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Can we get a thread going about exploring, in any form, such

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Can we get a thread going about exploring, in any form, such as caves, tunnels, buildings, etc etc. I remember a long time ago someone posted a website with a bunch of submissions about such, the creepier and /x/ related the better, if nothing else you can green text it. I've always been fascinated with these types of things. I can post a few stories, but mine are pretty meh to be honest. Feel free to contribute pictures too! Thanks guys
> Be me growing up in the middle of no where in the sticks of Michigan.
> Obviously not much to do but be outside. Family and friends loved to hunt and we owned a lot of land.
> at least twice a year we'd go to our cottage up north a bit, only neighbors were retired people, and maybe some yuppers that also owned cottages.
> Be really late at night, with my best friends just walking around got done playing at the little park they had, decide to take long way back and go passed this fence we had
> see a old building and sooo many old cars and such
> decide lolok lets go explore, we dont have flashlights, no cellphones or anything but our cd players.
> get inside cant really see anything but we spot a fridge, open it up and theres jarred fruits and shit.
> grab em and start throwing em at cars, bad idea because it smelled soo bad and it was all over our hands. decide to go inside more and see if we can get to the highest level.
> crashing around finally get to the top, start hearing really weird sounds and stuff moving around us, we're a wee bit scared considering we have nothing with us and we're kinda blind in the darkness.
> suddenly a bear starts making its way towards the broken glasses and fruit we threw earlier which also happened to be by the entrance
> eventually it leaves, we figure we better head back.
> get lost trying to navigate through the house nd shit, ended up in maybe a really big room or something no freaking idea because inside its pitch black.
You know when its really dark and you lose sense of site, but your hearing ability increases?
>anyway were using our hands to guide ourselves against the walls when my buddy kinda shudder, ask him whats up hes like bro feels this.. i make my way closer to him stumbling about and trip over a bucket filled with something god awful, i get up, he grab my hand and puts it on what he wants me to feel, literally felt like flesh or something, I freak out and a million things run through my head most
> mostly wondering why the fucking he made me touch it, also wishing we never came here.
> we keep moving then we start hearing something creeping around so we stop
> sorta see an entrance or something of the sort because light is shining through it.
> we stop hearing noises so we carefully walk over to the light,
> both of us stop dead in our tracks after the sound we hear, it was a bobcat making that awful call it does that sends goosebumps and cold sweats through your whole body.
> of course can't see this mother fucker but it has to be close must be what we heard walking around maybe who knows.
> after maybe 20 minutes we start walking out and try our best to get back around to the path back to the cottage, we look around and try to remember where this place was so we can check it out in daylight and bring flashlights.
> as we look around we see a shape in the dark moving by the cars, instascarymode
> we both look at eachother and book it back down the path
> idk how long exactly it took but we finally got back to the cottage just when my parents were pulling in
> they asked why we were out so late, that it was very dangerous to go out during the night because of bears, we're like yeah sorry. but dont tell them anything else.
> Stay up pretty late talking about it but know we def wanna go back
> eventually daylight comes tell parents yadda yadda we're going to the park cyaaaaa
> armed with flashlights and knives we try out best to get back to that place
> eventually after maybe 45min we find it, we look for tracks see the bear tracks then where the path was there was the bobcat tracks.
> we both think about how lucky we were to be alive.
> completely forgot about the figure moving by the vehicles the night before
> enter building with the flashlights and we start looking around a bit.
> eventually find that room, turns out it was sorta in the basement not sure how we ended down there.
> look down on ground see there was like a red paint, or blood, who fucking knows, all over the ground where i tripped over, see my shoe marks, but i also see someone else prints, my friend said it wasnt his, and it would make sense considering these were going farther into the room.
> dawns on us about the thing we felt that was fleshy feeling, we start searching around for anything that could feel like that.
> don't see anything so we're realllyyy scared at this point. decide to follow those other prints and they sorta lead to another staircase going deeper down, but it stopped leaving a mark.
> decide well lets go, go down there, and it looks like someone was sorta living there, there was food out like some cans etc and a makeshift bed and pretty cool looking chair that looks like it was made of bone and sticks.
> decide maybe we should go but as were leaving we hear some crackling outside, we get really big eyed and stair at eachother, then book it up stairs to the roof again. once up there my friend grabs me and throws me down
> i knew exactly why but he covered my mouth anyway, we hear footsteps thudding down the steps into the basement below.
> instead of going back down we figure its better to jump off, it wasnt TOO high so did that parkour looking shit legend of zelda style
> once we land we hightail it to the park. we start playing around on the swing set thinking how fucking scary that shit was and wondering what kinda person would want to live there exposed.
> then we start wondering about what we felt that was fleshy last night, still no fucking ideas.
> decide to go back to the cottage where we stayed the rest of the trip playing crash bandicoot racing and tekken
File: 20130420_173349.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px)
1MB, 3264x2448px
Ok now here's a more recent sort, this was just before I joined the military. Not creepy, this is going more of the urban exploring (being places maybe you shouldn't be.
> Parents take me and a buddy to chicago for a birthday present. Not overly excited, but oh well. we were staying at one of the highest floors of the trump hotel which btw was like a freaking maze in itself.
> finally get to bottom floor start walkin the streets nd shit, went to buy some more dip for us. We see like a sweet ass looking building with a bunch of people outside it taking pictures. Wonder what's so interesting.
> There's a publicly open building by it, and notice the roofs are sort of connect.
> Get inside said building, literally not a person in site, or ANYTHING for that matter really, except occasional guards walking by the front entrance.
> naturally we snag as many pics as possible here and there. Lots of interesting stuff as it turns out. by that I mean tons of locked doors with fancy writing on them and stuff. Still no clue what we doing or where we were. Have to hide from guards time to time which always seemed to just be on the first floor so it wasn't to hard to avoid.
> Basically after snagging some pics and looking around we eventually left.
Pic Related, thank god for cameras
Is anyone even lurking in this thread or am I wasting my time..? I have more stories and pictures to go with them.
I actually like it
YAY. well if there's at least one person I'll continue

