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/fit/ information repository


Basically, it's just /fit/ summed up in coherence. It includes ebooks, infopics, etc. on how to get /fit/ and "make it." I've personally used this and it has helped me a huge bit.

Just in case anyone on /t/ wanted it. Will be seeding for a bit.

I don't why the system thinks it's spam, but I'm just gonna add this bottom portion to trick the system. Don't let the man tell you what to do, freedom, yeaah.
Oh, I see. Is demonoid banned?
probably since its back up again and moot thinks it might be a honeytrap.
I'm not sure if i understand the comments. Should i stay away from this ?
honeytraps are traps
so, yes, dummie.
so I downloaded with no problem. Dunno what you babbling about
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do I smell fed shills ?

No, just people that use proper torrent clients. If you are the only one having trouble, the problem is you.

If it really was the Fed trying to catch you, they would make sure it worked for as many people as possible. Cause if it doesn't work, you can't get it, thus they can't bust you for it.
i dont get it, is this not /fit/ info?
Yes it is /fit
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Is there all the available Zyzz's pics in it ?
this is what I need OP, thanks, downloading.
"the feds" caring about your torrenting behaviour. industry isn't going to go after someone unless you are a) running a pirate index/tracker, b) reselling your shit on ebay/IRL/craigslist or are the original uploader/cracker. pirating for most is a victimless crime because your average anon is often pirating something for personal use they would otherwise not afford. and because they couldn't afford it to begin with, the creater of the pirated material is not essentially losing anything. lets say i download adobe premiere for free, and the software costs $499. i would have never been able to pay for the software anyway. if i had a disposable income and could afford to blow $499 on software occupying an industry with free and cheaper alternatives, i wouldn't pirate it. unfortunately the entire digital media industry pretty much expects you to be experienced with that particular software so you kind of have to obtain it, one way or another. adobe has about 100 full time employees working on the photoshop project, i doubt all of them are making six figure salaries. they don't have to market the product at all. its an industry standard, even your grandmother knows what photoshop is. and now its completely subscription based, no more one time purchases if you want to use CC editions. photoshop is making so much money off of it and they obviously arent hurting from the piracy. i laugh when some paranoid idiot screams about piracy and getting in trouble...i laugh even more when another anon calls him some corporate or federal shill. the only time you really should worry is if you pirate something from a smaller developer who actually needs that money. if they can find you, it'll probably be worth their while to file a claim. big studios and developers, publishers alike, ultimately could give a rats ass about you and your fix.
good shit op, thanks. i wish it was more filitered though, right now it's quantity>quality
No. I have a shitload of /fit/ folders, I might get to uploading them.

Maybe one day.
Rule 3 - Content should be Japanese in theme or origin
That is the operative word here. Would you like a dictionary?
Well now that all of the kidnapped children have been found and we won the war on drugs what else would the feds have to do but track internet piracy?

Fucking feds.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 3

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