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Can we get a greentext story thread about experiences you've

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Can we get a greentext story thread about experiences you've had with witchcraft or satanism etc.
God damn /x/ help me out
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One time me and this guy were doing sataisms shit and he said that i need to get fucked in the bum so that the ritual would happen (sexmagik) and we could becom real life jedi, so i let him fuck me in the bum and i never became jedi. I think he just wanted to fuck me in the bum.
>Guy rapes my friends mom
>We end up doing black magic spell on him
>A week later his house burns down
>6 months later he's killed in a car crash
>Don't really feel guilty.
I'm sorry if green text is fucked up, it's the first time I'm doing it on my mobile.

>Date 19 y/o guy
>Turns out he's in a sect of the church of satan
>He eventually introduces me to two higher up guys in their little sect
>They like me, one is very creepy but the other becomes like a father to me
>Their whole thing is "becoming free" and "being their own god" and whatever
>Never really understand, I'm always given things to make me fuzzy during gatherings
>After some time they start to let me watch rituals where people cut/fuck/speak in tongues and shit, I'm heavily fucked up during them always
>They say I should liberate myself
>Turns out they wanted to have sex with me since I was a virgin
>Mfw I was 14

There's a lot more to the story than that, and a ton of shit happened because I stayed with the guy for over a year.
I'm going to bed now but if the thread is alive tomorrow and people are interested I can share details.
more sauce!!!!!!!!!
that sounds really similar to a lot of the stuff mentioned in this
>Friend of a friend has abusive boyfriend
>Unwilling to leave
>Friend asks us to do spell
>Girl with abusive boyfriend calls exactly one hour after ritual to tell us she dumped him

>Lookan' for work
>Annoint, carve candle
>Friend walks into apartment next day telling me I got hired at a magic shop
>I literally got a job in my pajamas

>Working at magic shop
>Woman drives three hours to see me
>Abusive husband trying to take kids
>He'd tricked her into selling her home and going to Florida to 'their new house'
>He never bought a house, used her homelessness as grounds for taking kids
>Make spell kit
>Husband gets rash over entire body, develops insomnia, and has mental breakdown in courtroom, confessing to everything
I've always been interested in Satanism stories, i don't have any myself, but hopefully some people do.
>had wiccan friend in High School
>she was pretty cool.
>her brother gets cheated on by some girl, he ends up attempting suicide because highschool problems are serious business
>she tells me she cursed the bitch
>I'm still super skeptical at the time
>"sure you did"
>3 days later I see the girl walk in
>her face is all fucked up
>her teeth are all crooked
>bruises all over
>dude she left my friend's brother for went apeshit on her when she said she wouldn't do certain sexual acts
>beat her so bad her teeth are still fucked, to this day
>I lol'd.
>My friend lol'd
>Her brother rubbed it in her face
>was a good day.

How do you know the rape actually occured?
Now I don't know if witchcraft and satanism mutually comes with paranormal happenings, but whatever... Here's my story.
>Be me
>Senior in high school
>Spring break comes and decide to go camping
>Make a plan to camp deep in the Idaho woods with two other friends
>Luke and Roger
>We park our car about 7 miles from our destination
>Spend the whole day hiking to a place called boulder lake
>Supposedly boulder lake is quite popular among backpackers, hikers, etc.
>Once we arrive we're completely exhausted >No one else is there...
>Luke and Roger hit the sack early and so do I
Here's where stuff got a little eerie.
>Being the city folk we are, we have trouble sleeping outdoors
>Even though we're exhausted
>Something's odd
>Outdoors = Lots of wildlife noises
>Nothing but silence
>Luke keeps trying to wake us up
>Says he sees light through the tent
>We peek outside the tent door flap
>Holy shit, there is a light
>On the other side of the lake is a flickering light
>Like a campfire light, but too big to be a campfire
Do satanist or covens light huge bonfires?
>Eventually fall asleep
The next day nothing unusual happened, just fished and went hiking around the surrounding area.
>Near the end of the day
>Sun setting
>We had moved our campsite near the other side of the lake
>Open field-like marshy area
>Sun eventually sets
>We still can't sleep
>Luke keeps bugging Roger about something he heard
>Dude wtf quit trying to scare us
>Luke is dead serious that he saw people silently walking though the woods
>Kept saying something about "muffled screaming" that sounded like a cat/women/baby
>Roger is starting to to get pissed
>Roger and I go out and look around
>About a mile and a half away is a fire
>Weird sounds are coming from it
>Luke is freaking out
It's weird... Until we saw it, it was DEAD SILENT.
>We hear muffled sounds in the woods around us
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If you've ever been camping and looked around at night, you'd know how pitch black it can be. Anything can be out there.
>Luke says he's going back to the car
>We literally have to "lock" him in the tent
>There's no way he'd make it back
>6-7 miles of pure darkness and steep trails
>Cure ourselves for not bringing bigger flashlights
>We all decide to be quiet, absolutely still, and just listen
>We hear chanting
>Luke runs screaming into the dark towards the direction we parked
>Roger chases after him
>I'm too much of a chicken shit to do anything
>Just zipped up the tent
>Tried my hardest to fall asleep
Next morning
>I quickly get up
>Drag tent towards their direction
>Expected to find them dead somewhere
>They're both passed out about 3 miles down the trail back
>Both have scratches and bruises from bushes and shit
>We tiredly make our way to the car
>Fuck the tent little supplies we had
>Left it behind
>Drive home
>Live life as usual
Does anyone know what this might of been? Some sort of satanist gathering? Sacrificial ceremony or some shit?
>pic related
A map that will give you an idea of where we were at.
Sorry I took forever. I had classes today.

