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I'm not sure if this is the right board but I came here

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I'm not sure if this is the right board but I came here to tell a story. I can green text it, but it might come off a little amateur, I'm not really a writer. But maybe it'll be an easier way to chronicle the last eight years or so of my life.

>be 18, young, depressed with unhappy home life
>no future
>turned to drugs and fell in with the wrong crowd
>had outdoor hobbies until about 14 so I had some experience with camping and such
>parents had a fight involving me and behavior
>backed shit and left home
>basic stuff, canned food, tools, clothing, very minimal though and left that night
>sleep in the woods
>first night, instant regret, cold, wet, hungry
>barely a few hours
>remember years of unhappiness
>fall asleep in a makeshift hovel

>it was a rough start, flashlight with fresh batteries ran out instantly that night, leaving me unable to do anything
>woke up cold and hungry
>dig in to terrible cold canned food
>no effort for preparing, want to get as far away as possible
>walk all day, pass most things familiar and stray further away from roads and anything with people

>few days later come across crappy shed, fencing and shit tier woodland hut
>hear redneck assholes drinking beer and shouting loudly at a chained up dog
>stay low and out of sight until no noise from assholes
>hear dog howling at night
>asshole comes out, beats the shit out of it
>horrible noise to hear even at a distance
>stick around in the morning
>hear redneck truck go away
>inspect crappy shed and hear whimpering as i get closer
>whole thing is broken down, red paint, damaged wood
>stinks like rot
>open door and see a wolf dog chained, with cuts and wounds all over
>barely looked like a wolf dog, scruffy, unkempt and mistreated
>try to unchain it
>dog thrashing about
>can't unchain it or break it free
>i distressed the dog even further

At that point I was forced to make a decision, I didn't want to leave the poor thing there and it occurred to me that the dog might attack me if I tried smashing the surrounding building to free it.

>find rock on the floor and smash back door windows to redneck home
>get in, leave mud everywhere and search for keys
>tried to avoid leaving a trial but it was unavoidable
>find key in kitchen drawers, search for food and take anything i could use
>first aid kit
>find gun rack, leave the fuck alone (wish I hadn't)
>go back out trying to cover up my presence
>can't do
>go to the back towards the shed
>let the dog go
>it bolts
>quickly lose sight of it
>fuck off out of there as quickly as possible
That night I must have been a few miles away from the rednecks at the very least, I walked for ages and even uphill over rough terrain.

>supplies dwindle really quickly
>open can of pork, eat cold and set up for the night
>middle of the night hear crackling and rustling
>branches break, creatures shift away
>all quiet
>five minutes later i hear people talking
>the shitspin drawl of rednecks
>shots fired, hear assholes woop and yell like barbarians
>same assholes from earlier
>fire and smoke from redneck camp shoots up over the clear sky
>wind in my direction, crawl on the floor over hills and branches and anything i could climb over

I was shit scared and it was clear even if I'd gone far, these guys knew their own backyard better than I did and following me didn't seem to be much of a problem.
I didn't sleep the whole night and even though I made little progress and tired myself out. The adrenaline kept me moving for hours until I didn't hear anybody anymore.

>most of my supplies were running low and i was forced to scavage what i could from the woods
>this is where past knowledge came in to play and i managed to feed myself from various bits and pieces of flora i knew was edible
>for energy source, it was pretty insufficient and i grew tired pretty quickly
>backpack needed readjusting to avoid cans rattling, decide to bury my trash
>previously hadn't in case i could use them

I've never really hunted or killed anything before so I didn't know where to start with that. I never really found the idea pleasant and I've always liked animals. Though I knew I needed a better method of finding food.
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>fall asleep that night
>wake up to noise at crack ass of dawn
>the dog from earlier was a slight distance from me
>dog had been following me

>hear rednecks shortly after
>take off, encourage dog to come with me, but it runs away
>hear running water
>best tasting water ever
>hear redneck yell at me
>run over water and through trees
>gunshot sound

Fucker took a shot at me!

>adrenaline kicks in and ran for what felt like an hour
>ran parallel to the water and could still hear it
>double back over the water a few times and continue down river

At this point I'm soaked and missing the luxuries of home. Even if I was just as miserable there. I'm not sure if I'd resigned myself to leave or resigned myself to death but I still ran and didn't stop.

>days later dog reappears
>stayed with me for a few nights, never straying too far
>eventually it had started to come closer and even ate its kills around me
>rabbits and other kills
I don't know why a breed like a wolfdog was chained up with those bitches or why they were treating it badly. I'm guessing they didn't care so much about money they could get for it.

