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The never ending Japan General thread keeps marching on... As

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The never ending Japan General thread keeps marching on...

As always, feel free to ask about:
>places to visit / do in Japan
>How to become Yakuza?
>Teaching English in Japan
>stuff to do for weeaboos

>>If you can't get laid in your home country, you can't get laid in Japan.

The previous thread is here: >>930975
Please refer to the previous thread (as long as it's still around) to see if your question has already been answered. Thanks
>be a grown adult
>always wanted to head over to Japan, it's part of my dream
>but too much of a poor fag growing up ;___;
>finally acquired money to head over to Japan
>be heading from Narita Airport to Tokyo via the sky train
>silently cried on the train because Japan country side is so beautiful ... feels like I'm at home

>be on the express train
>food attendant asks the passengers if they want any snacks or food
>he looks like the dorky high school version of me
>he hands me my coffee, I tip him $2
>it's rude to tip in Japan but I tell him to keep this coin because it looks cool
>he smiles and says thank you
I'll be studying in Japan for 2 years, starting this year, but i'm poor as fuck.
Any way I can get money as a student fast? I'm thinking of renting a place close to the uni for 28000 yen a month, but between that and the school fee and eating i think it's too much.

Plus, I want internet, so what's a good way to get that?
I'm fluent in japanese, so that's not a problem.

I'll be living in Nagaoka-shi, Niigata-ken, so mostly my transportation would be bike and bus.

Also, what's a good way of transport when it snows? I'm sure the bike won't work then.
>be in kabukicho, nigerian touts (people who stand and tells over to come inside the store) approaches me
>"yo you want girls, beer, drugs?"
>I tell him "nigga you trying to hustle me?"
>he shakes my hand and we bro hug before departing

>rented a room, met Japanese chicks over the Internet over the filmsy pretext of "let's do language exchange"
>bang a 27 years in the ass and pussy. She gives me a rim job without asking, she then leaves.
>bang a 33 years comes over, I bang her in the ass. She also gives me a rim job.
>I banged 2 Japanese chicks on the same day, they were at least 6.5/10 in my book
>be in club in Japan, enterance fee is $35
>they give you 2 tickets, 2 free drinks and dancing all night long
>the dance floor in Roppongi is too clean
>girls don't take selfies or group pictures
>people don't dirty dance
>chicks don't like it when I grind them from behind
>I kept smoking in the club
>weird culture shock

Maybe it's because I didn't go to a Nigerian own, dirty club? This club was somewhat upscale.

>My date paid an onnsen, with the rooms and everything
>(to be fair, I paid for a couple meals earlier)
>we go to the private onnsen, it's nice as fuck
>head back to the room, she's wearing a yakatta (like a kimono, but less flashy)
>I unrobe her yakatta and bang her
>as I'm banging her pussy, I mentally tell myself
>"Yes, I'm finally banging a Japanese chick in a onnsen. Dream comes true!"
File: B0GTYHEIQAAK8oW.jpg (139KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Does anyone know what the situation is like for buying pharmaceuticals in Japan? For long flights I like to have sleeping pills or xanex to calm my nerves, and I'm wondering if it's possible to buy things like that in Japan without having to see a doctor and getting a note.
I'm going back to Japan again in 15 days. What adventure will I have? Bang more Japanese chicks in the ass and pussy? Get a Japanese woman pregnant? Join the Yakuza? I might post it in the future.

As an old fag (late 20s) here's my advice to you ... be grateful that you'll be studying in Japan for 2 years, be grateful as fuck. Be sure to enroll in JET or TSEL and get your teaching cert while you're at it.

As for making money, think outside of the box. You can write in English, you can make money on the Internet, whether it's playing online poker, self publishing books on Amazon, or a freelance writer ... there are tons of ways to make money on the Internet during your spare time. Just don't fall victim in "work at home" shit, they're just trying to sell you something.

Enjoy your time in Japan, go forth and impregnant Japanese women!
>be me
>travel to japan
>all the japanese chicks want my gaijindick
>pick all the 10/10
>had a giant gang-bang
>gang-bang rolls from tokio to mt.fuji and back, constantly fucking
>gang-bang lasted 3 weeks
>best vacation ever

How old are you?

Once you hit your 30s I think you can no longer bang young Japanese women in their early 20s. At least it's a lot harder
>Once you hit your 30s I think you can no longer bang young Japanese women in their early 20s. At least it's a lot harder

I'm not so sure about that, because

1) Women generally dig guys who are older
2) Japan is more lax about age difference unlike the west

But I guess I have to get old and see for myself. Thank god I age well, and still look like I'm in my early 20s.
Bumping this. How do I save money in Japan?
>How do I save money in Japan?
A) Open a bank account and deposit money.
B) Hide it in a sock under your mattress.
the same way you save money everywhere in the world. don't spend it on stuff you can do yourself (e.g. cooking)
trying in new thread again:

Anyone has experience when it comes to working at clubs despite only holding the Working Holiday visa?
Particularly Jumanji55 (I heard they are always looking for people and I really need a fucking job) would be good.
Posting this in here, didn't realize there was a Japan thread. Guess I should have checked.

