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How do I into EDM? I like artists like LCD Soundsystem, Daft

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How do I into EDM? I like artists like LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, and The Avalanches...but I don't think they're EDM. So pardon my ignorance, but what is EDM and how do I get into it?
EDM is the shitty wannabe version of every artist you posted
David Guetta and Avicii stuff

Basically what every pop song is on the radio
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Wouldn't recommend getting into EDM, it's a pretty shitty and formulaic genre. There's some good shit there to, just like any music genre. If you like Daft Punk you'd probs like Justice as well.

Try this fucker out
go to america and find a "rave"
I know David Guetta and Avicii are (shitty) EDM. I was hoping there were good artists in the genre.
Fucking american "raves." Just a bunch of asshats on mdma

what about like Kavinsky and Zhu? surely they're not as bad as David Guetta and Avicii
Flight Facilities is definitely worth a listen.
edm artists that thoroughly develop their own musical ideas are rare and are not worth looking for, but i can give you a few recs


i dunno i tried to stick to edm but maybe you'll enjoy at least one of these i guess u just gotta be in the mood for it really
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>Space Laces, 7 Minutes Dead, KOAN Sound

OP, try checking out PrototypeRaptor, OVERWERK, Haywyre, Lemaitre, Kill Paris, Uppermost, Wolfgang Gartner and Savant.
Listen to Aphex Twin - Drukqs, or Syro tracks 4-6-8

Then try believing that again.
That's not EDM though
it's your view on EDM that is shitty and formulaic
it's the term EDM that is too limitative

in his last album, Richard D James has a track that is a pure ironic move on the fact that he is altogether superinfluential and quite distant musically from electronic music meant to 'dance'

strange that nobody talks about breakz, nuskool breakz, drum&bass, breakcore, techno.

I would be you, OP, I would use Soulseek (or SoulseekQt on mac) and start browsing.

>implying its mdma and not bath salts
>EDM, it's a pretty shitty and formulaic genre
>recs Daft Punk and Justice

le irony face
PROTIP: Euros have never called it EDM, we've always just called it dance music
There's a difference between utilizing repetition and being formulaic.
True, the umbrellas we used in my youth were ''dance music'' and ''chillout music'' or ''rave music'' (until '94). Or the genre names of course.
>LCD Soundsystem
>Daft Punk
>Aphex Twin

OP please kill yourself for putting him in that list
yeah, James Murphy should not be there.
Kill yourself

>tfw Mericans Give something a new name and think they invented it. Europoors have been making "EDM" since the early 90's.

muh lcd soundsystem so good he dun deserve 2 b on da list with little lightweights like richrud dick jomes
I like this

listen to:

zebra katz
claude vonstroke
seth troxler
my nu leng
maya jane coles

mr. carmack
what so not
blvc svnd

space jesus
duck sauce

that's a pretty good start. particularly recommend mr. carmack and claude vonstroke.
the only reason that puts him apart from the other artists in the list is his pretentiousness



if you want to into dance music these are a good start
None of those in your list is EDM
Big room arena American rave Fruity Loops 101

Joel, Sonny, Aviici, Guetta, Van Dyk, Shackleton, Troxler etc

Or even easier....

Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 3

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