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Shall we ask /b/ if they can think of any more slogans for these T-shirts?

team nigger
team slave
team slaveowner
team dr.Sommer
team jew
team roofies
team joker
team sandy hook
>no team ebola
step up your game
Gang war?
Gang rape.
make love not war
Its not Date Rape,
Its the aftershow party
god, this stuff is pure gold

hate to sound like the edgelord of edgeville, but watching all these little shits with a blog and internet access go to all these lengths to let everyone know how "offended" they are just tickles me pink.
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>Snuggle With A Struggle
till now all but this one >>36350914
come from me

Am still thinking for new ones
Gold jerry!
"Team rape" sounds much more friendly and professional than "gang rape".
this borad is confirmed kiddies now
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get pked son
rooty tooty nonconsensual booty
It's not Rape, its multiculturalism
It's not Rape, its ethnic integration
It's not Rape, its barley
It's not Rape, I just tripped and fell
It's not Rape, she said yes ( at knife-point )
It's not Rape, she's a SJW, she doesn't count
Now I will mark my creation with the Liberian flag. and a pic with the slogan

"Rape Summit"

oh god my sides
Team Spawn Rape
Stop raping the spawn
Punt Cunch
Something About Rape
Rape The Parents
Babe: Rape In the City
The Rape Knight Rises
Monty Python’s Rape Of Brian
Never Say Rape Again
From Russia With Rape
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Rape
The Empire Rapes Back
2001: A Rape Odyssey
Hard Day’s Rape
Manhattan Rape Mystery
Dead Bacon Walking
Around the World In 80 Rapes
Those Magnificent Men In Their Rape Machines
It’s A Rape, Rape, Rape, Rape World
Chitty Chitty Rape Rape
The Rapenator
Raw Rape
True Rape
Dirty Rape
A Streetcar Named Rape
Lord of the Rapes: Fellowship of the Rape
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lord of the rapes
You high five every time she starts to cry and tag the next dude in.
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From a previous thread
The Rapefather
Rapeocalypse Now
Rape Fiction
Rape on Elm Street

This is fun.
Rape Niggers
Its for Evolution
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>rape is no laughing matter
>unless you rape a clown
Rape eat love
Jurassic Rape
Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapists
TMNR 2: Secret of the Splooge
The Good, The Bad, and The Rapey
The Hunt for Red Rapetober
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Dont know if this belongs here, but I just got inspired to create this pic
Sesame Street Presents: Rape That Bird!
Goodwill Raping
What Rapes May Come
White Men Can't Rape
Planet of The Rapes
The Rapes of Wrath
Queen's new album

A Rape at the Opera

Crazy Little Thing Called Rape
Bohemian Rapesody
Bicycle Rape
Another One Rapes the Dust
A Kind of Rape
Friends Will Be Rapists
I Want ( to rape ) It All
I'm Going Slightly Mad ( I've been raped! )
The Invisible Rape
Seven Seas of Rape
Somebody to Rape
We Are the Rapists ( of the world )
We Will Rape You
Who Wants to Rape Forever
You're My Best Rapist
It's a Hard Rape
God Rape the Queen
every push is followed by a thrust
The louder the scream
the better the Orgasm
The louder the scream
The better the sex
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Clubbing the classic way
Thanks anon
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Anyone remember BC bill in 1984?
Back in early 80s, family would sit round and play computer games ( sort of carried on from family cards and dominos )
Remember women in the family thought it was funny when BC bill clubbed cave women over head and took back to his cave, where rape occurred and cave kids were spawned.
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>still no "Honey I Raped the Kids"

i am disappoint
simpler times my friend. simpler times.
Don't forget about the Atari Porn games!
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>In what world do we fight rape, with rape?
Clearly they never heard of crime fighting super hero "Rape man".

