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>use ouija board >"Are there any entities or spirits

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>use ouija board
>"Are there any entities or spirits that would like to have a conversation with us?"
>"Can you tell us your name?"
>"Can you tell us when you were born?"
>"You're a funny guy, you must have been well liked, huh? What a prankster!"
>no, I was lonely
>"Why were you lonely? When did you die?"
>abortion at 4 months
>"How long have you been dead?"
>10 days
>"What can you do as a spirit?"
Ouija boards aren't real, right?

It proceeded to tell me Jesus and God was real, referring to God as "source" and a "stream of consciousness most humans block". It also told me aliens live in a base underneath Earth's moon, but they're in treaty with the US and China wants to kill them.
China probably wants to eat the space aliens...
how many people were using the board?
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Also, I asked how to acquire otherworldly abilities..
>astral projection
And how many dimensions exist..
>infinite, but 11 known to man
Is there a heaven?
And how to protect ourselves from aliens..
Enjoy the reading faggot.
2 people, just my bro and I.
Get a third person. You and your bro blindfold yourselves this time and have the third watch the two of you. You'll find out that once the two of you can't see the board, you won't actually be spelling anything out. You'll just be landing on random spots.
I've heard of the ideomotor effect, but it's not possible to use it as an actual way to communicate with the dead?
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There's no such way and people who supposedly have are probably either lying or using wishful thinking.

Fuck. All of those answers are in line with my beliefs and conclusions from my own research. Thats crazy. You have a helpful spirit on your hands
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Spirits don't exist.
Have you been one?
not a bad idea. just make sure that third person isn't influencing the movement.
dead human souls that actively communicate with the living go straight to hell (with exceptions)
If anything does talk back, it ain't human, and likely isn't friendly.
It also told me religion does not matter, you'll end up in a spirit world when you die, unless you're evil like a demon.
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No I don't believe in the supernatural. Come here to bait, shitpost and disprove crazy shit here often.
>Implying if an afterlife existed spirits would waste their time talking to strangers
no reincarnation?
Wow, what a wonderful life you have.
Oh, when I asked..

>"Do you have a chance to become human again?"
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sure is m8.
why would they talk to strangers? they'd tell the friends and family that theres an afterlife.
Not everyones a social pariah, anon. Thats why you're alone this friday night.
>4 months in the womb
>10 days dead
>Has a solid grasp on the English language

OP, fucking think about the situation you're in before you freak out.
ask him when will the world end
It's Saturday man.
It said it learned the English language when it died. As a part of the "light" when you die, it's all a huge form of knowledge being granted.

>"What is man's purpose?"
>to give source experience
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Ask it if it is lying about being a spirit.
Show the aborted foetus ghost the "baby fuck" manga and ask it what it thinks about that.
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>use an ouija board
>"Are there any ghosts here?"
And you're on a board about something you don't believe in, at whatever time it is wherever you are.
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Sometimes, if I'm not a work or playing games. Feels good man.
Its true dude. All of this lines up with my observations. We're in 3rd dimension right now. die and u go to 4th dimension (astral plane) unles you wanna reincarnate, youll stay in 4d. This spirit doesnt lie
Keep asking it important questions. All its answers have been right so far.
Wuts this 'Murica ba shit?
An amendment to this method is for people who have unconsciously memorized the board's layout: Spin the board around, 160.
>merkaba was created by source
When I said "thank you" the board went directly to "goodbye".
It is? I feel like I owe something to religion now, even though it told me it doesn't matter.

>"So.. if religion isn't necessary.. humans just worry too much?"
>"But the bible provides a good set of morals for us, doesn't it?"
>it is what you take it as
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Here's more if you wanted to know.

>"Does God have a name I can refer to him as?"
>source goes by all names
>"What created source?"
>another source
>"That doesn't make sense to me, there's an infinite number of sources?"
>stream created source
Ask it if it was a white baby or a black baby. This is important. If it says it was a chinese baby then disconnect immediately. Asians don't have souls.
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What are you even doing on /x/?
>ouija boards

Fuck no, never again.

I was at a bonfire a year ago and a buddy of mine had that shit so I decided to play,

>Am I going to hell?

