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>Hostel stories. Good or bad doesn't matter go

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>Hostel stories. Good or bad doesn't matter

looking forward to some stories, in 2 days I'll be going to Yurop for about a month and will rest in hostels here and there for a few nights!

Minna-san, please share your stories!
Not really related to the hostel but here goes

> In hostel in Iceland on solo trip
> Meet fellow burger who was ex army prison guard (i.e. a little crazy)
> "I'm renting a car for a few days, want to drive around and see shit?"
> Why not, cheaper than bus tours anyway
> Car ends up being rusting 1990s shitbox vw polo
> He spends most of his time behind the wheel taking pictures every 5 seconds with his phone and repeating the phrase "that's bad ass shit"
> Almost run off road so many times I lost count
> Almost ran another car off a cliff
> Get to hostel in Hofn and he starts arguing with some brit girls within 2 minutes of getting to our room over politics
> On the way back into reykjavik, car overheats and starts smoking
> Me and this poor canuk girl with us end up hitchhiking with some minister lady back to the burbs and then catching the worlds longest bus back to hlemmur square

This is why nobody likes new yorkers
> In Hanoi
> Hear Thai being spoke
> Introduce myself to a few Thai girls traveling
> Have an awesome time
> They are going to be doing work and travel in the US
> After I move back
> One will be here on Friday

The worst stories are not really bad at all.
Drunk Americans bragging about scamming whores.
Drunk white girls not knowing how to be fucking quiet in a dorm/hostel room.

lso, Hanoi Backpackers really does have a Knotiki vibe, but I was amazed at how many cool people I met.

why no likes american army guys

i went a on a trip with a army guy once

he was drunk the whole time and ended up throwing up on me one day. constantly made me embarrassed of being 'murican
I stayed in a hostel in Berlin where people were cooking and smoking crack in the kitchen. It was pretty fucked, they were these four Australian guys in their mid 20s and the hostel was quite decent, not what i was expecting at all
I really don't have any amazing stories. I've stayed in a lot of grimy hostels so it's more of stories of shitty conditions than anything amazing happening.
>first time backpacking, me 21, cousin 17
>in Amsterdam in a shitty hostel
>2 super hot French girls with a fruity French guy in same room
>me and cousin leave for the town at the same time every day
>last day, we go back to our room to take backpack
>French girls got used to our schedule after 3 days, they're in the room in itty bitty bras and thongs
>Embarrassed all around, sights and sounds of staying in hostels...

They didn't speak much English though so I never really got to talking to them :(
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>not talking to them because they didn't speak english
>not using the language barrier to hide the autism you undoubtedly have
ya dun goofed son.
you also failed your duty to lead the way for your younger cousin.
>first time ever staying in a hostel in Sydney, 19 years old
>tiny six bed dorm
>small window, smells pretty bad
>flamboyant gay couple in the bunk bed next to me
>lube and condoms in the room
>they hung up their towels in front of their bunk and fucked
>before going out to party they smoked crack or whatever in the room
>one of them worked at a pizza place and brought pizzas home every day but that was the only good thing

Left that place after 3 nights and found an awesome hostel where I ended up staying for a month
>Hostel in Rio.
>Haven't booked yet in advance yet
>book 1 night, if better go full two weeks
>walk in, see a skidmark on the floor leading from the toilet to one of the beds
>see a girl sucking off a hairy latino
>other US tourist telling me to go while i still can
>dutchman also packing his bags. He sees i'm dutch. 'Kankerhoerenplek dit, ik ga pleite ouwe'
>translate: cancer fucktards place this, screw this im leaving
>follow him, we book a hotel for the next two weeks.
>i leave, he stay for two more days
>good friends now back in the Netherlands
>stay at hostel near Sorbonne university in Paris
>reasonably large kitchen to make poverty-tier backpacker meals
>Jardin de Luxembourg is barely 10 minutes away, the Seine is 20
>right on top of subway line
>nightlife is kicking
>everyone is student aged
>everything is student priced
>life is good
>squatting in hostel shower room as I write this because a group of school kids have filled up the dorms and I can't afford a private room
>early morning cleaners have just come in and started cleaning showers
>trying to keep silent but they'll realize my stall is locked eventually
>wtf do I do, guys

Name of hostel?
> In a hostel in Kuala Lumpur
> Only other guy (middle aged) in my dorm approaches me
> Starts talking about the gay scene around here
> Begins rubbing my arm and telling me I have a great body

> Be in a hostel in Manila
> I give a polite smile and hello to a guy as I walk to my single room
> Later see him hovering outside my room, can tell he's an uphill gardener
> I try to keep the door locked as much as possible
> Later the door handle wiggles and he gets a foot in
> "Can I come in.." "FUCK OFF, MAN!"

I think I am far more popular with homosexual men than with heterosexual women.
Young and Happy hostel
I'm incredibly ugly myself and have no chance at random hookups especially with people that don't speak the languages I speak. Only chance I have is to win em over with my charm.
This is in Athens, Greece.

American girl told me how she tried anal once and didn't like it.

Korean guy told me how his urethra got infected and hurt like hell after having sex with a STD ridden hooker without protection.

The girl was hinting, she wanted to try if your little peepee didn't hurt in her butt
>8 bed dorm
>me, korean butterface, chinese guy and a group of weaboos
>hit it up with the korean
>share bed
>start making out
>we fuck next to some greasy neckbeard weeabo with boxes of figurines stapled outside his bed
>he was awkwardly switching from side to side all the time
>next morning, we think they're all gone
>fuck again, loud this time
>in the middle of me going at it from behind we hear someone leaving his bed and going out of the room

idk boring story BUT AT LEAST I'VE HAD SEX

>Be in Cape Town
>First night in city after transcontinental journey
>Get tasty in many bars
>Pass out
>Notice a girl in my same dorm when I awake.
>Not a qt3.14
>I repeat not a qt3.14
>Oh well. Ask if she wants to get breakfast with me anyway.
>Continue to spend day with her checking out the city. She is nice enough.
>Still hungover, decide to take it easy that night.
>Go to sleep.
>Rudely awoken at 1 am by the drunk flat face dog.
>Lights on
>Sleeping bag pulled off me
>"I was nice to you all day!!"
>"YOUHave to come out!!!"
>Too terrified to go back to sleep
>Morning she is gone
>She changed dorms and told everyone at the hostel I slept naked and tried to come on to her.
>MFW no one talks to me at the hostel for the next week.
I took a Acid at Maromba with friends. It was cool
>In Cologne hostel with class
>about 2am, all chilling in the reception room
>one dodgy gypsy comes to sit in an armchair next to me
>speaks Romanian very loud on the phone, I can hear him past my headphones with music in
>"Yes I found this good place, they have TV as well, I think you can even sleep in here"
>think: well obviously you can sleep it's a fucking hostel
>another gypsy comes up after 10 minutes, tracksuit pants and shiny black shoes
>goes straight to the bar and pays for 15 or 30 minutes of internet (on the computers)
>checks facebook and shit
>comes back and starts talking to first gypsy
>"fuck you you got me in trouble I told you not to fucking run"
>"what the fuck you think I need your money I can go out and rob 20 euros from morons just on this street"
>"whatever let's just chill here until 5 then we can take the train to [some other town] where we can sleep at my mate then split to do our business"
>"just put together 2 armchairs in the back area and lay on them to sleep"
>first gypsy gets up and orders a glass of water (free) with ice
>tired of their shit
>go to reception, tell the guy I overheard them and they're dodgy as fuck
>go take a piss
>come back after 2 minutes, police there
For shits'n'giggles, I would have called the cops. That's exactly the kind of Australian scum who deserve to be deported and b&.
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You tell this story every time this type of thread comes up. It's a pretty crappy story man, why would anyone give a fuck if you sleep naked? Also, you probably should have just given her the d and gotten it over with.

first time telling it actually.
>why would anyone give a fuck if you sleep naked?