>Met the guy, we shall call him J, at a friends birthday party
>He's someone's older brother, immediately likes me, starts chatting with me
>I'm ecstatic, he's a fucking 10/10 model material motherfucker
>Within an hour I'm hooked
>We keep talking, he always sneaks in my house through my window at night.
>He eventually tells me he's a part of the Church of Satan, and is very good friends with the priest
>The priest is like his father since J's parents died when he was little
>I was raised Christian, but since I'm 14 I'm rebellious and start going to services in secret with him
>They believe in demons and possession in their sect even though the official church does not
>They say this gives them power over the other parts of the official church because they're most definitely real (the demons)
>The priest (call him M) becomes close to me since J is like his son, he kind of becomes a father figure to me
>Says he can talk with certain level demons, they like me and say I can be trusted
>I don't know what I believe, but as long as nothing hurts me I'm chill
>M says he'll send some to watch over me, I should be grateful
>I go along with it, whatever, it's all good
>then weird shit starts happening around me

More? I don't want to type everything out if you guys don't care to hear it.
Keep going, I'm interested
>I continue with my life, start noticing things happening
>Things will be put away for me, my clothes I left on the floor will be folded neatly on my bed when I got back from school, shit like that
>If I ever lost something all I'd have to do is complain out loud about it and it would appear back on my bed within a day (or less depending on when I needed whatever it was)
>I wasn't freaked out, I though it was cool as hell
>Told the high priest about it
>He was happy I was handling things so well (not freaking out) and said they were pleased with me
>Said they sensed power in me
>Any 14 y/o would be fucking ecstatic to hear that, I especially was
>Felt ten miles high, told him to tell them thanks for me
>Apparently they were pleased with my attitude, because they would help with my chores and shit too
>Got to the point I felt like I could feel things in rooms with me
>We had a dog and seven cats, none of them would come near my room anymore
>Always a constant presence in my room, it was always very very cold in there as well
>Didn't care, thought it was great
>Animals in the house would whine for no reason at seemingly nothing, but I could feel it too
>Laughed because the animals were pussies
>When I went to gatherings they would give me something to drink at the door
>The services were held in M's house
>Don't know what was in the drink, but it made me so fuzzy
>Would also give me poppers frequently, but not as frequently as whatever the drink was
>I was the only one they gave it to, they said all new members had to have it because it opened their minds up to receive the discussions
>Didn't really consider myself a member, but whatever
>Liked the way it made me feel so everything was good
>During gatherings and meetings I started to see shadows and told M I felt the presence of the demons he talked to
>He was very happy, after that meeting he invited me to watch a ritual they were going to have the next week
>Said I was very perceptive and could handle it
>Totally agreed, went home and slept for a while
>Woke up and there was a dead bird outside my window
>Probably didn't mean anything, but I remember just laughing and laughing at it

>Went to ritual the next week
>It was held in M's house, in a special room just for rituals
>M told me briefly that it was a thing they did that got them more in touch with their inner selves
>Involved heavy roleplaying
>I was fucked up, very high
>He introduced me to the "magician" that would lead and oversee the ritual
>We'll call him V
>V instantly creeped me the fuck out
>He wouldn't speak to me, only to M
>Said there were many around me
>M said that was why I was allowed to come
>V said I was probably too young for this type of thing
>M said I had chosen my path just like everyone else and I was obviously equipped to handle it
>V left into the room and I asked M what the fuck they were talking about
>He said there were demons guarding me, which was really important because that meant I was an asset to the church
>Said the demons told him I would be able to handle the ritual and I needed to start seeing them
>Told me to go on inside the room
>Be Guy
>Need weed
>Know guy who sold me piano
>ask him if he knows any dealers
>Get weed chill in tiny apartment, like one room and one closet
>begin smoking weed
>getting into spiritualism
>tells me all these things like meditating and chakras
be like wut
>Tells me about how dualities cant exist
>shows me kundalini
>starts showing me video about ancients
>suddenly gets up
>comes back with beads and a picture frame with 5 pictures of 4 people and a group of 8?
>Begins to tell me things about Baba G
>Has this book with pictures in it and other things
>book was in Sumerian on Sanskrit.
>Keep on seeing white dude hanging in the book
>Tells me to point out what I am in book
>Accidentally point
>He tells me something
>Don't care
>Prays into beads
>ask him who he prayed to
>"I prayed to Baba G"
>Who is Baba G
>"Baba G is Baba G"
>"And this is Baba G showing his beads"
>"And this guy was poisoned"
>Don't take beads
>He tries persuades me
>Will of the jaguar gives me power to fight.
>Don't take the beads
>Goes on skype
>Doxes me to guy who can apparently read minds (I was pretty impressed)
>Tries to show him what is going on
>Tl;dr taking part in a ritual but being undercover
>Can't get me to speak
>get up and go to corner of house and sit on chair and have cigarette next to window.

fight illuminati
Well, let's try an opening statement, and see what you guys think from there.