Lol guise this thing is so stupid lol.

A minute later my nose started to bleed, everyone was tweaking out hard because we were all stoned.

Fuck those things, never again
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No they do, pic related.
Simulation theory confirmed.

Holy shit at the captcha

Lord nflund

Lord is in a dark gray background... Google knows...
steam* created cs source, which then spawned another source (global offensive). this is just a motherfucking game.
I knew it all along. Gabe Newell is god...
Op can you ask the baby how to astral projection?
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because an aborted fetus is just oozing with knowledge
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When I asked it said.

I asked about God a little more too.
>"Is he omniscent?"
>he is everywhere
>"Does he know all the answers?"
That's why "source created man for experience", I'm guessing.

Keep in mind this board session was last night, I don't have contact with it anymore.
lol ouija boards are fake
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And a once over on aliens..

>"Are they trying to harm us?"
>if they can find you
>"Are they inside the moon right now?"
>"Do they travel using vehicles?"
>with their minds
>"How do they travel?"
>"What do they look like in appearance?"
What does that have to do with a Ouji Board and not your being stoned?
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>"Do they breathe oxygen?"
>"Is that why they're living on the moon?"
I'm not saying this is 100%, but would the US government ever tell us about alien life if they found it? Of course not, people would go mad.
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I keep forgetting extra details.

>"How tall are they?"
>7 ft
Guess what this matches up with?

Tall white aliens, the Charles Hall shit.
There is some serious truth being spit in this thread.
Just like this anon said that spirit you talked to op is confirming everything I've come to learn about the universe from the research I've done and my own personal experiences. It's so in line it's almost scary.
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I really hope you guys aren't fucking with me right now.

I wish I had asked more.
Not them but I've researched, read articles, read and heard people's experiences, government leaks, all that crap and well, you take it upon yourself to believe it or not.
Well, I'm not going to trust anything the government tells us, their only concern is themselves.

I'll trust the afterlife before the government any day.
I'm definitely not fucking with you. Don't worry you heard what you needed to hear from that spirit. If you wish to go further down the rabbit hole indeed learn how to astral project. The answers are there if you seek them. Do what thou wilt.
I believe.

I don't think I want to be atheist anymore.
I was the same way not too long ago. An atheist who believed nothing beyond my 5 senses existed. I was fortunately led down a path and came to learn that nothing could be further from truth. It's scary at first when you're awakened, but when you start to figure things out you'll find there is nothing to fear.

It's not usual for spirits to reveal that much information that fast. Unless that entity believed you are capable of having an open mind or saw something else special about you. Or you could just be fucking with us. But something tells me you're not. Best of luck to you in your search.
I'm not, I swear on my life this all happened last night with my brother. I used to be very interested in this sort of stuff, I guess I stopped when I started using 4chan.

Do you know of any solid methods to begin astral projecting? Whenever I tried I was never successful at it.
i've never hurt or wanted to hurt an animal, i don't see how you could. but I do have urges to do horrible things, mostly to myself though. for example i'm terrified of riding my bike because i live by a lot of steep cliffs and i'm always so tempted to just ride off of them without thinking about what happens next. would never kill myself in reality, only think about it. i care to much about my loved ones to ever kill myself.
wrong thread
changed my mind im pulling the trigger
too retarded to live
Don't do it, man.
Haha I believe you.

There are no "solid" methods or set rules to astral projection. You have to figure out what works best for you. That being said I can tell you what works for me and you can experiment with that.

I use a breathing meditation where I begin by completely focusing on my breath. Oh and it's best to lie down on you're back and get as comfortable as you can.

Start by breathing in and out in a rhythm. I use the 4 count method(breathe in while counting to 4 and then out counting to 4). It doesn't matter how fast or slow you do this or what you count to. Just get into a rhythm. You want to let go of any lingering or wandering thoughts. So focusing on breathing helps with this. Sometimes when I have a lot of things going on in my mind I like to pick a single point on the inside of my eyelids and imagine all those thoughts being sucked away into this singularity. Sounds silly I know but it works for me.

