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Are there any PC games worth playing right now? There's

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Are there any PC games worth playing right now? There's so many clones I feel like I've already played them all

What games should I feel bad for not knowing about?
Total war Attila came out today
Darkest Dungeon is really good
Grey goo just came out, it wasn't amazing but it was better than all the console trash rehashes.
Then again you probably can't handle an fps if it's not twinstick so I doubt you'll get any enjoyment out of it.
Cut Nintendo out. Sony should really be the only gaming gaming company allowed. They've earned it.
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enjoy that 30fps XD
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>Implying most PCs go above 30 fps
>RNGest dungeon
it implements the worst of DnD style games(the extreme and constant RNG) in the worst possible way
looks boring as shit honestly, is it even worth pirating?
Star Citizen
Pillars of Eternity
Total War: Multiple Titles
Galactic Civilizations 3

Superior versions of multiplats
Backwards compatibility with tens of thousands of games
Emulation of most consoles

Enjoy Bloodborne, it's all you've got
>Star Citizen
pay2win vaporware
AFK Simulator
>Pillars of Eternity
kikestarter scams
more vaporware
early access shit
another early access scam
>Total War: Multiple Titles
more like Total Shit: Unplayable bugged games
>Galactic Civilizations 3
early access shit
removing cities so they could sell them as DLC later
early access shit
personally, i kinda like the style(yes, grimdark as fuck, but it does it to a point where it's almost self-concious about it, and i really like the roguelike dungeoncrawler with the different rpg classes, but the RNG is so fucking instense it's beyond comprehension, it's useless to try to make a strategy because you keep getting fucked over. i played a bit today, my team went from less than half-stressed and about 75% hp to close to full stress in a chain-reaction of stress followed by a undead group, the undead group fucked me over, i only managed to get down two due to a large amount of dodges and turn passes, while they killed three of mine with crits and a very small amount of deaths door turns. meanwhile, my shitty as fuck celric was at 0 hp and solod the remaining two, taking over 7 turns and soaking a total of atleast 15 deaths door hits
>those 2 guys in the bottom left
clearly the gayest men ever
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>mfw early access shit is better than anything on consoles
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I don't know about anything new, as I rarely buy anything and tend to replay older games again and again while instilling different challenges upon myself.

Right now I'm playing FEAR 1 and the expansions on extreme difficulty with shotgun and pistol only and no slow-mo.
Shit, you got me. I don't know. If you are tired of clones, then maybe you shouldn't play games at all. Because 99.9% of all games today are a clone of something better. Just stick to the classics. There is nothing to look forward to.
No. The hypetrain ran out of coal a few years ago.
>all that buttblast

if Bloodborne isn't good sonyggers will go apocalyptic
>good games
>implying implications
If you want console games, GET A FUCKING CONSOLE!
>RNGest dungeon
It is good you fag
Just because you are still using your compaq from the 90's doesn't mean the rest of us are. That is called projection.
darkest dungeon/legend of grimrock/divinity os are good newer stuff

i have a backlog that strecthes to 2007 so i have a stupid amount of stuff i need to play

thats not even counting emulation. fuck me man
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My PC goes over 60 FPS in some games, but vsync caps it off at 60. In CSS, if I turn off vsync, the counter hits 255. I think that's as high as the counter goes though.
perfect depiction of a stereotypical consolefag pop-culture enthusiast if you ask me
Its a nice looking game, but its horribly designed.
underrated post. i've found myself going back to play older games more and more lately.

im really not a fan of all these early-access/free to play/ give us money for convenient perks type games.

these league of legend kids are decimating the future of gaming
>just proved himself a NEET poorfag
what decent arena fps are about these days?

I want to git gud
It baffles me that people are still contempt with mere 60 FPS. It's motherfucking 2015, not 2005
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are you trolling or just dumb? unless you're an FPS enthusiast there's really no reason to go above 60 fps

Please reconsider posting here.
Are you trolling or just dumb? Unless you're an overcompensating PCuck there's really no reason to go above 30FPS
This isn't even a decent post in ironic form.
There is absolutely no difference between my post and the one I responded to. You're fucking delusional.
That's not true, your post was retarded.
at least, ask what genre you like.
I'd recommand Assetto Corsa and Elite Dangerous personally.
I wonder about Hand of fates.
>playing FEAR without 90% of things that make FEAR good
Dark corners of the earth : the call of cthulhu
Your a fucking petard. Bearely any one has a screen witch displays more then 60 fps. And what's does it matter what year it is? More frames pass 60 is negligable. Double it and your only reduced the controlled delay by 0.008 seconds. But I digest. The point is your stupid.
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>but I digest
So console gamers are huge faggots? Thats all I got from your picture
Grey Goo.


but your wrong anon. Everything else is fine but this is wrong.
casual, we run 4k now
i guess your framerate doesn't help with english comprehension
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>being this butthurt
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Thats bad b8 m8
Just because it's early access doesn't mean it's bad. It means it has a much higher chance of being bad, but it's not an automatic thing.