"My grandma is friends with extraterrestrials and my mom is a witch (no not a fucking wiccan, a WITCH, like, the kind made of wood)
>Room was painted entirely black, with black hardwood flooring
>Red light in the center or the ceiling was the only thing that illuminated the room
>A woman and two men were standing around an alter thing in the middle of the room
>They were all naked
>M came in behind me and sat down in a chair in a corner, made me sit in his lap and held me
>Whispered in my ear that they were all consenting, that I didn't have to be worried
>Told me they were acting out Lust fantasies to unlock their inhibitions
>Was very very quiet, the words didn't carry to the three people
>The room felt like a soundless void, it was weird
>V was standing behind the alter farthest away, he chanted something and the three gathered around the alter that was between them and V, their backs to M and I
>V put something on each of their foreheads, said the ritual could begin
keep it coming
hurry up nigger
>they said all new members had to have it because it opened their minds up to receive the discussions
Our beliefs are so obviously incredulous and untrue, we need to drug you into thinking they aren't so you'll stick around in our secret club.
woah where is this place
Hurry up anon
>Our beliefs are so obviously incredulous and untrue, we need to drug you into thinking they aren't so you'll stick around in our secret club.
It's almost like any form of neo-pagan/satanism is sheeple who think everyone else is a sheep.
Go on.
Anon was killed by her demons.
That sounds really fucking cool if it's true.
Come on man, tryna get spooped here
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Plz don't go
If anyone has the time, watch this documentary about the satanic connection involving the Trench Coat Mafia at Columbine High School. you're probably thinking it's one of those average doc that just make implications, but I can promise you it isn't. Here's some links for anyone interested.



