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Hey /x/, can we get another trucker story thread going? they

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Hey /x/, can we get another trucker story thread going? they seem to have the best road stories around.
If we have any trucker bros willing to share anything spoopy or just plain weird, I'd be more than willing to listen.
bumpin for truckers
Didn't know this was a thing.
Sounds very interesting.
Always figured truckers would have some pretty interesting / spooky stories, driving across the country at all hours of the night.
bumping for trucker and taxi bro stories.
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Bump. I think janitors and other night-time workers should also be invited to post - they probably have some great stories too.
Anyone have the pilliga scrub link? Pretty sure that guy was a truck driver

What does that .gif mean by "there is nothing here today"?

Does anyone have that story about the guy seeing something on the road and it was a wind up toy ans then there was something behind him at his car?

Id really like to read that one again
I used to live just down the road from a truckstop and many a Sunday I spent at their breakfast buffet. Given that seating was sparse, I sometimes shared a table with a trucker or two. The odd stories I heard from them seemed to revolve around the phenomenon that something was pacing their trucks while the they were on the highway.

The first story came out of Nevada. The trucker was outside of Las Vegas when some flying gizmo, not much larger than a car, began paralleling him on the highway. Every few seconds, it would emit a bright, strobe-like flash that would illuminate the desert for a considerable distance. It was with him for about a minute and then lifted up and vanished. The trucker wasn't a UFO guy. He seemed pretty sure that he'd run into some kind of Air Force recon drone. This event supposedly happened in the 80s. (see next)

A couple of truckers also mentioned an effect where it seemed as if something was moving on the ground, paralleling their trucks, but just out of clear sight. Given that they were moving at the highway speed limit (or higher) and whatever was pacing them wasn't on the road, that seems unlikely. One guy mentioned a dog-like shape but admitted that he couldn't be sure -- it was late and he'd been on the road for some time. The other one said he was pretty sure that a vehicle behind him on the road had a mis-aligned headlight that was lighting up the area of to one side and giving an illusion of something keeping to one side of his truck.

I'm not a trucker, but I've seen the "something off to one side of my vehicle" effect. It was on a highway between my smallish hometown and the local city. It seemed to be moving through a series of corn fields at about the same speed as my car (50-60 mph), was roughly man-sized in size (I make no claim as to shape), and was about thirty feet to my right. The next day, I checked to see if there had been any damage to the corn fields in question, which you'd expect if something was moving at that speed through foiliage. However, I couldn't find anything. The misaligned headlight idea is out since there was nobody behind me on the road. However, there was a full moon and perhaps a reflection off my windshield might have been responsible.
quads and trips dont lie!
Reference to nothingness you sometimes feel during a particular day.
is that bloody rocket raccoon pissing on your car?
that first thread was sick, loved it
Quads never lie
Then how come you didn't get any
I have one. It doesnt involve the paranormal, Just a dead hooker...
What in god's name is this picture showing? I'm fairly alarmed, here.
>delivering pizza one night
>some mother fucker calls in like ten minutes till closing
>we usually dont take those orders but boss is being a dick
>have to stop cleaning up and make their pizza
>before i walk out the door to deliver it boss tells me to be careful and if something seems off to drive off
>guy on the phone was really weird apparently
>drive to place on the outskirts of town
>no lights on or cars in the driveway
>decide to say fuck it and walk up to the door
>before i even knock i notice the door is cracked slightly
>hand appears and gives me a big stack of money thinking i wont count it
>wrong mother fucker
>its like seven dollars in ones
>hes trying to get the pizzas while im counting it
>tell him its not enough
>grabs the wad and slams the door
>get the fuck out of there and head back to the shop

and thats the story about how i almost got attacked by a skin walker and got to take home two pizzas for free at the end of my shift
Sounds like you had an encounter with a poor-as-fuck NEET.
skin color of hand?
bitch I was hungry and didn't have money, you could've hooked a nigga up but naAAWW you had to be a dick and not take my seven bucks.
I played nintendo all night hungry cause of you thanks.
fucking go to lil cesars poor nigga
5 dolla pizzas man
Yes. I want black dog stories
>be me
>living in the midwest
>driving home
>live out in the country
>No street lights
>drive through wooded area
>animal runs out in front of me
>not a cat
>not a dog
not a coonsquirrelrabbitfoxcoyotedeerfishbirdpersonbigfoot
>hit the brakes
>watch it run off into the night
>on all fours
>short snout
>short ears
>2' tall and 4' long
>short neck
>ran fast
>don't know what it was
>have looked through books of known mammals in IL
>haven't seen a match
>haven't seen it sense
On mobile and awful at greentexting, but I saw something weird out in the country in central Illinois last night. I was feeling down so I drove and took random turns until I was lost. Feeling suicidal, I got out of my car and contemplated wandering off into the snow storm to die of exposure. As I Sat on the hood, some creature like what you described ran by. My headlights were still on (auto lights stay on for a minute or two), and I got a decent look. It was almost a very, very dark purple color-somehow seemed blacker than black.
Tldr I think I saw a different colored version of what you did. It scurried away quickly.
so we can all agree there's an unknown mammal roaming the Midwest? Sweet.
Snowstorm anon here. How do we go about proving/identifying it? I have no clue where I was when I saw it,and I don't think I was in a good enough emotional state to be a solid witness. I mean, I was south of I-80 and within 30 miles of Starved Rock State Park. Where was the first dude at? Nearby? That would help.
First dude here.
Yeah I was at about the same place as you. About 15 minutes between both Princeton and Tiskilwa. Near Rt. 26
>live in small town
>in the middle of buttfuck nowhere
>everyone knows everyone
>new guy in town
>he's a trucker
>spends all day and night sawing away at the forestry around his house
>this pisses off the locals
>he eventually creates a giant empty lot in the middle of the forest next to his house to park his truck
>there's a cool abandoned property in those woods
>enter the trucker's yard countless times to go exploring in the forest behind his house
>his truck usually isn't in the yard (presumably because he's travelling)
>go to explore the abandoned property one night with a new friend
>enter trucker's lot, immediately noticing that the truck is parked there
>figure he's probably home, don't think much of it
>walk around the truck to get to the path I need to be on
>girl is standing there, having a smoke
>scares the shit out of me and my friend
>we chat for a few, I ask her who she is
>she says "I'm his daughter" and motions to the trucker's house
>I welcome her to our town, my friend and I decide not to go into the forest for whatever reason
>about a week later
>my mom bakes some muffins for the new family in town
>she's trying to be nice and welcoming since so many people were mad at the trucker due to his noise/destruction of the forest
>asks me to deliver them
>I walk over to the trucker's house
>His wife answers the door
>I introduce myself
>She thanks me for the muffins
>We chat a bit
>Casually mention that I met her daughter the other night
>"My daughter?"
>"Uh, yeah, she was out by the truck"
>"I don't have a daughter"
>"Oh, sorry... Must have been someone else"

I know every person in that town and the girl clearly said she lived in the Trucker's house
congratulations, you just exposed the fact that the trucker had his side chick over while his wife wasn't in town.
way to be a bro and fuck the man's game up.
Recently saw seven or some shit channel like that had a new series about some famous outback killer. Any Aussie cunts got info or stories about outback killers?
Huh. Never figured there would be an /x/phile living near here. I was somewhere west of Ottawa. Ended up finding my way home by headed north looking for 80 (or at least a frontage road to hop on) and driving straight into Utica. Looks like the creature is south of the interstate but north of the river.
I feel the need to hunt for it now.

She was like 14... (I was a teenager at the time too btw).

I always wondered if she was a prostitute or runaway he picked up, but that would be pretty weird because his wife is the type to never leave home (so why would he risk bringing the girl there and getting caught) and that town is in the middle of nowhere (so why would the girl want to go there in the first place)

On top of that, she was smoking alone in the forest beside his truck at night

Maybe I'm a pussy but I would be on the porch with a light on
I wanted to say hunt earlier, but was worried you might be the type that wants to preserve unknown species. Nice to know we're both red neck enough to hunt. I played around on Google maps and found out I was actually along the edge of the new sand mine there. I wonder if we saw the same creature or if there are multiple.
why do we have to kill everything that we find rare?
>"oh fuck bro look! it's the last wooly mammoth! they've been extinct for over 10,000 years! It probably "survived by living in isolation all alone for this whole time, I'm sure it's the last of its kind! man this is amazing"
>"yea bro, fuck.. and all along we thought we'd never see another one alive... Let's kill it and stuff it! I can put that shit in my back yard!"
>BLAM blam BLAM blam " take that Isis"blam blam kapow

stupid Americans.
Rare is dangerous. It might attack someone's pets. I know plenty of people who keep chickens. 1 creature could slaughter a whole coop.
Why would you hunt and kill the last known Wooly Mammoth? It's already a proven species that needs no extra documentation.

