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Mechanic's Thread: Rollcart Edition

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Last thread went better than expected, let's do it again.

>Show off your box; make fun of others
>Retarded Customers / Writers / Shitboxes and Problem Cars
>Shop Politiks - "Do this for me real quick; I'll take care of you later"
>Talk Tools - What's good, what sucks and where to buy it from?
The fuel line of Milwaukee shit came out as I was quitting, are they any good? My older 1/4" impact's still works great today and I beat the shit out of them. Been wanting to pick up the 1/2" eventually.
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I like the fuel line.

The 18v 1/2" fuel spanks just about every other cordless on the market right now, the only one that matches it is the newest offering from Dewalt.

I want to see a "fuel" update to their cordless ratchets; I fucking love the current 3/8 model, I'd buy a new model with more torque/speed without a second thought.
>got an impromptu interview at a mavis yesterday
>hr called me twice today (to finalize I guess?) even though I told them i would be at school and that I can't even get into my voicemail
>when I start I'll have no days to myself with 3 days of school and 4 of work
As much as Mavis will probably suck, the location I was sent to is right by the twisties so I can dagumi after work. Gonna keep an eye out in local classifieds for an actual shop while I work at the Mavis but in the same general area because muh touge. Also I hope I never have to do any HVAC or steering related work an a tc ever again.
Muh Niqqa!
I have a Husky 1/2" with up to 500ft-lbs, the fuel I picked up while our Air Compressor was down runs circles around my air impact and the Snap On impacts that my coworkers use.

My box sucks, no writing surface, falling apart after 5 months, half the drawers don't close and can't handle any more weight. After I finish paying off my Milwaukee Impact I'm upgrading to a new box and getting a side cabinet, and a shelf, I need a writin' surface badly.
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Forgot my Pic
Just don't fall into the tool trap and still be paying for your box and accessories when you decide to quit in a year.
>College kid as well as mechanic
My professors at my college(I go to school for auto-engineering) tell me the same thing, and that they are still payin' off their stuff.

>Kobalt toolbox
>buying / financing anything from off the rape train

You fucked up, check out a full drawer Sunex roll cart, infinitely better than Kobalt. Don't buy anything off the truck if you can help it - you get fucked on price almost twice over.
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>Milwaukee love in

I just bought the M12 Fuel 3/8 impact and hammer drill after using a coworkers set at work. Makes overhauling 3500 cylinder heads a breeze due to the small size and decent torque output.
what's more frustrating to work on in your opinion:

German cars or transverse mounted motors in minivans? i can't decide atm...
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>>13651047 here again
>emailed the mavis guy I talked to the first time
>gives me an extension and a name
>dial extension
>its a completely different person
>leave message anyways hoping they'd call me back
Why are these people so fucking stupid?
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Picked up a neat little Sunex table.

Good table, but it ships in a cardboard box with no protection, and it's a bit beat up.
Anyone else rocking a 44" Harbor Fright box?
I've had mine for almost a year and it's starting to get full, along with my ~30" top box.
44" top box first or go for the 72" HF box?
Also, it's yearly inspection time for the cab fleet the garage services. I'm ordering rotors by the truckload.
This box >http://m.truckinginfo.com/article/175727/snap-ons-biggest-tool-storage-box-is-now-even-bigger
How tall is that writing surface on that Milwaukee box? I've been wanting to get a new box. Been looking at a macimizer because of the nice height (I'm 6'4) hate bending down writing shit on my tech series.

I'm about 6ft 3" with my boots on, the hutch's shelf is pretty good height for writing for me.

It's not great for writing on unless you've got a clip board though, the black is a foam cover.

It has a drawer with a hard metal work surface (top box, left side, bottom drawer) - but that's not really at the ideal height IMO.
How based is that kobalt 3/8'' breaker bar? Love that bitch for tight bolts in tight places.

>engine mount bracket bolts to block on VWs mostly
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E-Z Red double extra long locking flex head, it's $35 and it's awesome.
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Thread images: 7

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