>M grabs on to me, I struggle to get out of his hold but he's too strong
>V comes up and takes off my clothes
>He handcuffs me to the arm of the chair
>He tells me it's time I repaid the demons for their services
>I struggle to escape, but I can't the chair is bolted to the floor
>M positions my vagina and ass so they can have access to it
>Suddenly I become aroused and almost awakened
>I start begging for their penises and demanding them to spread their seed inside me
>then there's a pounding at the door
>A voice says open up it's the police
>door swings open
>everybody gets on the floor
>walk the dinosaur
Could you be more clear as to whom is walking the dinosaur?
Lol, that's not me but okay.
Sorry for the delay.
>Ritual begins, the two guys put the girl up on the alter
>They tie her up, she's moaning and shit, guess she's into it
>I'm kind of uncomfortable, feel a little nauseous but maybe it's cause I'm high
>Feel weird presence in the room, know something's in there with us
>Want to tell M, but too afraid to talk, I didn't want to get in trouble
>Looks like blood on their foreheads I realize as the two guys make sure the girl's tied down really well
>My head is full of fuck
>One guy starts fucking the girl, the other uses her mouth to fuck her
>They're really brutal
>there's no way she's enjoying that I think to myself
>Scared, not sure how to react, really uncomfortable
>The room feels suffocating, I smell their sex and hear her choking
>I tense, I think they're killing her, M rubs my back in a calming way
>Not really helping me
>Dude that's ramming her throat comes, pulls out and smacks her across the face
>I jump, do not want
>V pulls out a knife from his robe, gives it to slappy
>The girl is moaning and screaming and shit, thrashing around while the other guy keeps pounding away like he's a machine
>Guy with knife slices down her stomach, I see it actually cut her
>He tells her to shut up, she doesn't
>Other dude sees the blood, moans and comes
>The smell of her blood hits me, I gag
>They don't care, the guy that just finished laps up the blood spreading on her stomach
>Guy with knife keeps cutting on her, her arms and legs and throat
>Deep enough that she bleeds, but nothing deadly
>They're both getting really worked up, she's telling them to stop
>I try to say they need to stop, M covers my mouth and doesn't let me move
>Both guys have blood on them, her blood is smeared and covering a ton of her body
>The smell is all around me, in my head
>Something clicks, I kind of like the smell
>Don't know why
>Guy without the knife gets back in her, fucks her some more
>Other guy is licking/sucking her blood off her, leans over her to kiss her
>For some reason now it's interesting, I'm kind of turned on
>She's making these noises that seem like she likes it again, makes me squirm
>M stops me, holds me still with his hand still over my mouth
>Guy finishes again, comes on her
>Other guy raises knife above his head like he's going to stab her
>Want to see it happen, I'm hazed out and all I smell is blood
>V grabs his arm calmly, takes he knife, says something I didn't make out to them
>Just like that they're snapped back, back from grunting beasts to human beings
>They untie the girl and she stretches out, so do they, like they were asleep or meditating or something
>Everyone is quiet and reverent, they're very serious
>They wrap her in a white sheet and V picks her up and carries her out of the room, she's asleep or passed out
>The two guys leave without saying anything
>After, I don't talk to M and make J take me home
>I'm scared that I liked it at some point, don't know why I was okay with him stabbing that girl
>Had a dream that night of myself looking into a mirror
>My image blinks at me and grins
>"You're one of us, you have always been our child"
>It feels so right
>I feel powerful like I've never felt before
>Touch the mirror, my hand is sucked in
>My reflection has glowing eyes like a cat now
>It kisses my hand and holds it against its face
>"Don't be afraid of the things that will liberate you"
>"You're our child, you're watched over by us"
>Wake up the next morning feeling liberated, feel like I can rule the world
>Fuck the rabble, I'm watched by demons, I believe it now
>Embrace my darkness, hell ya
Attend any ritual they let me now, they're usually all different
>Sometimes people act out sexual fantasies like the first time, sometimes it's a personal meditation ritual, sometimes they're cleaning rituals for the person or on behalf of that person's family, etc.
>Feel heat less and less
>I can get things out of ovens bare handed now
>I feel like I can see and hear things better
>Shit you not feel more connected to everything
>Don't take things before service anymore, completely lucid
>Sometimes see shadow figures around, mainly all over M's house
>I tell him
>He's impressed I'm so perceptive
>Asks if I would like to hold my own ritual
>Tell him I'll think about it, interested in the idea but don't want V to be there
>V's always there in the background, he's a very close friend of M
>M suggests looking into myself and finding out what I need to liberate inside me
>Say okay, actually think about it
>Find out a few weeks later because J's pressuring me for sex all the time
>Don't feel right about it
>"You and I should do a lust ritual!"
>Hell no.jpg
>Definitely not comfortable with having sex at 14
>Actually almost 15 at this point I believe
>Begin exploring my growing weird talents on my own
>Have a thing with fire now
>Have developed a blood fetish
>Dream of bathing in it, fondly remember that girl smeared all over with her own blood
>Revel in debauchery
>Family is fucking clueless, confused at my personality change
>Think that I'm going through a phase, don't know anything that's going on
>Can't eat for periods of time, if I do I get sick
>Really just want blood so bad
>Decide that I want a blood list ritual
>Tell J if he does one with me I'll have sex with him after I turn 15
>He agrees, he's really excited because it'll be his first ritual too
>We tell M what we want to do
>M thinks it's a swell idea, encourages us
>I insist on using a beautiful Scottish knife J got me as a present
>M loves the idea
>We get ready for our ritual in the following week
>It's time
>So excited
>It was all I could think about
>Had constant nightmares now, of weird dark places, all fucked up and distorted
>Didn't bother me, I thought they were cool
>Convinced that was my demon's home, where they went while they weren't watching me
>I would tell J, he thought it was so cool that I was that in tune with things
>Anyway, we went into the black room
>V wasn't there, I had asked M to personally oversee us and he agreed
>Didn't get naked, but in underwear and a bra, J was in just boxers
>M said something in a different tongue to us, smeared the paste I originally thought was blood on our heads
>(Turned out it was just a mineral and herb mixture that was symbolic for releasing one's true self, I had found out)
>I got to cut first, J was on that alter laid out and I got on top of him
>Told him I loved him, kissed him, shallowly cut his chest
>That fucking rush
>The blood beaded out of the cut really slowly, I was mesmerized
>Suddenly felt overwhelming presence around us
>Knew I was supposed to drink his blood
>Bent and lapped up the small amount
>This is what heaven is like
>Cut him deeper, left a trail down his stomach like I had seen the two guys do forever ago
>Got to lick it, I was so turned on
>So was J
>He sat up and took the knife, grabbed my arm
>I let him, I wanted our blood everywhere
>He cut me fairly deep, I didn't feel any pain at all
>He sucked the blood away, I scratched down his back with my nails
>Drew blood
>Everything was so sharp and clear
>He cut my chest, blood smeared over both of us
>Pushed him back down, we made out
>Best make out of my life
>Blood smell was all around
>I bit his mouth, made him bleed
>Vise versa
Has anyone ever tried casting a love spell?
Do they work?
What about love spells that work for a certain person?
>J accidentally cut my other arm really deep
>M stopped us, said we were finished and I felt calm wash over me instantly even though I was bleeding very badly
>Was so sleepy
>We cleaned up and M bandaged my arm even though I probably needed stitches, I washed off in the shower
>M had hot tea waiting for me in the living room, J was already asleep on the couch
>I called my mom and said I was spending the night with a friend
>Couldn't go home cut up
>The next day I woke up, and the cut on my arm looked like it had been healing for weeks
>M said the demons were watching over me and wouldn't let anything bad happen to me
>I already knew that
>Went home, told my mom the friend and I had a fight so that's where the other minor cuts had come from
>She said I couldn't go to that friend's house ever again
>No big deal since I lied anyway
>Cuts healed within days, no marks on me whatsoever
>Mom was amazed, told her I had been taking vitamins so maybe that was it
>She bought it
>J and I got into a fight shortly after that
>Didn't talk for a few weeks, I was sad I couldn't get to M's (couldn't drive myself and my mom would have been suspicious of me wanting to go to a grown man's house all the time)
>Got restless
>Got angry all the time, had super short temper
>A kid in the library one day was pissing me off and I wanted to hurt him
>Upon my thought, his chair flew out from under him right as he was about to sit down
>He was two tables away and I was watching the whole thing, the chair moved by itself
>Demons totally did it
>I started laughing as he bitched at his friends for pulling it away
>Everyone is clueless except for me
>He sees me laughing, tells me to shut the hell up
>Instantly pissed off again
>Instantly books from surrounding shelves flew off at him, at least ten books
>Everyone is screaming and freaking out
>Pretend to be freaked out too
>The teachers make us leave the library and go back to our classroom
>Everyone jokes that the library hates that guy, he's freaked out
>Stay quiet, silently amused
>Eventually J and I get back to talking, he apologizes for our fight
>Game is on again, I get to go back to M's house
>I tell M about school, we laugh about it
>Life is good for a few months

That's it for the night, I have a party to go to. I will post more tomorrow if you guys want, it goes downhill from here really.

Did you actually do it with him, or did you cock tease like a bitch?
thanks for keeping us entertained. sincerely hope you'll come back tomorrow.
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I capped everything for posterity.

