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creepiest non-paranormal thing that's happened to you

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hello /x/ What's the creepiest non-paranormal thing that's happened to you?

>be young at friends house
>watching tv with friend
>notice out of the corner of my eye that I see something in the window next to the front door, think it is a cat or something. because his cat often jumped onto the seal of that window when it wanted in
>look over and make eye contact with older looking bald man
>he's watching my friend And I
>friend screams for his dad
>guy runs away
>friends dad goes outside with gun and looks around, finds no one
>his house was on a piece of land kind of away from the road. this person had to of walked all the way onto his property to come stare though the window.

not exactly anything too crazy. just remember it was very creepy to me when I was young.
Reminds me of time when

>>be 7 year old me
>>just got out of shower
>>wrap around towel an bolt for my room
>>get to room and start to dress
>>Long John Silver's seafood glass bottle full of white liquid comes crashing through my window
>>glass everywhere
>>live far enough off the road you'd have to invest time to get to us
>>nobody ever found responsible
>>probably some pedobear in restrospect damn.
was it cum?
It smelled like alcohol. Can you jizz alcohol? If yes, maybe. If no, doubtful, man. Sorry.
all you said was white liquid ?
Maybe it was a white russian.
19 years old, working at a 7-11 in Florida.
I rode my bike there every day because it was a nice little ride across the bridge to the island.
I getting off work, having a smoke and unchaining my bike when I was approached by an older gentleman. Probably in his 60's. He looked rich, and I figured he was one of those snowbirds we got all the time.
>I see you riding that bike to work every day! Quite the ride!
>"Yes sir. Its how I get around. Cheaper than paying for gas. :)
He goes on to tell me what a great work ethic I have, the boss speaks highly of me etc. Blowing smoke up my ass.
>You should work for me! I bet I could pay you twice over what you make here. I could use a young man with a strong ethic and..
I'm getting a little nervous here. Flags are starting to pop up in the back of my head.
>Say, do you need a ride home?
>"No sir, but thank you. I've got my bike!
I nod to my rusty, mud and sand caked bike next to the building.
>Nonsense! Just throw it in the trunk.
I look at his 'car'.
His fucking Jaguar. Brand-fucking-new. Jaguar. Black. Deluxe everything. One of those 'rich old fuck' cars that you just got the feeling he probably owned 2 or more of.
I look back at my muddy little bike.
I politely decline once again.
He stops smiling and just stares at me for a minute, before the smile is back again as he shrugs and leaves.
I never see him again.
I'll just say:
Not really that spooky in retrospect but a good story nevertheless...

>be 14 or 15
>having two friends sleep over at my house
>both are fat, which is totally unrelated but descriptive details, yo
>one, who we'll call Jack, has a really funny voice
>the other, who we'll call Joe, is funny too but has a really touchy temperament (we didn't understand why at the time, but i think it was cause he had low self esteem cause his weight)
>we're hanging out in my basement when 3 or 4 am rolls around
>k, lets go sleep in my room guys (i wanted to sleep in my bed fuck them
>Jack had never slept at my house before, but sometimes my friends slept in the basement, sometimes they slept in my room with me
>Joe doesn't want to sleep in my room, wants Jack to sleep in the basement with him
>I want him to sleep in my room (and Joe, too, honesty, we'd always stay up for most of the night chatting about random shit; it was like the best part of having people sleep over)
>Jack agrees to come with me, Joe, being stubborn as hell, decides to stay downstairs
>Jack and I are half asleep when Joe busts into my room saying he saw someone in my (fenced off) backyard
>Jack and I grab knives and go out looking for the intruder
>Jack yells, " Listen asshole, you get out of here or else you're gonna get it" which was fucking hilarious because he's got the funniest fucking voice and he's so far from intimidating
>in retrospect, Joe was probably (okay, definitely) just trying to get our attention but we really did press him about it and I did believe him for a while... he did seem really spooked
That's easy. The police almost sent me to Hell back in 2001.

I was late for work, didn't drive and I got off the bus and ran the 1/4 of a mile to the office with a backpack on.

I work at a bank and they had the police doing security details via helicopter.

That damned helicopter flew right over to me purposefully. I froze. I knew exactly what they thought.

So I stood there with my hands up like an idiot until they decided I was not a threat and flew off.

That helicopter was hovering so low I was getting the wind off of it.

Thankfully I am not a retard so I didn't try and bolt. They would have killed me. That is a fucked up feeling.
exactly anon its pretty fucked
you can drink half a bottle of alcohol then jizz to you through a window into the bottle then throw the bottle in the window and run
Just have 100 dollars on you at all times. You see the police SUV you get that money ready.

Welcome to Mexico, lol.
Where in Florida?
Explain why

I was a kid in the 80's and the phone rang late one night.

Answered the phone and I remember to this DAY what was on the other end. A voice hissed


Yes, I am not making it up it was fucking either HIM or a crazy coincidence.

I didn't realize just how fucked up my encounter was until years later when I played that fucking youtube video and just about shit myself.

Same words.
Same voice.
what do you mean by HIM?
Indian rocks beach, a little west of Largo

I keep wondering "What if..."
I mean sure, the guy was probably just an old creep who wanted me for.. things, but that fuckin money..
I coulda had a sugardaddy or some shit.
Okay, I already explained it vaguely once.

If you are a tourist a police SUV will likely approach you. You are just supposed to give the nice policeman 20-100 dollars. That's just how it is.

Have fun not sleeping!

Didn't even realize that's what you were talking about, Already heard it before.
I mean when I was a kid it didn't really bother me. The voice was creepy as shit but just figured it was an asshole with a phone.

Then when I heard that shit and realized who that might have been. Ugh.
fucking creepy.
Very unsettling for me.

I tried to contact the retired detective but he never bothered to respond to my emails.

It was around his active period, though I live on the other side of the country.

Around the same time there was kind of some crazy shit that happened at the house and it gives me a sick feeling.

My dad had a gun early one morning and was sitting by my mom. Apparently there was this noise. A loud knocking traveled around the entire perimeter of the house.

Parents ran outside to try and catch who it was but they didn't see anybody and called the police to report the incident.

Somebody just randomly fucking with us.
>hello /x/ What's the creepiest non-paranormal thing that's happened to you?
i prefer to tell my paranormal stories

i used to be terrorized in the night, i used to hear breathing very close to me. i was obsessed by the idea of aliens abducting me. some night one of those grey fuckers appeared out of thin air, but i didn't frighten instead i rush towards it to hit it. then it disappeared, just like that.

many years ago, a ghost walked towards me but i didn't react, i just stood prettified like that. it was wearing a dress.

another time a baphomet like creature was restraining me, i couldn't move. it had fur like a dog, it was brown and had black horns, opaque red eyes.
old white guys alone are always creepy and predatory for some reason
that's nice son.
off-topic and obviously bullshit. that or you have some mental problems
Learn to lie, it will help you not look like a dumbfuck :)
>Going with friends in an abandones house to smoke reefer
>smoke for about an hour
>Get relaxed
>Friend suddenly hears a noise
>Shut music off
>Hear scratching in another room
>I think it's a raccoon
>We're on the second floor
>Scamper down the stairs and out of the house in a single file line
>Friend says it sounded like a human. He heard breathing
>The way we came out of the house, we walked towards the noise
>We avoided a spooky squatter
>off-topic and obviously bullshit. that or you have some mental problems
>what is /x/
it was real. i don't have to lie, believe my word or not.
>i don't believe in the occult
>i visit /x/

read and deal with it
I was in my apartment as a teenager changing a light bulb in the kitchen.

I'd reached up to place my hand on top of a high cabinet when my fingers brushed against something.

So I felt some kind of folder or something and picked it up. Stamped on the front was

DOD: CONFIDENTIAL or something like that.

So immediately teenage me was like HOLY SHIT! I JUST FOUND OUT WHO SHOT JFK.

It was nothing really that exciting at first. It was files for some petty officer stationed on the Nimitz. Apparently he had been involved with someone in an altercation and opted for an honorable discharge. He'd also requested a change of his Social Security number, which was approved.

I gave the folder to my mom. There were lists of names and phone numbers for the dude's immediate family members.

We tried to find them to no avail. No number was active. This was before social media and Google.

Apparently the other tenants in the apartment had moved in, stayed and left without noticing the files.

Also, when moving a piece of what I can only describe as a linoleum sheet in the closet a god damned machete fell out.
>bought old console TV at yard sale, the kind where if you used the remote it actually had a little motor that would turn the dial
>refinished the cabinet
>hooked it up to the aerial antenna
>gloated a little over how cool it looked
Everything is fine for a while, nothing out of the ordinary except for sometimes when I was sure it was off I'd find it on. Then after a few months it would turn itself on, the channel would change to this religious station and the volume would come on FULL BLAST in the dead middle of the night. Then sometimes it would change the channel from something I wanted to watch to the religious station and go up at full volume during the day too.

So despite being kind of terrified of my television, I took it out to the garage and took the back off the cabinet. I guess my mom had spilled a pop down the back of the stupid thing and the moisture was warping the back panel, which in turn was making it do these random tricks.

I had to replace the back panel and give my mom the stink eye for the next year every time the subject of the television came up.
not a oh my fucking god horrifying experience but one night i was bored and trying to hook something up to my tv and kept fighting with the channels and i stopped when i notice i get the religious station perfectly just no sound and the only real wire in the tv is the power cord i always though it was fairly weird >>14883756
I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I was pants crappingly terrified of that television. Even after fixing it, after finding a perfectly rational reason why it was f*cking with me.