>eventually started receiving kills from my new buddy, turns out i could get a fire going and was far enough away from rednecks
>cooked up meat
>decided to name the dog Hero, after feeding me, he was mine and I was his
>he'd come close enough at night that i could feel his warmth and he was a big comfort
>after a while, Hero started to get his fur back and he recovered from the abuse, at least physically
>now he really looked like a wolf, whereas i looked like a hobo
>eventually came to roads and land again and started hearing cars
>Hero looked nervous and didn't want to go too close
>started scaveging local area at night for resources

It's surprising the things people throw out. Had my life been reduced to this? I was happier though.
It's like a modern day David and the lions den story, don't stop OP
>eventually this became my life
>i had grown a beard and my clothes had become a mess, i must have stunk to most people, despite having access to clean water to bath
>i was feral and so was Hero
>the seasons changed and a few months turned to almost a year
>i started stealing clothes from locations i could come close to without being seen
>it was getting cold and i needed more than what i had with me
>about two weeks after I left my parents place
>Hero is definitely my best friend
>rednecks are long gone by now
>things get hot and heavy between me and Hero
>I bring out his red rocket and start giving him head
>interrupted by loud shouting
>southern drawl
>rednecks are back
>they snuck up on me, and I have nowhere to run
>Hero keeps pawing at me and whining because I didn't bring him to climax
>rednecks hear
>I get up and run
>fucker shot me in the calf
>I went down
>the two rednecks come down on me hard
>"I'm gonna make you squeal like a piggy!"
>can't see much, because of the shock from the shot
>feel my pants being pulled off
>that night I was raped over and over by two rednecks
Glad to know somebody is reading.

>life in the woods was harsh when the winter came, everything was bare and it was easy to feel exposed
>Hero was strong willed and adapted well to living in the wild
>there was probably more wolf in him than there was domestic dog
>i thought of my school friends and people i knew and wondered if they'd be starting a new year of college or getting jobs and starting their life of 'success'
>it made me feel lonely and like i had failed somehow but i was compelled to keep going, like normal life had nothing to offer me but the misery my parents had, with crappy jobs, crappy relationships and crappy pay
>i wasn't missed by my family but Hero had followed me through starvation, thirst and the type of coldness that makes your balls regret dropping

At this point the mental stress had hit me harder than the physical challenges of being homeless. I felt stretched thin, physically and mentally. Although I was arguably in the best physical shape I'd ever been, despite some periods of malnutrition.
I'd abandoned the concept of society in my head and every day brought about new challenges. It's funny the mental tip from right and wrong and fair and unfair when you starve and see first hand the challenges needed to survive in the wild. I did some things that winter that I wasn't proud of, but I don't feel it was unjust.

>i remember hearing people and children close by as we wandered through the woodlands
>we both came close to inspect, i was cold and hadn't eaten properly in days, even Hero was finding slim prey to eat
>i climbed over a fence in to a yard where a child was playing on a plastic slide set the next yard over
>he was a toddler and i could hear other people close to him
>retreated until that night

I wasn't sure where I was but it was a place people felt safe because that night when I went to scavenge, I checked the doors and opened up one of the doors without the need of a key.

>the floor creaked as i checked around the house for things i could take, preferrably things that wouldn't be missed
>i could see phones, TVs, various things that would be great if I was stealing to make money. they were worthless for me
>i raided the cupboards and stole whatever food needed little preparation and was easily replaced.
>against my better judgement, I stumbled upon the garage that belonged to a hunter.
>a crossbow and bolts lay atop a workbench among some rifles
>it was one of the easiest things to take, make little noise with and would be useful for me in future

In retrospect, it was probably costly, but my need was greater than his.

>as i began to leave, Hero had become unsettled and howled briefly, alerting the neighborhood
>he jumped the fence and ran over to me, lights came on and I lit up for everybody to see
>i bolted and Hero followed, running circles around me as he encouraged me to go faster
>i ran back in to the woods as fast as I could and I could hear the faint sound of police sirens in the distance

Was that for me? Yes... yes it was.
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I lost a boot during all of this which made the next few days very uncomfortable.