An unknown species however, kill it, study it, prove it.

Like bigfoot. Shoot that motherfucker and take it back for the world to see.

Did you know that when European explorers came back from Africa, they told stories of giant, hairy man like creatures? Nobody believed them until someone shot one and dragged its ass back to Europe.
BAM! Gorillas.

It's one thing to preserve unknown species, and another thing entirely to prove it's existence. AFTER it's proven, sure, preserve it. Prove it first though.
if you knew you were the last human alive, and one day a higher being came across you, would want to them to help you find/create a mate out of your blood to reproduce in order for your species to survive, or would you rather get shot and killed with no questions asked, just to prove that "look, humans did exist, here's a fresh one!" ?
Well that's entirely fucking different don't you think?

If I pointed a gun at ANY animal, like a squirrel, and there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SQUIRRELS, and it looked and me and said, "Wait, don't shoot!" You bet your ass I would't shoot it.

So back to you're qustion:
>if you knew you were the last human alive, and one day a higher being came across you, would want to them to help you find/create a mate out of your blood to reproduce in order for your species to survive, or would you rather get shot and killed with no questions asked, just to prove that "look, humans did exist, here's a fresh one!" ?

The first one. Because you'd be a jack-ass not to try, and secondly, if this higher form of being thought I was the last human alive, AND had technology to be able to clone a mate for me to start "repopulating" (AKA fucking), I doubt I would even have to ask.
>night-time workers
Hotel night auditor here. I have an alright story. You're gonna be disappointed by the ending though. Probably by the whole thing actually.
>dicking around on the computer, probably /vp/
>no one around, probably 3am
>glass door to my right separating behind-the-desk from the lobby
>as I'm shitposting about how ill-conceived food-based Pokemon are, I hear a loud slap on the door
>4 year old girl, absolutely filthy, looked like Newt from Aliens, was standing at the door crying
>fucking shat my pants
>take half a second to compose myself and make horror movie mistake #1 and walk over to the girl
>open the door for her and ask if she's ok
>stay in view of the cameras in case she claims I molested her or something
>always concerned about that around kids
>she whines "I want my daddy"
>I was like ok kid what's your room number, we can go find him
>"I don't know, but my room is this way"
>uh ok
>follow this kid down the hallway
>I see a door that is ajar
>"dis is my room"
>ok cool
>knock on the door to double check and make sure it's her room, don't want to leave her with a couple of niggers or something who left their door open while they went outside to smoke
>room empty
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>no and then
bubble boy reference? hahah
File: BIEHN.jpg (29KB, 438x408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>beds unused
>vacant room
>kid this isn't your room you can't stay here, you sure you don't remember where your room is?
>"I dunno..."
>fuck me
>alright kid let's go back to the desk and I'll find out which room is yours
>kid fucking stinks, not body odor, like I dunno, like what your skin smells like underneath a bandaid you left on for a few days
>get to the desk, look through each occupancy one-by-one to try to find one with a kid, praying it wasn't more than one room that did so I wouldn't have to call multiple rooms and disturb people
>nope, no occupancy has a child listed
>kid are you SURE you don't remember which room you're in, I can't go around to every room in the building knocking to see if they're your family
>"ya I dunno" starts crying
>Well kid I'll tell ya what we can do, you can lie on the couch behind the desk until your parents come to get ya, I'm sure as soon as they realize you're gone they'll call me, ok?
>this cheers her up and she happily lies down
>I reluctantly give my coat to this smelly little thing
>such a weird smell, and why was she dirty? I felt bad. Whole thing was weird
>while she slept or whatever I skimmed through the occupancies again to triple check if there was a kid anywhere
>nope (on the reservation folio, it says the number of adults and kids, fyi)
Dude, Where's my Car.
no metallic/sulfuric smell right?
lol oh shit, I was thinking about that "five hundred dollar" part from bubble boy hah.
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Um a wild boar maybe?
there aren't any wild boars where I live. Ad even if there were, this think was skinny. The closest I can describe it as is a miniature deer. Except it had mush shorter, rounder ears, Shorter snout/nose and no tail from what I could tell.
nope, she was definitely human, which is why some might be disappointed by the story

>sure enough a few hours later I get the call from 201
>thank fuck
>woman was screaming, had no idea what she was saying
>I woke the kid and said her mother is coming down to take you back to the room
>kid starts flipping out
>kid is crying and scared
>kid, kid it's ok, your daddy is here too right? (201 had 2 adults on the folio but the dumb assholes didn't tell us they had a kid so I added the charge for pissing me off)
>kid perks up
>mother comes down with who I thought was the dad
>they looked like those disgusting backwater trailer trash from Pete's Dragon except wearing old Red Sox tshirts and not disgusting swamp attire
>kid starts flipping out again
>mother starts flipping out at me, accusing me of tormenting the girl
>dude lady I didn't
>don't you wanna see your dad, kid? he's right there let's roll
>the fuck? is that your mother though?
>no idea what she meant, this woman is looking embarrassed but also extremely pissed off
>no idea what to do, the kid is fucking filthy, are these people abusing her or something? we do get a lot of creeps at this hotel since it's part motel so
>"COME ON WE'RE GOING BACK TO BED" fat cunt screamed at the kid in a disgusting Southie accent
>kid, come on you gotta go, she's your mom I can't keep you here I'm sorry
>entire time the guy who is apparently no the dad, probably some disgusting slimy sugar daddy who's raping this little girl, says nothing and just stands there
>fuck I hate people from Boston, worst fucking city I've ever been to
>anyway I open the door and they drag the girl away kicking and screaming to the room
>I was like Jesus christ, better call my boss

Okay, third illinois/midwest person here.

South/central illinois is a very very weird and creepy place. Wisconsin is even weirder.
you gave her back to kidnappers you dumb shit.

I would NOT have given her back and wiuld have called the cops ASAP
if a kid is kicking and screaming, saying that she wants her dad, yelling "dont let them take me", she is definitely there against her own will and is probably getting raped. good shit on returning to the rapist you idiot, kids are honest af, they wouldnt lie about shit like that specially at her age.
Capybara...? Though I'm guessing they don't have those in your area and that you know what you saw was unique, so I'll take your word for it. So many weird things in wild life...
Not a trucker or a janitor but I had something happen recently that really fucked me up in the head.
>be me, 27, 3rd shift maintenance manager/engineer at local plastic engineering facility.
>snowy outside and I am the only one who can make it into work due to vehicle constraints (I own a truck).
>literally the only person in this .75sq mile facility.
>only one department was needed in operation that night.
>the perforation dept was on the southwing of the building, basically a half a mile walk from my office.
>all lights on the factory floor are motion activated after 11pm due to energy saving.
>look out office window, pitch black except for a few red and green lights blinking from powered down machines near by.
>grab my golf cart from my work area. It has all my tools in a mini truck bed.
>head down quality assurance isle to the perforation department.
>one row of lights after another flicker on for their scheduled 15mins until motion is no longer detected.
>get to the perf. Dept. start up machines 1-5, 6 isn't functioning properly. Hydraulic leak coming from one of the valves.
>head to grab a new valve from my cart when I notice from the depts. front window that lights are being triggered on from the eastern wings molding facility.
>what the fuck? No one should be here right now.
>I text all my employees to see if anyone actually made it to work. They all replied no.
>walk over to where the lights are being activated. Hear chain links rattling coming from a wooden pallet rack. It was hanging on the bar, no strong drafts in the building could do that.
>suddenly, the lights started to flicker. I thought the storm caused it.
>lights about 300ft from where I was standing turn on.
>walk over towards a co workers office. See a reflection in his window. A woman in a white dress with long black oily looking hair was standing there swaying ever so lightly.
>be stupid and ask if she's alright.
>her head stamps toward my direction.
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hey thanks anon, you just reminded me of a story that I've never shared with anyone but my friend before, it was a little spoopy, after this hang on

It was her mother I couldn't do shit. Detain a kid from its own parents? Can you do that? Maybe I'm just retarded, I dunno. I just thought the kid was being an annoying kid. Then again she was really dirty, I don't know.

>so I call my boss and tell her the story
>I wanna call the cops, she gives me the go-ahead
>I give the cops all their info, address, phone number, license, etc. we have all that shit
>turns out there's a warrant for this guy's arrest
>plus the mother is dodging court dates with daddy regarding custody
>now it makes sense
>so the cops show up and run right upstairs, don't even say what's up
>they come downstairs with the guy, guy is completely silent
>they walk right passed me without saying anything
>fucking cops around here, Boston fucks, only thing these people care about is Red Sox and beer
>so they give me the skinny, nothing they could do about the girl though so they left her with the mother
>however, they are gonna report all of this to CPS
So, long story short, the mother is charged with child endangerment (bringing the daughter around with this scumbag, not bathing her, etc.) and daddy wins the custody battle and she now lives with him. Guy they arrested had a warrant out for possession and distribution of narcotics. Kid was luckily not sexually abused. Just dirty and malnourished. That was a couple years ago, so I assume she's ok now.

