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Guess I'll start it again since the old one hit limit. I'm

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Guess I'll start it again since the old one hit limit. I'm gonna start strong because takes a lot to be perfect.

Dream Girl
>5'8+ Pref(I'm tall)
>fit/avg/thin body
>health conscious
>goes to school or works(preferably both)
>knows what she wants in life and will take it
>not an alcoholic or drug addict
Soft stuff is cool and the occasional drinking
>clingy to a point
>can handle constant banter
>Isn't full of herself
>wants kids
>will let me buy her stuff and not feel entitled to repay me
>not a feminist
>will work out with me
>will push me to be better and let me do the same
>has her own friends but will also turn them down to stay home with me
>sub in the bedroom
>will love my dog and cat(they're pretty adorable)
>likes to go out but also likes to sit on the couch and play video games
>weeb stuff is cute
>loves sex

Stuff that isnt that important but a plus
>dark/red hair
>long hair
>colored eyes
>tattoos(not a ton of visible ones just subtle ones with a story)

>confident but not cocky
>very health conscious(but not picky about food)
>dark brown short hair
>dark brown eyes
>facial hair(but I keep it well kept)
>work full time and go to school
>huge flirt and have mad banter
>pretty big savior complex(let me save you)
>dont drink much
>dont smoke at all
>have a huge inner weeb I hide.
>play the occasional video game
>thinks stannis should be king
>love music more than I should, I'm listening to something 25/8
>more introvert then extrovert but I do love going out

Pretty sure that's everything and whatever I missed must not be important.

>tfw she doesn't exist and I'll never find her

My skype is throwaway2211 feel free to add me if you fit most of them or if you fit none of them always love getting to know new people.
Dream girl
File: This thread1.jpg (364 KB, 791x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
This thread1.jpg
364 KB, 791x700
My dream girl is:
>extremely talkative, bubbly, opinionated
>open minded, intelligent, respectful
>any build. I can go for petite, curvy, anything, just no chubby or up girls
>into technology
>more introverted
>extremely kinky, extremely submissive, high libido
>wants to hold hands and kiss
>not a weeaboo
>not a tumblrina
>doesn't but into generic tumblr liberal or pol rightwing ideologies

I'm 28, obviously male, 6'5, and I work a full time job. I fill my time with the things I love, and I care about myself first and foremost. I don't want issues and borderlines, and I'm not interested in dealing with crazy people.

My kik is whyamievendoingthis

If you don't fit and want to chat for whatever reason, feel free. I'm a guy, so I'm not really expecting serious responses anyways. Good luck, thread!
>Going to uni majoring in Business (Computers more specifically)
>Like vidya, stand up, generally talking and hanging out with people i dont dislike
>say funny things sometimes
>honest, loyal, and a hopeless romantic
>white, brown hair, brown eyes

Ideal girl:
>preferred shorter than me but taller would also be ok
>preferably no tatts or piercings besides earrings or something like that
>submissive generally
>clingy is bonus points
>not overweight or whale-tier
>not a drug person

where are you qt?
Here goes. 19 M

Dream Girl
>4'11" - 5'8"
>Anywhere from skinny to thick. Not into chubby but would overlook for other qualities
>Curves are always nice, bottoms more important than breasts on my scale
>really cute or smooth face is a big plus
>must take care of herself, but not looking for a fitness junkie/clean freak by any means
>hourglass shape preferred

>Not an idiot
>at least halfway sense of humor
>at least be 75% tolerable on a normal day
>Interest in like 1 or 2 hobbies or topics (shows ability to have passion)
>not straightedge preferred, but open to it as long as she's not overly critical of drinking/drugs
>not a racist, not a tumblr social justice warrior, not a feminist, but not lethargic
>Not a social media whore, not narcissistic (at least not too much), not a goth girl/scene chick/punk rocker/trap hoe/music festival slut
>not depressed preferred, but functionally depressed welcome