>I was tired, and my foot had become over exposed to dampness, which caused numerous pieces of wood to become embedded under my skin
>it was a very painful experience to continue the next week or so and even harder to avoid making it worse
>id decided, i needed to make another scavenging trip and this time it needed to be successful
>but i could barely move faster than a slow walk
>over the next few days my supplies dwindled fast and to avoid causing added injury, id stayed close to a camp we'd made. there was water and sufficient trees to hide among should we require the need
>using my blanket, i had torn pieces off to make a suitable cover to walk on and the first aid kit id stolen my first few nights become a blessing, even though i was using a year out of date antibacterial wound cleanser, it was better than nothing
>using my remaining boot, i started teaching Hero to find and grab it and bring it back to me

The only incentive I had to teach him was the scraps at the bottom of the collected cans of food I'd already used at towards the end of the training, I was left with giving him the cans for whatever meat juices he could lick up.
Bullshit, but I am still intrigued. Please regal me further op.
Continuing on, I didn't know how far I would have to travel until I could find somewhere urban enough to 'scavenge' things from. So I made the unfortunate choice to double back to where I had stolen the crossbow.

>it took a good while to make my way back
>my wound was better, cleaner and didn't look infected, perhaps i was just lucky though
>i arrived in the early morning of the day and stayed close enough to hear things but far enough away to remain hidden
>after a long day with little to do but wait, when it had turned dark enough and lights started to go out, i waited a little while longer before moving towards the fences
>it wasn't hard to open the low fencing with a bit of digging but the required house would have to have more than an easy opening
>finally i found a house with a doggy door, it looked big enough
>using the commands id used to train Hero, I got him to repeatedly sniff the yard and pee against the door. bravo..
>to his credit, he quickly found the door shortly after and made his way into the house, bringing out a large boot.
>it was better than nothing
>i sent him back in again and this time it wasn't a quick in and out
>Hero's theft alerted the dog that lived there, considering the size of the doggy door, it was big enough to cause a problem. i heard snarling and growling and lights flickered on again

>sure enough, Hero bolted out with a big boot in his mouth
>i didn't see the dog he went up against but it had bitten him on the leg, Hero fortunately had avoided injury apart from the scraping of teeth against his leg. i say it was probably a lucky escape
>i hobbled my way back in to the woods as fast as i could as the sound of dog barking became distant
>i didn't hear a siren that night, i was relieved

>inspecting the boots in the night, i could make out they were both the same size, too big for me, but different boots. both lefties
>one black and another tan brown
>whatever, it will do
>i was physically incapable of walking over hilly terrain with the boots, as my feet slipped back towards the rear of the boot and both being lefties, i was unbalanced.
>i made do with a few physical adjustments, sacrificing the top part to make some toe room and using my makeshift boot from previously in to toe fillers
>it worked, albeit uncomfortable, it was better than being bootless

>later that week me and Hero had made our way out of town and had crossed paths with a road and gas station
>local newspaper mentions a home invader with a dog who attacked a resident's pet cat but was scared off by their own dog

Us? Probably, if not definitely.

>after the bareness of the winter, spring reared its head and not a moment too soon, it was easier to get food and theft wasn't a go to option anymore.
>I'm still not proud of it. I just did what I had to do.

I know you could say I should have just asked some people for help, but you have to imagine my mindset and how long I'd been alone. The last people I saw were probably going to string me up by my balls and skin me like a deer. I'd developed a "me versus people" mentality and it's probably what kept me from going back to the 'real world'.
I lived like this for years and I have numerous stories. Eventually it came to an end and here I am, again, among people. I don't feel like other people now. I don't feel like the rat race to success has any meaning and I'm not interested in having a wife and kids and a nice yard with the trimmings of a working life.

>that spring brought about a sense of renewel for me, Hero was a happy dog and had seemed to make peace with his abusive past
>at least, we were each others sense of safety, he didn't really seem to enjoy being around society that much and if I'm honest, neither did I
>i recall that spring, we were in very dense woods and stumbled upon a tent, it was oldish looking and had been there for a while. a backpack, a flashlight (which i took) and a few bits and pieces that you'd expect
>we wandered around there for a while but there was nobody in sight and it was an abandoned camp, we never found out why but for a few days i wondered what had happened. My imagination went from Blair Witch type scenario to as mundane as a guy getting scared off by an animal. Honestly, I have no idea.
Is it really so hard to believe? The world is a big place, I can't be the only one that opted out of reality.
No ya you're right, it's not that hard to beleive, I honestly should've just enjoyed the story and not questioned if it was true or not, shits facinsting regardless.
Why don't you just go full Unabomber and build a cabin out in the woods?
Take a workshop, and write a book, OP.
>during this time, i was quite isolated for a long time and id stopped thinking too much about other people, feeling quite content to live as a vagrant drifter
>it was isolating to think i had nobody to go back to but at the same time, it was liberating to think that i didn't have the daily grind of attempting 'success' in life. I'd always been mediocre and average at everything.
>rather than thinking about what could be different, like i did in my old life, i just lived according to the need to survive, it wasn't unfulfilling or devoid of purpose
Even the raping bit?
P sure that was someone else, anon. OP, in his infinite wisdom, has refrained from using a trip and therefore another enterprising anon came in and made a ruckus while cleverly disguised as OP.
I'm glad you enjoyed what I had to say, nonetheless.