Remember, it's perfectly ok for your mind to wander, if it does just gently bring it back to your breathing. Continue doing this for awhile and you will get into a trance like state where your rhythmic breathing will just happen without you even thinking about it.

Learning patience is key. It's going to take a lot of practice and at first you'll more than likely fall asleep. You know when you're getting close when you feel your body start to vibrate. Kind of like when your foot falls asleep.

Don't get too excited and let this feeling just take over. Eventually youll feel like your body is floating off the bed. Or you can "pull" yourself out of your body. Congratulations you're now in the astral.

At first you're probably not going to get very far or be able to stay very long. Just keep at it and you'll become more proficient just like anything else. Again it's a very subjective experience and this might not work for you, so experiment and look around the web for other techniques. Good luck.
sounds more like summerfaggotry than anything.
even the spirit got annoyed with your stupid questions and it kept blowing you off.
>underage summerfaget
u saved me
>us gov working with aliens who live in the moon
Sounds like you should get back on your meds, op.
that's pretty smart
How can I return to my body? thats my main worry
and just a question: what is the difference between Awake dreams and astral? Cause I had 2 times some serious shit with dreams (one involving being completely dead and feeling all the pain like real life and the other with my dead grandma "ascending" to heaven)
lol get a load of this guy. how the fuck would a fucking fetus know its numbers eh? do they have schools in your moms vagainae?
All you have to do is think it. If you try to astral project while there's any feelings of fear it's not going to work. Don't worry you can't be disconnected from your body.

Some people say there is no difference and that astral projection is just a type of lucid dreaming. I beg to differ because when I lucid dream I can conjure up all sorts of crazy shit, mess with physics, and create worlds.

On the astral plane its way different because I can't manipulate anything. I'm just sort of there to observe. And the world looks pretty much exactly how it does in the physical world, except there are beings there that you wouldn't regularly see.

In dreams I can feel pain, in the astral I can't. But I'm really not an expert and haven't traveled very far or encountered anything "bad" yet. Just entities that don't want anything to do with me.

It sounds like those 2 experiences were dreams because I've had dreams of being dead and feeling all the pain too. As for the one with your grandma I can't really say.
Certainly not. I learned to Astral Project and I learned the same. The purpose of life and the reason that anything was created was so that Source could understand itself. The entirety of creation is alive, just as your body is composed of cells, so too are we to the universe.

Unfortunately there are those that fear the prospect of eventually rejoining Source, they want everything for themselves and are trying their hardest to ensure that mankind doesn't evolve to the next step.

They are trying to place themselves as God, with everyone not in the know worshiping them.
>Use ouija board with two friends
"Good evening, great spirits of the eternal plane. Is the ogrelord present with us, this evening?"
"Is Shrek truly the great ogrelord?"
"When is the Great Shrekening?"
>34 days

This was June 6th

Prepare yourself /x/
That really is a pretty fucking smart idea m8.
Someone should try this out.
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you leave your body when you sleep

learn to remember

work on the time you go to sleep first

pay attention for longer and longer into the darkness each night

it helps greatly if your life is very stable with few distractions

in the government halls where such things are studied nothing is on the walls and there is not music or images

i was caused to have 'cognitive aptitude' at an early age by persons directing mk conditioning programs

at the time i simply thought of the stuff i could remember as dreams that were so real that i preferred to be in them than in daily physical reality

my aptitudes and insights surpassed those who caused my inception in the matter by the early 90s ..at which time i was in open interaction with 'alien' beings

i no longer post as often partly because work takes my time and partly because i can hardly deal with the massive gap that exists between what i consider normal and established and the established norms that are guiding a majority of the people in the generally population

i would literally chose physical destruction over a life as poorly informed as the pathetic common beings who live with such an impoverished knowledge base

i could no more live without the knowledge that i consider normal that you could without food

perhaps it was my genuine hunger for knowledge that caused me to find the many answers that i have in my life

i personally recall previous lives..