Nothing else creepy ever really happened here. A few nudity/sex stories but that's it. Sorry if it sucked.
>no sound comes out of her mouth.
>she was slightly transparent, I was barely able to see through her.
>she had what looked like a Victorian style dress on that was coated in mud and looked like it had been thrown into a river.
>I freaked the hell out and booked it back to my office.
>I ran inside, locked the door and pulled down all the shades.
>immediately called my supervisor and freaked out asking if he had ever seen anything like that.
>he said it was probably nothing.
>hangs up on me.
>peek out of the shudders and see more areas of the facilities lights being triggered.
>occasional flickering and banging sounds.
>waited until it stopped and I went home.
I'm not gonna lie, that night scared the shit out of me but it hasn't happened since. I like ghost hunting and stuff but that was a little to confrontational for my likes. Hope it wasn't too shitty of a story for you guys.
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Okay, after doing a little more image searching, I came across the closest thing that resembles what I saw. The Dik-Dik (hehe).
The only issue is that it lives in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa.

So now I'm just curious.

Yes, I know it looks like a deer, but the only deer that are around here are whitetailed. And as fawns, are covered in white spots that what I saw didn't have. Also, when Whitetail deer run, they run with their tails up, exposing the white fur underneath. And as I already said, what I saw didn't have a tail. Mush like the dik-dik (hehe)
tell the sex stories if they're even remotely creepy

baby deer with not tail because bears

File: fawn-for-website.jpg (131KB, 432x396px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There are no bears where I live. And I already said that whitetail fawns have white spots on them.

/thread still open
>hey thanks anon, you just reminded me of a story that I've never shared with anyone but my friend before, it was a little spoopy, after this hang on

>get a call from chicks
>say that some guy is listening to their door outside their room
>tell them I'll come up
>I come up, they're all drunk, said that the guy is gone but he's in the room across from theirs
>uh ok, gimmie a buzz if anything happens
>get a call back, guy is back listening at the door
>run upstairs but the guy's gone again..
>I hear screaming down the hall
>this gigantic fatass comes thundering down the hallway
>turns out it's the girl's dad
>he comes right over to me, screaming in my face
>this guy's shtifaced as fuck too
(this trashy family is from Boston, too, I'm tellin ya)
>drunk rambling
>I calmly tell him no I work here, and if you don't wanna get taken away, you gotta fucking relax
>call the cops
>they take him away
>the guy listening comes out after the cops leave
>says he's leaving because he doesn't feel safe
>prolly just a scheme to get his money back or something
>later I get a call from the grils
>"heyyyyyy we uhhhhhhh don't have any shampoooo"
>uh ok be right up
>knock, they open, gril and company are topless, 9/10 really slutty and trashy but so hot
>"heyyyyy thanks for liiiiiiiike uhhhh the shampooo you want a drink??"
>uh no I'm on the clock

coming up next
>turn down drunken orgy for work
[email protected] mate keepitup.
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I dunno, seemed like a good idea at the time, but if I go into a room without cause for any given time on camera, or am away from the desk for too long for no reason, I'll get fired. Maybe I could have made something up, I dunno. I just sketti'd I guess.

>leaving my friend's house at 3am
>taking a piss next to my car (their toilet is loud, didn't wanna wake up her parents)
>when I'm done pissing I hear this loud scratching
>this scratching, coming from the road
>what the fuck?
>what the fuck is this?
>so loud
>sounds like someone is raking the road with a metal rake
>the fuck?
>look down the street
>down the street under a street light is this thing
>looks like, almost like a raccoon
>too big to be a raccoon
>whatever it is it's scratching at the road
>why? the fuck?
>scared shitless
>however, I'm more curious than scared
>I creep towards the thing, it instantly stops scratching
>slowly turns its head to look at me
>it opens and shuts it mouth slowly
>I get a good look at its face
>around its mouth was white
>eyes yellow
>entire rest of its body was black
>its back was hunched up really high, making me initially think it was a raccoon, but it can't be, at the top the arch this thing is 3 feet tall, way taller than my dog (lab/shepherd)
>I stop
>it slowly turns its face away and continues to scratch
>I creep closer
>it does the same thing, except it looks over at me really fast, whips its head
>slowly opens and closes its mouth
>I nope back to my car
>I need to get closer
>I get into my car, and drive slowly towards this thing
>soon as I start to move, it darts into the tress
What the fuck was it? I searched endlessly. I live in MA so it wasn't a wolverine. Wolverines don't have arched backs anyway. I thought it might be a fisher cat at first, but when I looked those up they're like big weasels, and not nearly 3 feet tall. And why the flying fuck was it scratching at the street?
kek these stories suck, by comparison to the really good ones anyway

I have 1 or 2 "paranormal" stories that aren't really thread-related and one other semi-worth-telling hotel story that would be completely inappropriate to post.

One time I saw a skunk that I swear was bigger than my dog (a fairly big lab)

idk what kind of roid berries it was eating but this thing was massive

tell them all

after the inappropriate hotel story, tell me if any ghost truckers have ever stayed in the hotel so it's on topic
I'm at the hotel now but my shift is almost over, I'll have enough time for one more. Hotel story or a "spoop" story.
File: tsweezyfeelin22.jpg (7KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ehhh do spoop, but also do another hotel one soon (when you get home?)
I work tomorrow night too. I'll prolly just do all 3 then if you're lurking. I mean, they're not good. They were neat for me, but. I'll post if anons will read.

I've been lurking for like 3 hours, pls post 'em

moar scary ones
File: 1411258097368.jpg (8KB, 168x211px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm more than willing to bet you're right. Here is how it probably went down.

>Dude was on the road
>she has the thumb up
>He figures he'd pick her up because she might give him road head.
>"Ass Gas or Grass sweetie"
>She reluctantly agrees to ass on account of no weed or money

Now the reason why she was there? Maybe she talked him into letting her sleep in the cab since they're actually pretty comfy for sleeping. His wife probably had no reason to be in the truck, why not get a few more blowjobs on his next routes? and she needs to get where he's going. Sounded like a perfect plan until you showed up haha
9/10 if true. Chilling.

That would give me nightmares
The thing I saw had shorter legs. Maybe the snow was deeper than I thought.
you sound like you're 15
It's a bear outside a vehicle, anon. Look closely.
Holy shit, it's Pedo Bear. Only now do I see it...
Glad it turned out okay, but next time you might want to call the cops/your boss first, especially since they didn't even mention having a kid with them and that whole situation sounded sketchy as fuck.
Look at that muzzle, pretty sure it's a mountain lion, not a bear.
Best story so far.
go on...
You do know that Adam and Eve stuff won't work for real, right? Unless you want the entire species to be inbred as fuck, you need several mating pairs, not just one.

But I agree that capturing a cryptid alive would be infinitely more valuable and educational than killing it outright.
My friend once hit a raccoon that she swears was bigger than a small dog. It fucked up her car pretty bad, too. I think animals that live closer to cities have been getting bigger than normal over the years. Maybe it's from eating our garbage, maybe it's genetic mutation, who knows, but nature is weird like that.
File: Untitled.jpg (421KB, 1366x643px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
421KB, 1366x643px
>be 16
>live in NC
>girlfriend's parents have been out of town so I've been staying at her house
>her mom texts her and says they'll be back around 5am the next day
>wake up at 3am to walk home, just in case they come home earlier than 5
>it's a little over 7 miles back to my house
>pitch black out
>no fucks given, the air is nice and my music is good
>decide to walk down Old Raeford Rd. because it's kind of a shortcut
>hear a scratching sound
>iPod was on max volume, whatever was scratching was loud
>pause my iPod for a better listen
>definitely scratching, sounds like claws on pavement
>as I get closer to the bridge I see something moving in the middle of the road
>looks like an animal that's sitting on its butt and slumped over
>if you've ever seen a cat or dog sit on its butt you know what I mean
>there's tons of wild dogs and raccoon in NC, so I start to feel a little relieved
>I get closer and see that this thing is huge
>most definitely not animal sized
>all the while it's still scratching
>I get about 30 feet from it and it stops scratching
>I stop walking and pull out the butterfly knife I'd probably be too scared to use anyways
>it slowly turns its head towards me and props itself up, onto two legs
>tactically shit my pants
>this is where I die
>suddenly I hear a sound
>that sweet, sweet sound
>a car is in the distance, faint headlights in my peripheral
>this... thing and I are just staring at each other
>almost as if we were seeing who would run first
>car is getting closer
>just before the car's headlights would have illuminated the thing, it takes off running to the left
>I start sprinting and don't stop until I'm by the lake/park, where there's no trees on either side of me
>keep iPod off and walk the rest of the way home
>beautiful sunrise as I get into my neighborhood
>pass out on my couch, tired but alive

I still have no idea what the fuck that thing was. Pic related is Old Raeford. Red is where I was, black is thing.
nice story and info graphics bro.
we need more of this, that way we can tell where the baddies roam/live.
This is like the umpteenth story I've read on /x/ where someone is walking out late at night and listening to music. Aren't people aware what a stupid idea this is? Even if there are no monsters or murderers trying to sneak up on you, there are other things you might need to listen for, like a car horn.
>delivery guy for pizza place
>drive a lot at night time
>lots of winding, poorly lit roads
>people out jogging at night
>wearing all black and no reflectors
>mfw I'd be the one going to prison for manslaughter
File: Untitled2.jpg (280KB, 1366x641px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280KB, 1366x641px
Here's the street view. Doesn't look to bad during the day, but it was like a whole different place in the dark.