In the entire time I was out there, both Hero and me wandered. I never felt the need to belong somewhere. I had no idea where I was going, and I had no ultimate goal in mind. It just became a lifestyle.

I've thought about chronicling my life and writing a book. It's been about six months or so since I rejoined society and I really don't know what I am supposed to do now. A lot has changed for me and it feels unnatural to rejoin the waking world long enough to write a book. I'll surely consider it, depending on what I decide to do. Anyway, to continue where I left off.

>as we continued to wander, Hero started to become more aggitated and would snarl and howl randomly
>i grew concerned for his wellbeing and it made me realize in all this time, i never knew fully the extent of his suffering before meeting each other or how much torment he might have endured
>during the nights he would take off and i would hear howling from him and others
>i began to suspect he was able to smell wild wolves and his mating instinct was taking over

I wondered if he was busy getting busy at any point and there's a whole family line of Heroes out there. I never found out and he always made his way back to me.
... I only just read that. Somebody clearly enjoyed the story enough to hijack it with a few hijinks of their own. I'll admit, it was mildly amusing.

I can safely say that never happened, anon.
Sounds like a book I read when I was a kid called Hatchet. Bout this kid who's plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and he just survives using only a hatchet and whatever he could scavenge from the wreckage.

Pretty sure at some point he kills a bear or a moose or some shit and I'm 100% certain he pees on the ground right in front of some wolves.
That WAS such a drastic tonal shift, OP.
is the dog dead?
Anyway, summer time came and I was sufficiently versed enough in living on scraps that I was able to distinguish between what appeared to be food and what I should avoid.

>however, fresh bloom and life returning to the woodlands allowed for more than just meat dropped off from Hero
>the areas became quite rich in fungi and plants, some which have delicious roots, they taste similar to peanuts when washed
>i was certain i had come across a type of mushroom i had previously consumed and began picking a good amount of them
>after preparing a fire and cleaning them off, they were ready for cooking
>they smelled great and tasted as i remembered them to taste
>though it seems whatever type of mushroom i ate was a very good immitation of another subspecies.
>i shat like i had never shat before and for a few nights, fire raged from my butthole. Hero even gave me a wide space
>luckily for me, they were not any of the hundreds of variety of mushrooms that were deadly poisonous
I suppose it should come to no surprise for most, considering I met Hero at age 18 and I'm now 26. He's not with me anymore, no. I feel his loss every day. He cared for me in the way my own parents never did. He'll always be my greatest hero.
Keep going OP. This is one of the best stories I've ever read on 4chan. I'm curious, how did you end up back in society? Or will you get to that later on in the story?
I actually took a break to go outside and get some fresh air. There's a massive gap between the start and the end of the story. I'm open to questions and requests to fill in blanks if anybody would like. I could fill up a bunch of threads to go through it all but 8 years of stories is a long time.
Where are you right now?
I guess I'd just like to know how you eneded up getting back into society. What happened? Did you get tired of life in the woods? Did you stay at homeless shelters or something?
When I was eventually discovered and I lost Hero, I was arrested and taken back to a police station until I was identified and they figured out what to do with me. One of the arresting officers' daughters took pity on me and befriended me. I'm currently staying with her. She's the only person who doesn't seem to think I'm some sort of neanderthal discovery. Her dad and colleagues have taken to referring to me as Tarzan. While less dramatic and the absence of chimps, I suppose it's an adequate reference.

I'll cover your question directly, since the thread has become dead in my absence.