1.It's a hostel not a hotel room
2.I think they cared more about the coming on.
>Hostel here in Phnom Penh
>Little imp like Chinese guy on top bunk of my bed
>Walk into room opening the door wide
>The little imp is hiding behind the door
> I turn and apologise
>Has his phone out and just takes a picture of me
>i go sit on my bed
> He crawls up to his own
>He comes crawling back down with a bag full of cooked crickets
>Offers me some
>I eat one, pretty gross but still
>He lays down on my bed with his head near my legs
>I ignore him as i am reading
>He starts making grunting noises
>I ask if he is ok
>Doesn't speak English at all
>He lays on the floor next to my bed still grunting
>I push the bag of crickets off my bed
>He looks upset and leaves

He clearly wanted my noodle
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The /trv/ classic.
jesus christ
rape the worker to assert dominance of your new domicile
I can totally see a pack of aussies doing this. It probably happened. Why are people so cruel. ;_;
Why are Australian men the absolute lowest form of travelers?

The English I've met have been fine (though usually ignorant drunks), the Western Europeans are alright, it's always nice to talk to a fellow American sometimes, the Irish have been fucking great, but dear god the fucking Aussies.
I legit hate aussies.
If i meet some one in a hostel i usually pray for them to be canadian or decently educated american.

Aussie bogans ruin beta's Eurotrip, I love it
That's not a /trv/ classic, that was a /b/ post
Pretty sure I've heard that or a very very similar story before. You've told it before (no shame), or maybe the bitch just gets around?

lurkmore newfag. I even remember that thread.
what do you guys do about snoring in hostels?

occasionally (usually when I drink) I snore loudly and I feel really guilty on other people if I disturb their sleep but there's literally nothing I can do about it
Sleep on your stomach/side. I was in a hostel room once where an obese guy snored like a motherfucker. The loudest snoring I ever heard. The guy sleeping in the lower bunk of my bed woke him up a few times to sleep on his side cause it was impossible for the rest of us to sleep.

Now what do you do about people who fart in their sleep? Was in a hostel room once with some old Mexican (this was in Mexico so go figure...) and he farted throughout the night, went to the toilet like 5 times and continued farting. Luckily I slept near the open window so I never smelled it but it was annoying as fuck...
thanks for the advice dude i'll give it a go
>Be last year
>Travel to Germany
>Spend two days in Munich
>Travel down to Straubing for Gäubodenvolksfest
>First night at festival
>Get smashed
>Back to hostel
>Loose friends
>Think there in room
>Bang door
>No answer
>Kick door in
>Go to bed on top bunk
>Hour or so later need piss
>Try to climb down backwards
>Too drunk
>Try forwards
>Slip and fall
>Sprains ankle
>Spend next three days limping around beer festival
>By day two, swelled to the size of a fucking lemon
>Drunker I get less it hurts
>Back home, takes ages to heal
>Can't drive etc.
>It'll be a year next month and it still aches every now and again
>will return to beer festival next year

always take a pair of earplugs just in case. I really can not stand snoring, I can not sleep with even the slighest snoring.

Fuck, this lady in SA like she was 45 snored like a hog, I don't know how she didn't wake herself up. After that sleepless night I always bring them.
Worst place I've ever stayed at was the Crew House in St Maarten. Besides being a dump, the guy in charge, "Shadow", is nearly retarded. I had so many problems with him because he kept fucking up and blaming me for his mistakes. He would bitch at me in front of all the other guests and I basically became a pariah. The morning when I was supposed to check out and get my $40 deposit back he was nowhere to be found and the owner hasn't returned any of my emails asking for it back.
worth it
>hostel in Kyoto
>Japanese hostels apparently have to air out the rooms/bathroom as much as humanly possible even during winter
>like to sleep in the morning
>wake up freezing
>bathroom is always freezing

fuck this shit
I'm staying in hotels next time
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>Hostel in London
>Two slutty girls from California talking about how they want to go north to see "Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, and the rest of the UK."
>They refuse to believe that Canadians and Australians use dollars as well
>They refuse to believe that Australia is closer to Hong Kong than London
>Exchange horrified glances with the Ausies I was bunking beside the entire time

>Hostel in Oxford
>Two different girls from California check in
>Apparently after finding out that '12 person mixed dorm' isn't a private room for the two of them, they demand a refund
>Hostel policy is no refunds without 48 hours notice
>At one point, the girls yell "BUT WE'RE AMERICANS" before eventually grabbing their luggage and running out into the night
>Everyone at the hostel is royally shook

>Hostel in Toronto
>Drunk Australian girl sits down with my friend and I as we're just chilling on the patio and gives an impromptu rant about how abos need to be wiped off the face of the earth
>be 17
>first trip abroad alone
>London UK
>cheap but nice hostel near St. Pauls Cathedral
>man in his 50s in bed next to me
>smells of sweat like crazy
>guy in another bed changes room same day
>another guy tells him to take a shower
>'mah countree n i do what i want'
>fuck...cant sleep because it stinks
>survived 4 days somehow
>my backpack still has the smell of his sweat 2 weeks later
>stayed in a Hotel next time
>tfw have catathrenia
>look it up yourself
it's not as bad as snoring, but it is kinda embarrassing. I can't help it, it's not harmful (like snoring can be) and there's no real treatment. It doesn't really bother me, since I sleep right through it, but I know it wakes others up.

think u stayed in a homless shelter m8
YHA London St. Paul's
YHA sux
Nope, it was originally posted here in a 'beta travel stories' thread.
Do you still stay in hostels? What reactions do you get?
What kind of nerd follows people somewhere without being invited? He deserved it for being such an autist.
Because minimum wage is high, so essentially everyone can afford to travel. Plus there is an ingrained culture amongst young men of being 'loose' and essentially being as antisocial and boorish as possible.

I'm an Australian and travel solo, but I caught up with a mate in Barcelona for a few nights once and it was extremely embarrassing. He got drunk as fuck every night simply so he could tell everyone how rat shit he got last night and how many beers he drunk. I've agreed to travel with him and a few others for a fortnight in Cambodia in a few months which I'm already regretting
>Go to bed in dorm after watching scary movie in the lobby, crazy dream ensue
>Someone comes into the room after a night out
>Jolt awake, let out a yell that wakes up most of the dorm
>Mutter an apology and go back to sleep

>Spend a few days traveling by night bus, haven't slept in 48 hours.
>Finally get to hostel, in bed by 9pm
>Group of half a dozen drunk lads burst in, flip on the lights, shout to each other and sexually harrass girls in the dorm
>I am awake for about the two seconds it takes to realise 'oh it's just those guys again', before I resume sleeping soundly through the racket.
I wany to travel to Hanoi but I'm chubby and I sweat a fuck load so I don't think I can stay at any hostels. Do hostesl have a/c? I think I need to get a hotel because I can't sleep if I'm sweaty. During the day I don't mind but its just at night
well when your country was founded by fugitives how do you think they will act?

fuck it. ur not the first and won't be the last.
Some hostels will have A/C but most don't Look around on hostelbookers to see if the hostel will have A/C.
NIGGA that don't make sense. I'm saying I cannot sleep if its hot/humid as I expect Hanoi to be all the time. And I'm asking if hostels have a/c? As I've never been to one
Hanoi actually has a winter season. If you go December to March the night time temps will be at around 15 degrees which is quite nice for sleeping.
good ol drunken injury stories.
That last story is fuckin risky even for canadian standards. Fuckin aussies.
>Hostel in Tokyo
>first time travelling, much less alone
>Meet lots of cool people, one of which is australian
>nights of drinking and shit
>4th night, australian guy comes in piss drunk
>ranting about japs and wanting to see his girlfriend "momoko"
>being a general nuisance around the common area
>nobody wants to handle him
>leaves it to me because im the only one taller than him
>you fucking pussies this isn't a war I dont care if Im american
>take him outside, he's belligerent.
>realize he means "his girlfriend Momoka"
>Met Momoka in Beppu, she was bicycle touring, and she definitely wasn't anybody's girlfriend IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN
>dont have the heart to tell him
>he ends up blubbering and telling me how cool americans are.
>wasted 600 yen on canned vending machine coffee to get this fucker to sober up
>finally get him up to his room
>go back to common room
>Suddenly get avoided by everyone like it was my fault

goddamn unappreciative Germans
>Plus there is an ingrained culture amongst young men of being 'loose' and essentially being as antisocial and boorish as possible.

the nicest way to put it (I'd have put it more as glorification of idiocy/self-inflicted retardation.) I feel like its worse nowadays than in the past too (more and more binge drinking according to stats.)

