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travelling stories thread? >be inter-railing back to england

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travelling stories thread?
>be inter-railing back to england from prague with my travelling partner ollie
>decide to visit my german friend along the way
>turns out she got kicked out and lives with her boyfriend and his parents
>luckyly they're sound and let us stay for a couple nights
>never met her boyfriend before, turns out he's a huge punk
>Mohawk, dreads at the back, dreads adorned with those metal bits from lighters, self done tattoos of a stick figure beating up a swastika, pretty intimidating tbh
>he also doesn't speak any english, but does understand it
>we hang out with all his punk friends during the day, drinking in the park at like 2pm, listening to the specials on a shitty tape player, doing other punk things
>apparently if you have white laces in your DM's you're a nazi, if you have black laces you're a punk
>"whats with the guy with the black and white checked laces?"
>"he just really likes ska"
>make eye contact with this german girl
>she speaks a bit of english, we start making out within like half an hour
>ollie is all like "hey anon, whats her name?"
>i fucking hate you ollie
>turns out she lives near boyfriend guy so she gets the same taxi home as us
>gives me a handjob in the back of the taxi
>boyfriend guy notices, nods at me as if to say "good job"
>doesn't let on, no one else notices i'm getting a hand job
>from that day on we were good friends
Classic Ollie
>In Norway
>Me and couple of friends trying to hitchhike our way from countryside to Bergen
>Wait at some gas station
>Rainy as fuck and no one stops
>After like 3 hours waiting there someone finally gives us a ride
>Cant take us all the way to Bergen but can shorten the distance for us
>Lithuanian guy
>bad ass looking, too serious
>uncomfortable ride the first 10 minutes
>Eventually got pulled over by an officer for speeding
>Mad as fuck
>Officer has to change from Norwegian to English because he is not following
>Receives his fine
>Tells us he has to pay 8000KR
>nearly 1000 euros
>Awkward silence
>"I am not telling my wife about this"
>We all lol'd
>All of a sudden guy becomes super talkative and trip turns out to be very chill afterwards
Kind of a long one, bear with me:

>in London staying at hostel
>drinking mid-afternoon
>desk girl says she has a friend who can get awesome acid
>beers on the way there
>meets in pub, have a pint or 2 and buy acid
>go to camden town, buy buckfast
>take 1 hit, not feeling it
>take 1 more, feeling it now, drink buckfast
>take 2 more while piss-down-your-leg drunk
>do clothes shopping on 4 hits of acid, my outfit is now awesome
>go to hostel
>some swede I banged starts being a dumb ho, harshing my mellow
>grab all my shit and leave in a boozey rage
>head towards train station
>wake up in deserted train station on train, like no security guard or driver, or anything
>booze has worn off, still flying from acid
>all highways and train station are deserted, not a soul in sight
>walk along motorway for 10 minutes
>hear car way off in the distance
>Stick out thumb to hitchhike
>he stops
>He's even higher than I am
>ask for a beautiful place to watch the sunrise, give him 5 quid
>he takes me to a wakeboarding dock, I watch the sunrise
>cross motorway, still fucked on acid
>see buddhist monks leaving temple, praying, bowing, feeding ducks, doing monk stuff
>follow them in procession to some giant gold buddha temple
>buddhas talking to me man and hes telling me it's gonna be all good
>follow the monks into temple
>end up staying there for 3 days, praying and cleaning the lawn and raking the zen garden and shit
>I made them pizza
>and then everybody ate pizza. The End.

pic related
>This one time, I got so wasted...
>...and it was TOTALLY awesome!
you have had sex with fewer than 20 women in your life, your opinion is irrelevant.
You literally could make a more pleb statement than this
sleeping behind the extension at the skatepark and i hear these screams of agony and pain coming towards me, gets closer and suddently turns to anger and hate, then switches back to screams of pain and despair, and as it gets right next to me, switches back to vicious hate and anger, and then walks passed while my heart beating and keeps changing to the other end of the park when i finnally cant hear it anymore, i knock out.
What the fuck?
you need jesus in your life bro
Only semi-related, but that reminds me. Germanfag here, live with my girlfriend. I keep getting mail about once every month for some guy who must have lived here before, or was 'tracked' here by some collections agency. Specifically for automated speed-trap cameras or toll roads or some shit, from Norway. My girlfriend and this guy share a same forename initial and last name, but neither of us ever been to Norway nor own cares. I called 'em a couple times to tell them we're not this guy , wrote 'return to sender'. Still get those letters. Now I open 'em to look before trashing 'em, and I have to lol, 'cause he gets a late penalty added each time. I think the initial fine was something around 100€, it was up to over 700€ last letter I checked.
Is your friend Ollie from Hull by any chance?
I can't stop laughing. Why did this get to me so badly? Ahaha god damn that is whack shit.

that was actually a pretty good story man, don't hate
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Thread images: 3

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