Thanks, man. Nice dubs. Yeah, it'd be cool if /x/ made some sort of encyclopedia about what creatures they saw where.

It's stupid, I'm not gonna defend it. We're all blissfully unaware of the monsters/general things that could kill us, though.
>It's stupid, I'm not gonna defend it. We're all blissfully unaware of the monsters/general things that could kill us, though.

I'm not going to give you a really bad time about it, it just astounds me sometimes how many people seem to have no common sense or survival instinct. Maybe I'm different because I'm an overly-cautious person. Anyway, I hope your story will serve as a warning to you and others who read it.
As a regular driver, I agree. There are lots of stupid jogging fuckheads and cyclists during the night that wish to be hit and most of them don't respond to the horn, what the fuck is wrong with these people.

Now I don't use horn but flash high beams so fags shit themselves thinking it's the police, goddamn I hate them so much.
jesus christ i know the feel, theres always some chick with a stroller too
>find/create a mate out of your blood
yeah, because we could toooootally to that with bigfeets, nessie, ogo pogo, a wolly mammoth and any other endangered or near extinct species

I just put one earphone in to the ear i'm less paranoid about, keep my hood down. also if walking in the dark you should always have a light, because you can always shine it at ur chin and do evil laughs to convince that demon you are just out for a good time
>you should always have a light


>because you can always shine it at ur chin and do evil laughs to convince that demon you are just out for a good time

No. Then you get shot by some redneck who thinks YOU'RE the demon, or some high motherfucker that might attack them.
You hate them because you don't love yourself.
File: 1397745453131.jpg (41KB, 438x700px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41KB, 438x700px
Yeah, I have enough trouble with these stupid fucks cycling and jogging in the road during the daytime.

>mfw my state is a pure contributory negligence jurisdiction, and if you're even 0.000000000001% at fault, you don't have a case.
Who are you and how do I start to love myself?
Start by not responding to dumb posts. It will boost your self-respect.
File: 1424158531311.png (1MB, 1802x1745px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1802x1745px
But dumb posts are entertaining
File: 457.jpg (25KB, 500x285px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25KB, 500x285px
Not those ones.
File: the terror.jpg (10KB, 259x194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the terror.jpg
10KB, 259x194px
Oh fer Chr*issakes, you saw a muntjac deer. They're increasingly popular in the USA as exotic pets, a bit like Vietnamese pot bellied pigs or arctic foxes are becoming more popular. Once muntjac escape from captive stock into the wild, they breed like rabbits. WHOOP DE DOOP you saw a spoopy tiny deer, it must have been really terrifying.
If this thread is still alive later tonite and I get the chance I'll post some stories. I posted one about a week or so ago. it's kind of difficult to pinpoint stories in my memory, I find it best to have something "toggle" a memory by listening (reading in this case) to stories that may remind me of instances .... not sure if that makes any sense.
>tfw you cannot see something from the perspective of somebody who has no knowledge of what people buy as pets, and probably get angry when somebody doesn't know the 3rd letter of the 31st word on the 12th page of your favorite book, a guide to posting for faggots
Wanting to know is the first step, correct!
File: 1406444511792.jpg (80KB, 550x566px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 550x566px
>fer Chr*issakes

You can swear and blaspheme here, big boy, mommy isn't around to stop you.

But really, everything about your entire post was stupid. Come back when you're not underage b&.
How the fuck is that image only 4kb?
>411x304 pixels
>Like 85% of picture is just black
>Rest is some variant of a greenish hue
>Compressed as fuck jpg

Not that illogical, really
I'm not saying this is what it was, just, the closest thing I can think of for what it looked liked. And you're right. The legs if the Dik Dik (hehe) are longer than what I saw. Either that or the way it's legs were bent while running made them look shorter
I'm like, 85% positive it was a bear. I lived out on the Outer Banks and driving back to the mainland we've seen quite a few black bears.
They're also known to be able stand and walk/run on two legs.
Can you describe the way it ran? Was it Human like where it's knees bent and arms swayed or was it stiff and rigged, like a waddle?

Welcome to raccoon city!
Gonna have to agree with this guy, the only animal this could have been is a bear, I can't think of anything else that big able to stand on two legs.
Unless it was some guy on stilts in a furry costume that somehow managed to sit down and stand up without removing the stilts.
This isn't exactly about trucking/late night stuff but something creepy that happened to me.

>Move into house when I was like 2, just barely remember moving
>One of those big old houses in a suburb (Upstate NY)
>I think it was built in the early 1900s but had been updated a couple times
>Always remember being creeped out by the basement
>Couldn't go down there by myself, got a feeling of dread whenever I was down there
>Normal being a little kid being scared of the dark shit
>Anyway make friends in neighborhood
>One kid that was like 4-5 years older than the rest of the crew
>Was probably 10ish and we got talking about spoopy stuff
>Older kid like 15 at the time said someone died in basement from suicide
>What's suicide mean?
>Goes into detail about it, apparently the dude who lived there before hung himself on the rafters
>Probably just an old superstition
>Ask my parents about it
>They say that's rediculous and the older kid was just trying to scare me
>Feel a little relieved but I feel like they're lying to me
>Leave their room but stay outside door to listen
>Apparently guy who lived here before inhereted house from parents
>Neighbors say he never left the house, never kept it up always was shut in with all blinds closed
>They never actually said if he killed himself here or not so I was still unsure about the whole thing


>Fast forward 5 years
>Got over fear of basement pretty much
>Still creepy but im not a little kid anymore
>We have a cat that likes to roam around and kill shit
>Always wants to go into basement to fuck around
>Someone won't know the cat is in the basement and shut the door
>She scratches on the door to let us know to let her out of the basement
>Normal to hear scratching from basement door
>One day derping around at home alone after school
>Hear scratching on door to let cat out
>Start walking from kitchen to basement door
>Stop dead in tracks
>Remember we had to put down the cat a couple weeks ago
>Scratching stops
>Freak out and book it to my friends house for the rest of the day

I still remember it really clearly, it sounded exactly like the cat. We moved from that house but you still can't get me to go into the basement
File: bungle.jpg (24KB, 468x311px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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maybe the cat had some feline pals that hanged with it in the basement?
No, it wasn't that big. Skinny. Very skinny. Smaller head, ears higher up and no horns
That's a monkey
Hi monkey what do you want
File: hill.png (1006KB, 927x508px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1006KB, 927x508px
So many IL /x/philes here!
>Driving out in the country
>Cool spring night
>Sky is clear
>Moon is bright
>Going home
>About 7-10 deer run out in front of me
>Make me stop
>Those fuckers are booking it
>Once they pass I keep going
>As I'm driving I see a huge black figure on top of the hill
>All I see is the silhouette
>Except the eyes
>Bright yellow eyes
>Can see the ragged hair growing out of it
>It's fucking huge
>Bulky as fuck
>Scary as fuck
>I get the fuck out of there
>Have always heard odd screaming noises that even make the coyotes go quiet
>Haven't seen anything like it again

I drew a diagram of what happened as well as a poorly drawn recreation of what I saw. I took a pic of the spot where I was and what I saw. It wasn't snowing then and was at night, but this is the best I could do.
File: bigfootseen.jpg (1MB, 3264x1836px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x1836px
Horrible drawing of what I saw
Ok here you go pals

>Some 4 years ago
>doing internship as a EMT in some hill town
>Most of the time just sewing fags who keep being cut by rosters and some idiots who shoot themselves while hunting.
>all the fucking day applying vaccines
>be chilling while sunset outside the little clinic
>Most of all vehicles in town are coca-cola, sabritas, marinela , trucks supplying the local shop.
>Be starving after some cheetos when i hear a loud cry and some tire screeching.
>Looks like Some stupid kid got hit by the pepsi truck, cant see clearly as the sun was hitting me in the eyes
>Rush inside for my shit
>take a pallet ready to fix the little shit
>As i am getting out i hear a scream and a roar, the driver is kneeling next to the truck with a good slash in his chest while breaking in tears
>The "thing" is running to the trees in 4 legs sometimes jumping the road holes with 2 legs

That shit looked really sick like a werewolf or a really malnourished and hairy hobo.