How much would a one week trip to Tokyo and surrounding areas cost for two people, not including airfare? I'm assuming we won't go far outside the city, maybe to Mt. Fuji and in that area. We also don't want to go to fancy restaurants and will go with mostly street food.

Activities are up in the air, but we would be open to most.
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I'm getting anxious waiting for the JET interview results. What do? Where else should I be applying? Aeon?
There's another thread about this but it seems like this is a better place.

>Need help deciding on what gifts to bring to Japan. I am from the West Coast in the USA.

I ask because I'll be using Airbnb and I want to bring my hosts gifts.
you forgot
C) take said sock and use it to rob local liquor stores
Hey Japan eternal, i was looking to go abroad to Japan by autumn this year (early october) mainly for the fact i came into some money and really wanted to take in a brand new culture, and my eye had caught this language school:

Has anybody heard anything about it, good or bad? I was looking at the Fukuoka school as im interested in smaller cities. Also for anybody travelling a year or so, i have some questions:

Whats a good amount of money to bring for a year of school and travelling?
Best method of residence? Homestay? Apartment/dorm?
Is it strange trying to bang a jap girl in the ass? How many would do ass over pussy?
I got laid in my home country and in Japan

however no bf in Japan
and barely any lays especially by japanese guys
life is suffering
are you into small dicks?
Omiyage is usually a special, high-end food item from your home locale. If you're from the PNW try some salmon candy or something like that (thats what I brought when I went from Vancounver-Osaka). If you're Cali then I dunno you tell me what your local speciality is. Giardelli chocolate?
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Planing on going to grorgirogrgus Nippon this summer. Staying for ten days! About 2.5km from Tokyo's centre.
What to do?
How much does money and drink costs?
The avaliablilty of alcohol (open-hours etc)
I think you quoted the wrong guy. Anyway I've lived in California my whole life so I don't really know what's considered a local delicacy but I'm thinking I'll just bring flavored almonds and pistachios from my local Farmer's Market. Maybe some wine as well. If nothing else I'm going with a Mexican, I'm sure he's got some ideas.
Do you have experience working in clubs in another country? Have you seriously considered that working in a club is the type of job you want?

I worked as a bouncer at ID Nagoya, one of the largest clubs in the country, for a year and a half, and before that as a service crew/runner in Wax Osaka. Working in a club is a pretty shitty job man. Shit pay, poor management, and pretty depressing and exhausting work. All of these would be amplified by ten times if we're talking about a club in Roppongi like Jumanji55.

Do you know what kind of job you'd have? Because it certainly won't be bartending, and unless you're a large imposing person, you probably won't be bouncing.

If you REALLY want a job in a nightclub, I would at least suggest getting one that's not in Roppongi.
Magnets, local candies/confectioneries, stickers, postcards, etc

You don't have to bring them anything, you beta cuck
I know, but I like people and I like to make people happy. If I can drop 5 bucks and get something they enjoy, if only for foreign novelty, then I consider that a good use of my money.
Is it possible to attend the snow festival in Sapporo and after that go somewhere to southern Kyushu to witness hanami?
They're all pretty opposed to it. I've only had one that was even open to the thought, but we didn't have any lube
Japanese (and Chinese) chicks can barely take dick. You're think they are jumping on the anal train with a foreign cock?
Thanks for your reply.
I do not really *want* to work at a night club but they are always hiring and I need the cash.
Better jobs mostly hire for 3 months at least but I will leave Tokyo after 2,5.

The jobs they offer on their homepage are greeting personnel, bartenders, ID check and waiter.
Are you sure they are real japanese people?
I was looking up a lot of offers on Airbnb when I was looking for a place to stay. Most of them are company ads and you will most likely only live with other foreigners.
I'm only actually staying in one guy's spare room, the rest I'm renting the whole apartment, and I'm pretty sure he's native Japanese. He also offered to drive us around a bit so regardless I want to get him a gift. I'll bring a few extra things in case any of my others hosts (or anyone else) are/is particularly helpful.
Well none of them can take it from the back but if you get them wet enough its usually no problems in other positions
If you're talking about a short term way to make some extra money, I say go for it. It'll be an interesting and memorable experience at the least.

I don't know why staying in a CEO's apartment/office would be nice, he didn't offer me shit lmao. I thought it would be full of people who are in college/recently graduated and would like to go drink w/ me
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I saw the police ONE time when I was in Japan.
And that was when they were questioning a couple of nig nogs.