>roughly a year ago, me and Hero were traveling as we had done for the best part of a decade
>weaving in and out of society and avoiding people was second nature to us
>though we would often infringe upon society bit by bit, enough to make a little impact upon people
>even so far as to create rumors about a sasquatch wandering the area
>on one specific occasion me and Hero were forced to wander out of the woods to find food
>id injured myself, seemingly through no real fault, but the pain was there and I was forced to infringe upon society
>id needed to take what i required to survive and i was content doing so, as long as i caused no harm
>however that night id seemingly alerted a very precautious person who called the police, who responded promptly to the threat that was called in
>while i wouldn't say i was a threat, i was definitely considered one
>we didn't get a chance to steal anything but the police were called in when we caused some sort of alarm to be triggered.
>it was a makeshift alarm, a purpose made one, not a home security alarm
>me and Hero took off and very quickly we found ourselves being chased by police
>it was just instinct to run, i technically had committed crimes and it was arguable i was a threat
>we covered a good amount of ground but i wasn't capable of making the distance that Hero was
>we passed an area where we were forced either uphill towards the road or back down towards where we came, urban land was on one side and impassable terrain on another
>Hero tried his best to direct me and I took haste up the hill
>Hero took off and as usual we'd regroup when we got away
>I reached the road and was followed by a police officer who got out of his car right in front of me
>there was no sirens and in a bend in the road, i failed to see it come
>i was arrested by that same officer shortly after he gave chase and pulled out his weapon
>i found out over the police radio that one of the pursuing officers had struck a wolf on the road
>i knew instantly

>i felt like my journey had ended and my life was at a close
>i didn't speak for a few days and nobody knew what to make of me
>one officer began to piece together information about me
>eventually i spoke and was released without charge
>still a local curiosity and the officer that struck Hero said he hasn't been able to sleep properly since
>i know it hit me harder but the guy was apparently a huge dog lover and would have preferred if he'd been hit over Hero
I believe he was sincere and I know I can't get him back. It's been six months since then. I don't know what to make of my life. Rejoining society means making up for things that I've missed out on. I have no experience at life and I'm still not sure what to make of the world around me. When I walked away from my life, even technology was different. It's a different world.
>I have no experience at life and I'm still not sure what to make of the world around me

Nigga it's not like you dropped off the face of the earth for 8 years. You were doing shit that people are really into. You can work at a park, national forest, whatever, educating people on how to survive in the wild. You've got a pretty good education for that and more experience than most people.
I suppose that's one way of selling yourself to people to get a job. For the past eight years I lived with the future being tomorrow and the day after at best, to alter that mindset is really difficult. I'm grateful for the hospitility I've been shown, but to start a life that I left behind is really difficult. Wandering is the norm for me but I lost my partner in life and can't pick up either life anymore.

You don't have to cast it like this "selling yourself" bullshit. You could even just volunteer to lead people on nature hikes or something. Work with kids. Then maybe once you've gotten the hang of things you'll be able to go into some sort of business related to the outdoors.
I don't know what the world holds for me now. I need a lot of exposure to normal to feel comfortable with that sort of life. My entire adult life has been anything but normal, after all. Hell, I'm still a virgin.
Fascinating, truly wonderful OP. Are you tempted to go back? Or would you rather adapt to life here?

Most people on 4chin are virgins, no worries.
I am more than tempted to go back. But my only companion in my adult life is gone and I don't know how to replace that loss and continue in my life alone. He contributed so much food when I couldn't get any and affection when I was lonely, it's difficult to think I can survive without him. I don't think I'm equipped to do so without aid.

I'm not worried about it. I really wouldn't care if I went another eight years without sex. Though I am attracted to the girl I'm staying with, it's weird to have a woman seem more skilled or able than me in some way. Uncomfortably so, actually.

I sometimes wonder if it would be possible to settle in to normal human life with a home somewhere in the woods. It's hard to live both lives, but these past months I've really considered every solution to a problem which seems to have no answer. I actually envy normal people at this point.
This is a good story OP. Get a gun and go into the woods and hunt animals, also get a foraging book. You're basically set and can do whatever you want
Well I, like you, also don't have any ambitions to be successful and such. My plan is to buy property and live semi off the grid on it.

I think you can do anything. I mean, you can go back and try to live like you lived or you can try living within society's standards. But in any case you are free to do the opposite if it's not working for you.
I'm actually more adept at foraging than I am at hunting. I very rarely had to consider killing since Hero took care of it mostly. It's useful to have instinct on your side, a bit of knowledge with foraging went a long way for me.