Was this a Khaosan hostel? The hostels there are awesome, staff are chill, but a lot of the dudes who just hang in the common room are obnoxious fucks.
I've only ever stayed at a hostel once, it was last year, but it was so interesting that I'm going to do it every time now.

>Be in Romania last october for a week and a half
>Was staying at hosts but they were total shit, was mistreated and had panic attacks n shit
>Fembro I met over OKCupid is staying at this hostel, knows of my plight, recommends I come there
>Leave almost instantly
>Proprietor is STRONK BUTCH Romanian woman
>Her brother is co-owner with her, is beatnik
>Fembro had talk with her, she gives me a discount and a changes my bed's sheets and cleans them in front of me while making conversation
>Later on meet hostel residents
>Half-Chinese Half-British guy with huge ornate crucifix tattoo who loves to party
>Black Norwegian-born somalian with romanian gf
>Huge buff Iranian studying to become Dentist who hates Islam for fucking up his MIGHTY ACHAEMENID EMPIRE
>Seriously this guys got tats all over of Ancient Persian statues and script
>Fembro is Australian who breeds Dobermanns and tours the world
>Feel weird cause most vanilla guy there, dumb guy on vacation

It's just gender roles, you need to pursue the girls, for the gay men you are the girl.
>be in china
>book a hotel in bashang area
>area is primarily mongolian
>hotel is under construction
>nobody is manning the counter
>have to yell at the top of my lungs in each of the abandoned buildings to find someone
>only guest in hostel
>construction going on outside of my window and all around me
>go into bathroom
>an inch of water on the floor
>thankfully shower works
>try to go to sleep
>freezing as fuck because there is no heating
>no civilization within an hours drive have to eat at hostel
>thankfully they have a working kitchen
>place i eat has construction material strewn all over the place
>wasn't all that good food
The workers were nice, though. They were very excited that I was white and two feet taller than the tallest one there.
I do, but I try to sleep on my sides or stomach to minimize it, which helps. It tends to be 'worse' (louder, longer, more frequent) if I am super tired or sick or otherwise having a bad sleep, or if I'm completely sauced when I go to bed. Normally it's like 7 or 8 quite loud prolonged hummmmms/groans 30 seconds apart, once every few hours.

Occasionally I'll sleep with a pillow or bunched up sweater over my face. My girlfriend is a champ for tolerating it for (so far) 2.5 years.

I've had kicks and shakes of my bed at night. I'm a deep sleeper so shushing me won't do shit. Many funny looks the next morning, but IDGAF -- I really can't help it. Friends/girlfriends have said shit like: 'lol, were you having a wet dream anon? sounded like you were dreaming something pretty sexy, hahaha' -- so you get the idea.

It only makes me think twice about camping out in the Serengeti or Amazon or something. Would just be like lighting a flare for all the wild animals to come eat me while I sleep.
As long as you're cool with it, it's alright. My father has sleep apnea and I'm pretty used to weird sleeping noises. He snores really really loudly, to the point where my mother hasn't slept in the same bedroom as him for the past 10 or so years. It's almost impossible to sleep in the same room as him. When he was younger he used to work as a tree planter in the middle of the woods and the people he worked in were always joking that his snoring is so loud that it scares away all the bears haha.

I have pretty vivid dreams sometimes, not sexy or anything, usually plain old weird or kinda scary. I'm sometimes afraid of sleeping in hostels because I end up talking in my sleep sometimes. I woke myself up a few times screaming. But this has never happened in a hostel room and no one ever mentioned anything so I guess it's been ok thus far. I guess it's all just part of sleeping in one room with a bunch of strangers.
>last year japan
>hostel kyoto (name on request its really good)
>together with a chinese who trains an olimpya team form china, I think it was that boating shit harvard people are really good at it
>with me, my 3 german friends
>leave for kagoshima tell the chinese guy we meet again when we come back from kagoshima, he cooks we bring the alcohol
>day comes, he already starting cooking, some good fish stuff, some seaweed with tamago and cucumber cooked with garlic
>tastes pretty good, drinking starts
>we had a goal to drink one asian person under the table
>drinking goes on dude is getting really drunk
>he says we should check out a nightclub to get some japanese bitches to fuck
>all except one from us agree
>guy 1,guy 2, chinese dude called ji and me take a taxi and get to the bar
>while driving ji really gets finished and starts sleeping and snoring
>we arrive, ji falls out of the car halfdead chinese guy laying in front of the nightclub
>shit gets real he starts to talk in english/japanese/chinese mix
>he thought I was russian and starts to insult me in russian that we should go in the bar
>he falls asleep
>while we get some water for him we also get a taxi back
>he nearly pukes in the taxi but we can restrain him
>back he hits on the cute japanese girl
>the other german guy that came in today joins us
>ji says we should drink more
>we're german, of course we do
>drinking more and more
>ji sitll hitting on the japanese girl she gets annoyed but also thinks he's cute
>later that night back in the shared bedrooms
>sharing it with cute japanese girl at the bed at my head, friend under me, other friends in the bed next to it, other side ji, 2 japanese guys and the other german
>its silent
>so silent I was able t hear myself breathe
>suddendly you hear a clap clap clap
> more clap clap clap
>getts faster clapclapclapclap
>her ji moan
>japanese girl is reading so I know she was awake too
>friends awake too from what I heard the next morning
>you can hear him getting real fast
>suddendly a loud fucking chinese moan you could think that came straight from some fucking semen baptism jav
>silence again
>the next morning approaches, ji totally hungover
>he charges us for the taxi rides
>he kicks out the japanese guys for being too loud despite everyone hearing him producing jav the last night
>japanese girl totally creeped out
>get down the stairs see a hole in the ceiling
>slowly get memories back from drinking again
>ji catched the hostel owners grandson and threw him in the air
>the fuckign ceiling is barely higher than me and I am 1.80m back then
>he threw him so hard his head fucking made a hole in the ceiling

I got more stories form that hostel, was pretty fun there
>he was drunk the whole time
i see no problem with this
>be me
>be 8
>in london with family
>fooseball table
>scary looking showers

And thats most of what I remember from my time at Ace Hostel in London
Yes it was khaosan annex in asakusa.
Amazing hostel, great people, but holy shit the australians were a menace.
request please
kyotokko hostel in kyoto, its fine, the hostel manager is pretty cool the food is good and the showers are clean, can recommend 8/10

also can provide some more good stories from there

>10 am monday
>checking on my mails
>friend calls me to the window
>look outside, whole street blocked by black police cars
>armored policeman run in the house of the other side
>3 min later pull a man out, his head covered in white cloth
>police rolls off
>no one stared on the street everyone went on like it was casual stuff
>nothing about it in the newspaper on the next day either
>police rolls off and thrives like they're out to bath in sunshine
>tokyo hostel in azuka area
>sit at the tv with a friend drinking some stuff and reading my newly bought doujin
>2 american women approach
>talk up to us it was around the time when Shingeki no kyojin was in and such
>friend listening to his snk cd in the tv, german song rolling vogel im käfig
>american women are apparantly teachers
>here we go time to test the education system
>they ask why there are so many german songs in japan
>curious but rolling with the german and japanese history
>accidentially say world war 2 buddies after explaining 400 years of medicine and other trading
>they drop down the doujin and the snacks
>leave the table after saying that they need to go
>see them sitting on the table right behind us

Why are you USA guys so fanatic about the World War II stuff, it's not like we attacked you directly
The education is very biased. They're pretty much taught that Germany/Japan = bad, Allies = good.