i know of many subjects that are major underpinning aspects of depths not commonly known among men

know what really helps when you are trying to get out of your body? ..when someone comes to you not wearing their flesh and pulls you right straight out

for me it was a girl i knew.. looked to me like her body was covered in blond hair curls almost like a canine but longer curls like a human

i was sitting.. quietly.. alone in my house
awake about 11 hours longer than usual

she was upbeat and swift ..grabbed me and said 'come on' or something to that effect
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yea always three on a board..
i never did it any other way

i am not one to take other peoples truth as fact until i can see it in relation to my own personal collection of perceptual data

breaking the signal when you are in contact with a departed loved one does result in their presence having an unnatural connection to the physical here and now tangible reality
to such extent that their residual form ethereal presence can be seen ..by those who are able to perceive
File: 1366176376712s.jpg (2KB, 125x69px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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chalk the typos up to the fact that i am about four beers into the evening
be that as it may.. i am the real deal
though i may be half hearted about a conversation on the matter i can do what i referred to; come to you and snatch you out.. but it will do little to change your stage of personal development; that is something you must work on on your own

if you are not developed enough to realize that your 'mind images' are real then your brain would either not make memory of the events or you would dismiss the memory as 'unreal'

there is no need to try to send or receive signal

the light of the consciousness is everything
there is not anything hidden.. though there are those who seek frequency by which to hide things
although the mind and the ground divides
in the connected pool, they will never find what they seek
Well put. So, you are at the stage of development where you can project at will?
this sounds like an awesome reality
Sure is samefag in here...
>"source created man for experience"

Hidden hand interview was right! We are all pieces of God living life so he can experience itself.

nah.. i am far into the stage where i bury it all away so i can deal with other humans and earthly matters
but the depths are never far away
i use a deep knowledge of nonphysical reality to keep my physical reality in check
i watch physical reality 'pattern out' and unfold into forms that are known to me

for many years i kept a collection of 'images'
i watched for years as the things i had seen came to pass

i am so immersed in work at the moment that i dont keep the same connection with the non physical images sources.. but even prior to and as i entered this job my knowledge of the physical location came from non physical sources

even as i worked this job for the last few years i have watched the images 'pattern out' from scenes that i knew and documented from as far back as the mid 1990s

i have a glimpse of a base image that will be the root of the form when i will exit this place of employment

this is how i have lived for a long time now
though job stress and constant lack of sleep have gotten me into a state of mind where i dont resort to non physical image sources very often

hopefully that will change when i get back to a less demanding workplace
would prefer no job at all over the unhealthy corporate environment
but to be specific
in sleep i can do as indicated
i need no signal line
only the light of your mind

that which thinks of me i also think of

this has been the core of my interactions with various beings.. bodied and unbodied..
terrestrial beings and nonterrestrial
individuals and governmental presences

Sure is roleplay up in this mother tonight.

How is summer treating you?
yeah.. its still me
left off my tag
i once used a heckler like your self as a testing ground for the application of a 'deadly force' methodology

not something i plan to make a habit of

you probably think you are secure in your arrogant assumptions; that all beings are confined to your level of ignorance

when you find yourself unable to get back into that body of yours you will not be so certain
Wow get a load of this faggot. Let me guess you were also a navy seal.
How does one begin to remember in this reality? I'm afraid the more time it takes me to remember the bigger the toll will be if I continue to have experiences, thus a gap could be created which I'm afraid might be too big when I am able to remember.
I don't know what it is that is not allowing myself to remember the experiences here, usually when I go out I have dreamless nights, and often wake up ever 2 hours, and when I decide I'm done and will stay inside my body that is when I have regular dreams. So I'm at a loss, however I will attempt what you mentioned.
That happens with me too but I think it's really because I feel like I belong flying in the skies. Do you feel the same?
Are you all fucking retarded? Look up ideomotor effect

Ouija boards doesn't real
generally speaking you will not have much to work with for discerning the various types of images

pay attention to the light.. the illumination of the image

your brain is partly responsible for formation of those images and the way it goes about it has to do with neurons and literally light
some of that light is produced within your physical brain

watch the video here >>14768728

there are various forms of this light
to be specific there are also various 'speeds' of light
once you can discern them you will have a means of appraising the images you have collected in your mind

if you get to working with what the director of the army 'stargate' program called 'synchronicities' then write stuff down
(this is what i was doing in 92)
having the stuff written down is great for your development
go in the day and write the events down and examine the differences
there are 'shades' and 'beings'
you will have to learn the difference before you will get very far
like a hall of mirrors you must rule out illusion.. shades are real only unto themselves and beings are as real as you

given time beings will come to you and open many doors you do not yet imagine exist.. much less expect to find what you will come to know

all things in good time
A question about astralb projection.

