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How's your songwriting going, /mu/? What have you written lately?

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How's your songwriting going, /mu/?
What have you written lately?
bunch of stuff. i think its pretty good. im lazy/unmotivated/alcoholic so i havent really gotten around to recording it. i will though.
I speak to you and the dam breaks/
I spill out all regrets and mistakes

I run a wasted race to nowhere/
Knowing there's not much time to spare

this is the only song i made that i like
im super lazy about setting up my shit to make more twinpeakscore
my shit i use to record/make drums/sample crap is maschine and I absolutely fucking hate it because every time i get that piece of shit out to make something there is ALWAYS something wrong with the software and i spend all day fixing/reinstalling that piece of crap.

i have garageband and old logic but i dont have cool drums in those.
i need ableton or something.
This is exactly the stuff I'd produce, but I hate sitting in front of my computer with a guitar and setting up a shitty mic with audacity, that's why I stopped recording music. I don't have any money for better equipment, I could still record something with the stuff I got, but I'm also too lazy
My black metal project has been poop because I don't feel like programing drums
i could really use someone to work with

have a decent number of chord progressions, little melodies, synth loops etc but dont know what to do with them. make them fast, heavy, love songs, political songs, random trippy shit? having everything so easily at my disposal makes it harder to focus, i could use someone else around here to help put these ideas in order
I have been super drepressed and can't bring myself to make anything
You are in the ideal state to start
yeah except even opening ableton is too much stress and no words come out of me right now anywys
it makes me sick to think about juicing my fucking problems for music too, like it ilegitimizes how i feel

Sidewalk chunk symphony
Hits hard, but it ain't mean
Auto-portrait, but it ain't me
It's you who can't believe,
Won't believe in the
Street sounds, ants swarmin
Crawlin coffee grounds
I seen your sister hangin around
Dropping piggy nickels in patchwork pockets
If you want it need it but don't got it
They say prayers do somethin
At least distract the goddamn unconscious

Redirect them ropes
Tuggin so hard at the back of your throat
Youre not chokin but your prides
Been worse than broke for a while
Functioning, for someone else
Hitting someone else's
High notes
High birth
Throw the babies out
With the baptism bath
But now you got time
And a dozen silver spoons to look at

That's that
Don't bother bringin it back
With the slow reverse
And a pile of poor man's trash
Can't eat flat screens
Boiled Jordan's you can but won't
Cause that logos been there like a birthmark
And the textbooks didn't seem so smart to invest in
When your best friend got his head caved in
For that jersey you lent him
Smart kid, smoke the sorrows
Well spoken retards never know
Picking up the gun is an easier load
Than strained smiles on park benches
And baggies full of late teens fallout pension

The last way you kept
Humidity out of eyelids
Dried up the brains
And I wept
Midsummer day slept
Between dumpster and chain link,
Between the prologue and the
Brink of beginning notes
Sunrise, nope, that's high hopes
Just headlights
Breakin up the late night cockroach festivities
goddamn, this whole bloody city
Smells like a poorly written mystery
Catalogued, false recorded history
Revolutions bled to death in these streets
Curb stomped by law abiding Americans
Who said nothin when the city
Burnt it's children to a crisp
And opened fire on those who dare flee
Running, screaming, their arms held babies
But the boys in uniform shooting
Apparently ain't responsible
For doing what they were told to do
Now the flags bleed their red into the streets,
The blues are hiding in the poor families
Who salute the bleached white flag
Hanging in their doorways
Curse the rebels down the street
Cause the TV news tells them to
Meanwhile the kids are off to school
To hear chained and abused truths
About how the courage of a revolutionary few
Led you to paying taxes the same
only now the Kings have softer names

