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Fair Tidings Everyone. I haven't been here for nearly a

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Fair Tidings Everyone.

I haven't been here for nearly a year now and I wish to make a request to speak to either the posters charlie and yhdc in particular or any others if you are still willing to speak to me. I will bump the thread up to 5 times to see if they will reply. I do not mean to bother any of you but this is the only means I will be able to contact them. Feel free to allow this to become a place to speak of the paranormal. I have gathered much during my absence and am more then willing to share any information I can.

Thank you for your time.
The sexual spirit posters? I haven't seen them here in a long time.

Yes them. I have studying about a few things that I want to share with them and anyone else whom wants to know.
Then share!
This. Feel free to share OP. They may not be around or lurking; but I'm sure there are other Anons who would be interested in sexual relations with spirits. Kind of like a tulpa or succubus thread.
Well unfortunately it doesn't have much to do with sex per se.

There is a neurologist by the name of Timothy Leary. He made the theory that human consciousness is capable of 8 circuits in which it is perceptible.

Here is the general 8:

1 - bio-survival

This is the most basic form of consciousness. First manifesting when a human is born it is associated with the basic survival instincts of proceeding ( helpful/nurturing) and noxious/harmful ( which it retreats from or fights) Think amphibian and unicellular life.

2 - emotional-territorial

This develops during early childhood. This represent the dominance and submission in the social pact in which the child is in. This will dictate what the individual will need to maintain for survival. Top of the pack or bottom. Think mammalian-politician. (on another note- most humans are usually stuck here and also why we use so many animal references when we describe drunkenness, because alcohol facilitates this circuit)

More next post.

3 - dexterity-symbolism

This circuit affects the individuals ability to learn. This is when one starts to go to school. It is the basis on which most of our lives are involved in. We develop language and try to map our environment. Stimulants facilitate this circuit. Think the dualistic and binary mind. It had first manifested with the Paleolithic humans. ( Most of our society depends on these individuals because everything that our society has was made by people whom are attuned to this circuit)

4 - socio-sexual

This dictates culture and society. Time starts to manifest here from the culture and duality represented from the 3rd circuit. It develops during puberty. It is where "morals" develop and religion manifests. This is represented as "civilized" society.

On another note I would like to mention that every human is capable of these 8 circuits. The first 4 are associated with the left side of the brain which is the active one most of our life and which dictates terrestrial life needs.

I will explain the other 4 which reside in the right side or dormant part of the brain which is where things get interesting in the next post.

On a note, these circuits are more speculative since we have repressed ourselves and are not fully conscious of them entirely yet. (please note the yet, we are still evolving and developing as we communicate here and now) The right mind is more abstract chaotic and relative in nature just like we are now observing in quantum physics today.

5 - neuro-somatic circuit ( mind-body)

This is the circuit in which we are conscious of now from being able to conquer the basic terrestrial needs of life (circuits 1-4). It is the hedonistic circuit, it involves the senses and what feels good. Note that pleasure is something that is not a survival prerogative and is something that is a matter based upon each individual to perceive. If you are starting to see that things are becoming strange you are getting there. This is where most humans are stuck. We do not want to go beyond this circuit. Marijuana facilitates this ( another note, this is why the euphemism for being under the influence of marijuana is "getting high or "spaced out" your consciousness is reaching a higher circuit and cosmic awareness is slowly manifesting.The theory is these next 4 circuits are to prepare the human for extra terrestrial life and that is where the story comes in for Charlie. Which I will talk about later. Most occult practices try to open and utilize this circuit through over stimulation (tantra, sex magic, etc.) awareness (yoga and trances) and through complete sensory isolation (isolation tanks and dark retreats). One must be conscious of each previous circuit before it can reach the next one.

6 - neuro-electric

The brain now is in extraterrestrial consciousness. The dualistic time constraints do not apply here. The mind is conscious of all programming and imprinting that all previous circuits have been done on the mind. This is where things become extremely abstract.

Post limit. I will continue in next post.
what do you want.
the dark moon?

6 (cont.)

The Euclidean, Aristotelian, and Newtonian reality maps are only three out of the infinitudes of reality maps possible. This circuit can be activated through advanced practices of yoga, occult practices, and psychedelic drugs. A note here is all nature based psychedelics have been utilized through tribal rituals for many years to activate this circuit well before the 60's counterculture and the use of LSD to activate this circuit. This is why the 60's was considered an enlightenment period because the individuals taking the psychedelics were challenging the previous circuits 1-4 terrestrial reality. (that is why most information from this circuit remained isolated until the common public started to realize it during that time) A term associated with this is "tripping" i.e extra terrestrial travel. Unfortunately studies to further this circuit have been banished globally due to people not accepting a larger reality map. They don't need this for terrestrial life which we are currently commenced in.