I'll just leave this open, yep
File: 20130404_095140.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)
2MB, 3264x2448px
Right after highschool graduation, my friend and I wanted to take a little road trip around the thumb of Michigan just to have a little more bro time before we parted ways and began our lives.
> Everything from beginning to end was normal as hell. Michigan is such a unique state, where we were driving, it was nothing but farmland, flat as hell, and windmills, hardly any people, we finally hit the very top of the thumb, and we stopped to grab a bite.
> Literally this was a cliche of every small town small diner waitress ever. She was a cute girl, 8/10, small town, but big city dreams. I'm sure you can picture it.
> If you ever listened to country music, you'd really get a feeling for everything they're talking about when on a trip like this.
> Met a retired vet in the diner that was in the same career field I was going into. Did some small talk and we departed.
> I have a special 2006 mustang that me and my friends built. Everyone was eying it up and people would slow down and stare, kinda creepy.
> Driving and we decide we want to go swimming, we get towards the beach, but there's like no sand, only rocks, massive massive rocks.
> Upon approaching we notice we can actually fit inside these things.
> My friend wants to go first but wants me to use my smartphone that has the flash or whatever to record and provide light, he goes in, we see theres a little water from the waves crashing against them.
> This shit was really cool because it was like a huge ass tunnel we could crawl through and not that many tight spaces and the light from the sun was soo bright it seemed no matter how deep we went we could still see the entrance.
> Going deep we see light coming from other spots too. We must've been crawling through there for a good half hour, till my friend (who is diabetic) seemed to be going into one of those fits where he needs sugar. I grab a kingsize candy par from my backpack and we rest a bit, my phones almost dead from recording and stuff.