I'm sure I'll be more than considering this myself. Living off the grid is just part of what comes natural now. However filling the gap that Hero left is something I don't know how to fill at all. He taught me more about friendship and loyalty than I ever learned from humans. Hopefully I can feel that sort of bond again.
Awesome story OP. If you decide to enter society for good you should definitely write a book at least. Whether you go off grid or become a part of society maybe getting a dog might be good for you considering your loss.
File: 1395191803898.gif (1MB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>maybe getting a dog might be good for you considering your loss.
this, standard procedure for huge loss is new beginning.

some guys when breaking up with a significant other go out and fuck anything with a vagina for months to get over it.

the dog is your vagina OP, go and get yourself a bitch to fuck.

all kidding aside the dog will help you move on.

>pic related
cheers OP that was a cool story, id read the book if you made one.
download some writing textbooks or take a class.
OP even if this bs and you made it up. Still a 10/10 read
I've thought about that. I definitely feel like I need something to replace the loss. Maybe it's time to find a new purpose.

I think it's possible to look for another dog to give meaning to my life. I've missed the companionship. I just don't feel as close to people anymore and I think it's harder to grow attached to people.

If I should write a book about my experiences, I'll post here again in the future and let everybody know how it's going.
Have a little similar story myself

>be 18, (im 21 now), live in France, depressed
>left school 2 years ago without any degree
>have no future in this society, don't even want a future in this society
>one day i decide i would leave to never come back again
>pack my school bag, lighter, cloth, some biscuits, a bottle of water and a compass, that's it
My plan was to head east, no particular plan, keep that in mind cause i will do thousands of km with that single plan : heading east

>Head east, walk on little roads in the highlands of my region, i would often just pause in the middle of it and admire the world around me
>walk 10 hours per day, decided i would go east by foot (yeah, dreams...)
>first night out, end up in a forest
>lie down, try to sleep
>obviously cant
>2 hours later, i hear footsteps

Yeah that's a lame cliffhanger, continuing anyway
(No fake btw, and pardon my english i am frog)
i forgot to say i stole a little and very cheap hunting blade at a store before leaving (stole the compass as well)

>Hear footsteps, get up, knife in my hands
>stressed as fuck, i also suddenly feel very, very hungry (can't explain why, but it wrecks my stomach with pain
>try to hear if the footsteps indicate a biped or a four-legged something (basically trying to know if this is a human or an animal)
>95% this is a biped
>the thing is walking around me in circles
>does almost half of a circle around me
>i think "this is so funny, first night out and i might die right here, i'm pathetic"
>decide to advance slowly towards the thing, making no noise (couldn't open my mouth if i wanted to anyway)
>the thing runs off
>think it was probably a deer
>i panic, start running like hell towards a path i saw when it was daylight
>run at night in a forest with a blade in my hand
>obviously fall multiple times, cut my hand with the blade a little
>finally make it to the little forest path
>run straight for 15 minutes
>start walking cause no stamina
>i hear horses, can't see anything 10 foot in front of me
>don't know if there is a barrier between these horses and i
>make it a barrier, i don't know if i am in the good side or the bad side of it
>don't even know if there is a safe or an unsafe to it
>climb the barrier, sit on it
>if something attacks me in any side i would simply jump in the other side
>it's 3 AM
>i wait on that barrier for like 3 hours until the sun comes up (am i autistic ?)
>finally daylight
>i was on a farm, cows in front of me, horses behind
>make my way out of there
make it to a barrier*

>anyway, i follow the forest trail telling myself it would surely lead me out of there
>indeed, i end up in a little concrete road along the forest
>follow it, absolutely no cars passing by
>see a dead cat in the middle of it, first time i saw one (saw many hedgehog before, no cats)
>keep walking, a car passes and agrees to take me to the nearest city
>smalltalk with the driver
>so where are you going young men
>what ?
>yeah i simply go east, is the city we are going east of there ?
>indeed it is
>thank you for taking me there
>30mins later we arrive, i tell him to drop me in the road in a hurry
>i vomit
>the guy is gone, didnt even say goodbye
>i'm in the city, (a farely populated city, like maybe 110k people)
>i will spend a night here
>steal some apples/fruits in the street since i didn't take any money before leaving

Fast forward to Switzerland

>abandonned the idea of going east on foot
>started hitch-hiking
>some guy in a garage gave me a cardboard and a pen so i could write my direction
>always used it to write the next big city east of where i was