I don't know how old your tv was but it's possible that the religious station was broadcasting on fm and your tv was just in that in between model where the coil could pick up the visual from a VHS station.
Wouldn't doubt it. It has died finally a few years ago. We had one of those console tv once and that thing just freaked me the fuck out for no damn reason.
File: 1364181393989.jpg (19KB, 741x487px)
19KB, 741x487px
wow, gr8 story mate
File: 1384581447757.jpg (132KB, 628x478px)
132KB, 628x478px
friends story not mine

have 2 friends over. lets call them joe and anne. we start telling stories of crazy shit that has happened to us and she busts this one out

>anne went over to her best friends (at the time) house
>was her first time there, normal sleep over party shit
>it was about 12 midnight and they decided to go to bed
>after talking and shit, anne had to go to the restroom (down the hall to the right)
>walking down the hall she noticed her friends family portraits
>they were all in a straight row
>pic of brother, pic of sister, pic of whole family and the last one was a picture of a clown
>she thought it was odd but went to the bathroom and headed back to the room
>she sat there for a minute and decided to ask
>"hey, why do you have a random ass picture of a clown hanging up next to your families portraits?"
>her friend replies..."we don't have a clown picture hanging up? there's a window there..."
they noped out and woke the dad up. he called the police. no one in sight but to big footprints outside of window
Either you're a liar or your friend is, because that's a pretty old urban legend.
This is bulshit. Even anormal is a word for a nonexistent thing!
It's still better than urban Mexico

Do you not know the current state of Mexico? Obama supplied the drug cartels with a shitload of guns, and the CIA basically trades drugs and weapons with the cartels. It's like the old West down there. At any moment you can be kidnapped, tortured, raped, beheaded, etc.
Do you still have that?
>implying it hasn't been that way years before he took office

/pol/ pls go

When did I say it hasn't been like that for years. But Obama willingly supplying them with lethal weapons certainly isn't helping anything.
Uh huh. Again, /pol/, go there, stay.
More importantly learn to tell a fucking story. Even if those are true they're completely uninteresting because you suck that bad at story telling. "One time I saw an alien, that's cool I guess...... guys?"
You don't have to believe in the occult to enjoy /x. It's as much a place for skeptics as it is for believers.
this one is also pretty funny
>be about 9
>walking home from school alone, about 1 mile away
>notice man walking behind me
>keep glancing back and he starts to speed up
>i start jogging and glance back again
>hes running
>sprint for dear fucking life
>notice mom's car pull up on curb
>sprint to her but doors are locked
>look back and man has started walking quickly the other way but keeps looking back at me
>look back at mom, shes flipping me off
>she starts laughing and speeds off
>sprint home as fast as possible
>mom is still laughing when i get home

man, shes crazy. she once told the neighbors i was mentally retarded and they still treat me weird.
Ha you coulda died
Uh huh, /lgbt/. Go there, stay.
>be in 6th grade
>naive and young
>still pretty innocent
>walking in hallway with friend during class
>group of older kids congregated in the middle of the hallway
>one of the comes up to us
>says "you guys ever seen a gun before?"
>me and friend freaked the fuck out
>run back to class
in retrospect he was most likely fucking with us but it was spooky

I have several creepies, but this stands out from the rest. It happened to me when I was 21.

It was around 1 AM, just driving for 4 straight hours from my campus to my girlfriend's house. Gas a little low, so I stopped at a local gas station. It's a small station, with only 2 gas pumps (one for petrol and diesel for another), mini carwash area beside it, and a walk in shop. When I arrived, there's one car ready to pump gas. The owner of the car, a cute girl walked to the counter to pay before pumping. She took her sweet time, so I went to the shop stocking on cigarettes and drinks for the journey ahead. Behind the counter was a friendly dude, looks same age as me. We chat a little bit, few pleasantries, asking me where I headed and shit. Then this girl barged into the shop, asking us did we take her car key. Me and counter dude exchanged a hard long perplexed stare at each other; we didn't take her key. As we look around the floors in case she dropped it, counter
dude saw a silhouette of a man crouching, almost prostrating flat on the backseat of the girl's car. I didn't see it, so counter dude asked her if she drove here with her boyfriend. (1/3)

She said no. Counter dude yelled out "fuck", almost like a muffled sriek. He grabbed a baseball bat under the counter while ordering me to lock the door. He obviously shaken, and I still puzzled by the scenario (yeah I'm an idiot). He said, "Dude, look, there's a shady guy in that car, fuck know what's he's gonna do". Fuck that I wasn't prepared (physically and mentally)
for this shit. I panicked, this girl went inside of a staff room to hide.So the plan is to be prepared, call the cops and wait. But the counter guy said it's gonna take like a half an hour for the cops to
arrive, plus he knew these guys. They were probably drunk by now. It was almost a full 20 minutes of an impending shitstorm, the police
arrived. Seeing the flashy lights of the police car, the shady guy jumped the fuck out of the car. He ran, one of the cops gave a chase,
and tase him on the neck. Shit was over. (2/3)

So the police told us that the shady guy has an arrest warrant somewhere upstate, for rape, murder etc. I ended up sleeping at the counter dude's house, and driving the girl back to his hometown in the morning (apparently we were heading to the same area and she knew my girlfriend). She didn't find her car key, it's not with the shady guy, maybe she genuinely lost her key. Fuck driving alone at midnight. Last time I heard, the counter dude is now packing heat when the sun goes down. (3/3)
>Be 12
>Have friends over for a sleepover
>We ordered pizza and at around 8PM the doorbell rings
>Answer the door and theres some guy there about middle aged balding wearing a denim jacket and camo pants
>He asks in a really weird accent "Hello, Is Dennis in?"
>Tell him no, he says "Okay." and walks away
>The pizza guy arrives about 10 minutes later
>His name tag says Dennis
>I tell him what happened and he tells us that we should probably phone the police or something
>We don't phone the police but we all get "weapons" out and keep them by us all night
>Tell parents when they came home at 10pm

>A week later at exactly 11pm each night we'd get a phone call that would keep ringing unless we picked up
>All that we could hear down the phone was heavy breathing
>Continues for about 1 and a half weeks
>Dad contacted the police and apparently there had been burglaries in the area recently

Slept with a baseball bat for about a year after that
>be 15
>hanging out with friend
>messing with joggers and drivers cruising by, learning how to skateboard, average teen junk
>guy drives by in car, catch glimpse of him, he looks absolutely furious
>he pulls over a little down the street from us
>friend and i give eachother a mutual look of "fuck no lol"
>start walking the opposite direction
>look back to see him
>he's getting out of his car, jerking his head around and grunting
>friend looks back to, we start joking about him
>he looks at us, starts calling us to him and waving his arm
>pretend to walk up pathway to a house
>he jumps back in his car and drives away
>friend and i call it a day

still remember it to this day, the weird head jerks and barks the guy made still give me a knot in my stomach when i think about it
>summer time
>outside playing with my next door neighbor/friend
>some lady pulls up in some old cutlass looking car
>she rolls down the passenger window, asks if we "want any pudding, I have a bunch that I need to get rid of"
>I get a weird vibe from her, plus I know better than to accept shit from strangers by now
>I immediately say no, and try to walk away with my friend
>he's a fucking dumb ass though and says "Sure!"
>she tells him its all at her house, and he'll need to come with her
>he's actually getting in the fucking car with her
>I run off to get my Dad
>couldn't of been more than 30 seconds from running to my house and him running out with me that they are both gone
>police are called, they talk to me, I give a description of every thing best I can
>rest of the day I keep seeing police cars drive by, and a helicopter up above.
>his shoes and shirt are found a week later, but he's never heard from again.
File: 167-6.png (27KB, 400x400px)
27KB, 400x400px
natural selection at work
Show me the news story please

this was back in the early 90s in a small town; how would I even provide the news story?
Abductions are always in the news
File: 1389124573162.gif (2MB, 219x186px)
2MB, 219x186px
surprisingly good OC anon
File: 1403115490857.gif (2MB, 360x198px)
2MB, 360x198px
What the fuck.

This isn't creepy but related

>delivering pizzas for Dominos
>one of my last runs
>slumber party type thing of 5 or 6 12 year old-ish girls
>2 of them answer the door and give the money
>the rest are looking out of the window beside the door making kissy faces and giggling
>the 2 girls ask "Are you (insert first name here)?"
>hehe oh ok um wanna c-come in?
>all of them start laughing and having a fit
>Ok, thanks girls, yall have a good night

It creeped me out for a minute in my paranoid /x/ related head
>im getting pranked!
>why do they know my name?
I was new, I asked another driver about it, you can see the first name of the person making the pizza and the name of the driver if you ordered it on the internet. It's like a little Dominos gimmick thing.
>last summer
>must have been somewhere between 2-3 am
>woken up to my dog (doberman pinscher) barking at the door
>not a "i want to go out" bark but a "theres someone here" type of bark
>open door and flick on screenporch light
>dog runs out ahead of me and uses his front paws to open screen door
>starts growling, barking, snarling and taking off
>hear someone yell
>see guy sprinting across my yard with my dog right on his heels
>jump scares the shit out of me
>he barely makes it over fence into woods in time while my dog is going nuts
>im still shocked going wtf
>grab shotgun and flashlight and go join my dog outside
>can see the bushes separated on the other side of my yard are pushed apart like someone had come through it
>while I'm investigating, see and hear someone pull into driveway
>walk over and see it's a police car
>in hindsight this could have ended really badly because I walked over to them with a shotgun in my hands but I wasn't even thinking about it
>they ask me if they've seen anyone come through, a suspect ran from an officer up the road, etc
>i tell them what happened and go put my dog and gun inside and show them
>since the woods next door are private property, the one officer calls his superior to see if they can continue searching in the woods or not
>i ask the remaining officer if the guy was dangerous and if I should be worried
>he tells me he had a warrant out for a non-violent felony and he probably won't come back anyways
>let them do their thing and go back to bed

Not really that creepy but the initial shock from seeing a guy run across my yard scared the shit out of me. It was like when you're walking along and notice a snake unexpectedly and it makes you jump. Same feeling.

