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Forgetten 90's Comicbook lines that were actually good

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>Malibu's Ultraverse


>Defiant (needs seeding)

>Crossgen (needs seeding)

FYI, Acclaim is essentially just relaunched Valiant with radically different new back stories. They're necessarily well regarded by fans and I've mostly just included them for the sake of completion

Don't suppose you'd mind crossposting this into >>613460 and deleting your thread would you? You know keep relevant content together and save space? Better to keep one healthy thread than several contentless threads.
Can you say that too to the kids sharing porn?

.. and thanks for the torrents
Malibu and Crossgen hit right in the nostalgia.
Yeah, what this guy said>>615022

If we consolidated all the japanese porn into one thread, we'd free up six pages
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The problem with that is most of the JAV threads here are based around a fetish. Feet, Legs, Ass or what have you. All the torrents in said threads pertain to the theme of the thread. This threads theme is Forgotten Comics. Mean while there is a thread a few pages over that is struggling for content with the exact same theme. I myself don't care either way beyond making this post. Have a good day.

it often does get said to the kids sharing porn, and like you, they usually decide their own time and energy is too precious to waste cleaning up the board for other people, and ignore all advice.
Seeding like a mofo
I have the Crossgen collection already, and I'm one seeding SOB.

Good on you for spreading the word about Crossgen, a company that should have kept going... some serious unresolved plots there!
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Another one, this collects the majority of the OC Marvel UK books like Death's Head, Motomouth, Knights Of Pendragon and Digitek

And this is unfortunately going to require some seeding on your part folks

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WTF you post a 5 year old dead torrent? You evil son of a bitch...

You want my to kill my dog too? Huh? Would that make you happy?!
It actually has quite a number of leechers to the point where I was able to download a good chunk of it before it slowed down to a crawl

Obviously it's one of those where you have to torrent it during the twilight hours
>most of the JAV threads here are based around a fetish
I would not say most. Although those posters did it right.
What I see usually are underaged wankers posting shit they want seeded so they can watch it sooner. They pretend to say they are sharing/seeding but in actual do not know how torrents work. You cant seed what you don't have. (note I based this on torrent client info)
Not sure which JAV threads you're in but of the 39 JAV threads currently on the board only 2 have no theme or topic, 8 have less than 3 torrent or manget links and only 2 sets share a theme. In my book thats most. Those thread that remain are all health with links to good swarms. Although I agree with the wanker bit. This >>615558 is dead.(Learn how torrents work bro) When I added it last night the swarm was stuck at 9.3%. This morning I have 9.3%. Shit is the definition of dead.
You want the key to the left.
i tried putting the collection of comics on my psp but failed. overall enjoyed reading them
I have bloodshot comic #1. never knew what happened to that comic.
Thread posts: 17
Thread images: 4

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