There'll be more incoming.
OC, I was such an annoying little shit
>be me
>be like 14
>had a huge crush on this girl
>she gets a boyfriend
>being a little cringey fuck
>get all buttmad
>decides to put a satanic curse on her boyfriend
>ask for like "1000 years of death and despair on him and his family"
>he gets a pretty bad cold
Just posting cause I'm interested.
"Keep it up, you're doing great!"
Hope you enjoy an eternity in Dis for that.
happened 11 years ago now... still kinda haunts me sometimes

>be 13
>parents decide to move
>new school
>try to fit in, find some friends etc
>see girl being bullied
>girl is actually quite pretty if plain, just "normal"
>talk to her
>become friends
>talk about her being bullied a lot
>says she wants more than friendship
>lets me kiss and fondle her
>joke about revenge a lot
>joke-plot revenge
>joke-asks me to kill them
>asks me to kill them
>realize she's serious about murdering them
>say i can't do that
>says it's alright, she's got another way
>invites me to her home one day
>been dating for a while now, but never been in her room
>room is painted black
>no light except for candles
>immediately starts undressing me
>wants me to fuck her
>finish early with the force of a thousand suns like the little brat i was
>she jumps up immediately
>takes knife and cuts my arm
>says she needs my blood
>opens closet and takes out books, more candles and some dead animal, roadkill i hope
>drops my blood on it
>yell naked "what the fuck!?"
>girl mutters some jibberish
>mother comes in
>"oh no, not again"
>escorts me out of the house, tells me to stay quiet with a look that could kill
>fuck that
>told parents
>girl's family moves away 2 weeks later
>be me

who else would you be?

why not learn to properly greentext before giving it a go?

have so few of you ever seen proper greentext grammar?
>be me
means that it is a first hand story, rather than something you heard from someone else, there's no need to sperg out over two words
Proper grammar

Pick one.
fuck yes, please continue!!!
faggots like you should fuck off.
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>Become friends with weed man
>Find out he used to be into some occult stuff
>He summoned a demon or something one point and got scared
>Swore off the occult stuff for good

>Bunch of us used to hang out in a building on his property
>Guy basically ran a homeless shelter for young adults from the area
>We would do work around the property and guard the place in return for begin able to stay rent free
>People came and went but most everyone was male, between the ages of 18 and 30, and of sound mind.
>These people never gave me any reason to distrust them nor reason to believe they had mental problems
>Considering all of us were packing AK-47s, AR-15s, and multiple types of other guns such things were pretty important.

>Had multiple incidents occur over the course of two years in the building.
>Temperature of the room would often drop for no reason. Saw my breath in the middle of summer on two different nights.
>People would often times zone out and seem to not be all there as if in a trance. I caught myself doing this several times. This was not like drug induced stupor.
>Would regularly hear voices, unexplained screams and other sounds (gun fire, babies crying) to the point we were convinced someone was messing with us
>On one occasion while in the company of another person I became afraid for my life. Like primal fear...of what I'm not sure. Something told us to leave so we did and didn't return for many days.
>Something happened to a few guys that were staying out there during the winter. They refuse to discuss it among themselves or with anyone else. They refused to ever enter the building again.

I have moar but I'm tired of typing right now. I refuse to go in that place a lone anymore. When I'm alone in that building I feel as if I'm constantly begin watched and something is influencing me. I don't feel like myself for several days after spending the night in there.
It sounds like your friend is not the man he claims to be
I have wondered about this.

He and his wife were into the occult stuff pretty hardcore at one point from what I know. They claim something scared them away from it but will never give me many details when it comes up in conversation.

I don't believe he's playing me though. If he wanted to screw me over he had every opportunity to do so. They fed me for years when I couldn't afford to feed myself and never asked for anything in return.

I mean, we did stuff to help out but it was never implied that we had to. We guarded the property because it was our home not because he told us to.

But thinking about it I can't recall him ever not having a bunch of young guys just hanging around and watching the place. It always seemed like as soon as one of us got away two more would show up to fill the vacancy.

Look up ishtar apple spell
File: 1413954721529.png (274KB, 382x555px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274KB, 382x555px
Have you tried kissing their neck?
I can't believe this thread is still up lol.
Back to business
>Life had been good
>I was fighting with J a lot though
>He was getting more and more resentful
>Didn't like that I was more involved with supernatural things than him
>Didn't really care, if he couldn't do what I could then obviously he was less than me
>We broke up on and off
>Told him I'd never have sex with him
>That was a huge thing apparently
>He said the deal for our ritual was that I would once I turned 15
>He told M what I said
>M was not pleased
>He told me I had made a pact and I should honor it
>What fucking pact
>You can't force me to have sex with anyone
>Got really mad at them both
>Told them to fuck themselves, walked home that day
>Took forever
>Stayed home for the next few days really sick
>Had fever dreams and headaches
>The demons were not happy
>I shouldn't have been rude to the priest, I had a pact I had to honor
>I eventually caved, said I would go back and apologize
>The dreams and sickness stopped
>Very scared now, those demons were not fun when they were angry
>I went back, said I was sorry to them both
>Told them I wasn't feeling the whole thing anymore, I wasn't going to come back
>They were furious
>M said I had gifts, and I would be letting them go to waste
>He said that the demons were more powerful than me, and if they wanted me (which they did) I wouldn't be able to just drop them
>He said I was so ungrateful, especially since they had given me so many gifts already
>Felt dizzy
>Was I trapped?
>I was scared, I didn't want them getting mad again, so I said M was right and I was so sorry etc
>M said I needed a self meditation ritual to get my thoughts straight
>He said even adults had crises like I was having, it was alright
>Went along with the idea, I didn't know what else I could do really
>I stopped being scared, I was fine as long as I wasn't defying someone
>I liked meditation anyway