>they ask me if they've seen anyone come through,

My bad, that should be "if I've seen anyone come through"*
thought i was being followed by a banshee for a few months when i was 17/18, whenever i would walk home from somewhere didnt matter how far i was from the homestead no matter how i doubled back, she'd always be there about 100 yards behind, it was really disturbing never found out who she was
All i could think of for now
>at some weird church party or something, kinda late at night
>fuck i forgot my watch, ask this guy next to me what the time is
>he just gives me a weird smile then walks away
>turn to some dude robotically drinking a coffee, ask him "excuse me, do you know what the time is?"
>turns to me and says, "ok" then walks away
>get the time from my moms phone
>dont see any of those strange dudes for the rest of the night

So I looked it up, and my local area didn't have a news paper at the time, but there was a major news paper for the greater area. They don't have an online archive I can look at though, I would need to actually go to the public library where I can do a scan there.

The problem is, I don't even live in the same state any more. I'd post it if I could, but I honestly have no way of doing it.
>On the paranormal board

Fuck off, stop shitting up /x/ like 90% of the people here.
Holy shit, imagine if she hadnt lost her key.

posted this in another thread a bit ago.
They were wanting to see how you responded to odd things happening, your reaction time, and what kind of reaction (did you come out with weapons, was it just one person investigating?) You can learn a lot about someone by putting them in a mildly offputting situation.
Damn, I used to live near there. Guy might have lived in Bardmoor. There's a long back road with a shit ton of rich looking houses and a huge golf course.
Not even. It's the high-beams story rehashed, and in a shitty manner tbh.
then you're a faggot. proof or it's pasta
Are you mentally challenged?
"man, shes crazy. she once told the neighbors i was mentally retarded and they still treat me weird."
im laughing so fucking hard
>mediocre creepy pasta
>not being able to tell the difference between portraits and a window
Heh I always find it funny when it tells you whos cooking your pizza etc.

I wonder if the reason for the calls was to try and scare people out of the house so they had a chance to burgle. Or a way of checking if someone was home. The original incident might have just been a coincidence
Not so much terrifying I guess but it was creepy to me.

>Be about 4 or 5 years old
>Live in a very safe area
>Riding my bike or doing whatever at the end of the cul-de-sac (my house is the second house from the end so it's still right there)
>truck with two teenagers pulls up
>one of them lights a cigarette
>Hear a voice say "Hey"
>Look toward the truck, one of them is leaning out the window with the box of cigarettes in hand
>"You want one?" he said with an evil smirk across his face
>"No" I replied, terrified.
>Ran back to my house
>Told my dad
>Dad comes out
>Tells me to wait in driveway
>Confronts them
>Comes back
>When I ask he says that the guy claimed he was offering the cigarette to his other buddy in the truck, not me.

I'm sorry but that's a load of shit. That guy was trying to get a 4/5 year old to smoke a cigarette. Ah now I smoke so many anyway, I kinda wish I would have taken it.
My friend once left their front door unlocked (but closed) because that live in a village while she went out. When she returned there was a pile of horse shit on the living room floor. The door was closed, and doors had to be opened to get to the living room. There was no trail or mud and nothing was stolen or anything. Just a pile of shit. They have no clue where it came from
Did you grow up in the 1950s lel

Nope, 90s kid
File: 1393975300299.jpg (79KB, 600x600px)
79KB, 600x600px
>Implying your 10%
I think I saw a leprechaun
was it in a tree?
Did he tell you to burn things?
Not every story where a guy tries to sneak into someone's car is a rehash of the High Beams story. That's like saying every person getting creepy phone calls is a rehash of The Babysitter. It actually happens sometimes.
It just ran away.

My mum swears on her life that when she was younger she saw a sausage crossing the road.
Not a sausage dog. A sausage
Bullshit. So much bullshit.

I have a friend who's family owns a farm in southern Mexico. It's supposed to be safe down there, so when he invited to go with him for the summer, I accepted. Hell, there's no drinking age there and I was a little alchy (like so many kids in the SW are).

Well one, night there's a huge party at this local barn. It's about 5 in the afternoon and everyone is having a great time. Alchohol is flowing, there's a live band and dancing, all great fun. Then, over the hill, comes this long ass line of SUVs. Everyone just hauls off running, and I have no idea what's happening. My friend grabs me and tells me to run. I run. We got away, but there was shouting and screaming and assualt rifle fire in the distance so I knew not everone did.

The next day we found out three people had been murdered. My friend told me that this was normal and just something I had to keep an eye out for. I said fuck that and went home immediately. Pretty sure that shit wouldnt have happened in the city.
where da gold? I want da gold!
probably turned down an opportunity be rich, and he was looking at you like you were a fucking idiot.
Maybe the cigarette was laced with PCP.

>so newfag it hurts
Are people giving out PCP laced ciggies?
My dad had a story from his and my mom's first house
>Neighborhood was kinda shady
>Dad would often paint before going to bed next to a window
>One night painting and he casually looks out the window
>Theres a face right there stairing at him
>Dad starts to yell
>Hes like "Its okay its okay"

Turns out he wanted money. Dad said hell no.

Also after my brother was born but before I was they had a crazy neighbor.
>One night my brother heard a noise outside and checked it out
>Saw someone with a saw cutting down a tree completely on our property
>Ran to tell dad
>Dad didn't believe him at first but checked it out
>Ran out to see what the hell he was doing
>Guy bolts it, runs next door
>Dad realizes its crazy neighbor
>Next day he goes over and asks the guy what the hell he was doing
>Guy denies he was ever in their lawn with a saw even though Dad clearly saw him
>Would also throw meat over the fence into our backyard where our dog was. Might have been poisoned.
Got any more crazy neighbor stories? My neighbor used to watch our house with binoculars and would call the cops on us for every little thing.
There were some other stories about him but I can't remember them. I need to ask my dad about them again.
My family moved to house in a much nicer neighborhood by the time I was born. No creepy neighbors, though the house to the right of ours never seemed to have a tenant for longer than 2 years after the first ones left, but its not creepy. Worst tenant it ever had were some college kids who just played loud music all night and threw beer bottles in our backyard.
wtf i hear nothing
>be 13 living in the Phillipines
>It's halloween so plenty of horror specials on TV so my cousin, and my little brother go watch the 10pm show
>It's always extremely warm where i live, so we like to leave the windows open
>in the middle of the show electricity shuts off
>this happens often because 3rd world country
>All of us go off to get some candles from the kitchen
>As we're lighting the candle, a man in a black robe,a mask,holding a plastic knife comes in through the window
>I almost shat myself on the spot
>my cousin is shouting at him now to get out of the house
>He says in my language "oops wrong house"
>then gets out through the window again and runs off
One of the few exciting things thats happened in my life so far. I kinda wish something like that could happen, too bad i live in Australia now.
>Grandmother lives near Chatom, Alabama
>Yeah nowhere
>Grandfather died in 1996
>850+ acres, all on her 92 year old lonesome
>House is right off a main highway, visible
>Aunt lives 1/2 a mile away on the property, but is often away traveling on work for months at the time
>If you know her, you always came to her back door as a guest, to the den rather than living room.
>Knock on front door
>Grandmother looks, and woman has her face plastered against the window of the door like the velociraptor from Jurassic Park
>Screaming to be let in, that she was being chased.
>Had pocket knife out and was brandishing
>Obviously grandmother didn't let her in.
>Called cops
>Woman was just a crazy schizophrenic off her meds because her ex-husband burned her house down [and her belongings and medications with it]
>Lived many miles away, but wandered up the highway and saw the familiar wrap around porch of my grandmother's which reminded her of something.

I have plenty more stories my grandmother has told me of strange people and things wandering onto the property over the years, if anyone is interested.
yes please, I am interested
>"oops wrong house"
This nigga.
I like how quickly prepared he was to fuck with his friends (I'm assuming.)
so what was the kid's name?
>After >>14888171 my grandmother installed a home security system
>Goes off of zones so we could wander freely at night
>Could also pinpoint location where alarm was triggered if someone fiddled with windows/doorknobs, wandering in secured "zone."
>Be me, 12
>Alone with grandmother, spending the night
>Alarm goes off, loud as fuck
>Everything seems to be fine
>Call off alarm, tell everyone it's okay
>As soon as I turn off my lamp, alarm goes off
>Same shit, get my neighbor to make a round around the cleared perimeter that surrounded the house
>As soon as I turn my light off it happens again
>Deactivate security for the night, must be electrical.
>Turn off my light
>Two windows in room, one of which faces front porch
>Creak. Creak.
>Think it's trees,
>Lone eighteen wheeler passes by on highway, lights illuminating front of house
>Large silhouette in the front window.
>I scream, grandmother calls sheriff, who in turn calls my father at work
>Freaked out, he leaves the night shift
>Sheriff shows by himself
>Small county
>Him and 2 deputies, one whose wife had a baby two days ago and the other not on night duty
>Sheriff saw figure running from property, stays there until my father gets there
>Dad stays on front porch by my window until morning
>Reviews of security system the next day found someone was at my window each time alarm went off, prying at the bottom
>Dad sleeps on cot on front porch for 3 more days
When I was 6 we had this bird that liked to attack you if you got too close to his cage, walked into the kitchen where his cage was one night and saw him attacking the air, thought he was attacking a ghost and nope.jpg ran for my brother.

In the same house a month or two around the bird incident, home with older brother and younger sister when our mom was at work. Brother found some tarot cards and slapped one on my lunch box, he hit the top and some how half of it was between lunch box and table.

