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Looking for some guidance on layering. Im from Arizona so I've

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Looking for some guidance on layering. Im from Arizona so I've never had to learn about layering for cold weather.

I understand the basics of: moisture wicking base layer, insulation mid, wind/water resistant outer layer.

Personally, what is your layering set up, for what temp range, and how do you customize it for various intermittent weather conditions?

Was curious about what brands/materials you like to use.

If it got too cold for your set up, what would you add (another base layer, another mid layer etc.) Do people wear multiple base layers for colder conditions?
There are two situations to be outfitted for;

cold and wet; and fucking cold.

Softshells are great for cold and wet, which is most of the year but down is comfiest in the cold and dry.

The softshells which are loose enough to comfortably fit a significant down mid layer become more like ski jackets and are too bulky for daily activity.

Having a hood on your technical softshell is the best way to extend it's use nearly 4 seasons with over a simple midlayer, gloves and hat.
>Personally, what is your layering set up, for what temp range
It really depends on what I'm doing and you have to experiment to find out what works for you. Running I generate a lot of heat so I don't wear much or I overheat. Usually wear a windbreaker walking to the park, which I take off within the first half-mile. Same for XC skiing. Cycling I need more insulation or a wind layer because I'm moving fast enough to make my own wind chill. Walking even more because i'm not generating as much heat.

>If it got too cold for your set up, what would you add
Usually another mid layer, or I go faster to warm up. But lately on winter bike rides I've strarted dressing so I'm comfortable without a wind shell (just wool and/or polar fleece). When I stop to eat or walk around I'm usually still comfortable because I'm not making my own headwind. If it gets colder I just need to throw on my windbreaker. Less stuff to carry that way.

> Do people wear multiple base layers for colder conditions?
I guess you could, usually when I double up it's because it's a bit too cold for a base on its own but not cold enough to warrant a fleece jacket (eg a technical T over long sleeve base when I'm running).
I do a couple of activities, and mostly use the same stuff for all of them. The insulation layer varies with temperature, the outer layer with weather and general conditions/activity.

Always cheap walmart/aldi tier synthetic base layers. They start to smell fast, but they do their job well and aren't as fragile or expensive as merino.

Always cheap milsurp polartec 200 fleece and some other walmart/aldi tier fleece as well as a couple of wool pullovers. The fleece longsleeves are in various thickness. The fleece is fucking amazing, especially considering that I paid $5 on average.

>summer/spring ski touring/snowboarding
softshell jacket, Goretex pants, thin gloves, etc. Usually no insulation layer on the legs, and rarely more than a thin fleece on the upper body

>Winter ski touring/snowboarding
When it gets down to -30°C with crazy winds, I still feel pretty comfortable with hardshell pants/jacket, and a polartec 200 fleece overall/longsleeve

>mountain hiking, mountaineering, trekking
Insulation layer variable depending on the temperature I'm expecting. A thin rainjacket as outer layer. Works well against wind and rain.
Often gaiters when I expect snow and usually underknee wool socks, except for warm summer days.
I've noticed base layers are often categorized into light, medium, heavy etc. Is there a temperature range that coincides with each thickness/Weight of base layer? Or does it not have any specific meaning?
>softshells for cold and wet

I respectfully disagree. In torrential rain your softshell will leak. If it's cold, and you get your mid layer soaked with rain, you're in for a bad time.

I always take a hardshell for multi day trips. You don't know for sure what the weather will do tomorrow, but you know that a good jacket will keep it away from your insulation.

As for OP, I usually take a thermal top and bottoms, aa loose merino longsleeve, a fleece, a merino and possum fur jersey for around camp (shot is so cash), a very minimal down jacket, hat, gloves in winter, and a goretex hardshell (obviously).

Oh, and shorts with gaiters. Sometimes with thermals underneath.
Fleece is my friend. It won't block wind, but I find it warm, and comfortable. Using it as a middle layer is great.