My heart's bleeding lemon juice on these pages
But it ain't turning up anything worthwhile I been saying
I liked it better when I was breaking bullshit with my tongue
Heavy on the ears but lighter on the heart
Than making my loved ones think I'm
Pissin on the places I come from
The fact is, whatever the fuck I'm trying to say
Is said better by emptying a pocket of its spare change
Cause I can make a cheese steak wit onions
be the first thing this man eats today
Then I'll feel better, but shit,
I get to walk away
Im pretty much done with the entire album but our drummer hasnt responded in a month and I just cant find a fuck to give anymore. Oh well one day I guess
I really should start writing something. I play something new every time I pick up my guitar, but never bother to write it down. I can never seem to recall what I played either.
get reaper
Sung a couple lines of that over Cadd9, Gsus2, C/G, Am7 capoed at 2nd fret on my guitar and that sounded good. I like it.
do you guys ever get angry and blocked because you do a couple of chord progressions and then dont what the hell to do next? i hate it, is the only thing that gets me legit angry
i know this feel
we could be the next lennon and mccartney, anon
I had this same problem for years. Always looking for someone to work with and believe in, always found one, always turned out to be not the one.

You have to learn to adapt sooner than later and be a self-sufficient writer. Find a touchstone of quality or structure and use it.
shit ton of instrumental demos, riffs, and melodies recorded
almost no lyrics written
and even if i had lyrics i wouldn't be able to record them well because my upstairs neighbors get pissed
Just released an album today so I am really proud of myself. Now time to go write some more.
is like even harder than gettin a gf (if you are ugly as fuck as me).
I've never been able to write a song. I can't write the music alone, i can't write lyrics alone. Can only put together some short, interesting melodies

So that's where I'm at
It's infinitely harder than that lmao. Ugly people get girlfriends, anyway.

Looking for a music partner is looking for a soul mate, man. That's way harder.
>Can only put together some short, interesting melodies
tfw i cant into melody
i wish i was a child again, i never realised what a gift was to sing nonsense out loud completly out of nowhere
I've kinda got an idea for a debut solo album I've been thinking up. Kinda a whole concept album, I've got plenty of instrumentals and ideas for instrumentals, kinda lyrical concepts, but I feel too depressed and lazy to actually make it
>Looking for a music partner is looking for a soul mate
isnt that what a gf should be ;_;? i just wasnt made for this times brah...
>tfw i cant into melody
>i wish i was a child again, i never realised what a gift was to sing nonsense out loud completly out of nowhere
How old are you? I don't care if you didn't do it at an age where you would've been ripe for an early start.

You have to try and believe that you can. Defeatism is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's amazing to think that wherever you go in the world, there's music and language. No matter how secluded any mountain villa is: there will be people creating original music and speaking original language. It's in our nature. It's in your nature.
What's the idea? I want to hear about it
Been busy writing a japanese style piece for harp using the In scale.
This scale is really fun to use.

First couple bars: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1OCkM7KdqBB
its cute
>How old are you? I don't care if you didn't do it at an age where you would've been ripe for an early start.
18 (lol), i've always have some ear for music, my parents have told me i was able to recognize bach or other composers from each other when i was like 3-4 without looking at the tape cover and shit like that, just by ear. but that doesn have anything to do with being creative i guess, i still manage to do some chord progressions and sometimes melodies but it always sound like unoriginal crap
>You have to try and believe that you can. Defeatism is a self-fulfilling prophecy
it was hard for me to understand this but after doing acid this is one of the things stuck with me, but now between school (its shitty ok, i know is going to get worse) and always feeling like shit is hard to keep the spirit, thanks for your reply, tripfag.
instrumentally, it'll mostly be barely overdriven, out of tune guitars playing half-depressing/half-atonal melodies, industrial drum machines laying down stale and repetitive, and a few tear-jerking, delay-soaked, upper-octave monosynth parts that will occasionally show up. "vocal instrumentation" will be vocoders, black metal vocals for heavier, darker tracks, maybe glitchy samples, and just plain old screaming