A couple years later playing "dark room", hide'n go seek in a room at night with the lights off, friend hiding in the stair well, she starts screaming saying she felt cold air pass through half of her body
that's absolutely terrifying
I would nope the fuck out. Just to think what that guy would have done had he gotten in.
Sometime relatives are the crazy ones in the realm of rednecks. There is so much crazy for a place so desolate

>Cousin marries
>His aunt is a pharmacist
>Bitchy person, mean
>Everyone hates her for it
>Gets convicted of skimming opiates off the pharmacy's supply and selling them in bulk to recreational users
>In shame, her father bequeaths her only 1/2 of his life insurance policy
>The other half plus property and the house went to her sister, my cousin's mother-in-law
>She lives and organizes late father's house
>Vindictive sister decides if she can't have the house, no one can
>Piles a bunch of pine straw and dead brush on the front porch and on the front door
>Sets it on fire
>We help our in-law
>Vengeful pharmacist comes to our property and poisons the cats and dog with antifreeze
>Slashes the tires of ATV, seats
>Slashes tires of cars
>Pours tar into expensive machinery [$82,000] we use for uprooting peanuts
>Somehow gets in touch with someone with the skills to hack state government systems
>Edits my aunt into the Alabama state sex offender list [the mother of the cousin who married into this crazy family]
>When you googled her unique name, it being on the sex offender list was the first thing to pop up
>Took us four fucking months to straighten out

The woman who did all this is somehow not in prison.
Was it that faggot from the Lucky Charms commercial?
And unfortunately I still live in this country
Our family knew the sheriff, but she knew the judge...

Probably much better than we "knew" the judge.

Small towns suck sometimes, in that everyone knows everyone. I haven't lived there permanently for 6 years, yet every time I come visit everyone somehow knows the general gist of what's going on in my life. It's eerie.
>grew up outside gettysburg
>be ten years ago
>it was pretty typically for us to head down there on weekends and chill at the park late at night
>around dusk in the forest between little round top and triangular field
>chilling out on the large rock formations
>a girl comes out of no where, late teens I suspect
>she doesn't say anything, she just kind of watches and stares...but only at me not at my other friends
>kind of an odd vibe from her, this goes on for maybe ten minutes
>she pulls out a camera and takes a picture of me

I don't know, felt pretty odd at the time. She seemed strange...other than being tall there isn't really anything exceptional about my appearance.
>not locking your car if you're going to leave it unguarded

>Be me when very young
>So young the memory is very vague
>Remember a car stopping an a man asking me to get into his car
>Say no
>Man pleads one more time
>Say no again and walk on
>Man gives up

I think I nearly got raped.

I doubt it. I'm pretty sure I recall him pulling one of the pack and putting it in his mouth and then getting that evil grin and extending the box of cigarettes out to me. It wasn't like one random cigarette.

Unless all this guys cigarettes were laced with PCP but then how the Hell would he have talked to my dad?
Ugh, I live too close to Kentucky for my own comfort.

There's just just quaint little, demure 'Hillbilly Omerta' that scares the shit out of me.

>"Some things just happen to people, ayup!"

Recently this cop was -blown to bits- like Robocop kind of bad and 'nobody saw nuffin, nobody said nuffin'. That's how it is.

PS: His name was Jason Ellis and somebody set up a god damn Taliban Style Ambush. The chucked debris down a hill in front of his cruiser and when he got out what looks like multiple assailants simultaneously blasted him with shotguns.

How about the kid's family?
How are they now? What was it like for them?
laughing so hard right now. but then again, my mum swears that a space heater chased her across the bathroom. Still... no sausage.
a teen girl masturbated to your child body.
Kind of hot.
My dad swears up and down he once saw a bunch of purple bats.
same anon here. when I was about 5 I saw my teddy bear sit up on its own in my bedroom. I got scared and threw something at it and it sat back down again. idk man weird shit like this has no real explanation.
My cousin had a sleep over for his 11th birthday. Me him and 4 of our friends were hanging out in his living room prank calling people with my uncle. My uncle dialed a number and put it on speaker phone. A guy answered and my cousin asked the guy if his refrigerator is running, (hurrr durrrr good one). The guy said he was on his way over to kill us all and he said he knew our address. Being a smart ass I told him I'll be waiting for him. The guy said be ready I'm on my way to >insert cousins address here<. We all freaked the fuck out including my uncle. We all grabbed knives and shit trying to act like badasses even though we all were shitting our pants. About 10 mins later my uncle went upstairs to the bathroom. While my uncle was in the bathroom the front door started to shake and the handle was jiggling violently. We all stood there with our mouths wide open literally trying not to cry. The front door started to open and we all fucking booked it to my cousins bedroom. We sat in his bedroom in silence, and a few of our friends started to cry. After a couple minutes we heard someone stomping up the stairs. My cousins bedroom door swung open and I threw a an snapple bottle as hard as I could at the door. I drilled my uncle right in the face and he started gushing blood. I had no idea wtf was going on but my uncle dropped on the floor laughing his ass off for about 10 minutes straight. Turns out he called his friend in advance and told him what to say when we prank called him, and when he went up to the bathroom, he jumped out the window and started messing with the front door. Not creepy but my uncle went thorough a lot to convince a bunch of 12 year olds that they were about to get murdered.
son of a bitch story checks out. thats fucked up
Well, at the time, I didn't have any friends that lived in the same neighborhood.
going along the near rape stuff, there was this retired private detective in my neighborhood that always creeped me out. he walked around with dog treats in his pockets to feed to dogs when the kids were walking them, he often stopped to watch me and my friends play basketball and invited me multiple times to watch a sports game in his garage and made jokes like "I'll drink a beer but I think you're a bit young hahaha" i dunno he always just gave me the wrong vibe so whenever he invited me I always said I had homework. My mom still lives in that neighborhood and I haven't seen him at all the last couple times I've visited
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>Turns out he wanted tree fiddy
hey, free weapon!
>grow up
>adapt to a certain norm
>the norm changes
>completely fail to adapt
>was completely unprepated for it

Scrapping my life is not solution, but it's surreal.

Could this be kind of normal teenage disillusionment? Or is it something more? The world has changed a lot since I was a kid, and a lot of it is for the worst.
>tfw in my 20s and still experiencing this since I was 18 or 19 or so
>sometimes, nothing seems real anymore, it's like I'm in some kind of fucked up dream or something
Well, actually, the world has not changed that much, but the truth is, that you were somewhat sheltered despite everything you went through.

In a way, 'when you were a kid' was longer ago than it was, but you were oblivious to the cultural norms of the time at the time because everyone who raised you at home was always old fashioned somehow.
This makes sense, actually.

>child knows nothing about the world outside of what's in front of them and very limited information

Maybe a lot of people raised by nostalgic grandparents or who were raised by one or more parents who were stuck in the past for whatever reason (such as PTSD) experience this. It kind of makes perfect sense.
HAHAHA oh wow.

That damn episode with Mark Hamill was awful.
I guess this fits better here than in the other thread.

Various years ago when I was young

>Go back home after High School
>All lights are off
>Nobody greets me
>Assume nobody is at home again
>Old brother must be hanging out again
>Mom working late again I guess?
>Don't care for anything, exhausted as fuck, I had a shitty day
>I decide to go straight to my room and sleep
>I turn the lights of my room off
>While in bed I get a little horny and I start to fap, nobody is in home anyway
>About 15 min into my "business" I get really uncomfortable
>Get the sensation that someone is watching me
>Try to ignore it and continue to masturbate
>Can't shake off the sensation
>Then I saw a figure standing still at the door of my room (which I forgot to close)
>Can't make out at the moment what it was because of the darkness
>Got so fucking scared that my diamond rod turned into a banana stick in a matter of seconds
>Fell off the bed NOPE'd as fuck
>On the floor finally can make out what the fuck it was
>It was my Aunt
>She was standing, inmovibile, watching me like in PIC RELATED
>"Uh? Aunt? What?"
>From there she just goes to the kitchen without saying anything and starts making dinner
>Im too embarrased and still scared to say anything too
>We later eat together but don't talk in the entire night
>We also don't make eye contact
>When Mom comes home they greet, but quickly goodbyes afterwards
>Bark at Mom about not letting me know that Aunt was going to be in home
>Didn't notice the note Mom left at the kitchen because I went straight to bed
this thread is seeing about as much action as the other thread you posted in anon
I have a few that happened to family members of mine. I've never experienced anything myself.

This happened to my grandmother while in college in the 1940's.

>in dorm room with close roommate
>just relaxing at night, cooling off from the day's classes
>suddenly hear a scraping noise coming from the hallway
>grandma and her roommate shit themselves
>shut the door and huddle up
>listen closer
>sounds like someone forcefully scratching the walls
>they sit there motionless for what seems like hours
>all the while the scraping gets closer
>eventually it stops and they tentatively go to bed
>in the morning they learn that a friend of their's had fallen and gotten severely hurt in the hallway
>she had tried to make noise and make her way to the nearest door to get help but never made it
>the girl died and my grandmother felt so awed up about being afraid that she never asked how the girl got hurt

She used to use it as a fable, telling me it pays off to face your fears.
This is too good.

This one happened to my mom. It's a bit weird, but I'll write it just as she described it.

>in her bedroom with her cousin
>she lived nearby but was staying the night so they could hang out longer
>as they're sitting around having fun the overhead light begins to act strangely
>it starts to flicker frantically which freaks them out but then it gets worse
>the light starts to glow a deep red and a pitch black "curtain" begins to make it's way across the ceiling and then down the walls
>they go into a panic
>rush for the door to get my grandpa
>the door has no handle all of a sudden
>they begin to claw and beat at the door
>they're screaming at the top of their lungs
>before the blackness reaches them my grandpa busts in
>all at once things go back to normal
>my grandpa comforts them but is left confused for a while until they come to their senses

My brothers and I used to poke fun at my mom over this story, calling it the "evil lamp". She and her cousin still swear by it though, as the "most evil thing they've ever felt".
I wish I could believe you.

