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This just a meme /v/? Or do people sincerely believe this game

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This just a meme /v/? Or do people sincerely believe this game has a chance?
it's more like overwatch vs dota 2

all 3 games are shit though so who cares
How is TF2 still any relevant apart from the kids and furfags that play it?
Overwatch will overtake the scene, no sweat.
Nope, not biting.
Being a TF2 fan for a long time, I can honestly say that the game has come to utter shit, so it won't be that hard to top it.
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>all 3 games are shit though
can anyone list for me what the two games actually have in common with each other besides them both being first person shooters and blizzard ripping off a couple of tf2s game modes?
Overwatch is a first person MOBA.
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Dude, TF2 is bloated and is losing dev support fast. Overwatch is a brand new game with a way bigger roster.

Like shit, they already announced a new character that looks pretty alright.
that's the point I'm trying to make

I would say it's just shitposters on /v/ but it seems to be people all over the internet, tf2 and overwatch have almost nothing in common besides both being shooters

blizzard copied a couple things from tf2 and now people are all saying it's in direct competition, saying overwatch will replace tf2 is like saying dota2 will replace sc2, they're not even the same fucking type of game

overwatch looks like it took very basic watered down elements from a couple different games, mashed them together, gave everyone an auto aim win button, and slapped on some microtransactions
>bigger roster

moba heroes =/= classes with multiple loadouts

when will you shitposting fucks get this through your thick fucking skulls
>class with multiple loadouts
>Everyone plays the same fucking loadout
Apart the F2P who didn't unlock weapons, you're not fooling anyone.
That has nothing to do with designs. Everyone is just tired of the TF2 classes. They tried to liven it up with hats and shit but now they just all look like unique piles of trash.

Overwatch is new and exciting and isn't a husk of it's former self yet. Of course people will like it better.

Also the MOBA skills actually work pretty well in a pure PVP environment.
>everyone in my 24/7 lotusbowl clusterfuck shitfest uses the same loadouts
>that means everyone in the entire game uses the same loadouts

either way, good job missing the point entirely, idiot
I just don't get why people are comparing the games so much

it's like comparing dota2 and starcraft, they have some similarities but are 95% different
The much more important question

How does Blizzard still have a shred of credibility left after the disaster that was Diablo 3
I know for a fact I can connect to any PL_hightower and find 99.99% of MG soldier, cancer engies, lolblast pyros, you know in fact, this game is stale, loadouts don't change the fact that there's only 9 class.
Class and game mode similarities and also because Blizzard themselves are pushing that mindset by giving out beta codes to known TF2 commentators.
Hearthstone was a huge success and is actually pretty good if a little simple. Also they fixed Diablo 3. It was for completely selfish and monetary reasons, but they did fix it.
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Hearthstone I guess, they ran all their other IP's into the ground. HoTS / Overwatch are just soulless cash-grabs.

I am however interested in what they plan on doing next, they currently have at least one active game per genre (MMO, RTS, FPS, MOBA, Diablo and HS).

I just hope it's something substantial and not a D3 expansion or something.
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Jesus fucking christ anon what has got to be the matter with you? Consider suicide

wait... does anyone on /v/ ACTUALLY believe that Overwatch isn't going to be a humongous success?

>hearthstone is good

I'll take your bait
them making a dude that builds sentries and blatantly ripping off how the medigun works doesn't count as class similarities

they also aren't classes, their kits are static and can't change to suit the situation, when you're playing dota or LoL do you think "hmm what class am I going to pick"
Personal preference, I like it. Though I can understand why people hate it.

>humongous success

financially? sure

then again you could say that about all of their games
yes of course financial success

nothing is a quality success on /v/, no one gives a shit about whether a game is actually good or not

the only metric anyone cares about is if its a financial success and I guess its lasting playerbase as a much lesser secondary measure
it'll do really well at first, their will be a couple massive tournaments because blizzards likes to just throw money at stuff like that, the top teams will realize it has the skill ceiling of a reader rabbit game and they'll go back to wherever they came from, after that the comp scene will be entirely made up of rejects from other games, just like hearthstone is a bunch of mtg rejects

the brightest stars burn out the fastest

6 months after release you won't hear anything about it, I guarantee it
>hearthstone is a bunch of mtg rejects
>brian "brian kibler" kibler plays it
he plays hearthstone for funsies on the side because he was a consultant during development, mtg is still his main source of income
You're joking, right? Blizzard is the best game developer in the world. The latest subscriber numbers just came out for World of Warcraft. Check this out. This is an MMO that's ELEVEN years old, in the dead middle of undoubtedly the worst expansion they've ever put out. And you know how many subs they have? 5.5 million. For all the talk of Wildstar this and Final Fantasy that, it would take Blizzard probably another five years and a sick combo of terrible expansions to reach the subscriber numbers the fans of those games are CELEBRATING.