lyrically, it'll probably start out with the character having some sort of "waking up" from a half-assed suicide attempt of death by alcohol poisoning. It'll move on from there and be some sort of "upward spiral" kinda deal that'll probably just get sadder with the illusion of a happier story as the album goes on. and either the character gets out, or it'll just ambrose bierce the whole thing (an occurence on owl creek bridge or whatevs) and make it seem like the entite story has been a waste. but either way, I have the outro track already, and it sounds like "the sun is rising" and be genuinely happy. i hate to use it as an example, but let it be the Bound 2 of yeezus, how the last track didn't really fit, but just that making it the last track makes it somehow work. ideas i dont know how to work into the story: a car accident late at night, asymmetrical faces, Hell, etc. I would like the story to kinda shift around from being believable and being completely fantasy with all sorts of weird mythical shit of monsters, deformed people (inb4 two headed boy) and whatevs. Sort of like a dream state, but not sound dreamy. Maybe like having a nightmare and waking up with a horrendous anxiety attack. and no, very little of this has to do with me.

I am also interested in how I can make this all not sound edgemaster359. i dont want this album, if i ever make it, be laughable.
thanks m8.

i think i'm going to rap it actually. it'll go on an otherwise acoustic album so i need to learn how to do production and make the music for the song not sound too jarring. no idea how it works but i'm assuming i can distort guitar sounds and make a hiphop type beat out of them. will probably be something really minimalistic in terms of production, like aesop's earliest stuff, because i have no idea what the fuck i'm doing with production
its like if animal collective did the next la dispute album
cool imagery but i feel like it would be more effective trimmed and condensed
A bout a week ago I finishes a minimalist piece for piano, flute, double bass (bowed), and tenor voice.

It's being premiered at the beginning of next semester.
>that doesn have anything to do with being creative i guess,
Wrong. Creativity is linked to intelligence. You seem to have had the memory and the pattern recognition at an early age and allowed it to develop with Bach, etc. That is part of intelligence.

>melodies but it always sound like unoriginal crap
Look here. It's easy to "write" something good if it's stolen. This is what many people do. It's much harder to write something that is original, even if it's bad. Aspire to be original first. Make bad songs. You will get better organically.
Thanks. It's called 夏の夜.

I'm curious as to how it sounds.
Worked on 4 short movie projects since a couple of months. Really helped me get some learning with my music program.

Hope to be continue having that creative phase and be able to go to university and find relatives who do the same stuff as me and get me a job in the end.
Ive written stuff but im not a good producer and have a lot to learn so to do my shit justice id have to hook up with a decent producer
Im making some atmospheric atonal avant garde black metal, its working out beautifully! I hired a couple violinists yesterday and Im trying to improve on my piano playing so I can make more softer, subtler sections.
Currently losing inspiration on this song:

the "chorus" (1:48ish) especially
this is awesome. if the guitar tone was a little cleaner i would get really into this
Well, currently there are no recordings of the piece. The guys who are playing on it have not been able to meet to play the piece because of end of semester bullshit.

The initial inspiration came from Philip Glass' Metamorphosis.
have you recorded something? i want to hear it
working on a few really catchy mac demarco esque riffs, but not a full cohesive track

anyone wanna hear?

let's hear it, you sexy anonymous music beast
jk anon. but id totally do it if i could
I wrote this like a week ago. Just a dumb piano ballad thing.

I think this is a good place to ask this
What's that really common classical piece that goes Db Eb f Ab Gb Gb Bb Ab Ab... and so on
I hear it lots of places and can play it on alto sax (I transposed it) but cannot remember the name.

some of them are quite jazzy
I made this today
Except I later realized it sounded like a White Stripes / Jack White ripoff (after the intro at least)

I made this some time ago
But I should work on the production some more and I'm not even trying to hide it's a Philip Glass ripoff

Also I recorded this riff
But it sounds like a Toe ripoff

Fuck me
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Thread images: 1

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