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Playing Nocturne for the first time. I've been hearing for

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Playing Nocturne for the first time. I've been hearing for years that this guy is supposed to be hard as fuck. I was expecting a huge boss battle, when he showed up, I thought I was going to die many times based on what I've heard.
I beat him first try. He was a total pushover. I had a demon with Media, is that why people die to him? Because they don't have Media this early? I don't understand. Why the fuck do people say matador is hard?
Because a lot of people can't deal with buffs/debuffs and have no fucking clue how magatamas work. Fog Breath alone makes him easy as fuck.
>Why the fuck do people say matador is hard?

same reason people are going around saying the souls games are hard
The majority of people don't have media, at that point, no. Having it is abnormal.

You were overleveled by a few levels and had a good team for the fight.

That said, Matador is not a very hard boss. He's just the first challenge in the game. Most people don't die once until Matador. The bosses right after Matador are harder and they just keep getting harder. Matador is just a casual filter.
>Why the fuck do people say matador is hard?

For the same reason why they think Minotaur from SMT IV was hard, they never took the time to understand the game mechanics.
Minotaur is hard because of artificial difficulty. There's no defense stat, so all he needs to do is get a crit in early and you lose. There is nothing you can do to prevent this.

On top of this, you can get stuck with Walter and he'll ruin your fight with Agi. Even with a team armed with bufu and whatever buffs are available it is a luck based fight.
Matador was never hard, he's a causal filter.
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hes not hard, hes just a wake up boss. His difficulty is based completely around extensive use of all elements at play for the press-turn system and how your demi-fiends magatama affects the flow of battle.

While other bosses barely ever buffed, debuffed, charged, and didn't have signature moves, Matador is in a complete other league from them.

Troll and the others can just be powered through, and you don't really have to have much thought going into your team, or even actually fuse anything to beat them. With Matador you have to have the Force resistance Magatama or Uzume, otherwise you'd have to grind a ton to be able to deal with his double turn press and hit all force attacks.

It shows you that if you have your teams resistances varied you can take the enemies press turn, it teaches you the necessity for debuffs and buffs as you won't realistically be able to hit him as long as he keepss casting Red Capote, and it helps you learn to micromange your press turns to maximum efficiency before taking a big blow.

Matador is only hard if you weren't paying attention to how the game plays, are completely new to JRPGs, were underleveled, or just completely suck ass.

He is a wake up call to the game, not a hard boss. You want hard? Deal with this infinite turn asshole in pic related who can kill you in 1 turn even with Metatron.
No minotaur was hard because the fucktard npc casts spells that it was immune to. Aside from that op probably wasn't on hard mode and is a liar.
Are you retarded? Or rather, 12 years old?
Quality post anon really went in depth there.
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How do I kill this piece of shit
Buff and debuff almost to the limit. In particular, evasion/accuracy buffs. Make it waste half its turns by missing. Carry mudo protection on characters or use curse-voiding shield spells.

That thing should have been the final boss, the one right after is ridiculously easy.
You have to remember that people are only use to FF and Pokemon type of games. Nocturne along with other SMT games are only difficult for a beginner. For someone who knows the mechanics, its rather easy.
Mot is just bitchy programming error.

Isn't every jrpg like that?
Most Final Fantasy games have their story intentionally made casual as fuck, and all the seriously challenging stuff is hidden in postgame and other extra parts. Even then, there is also always some character with a ridiculous one-hit-kill attack that lets you easily destroy those superpowered bosses, too.

With Pokemon, all you ever have to do is level up enough, everything else is optional.
it's less that he's hard as fuck and more that he's a wake up call to people who tried to play the game like a typical jrpg.
Makes sense. I've played Persona 3 and 4 already so I can see why it was easy for me.
I'm playing SMT IV right now, just met a cute girl that talked to me about books and I'm constantly getting destroyed. Nocturne and DDS were way easier than this game.
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It was the first SMT game ever released in America, and everyone was so used to the way more typical JRPGs play (and still are, for the most part) that having to actually use your buff spells and prepare in advance was/is a foreign concept.

I can't remember a single time in any Pokemon game where I felt that debuffing the enemy was a better idea than just spamming attacks and that's what this generation grew up on. Similarly, in Pokemon you can pretty much just pull a core group through the entire game and never have to switch them out but SMT games require constant fusing and negotiating to stay on top of things.

So long as you made an effort to check the very limited number of fusions you have available by the time you get to Matador, you'll undoubtedly have Ame no Uzume and be perfectly fine.
If you mean you just met Isabeau, I have some sad news.

The first few hours of SMT IV are really difficult and rely somewhat on RNG, but once you've beaten Medusa (the second major boss) the game is a cakewalk other than some optional fights and a lategame boss or two.

It's a shame too, because if it were on the same difficulty level as Nocturne it woulda be ten outta ten bes game, but it ends up more like an 8 because it's so uninvolved.
Imagine you're a kiddo, new to this grand adventure of a jrpg we call "SMT: Nocturne".
You've managed to make it to the Ginza Underpass a bit under-leveled (around 16 or 17), and you haven't fused any demons with/haven't yet fully realized the importance of buffs and debuffs.
The second that duel starts and matador makes himself impossible to hit, and sweeps your party is a wild ride of plenty negative emotions
>If you mean you just met Isabeau
No, Hikaru. Medusa and Minotaur were bullshit but once I got a bufu/zan party they went down easily, thanks Walter and Isabeau for making the bosses smirk all the time.
The beginnings of Tokyo are kinda rough since the overworld map is shit but soon enough you'll pretty much be wiping the floor with everyone.

Of course the classic SMT rule applies that if you take random encounters too lightly then you'll get fucked, but yeah, honestly I hate that the fiend fights are so impossible to trigger because they're among the few good challenges in the game.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 4

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