Carry on, sir
File: 20130404_095108.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)
2MB, 3264x2448px
> Suddenly our asses feel really wet, I had a flashlight in my backpack, took it out and looked around, seems like where we were was getting flooded.
> Suddenly realized this was a horrible idea and we might die, but the waves didn't look too bad when we got there.
> Start crawling and the water starts raising pretty quick, so like on our hands and knees the water is up to our elbows, you can imagine the scare.
> Like I said before seen tons of light coming from different cracks in the rocks so it's hard to tell which is a way out, especially when panicking.
> Eventually we make it out, but we have no clue where we were exactly.
> Start walking find the small town and think wtf.
> Walk back the same road we took to the beach and see there's people by my car, like a lot of small town punk skaters and stuff.
> Say hey whats up, they reply damn bro is this your ride, I'm like yeah.
> They stare at us now, why are you guys wet where'd you come from? tell them we went in those rocks over yonder. They get interested and they start going in the caves and exploring.
> MFW i forgot to tell them it was flooding. But it's ok because we were in the middle of no where and there was like 12 of them, and I was a bit concerned of getting robbed, considering we had nothing to defend ourselves against them and they had skateboards and god knows what else.
Was a pretty fun experience over all though!
This ones pretty good IMO I'm sorry I'm not very good at telling stories, especially greentext, and I dont have any pictures to prove this story so it kind of sucks.
> Be with both friends, (only have 2) and we had always drove past this really crazy looking place that seriously looked like ruins in an amazon place. As in stone building, overtaken by growth. It was off a ways in the forest on a road we took to go see a theater.
> Be a good 30min drive, we get everything we think we'd need for exploring especially snacks and such for diabetic friend. Both of my friends wear really nice shoes to go do this, no clue why but ok.
> Arrive on scene find a place to park car about back 2,000FT from said ruins.
> can only imagine we look like hitchhikers walking down the road lookin like this. Reach building, just as we suspected really no way in, can tell this building is really old, because fairly large trees all around it and building falling apart.
> We climb a tree to hop over and get inside this place, once inside it was pretty cool. Like one of those buildings you go in on fallout, pretty bare looking except an old range, some cruddy hardwood floor with plants growing out.
> Place was pretty small but we expected that and just wanted to check it out.
> typical small house for the most part, for being around there, all rooms look pretty much the same but you can tell one was a dining/ kitchen obviously, and things that look liked bedrooms.
> pry open one of the old doors that had rusty hinges, and the walls beyond it were broken. Felt kinda shitty wasting all this time for nothing, but we spotted like a cellar (sp) entrance, thought hell yeah might be some sweet ass old stuff we can take!
> Get down inside, typical creepymovie shit happens as in stair case wood breaks, nothing too bad though no one got hurt. Then we seen something that all made our jaws drop
> There was like a SHTF or bomb shelter thing right in front of us, it took us soooo long maybe 3 hours trying to open that shit up, and we had to take a bunch of breaks so friend could get his sugar up and shit.
> Once we opened the door, I can't describe what really happened next.
> Like stale air smacks us in the face and i basically dropped because i was right at the entrance when it opened. It like robbed me of air. We all collect ourselves, figure this shit is really dangerous so we put respirators on, and go inside
> It was surprisingly huge, with lots of stuff just laying around all in somewhat perfect condition, If I had to take a stab in the dark I'd say it was built maybe right before WW1 Just based on some items we found inside. There wasnt anything really that we wanted to take because it seems like when we touched stuff it would sorta degrade and break for some odd ass reason.
> My buddy found some cool ass what seemed to be SHTF equipment from back in the day, which I'm not sure if he still has it, but what we ALSO found was literally $30,000 worth of copper, it wasnt in the BEST condition, but we took it to the scrapyard, got the money and split it, then went to the mall to the store to buy some candy snacks, and dip.
overall pretty cool experience really wished I woulda bagged some stuff and took pictures.

It's good. Maybe it's not super ultra impressive, but that in a way makes it better because it also means you're not bullshitting

I wish I had such stories, but so far I've been in a city all my life
Well, there's lots of stuff to do in a city too, like exploring, if you have the balls to do it, because normally people will see you and might call the cops etc etc. Hahah n"not super ultra impressive" but yeah, I was hoping some people would join in and tell creepy stories about this stuff and really cool exploring. It's just living in the middle of nowhere I was pretty limited on things to explore besides the woods, which I have a billion stories about that obviously.. Since ive joined the military I've gotten a lot of creepy stories especially when I was in my tech school down in texas. Some really spooky shit. And even here where i'm stationed which is in the middle of nowhere I've seen some weird shit and stumbled upon crazy buildings.

Yeah, that's the thing. If I tried exploring here, I'd either find cops or squatters.