>The main character, Keisuke Uwasaki (岩崎 圭介 Uwasaki Keisuke), is a handsome and very muscular high school teacher by day and dispenses a surreal brand of "justice" at night as the Rapeman under the business "Rapeman Services", which is co-run with his uncle, a former surgeon. The business' motto is: "Righting wrongs through penetration."
Citizen Rape
The Rape Guys
Full Metal Rape
Full Rape Jacket
2001: A Rape Odyssey
Fast Rape Nation
The Rape Ultimatum
Mrs. Rapefire
Ace Ventura: Rape Detective
now I found some pics in the web
Rapey Friday
Raping Day
Rape of the Dead
House on Rape Hill
National Lampoons Rape Vacation
Rape Rising
Rapist vs. Predator
The Way of the Rape
American Rape
Enter the Rapist
Law Abiding Rapist
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Is OP still in his thread?

"It's not gay if you beat them up afterwards"

lold hard. Its nice to see straight guys loosen up about the whole gay thing. These shirts are hilarious. I also enjoy seeing these humorless cunts getting bent about some harmless tshirts. They should be sold on every campus.
The Incredible Rapist
X-men: The Last Rape
There Will be Rape
The Lives of Rapists
Rape of the Lambs
Red Rape
The Princess Rape
How to Rape your Dragon
Rape Models
Rape Trek

It is. This might be the critical mass in our language. The word rape literally means nothing now. They abused it until it became a joke.
So lets abuse them thill they become the Joke
next in line is "misogyny"

if anything, the thing about feminists that annoys me most is their complete lack of respect for language.

if a word suits their interest, they'll ironically rape the damn thing to death until the term holds no weight.
File: Sleeping_beauty.png (29KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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penalty for rape is death in Islam
File: Pope_the _pirate.png (107KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pope_the _pirate.png
107KB, 800x600px
For some reason I am way to good in this game
Sounds like a shirt that will sell well on /fit/

>rape a man
>bash him afterwards
N-no homo!
File: 1316273262608.jpg (19KB, 270x270px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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of the victim or the rapist?
But a conviction requires the testamony of 4 other muslim men as witnesses.
Raping Amy
There's Something About Rape
The Good, the Bad, and the Rapist
Trains Plains and Rape-mobiles
Raping Private Ryan
Good Rape Hunting
Twelve Rapists
Rapegangs of New York
Eyes Raped Shut
Captain Rapist
Rape Quest
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I have a question:

Is "I don't give a fuck about the feelings of whiny females" a politically categorized viewpoint?

I don't hate females. I just dont care about them. I ask because I only ever hear one side of these issues, and that side is "You must care about the feelings of whiny females" and it is presented as a political movement, which I reject before even hearing it.

Because I don't care about the feelings of whiny females. So if their counter view is a political movement, then is my view one also?

I have a theory that feminism is really just a way to bank and trade influence to lobby for the mentally ill without actually calling it that, but I guess that is a different topic...
>Good Rape Hunting

fuck, you got me. sides gone.
Someone get that one meg mog and owl comic about the subject.

Fuck Mohammad.
>Is "I don't give a fuck about the feelings of whiny females" a politically categorized viewpoint?

It's called being right.

Feminists are completely at the mercy of their supporters, because they're nothing without the hivemind of beta males. What happens when all men stop listening? There's nothing left of the "movement" whatsoever.

You can't agree, unless you want to sign away your balls and effectively castrate yourself. You can't argue because feminist logic exists only in a sphere where rationality and facts exist only as waste product. All that's left is to turn your back on it and ignore it.
Judge Rape
Rape from L.A.
The Rapist in the Woods
The 13th Rapist
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Rape
Tropic Raper
American History Rape
The Rape Clause
Rapist Rising
Office Rape
File: 1310152562037.png (122KB, 614x343px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
122KB, 614x343px

Trenchant observations, thank you.
They Rape
Lair of the White Rapist
Creature from the Black Rape
A Clockwork Rape
Snow White and the Seven Rapists
Lion Rape
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Rape
The Rapist's Apprentice
underrated post
Have women always been so emotionally/ mentally fragile? I mean throughout the entirety of human civilization?
At times some cultures produce based women but guess what? they are removed afterwards.

Simply because men having a stronger role in society makes the whole society stronger.
And the penalty for death is more rape.
there was a time prior to the second world war where "talking about your feelings" was something nobody did in polite and casual conversation.

it has always been there, but we live in an age where anyone can run their mouth about whatever bullshit they can concoct
Thread posts: 83
Thread images: 26

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