this probably sounds like a lot of shit but I really don't ask for much more than her not being a meme, not being 600 pounds and not trying to kill me
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White knight
Too intelligent for your own good
Read challenging material
Want to talk about it
Want to teach me things
Want to learn new things
Martial artist
Generally confident
Play an instrument
A mental illness is nice
Poke fun at me
Like to be poked fun at
Have a dream
Want to affect the world in a positive way
Inspire me
Religious or nonreligious
A writer or painter or philosopher
I'm a dude. You should be...
>A chick
>Into videogames
>Not into drugs
>Kinda awkward
>Closet furry or something similar
>Okay with being teased endlessly (in a fun way)
>Play videogames
>Love offensive humor (but not offending people)
>Don't do drugs or really drink
>Love cooking
>Live alone and do adult things and am totally not three kida in a trenchcoat
Let's watch netflix and play games until we have the balls to meet up.
File: toppestofkeks.jpg (77 KB, 960x639) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dream lady:
>white (the paler the better)
>long hair
>sweet face with soft features
>natural hair color
>somewhere between 5'4'' - 5'10'' in height
>I like many body types... to me it's really about how you carry your weight and if you like staying healthy
>not huge on traveling but wants to see Europe/Asia someday
>introverted and shy around strangers but has a few really close friends
>apolitical or right-leaning (I don't mind if you're a leftist as long as your mind isn't in dreamland)
>prefers deep conversations to small talk
>likes deep wilderness/camping
>likes having sexy outfits, aprons, etc. bought for her
>extremely caring and nurturing almost to a fault
>submissive towards me (not just in bed) but is kind of a bitch to everyone else
>will sing to me (doesn't matter if you can't sing)
>likes being picked up and coddled
>good at reading people and understanding emotions
>loves animals + kids
>wants more than a few babies

Skype: derrdurr
kik: DobotRicks

Don't ask me to post my bio in this thread... just take a chance and add me.
>27/M, 6'2, 190 lbs, go to the gym, bearded
>introverted by preference but don't find it hard to socialise, work in real estate so spend most of the day talking
>love reading, hiking, camping, fishing, live in a mountain town so it's easy to do all this
>have travelled a lot and would love to travel more but it's not a necessity
>dont do any drugs, don't smoke
>can play videogames pretty decently even if have been playing less and less
>various hobbies including book binding, jewelry making, gardening, cooking, have made chain mail armors
>been told I look good, usually get pretty high ratings on /soc/

>at least tending to introvertedness
>around my age, but it depends really
>likes the outdoors as much as I do but whose ideal night is a night in
>actually is good at keeping a conversation
>loves reading
>loves animals (I have a cat and three dogs)
>has crafting hobbies we can share
>knows how to cook (we can share recipes!)
>doesn't need to be surrounded by a lot of people to be happy
>doesn't mind me being cheesy about romantic stuff
>her ideal ideal life is a quiet life in general, doesn't go by #yolo
>doesnt smoke
>doesn't scoff love
>doesn't like casual relationships
>20/Asian Male/MD
>slim, used to be fat.
>around 5'9"
>spontaneous, love to travel in cities without set plan in mind
>enjoys video games
>fairly independent in terms of religion and politics. I care about stuff that will benefit all.
>drink and smoke casually, only if provided. weed is the furthest I'll go in drugs. I dislike spending personal money on alcohol or drugs.
>not into the gay scene at all.

Ideal Guy:
>taller than me (6'0 and above is a huge plus)
>also goofy and lighthearted
>muscular (size difference is a huge turn on for me)
>same age or 1-4 years older than me
>loyal and monogomous
>loves to laugh and try out new things
>open minded
>also independent with religion and politics. socially aware, but not to a point of extremism
>loves to participate in spontaneous activities like me
>also not into the gay scene

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I just want a cute, low-maintenance, chubby/bbw girl with gigantic tits, wide hips, a big ass, and thick thighs who's into video games and TTRPGs, and isn't a slut/camwhore.
Bonus points for ass-length hair.
I don't care about her race.
Taller than 5ft.
Any age between 20-35 is fine.
I'd prefer if she lived somewhere in the Southeast US.
Preferably a virgin.
Deal-Breakers: Extreme Piercings, Tattoos, Smoking, Drugs, Is Religious, Is a Feminist, Has Children
22/trans girl

Ideal person:
>any gender
>18-25 (give or take)
>pretty intelligent
>makes dumb jokes
>likes to travel
>has a hobby/sport/instrument/passion
>good at cuddles
>can deal with me being sad sometimes
>open minded about trying things
>into trans people

Respond with kik/Skype if you like
Are you on hrt and passable, or are you in the cross dressing phase?
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I'm a guy.