I managed to sneak a photo.
What the fuck is going on in this thread? I had to double check to make sure im not on /b/.
They love chewy sweet things. Maybe some toffee, nougat, or caramels would be an easy generic pleaser.

or try something healthy.

I just arrived in tokyo today with gifts for japanese friends. Your hosts probably wont expect or desire a gift, must something eadible or pretty and exotic to japan will be good
Cockless wonders pretending to get laid
File: Japan-Korea 317.jpg (2MB, 4000x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Japan-Korea 317.jpg
2MB, 4000x3000px
While I was there I frequently saw police, but this is the only time I saw them having to do anything. They chased this guy down and tackled him, I think he stole something.
A shame he wasnt black. That wouldve made for a better picture!
Replying to the new guy again; this is the quickest way possible to get thrown out.
File: 20141210_122211.jpg (1MB, 1000x1333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1000x1333px
Only time I saw a cop was outside my hotel in Kamata, Tokyo, there was an area full of massage parlors. Every night a cop and who I guess were ordinary Japanese citizens would walk around with those light-up wand things they use to direct planes in to land. They would walk down the street in a kind of formation. I ran into them a couple times and the cop always gave me a shitty look.

I figured they were a kind of police-led vigilante group that tried to stop solicitation (pic is these little signs they had on the road) but I'd never seen this sort of things anywhere else in Japan, even in the obvious red light districts of Tokyo/Osaka. I asked at the reception of my hotel but they politely denied any knowledge of what I was talking about so I dropped it.

Actually now that I think about it I did see another cop - it was in Osaka at one of those ultranationalist party van protests, the ones that yell about Koreans. There was a Vice "documentary" about them.

What does that sign say?
Not him and forgive my shit Japanese, but basically:

"Touting is prohibited.
Standing in people's way, following them, etc. is illegal."
So guys i am going to Japan for 3 weeks in march, by my self.
Going to be skiing 3 days, 3 days osaka, 3 days kyoto, rest i think tokyo because i like the metro and i cant be fucked traveling with my huge luggage for too long.
Could you suggest me some things to see?
I run out of ideas for entertainment.
You could mix things up once you stash your stuff in a hotel in Tokyo by taking day trips to, say, Nikko, Kamakura, Hakone, Fuji, etc.

Also I'm pretty sure there are services to transport your luggage between hotels but I've never tried it.

For the record I'd be perfectly happy to spend that length of time in Tokyo, though.
Okay but there's another problem:
Technically, you are not allowed to work at bars/clubs with a Working Holiday visa. My friends in Fukuoka never had problems, though.
Do the recruiters ask to see your visa or do cops control workers in clubs in Tokyo?
Me and a friend are going in March as well. What have you got so far, what are you interested in? What days where exactly?
hello japan general
after some research it seems that citizens from my country do not require a visa to travel to japan. anyone experience with how this works?
This leaflet provides you what to do in case of earthquake in Tokyo:


PDF of 3 MB in 4 languages including English
You board the plane, arrive at Narita(or whatever airport you'll be landing to), go through immigration and you're done. Have a great trip!
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unnamed (1).jpg
20KB, 470x313px
Is it still possible to get this anywhere?
I think most countries don't need a visa. On the plane, you get a ticket that you have to fill out, with info on what you're doing, where you'll be staying etc. Make sure to fill out both sides or you'll get yelled at by an angry custom officer. Well after that you just walk through
I'll be going to Japan in March by myself and my family fear for my safety. Is it good to rent a phone there or a wifi router? Do I really need a phone?
depends on what you wanna do with it I guess
Have you ever traveled for, internationally? What country are you coming from. I'm assuming USA, only because you asked about phones, and most people here don't have unlocked phones and half don't even have GSM phones. If you have a phone that accepts a SIM card , get it unlocked, and then buy a prepaid phone card when you get there.
What were some items you think anyone travelling to japan really needs to bring / things you wish you would've brought on your last trip to japan?
I've seen it in vending machines around. Haven't looked for it elsewhere, though.
Japan is the safest country on earth.
Trust me, I'm from sweden and I'm more on edge at home than in tokyo. You don't need a phone.
Going in summer - bug repellent.
Take your phone, assuming it's a smartphone, then just use free wifi to email them updates.
I didn't have a w.h. visa so I can't speak from personal experience, but from what I've heard most bar/club owners enforce that rule quite strictly. I'm surprised you have friends that managed to dodge that. It can be risky, especially in Tokyo where they are used to dealing with a large number of gaijins and their visa issues.
i have been hired by as an ALT for april in Ibaraki. My company is currently getting my visa ready (it's been a month with no respond though) buuuuuut in my provisional contract and manual the company highly suggest I have a

"return ticket home" to avoid suspicion from Japanese immigration.

Does that mean i have to purchase two tickets? i'm slightly confused and hope someone can share from experience what that means
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