The thing about American education is that it specializes people in 1 thing but leaves them completely ignorant and stupid in everything else. It's great in one way because they have the best experts in their given field but this also means the the people cannot hold a conversation on anything that they didn't study out of their own interest. Even educated teachers can seem really ignorant on topics they don't fully understand.
It makes sense when the goal is the degree and knowledge to make a living in X field.
Nobody makes a living off knowing a lot of general stuff in many topics for conversation.
Also, most Americans are biased regardless, our country was built on excessive patriotism and hasnt really experienced a massive cultural paradigm shift yet.
It'll happen eventually though.
I'd say it's pretty likely to dorm will have A/C, although sometimes there's a policy that prevents you using it during the day. Just check on their listing to see or contact them if you're really concerned. Also as that guy pointed out, Hanoi can also get somewhat cold during the winter season.
I agree that the goal is to have the best knowledge in a given field. However on the travel circuit it's easy to spot the ignorant American because they will have the least knowledge about anything they didn't study in their field. Kinda like with languages, there's multilinguals, bilinguals and Americans. There's also the the somewhat outdated view now that education is supposed to shape a person, not just give them a job. After all, we live in the age where the average person will work in a given field for only around 4 years and will have 10+ different jobs in their lifetime.
we have the same kind in germany but idk, like we go to school and learn everything for the start, then we pick a job and make an internship while going to school to learn that specific job, isn't it like that in the USA?
I didn't understand half of the greentext stories but I think you're simplifying a bit.

Educated americans are among the smartest in the world. But our underclass is FAR stupider than those of other countries. It's a distribution with two different means, basically.

Americans are hardly more generally ignorant of the world at large unless you're talking about our black and mexican underclass.
fuucckkk no.
I've always wished we had A-levels or german style secondary schooling.
We have the same style of "everything goes, but nothing sticks" education all the way to fucking 18.
There is no funnel to force our formative minds to choose what looks interesting, so by 18 most of us dont know what to focus on.
I at least saw it coming and said fuck it and started traveling after I graduated.
no, we don't have student to work, right to work, or comprehensive internship or training programs.

College students are basically thrown to the sharks. Even ex-felons have more job training support than new HS and college grads
That's why you have no friends, anon.

Pig disgusting weeaboo. They probably left after realizing what a fucking dweeb you are.

> Americans are hardly more generally ignorant
I get what you're saying, and would agree to an extent that Americans are often unfairly all painted as clueless idiots. But it's not just Mexicans or blacks, there really are millions and millions of stupid white people too. You also give peasant plebs outside the US too much credit.

Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Trust me, there are big problems with German-style education as well.
apparantly you are one of those clueless idiots
Of course there are clueless whites in america, and of course there are clueless europeans as well.

All things are relative, however. Painting americans as clueless is distinctly untrue. We don't speak multiple languages, so we are less cosmopolitan in that sense, but the average american white is smarter than the average european white. So characterizing americans as dumb and loud is just nationalism. And I am not giving peasant plebs in europe any credit at all. I think they are not smarter than americans on average, but I think the "racists" which are characterized as stupid and backwards are also probably not the real plebs who are ruining the country. The city folk love to extoll the beauty of multiculturalism, but the cities are the most crime ridden and least educated areas in the country. the "backward" inbreds at the ones keeping europe afloat. Take the swiss. They were made fun of for centuries as inbred, stupid, hicks. Now every german and french leftwing voter is jumping up and down trying to make it inside.

And of course mexicans and blacks are not ALL dumb. But as a whole they have earned that reputation for a reason.

Also, what are the downfalls of german style education. I am curious
>calls european cities crime ridden
>doesn't mention what happened in Chicago over the weekend

Look man, this is going to be another America vs the world thread because this is what American travelers love to do. Don't get me wrong, I love visiting your country and Americans are generally very friendly, nice, happy people who live a life of luxury from childbirth to death. But you guys are not sophisticated travelers. You go to Mexico and barely say "hola". You go to Canada and complain that it's different than the way you like it back in Texas. You go to Japan or anywhere in Asia and cause a scene that embarrasses everyone witnessing it.(over not being able to get diet coke no less) Just 3 things I've seen personally on my travels and there's plenty of other stories I hear about you guys.
>but the average american white is smarter than the average european white.

I like how you're conflating intelligence with knowledge. Pretty clear you have neither, bro. Proving once again that the average American is a fucking idiot pleb.
>implying white people did that
Look man, don't get me wrong, I love visiting your country and europeans are very generally happy and friendly people. But the fact that you keep holding white americans responsible for the things that black americans do shows me you aren't very sophisticated mentally.
>average american white is smarter than the average european white
I don't think you understand what intelligence or being smart entails in the first place so can you fuck off of /trv/ and go back to /pol/ where you can joing the arabs in hating on everything.

>"the city folk love to extoll the beauty of multiculturalism, but the cities are the most crime ridden and least educated areas in the country. the "backward" inbreds at the ones keeping europe afloat. Take the swiss. They were made fun of for centuries as inbred, stupid, hicks. Now every german and french leftwing voter is jumping up and down trying to make it inside."
this is some of the worst autism I have seen in my life can you please kill yourself? There is literally not a single thing in your entire comment which has any relation to reality.

kill yourself
I am swiss, and it is absolutely true. "cosmopolitan" europe looked down on the swiss for centuries as inbred mountain hicks. They didn't start to respect us until we had more money than them.

And I agree with him. His argument was about provincial areas and urban areas and how provincial areas as stereotyped as trashy, despite being smarter, more highly educated, and safer than urban ones.

Then you dragged race into the issue by mentioning chicago. I think it's silly to blame whites for crimes that blacks commit in a corner of the country that is probably 3k miles away from the poster in question. America is quite a large place. And it makes little sense to blame a white person for a crime committed by a black who is further away from him than the entirety of europe.

Actually. You're the racist one. because you're trying to use black people to prove that americans are dumber than europeans. Nested in your assumption is both that blacks are stupider, but yet somehow the same as whites.

You should probably be the one to kill yourself.
>provincial areas as stereotyped as trashy, despite being smarter, more highly educated


this was my first post and I'm not the one who brought black and white into this infact I told you to kill yourself for bringing it in in the first place because for all the trash in chicago there's just as much white trash in the south and mid-west.

I hate the Swiss, and Switzerland.
>I am swiss, and it is absolutely true. "cosmopolitan" europe looked down on the swiss for centuries as inbred mountain hicks.

They still are
I like how euros filled with terrorists, poverty filled cities, declining test scores, african migrants, ruined socialist economies, massive corruption scandals, etc. are calling puritanical americans who protect their religion dumb, and rich swiss who work hard like asians, reasonably invest their money, keep their cities clean and educated, etc, dumb.