Last one for now.

Another from my mom.

>lived on a farm in rural Oregon
>house is on a hill with fields and then a thick forest at the top
>clear view all the way up from the kitchen window
>forest can't really be penetrated due to black berries
>around the age of 7 she's playing near the treeline digging in the dirt
>someone walks up to her
>it's a girl in a red dress
>everything seems normal
>they become good friends
>play every day
> but when it's time to head inside at night the girl just stays near the treeline as my mom heads inside
>stays there no matter how long my mom watches from the house
>eventually my mom feels sorry for her and asks if her friend can come inside
>they act confused, but eventually say yes
>mom goes to tell friend but she's nowhere to be found
>never sees her again

She asked my grandparents about it when she was much older. They didn't know who she was talking about at first but them remembered: they had said "yes" assuming it was an imaginary friend. During that time they had seen my mom play by herself by the treeline everyday, and never saw another girl, especially not in a red dress. Needless to say, this spooped the whole family.
I don't really believe her. My dad and I have talked about it, and figure it was electrical and they just went into a panic.
I used to live in Tamworth, Australia. Awesome place but there is a lot of bad shit as well. Not being racist but there are a lot of Aboriginals that cause a bit of shit, as well as a lot of drugs and violence.
>be 8 or 9
>house backed on to a massive park, as did neighbours houses, kind of all surrounded the park
>used to play in the park all the time with no worries in the world
>one day a bogan family moved across the park from us
>had a little crush on one of the sons, he was about 15
>one day the oldest son kicked my dog so hard my mum almost called the cops
>also drove their car through the park trying to run me over because they thought it was funny
>used to have parties and all the guys would just gather in the park and scream shit
>too scared (and wasn't allowed) to play in the park anymore unless my parents were there
>a while later I kind of forgot everything that happened and was digging a hole under my favourite acorn tree because I used to search for treasure
>didn't realise but the tree was about 20 meters from their backyard
>dug until I found a big red toolbox, with tools inside all wrapped up in black garbage bag plastic
>thought "score!!!"
>gave the toolbox to my dad
>remembered it a couple of months ago, now it seems a bit suss

maybe someone just decided to bury their toolbox or something but it just seems weird to me.
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>Go to bed on pull out bed downstairs with friend
>Me and him are in like 3rd grade (I think)
>Everything's gucci, fall asleep easily
>Wake up standing in upstairs jack and jill bathroom
>Notice my lip hurts
>Look at my hands and see that they're covered in blood along with the sink
>Wash blood off of hands and sink
>Look to see if there was any wounds around my lip that made it hurt so much
>Look inside mouth using the mirror
>See a hole where my upper lip meets my gum
>mfw (pic related)
>Have a mini freak out moment
>Decide to sleep in my bed the rest of the night because fuck that shit
>Wake up next day and tell parents, and friend, about what happened
>They don't believe me
>The thing is, I had a FAT lip from the injury (like twice the size of it normally)
>Tell me not to think anything of it
Is your aunt hot?
I think anon meant only someone who grew in the 1950s would be so naive to think they were "just" offering you a cigarette.

Your supple boy ass was about to violated.
>man, shes crazy. she once told the neighbors i was mentally retarded and they still treat me weird.

Holy shit, Savannah? What are you doing posting on 4chan?

Unless my sister is living out two lives and is fucking with her children in the exact same way...
You dug up somebodies murder weapons.

The moral of that story is your friends a liar and you're an idiot. Cool.
Maybe next time, call the cops. This is Home Alone but Joe Pesci would've burglarized yo butt.
I had a similar experience. When I was 7 I was sleep walking and fell down the stairs and ended up piercing my lower lip with one of my teeth. I was crying and my parents woke up and they cleaned me off and gave me a bath and treated my wound the best they could and sent me off to bed.

But I was asleep during the entire thing, and when I woke up I had this fat lip that hurt like hell and I asked my parents what happened and they had a very "are you fucking kidding me" reaction.

Luckily for your friend you're full of shit.
>they didn't record the news back in the olden times of dah nineteen ninety's we had to communicate by horse back and rode to school on a wagon with one wheel
idk man that sounds like how I remember the 90's
>being buttmad about a different, active, interesting thread because it doesn't star a succubus astral projecting inside the dulce base...

You are a giant among your faggot empire.
I was walking down the street one night at like 2am when I came across a car stopped by the side of the road. The light on the car was on so I assumed the person was lost and was looking at a map. I decided to stab to death whoever was in the car so I calmly walked up to it with my knife hidden up my sleeve. The person most likely saw me in the mirror and drove off in a rush.
I am doing this to my nieces and nephew.
My horse would always eat me notes.
>Taking trusty covered wagon to school one morning
>Suddenly out of nowhere a bunch of people just start shooting at me
>Oh fuck rustlers are going to try and steal my oxen
>Start a small fire in the wagon so I can send my dad smoke signals
>Dad shows up and chases all the rustlers away
>Accidentally burned down the wagon
>Dad gives me a good hiding and takes my gameboy away
what the actually fuck
bullshit. wagons weren't around til '97. if you are gonna lie try to make it believable faggot. this is /x/ we can tell when someone is bullshitting like that
Don't libraries sometimes have copies of old newspapers? Also - you could check with the press company.
Why didn't you try to stop him?
Maybe his dad worked at the Nintendo wagon factory like mine did. We got out wagon in the winter of 93. Of course horses weren't invented until 94 so we looked like idiots.
>a year ago
>staying the summer at home because sister had a bad break up with meth addicted crazy
>feeling sorta useless as the summer goes on because sister managed to snag another guy
>then one night as monsoon season started to pick up, i wake up because dogs start to bark
>we lived thirty minutes away from the road behind a few houses, so we are not the closest house to the highway
>whoever is here had a reason to be
>no one is awake so i decide to check
>before i have a chance to, someone starts jiggling the doorknob
>i can hear it turning, slowly then erracticly, then slowly again
>get creeped out
>then the knob jiggling turns to soft knocking
>very strange knocking in that it was two knocks in quick succession then a pause
>get out of bed and walk down the hall to the front door
>there's a window near the door, but it's raining so equally dark, so i decide to turn on the porchlight
>look out the window
>it's my dog standing at the door, leaning on it with its paws
>it looks at me and i freak out
>i run back to my room and get my brother's gun all the while shouting everyone to wake up
>wake up!
>i grab the gun and my sister and her boyfriend are coming out of their room, mother is as well, dad is still asleep
>the dog is here, i tell them, the dog is here
>mom is asking what's wrong, do i call the police? she asks
>knocking again, more aggressive
>i see my dog
>could it be a dog anymore?
>i don't care anymore and aim the gun at the door hoping to shoot through it
>fire five times before i realize the gun has no clip
>rush to the room again and grab clip
>dad is awake
>everyone stares at me as i try putting the clip into the gun
>taps at the window, now
>i look up, there's a shadowy figure at the window, can't see it with lights on
>he's holding a stick and i freak out when someone grabs my hand
>another hand grabs me
>soon my parents and sister wretch the gun from me and hold me down
>the figure is gone and the pounding stopped
>an hour later i calm down, mother is telling a story about the previous day, sister is talking and calming down her boyfriend who stood shocked for the most part
>ask where my dog is
>dad answers, outside
>ask who jiggled the door knob
>everyone looks at me confused
>next morning, muddy prints on the only road to our house with none headed back

mfw my psychotic break was not completely unwarrented
still should have taken my meds though
How is this a great story you stupid fat fuck
File: 2b3.jpg (16KB, 500x378px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've been seeing 'ayy lmao' popping up in other boards like /mu/ and /a/. This is one small step for a board, one giant leap for board culture /x/, this is better than, this is better than DANGLERFISH.
Don't get killed in the process.
I've had quite a few weird things happen to me as being a typical weed smoking urban teen hanging out in parks drinking until 5am tends to attract the wrong type of people in London but i'll save those for later if anyone is interested.
(I'm now 20 before you guys scream underageb&)
A few months ago I was chillin in my living room on my laptop and some dude comes into my front garden and starts looking through my bins.
I look over to him and he looks back at me , with eye contact then smiles.
I look back at home with my
>u wot m8
stare and he just continues looking through my bins then leaves.
What do you reckon he was doing? In hindsight I should have run outside and yelled at him or whatever but at the time I was just confused.
Weird innit
Call the cops and say what? "A man came to my door and asked for Dennis and he looked weird"
>Watching Bliar Witch Project with mate
>Halfway through watching it
>Scene in woods where they find the symbols
>Suddenly TV goes off, lights go off, DVD off, SkyBox off, everything off
>Sit there saying what the fuck...
>After two minutes of being weirded out
>Get up and go see what problem is
>Find out all other rooms in house have power
>It was just the room we were in

Probably just a coincidence, the power breaker had gone off. Still odd though.
>nobody has a sense of humor anymore, being self-righteous horrible and morally despicable assholes is the new normal
>they justify their horrible behavior with their delusion that I'm worthless just because I haven't proven myself to them and they assume I'm worthless unless I prove elsewise
>and that takes all the fun out of interacting with people if I have to constantly prove myself to creepy and delusional idiots like this

Why are all these 'people' so fucking creepy and weird? Why can't they just act normal around me?
bruh i live in the town where Jason Ellis lives and someobody knows who did it. it was related to drugs
unfortunately you have a point, police won't do shit in stalking cases unless there's an actual threat...
Not who you're replying to, but what if the stalkers have made death threats on numerous occasions?
>tfw I've been getting stalked by self-righteous assholes since 2005
>they are obsessed with calling me worthless because they think that sex, instead of death, exists for for them if they drive me crazy and I meet them IRL