I like a simple light base layer, something that's not tight or bulky


I use those as a base for my legs. Adds a surprising amount of warmth. Not bulky and can barely feel them on. I have the matching top and hate it since for whatever reason it fits too tight and does not feel good on my skin. For my legs the tightness and feel is great though.

Vests are also nice. They keep my warm without getting overheated. I have a North Face denali vest in black. It's great, got it on clearance.
I am a wool lover, wool on every layer and every piece of clothing.
Probably, but I don't bother. I wear the same base layer at 30°C that I wear at -30°C. Varying your insulation layer seems to be enough for me.

>softshell vs hardshell
Yeah, I use softshell for good weather and what-if's. Even if it's warm as fuck, if you ascend 2000m, it will be colder. And windy. For that, and possible not too heavy rain, softshells are great.
For cold, wet, and generally bad weather, I take a hardshell.

Wool is great, so is Loden. If I ever get to it I'll sew myself a Loden jacket for /out/ stuff.
Polypro or wool base layer, long sleeve, all year round.

Pile fleece jumper as main insulating layer

Windproof smock. Can be worn over just base layer or over base+fleece.

Shell, for inclement weather. Has basic insulation and a big hood.

In my pack I have a cashmere jumper which I layer between base and fleece. It only comes on when resting its much too hot whilst doing activity.

In the winter I'll also carry a down jacket as an additional layer. I find it useful for quick stops, when its' really cold around camp and I use it in a stuff sack as a pillow.

For my legs I have a similar but more simple setup: polycotton trousers with a pair of merino long johns, and a set of goretex over trousers for inclement weather.

Then two hats, generally a thick one for day usage, and a thinner one for sleeping in.

Then two pairs of gloves, fingerless wool and a pair of work mitts to wear over them.

I'm north UK so don't often see extreme cold. Have used this setup in the Pyrenees and Alps to about -20 tho'.
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>Im from Arizona so I've never had to learn about layering for cold weather.

So you've stayed here your entire life?

You've never been to the mountains, especially in winter, in your own state?

You will freeze your balls off north of that red line in winter.
>>Always cheap walmart/aldi tier synthetic base layers.
those stinks, like all synthetics ,,,
I know, I mentioned it. Right there in the next sentence.
do you wash them thru dry cleaning
Milfag here. I have to do heavy physical activities which makes me sweat a tonfuck. I usually waer several layers of thermal polyester long sleeved shirts under my uniform. When it gets too hot I remove a layer or add one. For extra cold days I have also several polartec fleeces. And then a gortex top if it is snowing or raining heavily. For the pants the same thing. 3 levels of layers of thermal underwear starting from the thinnest to the thickest.
I learned the hard way the last time I was innawoods that soft shells can lose their water repellent properties and should be periodically treated with a waterproofing agent. The jacket in question is an REI Switchback I got 5 years ago and have washed a few times.
Just so you know, it's no different with hardshells.
Softshells are just less waterproof by design, so you might notice it earlier.
I was incorrect about soft shells.... the Switchback is a hardshell but you're right, same rules apply. It took a few years but eventually my hardshell REI lost its waterproof properties.
I've been, always borrowed clothes for skiing, sledding and outdoors stuff. This is my first time investing in my own clothes now that I'm getting more into /out/ interests like hunting/camping
Makes sense.

Here's what I wear:

I. Inner layer of Columbia thermals

II. REI winter pants with that inner layer for them mad warms

III. Thick wool socks

IV. T-shirt over thermals, so i have something to wear if thermals are too much

V. Flannel shirt over thermal

VI. Columbia coat or jacket

Chandler outlets has an outlet Columbia store. The deals are just too good to ignore.
I'll have to check out that Columbia outlet, good looking out
The best sales are in the summer for sure hahaha

It's the best place to buy winter gear, because it's in the fucking Phoenix metro and it stays open in summer. On top of it all, it is an outlet!
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 2

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