I think you two proved the other poster right. americans really ARE smarter than euros
Same. I've met a few Swiss people finally, and they were carbon copies of one another. The first was very Jewish, so I thought that was the reason he was "off." But then the next few were exactly the same.

example: the post to the west of me really requires a car to do the job and get around. Every year, they hire 1 swiss person and 1 american person due to the sister cities thing. Every year, the swiss asshole refuses to buy/rent a car (despite having been told it's required for the job) and says they'll get by without, then leeches rides off of the american worker all year. So the american pays for the swiss' car and drives them around, since they do the jobs as a team and it'd look bad on the american too if the swiss didn't show up.

if that kind of behavior is why they're rich, they can go fuck themselves collectively.
File: america.png (824KB, 1024x576px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>declining test scores
>rich swiss who work hard like asians
>filled with terrorists (this one's a special level of autism boys)
>african migrants (as opposed to forcing them to come here we let in a small %)
>massive corruption scandals (romania =/= europe)
>puritanical americans who protect their religion are dumb (just the word puritanical is already a sign of inherent backwardsness in the 21st century)
just no.

the swiss are many things such as good investors, good democracy, devious, cheap and so on but hard-working is not one of them. hell even spaniards and italians work more.
>reasonably invest their money, keep their cities clean and educated, etc, dumb.

More like a bunch of cowardly mountain rednecks who've gotten fat off of stolen Nazi money sitting in their banks. They're a step above Norwegians and Saudis on the scale of pleb-countries-that-won-the-lottery.

keep blaming luck for your failure and the success of others.

Switzerland isn't the only isolated, tiny country with zero natural resources that went from dirt poor to one of the richest in the world in the span of 50 years.

Keep pretending hard work, education, self-responsibility, free markets, decentralized governments, and a traditional pace of life have nothing to do with monetary success.

I'm sure feminism, multiculturalism, and invasive federal governments work SO WELL.
>keep blaming luck for your failure and the success of others.
My country is filthy rich

>Switzerland isn't the only isolated, tiny country with zero natural resources that went from dirt poor to one of the richest in the world in the span of 50 years.
Isolated? It's smack in the middle of the most populated belt in all of Europe, stretching from Netherlands through Germany down into Northern Italy. Get a clue, idiot.

>Keep pretending hard work, education, self-responsibility, free markets, decentralized governments, and a traditional pace of life have nothing to do with monetary success.
They have everything to do with success for most of us. The Swiss meanwhile are a bunch of filthy hick bankers who got rich off of the suffering of others.

>I'm sure feminism, multiculturalism, and invasive federal governments work SO WELL.
>invasive federal governments
You haven't been to Switzerland, have you? Americans are such fucking morons, time and time again.
banking is only 4% more of the swiss economy than is banking a part of the british economy. get a fucking clue idiot. Banking has nothing to do with the fact that swiss salaries are double that in the rest of continental europe.

also, keep implying that swiss banks aren't some of the safest and most responsible in the world. What "suffering" are they getting rich off of? Is what they're doing worse than the LIBOR or EURIBOR rigging rates? Or the underwriting of greek debt? Or you continental niggers shoving all your money in cypriot banks from your illicit dealings with russia?

go fuck yourself.
I'm the one you replied to. That's not really what I was getting at, at all.

>average american white is smarter than the average european white
Besides being objectively untrue, kinda worthless since most Europeans ARE 'white' anyhow, and Europe doesn't use 'white' as a classifier.

>the cities are the most crime ridden and least educated areas in the country.
This is not true. At. All.

Cities also have lots of poor people, immigrants and 'least educated' because cities ATTRACT THEM, not produce them, because those people want to improve their chances in life. Scarping dirt in the countryside and selling cabbage isn't usually the way to go these days if you want to exit that cycle. There's a reason urban life has become increasingly popular in the last 100 years, and the ~10,000 years before that since the first villages started to form. Because cities give people the best chance to improve their lives, with better access to among many things, education.

Within Switzerland, rural areas ARE still inbred, stupid, hicks. 'Creative' financial practices, such as the Swiss are/were famous for, are realms of the Swiss urban elite.

Sorry man, but you don't know what you're talking about. Less /pol/, more library.

German education and entry into the workplace is too bureaucratic. It streams students too early in life, and is too difficult to change streams. It's meant to safely give everyone his/her own place, to prevent people from falling through gaps, and it it does it well. But, if you want to change career streams, or are smart and motivated, but don't have the proper paperwork, you're shit out of luck. You need certificates and training for fucking EVERYTHING.

On the other hand, these are sort of a check and balance system against greedy free-market liberalism that is the USA's number one export. That is changing though, thanks to global liberalization. American jobs left for Mexico and China 20 years ago, and it's starting to happen in Germany.
>rich swiss who work hard like asians
lel, the fuck am I reading? Swiss are not hard workers.

I always imagine the google-van drivers, gulping, locking the doors, shitting their pants and sweating the whole time they have to drive through ghettos. Maybe they have armed guards in the van with 'em.

Go puke up your redpills somewhere else, please. You suffer from quite a severe false dichotomy fallacy. I can just smell the greasy inside of your fedora from here. You're probably the kind of dickcheese that slings your MUH AMENDMENT assault rifle over your shoulder and walks through Toys'r'Us and Burker King just to 'make a point'.
Goddamn /pol/tards. Why do you have to shit on every single thread? I can't wait for summer to be over.
I'd like to see a couchsurfing stories thread next.

Also lily livered didn't want to get involved with WW2 bitches.
>More like a bunch of cowardly mountain rednecks who've gotten fat off of stolen Nazi money sitting in their banks. They're a step above Norwegians and Saudis on the scale of pleb-countries-that-won-the-lottery.

yes, I'm sure the swiss not being violent retards who start wars every 20 years has absolutely nothing to do with the reason they're rich and don't have to spend half of their gdp rebuilding their cities from rubble.

Yes, they're SO much worse than the nazis or the british empire who not only decimated europe, but half of the globe.

Those EVIL EVIL peaceful swiss people. We should probably take all of their money from all the suffering they inflict through PEACE.
>not being violent retards
>standing idle while their neighbours massacre tens of millions
>decide to do banking for neighbours rather than fight them

They're too cowardly to be violent.
>be fat Canadian beta
>hostel in Tokyo
>meet girl at a bar one night
>bring her back to the hostel
>think, "yes! finally going to get laid and lose my v card!"
>get back 1am
>drunken Australian bogans everywhwere, yelling and rowdy
>they see me and girl and yell, "heyyyyy LOOK AT THIS GUY!"
>one of them claws my girl and puts his arm around her
>he's about 6' 4" blonde ripped muscular bogan and bigger than me with tribal tattoos
>she's immediately impressed with him
>start to lose confidence
>she notices, eventually forgets me
>I give up and retire to my room
>2 hours later I hear moaning sounds and two people fucking a few beds over
>lift my head from the blanket, it's the japanese girl I met and the blonde Australian began
>I cried myself to sleep that night as I jerked off to the sound of them fucking

>Japanese girl

Everyone knows they squeak. Your story is obviously bs, but it's kinda amusing.
>Stealing a Canadians woman
Keep dreaming there Bruce

It's funny how people get their impressions of people from different nations.

On my last trip all the Germans I met were the nicest. "come out drinking!" Same with the French I met, "you should come to dinner"

The most distant, socially reserved were Canadians and Norwegians, the biggest cunts were Dutch.

a lot of it is about expectations or false stereotypes. French people are pretty nice and not haughty or smug or whatever other dumb shit americans stereotype them to be.

Germans inviting you to drinks is one of their national stereotypes like honestly pretty much everybody who knows some germans know they do that. and that they're quite friendly.

Socially reserved norwegians/scandinavians/finns/estonians is actually their biggest national stereotype and is pretty accurate for the most part

Dutch being cunts may be one-off. There's a lot of raver dutch tourists who are cunts though.
>Socially reserved norwegians/scandinavians/finns/estonians

They were also the most smug arrogant about their so-called socially progressive countries.
>a lot of it is about expectations or false stereotypes.

That's very true
>socially progressive countries
u wot m8
estonia is as bydlo as the rest of eastern europe although it is growing

didnt mean to have that in there just the other 3 and nehterlands
That sounds awesome.
I live in Texas.
It is so hot, all the time, so fucking hot.
I like the cold.
I just want to be cold.
You obviously know nothing about Swiss history if that is what you believe.