>a girl
>doesn't smoke or drink or do drugs
>talks a damn lot
>really easy to make laugh/laughs at nearly everything
>likes multiple types of humour, including sarcastic, or dirty
>likes cuddling a lot
>really into vidya
>maybe plays an instrument or interested in learning one
>sweet and/or optimistic

It's okay if you don't fit everything, but the drugs, drink and smoking are dealbreakers for me.
22/M pic related
Short petite bubbly tattoos piercings dyed hair likes all sorts of music n food and is adventurous
>I want:
>>a boy
>>taller than me (5'9" or taller)
>>Who i think is cute
>>and is ok with trans girls and will be patient with me
>>no drugs
>>black, brown, white, idc
>>black boys with dreads are a plus tho idk
>>whos okay with not having sex at the start of a relationship
>>Who can help me slowly work through my touch issues and be sensitive about it
>>who likes watching movies and will sit down and watch something with me any time
>>who has opinions but can disagree with others without totally sperging out
>>i cant think of anything else honestly just being a boy who is up to my standards and ok with trans girls without being a creepy chaser is already a homerun
Dream girl
>into music
>wont cuck me
>plays music
>bonus points if shess Sky Ferreira

>skinny but ok shape
>kinda shitty skin but easy to clear
>medium hair
>plays lots of instruments
>pretty easygoing
>introvert af
Are you a passable trans though?


>Interest in something beyond TV, video games is a bonus
>Fairly intelligent
>Able to make me laugh
>Not horribly messed up emotionally
>Down for both cuddles and sex
>Shorter than me (so < 5'11)
>Ideally likes reading of some form (Books, comics, manga)
>Dream Girl
>>Any height really
>>fit/avg/thin body
>>Is into sci fi/fantasy. this can include books , tv shows and/or films
>>Has gone/goes to university, course does not matter, also science related ones are a plus
>>She is motivated , and strong willed
>>not an alcoholic or drug addict, but enjoys partying
>>Can be a bit clingy, but is usually very independent and has her own life
>>Can handle some banter
>>will work out with me and have little competitions with me to push each other
>>Is very willing to try out new things, both in and out of the bedroom
>>Loves animals and wants to get some, dogs more then cats
>>Does not have to be into the same things as I am, but its a plus.
>>Enjoys just laying/sitting together and chatting about anything and everything
>>Quite intelligent and honest.

>>Toned build, working on getting fitter
>>Quite shy but I open up a lot once you get to know me
>>dark brown hair
>>dark brown eyes
>>I am a full time university student
>>huge flirt and have mad banter
>>I drink a decent amount
>>dont smoke at all, but not opposed to it
>>I read a lot of books, mainly fantasy/sci fi but I do enjoy the occasional historical drama
>>I play a decent amount of games, usually 3/4 times a week
>>I enjoy watching tv/films too, same genres as above
>>Pretty dark sense of humor
>>Thats about it
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>entire thread is dudes with a couple transexuals
Exactly as expected.
I should probably just start saving this given the amount I use it...

Ideal Guy...
>Tallish (5'9"+)
>Masculine but isn't a dick about it
>Bearish body type
>Enjoys working out, would want to work out with me and then have me cook him a meal at home after workouts.
>Loves to shitpost and banter. I relish being able to shitpost and constantly joke with an SO.
>Loves to play video games. I want a guy i can play mobile games with while I'm at school and just killing time in my lab, as well as one thats down for mobas and fps when I get home.
>Is emotionally supportive of my graduate schooling (I'll be first year medical next fall). Helps me through emotional times since school gets pretty stressful and I can get pessimistic about it.
>Possessive, I love cling a fair amount, but its not mandatory. Honesty and Caring are pretty mandatory tho.
>Sexually dominant 100% of the time. I like to submiss 100% of the time.
>Tfw fag

Physical stuff doesn't matter as much as personality for me desu. However a bigger guy would be nice.
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Things are still in the works. I pass around 50% of the time currently.

Regardless it's still a man.
you look pretty passable ijs
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Thread images: 9

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