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What's some music for the feel when I am comfortable with

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What's some music for the feel when I am comfortable with my inevitable death and joyous with my merely momentary existence in the universe but whenever I begin to consider Christianity am drawn towards the mentioned religion, tempted by it, and find it incredibly beautiful and reasonable, but whenever I begin to go towards it and read about it begin to find it ridiculous that I am even considering choosing a religion and that I should instead go back to existing without the belief in a somewhat personal God or objective morality or objective meaning because it's just wishful thinking to do otherwise and I am content without it, but then am soon thrust back into the circle and begin to hold a deep appreciation for the Christian faith and find it good, even though some parts are hard to believe and some parts are difficult to swallow it seems alluring, it make sense, and the entire point of faith is to believe without seeing, and I begin to admire Jesus, and it becomes apparent to me that a lifelong longing for something beyond our earth, while seeming like a nonsensical denial of truth, gives a meaning in life and a fire in our souls and a light inside our minds that cannot be replicated, no matter if it's true, no matter if there's no evidence, no matter if it's hard to believe, it is beautiful, it is meaningful, it makes us beyond this earth and beyond animals, whether or not thrown back into the circle again, to believe otherwise and to simply live without a religion like this, and find substantial joy in breathing, seeing, and feeling the earth around me?
darude - sandstorm
shit bruh just convert already
its really actually great to be part of
especially when you find people to have theological discussions with - very interesting

gregorian chant
i like majestic droney stuff nadja
I think Bach or mozart might help.

Also you should start reading the bible with the easy book, like proverbs.
I was reading Genesis, but it was getting somewhat confusing with all of the names and family tree stuff. I skipped over it, but wasn't sure if it was necessary or not.
what a great believer you are
You are just lying to yourself if you want to 'convert' to a religion. We all die and when you die there is nothing. Just accept it and enjoy your time here.

How can anyone truly believe in any of these nonsensical religions derived from the old testament when they were clearly written by men? The evidence for evolution is undeniable

As a Catholic, I definitely support you in finding your faith, OP. The existence of God just makes sense, plus religion gives people hope and a sense of value. We are not just specks of dust in the wind. We each have real value. God, Jesus, and Christianity in general are beautiful.

Definitely try Catholicism. It is the church that Jesus Christ himself founded when he put Peter as the cornerstone of his church, and it is a great place to be.

Genesis does have a lot of explanation at first, though it gets more narrative when you get to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Gospels are actually probably the best starting place for most people.
you should prbably read the NT first and then go back
might make slightly more sense
Current 93
Man was not created in the image of god, god was created in the image of man.

Take you head out of the sand

It takes a lot of faith to say that.
Isn't a lot of the old testament just men using poetic allegories to explain the glory of God to the people?

Peoples' hangups with sexuality, gender, and nudity-- it's similar to how I feel about organized religion. It's toxic and poisonous to the human mind, and the development of humans in the modern world. - Zach Hill
He's right OP, wtf are you thinking.

REM - losing my religion
Woah man I bet you thought that up all by yourself, huh? Big genius over here is the first person to consider the validity of religion. Wow! Truly interesting stuff, my man.
it's hilarious to me that you're so eager to embrace something you can't even be bothered to at least try to familiarize yourself with or give the tiniest speck of actual devotion to
it also goes to show that your interest in christianity probably has more to do with your general aimlessness and lack of fulfillment than anything else
"finding jesus" is as trite of a solution for giving your life some meaning and direction as there is
sort of

mostly told through the medium of a narration of jewish history
intermixed with confusing prophetic stuff and random poetry

the NT is obviously a straightforward story of Jesus' life followed by a bunch of theological ideas from his early followers

we should probably not allow this to become a debate thread
These Christians seriously think that God created humans with sin, and then sent himself down to earth in the form Jesus to be tortured so he could forgive himself. ? ? you are all -insane-
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Why do people think that religion limits the human mind? In a way, it expands it to think of things beyond us, inspires great artwork and creations, and followers of it have contributed far more to science than those that rejected it. It also gives the world order and objective morality, and encourages helping those weaker than us and following virtue. And again, almost all great classical art has been inspired significantly by religion. If I'm not mistaken, music as an art form first began solely in churches for the glory of God.