Blizzard is the king of PC gaming. Always have been, always will be. They are the creators of not one but three classic, landmark, monumental PC game franchises. Three. Most developers are insanely lucky if they manage one. Blizzard? Three. And if you want to call World of Warcraft a fourth on account of it being a spin-off in a totally different genre from Warcraft games, with a largely different audience, you could call that a fourth. And in ten years we'll undoubtedly be looking at Hearthstone as one of the greats in gaming, if we're not quite ready to crown it today.

When Diablo III came out I played it for a week and quit. I got to 60 and did some Inferno and quit. The game sucked. And if any other developer had made it that would have been the end of that game, everybody would've forgotten it. But Blizzard is different. They're world class. They worked on that game nonstop until it was good. They did radical surgery on it. They became such experts in fixing loot games that they were actually brought in to Bungie to show them how to fix Destiny. They didn't just give up. That's the Blizzard difference. That's why WoW still has 5.5 mil subscribers while it's the worst it's ever been. And that's subscribers! Not even players! They have that many players using a model that's a relic now. Yeah, it's pretty clear Blizzard is a special company.

Overwatch will destroy TF2. Blizzard will improve it until it does.
>Overwatch will destroy TF2. Blizzard will improve it until it does.
this is true though
I just don't see it taking off the same way TF2 did, same with HoTS. And they're almost exclusively pushing Hearthstone at this point, just look at how quickly the SC2 scene died.

The Hearthstone scene is an e-celeb circlejerk with the same 10 people getting invited to the high end tournaments.

>mtg is still his main source of income

Yet the only thing he does is play Hearthstone?
how will it destroy a game that's not even the same genre?

did halo 5 destroy CSGO?
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I feel like the comparisons to Dota or LoL are even more unfair considering you are still able to change your hero in the middle of a fight. This still allows "changing to the situation".

The hero thing also fixes a problem that legacy players of TF2 never really understood. If you were a new player, you would have no fucking clue how to engage an enemy. "Why did that heavy set me on fire?" or "Why am I stunned?" or "Why did that soldier set me on fire?" or "Why does the sniper have something that makes me bleed? Also what is bleed?". That shit doesn't happen with heroes. You know their moveset and you can at least expect something instead of wacky bullshit like a sniper throwing a yellow debuff at you and suddenly you're dead because you didn't even fucking know what that was.
yeah, I agree with all that

the point I'm trying to make is people are comparing apples and oranges here, they're trying to create competition between games where there is none because the games don't even fill the same niche

honestly I would be more inclined to think overwatch is in competition with dota2 and LoL

blizzard ripped off a couple things from tf2 for inspiration in their character design and all of a sudden people think they're making tf2 2.0
It's the same genre, you retarded c uck.

>b-but cooldown abilities and abilities that need to be charged with a meter
>TF2 has the same fucking shit
I can tell you've played neither game

good job senpai
Oh, I'm sorry man. I had a complete misunderstanding of your argument and went off on my on rant. My bad

There a few things about a MOBA that make it much different gameplay wise than this. The universal tower system and, like we discussed, the inability to switch your loadout and adapt to the situation are all key elements that are absent in Overwatch. I think the game should be compared to all other FPS games, not just TF2. Blizzard just cultivates that because they are viciously gunning for the remaining TF2 audience.
>sandvich, spy's watch, demoman's eyelander charge, bonk etc.
>OW's ult ability where you need to shoot random shit to charge it

Your only counterargument is >b-but you can bypass the cooldown by collecting weapons or going to the locker

OW and TF2 are the same fucking shit. OW doesn't have fucking creeps, lane-pushing and towers that attack you. I dunno why TF2c ucks can't accept another competitor, so that Valve may get off their lazy asses and make TF3.
can you just think for yourself and do your own research instead?
While there are items in TF2 that need to be charged, everything you listed charges automatically, and nothing is as significant as OW's ults.
I really wish Valve would add more maps rather than cosmetics. Like special delivery, 3 to 4 years old, and only one map. Wtf?
Team Fortress 2 is literally dead now though. This year's Scream Fortress was terrible.

>only 19 new cosmetics
>can only get them from crates instead of gifts like before
>sniper, spy, heavy, and medic didn't even get any
>another reskin of the duck collecting bullshit from EotL

Valve can't even be bothered to port in the shit that the community makes anymore, let alone make their own shit.
>Valve can't even be bothered to port in the shit that the community makes anymor
I agree with pretty much everything except this part, wasn't the invasion and scream fortress event community supported?
They were, but again, Scream Fortress was 19 items total. 2014 Scream Fortress was 50. Scream Fortress 2013 was fucking 102.

Even if you factor in the Invasion stuff, Scream Fortress 2015 and Invasion combined only got half of Scream Fortress 2014.

Hell the Very Scary Halloween update back in 2011 at least gave every class their own set.
does overwatch have any game mode that can go beyond 6v6? if not then i think it's not going to be extremely successful
not evolve tier of failture, but i doubt it's going to replace tf2
this is a shit comparison and you just keep making it, you can change to suit the situation in Dota because you have a big selection of items and the war of attrition can change fast.

and even with a game mode that is 100% PvP like Dota 2 Overthrow, you can still do that, you can not in Overwatch.
Thread posts: 47
Thread images: 6

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