The reason why this is called "neuro-electric" is because in extraterrestrial life, communication through hominid grunts (language) cannot been done and one is able to communicate electronically via telepathy. This is why most trippers experience connectedness the experience of the trip beyond words you just understand it. "psionics" and "universal translator" are some sci-fi concepts associated with this circuit.

On another note this is where most people have reached if they have made an attempt to expand their consciousness.

Last two circuits incoming. Prepare yourselves.
please continue

I don't wish for anything. I wish to expand the consciousness of my fellow species.


These two circuits are the ones least understood. Most humans have not reach these circuits. This is where immortality and cosmic awareness lies.

7 - neuro-genetic

This is were one becomes conscious of the individual neuron, one has the key to the DNA-RNA dialogue. The past and future is understood. The concepts of "past-lives," "immortality," "reincarnation" came from here. Terms to describe this would be the "Collective Unconsciousness" of Jung or the "Akashic Records" of Theosophy. To activate this circuit only high doses of psychedelics or intense occult and yogic practices would work. The DNA is a map of the present and future one can reach immortality here. Complete control of terrestrial life could be considered in this consciousness. Many conspiracies regarding extraterrestrial lives' desires are consciousness of this circuit for as many species as possible. Here the concepts of skin walkers, reptiles, cryptids, most paranormal things reside here if not in the 6th or 8th circuit In which we will talk about soon.

Last circuit in the next post.

Here will be my last post for about an hour or so. So just think about this for a bit and then I will bring some reasoning to Charlie and his threads now since you have some background info.

8 - neuro-atomic circuit

This is beyond the DNA-RNA reality map. Consciousness occurs beyond any physical form. "out of body experiences," "astral projection," "alien encounters," all the concepts of "otherworlds" and "afterlives" can be used to describe this consciousness. A theory I have is that DMT which is said to be excreted upon death and DMT is known as the "spirit molecule" and can cause "out of body experiences" and "ego death." This circuit allows one to have complete cosmic consciousness beyond any previous constraints. The concepts of space-time are null and void here. All concepts we have devised to try map the universe are merely microscopic dots of the pieces of the infinite that resides here. Anything and everything is possible in this consciousness. Temporary mutations and activations of this circuit allowed one to see that this is much, much, MUCH more to existence than our current reality maps.

That is it for now. Think about this for a while. I will be back in a bit.
This is where I would like to spend some time now talking about a few theories I have.

I - Dreams

Due to the abstract nature and the chaotic nature in which has baffled many in trying to understand them. I theorize that dreams are located in the 8 circuit of consciousness. They certainly have an impact on our lives due to many prophetic and reflective dreams have been recorded amongst the nonsensical ones.

II - Attunement

I theorize that every individual has potential to reach each of these circuits of consciousness. However, I feel people will get "lost" in ones the resonate with. Robert Anton Wilson called these "reality tunnels." One who is attuned in the fifth circuit will have difficulty explain said circuit to someone in the second circuit consciousness. There must be an equal grounds in which both individuals can transfer the information to each other. That is why the third circuit which language is created in will become obsolete as our consciousness expands. The sixth circuit allows for a more practical solution to communication.

III - Extraterrestrial vs. Terrestrial

The first four circuits are focused upon basic survival. (terrestrial life) Once those basic functions have been maintained, the entity then can evolve in such a way that it can expand outwards beyond its terrestrial life (cosmic exploration) and develop in such a way that it is no longer constrained by its physical and terrestrial bonds.

I will do a summary of the circuits in the next post.
Here is a tl.dr. for those who do not wish to read through the posts

circuit I - survival circuit
associated with basic survival

circuit II - false emotional circuit
associated with pre language communication necessary for survival i.e. herd and pack instincts

circuit III - false intelligence circuit
associated with mapping and control of environment to facilitate survival.

circuit IV - false personality circuit
associated with "morality" i.e. what is right and wrong for the species to do, helps facilitate goals for survival. (same sex does not facilitate survival so it is wrong, killing same species inhibits survival so it is wrong, thinking outside the collective consciousness of the species does not facilitate survival so it is wrong)

circuit V - magnetic circuit
calling this the "magnetic circuit" makes more sense to me because it focuses on hedonism and what we are drawn to and receive pleasure from (drawn to = magnetism) this is a circuit beyond survival because as we can see around us overly indulging in what we receive pleasure from most certainly inhibits survival. christianity's seven deadly sins can be a model for part of this circuit. On another tangent makes me think of the concepts of hell and heaven. hell is a terrestrial nightmare and it manifests from giving into "worldly" desires and where is it located a lava pit in the center of the earth supposedly. While heaven which is an extraterrestrial paradise where one is in eternal bliss. perhaps the story in christianity involving jesus is a metaphor of our transcendence into higher consciousness.

circuit VI - true emotional circuit
these next circuits are considered "true" because they do not have limits like the ones based upon basic terrestrial survival. this circuit ones feels connectedness to everything beyond the needs for survival. one feels they understand each other without physical communications required.

two more circuits to go. I suppose it is more my interpretation than a summary.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 1

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