Don't care if noone is reading, never told anyone about that story, feels good telling about it
>walking in switzerland highlands in summer, my face is burnt, nose is peeling, i look like total shit
>make it to Bern
>an arab takes me
>complains all the way about how hard is difficult
>fast forward to Zurich
>here i find a very, very kind Austrian who is returning home
>jackpot, he will drive me for like 450kms to Austria (east of Switzerland, for the autists)
>we stop in gas stations along the highway
>he pays me food
>this dude is so fucking kind
>he speaks like no english, i speak like no german
>we try to talk a little
>understand he has a daughter, things are difficult with her
>dude works like a fucking slave
>we pass borders, customs are empy (no control between eurpean countries)
I forgot to say i didnt take any ID with me, in case i would die i didnt want to be recognised

>I'm in Austria, Vienna
>fucking beautiful
>it's hot, girls are all in low-necked dress
>never seen so many beautiful girls ever, fucking Austrians are hot as fuck
>i look like crap, havent showered in days
>i try to find my way out of the city
>find a guy going to Budapest, Hongary

it's poorly written but i hope still enjoyable
need more details, what did you do in austria? you can stretch this out for way more posts.
>end up in Budapest, have nothing, i'm starting to realise what i'm doing
>left without saying a word to my mom and sister (no dad btw, that explains this)
>people gave me a few cents sometimes so i had enough money to call home for like 30sec
>i should spend that money on sandwich, i don't, i feel sorry for leaving my mom
>i call her, tell her
>"hi mom"
>"hi son, where are you ?"
>"i'm in Hungary, see the phone number, call me back"
it was a phone box
>I wait 10 mins, mom doesnt call back
>i leave
>i walk all day trying to find a way to leave Budapest on foot
>finally find the highway
>jump the barrier
>there is a mcdonald across the highway
>cross through the highway
>walk to the mcdonald
>do the usual stuff (wait in the parking and ask people if they would take me)
That sounds unbelievable for me when i write it, back then i would never go out of my room, had no friends, spoke to noone, and now i'm a fucking adventurer
>a mother buys me a sandwich and a redbull
>start eating all of it immediately
>she sees it, goes back to the store with another sandwich and 2 more cans
>that women had 3 children to feed in her car
>i think i'm really looking bad
>indeed, i lost like 8kgs (17lbs)
>Arrive in Vienna, go to the tourist office and ask what is worth seeing here
>she gives me a plan, doesn't say much
>i leave
Basically i spend 1 day walking in Vienna

>left the city
>walking in little roads in Austria, taken by many truck drivers
>travel across the country throughout all the rest areas when all the trucks drivers eat and park to sleep in their truck
That's it for Austria, i met some people along the road, nothing exciting
But there is more meeting stories to come, and so good ones
Fake story is fake.
Still reading tho
>i'm in a rest area in west Hungary, full of trucks
>try to find French plates
>absolutely none
>find 2 Turkishs and an iranian eating together by their trucks
>engage conversation (i actually speak some turkish, very little but still)
>they offer me food, vodka and redbull
>i'm sitting on a bench with 2 Turkish and 1 Iranian drivers, talking about nothing and everything, they had amazing stories to tell
>like that day when one of the Turkish driver tried to pass by afghanistan and was pointed by AK's at the borderland
>one of the two turkishs is horny (they are both married)
>there are actually many hookers on those truck drivers resting area
>a german hooker comes up
>"ten euro suck, twenty euro total" (with a strong german accent)
>the other turkish (not the horny one) is trying to bargain
>"five euro suck, ten euro total !"
>this is the funniest moment of my life
>the bargaining turkish takes me to his truck and offers me to sleep
>we talk, the man is heading back to Turkey (and Turkey is east, for the autists)
>i say i have no ID, he says i cant pass the Romanian border (they were not in the Schengen zone, so the borders were controlled)
>anyway let's talk about this tomorrow
i swear on my life this is true, there is nothing awesome about that story anyway, it's not hard to believe

>the 2 turkish drivers take me to a place where all turkish drivers meet 100km before Szeged (a city near the romanian border)
>we drink Tea (tea is actually free here, it's like water)
>so we talk about how i count on traveling the world without ID
>they persuade me this is impossible (and i can actually see the Turkish drivers and afraid of taking me now that they know i don't have ID)
At this point i lost so much weight, i'm so fucked up, i'm tired, they persuade me to call my mom and go back home.
And here is the only moment i might regret in my life, i listen to them
>one driver take me back to Austria, in a gigantic place full of truck drivers
>spend half of the day asking to drivers if they could take me to France
>in vain
>see a police car, walk to them
>"hi, could you please take me to the nearest city please, i'm lost, i have no ID", i try to have them pity me
>no, i can give you my phone so you call the French ambassy they might help you
>i call, they can't help me
>the police officers don't want to take me
>i say "so i have to commit a crime for you guys to take me right ?"
>"eh well..."
>a female officer comes up and decides to take me
>in the police car
>"don't say anything about it right, we are not allowed to do this"
>"no problem"
>i end up in a small city in Austria (dont remember the name"
>i remember i have saved like 20€ throughout my journey
>buy a 18€ train ticket back to Vienna