Swiss mercenaries were legendary, as much for their pike formations as the fickleness of their allegiance for the right price. Swiss reformation-era religious conflicts were as bloody and BBQ-human-smelling as the Spanish Inquisition. Swiss are no more 'peaceful' than any other group of humans. Neutrality in the last couple centuries was entirely a survival strategy because they knew they'd be completely steamrolled if their powerful neighbours ever wanted to.

Also, like in Afghanistan, mountainous territory is a bitch to ever truly 'control'.

Come on now. As a fellow Texan we both know that's bullshit. We swing between "Oh fuck it's summer and I'm dying of a heat stroke. Please come winter" and "Oh fuck it's winter and I'm dying of frostbite. Please come summer"

This state's weather loves its extremes.

Actually, no one fucked with them because historically any country that even dared to try invading got their shit pushed it. The ass kicking was so much, that it became more cost effective to avoid them and/or hire Swiss mercenaries.
>be from Wisconsin
>waaah it's cold

Dude, the panhandle gets Colorado levels of snow.

Are you forgetting how big this state is?
38n a party/surf town in ecuador
>barley speak a word of spanish
>go to this hostel call el puente(or however you say the point in spanish)
>chill with te hostel owners for a bit
>our conversations were basically me saying "que", "si" and "yo no tengo denero para esta", i barely understood what they were talking about(in spanish)
>one of them offers me acid
>20 bucks
>exspensive but its acid
>take the hit, they start laughing
>turns out there were 6 hits inside that blotter, which was pretty big now that I think about it
>2 hours roll by, dont feel shit, bitter and planning on robbing everyone in the hostel and dipping out that night(i pick locks)
>decide to at least surf a bit since that was what the town was famouse for
>get in water, acid kicks in
>stuggling at first but then had an epitheny to go with the flow
>caught every single wave, it was beautiful
>kept going farther in
>went to dar, current got me and I couldnt swim back
>panic, acid is starting to get really intense
>get my shit together and swim orthogonal to the current until it got weaker
>finally I get some leadway and make it back to shore
>im more than 2 miles away rom the town and trpping balls
>sit down and think about life for 2 hours
>on way back I meet 2 surfer girls
>take them back to the hostel ti hang out and smoke
>really like one of them, acid is wearing off and she wants the D
>take her to my room... I bout to go in
>acid kicks back in 3 times stronger
>room is starting to melt and i'm seeing dragons flying out of her vegoo
>only tipped harded than this once before con DMT
>lose my boner, words start coming out akwardly
>she gets upset, I make it worse
>leaves crying
>im devestaed, she was wife material and so beautiful
>realize that I fucked it up just like I fucked up all muy other relatiomships with people, by saying stupid shit I dont remotely mean and them misinterpriting

Ill have to finish my story tomorrow, it gets better. That was a crazyass night

>Be me (Dutch, traveling from Poland back to the Netherlands)
>Hostel in Berlin
>Sunday morning after some parties
>Decide to stay awake so I don't miss plane
>Join Frenchies in other dorm with my Polish wodka
>French girl is flirting with me (though she doesn't speak English/Dutch and I don't speak a whole lot of French)
>French guys go to sleep, girl is teasing me
>Pick her up, take her to the shower
>Fuck her brains out in an unlocked bathroom
>1.5 hours later, buddy wakes up
>Travel back home
>Month later; genital warts
Dude, please. Amarillo is not Milwaukee. You don't know cold, boy. You southrons think you're tought? You haven't seen the things I've seen. If only you knew.

You didn't even use a rubber on some hostel bimbo you just met? Man, I hate condoms as much as the next guy, but this is exactly the situation they call for.

Your are right on me not using a condom, but know your STD's. Genital warts are a variant of HPV (Human Papilla Virus), which can spread from skin-skin contact alone. Condoms won't save you here.
Was staying in a hostel in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I walk in to my dorm just after midnight to find 4 Serbian guys openly gangbanging this Belgian girl. Weirdest thing was this little guy from Singapore casually sitting on his bunk on his laptop like nothing was happening.
Upper middle-class American college grads in hostels are pretty annoying, but I agree that Australian 'alphas' are truly the worst.
I've told this story before, though not in a while.

>In a hostel in Greece, with a couple friends
>large bright airy 8 bed dorm, with bunk beds. Upper bunks aren't that high, roughly eye level
>a couple is already there when we arrive, turns out they're Danish, early 20s. Just chillin' on a bottom bunk together (later put together they were often totally blazed from hash)
>whatever, we say hellos, then go off to do our thing
>come back, bit late, no one else there so phew, go to bed
>some time in the night, Danish couple come back.
>Wake up earlyish in the morning, natural light flowing in so it's rather bright
>I'm in bunk opposite
>Danish couple are entwined together on a top bunk, fast asleep.
>blanket has been twisted and turned aside, they're completely stark naked
>she's on her back, tits up, one leg skewed to the side, blonde bush, pink inner labia juuuust poking out.
>he's on his side, totally free willy.
I'm not a prude at all, but was still a bit taken aback at how blasé they were. They knew we were in the room. She was pretty fit, nice plump boobies, maybe they wanted to show off.

The next morning, they woke up at a normal hour. She was in thin panties and a large loose-fitting halter top. we're all there, and she gets up, stretches and starts to do yoga poses right in front of everyone like we ain't a thang, offering ample views down her shirt of her tits, and lifting her leg over her head and shit, bending down to touch toes, both cracks getting exposed. No shame whatsoever.

This was several years ago, before creepshots on smartphone were a possibility, or I'd have some evidence.
That's why I fucking hate modern technology. These kind of glorious occurrences never happen anymore.
We've had this mentioned in hostel threads before: WTF is it with French people being loud in the middle of the night and totally inconsiderate to those trying to sleep? More than once I've woken up to a French guy speaking loudly on skype/phone at something like 4 in the morning. Or turning on the light and rummaging through their belongings, waking everyone up and not even pretending anyone else is around.
I haven't seen that firsthand, but from what I gather from /trv/ (especially other hostel stories threads), Scandinavians seem to have a way more casual relation with nudity than most of the other people.
everyone on the planet is annoying, with only individual exceptions

upper middle class american grads are practically nonexistent in the hostel scene these days because upper middle class kids are working, and college grads are impoverished.

The australians are out in full force, though.

For the most part they're not that bad. But their culture is quickly sinking lower than that of america or britain with their alcoholism and oversexed attitudes.
It's the uneducated ones who are much worse. They have no manners and have generally no respect for the local cultures and customs.

Australians though are much worse. They have the worst attitude of any nation I met so far. Although I must say that I met some older Aussies who were very nice and pleasant to talk to. So it must be the latest couple of generations that are so horrible.

Surprisingly though, I found that Brits were the nicest people of the English speaking countries that I met. I have a feeling that the ones you don't want to meet only travel to Ibiza and the like, and the ones who do travel to other parts of the world are generally decent folks.
Yeh I don't think many Brits are even aware of the concept of hostels. I did come across a group of 'lads on tour' at a hostrl in Belgrade recently but they were actually OK despite my initial impressions.
uneducated americans don't leave the country beause they have no money, and the closest foreign place is at least 5k miles away.

Older aussies are just as edgy. They're usually rugby players with half their teeth missing who are there as sex tourists.

English are the nicest anglophones. But I find them to be kind of naive. I remember one guy in particular apologizing to a muslim about the lee rigby ordeal. Really fucking rocked my world. I've personally got quite a few issues with the irish and scottish, who are usually so amazingly ignorant about the outside world that I pity them. They're not all bad, or even particularly malevolent, they just always give me this deer in the headlights expression whenever I talk about something to them outside of the british isles. Can anyone explain that to me? The welsh are okay, just kind of ugly.
>38n a party/surf town in ecuador

Wow grandpa, thanks for creeping everyone out.
I met uneducated Americans. One worked on a farm in some tiny town in New England, I met him in Mexico City. It was his first day in Mexico so I invited him out for dinner and he spoke to this older Mexican lady who was serving us exclusively in English, not even attempting broken Spanish.
>WTF is it with French people being loud in the middle of the night and totally inconsiderate to those trying to sleep?