You can say that religion is hard to believe, but saying that it's 'toxic and poisonous to the human mind' just isn't true. I would say that religious thought and belief is part of what makes humans so incredible, and has contributed significantly to culture and civilization more than anything else.

There's a lot of good Christian music that most people don't give a real chance. They can be really uplifting.

Didn't he send himself down to earth in the form of Jesus as a way of dying for all of our sins? He came down and delivered all of the good news ('I love you all', 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself', all that) even though he knew he would die because of it. He sacrificed his son to us just because we're sinners.
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It's okay, it's nice to see Vulnicura, I really hope that album comes with a condom not some tablet app.
OP, this stuff is kind of on the strange side and requires a bit of background knowledge but I HIGHLY recommend a group called The Trees Community

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gingerblack man.jpg
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>taking the opinions of an edgy, ignorant musician seriously

a lot of very intelligent counter-arguments to religion have been made throughout history.
shitty celebrity opinions are not them.
What are some intelligent counter-arguments to religion?
for real op try this:

look up some local christian org
find the "young adult" group (not the college kids group!)
go to one of their weekly small group meetings
if its even halfway decent there will be a very interesting discussion of theology
especially if it's catholic, since they have thousands of years of writings to draw from, whereas protestants mostly stick to trying to come up with biblical interpretations de novo, which are usually poorly informed and mediocre
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The Burden of Love.jpg
2MB, 1711x1500px

It ain't on fucking YouTube. And that's just terrible.

This is a very nice painting.
hordes of turn-of-the-century philosophers like nietzxchzxze, etc

but in the end i think they mostly boil down to "there's no evidence so why should i follow a bunch of stupid rules that cramp my style"

just couched in far better language and logic than anything some braindead celebrity can come up with
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Like your dick wouldn't shrivel up in your pants and you would fall on your knees crying to thank the lord for not deciding to give your kid pox today.


Christianity has done great things. People try to discredit Christianity by saying it killed scientific exploration, but that's simply not true. Galileo wasn't even attacked by the Church for his heliocentric model, but rather was ultimately put under house arrest (not tortured, as some believe) for mocking the Pope. And the guy who established the big bang theory was actually a Catholic monk.
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renaissance vocal music or nothing

Thomas Tallis - the Lamentations of Jeremiah
Palestrina - Missa Papae Marcelli
Josquin des Prez - Missa Pange lingua
de Lassus - Hieremiae Prophetae Lamentationes
Ockeghem - Missa Prolationum
Dufay - Missa Se La Face Ay Pale
Gesualdo - Tenebrae Factae sunt
not joking
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Nietzsche disliked Christianity because he thought
>it was life denying, and therefor nihilistic
meaning that Christians acted as though there was something beyond this universe that mattered, meaning that they were denying the life here on earth which is the only thing we know for sure
>it often lead to 'slave morality'
which is basically saying it sometimes makes people feel good about being weak. 'that guys much more powerful than me, so he's gonna burn in hell!'

What Nietzsche didn't realize is that ideally, a real Christian wouldn't live with slave morality, as Christ taught to not be envious, not feel pride, to turn the other cheek, and to love your neighbor. While many Christians do probably hat the powerful and try to feel good about their weakness, it's not really how the religion is. Also, I'm not convinced that a Christian can't make the most of his life here on earth, regardless of what he expects to come next.

Really that's an appeal to ignorance logical fallacy that they commit, which is assuming that something is false because it cannot be proven true and vice versa. A big part of Christianity is faith, though. In John 20, one of Jesus disciples does not believe that Jesus was resurrected, and then Jesus shows himself and says "How happy are those who believe without seeing me!"

We cannot definitely prove God's existence without Him revealing Himself to us, which is the faith component of religion, but we can still see God working through our lives, which is proof enough for those willing to see it.
it's funny, because not only did christian civilization promote more scientific exploration than any other society ever, but it's almost the only one that did at all
>the sumerians, greeks, and egyptians long before christianity each did some
>the chinese for a while, then nothing for millenia
>the muslims briefly, then nothing, probably piggybacking off the egyptians anyways

any others people can think of?

This. Good ideas. I do this myself.
Christianity is not the religion you are looking for.

Try hinduism; it is much better.
Be comfortable to know nothing. Don't make assumptions before you experience them.
>all these nihilists craving oceanic feelings
>dismissing arguments against christianity because they are common
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