Female acts like a female: the story
Hey whoa what is that picture from

I swear that's a spot right down the street from me.
Whew, glad I just happened to be back in the thread.
I got one
Eh, not going to apologize for not wanting to have my first time be with a guy that broke up with me numerous times because he was pissy at me.
Are you going to share?
>Went back into black room for my ritual
>I was alone, I wanted to meditate by myself and M was cool with not overseeing
>Had on a silk robe, nothing else
> Burmese on that alter
>Deep breathing exercises, calming myself to hear inner thoughts
>Trance-like state achieved after some time
>I feel multiple presences with me in the room
>It was odd, instead of being relaxed like I usually was I tensed, didn't like the feeling
>Found myself wondering why I felt so unsafe
>"Because you ran from us, child"
>I'm hearing them in my head, outside my dreams
>I didn't run, I was scared
>"Have we hurt you any time before now?"
>No, but you made me really sick before I said I would apologize
>"We did not, you did that to yourself by your guilt."
>"You know you did wrong."
>>"We watch over you and enlighten you, and in return you try to leave us."
>Feel bad, they're right.
>I'm sorry demons
>"We forgive, child. But there is a pact you must fulfill, don't forget that."
>I thought it was all about liberation and being your own god, I don't want to have sex with him
>"Your word is what binds you. You can't make idol deals."
>But we obviously aren't going to last
>"Perhaps because you make false promises?"
>Think about it
>Maybe that's partly why he's mad
>He also wants to be more in touch, like I am
>"That is his own personal journey. You have no business asking what he himself should ask."
>Fair enough
>I still don't feel comfortable having sex with him
>Because what if he leaves after, then I'll have given away my virginity for nothing
>"Not nothing. You'll gain something in return."
You shouldn't have to.

4chan is full of sexless assholes.
>Hits me like a ton of bricks
>It's not even about intimacy, it's about the experience itself
>I'm missing out all because of my silly romanticized view point
>I had it all wrong
>Oh! How I've been so blind!
>Feel them pleased with my understanding
>"Don't forget that you are ours."
>Oh, never ever
>Feel sharp pain on my arm
>Snaps me out of my trance
>Look down, there's a sharp cut raked on my arm
>Blood is trickling out, I love that smell
>Go back out, declare everything is clear to me
>Tell J he should do a ritual like I just did, if he wanted what I had
>M sees the cut, just nods when I tell him it was them
>Cleans me up
>J decides he will do a ritual too in a week or so
>My cut doesn't heal like normal
>I still have the scar to this day
Can we have a picture of the scar?

I just like scars.
pix of the skin canyon
And yet you felt the need to respond, so you're obviously insecure about something

Oh no, it's so much worse than that haha
even if fake you write some quality greentext. Your like /x/'s own Dresden. please moar
yes you are back!! :D

I'm so sorry the picture sucks, it's the best I can take right now.
And it wasn't supposed to be sideways -_-

Thanks :) The stories are actually true, but you're free to believe whatever you want.
I need to learn some of these fancy curses. I only know a couple, and have only used one.
Story time with you is awesome.
Hey there.
So what happened after that, if you still feel like sharing? I'm not asking for details, i just want to know if you fucked or not and if you still have the demons with you to this day
I'll green text the rest of it after I shower. I can't believe you guys are so interested in it. It's kind of therapeutic to talk about it after so long. I tried to tell a therapist, who didn't believe me, and then my ex girlfriend (who was my current at the time of course). She didn't really believe me either, which was not great considering what happened.

But I'll tell you, give me an hour or so and I'll be back.
So much bullshit, and the rest of you are so busy trying to e-hump the poster.

Even if it is bullshit, it is entertaining bullshit.
what i find really interesting is your feelings and reactions to all the dark things you have experienced. And how easy it is to fall into the pit. If i can share my personal take on why the demons saw you ass powerful. Is because you are/hold a large portion of the collective consciousness, and corrupting you would influence the collective so much more than for example J. easier said, you are an old soul.

Mind answering these questions when you are done, or might include details about it in the story?
Do you practice any form of spirituality now?
Please explain what kind of a person you are now, and how you had to work on yourself after dabbling in all that darkness.
What have you learned from it? in a bigger picture heaven/earth, meaning of life.
bump for demons
Started reading this evening and can't wait until you post the rest!
I am hooked on this!
>Decide that I would definitely have sex with J
>Feel more powerful than ever
>I am the demons' child
>No one can stop me
>Parents are going to South Africa and leaving me alone for a whole two weeks by myself!
>I'm 15 at this point, they trust me not to kill myself or burn the house down or whatever
>My antisocial behavior worked out in my favor, since I didn't have much to do with any of my old friends they didn't feel the need to inconvenience a relative to check up on me to make sure I didn't have crazy parties
>They leave for the airport
>I decide while they were gone I would do the deed
>Decided it will be a surprise for the next time J comes to my place
>In a fee days J texts me and tells me he's coming over
>It is time, he's gonna be so surprised
>Get all (un)dressed up, only in the silk robe, hair all pretty and makeup done
>So ready
>J storms into my house, angry as fuck
>He starts slamming things and yelling at me, I have no idea what the fuck is going on
>Ranting shit about how I took everything that was meant for him, how dare I, I was nothing, I hadn't been in the loop for as long ad him, he deserved everything I had
>Realize he was high on something
>Why did you come over here high wanting to fucking fight
>J kicks one of my cats, that's fucking it
>Go at him like a ferocious animal, the light in the living room(where we were at) pops and goes out
>Demons are pissed at you J
>You done fucking goofed
>He has a knife I didn't see until I got sliced with it
>Absolutely furious
>I get cut up, but manage to get the knife away from him
>Stab him in the fucking leg
>He's screaming, thrashing around
>I'm so mad and freaked out, I just want him to shut the fuck up
>Upon my wish he chokes off and stares behind me with huge eyes
>I know what he sees, I can feel it behind me
>He laughs and passes out
>Oh my fucking god that's it
>Call M, tell him what happened and give him my address so he can come get J
>When M gets to my house (for the first time ever, he had never been to my house before) I tell him I never want to see or hear from J again
>Said I was going to have sex with him and he cut me up and shit and I was done with the screaming and fighting
>M understands, puts J in the car and helps clean me up
>He leaves, and all night I see restless shadows in my house
>Can't find my damn cat to make sure it's okay, all the animals have fled to outside because of the activity in the house

