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Soon, there will be a major announcement regarding Metal Gea

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Soon, there will be a major announcement regarding Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Here's why.

TPP is set in 1984. The year that gives its name to Orwell's dystopian masterpiece. The main method of control by Big Brother - the British Government - of Orwell's novel, is Newspeak. A revised version of English used to instill the government's ideology into the populace. A primary theme within The Phantom Pain.

The party that controls the government in Orwell's novel is called "Ingsoc" (for English National Socialism). A website set up earlier this year (ingsoc.org) teases an undisclosed game called "Blackhound." The initial site had "A ##### ###### Game" as its infobar. The hashes match "Hideo Kojima" for character count, and the phrase is "his" go-to phrase.

The ingsoc.org site now has a timer set to run out on the 11th September (an odd date to announce an entertainment product on). If you watch the "deleted" (read: red herring) Mission 51 footage, you'll find at the very end a long shot of Manhattan, with the Statue of Liberty on the left, and the Twin Towers (yes, those towers) on the right. Eli says: "Not yet. It's not over yet." And then we get a "HIDEO KOJIMA" in the middle of the screen. An odd message for him to leave at the end of his final MGS game, if that were intended as the final scene.
But wait there's more.

Remember how Kojima said that between GZ and TPP, he'd do something "you can only do with videogames"? Well, technically, videogames are the only medium where it is possible to send out major post-release updates.

If you release an extra part to a book, that's just another book (or another "volume"). If you release an extra part to a film, that's just another film (or worse, a Director's Cut where some people will continue to insist on the original as the "definitive" version). But if you release additional content to a game? That's a ptch, and is instanlty absorbed into the singular, unified product. That's something unique to videogames. Releasing one version of a work, and then releasing another version, without the second version being considered "separate" to the first.

But the ride doesn't even end there.
Don't forget, there are still people who genuinely believe there's more of the game that Konami hasn't released yet.
MGSV is called, "The Phantom Pain", and Kojima has done the unthinkable, and created something like a phantom pain amongst his audience. The deep and gripping sensation that they can feel something, even though it isn't there. Taking advantage of that which only videogames as a medium can do - patching - made it possible for Kojima to simulate a phantom pain in his audience.

What better way to out-do his own reputation as completely and utterly off his rocker? MGS2 saw the bulk of the game, in which you play a totally different character, hidden from the world before release. MGSV hasn't hidden it's bulk: it hasn't even turned up with it. Think about it: Kojima will go down in the history of this medium, as possibly its first auteur, and a move as bold as this will seal it for him.

Moreover, all this is entirely consistent with all extant material in Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Including if you take Mission 51 as canon content. After all, 51 hardly answers any questions, that much is obvious. There's a glaring hole in MGSV: the hole formed by the absence of any content in which you play as Big Boss himself.

And guess what? My money is on Big Boss himself as Blackhound. The black leather jacket-wearing, ever-present yet never-present "member" of Diamond Dogs, who is merely glimpsed in the "true ending" of the current MGSV.
The 11th September will bring the second "part" of MGSV:TPP into the limelight. The Phantom Pain's many references to Orwell's 1984 (its year, themes, and nods such as the posters) secure the connection between it and the ingsoc.org website, whose connection to Kojima and MGS (check "/countdown/new_toy_01.webm") are equally assured. The final extant scene of MGSV connects with the countdown date for ingsoc.org (a date otherwise bizarre to announce an entertainment product upon) complete with a major character fourth-wall breaking into heavy hinting that there is more to the work. The name of the to-be-announced product is also highly compatible with the most likely form that an extension to MGSV would take.

Quod erat demonstratum.
I remember Black Hound had some info saying it was a game where you'd play as two characters, "The Son" and "The Father"
I'll leave it here.
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Your delusion is admirable.
This is literally a prank made by some guy, he even admitted on 8ch.
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this is just pathetic let it go already
You'll thank me when this comes out, you'll be ashamed of your words.
Your mom thanked me when I pulled out and came on her face. She was ashamed to have a son like you.
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I don't care if it's DLC I'll buy it. Just don't leave Metal Gear like this, KOJIMAAAAAAAAAA
This is just a meme now. I was a believer too, but now I've come to accept that it's not happening.
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