While i was sewing the driver he told me about this thingĀ“s circle shaped "mouth" and disgustingly human eyes.

The claw marks were 4 and they were really spread apart , different from a cat slash like if they had been fingernails instead of claws.

To the day i still dont believe in this entire "chupacabra" bullshit
File: burzum.png (419KB, 802x777px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
419KB, 802x777px
It probably sucks but here it goes.

>be 15
>me, gf, and friends are just chilling out in the street at night
>it's october so we're in the mood for spooky shit
>"hey guys, wanna go to the cemetery just for fun"
>sure why not
>it's a small town so the graveyard is outside of town, close enough to go by walking but far enough of the town
>we get out of town but still a bit far from the cemetery
>no houses anymore, just trees
>suddenly everyone stops
>"aye bruh you see that?"
> a dark human figure like 5 meters from us
>i can't see his face nor his clothes, it's just a black silhouette of a man
>he has a hat for some reason, like those circular hats farmers use
>the figure just stays there, doesn't move a bit
>"hey man, you alright?" we scream at him
>no response
>we keep calling at him for a little while, never responds, nor moves
>fuck it
>me and a friend start getting closer to it
>when we were like 2 meters from it, it moves to the right and blends with the darkness
>we can't see it anymore
>we get out of there fast and go back to town

So that was either my encounter with a shadow person or some creepy and fast (and probably drunk too) farmer.

don't be a misogynist

post more cool shit on /x/
That's Ben ''emptying his nine at the welfare line'' Garrison. He was probably scouting to lynch some niggers
Here you guys go not sure if spoopy but creepy
>be 17
>walking home from friends house with brother He be 14
>we have to walk threw creepy park to get home
>We feel like we're being watched
> turns around nothing there
> we hear rumbling in the bush
> heart beating fast as fuck
> lady who looks dirty as fuck comes out
> she's holding a heroine needle (my suburb is full of junkies)
> she didn't see us so we hide behined a tree
> she's just standing there
> we turn around and go the other way
> she screams Oiiiii Derek is that you have you got my money cunt
> brother starts to run I run to
> she gives chase
> told brother I loved him and thatt if we die we die fighting
>brother picks up a massive stick
>he screams come at me bitch
> she goes away back to the bush

This literally scard me for life I still have nightmares about getting stabbed
I could only read this green text in a kevin hart voice. be me. one man. by myself.
I got a delivery story too

>first night on the job
>take an order to an old hotel
>there is no one in sight but the deskman
>hotel seems very dark and empty
>have to use elevator
>elevator has mirrors on all sides
>mirrors are in old wooden window panes

The infinite mirror effect was unusually unsettling. I could almost feel like something was trapped, forever reflecting itself. It filled me with dread.
This is one I heard from a trucker a long time ago, from his perspective

>Have to make a delivery of a bunch of random things to a grocery store, delivery scheduled for 10PM
>Get there, back truck up to docking bay and leave the kids to do their thing while I go grab a coffee
>Some of these kids are a little sketchy but whatever, they tell me they're done so I check to make sure the trailer's door is securely closed and get back in to the truck to leave
>As I'm driving down the road something about the truck doesn't feel right
>Eventually hit a stop and hear something hit the front of the trailer
>Begin thinking one of these kids decided to hide in the truck to try to jump me before i ended up just leaving
>Pull truck over at a rest stop, grab flashlight and knife and go to back of trailer
>Slowly open it up and stand back before looking inside just in case
>Dark can't see too well but definitely saw something move in the back of the trailer, shine flashlight inside
>The kids left the pump cart in the trailer so it had been banging around and an entire crate of Mr. Christie cookies
>Take the truck around to my house and drop the cookies and pump cart off before taking the truck back to the offices
>Life time supply of cookies for free that I'll never get in shit for taking because the delivery was signed for
Glad to see this thread is still alive.

Definitely wasn't a bear. I've seen bears stand and run and stuff before, both IRL and videos. For lack of a better description, it ran like Forest Gump did at first - kind of like a stiff legged waddle off the road, and then a full sprint with knees bent up the hill.
Got a trucker story.
>be me, 25, 2010
>1pm, out to lunch with girlfriend
>old timey diner, great burgers and shakes
>get done eating, girlfirend says she has to go
>We get in my car and drive away
>talk about life, etc.
>pull over at old school much like the one pictured
>make my move, she resists
>keep trying, she yields, we end up in back seat
>start having sex when something strange happens
>notice old man heading towards my car
>i yelp, girl looks up, her jaw drops
>get in front seat to drive off real fast
>girl says "mister, that's my teacher, I need to go back to class. We're learning fingerpaints today"
>she gets out, I drive off before the cops get there
>become trucker
this, be careful out there you degenerates
Holy fuck you're retarded, europoor or not. If the latter, why don't you join the army and go get your head blown off. At least you wouldn't make us look any dumber than we already do to the rest of the world.
>entirely fucking different
>the rest of this post
Damn, you are one dumb cocksuckin redneck faggot huh?
You make no valid points. I don't see what you're getting at. You added nothing of interest to the conversation.
>the point
>green texting
is garmemer taht big of a dael to you?
And again, you make no valid points. I don't see what you're getting at. You added nothing of interest to the conversation.

You are shit posters.
File: 1420713009122.gif (2MB, 500x438px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 500x438px
^ anon don't take no shit
My roommate in school was leaving the gym one night and noticed two negros start following him. Turned off his ipod, kept earbuds in. Realized they were following him talking about jumping him and robbing him.
U wanna go night night nigga?! Everybody go night night nigga!!
>be me, 14
>work as janitor/sweeper at my old elementary school
>usually work daytime, right after the kids get out
>one day I can't make it to work on time, dentist appointment
>the job needs to be done that day, there's 20+ trash cans all over the building that get completely filled every single day
>there's only 2 other janitors, neither of them can/want to fill in for me
>tell boss I could come in later that day, at about 7 or 8
>she gives me keys to building
>later, 8pm
>only one there
>it's dark out
>lock door behind me
>turn all the lights on
>begin my job, vacuum all the rooms, take all the trash out to the dumpster in the back
>in the main office, taking out small trash cans under desks
>lights turn off in hallway
>frozen in place, looking through office window out into the hallway
>office lights are still on, shining a small amount of light into the hallway
>still pretty dark out there
>somebody/something walks past window in hall
>no fucking way that was my imagination
>run over to office door and lock it
>the lights to the school are in the office, where I am at, there's no way anybody turned the lights off without me seeing.
>the switch to the hall is on.
>I flip the switch off, and back on
>lights turn on
>call boss and ask if she's in the building
>"im at home"
>tell her somebody is in the building, I locked myself in the office
>she's on her way, she lives about 20 min away
>call dad and tell him to get his ass down here, asap
>make him stay on the phone with me the entire time
>eyes locked on the hallway
>back against wall
>dad arrives at front door
>quickly unlock office door and run to front door
>outside of building now
>we wait for my boss to get there
>she calls the police and tells them there's an intruder in the building
>police search the entire building for hours, nothing
>all windows and doors locked
>no signs of intrusion

Worked there for almost a year after that and nobody ever experienced anything like that again.
fucking lost.
can't unsee that shit now hahaha
either way, good story and pic.
maybe over time, we can triangulate where these things live.
this was posted earlier and deleted, why would you post it again? it's not even funny.
same retarded fag is samefagging.
reset static ip much?
>underage detected
I'd recognize a raccoon.
I'm 27, fucktard
How small is small town?