I'm Canadian, I'm come back to the dorm wasted at 3am and turn on the lights, always makes me laugh.
not everyone in america is obligated to learn spanish, you know.

Let alone for a vacation.

Get your head out of your rear.

There are people fucking LIVING in our country who can't speak english and everyone expects americans to learn to speak just for a vacation. It's ridiculous.

BTW I speak three languages fluently and mexicans complain I don't speak spanish to them. They can go fuck themselves

Too right we conquered you, you learn English.
>went to a hostel in budapest
>had shitloads of fun and grills
>extended my stay
>got a job there
>today is my first shift, one hour left

anyone wanna hit up instant later?
I don't speak Spanish either but at least I didn't just straight up speak English to people in Mexico unless I knew they would understand a bit. This guy was just plain old ignorant. You sound like an ass yourself so there you go.
>being this much of a pleb
>But their culture is quickly sinking lower than that of america or britain with their alcoholism and oversexed attitudes.

I have lived there recently for 5 years and I cannot tell you how true that is. the difference between a 33 year old australian and a 22 year old australian is like the difference between a 33 year old brit and a 13 year old potsmoking chav.

The new generations of australians are just fucking dumb. I've lived in both britain and Australia, Britain is way fucking better. younger australians practically fucking act in real life as shitposters do on 4chan its unbelievable.
>he's one of those people that never left
only gonna hang around for a couple weeks, trying to stretch the bank a bit further. Pretty much the entire conuntry of Croatia is booked out at the moment because of ultra and a couple other festivals, inflating the hostel prices stupidly high, so Iám giving it some time before heading over there.
The worst people in hostels are the dudes who hang around, pretending to be regular guests there, act like they know of a really cool place to go, then lead groups off to some shitty, overpriced tourists-only bar that pays the guy to bring people there.
does this happen in third world countries mostly?

I've done a few international trips, but never to any place third world
Problem with Australia is that any fuckwit with a job can afford to travel overseas these days. Even minimum wage here is $30k a year or some shit.

>tfw avoid my own kind when I travel anywhere because I don't really feel like one of them anymore
>I've lived in both britain and Australia, Britain is way fucking better.

Fuck ,the weather in Britain is terrible though.

FUCK I know what you mean. I never trust anyone at the hostel anymore. Especially now when you can look up the actual cool places online. Those dudes are the worst, and they're always from the Netherlands or Sweden.
Yeah, I saw it the most in Vietnam, most of the places I stayed had the scummy mid 20s guy who had been there for months doing that shit. Maybe I was just staying at the wrong places.
Can't we all just agree that most of mainland Europe is heaps better than both Britain and Australia.

Fuck, I wish that was here. Min wage here is so poor, I don't feel like working. Would rahter shitpost on dat 4chan allday.

Nah mate we can't.
Yeah, nah
I've had a stereotypical fat neckbeard in my room who snored and farted like a cartoon character throughout the whole night. The snores where unbearable but NOTHING woke him up. Me and 5 other people went to the hallway and slept on the floor, one guy was so exhausted or maybe disgusted from the smell he started crying. Nothing too crazy, it's just one thing I remember.
What was a neckbeard doing in a hostel? Brony convention nearby or something?
also from wisconsin.
for wisconsin in the winter, falling snow means its a warm day.

Guaranteed it's grandio (or Carpe noctem or another one of these Australian white trash hostels)

>me and friend go on a midweek to Budapest
>get fucked then get fucked
>crew considers themselves big drinkers, stupid and naive aussies
>We drink a lot with some Irish girls
>3 days in, start puking
>puking doesn't stop
>feel like shit, go to doctor in Belgium
>checks my liver, just for good measure
>yup, liver failure

Now 2 years sober, liver damage is gone but still constantly nauseous. (extremely nauseous, not liveable)
Infinity, it's only been open for about 5 weeks

There's a difference between drinking every night and a bender mate, just gotta be smart about it.
>There's a difference between drinking every night and a bender mate, just gotta be smart about it.

What's the difference? How do you be smart about it?
thats true, fair point mate
yes. I've lived in all three and mainland europe is where I chose to stay in the end.
>learn the language of every country you visit
>being this fucking stupid

I know. I was just pointing out to the anon that Texas gets all sorts of weather and disasters because of how large it is.

Blizzards? Check.
Hurricanes? Check.
Tornadoes? Check.
Dust Devils? Check.
Heatwaves? Check.
Tsunamis? Check.

The only thing we don't get dicked by are earthquakes, and even then, they can happen under the right circumstances. We're a punching bag favorite for the weather.
> head down to common area for breakfast
> big older muscley dudes sitting in a group, hovering around one girl
> younger, extremely good looking british and american guys sitting in a group, talking about what they'll do that day
> random couples together
> one korean girl with acne, on her laptop
> wonder where i fit in
Just like in high school, you take the corner seat alone...

Bang the korean girl?

Or go out for breakfast like a fuckin' man.

Australians can be either extremely polite and pleasant or obnoxious bogans. The problem is that trades are quite lucrative in Australia and the minimum wage is high, so the Australian equivalent of uneducated rednecks can afford to leave the country and travel the world.
Brits and Aussies are clearly the worst tourists anywhere.

See that recent news story of the Brit guys getting their dicks sucked by one girl in Spain? News story prove it.

Yet these Brit fucks and Euros always, ALWAYS say how Americans are the worst and try to pin shit on us every fuckin time, saying we talk too loud or act overly nice and fake, lol.
Croatia is kinda over-rated anyway, at least in my experience.

Yeah, especially due to the Croatians, and Serbs etc.
also its raining until tuesday so all the tourists will be leaving thereafter. Its a very unusually rainy/wet summer here this year but if you can catch the sunshine croatia > all other seas except for expensive shit in the Maldives.

I'd know I'm a rich Croatian (specialized in M&A) who's lived overseas most of his life. Including Asia, such as Singapore, australia, England, etc. I've been everywhere but Adriatic sea beats pretty much all seas. As do Croatian women (biggest diversity; slav face, no slav face, not that many fat women, complexion goes from pale blonde/freckles/redhead to the few who look like a turk.)>>870506

brits are good people in britain. outside the ones without families can be dirty bastards, but not anywhere near aussies. Nobody says americans are the worst tourists since like 2005 other than shitty tabloids nobody respects. Now the Chinese, russians (well not now but in the last few years,) british stag parties and ausies have showed people what bad tourists really are.

no just no. Especially 512 I have no idea wtf you're talking about there's no serbs and Croatians are fine with tourists (the women are a bit too friendly though.)

However I do tend to notice americans tend to sperg around the hardest being awkward or autistic but also very very loud which makes it even more obvious. But thats mostly entertainment for me as opposed to annoying or dangerous or damaging like the other tourists I mentioned.
you say "Goodmorning Everyone" and sit down wherever the fuck you want

its not difficult
Don't fucking sleep in hostels with strangers. You're making everyone else's night (and the following day because no one could get some fucking sleep) hell just because you're too cheap to buy a single bed room or a normal hotel room. Snoring can be cured, ask your doctor about it
Guys, I've never stayed in a hostel before.

Surely people steal your shit?
Every hostel I've ever been to has lockers that are either provided or can be rented.

Ah, that explains it. Thanks, friend.
That being said, you do need to stay vigilant in hostels. e.g. leaving your phone or camera on your bed while you take a 15 minute shower is a bad idea.
>this thread

fuck man, i miss travelling ;_;

this shit is just bringing back feels

I never ever used lockers. Regularly left my phone charging in a room while I went to the kitchen to cook meals. Nobody ever stole my shit.