I refuse to believe the disgusting and subhuman behavior of these lowly scum is normal. They act in an extremely peculiar way and make themselves identifiable with their strange behavior.
Jesus christ. Take your medication
this may depend on the state in terms of legality of recording calls without consent, but if you can prove it with a recording of the threats, and if you have the number or the police are able to trace it, then they can serve a restraining order.

basically, most laws concerning stalking behavior are piss-poor at best. watch "stalked: somebody's watching".
You're a spineless faggot
Fuck off back to Tumblr you racist cunt
Fuck off with your racism, cotton picker.
>be a few months ago
>house is on the edge of my small town
>field out the back of my house
>graveyard runs adjacent to the back of the field
>about 3am I'm still awake reading my kindle
>window is right beside my bed
>because I'm propped up reading I can see out my window
>pitch black outside
>notice a light at the back of the field, must be beside graveyard wall
>looks like it might be a headlamp or something
>moving up and down the length of the graveyard wall quite erratically and irregularly
>as my eyes adjust to the darkness I can very vaguely make out some kind of figure when the light is at the closer end of the wall
>watch for about 10 mins
>periodically fades away and comes back
>eventually seems to disappear down a path at the far corner of the field
>small forest path that is completely dark for at least a few miles in each direction (you wouldn't walk down it at night)

I thought it might be someone getting some exercise before an early shift or something. But that just wouldn't make sense for a multitude of reasons. Its also not the first time I've seen strange stuff in the early hours out in that field. A few times I've been lying in bed and my room's been illuminated by a momentary flash. I've looked out the window to see someone sweeping the field with a high power torch.
My meds, which I'm off, are my happy pills (adderall and prozac). I probably should take them. However, I'm convinced a lot of the sociopathic behavior I see on the internet is a combination of stupid people and drugs and of course the fact it's the internet.

I'll keep that in mind. I wonder sometimes how the hell to be completely sure to lose a stalker.
Young black guys alone/in groups are always creepy and predatory for some reason
WTF is going on. This was supposed to be about stories of weird people. Not a weird people convention
He said good, not great.
Depressed people aren't that weird. It's common.

And it looks like /pol/ is visiting /x/.
You are a worthless person.
They must have gotten tired of shitting up /tv/ and trolling /b/.
When I was a boy I was playing on a fence, this one part, priding myself on standing ontop of it finally. I go inside, I am bored of this. So I do something else for like 20 minutes im remembering but in actuality who knows how long I thought, but after 20 minutes goes by we hear a loud crash and we go to the balcony and in our (we lived in a duplex) neighbors doorway was a car, smashed on through. Some student east indian, you know how they can be with roads... Anyways, the part of the fence that was smashed through was just right where I was chilling.

It was a spot I never really chilled at, there was a lot of fence and I liked playing on that fence, but I don't know why that spot, just a coincidence, would be more amazing if it was 5 minutes or 30 seconds or some cinematic shit.
Reverse nope from my family:

>cousin is 11
>lives in an apartment with few floors, shitty security
>wakes up one day hearing screams, his room's window is next to another apartment's
>slowly makes his way out of his room, parents asleep, and opens the door that leads to the corridor
>more screams, now from the lower floor
>closes door slowly, but my uncle stops him
>he's just standing there in his underwear and holding his pistol and a bunch of extra ammo
>"go stay with mom, lock the door when I leave and don't open it until morning, alright?"
>cousin nods, does as he's told
>a couple minutes later, one shot
>another couple minutes later, another shot
>some time later, another shot

>mfw my uncle is in special ops
>a bunch of really stupid criminals decided to raid his entire building during the night, and had no idea he lived there
>my uncle killed 5 out of 6, and arrested the last one since he didn't have any guns on him and wasn't a threat
>the guy shit himself when he realized the shots weren't from his buddies killing the people in the building, but my uncle offing them
News article pls
File: image.jpg (62KB, 453x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why did you write this?
>going to mexico at all
>bringing mexico to america
>suddenly a good idea
>implying america didn't come to mexico

Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that when it happened. Didn't the police department or something offer some 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars in reward money for info leading to the killers?

I always wondered what kind of crooked dealings he was involved with to die in such a way.
I stayed in a very small village in Chiapas for 2 months, nothing weird happened. Only thing I was told was not to go near the river at night, since there might be some drug trafficking going on.
Some autist on my street does this
Mmakes bird noises while doing it
Same sperg maybe? He gets around
>dad squatting in flats
>finds recently abandoned one
>empty except for yellowed human upper arm bone
>past owners used to do fencing locally
>mfw serial killer dennis nilson lives 2 blocks away
>the bone is now on my living room shelf
> be 14
> eastern europe
> at uncles cabin with cousins and general family
> it's built in a mountain village
> pretty chill place, locals are nice
> up late one night watching horror movies with cousins
> 3:30am
> pounding on sliding glass door
> everyone has mild heart attack
> look outside, there's some old man standing there
> says something, mostly gibberish
> walks off into the dark

It wasn't something ridiculously scary but at the time it freaked us all out a bit.
> 1 am
>My friends and I are at a coast and decide to go with a boat to open sea
>we went far away
>all of a sudden "something" hits us or we hit it, I still don't know
>boat sinks
>no moon
>we are floating, middle of fucking nowhere, everything pitch black
>anons... Can anybody see the shore?
>general response: no
>anons pls im scaerd

After what felt like an eternity we saw a couple of lights on the shore and we swam, and swam, and swam, scared for our lives. We all made it, of course, there aren't any sharks where I live. But everything was so dark and the whater was even darker.
Ever since them I have fear of the ocean, and I have nightmares.
File: wat.png (1MB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ignoring your shitty shit, apparently if you google baphomet it suggests Beyonce
>living in a crime filled ghetto where you have to constantly lock up

plus story dude is from bongland, based on the fact he said petrol
cAN i SeE tHem pLEESE
What the fuck man. That's horrible.

got any more stories? You're good at it.

My neighbor is bat shit insane.

>wakes us up with her screaming at like 7am
>like bloody murder screaming
>has called the city hall or whatever the shit it is about us twice
>first complaining about oil spots on our driveway
>second was about our AC being too loud
>city actually sent someone to move out ac like 3 feet further, obviously doesn't do shit to help
>she went ballistic at the guy moving it, yelling at him through her window about how loud it is
>it doesn't even bother us so she either has supersonic hearing or is full of shit
>has actually trimmed her trees to have a better vantage point into our backyard
>all of our houses are backed up to a hill and she stands on her end pretending to water and just watches us through out windows
>have caught her on a few occasions calling my dog to her fence, luckily he hates everyone not in my family so he doesn't go to her

We have literally done nothing to her and don't even retaliate.
Wait for her to fuck up and come onto your property un-invited, then dome her with whatever firearm you can obtain. Profit.
last night I had awoken paralyzed as a long worm like creature about as big a round as both of my hands cupped together manifested. It had a black mass of soft pitch black tendrils that swirled forward and tickled my body as it crawled up me and stopped next to my face. I could turn my head and I could see the mass as it unfurled and revealed a brite golden light.. Then it crawled across my chest tickling me as it went as its mass of tendrils swept over me. Then it went up the wall and for whatever reason I felt incrdibly afraid and I forced my eyes shut and tried to sleep.

That was one of the coolest things to ever happen to me. Is there a way to access that state through meditation or something? It's bizare not to be in control of your body like that for just a little bit.
take some ketamine and inhale laughing gas until your body is completely numb. You fly through the universe in your mind.
Non-paranormal thing, ok

>At a friends place
>21 at the time
>had a few beers but not a lot, about 3 bud's
>four of us, 2 playing the xbox and the other watching and talking away
>Out of no where I start having flash backs to my childhood, real clear flashbacks
>Something in my head is telling me that this life isn't real and to just let the flashbacks kind of take over... to kind of give into them
>I don't know what the what the fuck is going on, freaking out a bit
>stand up to go get some air
>instead I start having a panic attack or something
>Black out
>When I come round my friends are crowded round me making sure I'm ok

Looking back I still don't have a clue what happened... But yeah, thats my story
sounds like a penis
File: 1404083196597.gif (1MB, 330x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 330x200px
>Be 12
>Moved to new room in house
>No one there since my gramps, years ago
>Dude was agressive as shit.
>Room has a heavy aura
>Time to sleep
>Feel something cold in legs/feet
>"Fuck off"
>Suddenly get pulled out of the bed by the feet

Could have been anything, I had nightmares in that room, things changed when I started to sleep with doors open.

>Same room
>P-Probably needs some painting
>Hire an old guy, pretty normal
>Things improve greatly, no heavy anything and rom is warm
>Year later, the same shit again, nightmares, cold. Wakes up and see a shadow of a man.
>God damn, now what
>Suddenly stops.
>Turns out the guy who painted the room commited suicide by hanging himself.
>His last words were. "I'm meeting a new friend tonight"
plot twist, he's a boy, just with some rocking tits
I'm in South America, it's not like this is an amazing event or anything. Criminals get killed.

Because it happened?

Christ /x/, what's with all the "I don't habeeb it" nowadays?
some people are fucking nuts.

when I lived in a house with some friends, the neighbor lady would always spy on us. she never called the cops and would seem nice enough, but she legit had her recliner set up to stare directly into our living room and according to her son she didn't have a tv
>south america

top kek
Was she a qt?
How naive are you? He turned down the opportunity to have a sugar daddy, anon.

I haven't actually read all your posts but I noticed a couple comments regarding the legality of recording conversations and thought I could contribute a little(as well as being a full-time criminal paralegal I found myself in a shitty situation with a psycho not long ago who only acted psycho when no one else was around; yeah, uber manipulative, sick, sick man).