Also, Kerbal is at version .98 or something so calling it early access is pretty retarded.
Isnt Space Engineers ea? That games great. It's got modding, multiplayer, good ass graphics, and it's contemporary. You should check out that game OP
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depends on what "worth" means to you
crusader kings 2
darkest dungeon
project zomboid
invisible, inc. (ingocnita)
pixel piracy
dark souls 2
E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy
Any Total war title
Red Orchestra 2
Torchlight 2
Starcraft 2
Baldur's Gate
The Settlers 2
The Guild 2
Unreal fucking tournament
Gamedev Tycoon
Civilization/Colonization/Beyond Earth
Jagged Alliance 2
Magic Carpet 2
Don't Starve
State of Decay - Breakdown
Endless Legend
Caesar 3
The Escapists / Prison Architect
Deus Ex
Hotline Miami
Lords of Magic
Master of Orion 2
Star Control 2
Max Payne 1&2
Gothic / Risen
Theme Park/Hospital
Vampire: The Masquerade
Xcom 1-3 / Xenonauts
Command & Conquer
Alpha Centauri
Motherfucking Doom / Quake / Duke Nukem
Heroes of Might & Magic
Legend of Kyrandia
Dwarf fortress
Dark Project/Thief 1-3

Enough for you? Something you find worthy?
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>he bought an expensive pc so he could play multiplats with slightly better eyecandy, while consoles can play all that and actually have exclusives
>he literally fell for the master race scam
Toxikk is pretty shit, and when UT4 comes to fruition there really won't be any purpose for Toxikk.
you are here just to shitpost, aren't you? you don't know shit about gaming. nice bait 5/5 breddy gud
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>you don't know shit about gaming!

better call your r/pcmasterrace buddies for support!
Order 1886 on youtube.
>Being too poor to have every console and a 3k PC

>using fauxbait unironically

It is you that is at half capacity
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My gpu died and I'm gonna be too broke to replace it for a couple months, what are some games I can play on potato integrated grafix
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>implying quality needs support by the masses
Yeah. Nice "troll", kid.
I don't know what kind of integrated GPU we're talking here, but you should be able to play Killing Floor no problem.
But you should be playing Killing Floor anyway because it's fun.
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soul:reaver:legacy of kain
dota 2
warcraft 1-3
dune 2000
batman:arkham asylum/city
left 4 dead 1&2
myst series
maniac mansion
day of the tentacle
sam & max hit the road
indiana jones 1-4
alien vs predator
transport tycoon
assassin's creed
black thorne
company of heroes
faster than light
serious sam
prince of persia 1&2
earthworm jim
grand theft auto 1 & 2
jazz jackrabbit
the lion king
little big adventure
simon the sorcerer 1&2

shall i continue? only remembering the old titles right now. not sure if you want to play these gems.
Managed to Bait you faggots
I'm 6'2", and have plenty of friends, whereas my friend plays on consoles and is 5'6" and overweight, and has about 2 friends including me. Also, my PC set me back ~$500, and can run almost any game at high settings, 60FPS. So there's no need to throw a tantrum, all you have to do is accept the fact that you're a neckbeard with no friends who makes a conscious decision to play on an inferior platform.

Nice bait.

60FPS looks far nicer than 30, however, the person you're replying to is right, since once you get above 60 it makes less of a difference. There is a difference, but it's not as obvious.

>consoles actually have exclusives
You know PC has several times as many exclusives as consoles, right?
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>plenty of friends

gangly tallfag with stuffed animals called friends everyone trying to swing his cock around
Elite Dangerous is pretty fun so far. Just make sure you have some niggas to play with.
Been playing some Dawn of War recently. Nothing wrong with that.

File: 1418571996350.png (192KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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well, I will continue. You probably just made this thread to shitpost anyway since you're not responding.

elderscrolls: morrowind/oblivion/skyrim
5 days a stranger
princess maker 2
wasteland 1&2
need for speed (the titles with police)
I never played any flight simulations, but I bet there is some dope shit out there
mad tv
sid meiers pirates
pizza tycoon
sim city 2000
the clue
southpark: stick of truth
warhammer 40k
populous 3
syndicate wars
evil genius
dungeon keeper 1&2
alone in the dark
the darkness 1&2
the punisher / deadpool
dark seed 1&2
neverwinter nights
bllackguards 1&2
dead island
monkey island 1&2

allright that should be enough for your shitty troll thread. at least I tried giving you some games. Have fun shitposting.
Yes, there are always games from 90s, thousands of them. Something in there should be good, probably.
File: 1397526890563.webm (2MB, 640x360px)
2MB, 640x360px
Lot of fun to be had with Wargame
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Thread posts: 73
Thread images: 23

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