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So I just wanted to point this out to give people some more

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So I just wanted to point this out to give people some more hope... http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/633202-super-smash-bros-for-wii-u/69440637

This was posted the day after E3, so it is basically back pedaling before yesterdays reveal even happened. I'm not saying it's true, but it does bring some credence back to the leak. I guess we'll see in Coro Coro.
>So people worried about there being "3" blue haired swordsmen who look nearly identical and play the same class, no longer need to worry.
How can he say this when Lucina is a straight-up clone?
>Someone makes a guess
>He somehow is right
>assume that everything else he says is fact

I don't care about Shulk but I'm looking forward to the Rhythm Heaven rep.
Glad that Chrom is out and that we have a new magic user, but Lucina as a shameless clone is a little bit annoying.
>"I'm not saying it's true"
>hurr durr you're assuming everything he's saying is true!

Anyway if you look further into the thread someone says
>Er, Lucina would be more cause to worry about similarities, not less. Just because she's a girl doesn't make her less of a clone, she's more of one than Chrom. At least Chrom has the Fire Emblem which may do something, Lucina is a Lord just like him and is blue haired as well.
to which he replies
>You are aware they like to do "clone" type characters right @[email protected] But on that note She has her King Marth persona to .
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>leaker obviously works at Nintendo
>doesnt know his own characters

such bullshit holy crap
>b-b-b-but same hair, alt skin, muh excuses
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Fuck Marshal.
>Expecting Namco employees to recognize obscure Nintendo characters when they've got their own shit to worry about.
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It's as good as the leaker on Smashboards going "Well, Namco Bandai isn't told EVERYTHING with the making of this game"
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>wanting doug funny over adorable marshmellow man
And STILL the gematsu defenders believe him. They've been really insufferable lately
File: 1395109784867.jpg (17KB, 250x300px)
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We've been over this.
The leak is dead.
They're dead.
The "leak" defenders are now trying to justify it being wrong by comparing it to the Pokemon X/Y leaks that had some info wrong
>wanting a dirty towel with a punchable face over a humble ass-kicker

Holy shit, where did you pick that up...I thought it was buried!, it was a mistake I made, please don't pull it back for the GamFaqs graveyard I can lose my job, I thanked god that it didn't pick up steam! :(
Damn, you people are annoying when it comes to these "leaks".
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Garfield, you fucked up.
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You're gonna suffer with us Chromfags.... And you're gonna like it!

nah, feel free to screencap this and laugh at me later. At this point fucking anything goes
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oh you.jpg
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>Shulkfags still BTFO
>implying Chorus Men aren't 10x more adorable than Marshal

>not wanting a q.t rhythm heaven rep

Marshall is cute and simplistic, and easily recognizable.
marshall looks cool but i dont care about them
i want to know about the others newcomers
I don't mind if marshall and shulk get in

The real question though, will there be more newcomers people didnt expect pulled out of no where again? Like robin
Shulk and some Rhythm Heaven rep are pretty much certain independent of that leakshit.
i mean i want something that make me go nuts like red on brawl
He was emailed by his source that Shulk was 100% being revealed on Monday.

He was not. Leak is dead.
If Shulk wasn't playable he would have been revealed as an assist trophy already.
That's proof enough for me.
im not a shulkfag and i never played his game
but he can still be in the game
File: 1404225860339.jpg (27KB, 640x600px)
27KB, 640x600px
>and easily recognizable.

No he's only been recognizable lately because of you loud minorities who sperg non stop about how he going to be in when he's not. Rhythm girl is more recognizable than marshall and would be a better choice

His source emailed him and claimed that 100% Shulk was the character being revealed on Monday.

He was wrong.

The 'leaks' were lucky guesses and nothing more.
I'm actually more convinced than ever over Shulk's appearance in smash 4. Assuming the Email to Sal was real, even if his leaks are fake, it just reeks of insane nintendo marketing. Not even just on 4 Chan, but even news sites full of speculation and forums were pretty much convinced the reveal was going to be Shulk. The email, monolith's retweet, it all seems like a massive hype generation by nintendo, to have the while world expecting Shulk then just nail everyone with multiple confirms including the highly anticipated captain falcon. It's like Sakurai trolled the whole internet to surprise everyone with unexpected reveals, in an age where reveals are pretty much expected
I hope its nintendo feeding false info to different people to find out where the leak is coming from
In fact all the "leaks" were very obvious shoe ins, WFT was the only lucky guess.
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 12

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