Recording conversations & whatnot is still a bit of a gray area here where I'm from but generally, as long as you're recording a conversation which you are involved in, it's not likely to become an issue in terms of using it as evidence to lay charges.

However, the person who was pursuing me was, at the time, my landlord and potential/future(again, at the time) business partner so we also wound up in litigation where I almost ran into some trouble. I was originally told that the conversations I'd recorded couldn't be used in court, not because they weren't admissible, not because of any sort of "gray area" but because the courts literally did not have the equipment to hear/play the audio.

In the end they accepted an affidavit which included a transcription of the conversations but it was touch and go for a while there.
BS. She used it as a fable because it's an urban legend.

lel I'm not sure how many times you've been in such a situation but IME restraining orders don't do shit.
Well did you at least get out of his dreams?
easier: never go to mexico
maybe but what was in the bottle?
Made me chuckle.
one persons spaghetti is anoter persons spooks

lel am I seriously the only person who takes rides & shit from strangers? or even offering rides & shit to strangers when I can? I'm a petite young female and I'm braver than 90% of the male population? neat.

ftr, I've only ever had 1 sketchy ride and that was with someone I knew very, very well, I'm rarely turned down when I offer help to others as well.

*shrugs* Not everyone is some evil murderer rapist person :| The paranoia on here is astounding.
oh yeah, >>/stupidface/
Back to /b/ please.

have you?
Jesus fucking Christ is /x/ being raided by /b/tards tonight. Stop being so hostile.
Wow anon ur so kool
Be 13. Traveling with my dad to Phoenix AZ. I'm playing in the pool and meet some kids. I talk to them and offer them a soda. It turns out they're Mormon. They explain why sugar and caffeine is bad.

I change the subject and we start playing Marco Polo. Their dad joins. He catches me, grabs me, and bites my toe.

Now I can say that I have had my toe bitten by a Mormon stranger. Not an accomplishment I ever desired but nonetheless got.

by the way... it left a bruise
Im still going to sleep
>be me walking home from work
>car pulls up, older guy "wanna ride?"
>"sure, thanks"
>drives me home
>asks if he can suck my dick for $100
>later wonder if I should have let him
>be me, 15 yo male (10 years ago)
>small town in rural australia
>sort of place you can walk from one side to the other in 30mins
>been at friends after school
>walking home after dark
>poorly lit streets (few streetlights, on other side of road)
>get a strange feeling about a house as I pass
>turn and see old man standing on porch with front door open behind him, watching me
>I'm shocked so I half-stop
>he raises a disposable camera with flash and takes a photo of me
>2spoopy run the rest of the way home
>checked it out with friends the next week
>was abandoned, looked like it had been for many years (empty, cobwebs on windows/doors, rusted hinges etc)
>NOPE my way to a different country

Going back there to visit family next year, I want to see if I can remember where it happened
I'll let you pick me up anytime qt
Not to scary but...
>be 14 home alone
>dog starts to bark and whine like a mofo
> go downstairs to see whats up
>see dude by the kitchen window mouthing out words looking at my dog
>look at him he looks at me then walks away
> the hell?
>go back to vidya games, try not to think about it.
>for a guy to SUCK YOUR DICK
>not to mention dude gave you a ride home
forgot to add you probably could've negotiated for 125 at least and to hook up another time for more money
scariest part of that was the image they used
File: Regis.jpg (40KB, 666x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40KB, 666x480px
I feel ya
I have a story relating to this
>>be 18
>>just finished my 2nd shift a little early, it's 1130 at night
>>driving home
>>Live about 50 minutes away from the biggest city in the state, so far enough away to never see homeless, gangs, or anything of the sort
>>town I work in has about 10000 in it, and where my house is is about 15 miles north of that even farther into the middle of fucking nowhere
You know, fuck it, getting a map going
Alright, I spent a couple minutes getting a map to make it work
>>so driving home on back roads (Green is my path, roads with black paint are the MUCH more frequented by normal traffic)
>>cold late fall night, windy as shit, see someone walking and tripping in the weeds
>>stop, stick my head out of the window "need a ride?"
>>black ghetto woman gets in and thanks me
>>tells me she needs to go to the "town" to the south of me (it's a glorified trailer park town, full of white trash)
>>on the way tells me her name is Reggis, and she has to walk 20 miles from and to work every day for her kids
>>I've NEVER seen her on these roads before, but still listen
>>drive out of my way to drop her off in a random ran down sub division, she thanks me, and that's it
I sometimes wonder if I dropped her off at her job, but whatever, she could've frozen to death out there, she only had a sweat shirt on!
Pinellas Park myself. Theres some weird shit down here.
ok so i live in England near a cemetery at top of street.
i would often walk through the cemetery to get to the park as its more of a short cut
>be 15, be small as fuck (still am)
>suposed to meet up with older brother at park set off early to call dibs on the swing like a pro
>be walking alone in winter near dark never believed in paranormal shit so think nothing of it
> be walking down the hill past all the graves towards the trees, see figures a fair way in front. think nothing of it
> as i get closer i can hear some comotion, i decide to come off the path and jump the farm wall directly to my left keeping my head down and making my way to the bottom of the hill near the stream,
>see about 5 or 6 lads (chavs), fucking with some couple out walking there dogs.they are kicking the dogs n threatening the male guy.
> if i was a bitch i would have royally nopethed of the fucketh out. instead i devise a plan.
the plan was to, throw some stones and make loud ghostly noises in order to make them nope the fuck off.
> so i pick up this stone about the size of my fist and wizz it over the wall, i hit the dog with the stone and it starts yelping. "fuck"
> so now these lads(chavs) are like "what the fuck" and this couple is like "what the fuck"
>so me thinking that they were going to come looking for who chucked the stone decides to make loud ghostly noises, i make a loud wale like that of a goat in giving to pain and dying.
>i peer back over the wall to see the couple and the lads coming towards the wall all angry and shit. so i take off running like a chimp. my hands were literally in the air waving im not that fast so as i make it up to the top of the hill they are literally right behind me
>one lad pulls my hood
>they push me to the floor and start kicking the fuck out of me,
>and then fuck off back down to the tree line.
>a few minutes later.
> the couple walk past and the guy dude gives me a good kick in the ribs.
i left feeling stupid.
I'll often times take walks at night because well I'm usually up all night and I like doing so. I get people stopping to ask me if I need a ride way more frequently than I would of ever thought, they always usually get mildly embarrassed when I tell them I'm just taking a walk. One time some evangelicals even gave me a pamphlet about Jesus and shit.
Late ass reply but fuck I JUST found this thread:

good thread is dead
>6 years old
>Military brat
>Live off base in a rented house
>Parents doing some renovations on the place
>Go to bed early one night
>Woken up by mom a few hours later
>"Anon, we're moving. You're staying with your friend tonight. We'll explain why later."
>Parents pick me from friend's the next day
>Find out we're staying in temp lodging on base
>"Why are we here?"
>"Anon, don't worry about it."

My dad tells me years later that he and my mom were tearing up and replacing the carpet when they discovered a huge dark brown stain on the carpet padding. He called the landlord and landlord tells him "it's just some blood from the murder that happened before I even bought the house. Don't worry about it." Dad flips out on him and hangs up.

>tfw slumlord rented a house out with blood soaked carpet and never mentioned it to my parents
Go see a therapist

this sounds a lot like that old urban myth about the backseat killer but still a really chill story anon, very believable characters and high octane action
>be extremely young just started school
>live in extremely small town in Alabama
>I remember how all the adults were friendly all the time
>mom left for work early every morning so my
Older brother would take me to the bus stop around 6 30
> one day my bro was staying at my great gmas so my mom took me up there and I just waited around with 10 other kids of varying ages
>decide about 20 minutes before the bus was scheduled to show that I would just not go to school today
> bus comes and I just start walking around these govt apartments that are nearby
> some random dude is driving by and sees me walking
> I still had my backpack on and shit
> asks me if I need a rude to school
I just look at him for a second and say ya sure
>.he had one of those 90s dark green camaros
>anyway the ride to school was less than 5 minutes
> he drops me off at school and I was only an hour late so no one notified my mom or anything
> could have been brutally raped and murdered
> might have had such a traumatic experience that I'm comatose somewhere and this reality isn't real

Really though I'm lucky as fuck that guy was pretty chill.
>be 15
>Grandparents want to take me to big car show in minnesoda
>They really love cars and shit
>Built a 69 Chevy or something
>Spending the night at their house before leaving the next day
>Go to bed at like 8 because waking hella early for trip
>Sleeping in guest room
>Suddenly wake up like 5 hours later very confused around 1 or 2
>Then I realize why I woke up so abruptly
>The fucking bed is shaking by itself
>I get up to go to the bathroom thinking I just imagined it or something
>Lay back down into the bed
>Bed instantly starts shaking all around again
>I instanly noped it to the living room and turned on the tv
>Fall Asleep
>Never told anyone but still freaked out to this day
>Like the bed was literatly shaking for no reason k?
And you didn't post a pic why?
he broke the law then or at least where I live he did you have to tell if shit happened like that
that's why i added that stalking laws are miserable. i know the restraining orders don't do a damn thing, if they even bother with that much, because "well the callers aren't making threats, so..."
Shit like this is why I like the idea of living someplace where I simply don't have neighbors