I mean, I've been around a lot, in the night too. There's crazy stories to be had, but they're not /x/ style.
I know there's someone that prolly passed in this page that had great stories but didn't want to tell..
Like honestly IDEC if they make it up, as long as they're a good story teller and make it believable. I especially love the people that do this shit as like their life, and take tons of photos and can write PAGES of stories.
Screw it, well I'll post the most /x/ related story I have of all time, but even then, it's still not that scary or good.
> Be me and friend, around 15. Find abandoned house on the outskirts of town. Think why not go checker out. small town big trouble.
> Never ever seen someone at this place for as long as I can remember, but the house look quite modern.
> Everythings locked, but the windows had these weird locks that you could basically have one person lifting the window, and someone else pounding the top part to disengage the lock to open it.
> I crawl in and fall straight to the ground. feelsbadman. Go unlock door for friend, then we lock the place back up. Quite a few items were still in the house. like all the furniture, lights, and other stuff like light bulbs cleaning stuff etc etc. walking around nothing toooooo interesting or spooky. get to second floor, THAT'S where shit got creepy.
> Once we got up the stairs the first thing we saw was a fresh pentagram in the room directly in front of us. immediately spilling spaghetti out of pockets because its the most legit penta i've ever seen before. Had tons of weird shit in it that I don't even know what it was. we look around more and just see all sorts of weird ass shit, decide if were gunna explore more we should move a couch on the stairs.
> Big couch took both of us to move it down the steps and block off the entrance to stairs. We start looking around more and find like a bunch of pictures of people we kinda knew in school (they were graduates of some years passed typical pretty girls and jocks) think eh this is weird as fuck considering like 4 of them were dead (various reasons though, one committed suicide, one died in iraq, other 2 were together and got hit by a drunk driver)
> So freaked out and shit but we keep finding more and more fucking up stuff, start thinking maybe it's time to leave when we start hearing footsteps and stuff downstairs. Pretty much figure we're dead
> And probably getting sacrificed to satan. we hide in a room but theres a fucking pentagram drawn on the wall with fucking dried crusty blood and then some illegible shit that maybe was latin IDK.
> Thinking of escape plan, might jump out window, but would prolly break legs, we find a nasty rusty crusty bloody machette and a baseball bat and were like lolwhoa we might have a chance!
> Walking down the steps see there's a sheriffs car, we're like omg we're saved, but then I think we're both thinking about what the officer will say and think/do when he looks at this place.
>head down steps put down weapons, notice the couch is moved and in the center of room, were like wtf, I mean we may be young, but we're pretty strong and it took two of us to wedge it in there so whats going on.
> Look out window sheriff car is gone. Not really sure what to think at this point. We just unlock the door and walk out and go back into town like it never fucking happened.

Yeah, that's probably how it is

And others that have great stories and never thought of coming to X or don't know it exists
the truth. because like the original post stated before a lot of people were interested in this kinda thing and actually had blogs of legit people doing this. I try to google or search the tube, nothing but fake bs and dumb wannabees
File: Sharpening tool.jpg (89KB, 1024x768px)
Sharpening tool.jpg
89KB, 1024x768px
>Be me in my early to late teens living in FL
>I would always go for nature walks/ look for artifacts (i.e arrowheads, pottery, glass beads, etc)
>Found some pretty good pieces, actually. (Pic related, it's a sharpening tool)
>In Ocala national forest, it's a more than decent spot to look for stuff to bag, as well as to just enjoy nature
>Enjoying a nature walk with my father
>We find what looks to be a stone staircase in the middle of GD nowhere
>Lots of trees near it are uprooted, it's quite odd
>Doors halfway visible, but either caved in, or simply blocked by lots of fucking sand.
>We start investigating
>Get an uneasy feeling
>We hear fucking rain
>Look up, not a damn cloud in the sky
>Starts to rain louder, no fucking water, just the sound of rain
>Little brown caterpillars start fucking falling on us (either from the sky or trees, I have no idea)
>Loads and loads of them keep fucking falling, it's like some fucking Egyptian plague or some shit
>We book it to the car
>Have no idea what we experienced
> My father went back, I believe, but I have not, since I no longer live in that area.
>I do not contact him much anymore, so if he did find anything, I probably wouldn't ask him.
that's pretty awesome! sorry to hear about you and your father though.
File: ced1282c-s.jpg (42KB, 560x420px)
42KB, 560x420px
What kind of stuff do you guys bring?
I use to go into the caves around here but they got caved in by the game wardens because someone died in one of them.
Wondering what kinds of equipment you bring (radio, knife, etc.) Want to get back into it also hike/walk through the woods/swamps around here.
I like not even a hour away from Ocala.
File: 1386881578649.jpg (93KB, 600x800px)
93KB, 600x800px
There's actually a lot of houses where I live that are abandoned and might be fun to explore. Pass by them almost every day but never really think about it. If I had friends that wanted to explore I would go in one. But I'm a chickenshit and would run out at the smallest creak. Old houses are 2spooky4me.