>My parents land in Africa, Skype me the next day
>"Your connection is very bad-we can't really hear you and the vid is cutting out"
>Chat is so bad we can't communicate like that, stick to very short phone calls once a day since the bill would be very high otherwise
>Don't hear from J or M for the next few days
>Don't care, I'm so mad at J
>It's like the demons were reflecting my mood, there was a constant energy in the house that was bubbling low grade anger
>No animal would come inside at all
>I was on break so there was nothing to do but the internet and videogames
>Or the woods
I love it!
Don't stop!

Look, a basement autist stalker
This is such adolescent wish fulfillment special snowflake tripe.
>I start going into the surrounding woods around my house
>We had 12 acres
>Delving deeper and deeper every day
>But the night time was the best
>It was so beautiful at night, the trees would make the moonlight fall in patterns on the ground, clearings were so serene, the creeks would reflect the moon and stars
>Absolutely perfect
>We had coyotes, but nothing bothered me out there
>I decided to camp out there for a few nights, just me and my thoughts
>Took a tent, sleeping bag, food and water
>I meditated a lot the first day, I found a rock I could sunbathe on while I did
>Inner peace
>That night I went to sleep in the tent
>Woke in a dream-like state to the feel of something on me
>Look down, a black snake with red eyes is slithering up my chest
>I hear them in my head
>"You're in danger child."
>From the snake?
>"You're going to get hurt if you don't leave now."
>Too sleepy to move, can't decide if I'm awake or asleep
>I know they mean business, but for the life of me can't move, no energy
>Fall back asleep despite my foggy concern
>Wake up in the morning, sunlight through my window
>Sit up, I'm in my own bed
>The fuck, how'd I get here?
>Maybe I was sleep walking?
>I have to go back and get my shit from the woods
>Find the spot, I'm shocked
>Everything is demolished
>My tent is shredded, stuffing from the sleeping bag is everywhere, the cooler I had brought was cracked and food was everywhere
>There was a dead deer in the middle of it all, entrails spread everywhere
>It was a baby deer
>Poor baby deer
>Suddenly remember the dream(?) I had
>Had it been a dream? Seemed like I had been semi awake
>No snake bites on me or anything
>I guess the demons saved me from whatever animal tore the baby deer and my things to shreds
Wow, goatmen, demons and cultists all in one story
what more could you want
I feel like a child around a campfire listening to old ghost stories. This is pretty awesome.
>Continue with my life, tidy the house, do boring stuff for the day
>I get a call from M
>"J is missing, is he with you?"
>Nope, I never want to talk to him again remember? I would have called you to come get him
>M is not happy, doesn't like that I'm so casual about J missing
>M thinks J might hurt himself
>He's really torn up about his lack of demonic communication and M is worried he may do something stupid
>So not my problem
>M scolds me, we hang up
>Fuck em
>That night I hear a knock on my door
>Look out the window, it's J
>Fuck you, I don't want to see you ever again, you tried to kill me
>J tries to apologize through the door, says he's had a realization
>After a little of me not giving in he loses it, starts banging on the door
>Blood runs cold
>This fucker is insane
>Call M, tell him J's gone crazy and to come pick him up
>M comes over, J goes into woods, M can't fucking find him
>I'm so freaked out, he's in my woods and crazy
>M has service that night, can't stay with me
>I decide to go with him in hopes that J comes there instead of creeping around my place
Of course you're going to find demons and cultists near goatmen

You really need to brush up on your mythology, pleb
my name's luke hello
And now in my head, the demons sound like Flotsam and Jetsam.
I think J trashed my campsite, although I never got proof.

>Go back to my house the following day with M, J hadn't shown up at M's place
>There is one of my cats dead on my front door welcome mat
>Oh my god he killed my fucking cat
>M is surprised, says maybe the idiot is sacrificing the animals
>My parents are going to kick my ass
>M and I search the woods for J, calling out to him
>No sign of him
>We did find another dead cat though
>We went back into the house after a few hours, I'm super bummed about the animals
>The rest are still outside somewhere, they won't come back even if I call
>Get a call from my mom
>"I know we're supposed to be coming back at the end of this week, but your step dad's mom died, we're staying for the funeral."
>They're going to stay for the rest of the week and the entire next one too
>That's three weeks
>I don't want to be alone anymore
>I stay with M for the rest of the week
>Help around the house and such
>That weekend J comes back
>M is furious, they fight
>J looks like shit, he really went off the deep end
>M says the demons don't want him because he's weak and selfish
>J cries, I don't feel bad
>At this point the entire thing is making me feel sick again
>Think I would like a break from the whole satanism thing for a little
>Don't tell M, just ask him to take me home
>Don't speak to them for the rest of the week, decide to ignore the shadows and any dreams I may have until my parents get back home

