workforce services. Followup poster says they failed to pass their last permit inspection in 2014.
Poster who failed to produce video earlier says that owner has contacted the authorities about people knocking on the windows.
Okay, it gets even weirder. I decided to search the phone number and it gave me the name of the daycare center but with a different address. I googled the address and it brought me to a house that runs a daycare center with the same name. Saying that it's been in operation since '07. Now, as far back as records go This weird day care center was an actual day care center up until 2006.
All a big coincidence? Both day care centers share the same phone number. The same phone number that hardly anybody picks up, when they do they tell me that they are only for low income families and to go through the Dept. of workforce services. Why would a lady who has been operating a daycare center since '07 with the same name as the creepy day care by me have people tell me something completely different?
Thread posts: 11
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