I always hear people say it and don't know if I live in a small town, like 8k people

And its definatly not the place where you would say everybody knows everybody

And also when you live in a really small town how hard is it to get skirt?
getting this triggered over grammar, you must be a southern dandy?
I was expecting something spoopy man, but it was a nice read nonetheless, had me hooked until the end

Anything under 5k is a small town in my book. Up to 20k is more like small city.
Mine is a bit shy of 20k. People in Chicago and St. Louis think it is tiny, but I think small town is less than 1k. Knowing everybody is probably 200 or less.
Do you have goats in IL?
>Be 17
>Shitty job delivering Pizza
>Stupid new rule that food will be delivered in under 45mins or customer gets it free
>cost of food comes out of my pay
>order comes in at 1.30am, some kind of party
>address is in the middle of nowhere, at least 30mins drive, 20mins with Vin diesel mode engaged.
>Chef burns first ovenfull of pizzas, takes 25+mins to complete order
>Fuck it, challenge accepted
>getting up to 85-90mph on Irish country roads, only enough room for one car to pass so if i meet another car we're both fucked
>but i was young and took too many risks back then
>almost there, have about 2mins to spare
>going to make it!!
>was doing maybe 75, road was straight and lined with hedges either side
>As i said, Irish roads are tiny, i've got maybe a foot either side of my wingmirrors
>out from the hedge steps a woman, wearing dark clothes, walks right into the middle of the road and stops dead.
>Slam on brakes but she was too close and i was going too fast
>Close eyes and wait for impact, stomach sinks... I've just killed some
>Slide to a stop and open eyes, relieved but confused.
>look around and check mirrors, can't see the woman anywhere
>reverse back to where she had been, but no sign of anyone
>Grab my flashlight that's now embedded in the footwell and get out of car to check if the woman had vaulted into surrounding fields
>Zero trace of anyone
>spooped out
>Hop back in car and finish delivery
>1minute late but the customer was too drunk to notice so got away with it, was too distracted by the smoke coming from my brakes and my hands shaking like Michael J. Fox's
>Delivered to the same house again the next week, drove a hell of a lot slower but never seen anything/one again
>Was a well recieved wake up call at least
Mind your blood pressure, anon
I know people who keep goats. This wasn't one.
>>so the cops show up and run right upstairs, don't even say what's up

When kids are in danger you're supposed to cut the chit-chat and do your fucking job. When kids get hurt because an officer was fucking around that's when heads roll.

Source: Cop
If by kid you mean a donuts, then yes there is no time for chit chat.
Im catching on to your slang Mr. POLICE MAN

question for you truckers, do you carry weapons and if so what can you use?
I was on /k/ not to long ago and somebody said black powder revolvers are popular because theyre not legally a weapon and can be taken anywhere
That would be Ivan Milat

We haven't had too many amazing ones that have been caught/discovered

I'd really love to hear more Aboriginal stories of spirits pretending to loved ones/ski walker type things, they have such an amazing attitude towards the land which I guess comes with being the oldest living civilisation on the planet - they know some shit.
After high school I moved to live in my parent's summer home on an island near Michigan's upper peninsula. Many of the people who live there believe some pretty crazy shit, but I've had a few experiences that creeped me out.

>work at local bar on the island
> closing up after slow night, around 2am
> look down the road and see a light coming from the road to the ferry dock
> ferry is closed at this time so there shouldn't be anyone going across
> Think nothing of it and drive away
>look in my mirrors and the light is now level with my car (bar is on a huge hill overlooking the road to the ferry dock)
> suddenly there's a bright flash and my car is being lit up from above
> light goes out after a minute, and whatever it was flies past me
> It's flat black, No larger than a car, and it was flying directly above the road below the treeline.
> pulls up and turns and I never saw it again

>walking in the woods
> I've been feeling uneasy ever sense I lost sight of my house, everything seems too still
> brought my shotgun with me because there's wolves on the island
> see a awkwardly stumbling through the woods, it looks hurt and there's blood everywhere.
>I feel bad for the deer and decide to put it out of it's misery
> as I walk closer, it turns and looks at me
> I froze as it made eye contact with me, but it's eyes were wrong. They always look black but these seemed like light just stopped where it's eyes were
> It's head cocked sideways a bit as it stood up on its hind legs and let out a shriek like a little girl
> turn and bolt, shooting wildly in fear
> make it back to my house and turn around and >I can't see the thing's body anymore, just it's eyes

I don't leave the house without a gun anymore, my family thinks I'm crazy
What the fuck were you talking about in your second story? I could not understand it at all. Was the creature a deer that turned man,bear,pig? or you felt bad for the deer and you stumbled upon some other creature? Also, did you see an awkwardly stumbling deer?
Shit, did you even proof read your damn post. Rhetorical , because i know you didn't
Clearly he saw a deer that stood up on its hind legs and squealed like a little girl Now looking back on it he can only remember the deer's eyes.

Not that hard to follow.
Sorry I can't read poorly written stories.
Sorry bud I'm on my phone and I've been drinking
For clarification, I saw a deer stumbling through the woods covered in blood, and it stood on its hind legs and screamed and when I looked into the woods when I was in my house I could still see it's creepy eyes through the brush looking at me
>Not affixing bayonets
Inb4 Carlos.
So you've got the brain capacity of a 2 year old? It wasn't difficult to understand at all.
> CSX locomotive engineer here
There is a reason why very few railroaders believe in ghosts. I'll tell you a couple of stories;

> Be in Central NJ, conductor for stone train
> About 1:30am
> Pass abandoned Reading Railroad station building
> Misty face in window

We called it in, but there was no evidence of intrusion or anything.

> Be in Selkirk, NY
> Large railroad yard
> About 4am in October
> Hear multiple chimes of an Alco (sounded like a model from the 1950's)
> No such locomotive exists in the area, and the spot it came from has no access roads, so it couldn't have been a guy with an airhorn mounted on his truck.

> Be me
> Passing site of fatal Chessie System crash from the 1980's in West Virginia
> Mid-Afternoon
> both of us (my engineer and I) see what appears to be another train headed straight in our direction
> This makes little sense, but both of us go into oh shit mode for obvious reasons.
> I hear a voice say "you've fucked another one"
> Engineer is a black man with an obviously "black voice." This sounds like a white guy.
> Right before going into emergency, realize there is nothing coming.
Both of us swear up and down that we saw SD-40-2's in light orange (Chessie System colors) from a distance on the downgrade.

It's funny though, I haven't heard much actual stories from guys at CSX. Norfolk Southern on the other hand...

> One guy was attacked in his dream on a nightly basis by the red-eyed, disfigured sprite of a guy who committed suicide just outside of a tunnel

> Another guy stated that he saw a black mist, and smelled sulfur when he passed an abandoned farm with a odd barn on it. We later found out that the barn housed partially-eaten human remains...

> Another guy passed the site of an indian burial ground while on the extra board working a 3am job. Shortly after, he found a charred bird feather in the toilet. He requested to never work at night ever again.

Having said that, Western Roads tend to have even more fun...
>There is a reason why very few railroaders believe in ghosts.

Typo? You mean don't believe in ghosts? Or that very many believe in ghosts? Doesn't make sense to say that then follow up with spoopy stories, but maybe it's just late for me.
Sorry, I meant don't. I have other stories to share if I show back up again tomorrow. Not just paranormal, but like one time...

> Be 50 year old white coworker (obviously not me... I'm in my 20's) working a night-switching job near Philly
> notice a couple of shadows around you
> just try to get work done as quickly as possible
> be approached by neatly dressed Hispanic guy who is obviously hiding tattoos with his clothing
> be told "I came up on a train, so I like them. I think you could do a much better job moving cars around here if you came back another time."
> guy has the handle of a gun sticking out of the top of his dress slacks
> smells like tequlia

Keep in mind this particular guy is known for never making anything up (as are most railroaders.) Apparently they finished the switch job in record speed, and saw about 20 guys watching them from various buildings (and a couple following them down the tracks) as they pulled away from their switching and onto the main.

When they went to pick up the cars, they were covered in MS-13 grafitti.
>abandoned farm with a odd barn on it. We later found out that the barn housed partially-eaten human remains

Imagine encountering locomotive problems(stopped engines, repair, etc.) during those hours in scary places
Underage detected
I am a medic with the airmobile brigade of the Netherlands. I make good money and decided to try and make my dreams of flying come true, because i initially tried out for helicopter pilot. I joined an aeroclub stationed at an old naval airfield. One day:

>be the last one to leave the hangar
>unplug all devices so they don't cause an electrical fire (planes inside hangar are expensive as shit, 100k +)
>later at night i remember not unplugging the waterboiler (as everything the aeroclub owns besides the planes, it's old and does not switch off automatically)
>I was staying with my parents for the weekend and decide to do the drive back to the airfield in one go with driving back home.
>I drive the car 5 km around the runway (we never EVER enter the runway if we don't absolutely have to).
>There are no lights nearby because the airfield is no longer in use.
>Complete darkness.
>Beautiful stars.
>The aeroclubs are the only users and the airfield is closed at night.
>I realize i'm completely by myself and there is not another person around for at least 2 Km.
>As i lock up the hanger after unplugging the waterboiler i heard moaning in grass on the runway side.
>I scream "Hello? Anyone out there"
>I hear a faint moans like someone is in pain "ahh, help me"
>I freak the fuck out. "Hang in there. I'm coming".
>(maybe some scavenger who took a bad fall?)
underage donut detected
My point has been proven.
Holy shit please never stop telling stories

I've always loved the railroad and this seems like my dream pre-retirement job.

Just know that even if you don't think your stories are creepy, I at least find them super interesting and I'm sure im not the only one, so please don't stop sharing.

