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>often refuses to aid in completing objectives or capturing

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>often refuses to aid in completing objectives or capturing points
>obssessed with flashy-but-ineffective techniques such as the noscope
>rarely contributes to the match, usually just gets into duels with other snipers
>always has an inflated ego and shit-talks more than any other class

Why does the sniper attract the worst players, regardless of the game?
Because it's easy and generally safe.
Because it's easier to pad your K/D ratio playing as a sniper so you forget to capture objectives and the type of people who care deeply about kdr instead of winning are usually those faggots
SImply put

>tfw dodging sniper fire

They don't understand what a sniper really does in the military.
I dunno, I always play sniper to eliminate enemy mg emplacements or heavy weapons with exposed operators. To counter-snipe as well.
Because you're playing shitty arcade FPS games with a military setting.

from what i understand being a sniper in the military is more about providing cover and looking out for any enemies about to ambush the team than shooting down target after target from the rooftops
I only snipe to counter a sniper
Yeah, snipers are far less useful in video games than in real life. They can kill and they can scout in video games, but killing enemies isn't really that useful when the fucker can just respawn in like ten seconds.
I don't know what fucking game you've been playing but in the majority of my BFBC2 games the sniper in our squad pushes objectives along with the rest of the team.

Yes, they're pubs.
Idk I usually go support and Mortor and UCAV the camping snipers.

Feels good.
>select sniper class
>kill opposing team
>objective's complete
>my team wins
>read this thread
>I take out the sniper as quick as possible
>immediately leave my area and run down to objectives to help out
>capture objective and quickly find a spot again taking out what I can for my team to move forward to the next objective
>rinse and repeat
>no scope is still faggotry at the highest levels
>everyone still yells at me for playing as a sniper

Snipers in arma are the only relevent snipers.
>be doing good
>actually helping team from a good spot
>someone notices, becomes a sniper, stands directly in front of me
>takes riskier shots, hits no one gets noticed
>we both die

Their primary mission is reconnaissance.
Their secondary mission is providing accurate long distance fire.

We only have 6 snipers split into 3 teams in our company and they are attached to our recon platoon, and their primary weapon is still the M4, not the M110s.
>Playing CSGO
>Buy an AWP
It's that easy
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I will never understand the point of sniping in cod when its better to run and gun and camp a little bit with an assault rifle.

>everyone switches to sniper in battlefield when you start to lose
>not capping him in the head for taking your spot
File: 1387841457139.gif (781KB, 320x287px)
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>tfw you're up close and personal, right in all the action
>tribes ascend
>good snipers are the gatekeepers of the objective
>playing battefield
>faggot sniper picking off my bros
>bring out the anti-sniper toolbox AKA tank
>BOOM headshot you sneaky faggot
>sniper rages in chat about vehicles ruining the game

It was really satisfying in BF3 with that scope glint. Taking down a whole building to kill one dude because you saw a reflection half a mile away is fucking priceless. Sniper think they're safe until they meet someone who can match their range with ten times the firepower.
in that game yo had the crazy motion trackers and could swap out your rifle for a shotgun or g3. Hell I think they even had a full auto sniper in that game.

I miss Bad Company 1. I played Recon in that game, and fucking wrecked shit.

I'd get in your lines, wouldn't sit miles back, and cap the fuck out of everyone. If you even thought for a second you could sit on a turret or mounted rocket launcher, think again.

Then there was Specialist class, bolting around the enemy base like Sanic, C4'ing the fuck out of everything.

FUCK that game was the best.
Reminder that the second the enemy becomes aware of a sniper's presence, the sniper becomes a designated marksman.

any video games that accurately depict this? i'm not talking about sitting in a sniper post for 8 hours whilst your character stares at a building, pissing into a bottle the whole time

just a game which relies on good reactions and a bit of patience whilst sniping
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I got to rank 50 on both 360 and ps3.

bc1 > bc2

Sad how everyone forgets the legacy bc1 had because it wasnt on pc. Way better maps and even, somehow, slightly better audio
File: 1420933230529.png (739KB, 708x698px)
739KB, 708x698px
>myself and another sniper are shitting all over the opposition, absolutely no hajis allowed
>the only thing the other dozen guys on the team have to do is stop the two or three who actually make it to the point
>still get blamed for every fuckup

>yfw they ruined that game by allowing the stacking of defence so high

I really got pissed when they said that fastcaps ruined the game. If fastcaps are such a problem that you have to introduce stuff like speedcaps when holding the flag, then maybe you just need to stop having such a shit team who cant defend?!
Battlefield 3's servers are fucking retarded last time I checked. The official servers have bad, mismatched rotations that don't mesh whatsoever so people are forced to PAY to create decent servers.