Are "we" in any danger in that realm? Especially if one is new to the experience? Can more advanced or malevolent entities such as aliens or negative energies harm or attach themselves to you?

Thanks, and here I thought I was the only one having random images pop into my closed eyed vision, and once during a "breathing energy" visualization a very vivid image like never before appeared, it had colors and everything, however all of these basically "pop" into existance, they go as fast as they come.

I'm not very "inexperienced" "out" there, I just have trouble remembering here, thanks for the motivation.
in a manner of speaking.. you are not in any more danger there than you are here

that said.. there is danger

most of it is in similar form to that found here; you can avoid it with basic knowledge

most of the energy you are experiencing is not directly attaching itself to you
your interactions are affecting many people around you.. on a scale you can scarcely comprehend you are contacting a massive ordered set of other earthly consciousnesses and it is they who are enduring the effects of your ethereal actions

interact with societies that have a foundation in 'dream' reality such as native american or asian and you will see what i am referring to for yourself
>implying if humans existed they would bait, shitpost and troll a washed up channel on an even more washed up imageboard when they have the entire world to explore with mars as a limit currently.
the real dangers are few and far between but you will know them when you have found them

try to figure out how to get back into your body after a sioux family get together sometime and tell me you dont think its an issue
i was all sliding up against my body but sliding back off of it or sliding past it
the posibility that i would not be able to get back in the thing was very real

not the only time i have seen such as that but was the most clearly real and hazardous

Soo can I like accidentally float "into the wrong neighborhood" out of naivety and get hurt or go mad? Will I be able to recognize negative or evil things at face value or are things vague or deceptive?

Does God, the Monad, the source or what have you grant individuals any kind of protection?

Do demons exist out there?
mars is hardly a limit
i have seen one intergalactic species and one species from the core of this galaxy through my efforts

prior seeing the extensive documentation established by government trained psychics i had also gathered the same information about mars as indicated in this book; http://www.mceagle.com/remote-viewing/pub/mindtrek/

your problem is you think everyone is trapped in your little bubble of ignorance with you

the shiny reflective surface of your private little bubble is all about you
>has a soul
>spirits don't exist
cake toppings
>really believing everything the government tells him
damn son
everything.. and i mean everything.. has a rational explanation

be careful to be accurate with words or you may as well subscribe to fiction as truth

the latin origin of the word demon is 'de' as in 'down from' and 'mon' as in 'showing'
admonish = toward showing

et cetera

you maybe get the idea

if you were walking in the marketplace in pompeii or rome and the young slave you just bought saw a 6 foot 9 inch tall red headed freak with pop eyes and buck teeth he would probably yell 'monstro monstro!!' to you with a meaning along the lines of 'look look.. i show' i show'

so as you backtrack the words you use through history try to figure out who applied the mythos ..who lost the true meaning and left their descendants to guess

the concepts that you adhere to with such word usages are so recently created they are hardly worth the time wasted on them

best to comprehend language at its roots and to get to the bottom of all things

check out the theban recension version of Psalms 23 that appears in this book [pic related]
even at the time this version was printed people had forgotten that the first four lines were postal code 1800 years prior
appears as 'ruberic 72'
i always think it is a bit comical when people recite this at funerals

it is in my view just shy of swearing an oath to ignorance and ineptitude
if they had the skills to do research that was assisted with basic 'extra sensory' cognitive aptitudes they would not be trapped in such futile ignorance
>Sometimes when I have a lot of things going on in my mind I like to pick a single point on the inside of my eyelids and imagine all those thoughts being sucked away into this singularity. Sounds silly I know but it works for me.

Thats a good way to put it. I try to imagine a wall of switches ( like the big Frankenstein style electrical switches) each one is connected to a light, and under those lights are all the things on my mind. Work, people, everything. Just throw the switches one by one
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