Cheers buddy, made my day a lot more interesting
File: image.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 3264x2448px
Wizard detected
>I get in my car and shine the headlights into the field surrounding the runway.
>Maybe like 30/50 people laying in the field. Stretching their arms at me.
>Begging with desperate eyes.
>All bleeding heavily through their clothing and some out of their orfaces.
>I freak the fuck out. I grab my phone and dial 112 (our countries alarm number). While i look back the people.
>I realize they are wearing military uniforms and the arms stretched out to me are like fog.
>Fucking choke.
>Throw phone on passenger seat.
>I race 110Km/u over that fucking runway towards the gate and leave the fucking airfield.

This history of that place is staggering. It has been a military base since roman times. It was where the Germans first invaded my country and where rookie kids with hardly any training trying had to fend of the German invasion, armed only with repeaters. They were slaughtered in minutes.

Did i dream? Nope. I got a fine for prankcalling the emergency services on my cellphone in the mail. I just paid the damn fine.

mfw they are building houses there now. i wish them sleepless nights for defiling my beloved airfield with their shitty housingproject.

>fucking NOPE every time i on that airfield after sunset.
I used to work night shift with my dad at a large movie theater. Around the time the 1st Paranormal Activity was playing, shit got weird. We'd hear thumps on the roof, and the men's room had this horrible vibe in it, like you were being watched. It didn't help that there was a huge hole in the wall waiting for repair. Whatever watched lived there. After awhile I refused to clean the men's room.
My dad and I suspected that the movie, like other infamous horror films, had attracted some kind of energy, but we'd also heard rumors that when they were building the cinema they'd found human skeletons, and instead of taking care of it properly, just threw them in a dumpster. I don't know how true that is, but something was off there, definitely.

Not trucker related but was in the Aussie bush as a kid with school and this happened.
> be 15 years old, school camp. We were at a place from a John Marsden book series (tomorrow series)
> outdoor education teacher was a pretty cool guy, took us 4wding, abseiled like a navy seal and told us stories
> he was later fired for punching a kid, unrelated
> tells us a story about an escaped prisoner from a couple of years ago. Apparently chased into the wilderness close by
> presumed dead, never found

> the next night we had finished dinner, just socialising, teachers were in their tent and we were supervised by kids a few years above us
> hear sticks breaking out in the bushes nearby
> probably just a possum or some shit
> a dirty man dressed in rags comes out of the bushes, walks through the middle of the camp, not looking at anyone and continues into the trees on the other side

Everyone was silent while this happened but shit hit the fan afterwards. Most girls crying, screaming etc while the guys tried to look ok. I'm guessing this was a practical joke by the outdoor ed teacher as no police were called. however if this was the case he hadnt let the other teachers know, because after hearing about it they were also pretty shaken.
File: 1374288912996.jpg (124KB, 671x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124KB, 671x416px
Night work story here.

>Be 18.
>Worked at a restaurant in a small town.
>Usually worked morning shift but had to work a double shift to cover an absent coworker.
>Other coworkers know I never closed before and start to joke around.
>Tell me stories of how the place is different at night.
>One story was about how a worker who recently quit saw something crawling around the kitchen.
>Sounded like a bunch of bullshit to me, laugh it off.
>They look at me dead serious before they head on home.
>Close time.
>Completely alone.
>Kinda spooked but not terribly.
>Everything is fine, just get done vacuuming the place.
>I begin to check the cook line and prep area for any crap on the floor that I missed.
>Decided it was clean enough and shut off the lights and begin to walk back to the front of the building.
>Just about to clock out and I hear what sounded like a pot falling on the ground.
>Scared the shit out of me because it was loud as fuck.
>Dart back to the kitchen and turn on the line cook lights.
>For a split second I see a black mass about the size of a small child dart away from my sight and go farther back into the kitchen.
>Get scared shitless and run out of the building forgetting to turn off the lights and signing out of work.
>Get in my car and drive home without looking back.
>Call my boss when I get home and tell him I forgot to turn off the lights in the kitchen. (They lock the place and I don't have a key.)
>He says it's alright and he'll just drive down and turn them off, and also log me out.
>Next morning I come into work.
>Boss confronts me rather annoyed.
>Tells me the lights were off and a whole row of pans were scattered all over the kitchen.
>I tell him what happened.
>I expect him to be furious.
>Instead he gave me a look and just said "Not the first time this has happened."
>Continued with my day telling my story with my coworkers and they also said they've seen something during the night.
>I refuse to close ever again.
File: octonope.gif (928KB, 476x253px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
928KB, 476x253px
File: 1382265999938.jpg (270KB, 1000x749px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270KB, 1000x749px
Deer can be fucking creepy. I've lived in the U.P. since I was a child and I can tell you for certain that the deer up here are fucked up.
My father always told me a story where he was in a deer blind up in a tree. He saw three deer in the distance on a hill. They all stood up and started to awkwardly walk in circles making screeching noises. It freaked him out, he wanted to leave but also didn't want them to see him. Your story just reminded me of that.
That's typical deer behavior

Well maybe not normal, but not particularly anomalous either
I know they do that when they fight or declare territory. Still an odd sight to see.

Someone draw it, I cant imagine it. I suck at imagining.
File: The Gerenuk.jpg (85KB, 400x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Gerenuk.jpg
85KB, 400x600px
Yeah dude, deer are fucked up

I've heard tons of stories about hunters suffering memory loss, when the last thing they remember is looking into a buck's eyes
"kids are honest"

wtf? have you met an actual child before?
As a matter of fact, I used to be one

It's the deer woman


Fuck, they're onto me.
this picture is fucking terrifying me. Nothing has given me the chills so hard in a while
Is that like wolf-man?

It's just a wolf dude
File: Anothr Gerenuk.jpg (355KB, 708x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Anothr Gerenuk.jpg
355KB, 708x1024px
Weird, right?

Trees grow out of their heads

These are awesome, more plz
god so fucking unsettling
also, what?
File: Deer - blegh.jpg (37KB, 500x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Deer - blegh.jpg
37KB, 500x333px
What do you mean, "what?"?
File: Nein.gif (192KB, 500x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192KB, 500x250px
Check em i guess
Anon if you're still around do you have any room stories? Buddy of mine's a chef that used to work at a hotel, always told me about how hotels are hotbeds for suicides
>If I don't believe in them the ones I encounter are just me imagining things.
Was it maybe a wild pig?
I believe what you've encounter that day is something called the ManBearPig. They're quite dangerous. Try contacting Al Gore for more info regarding the creature.
no, it's more pig than man or bear so it should be called pigmanbear and they're very rare.
Lookup "The Wendigo" by Algernon Blackwood. You can find the full book online and read it in a few hours. It's about a group that goes hunting in the wilderness and one of their party gets spirited away.

Captures the feeling of being alone in the woods at night perfectly

Probably the most interesting story here. Could have been some spirit who died from someone speeding and now convinces other drivers to stop speeding by getting in their way and making them see what could happen.

If you're ever feeling particularly adventurous, you should speed on that road again and see what happens.

Are you sure a plane didn't crash and you just left all the victims to die?
>>15869932Deer population is steadily on the rise. I see them regularly, my dad has ran over 3 and I've hit one or two myself. I took this picture in my yard. Seeing five or six in a group is common, though I've seen over a dozen.
That quality was due to being at a distance to watch this interaction play out. I got a picture or two and some video. It was kinda neato.
It's expected in areas where we've driven out all of their natural predators, now nothing's stopping them from running rampant and destroying the ecosystem. There was a documentary about how they reintroduced wolves into Yellowstone because the ecosystem was on decline, and it completely rebalanced it.

Of course the "environmentalists" won't listen to the idea that hunting or reintroducing predators in order to keep the deer population at a sustainable level, interesting that their views are contributing to the destruction of the ecosystems they are trying to protect. But I digress. Sorry to rant.
>wild pig
What is about West Virginia? I've been there to visit my in laws a few times and there's just something oddly unsettling about it. Maybe unsettling is the wrong word. But I feel like there's something strange in the mountains. And no, I'm not talking about pill headed hillbillies or moonshiners.
>Here's the street view. Doesn't look to bad during the day, but it was like a whole different place in the dark.
>no streetlights
Am I missing something here? Wouldn't it be pitch black? I'm calling bullshit, how would you be able to see anything?
After some time in the dark your eyes will get used to it, and if it isn't too cloudy, the sunlight reflex that the moon has kinda clarifies the path(I'm not the author btw)
File: onefortheroad.png (1004KB, 1280x6171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1004KB, 1280x6171px
Ain't got shit, but these stories being posted are good
My theory is that a high amount of hydrocarbons, regardless of what their origination is, will be a magnet for supernatural forces. When I spent two days in Grafton, there was just something unnerving about the place I can't put my finger on. Usually things like that don't bother me, since I do a lot of urban exploration photography on my own time.

I'll give you another true tidbit. I don't come from a railroader family, but I am one and my Great-Great Grandfater was one for the Pensylvania Railroad. Thing is, he was killed in a 1928 NJ accident. I've had a love of trains since birth, even though no one else in my family cares one way or another for them.