Even when people aren't completely batshit, they're still petty as fuck
Nah it's the park in Hillvue. You live/d in Tamworth too?
Know the story about the chicken lady?
Well I thought it was funny anon.
No you retard, Obama and Eric 'White Chocolate' Holder actually gave them fucking machine guns. Go back to your hugbox where all the news is about the dangers of the patriarchy.
File: a0000096.jpg (18KB, 210x210px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sick comeback there m8
Obvious underage b&
I'd have went in.
I've got a pretty good one
> Be me
> At cash machine (ATM)
> Some guy behind me
> I finish, turn around
> He says 'you dropped that' and points down
> I look down, he bundles me into the wall
> Pulls out knife, 'Don't you ever fuck with me again you here'
> Shit brix
> He cuts his hand and smears blood on my face
> Calmly walks away
> Live in shitty apartments
> One next door is abandoned
> In my room one day, accidentley bump into the wall
> Find a loose brick, can see into the other apartment
> Find out later that the guy who lived there stalked and tried to rape the girl who lived in our apartment.
>be me, know self
>other people's response: :DDD denial
>sarcastically entertain their denial
>they take their denial a step further
>am eventually faced with the unchangeablity of the fact they were wrong
>ok, why was everyone playing with my head like that when I was a teenager anyways?

can has edgyteen was not kidding edition?
Yeah hold on, let's keep the thread up while anon trawls the fucking local library archives and contacts retired members of a probably defunct press company.
I saved this one back in the day, for some reason I'm laughing like a retard when reading it everytime
I'm laughing so hard at that post
hee hee hee
Is your name Ash Ketchum?
We are everywhere anon. It's not ghouls under your bed it's a pol/ack listening to you fap.
Hey aunty, I've always wanted to say this but have been too embarrassed, would you like to lez out sometime? Just us girls hanging out eating crazy pussy.
Ah, the ol' reddit switcharoo!
>green-texts the word clip in response to a post that, given what little context we had, could have actually been referring to a clip and not a magazine
I've told this story on /x/ before but hey fuck it I'll contrabutt
>older brother dies at a month old due to SIDS
For the sake of convenience let's call him Steve
>Steve's death fucked up my parents beyond belief
>parents convinced they wouldn't be able to have a child
>mother suffered much MUCH worse than father
>year later I was born
>skip ahead 18 years to 2010
>mother and dad now separated
>mother gives me the master bedroom
>says there's too many memories attached
>start totally renovating the room
>invite some art major friends from school to paint shit all over the walls
>apply some kind of paint thinning (I think?) stuff to peel walls and give them a clean canvas
>as the paint starts peeling we notice something written underneath the paint
>below the paint the walls are covered in messages written in dark ink or something
>artfags visibly shocked
>start pouring out of my room
>me and gf start painting over the walls in a solid color
>gf crying her eyes out the entire time

If it adds anything, my mother is a sever manic depressive, bipolar, schizo-effective alcoholic.

And to add to that my older sister has mentioned that Steve's death was due to mother suffocating him while my dad was on a business trip.
You plonker Rodney.
>Be years ago at friends house with a group of 3 friends, and my brother
>4am, no idea what we're fucking talking about anymore
>Go onto Adult Swim, Xavier's Renegade Angels: Damnesia Vu
>Watch the whole thing because we're fucking stupid
>Episode ends, pussyfriend turns to me "That's fucked up"
>Large "FWOOMP", power goes out for 2 seconds, comes back on, burglar alarm goes off.
>Everybody fucking panics, I punch brother in the jaw (later said it was an accident)
>Don't sleep the rest of the night.

Seriously, that show fucked with my head.
When I was about 15, I went to hang out with my friend at his dad's house. At one point, he was playing a game, and I was watching. His dad and little sister started tickling my feet. I don't know why I didn't think it was too strange at the time, but looking back, it really was weird. His dad didn't do anything else like that and seemed normal.
My bonezone has been activated.
Point taken. I'm not on /x/ often enough to know what the overlap is beyond innawoods skinwalker shit.

So, I'll apologize. Anon who made this post >>14889263 I'm sorry.
May or may not have been paranormal.

>be me age 16
>working in dog kennel.
>get left there after hours to feed the dogs.
>finish putting the dogs up.
>they are all still wild, hyped up, and making tons of noise.
>totally normal until they settle in for the night
>be getting food ready
>my back is turned to all the dogs, none of them pay any real attention to me
>hear a voice, or think I do.
>"Hello? Is that you Boss?"
>thought my boss had come back to check on things
>go into back room.
>one dog is loose wandering around
>"I swear I put you up just a second ago..."
>let him walk around with me while i finish getting food out
>suddenly, back door that i left open slams shut
>hear a wooosh noise
>power goes out
>dogs are dead silent.
>I turn around
>all of them. Every single one is staring at me
>look down
>dog who got loose is starting at me.
>I even clap, and try to get their attention
>they just follow me with their eyes
>set food out.
>nope the fuck out of there in the dark
>back in the day
>2 days ago
Damn it, summer.
How stupid can you be
He might be stupid but Fri 07 Mar 2014 hardly counts as "back in the day," retard.
>I know better than to accept shit from strangers by now
>tfw I tried giving away a shitty girls necklace that my son got out of the machine at Walmart
>tfw the first lady I ask, her daughter says no rudely, like it wasn't good enough for her
>dude and his daughter accept it and say thank you
>3/4 pack
Psh, get on my level- 3-5 a day.
>Not going in
You don't have to live in a crime filled place to be smart about your property. Who knows what kind of people are walking passed/by your vehicle. They might see something they take interest in and if you're dumb enough to think 'oh me oh my everybody is so good!', and leave your car unlocked, then you deserve it.

But honestly, how long have you been here? A couple of months? Moot just started all of this settings crap about a year ago. Still not 'back in the day'.
> be young, around 10
> riding my bike to a factory by my house
> I'm in the parking lot doing bunnyhops and shit when I see a car coming towards me down the way
> I begin riding back towards my house through this little alley way
> I slow down and look behind me and there's that same car stopped
> two people in the car looking at me through the passengers window, but they had fucking masks on, one looked like a skull mask, I can't remember the other one but it was red with black around the eyes
> my eyes widen and I book out of there
> I hear the tires squeel and they're burning out, theyre looping around the alley way to meet me on the other end, car is going sonic fast
> my house is to the right of the alley way so I'm pedaling as fast as possible
> i skid my bike on the gravel under my dads u-haul
> hear the car speeding down my road
> I book inside and leave my bike under the truck

it could have been assholes trying to scare me but it spooked me out for days.
It was a day.
And it was back then.
I fail to see the problem.
What the fuck are you typing about?
File: IMG0012A.jpg (66KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not sure what my creepiest non-paranormal moment was, but it almost certainly took place in the menal hospital. There were a few really, really creepy people there.
Don't live there no more
(polite sage)
File: skulltula.jpg (276KB, 1278x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276KB, 1278x720px
Yeah, all of these with old people are just people with Alzheimer's. It's actually sort of sad that everyone is running away from them instead of helping them.
ayyyy lmao. great story
Wow your mom's a murderer and you're lucky she didn't murder you after you were born too.
>About a week ago.
>Rest of the family is heading out to go shopping, yet I've vouched to chill at home.
>Sister jokes with me saying, "I don't know. You might not be safe." I'm in my twenties.
>While they're gone, I have to get a few things out of my car.
>Step out to my driveway to get things from car.
>White van passes by at the corner of my eye.
>A face peeks out of the window and screams a horrible, ghastly scream with the intent to scare.
>I assume the chick is joking around, so I fake a smile and not act scared.
>Grab item.
>Lock car.
>Notice white van coming the opposite direction.
>Walk into the house before they can even address me.
>Lock every door in the house, terrified.
Are you literally retarded? People usually pay for blowjobs, you're having one paid and you have doubts?
>Does obviously retarded thing
>"Lel I'm so brave xDD girl power"
First female edgelord I've met here.
>what are idioms

>in friend's room
>late, probably around 3am
>watching adult swim
>The Drinky Crow Show came on
>humming along to theme song
>tv turns to static and is super loud
>the fuck
>stay up all night in the living room
>not everyone

but you're aware there are some, and it's a random roll of the dice. so the more you do it, the more likely you'll catch a bad one.

girl, first bad thing that happens to you will be the last.

just sayin.
So what were the SUVs doing and why is it normal? Britbong here, I don't know much about Mexico. Were they gangsters? Corrupt cops?

Oh man, I have a weird crazy neighbor story.

I was living in a small apartment complex, and my bro lived in the unit beside mine. On the other side of his apartment lived this fucked up guy. His name was Preston, and he was really skinny and hairy, and he always looked dirty and drunk. One night, my bro started banging on my door like, "hey, I need you over here.. something's wrong!" I go over there and his floor is flooding through the wall. The water was coming from Preston's apartment. We both walk over to Preston's door and ask him if everything's okay. He's nearly deaf, so he acts like he can't understand us. He was obviously extremely drunk, too. We told him that his water leak is ruining my bro's furniture and shit, and he needs to fucking make it stop. All Preston said was, "I'll get to it in the morning. Don't worry."

We called the landlord who called the water company to come turn the water off. The landlord went in and discovered that Preston's toilet was so fucking crammed with shitty toilet paper that his toilet was backing up and flooding everything. Shit everywhere. Heh. Don't worry, Preston will get to it in the goddamn morning.... fuck that guy.
Drug Cartels, man. they use you as drug mules threating to kill you or your family if you dont or kidnappings for prostitution and human trafficking.
I don't get why you would be that freaked out by this that you just up and move. I live in a house where someone blew their head off with a shotgun, it's not like it makes any difference.
Hi David!
shut the fuck up
How is that statement even edgy
Stop using that word anon, you know not it's meaning
I like your shoes
Dude... Your aunt was watching you fap.
I helped some guy with a blown tire. It was all fine until I dropped him off and he tried to make out with me.

Astoundingly, I had gotten in a car with a black guy and nothing happened. He let me sleep at his place for the night and drove me to my grandmothers the next day. My family and I were flabbergasted. We're not really racist, but ya know..

I always have a need to help people, but since then, I'm alright, no thanks. It's sad that a small minority of people mees it up for everyone,
Why would you shoot your dog?
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