If true this is a fucking beast of a stoey
>My parents get back, finally
>Tell them an animal ate two of the cats, the other animals are missing
>They're not pleased
>J freaking out so badly really shook me up, I began reevaluating my life choices
>What if one day I ended up like that?
>Asked my mom about God and stuff
>She told me stories of when I was little, how I would tell her about dreams I would have of talking with God
>I remembered them, holy shit I remembered them
>I remembered the feeling of knowing that my creator cared about me
>If you have never had the crashing realization that you had been playing for the wrong team the entire time, you don't know what feeling I'm trying to explain here
>Like you went your whole life trying to do harm to a man you thought was awful, but it turned out the man had been your father wanting to protect you the whole time
>Holy shit, it was like light pierced my soul in two
>I started crying, said I had been absolutely awful this whole time
>She didn't understand, but was happy at my epiphany
>It was painful how awful I had been this whole time, letting demons fill my head with shit and doing fucked up shit, wanting to hurt people, all that
>I stopped encouraging the shadows, the darkness in me, all of it
>Of course that didn't make the demons happy
>Began having nightmares until I called on God mid-dream
>They didn't bother me anymore after that
>M called me up, asked how I had been doing
>I told him I was done with everything for good, he was beyond mad at me
>The whole I had been given gifts and shit speech came out again
>I told him to fuck off and hung up
>inb4 deus ex machina
Keep going
That took a sour turn. I was rooting for the servitors.
>I slept with a bible under my bed for weeks
>Constant fear of those things that haunted me
>So conflicted, I felt like I wasn't worthy of God but I definitely didn't want anything else to do with demons
>Sometimes I would hear my name whispered in the hallway, wherever I was
>Something would touch my back, my hair
>At least they weren't in my dreams anymore
>Called upon God every time it happened
>Eventually things settled down
>My step dad's father in Africa wasn't doing very well, since his wife had died his condition was getting worse and worse
>My parents decided to go back to try to get him to move over to the US
>Had to stay behind because school had started again
>They didn't know how long they would be staying
>Fantastic, alone again
>I could handle it, even if I was nervous
>It was okay, I did my schoolwork and chores, the animals and I were friends again so I kept them close by
>Halfway into the week by myself I hear a knock on the door

Honestly, this is about the worst part of the story. I'm shaking remembering it. I don't know why I'm telling you guy this shit.
File: download (5).jpg (6KB, 228x221px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
download (5).jpg
6KB, 228x221px
I really hope that JESUS IS A FRIEND OF YOURS

We love you!!!!
I'm hooked
>I open it without thinking, maybe it's the ups man or something
>It's M and V is with him
>M comes into the house before I can slam the door and lock it, V comes in as well
>He is so mad at me, he says the demons are absolutely fucking livid at the fact that I turned away
>I tell him to go away, it wasn't his business anyway
>I say I'll call the cops
>I'm so scared at the look he has
>He shoves me up against the wall, says I won't do shit
>I tell him to fuck off, my parents will be home soon
>He laughs at me, says the demons told him my parents had gone back overseas
>Oh holy shit I'm in trouble
>Kick him as hard as I can
>He let's me go and I run for my bedroom, manage to get the door locked before they can follow me
>Where is my fucking phone I need to call the cops
>No phone, it must have been in the living room
>My window is two stories up, and the ladder that was always in the bushes for J was now locked in the garage
>Fuck fuck
>They're pounding on the door, cursing at me and shit, but it goes silent
>I freeze, my heart is hammering so hard
>I hear something slide around by the lock on my door
>They're unlocking it with a card
>I decide maybe I can hang myself out the window and drop to the ground like that, maybe if I roll it won't hurt me too badly
>I can go up the driveway and down the road to the neighbor for help
>Maybe I can steal their car if the keys are still in it
>The door opens behind me, I claw in a panic for the window
Would r8 this story so far 8/8
Feel so much for you :((( hope you got better after that
Inb4 WalkTheDinosaur.webm
i wouldn't even be mad
Someone should cap this story, holy shit.
go on gurl
Um, I guess if anyone has a trigger, they probably shouldn't read this part.

>They come in, M yanks me back from the window
>I'm absolutely freaking out, try to claw my way free from him
>He throws me on the ground and kicks the fuck out of me, I can't breathe
>While I'm gasping he tells me how disappointed in me he is, I had such potential, I could have grown to be a leader in their teachings
>How dare I turn my back on their ways in such a rude fashion
>He said the demons were so angry with me
>They told him I should be punished for being so offensive after receiving their gifts
>I'm crying, I am pretty sure at this point they're going to kill me
>V is just standing at the door with a cold detached look on his face
>M kicks me again
>He picks me up, tosses me on my bed
>V moves from the door pins my arms down while M goes for my pants
>Realize what's going on
>Oh my god they're going to rape me
>Struggle in panic, gasping and crying
>No way in hell am I breaking free
>Look up, swear V's eyes were glowing like a cat's
>They held me down, took turns raping me
>They beat me pretty badly after
>Black out, wake up when it's dark out
>I'm so sore, can't believe what the fuck just happened
>Managed to drag myself to the bathroom, laid in the tub crying trying to get clean for I don't know how long
I hope you called the police.

>if anyone has a trigger

Top kek
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