Last chapter coming next
you go back?.,.. why?
>in Vienna i find a guy going to Munich (Germany), i know there is a French Embassy that will help me there
>i come up there, 10 AM, ambassy opens in the afternoon
>i wait in the hall, a black family (a mom with her 2 childs) see me, they also had business in the ambassy
>they wait with me
>we don't speak, the mother comes to me, hands me 5€ and says "here, take these"
>i'm embarassed, i say thank you and take the money
>we wait here, embassy opens
>i smell like shit, havent showered in 12 days (at this point i left like 2 weeks ago)
>i come at the reception
>"passport please"
>"i have no passpo..."
>"if you don't have a passport you need to take an appointment" or something i don't recall what he said exaclty
>"let me explain this is why i come here, i lost my passport and my money and i need to head back to France"
I had no choice but to lie, the women in the hall told me that if i tell them i came here by hitch-hiking they would tell me to go back to France hitch-hiking
>French ambassy can buy me a bus ticket to France (the price was like 60€ can't remember)
>the bus takes off in 4 days
>i have to spend 4 days in the streets of Munich waiting
>i hear they give bread to the homeless at the trainstation
>i go there, they give me a piece of dry bread, i eat it and go out
>two cops waiting at the exit
>"control paper please"
>i have no passport, they gave me a paper at the embassy in case of controls
>i show them the paper
>they check it, they let me go
>10 meters away two cops dressed as civilians stops me
>i say "your two brethrens controlled me 1min ago, see them here ?" (i point them)
>yes but we are different type of cops (their id papers were green, i don't know what kind of cops they were)
>they control me, it's ok, i can go
>15min later i stop in a park
>a shirtless junkie reading a book next to me
>i see two cops walking on the horizon
>they slowly come towards me

damn post limit, real final post coming
don't know man, really, if i had taken my passport before leaving i would not be here posting this on 4chan i know that

>they ask the shirtless guy to put his shirt on
>jackpot, they come to me straight after
>"hi, control"
>"hi, do you know your collegues controlled me twice in the last 15 minutes ?"
>"ho, well, this is for safety purpose you know"
>The other cop : "yeah, i'm sure this is safed than the country you come from"
>"i come from France"
>me : "can you tell me why you guys keep controlling me please ?" (i've never been controlled once if my life before)
>they guy says to me with a straight face
>"you look like someone who smokes marjuana"
I have never smoked in my life, not even a cigarette
>"oh ok, well i don't even have 5€ in my pocket i have better things to do than buying drugs"
>they control me, they don't even bother verifying the paper the embassy gave me
>later that day i slept under the stares in the basement parking of the embassy
>wake up, a women who was coming to work sees me, she obviously knows i've been sleeping here
>next day i sleep here again, but now i'm being wakened by the police
>they ask me to leave
>a cop even gives me 2€ to buy myself a coffee (which i don't, i'd rather buy food)

Fast forward to the bus, i come home, i made my mom cry, i made my little sister cry, and i feel so, so much depressed the second i step foot home
I tell my mom "i regret coming back"

And that's it.
Why do you regret it?
Coming back to the life i wished to leave forever (i even deleted everything in my computer)
I felt like shit, i laid back on the couch, and said "what now ? what am i gonna do now with my life ?" like that trip did not make me advance, i didn't achieve anything, i gave up
So after that i spend another year doing nothing, then i worked for 1 year, then nothing for almost 1 year (i make 1k dollar every month without working, social care in France)
and now i've saved 17k€, i'm going to Peru in two weeks and India after, still don't have any precise goal in life, i think i'll spend it roaming, travelling.
is social care in france like money for unemployment?
Usually meant to aid people find jobs in times of trouble?

If so how the fuck you get 1k a month??
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Shit seems fake to me.
But a decent read anyways, OP.
Yes, you get 1k a month by working and gaining 1k5, the state always gives you 75 % of what you were earning at work, for like 2 years max (1yr of work =1yr of social care)
Good on you OP. Hell, if you write a book on this shit, real or not, I'll buy a copy for all my /out/ friends.
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