Disclaimer: I've only been to hostels in New Zealand.
This really brings back memories. Im brazilian and only traveled abroad once, in 2008 and I was only 15... went to some countries in western europe, and really liked it... but I was with my family and we stayed at hotels though... some day I will go back to Europe to stay in hostels
You quoted me, but didn't read. I don't snore, m8.

Me too, basically. I sometimes leave my laptop under my sheet covers while I'm out all day. Bit ballsy, but it's never been stolen.

I've stayed literally dozens of hostels by now, mostly Europe, and still I've never had anything stolen. I am careful, but really not that paranoid... I use a locker when it's available, or otherwise zip my shit shut (sometimes I do run a cord or zip tie through the zippers), but always keep my bags closed. A lot of theft is about opportunism. I have met several people who had stories of having their shit stolen, but never to me. May also be 'cause I seldom stay in the largest dorm rooms where the stingiest lowlifes also go. Stay in a 4 or 6 bed dorm, those are people with a bit more money anyway, they're less likely to want to knick your shit.
just be careful, m8.

The real danger of having your laptop stolen isn't losing some shitty netbook. It's having your credit card information stolen.

The only place I ever didn't care to hide my shit was in japan/korea. Something got stolen from someone at one point, but even then it was probably a white person
The thing about hostels is you never know who else is staying in your room. I'm usually not anal about locking things up all the time but if I'm leaving the room for too long I will lock whatever is out until I get back. I've never had shit stolen but know someone who had their laptop stolen. They said that another person in the room looked very suspicious, was probably not much of a traveler but a borderline bum. I try to keep on the side of caution and lock my electronics up, I never lock up my main pack which has my clothes and toiletries, never had those stolen even with some expensive cologne in them for example. But electronics are kinda hard to replace, not the physical object but what I have installed on them.
This is what I do too. I keep my pack under my bed and my electronics locked up with my passport and travel documents.

+1 great hostel. been there as well. thank God I didn't run into Aussies there.
No man, Chinese tourists are the worst. Or maybe it's the Russians, or the French, or the Israelis, or the Brazilians?

Any group of one nationality traveling together are going to be disrespectful to others. Trying to determine who's actually the worst is a waste of time.
>What's the difference?
the time it takes for you to finish that bottle of gin you bought for a quarter of the price you would at home. It's totally fine to get drunk every night, but just make sure you let it all out of your system before you start up again.
>How do you be smart about it?
eating well and hydrating like a motherfucker when you get back to the hostel. If your liver is filtering shit all the time it'll end up going to shit.
Yeah well... No

I'm the liver guy, was 19 at the time. It's more about luck than anything else. I had some bad fucking luck! Who hasn't ever been drunk 2 nights in a row? It's not like I was a long time abuser... One night of too much booze can be enough
You guys talking about this one? It says that it closed last year...

Any ideas on this one?:
what was the name of the hostel?
man you're terrible at telling stories,
Did ji fuck the japanese girl or was he fapping and the japanese girl was just reading?
Canadians aren't known for being "alpha" lmao have you ever met any?

Im canadian and i know that shit.

Americans/ aussies are way more "alpha"
Would you guys reccomend a hostel over a hotel if you could afford either?

I'd love a private hostel room as i snore and i wouldn't want to disturb anybody but like >>870428 and some other posts put it seems like its almost like a day camp where everyone leaves for the day. I like the fact there is a common area and a breakfast area... It seems so nice you know?

Also would a hostel be better in tokyo then a hotel?
I swear, it was only ever like that in the hostels in the States. North Americans are weirdos like no other. In most hostels people sit down and start talking to one another like they've known eachother for ages, or at least start with the where you're from and what are you up to today questions which lead to other conversations.

If you're traveling alone, I'd go with hostels. It's super easy to meet people to spend some time with, even if it's just for the evening to talk about what you did all day. It really gets lonely if you spend many days alone without people to talk to.
I was thinking that it might get lonely.
I was planning to spend 2 weeks in tokyo (but taking the bullet train to visit the rest of japan) but the hotel costs were around $2000 and im a faggot were i would want to impress any girls i bring over for the night by taking them to my nice hotel room. Then i realized how much of a faggot i am to even think to do that lol.
Im really very much more interested in japanese culture (i love the politeness as it kind of mirrors my culture) and im very curious about the world in general. I want to visit historical sites and beautiful places in japan that i wouldn't see anywhere else but in japan.

Do you think tokyo would be a good base to use to visit the rest of japan or should i just go to some smaller city and take the train to have fun in tokyo but then sleep in some other city. What do you think anon?
>>the swiss are many things such as good investors, good democracy, devious, cheap and so on but hard-working is not one of them.

As a Swiss I accept this. We are essentially the jews of Europe.
I've never been to Japan. So I wouldn't know what a good base is in that country. However, if you are actually capable of getting women, you will probably have an even better chance in hostels. I'm sure there will be lots of Japanese people in the hostels as well, easier to start a conversation with them.
>according to stats
Got one from Colombia
>Chilling with friends at hostel in Medellin
>Just got in and am loving the country
>Getting dressed before a night out at a local salsa club
>Friend makes excellent joke and I decide to high-five him
>Unfortunately, got carried away and did a jumping high-five onto the bed where he was chilling
>Bust sideboard all off of bed
>Shit, shit, shit
>Dad is a carpenter, I've done a bunch of carpentry, I can fix this.
>Refuse to allow cleaning woman (awesome gal who we had befriended and was thus happy to give us space) into room next day
>Get cabbie to take me to Colombian Home Depot
>Buy hammer, nails, wood glue, and clamps to fix the bed
>Spend the rest of the day and half the night fixing the wood and reattaching it
>Hostel never found out
You need to read this. Racist housing policies made poor black neighborhoods what they are in Chicago. Where did those blacks come from before? The South? Why did they leave the South? Jim Crow and an utter lack of economic opportunity after the Civil War, basically confining them to a sharecropping system so like slavery that the two were indistinguishable. Where were blacks before that? Enslaved.

All three of these things were created by one group of people to oppress another, and I'll give you a hint, it wasn't the blacks dictating the rules of the game.

Stop embarrassing our country. Read more before you shoot off your yap.
File: YouAintKawaii.png (56KB, 500x171px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Forgot link
>N-n-no! Civil Rights! No more Jim Crow! Blacks have the same opportunities as white, no excuses, if they'd just stop being lazy criminals, they could achieve anything!

But yea. I draw the line at reparations though, that's just too far fetched and impractical, 'sins of the father' and so on, and won't really solve anything.

If you look American, you'll be fine. Not looking like a jap is sort of their ideal of beauty. If you walk in to a club where there are groups of girls, they won't be able to hide their ladyboners . They're still Japanese though, so you'll have to initiate conversation.
Given how rapidly you responded, it's evident to me that you didn't read the article. Why I posted it was not so much to earnestly pitch reparations (it is a political impossibility in the US, anyway) but to elucidate to the poster to whom I was responding information that is so often overlooked or simply ignored in American discourse about race. Give the article a go. It is exhaustively researched by one of the best journalists at one of the best publications right now. Might change your mind about some things.

Also, Ta-Nehisi Coates elected that title because it is eye-grabbing and inflammatory, not because he really thinks, as I mentioned above, that reparations are a possibility in the US. Our country needs to reckon with its past, given how loath its citizenry has always been to even acknowledge the existence of events twenty years previous. This does not mean hand out 40 acres and a goddamn mule like a Frontier Act or Desert Lands Act, but it does mean that to truly understand why socioeconomic inequities persist in our nation we have to admit the sordid and exploitative past that catalyzed them and work to dismantle the systems whose underlying conceits still echo that racism.
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