To pass the time, I have some ghost-ish stories I could tell that happened to either me or my family members.
File: DSCN2531.jpg (90KB, 800x600px)
90KB, 800x600px
i can post some of my urbex pics but they arent really x related
File: DSCN1740.jpg (90KB, 1024x768px)
90KB, 1024x768px
can post more if anyone is interested else ill stop before i fill the thread
File: 1335395791939.jpg (84KB, 500x334px)
84KB, 500x334px
keep going i like it
i wish i could do this stuff but i have no friends who would join me
File: DSCN1715.jpg (63KB, 1024x768px)
63KB, 1024x768px
I only had one friend who even went with me, was pretty cool. these are all from detroit by the way, this and the one before are inside Michigan Central station
File: DSCN2557.jpg (68KB, 800x600px)
68KB, 800x600px
this place
File: 1368410313314.jpg (63KB, 460x230px)
63KB, 460x230px
see im from a little shit county with no abandoned buildings except houses drove like 2 hours north and passed this burnt out motel and a candy shop that looked like it closed 40 years ago but was on a trip somewhere so couldnt stop.
Also girlfriend wants nothing to do with this stuff so yeah might have to do it alone and hopefully not end up dead hahaha
File: DSCN1639.jpg (94KB, 1024x768px)
94KB, 1024x768px
its not really that hard to not die whilst doing this type of thing unless you dont watch your step. this place has holes in the hole and we've been up and down to the top more than a few times. spooky holes
for sake of im too lazy to upload them all again, heres an imgur album
One day I'm going to go to Camden, NJ, strap up, and just explore the shitty run down buildings that riddle the whole town. Entire neighborhood blocks run-down and deserted. Really though, in just about any city with that bad urban decay - like Detroit or St. Louis - you can get away with lots of looting and exploring in those parts since nobody gives a shit. you'd just have to pack heat, because there's likely plenty of bums and hoodlums in those places.
What do you bring? Camera, phone, flashlight?
I want to get into the hiking and finding things in the woods too so trying to figure out what 2 way radio to get or one of those portable ham radios like the uv-5r. I have everything else just need the if i get lost come save my ass stuff.
Drove through New Orleans where Katrina hit, still whole neighborhoods empty. Theres a shut down school and amusement park i would of LOVED to go into but was visiting family so couldnt. Maybe some day
what season were these taken in? i see alot of fog, unless thats cigarette smoke
this was around december 2011, its from our breath. in some pics you can see the basement, its flooded and frozen
We always took 1 camera, flashlight each, knife each, i have a little sack with stuff incase we get cut on something like a mini med kit. and snacks. thats about it though
i never ran into any homeless guys in detroit doing urbex. most of them stay out of the hot spots because they dont want to get beaten by kids
yeah all i could think was lurkers with those basements haha
hell i got all that already guess im more prepared then i thought, well maybe il find some kind of building around these parts to mess around in, honestly the graffiti adds to it so does the destruction but im not going to do that stuff i like the nature caused stuff that just broke over time
File: malls1n-5-web.jpg (88KB, 970x643px)
88KB, 970x643px
honestly the Rolling Acres Mall seems like it would be fun to go through
Well I've personally never been to Detroit, but I am aware of how bad the urban decay is, as well as the crime. Doesn't surprise me that kids beat up homeless people for kicks(no pun intended)
Well since being in the military i have better gear. its pretty self explanatory eh ?
flashlights, bring a couple, and batteries, cameras, a machete, a bigger emergency knife, radio I guess if you want, fairly tight clothing, something a lil tacticool tbh, a backpack with chemsticks, firstaid, snacks, and good boots but not too hardcore thick so you can still run if need be, para-cord .. thats pretty much it, the more you do it, youll realize wha tyou need.
another michigan broo!
sorta looks like the place got cleaned out a long time ago though
it closed in 2011
these pictures are from this year im pretty sure
i actually remembered theres a bowling alley that closed up like 4 years ago, wonder if i could get into it.
I live on Newark bro. Where you live?
A radio will do fuck all down in those caves.
Been to the packer plant? I was too stupid to take pictures when I was there
I remember you from the last thread. If you want more advice you can email me if your still on let me know and I'll post my address.
I saved up and bought a nod for peace of mind when outdoors. shit was expensive but beats using a flashlight
You're cool as hell OP
Mi bruh reporting in. I only live about an hour and a half away from Detroit too.
hey yo. Michigan. me too.
where up north did you go?
It looks like they have something planned for that building.
5 month old video of someone exploring the inside:
really? thanks! I thought this thread was dead but it's turning out decent!
Im from a small town near Frankenmuth and Saginaw.
It was in a place called Harrison, Grayling has nice places too!
from which thread? the creepy picture thread or another urban explore one?
Coldwater Mi reporting in.
michigan = god-tier

looks like the place the The Last of Us

>Found some pretty good pieces, actually. (Pic related, it's a sharpening tool)

>actually is bacon
>/x/ just got rused, now we shall never know of those bretty good pieces of bacon
I always want to go urban exploring, but my friend, who knows where all of the spots are, never wants me to come and doesn't tell me where it is either.
I'm a fat ass.
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