You know what else? We share the exact same name, down to the middle initial. I didn't know any of this, until I came across a book a few years ago called "the Motorman and Conductor."
Hey everyone. Large Marge sent me.

I'm still 100% certain it was a boar. They're pretty widespread and spreading further, and they occasionally escape from hunting ranches.
Do you work for CSX?
Do you know a guy named Chuck/Charles W.?
Used to live in Grafton?
Older guy, late 40s?
File: 1423076842839.gif (165KB, 404x416px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 404x416px
There's a small area in my city (Manchester, England) right by the cathedral known as the Hanging Ditch. You wouldn't know it now but back in the days of public excecutions it was apparently the site of the pits where they dumped the bodies of condemned men for centuries.

Back in the 90s the IRA bombed the city centre (this thing was huge, around 3000lb, actually the largest bomb detonated on British soil since WWII) and during the reconstruction they decided to relocate and repair a couple of late medieval/early renaissance period pubs.

The story goes that during the digging of the foundations of these pubs they just kept finding bodies and having to halt excavation. By the fifth of sixth skeleton the coroner's office just decided "fuck it, none of it's modern" and they just pushed anything they found into the walls of the pits before pouring the concrete.

Would love to get down there one day. There's a pretty extensive network of what were once waterfront warehouses close by too under the arched brick supports of the surrounding bridges and squares. They were bricked up and used as a shelter during the war but it's been sealed for decades. I've seen photos of the inside but urbex guys seem to keep the entrance pretty close to their chests.
Boars have large, fat bodies and large heads, no?
where are you from anon?
As a lifelong Wisconsinite, I can confirm this.

>Adams County is more fucked up than anywhere in Appalachia in terms of redneck incest
>Northern Wisconsin has fucking werewolf sightings (I think that's what OP's image is from, actually)
>literally every town I can think of in Columbia County has at least a couple supposedly haunted places
>One place 10 miles outside of the town where I live is a 19th-century graveyard off a dirt road; got rocks thrown at me from all directions until I nope.webm-ed out of there
>Washington County's even worse
>Holy Hill has a gigantic gothic cathedral in the middle of miles of impenetrable woods, and goatman sightings dating as far back as the Civil War
Eternal rains will come
Sometimes they do other things
Sounds like a big feral pig. They're really common in certain rural areas but I haven't seen them on my dives down to Dekalb or my bike rides to Starved Rock so I'm guessing you're further south anyway.
I used to drive 18-wheelers cross country, USA. Here are a few strange things I saw out on the roads in the middle of the night.

One time driving south on 35 through Texas I saw a flock of birds taking off from a horizon of trees. The sun was setting behind them so all I could make out were hundreds of these bird silhouettes lifting off into the sky. As I'm watching them fly away, coming from behind them appears a gigantic shadow in the shape of a bird, much much bigger than the flock of regular birds before it. I stretched my arm out to it and spread the fingers of my hand, and even at a distance just over the horizon, this thing's wingspan was longer than from the tip of my thumb to the tip of my pinky. Whatever it was, it was huge.

Another time I was driving through Louisiana at night in a heavy rain storm. There was no one on the road with me and no streetlights, so all I could see was the light from my headlights cutting through the rain maybe twenty-five/thirty feet ahead of the truck. Even though there were no other cars around, and big trucks are supposed to stay to the right here, I got a bad feeling that I NEEDED to get in the left lane. It was a sensation of deep, painful dread telling me to change lanes immediately. I trusted it and got over, kind of in a driver's routine daze of unconscious reaction. Maybe five seconds after I got in the other lane, I saw an alligator stretched out across the width of the lane I had just left. If I had hit it I would have lost control of the truck and ended up in a ditch on the side of the road, probably dead. The weirdest part, though... As I was processing the alligator, and the strange dread that had made me narrowly avoid death, and as these thoughts are going though my head about how lucky I was, suddenly I see sitting on the side of the road a person, cross-legged, naked, staring out sitting alone in the pouring rain at night. This person or whatever it was was BRIGHT PINK, and it had no facial features.
You don't think it'd get skinny surviving in the winter? I bet it even had mange or a ton of ticks.
Want to elaborate? Personally want to get my spoop on. Also, Iowafag here.
File: AIR2-1.jpg (32KB, 1024x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32KB, 1024x680px

The scariest thing I ever saw, and this is a true story...

I was driving through the desert of California. It was around 3am. I was quietly singing to myself to alleviate the boredom, since I had been driving maybe nine hours straight on about 4 hours sleep the day before. You could say I was mentally fatigued, or that I was hallucinating, but the vividness of the thing I saw was too real for me to discount as a trick of the mind. When you're driving along a long stretch of dark desert highway at night, all you can see are the stars and the road your headlights reach out to; everything else is blackness. That night as I was out there all alone, I swear I saw something I cannot explain that frightens me to this day.

At first, I noticed what looked like reflections of light quickly flashing beside me out in the darkness - maybe the running lights on the side of the trailer bouncing off a far-away road sign, or some white painted building long abandoned briefly lighting up in the edge of my headlights. Over time the flashes of light became too frequent for me to ignore, and I curiously peered out the window into the night to see what was going on. At first it looked like a mirror or distorted glass was way out in the distance, sending back a warped reflection of the lights from my truck speeding past. But as I watched it I realized it wasn't flashing on and off, it was raising and lowering off the ground, because at times it would be very tall, and then other times very short and low to the ground, so I couldn't have noticed it out of the corner of my eye. As I kept watching it, the thing starting getting closer, because at a certain distance I saw my headlights actually begin to reach it and reflect off of it... before it was too far away, so then I realized it was naturally luminescent - a bright white glow. That was also when I realized what it was, an that was when I became terrified.

Ahhhh, the good old forest hermit. Kind of rare to run across one.

Or a junkie out of his mind in a hobo getup. Coats on coats on animal skins.
You don't even n know what trips are
File: dark-road.jpg (68KB, 1280x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68KB, 1280x960px

It acted like a bed sheet on a clothesline that billows in a harsh wind, its edges frantically tearing and beating at the shadows around it. It had the shape of a human, so you can imagine the arms and legs flapping insanely like long white ribbons as it ran through the desert along with me. I think it knew I had seen it, because it moved just to the edge of the road, keeping pace with my truck going 60 mph the entire time, and remained in an upright state. The thing was as tall as my truck or taller, so at least 11 feet tall, bright white with long thin arms and legs that shook and beat at the air and jumped and leaped and flew over the desert sand. I had no reaction but fear, and no idea what I could do, so I just kept driving out of instinct, and eventually after a few thousand feet the thing stopped, shooting back into the blackness behind me, reflecting in my mirror like a kite taken swiftly away by the breeze.

I drove for maybe an hour more, wide-eyed in shock and panic, trying my best to convince myself what I had seen wasn't real. The description of the creature might not seem threatening, but the sight of it, tearing along beside me, whipping around like it did... I couldn't process it, so my mind naturally made me afraid of it. I have no idea what the thing was, if it was trying to make me look at it, or if it even cared I existed. But I'm positive it was real, because when I had almost, almost convinced myself it was imagination, and when I was finally beginning to feel okay with what had happened I saw it again, standing on the edge of the road, leaning or draping itself against a highway road sign, facing me as I passed. The last glimpse of it may have been clouded or altered by my fear, or by my increasing mental fatigue, but I swear I vividly remember the look of this thing as I drove by, like the folds of its thin torso, or the shadowy imperfections in its white luminescence, coming together in the shape of a leering, toothy smile.
>Be me, living in NY (Ulster County)
>Driving home from friend's house one night, way back innawoods
>Probably ~midnight, round a bend and see this thing standing in the trees on the side of the road
>Looks like a tall shaggy dog on rear legs, huge sharp teeth and huge black eyes
>Just stares at me as I pass, book it home in record time
>Tell friend about it, big time woods junkie, he nicknames it "Johnny Gobbers" because he's funny like that
>Those woods always had a bad vibe.
>Fast forward ~2 years, driving with gf late one night on a road near where I saw it
>We pull off and make out on the roadside. Suddenly she pulls away and screams at me to drive
>Freaks out and tells me she heard breathing right outside her open window
>Worth a note, there's a big empty lake with no access and a terrible vibe nearby, and there's a remote slavic community in these woods
>Slavic witches summon creatures to guard their woods I suppose
>He's out there watching, Johnny Gobbers, protector of the woods
Kind of sort of very of topic but I want to do what you do. I dropped out of college and quit work to help my dad rebuild a house we bought because were losing our current home. But if I need a degree I'd go back to school knowing what I'd want. Any other info on getting "on track" would be appreciated.
pussy, should have whacked the trespassing bitch with a golf club
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