The first sniper elite is OK as far as sniping goes. ARMA does it quite accurately, but it's also ARMA.

Yeah, I really wish it got a PC release. It was fucking great. Don't like how they messed with the classes for 2, and some of them maps in 1 were just absolutely brilliant.

At least Oasis made it over.

>people in CS still bitching about the AWP

Its been a source of constant scorn since before beta 7

I just want to use based as fuck bolt action rifles.

One of the reason why I loved WWII games was because of the surplus of bolt-action rifles used in "Assault Kits" Running around with the Kar98k, or Mosin Nagant, without a fucking scope attached to it, and dropping the faggot shooting at you with a Garand/Thompson/MP40 is so much more satisfying

Too bad with "modern games" now, all the Bolt action rifles are locked behind Sniper classes. fuck that shit
tanks are so fucking fun in that game without being too overpowered.
Me and my buds had a system worked out to counter helos that I've never quite seen replicated. Worked 80% of the time with no friendly casualties.
I heard in bf4 snipers get c4 which just utterly pisses me off beyond belief.
They got smarter as the round progressed and noticed that stacking motion + c4/thompson/g3 or USAS that they can get more assit points and kills as compared to sitting in the base like a bitch.
I butchered my post. Left out the part where I said that tking in bf3 EVER is a bad idea cause anyone could be a server admin and there's not many good servers left on console.
File: 1411066689517.png (227KB, 404x269px)
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> Play Original America's Army
> Spawn in game
> Sorry bro you need to train to get it
> have to go through boot camp and do exceptional in basic training to achieve sniper
> finally after multiple tries I rank for sniper school
> Pass sniper school
> Play as sniper on big open world map
> Provide cover for my bros and report enemy positions
> Everyone appreciates the sniper

I miss that game so much sometimes..
Goddamn I was like that too. I grinded that fucking targeting down
File: sigh.gif (4MB, 280x210px)
4MB, 280x210px
>what is situational application
I cant find the christian bun video, can someone link it please.
File: 1420677085308.jpg (57KB, 674x586px)
57KB, 674x586px
Sillier campaign too


Along with the maps being better, there was more explosives sprinkled around and shit to blow up. Sometimes i feel like the only one on v who has played bc1.
File: 1306994348595.jpg (78KB, 1233x1026px)
78KB, 1233x1026px
>Not SRAW'ing recon shitters in bf4

shame on you

In real life snipers are generally ahead of the front line providing reconnaissance.
>Kills enemies before they can flank team mates
>Can spot incoming enemies from great distances to inform the team
>Typically the only one capable other than a lucky explosives expert or LAW user of taking out helicopters VIA killing the pilot
>Might steal your kill, but also save your life

Snipers are fantastic, no one simply plays them for what they were made for.
>not a team player, basically works alone and in public games any coordinated communication is impossible so at best he just gives some cover fire and picks off important enemies
>basically works outside of the normal gameplay, in several respects
>usually rather safe from harm until the enemy team starts throwing counter-snipers at them
That's why, faggots all of them
They have diluted the role of sniping throughout the ages. More specifically through cancerous games like COD.
File: 1419810608805.jpg (159KB, 746x982px)
159KB, 746x982px
>not using the weapons of the fallen as needed
File: 42358_pro.jpg (16KB, 280x249px)
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because snipers are cowards
You shouldn't get all your military info from American Sniper. It makes you look retarded.
Good snipers can change the course of a match. Bad snipers are just wastes of space.
Both get shit on by the entire team for not taking our their sidearm and dying in close quarters on the objective like a retard.

Environment destruction was much better. Don't like how you can destroy buildings totally in BC2. Leaves the level like a flat wasteland a lot of the time, and can make some MCOM's completely indefensible in Gold Rush on BC2.


I know this feel every newfag thinks he can jump on the sticks and be a expert sniper. Shit it's worse on tf2 cause every fucking newfag thinks hes the LE QUICKSCOPE FAZE KING BLAZE IT CHAMPION or a spy, every fucking time.
>taking down your first chopper with a tank's cannon

Fucking yes

>shoot at a chopper as it's circling back around to strafe you
>headshot the pilot and it falls out of the sky before the copilot can figure out what happened and jump seats

God I love piloting armor in BF games

>sitting in a field wrecking enemy jets/choppers with AA
>getting all kind of mad as they completely lose control of the air
>bro teammate tells me a faggot is about to snackbar me with a c4 jeep
>hard reverse up hill, level gun at jeep and blow him to hell instead
>continue making life miserable for enemy teams pilots

I think it all stems from how shit I am at flying in BF3. I guess at some pointed I decided that if I couldn't have fun flying, nobody else could and since MBT's and the actuall AA vehicles are both godly against aircraft, so we went.
Thread posts: 60
Thread images: 12

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