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>mfw you pride yourself on appreciating music but you've

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>mfw you pride yourself on appreciating music but you've never eaten LSD.
Man, I would if I knew a guy that could
File: 1389061496967.png (250KB, 500x338px)
250KB, 500x338px
yeah all shit talking aside it's a bad idea to eat anything you're not 100% sure is real.

I've done much more damage to my brain eating fake versions of drugs than the real ones.
Contender for worst thread of all-time.
File: 1402707002964.jpg (51KB, 640x480px)
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>mfw ignorant children think drugs are the key to enjoying things
I like LSD as much as the next guy, but OP c'mon. Giving acid a bad name
are you 12? You dont have to be under the influence to enjoy anything..
File: 1394173555661.jpg (93KB, 500x500px)
93KB, 500x500px
I'm a grown ass man-child, sir.
>mfw you take pride in your music taste at all

how lame can you be
your point being... ?
Acid/lsd is grea (though you youngns missed out on the good stuff), and music can be enhanced in the right setting, but seriously fuck you OP.
I would be shocked if the majority of us here didn't take some pride in our taste.

Acid changes the way you experience sensory input, music included.
>be 18
>early spring, the woods are starting to burst into life again
>get real acid
>first time
>go to great falls and trip balls with my friends (double dipped tabs) in the woods to the left of the trail
>decide to walk back to car while peaking
>looking at the water, the clouds, the falls, the people walking by who could tell we were on something
>oh jesus its all so beautiful and interconnected
>my one sober "sitter" friend drives us around while we listen to Sung Tongs, Feels, Pilot Talk 2, and Illinois
>no real desination, just cruising aimlessly
>we get food at one point
>try to eat it
>that was weird lmao
>the sky was a deep blue with fast moving, defined cloud formations
>my friend commented at one point, staring up through the back window in amazement, that he could see the order to the cloud's movement, and he marveled at how organized water is, even in the form of clouds

Seriously one of the best days of my life. It really put me on some introspective shit and I came out being more knowledgable about my relationship with myself and others, and for a short time my depression was alleviated. Also it removes mental barriers. You'll see what I mean if you try it, just try balancing on a log (preferably suspended in the air), it'll be eerily effortless.

Also i experienced legit telepathy with my one friend. our sitter friend verified saying its the weirdest thing he's ever seen. I can still remember having our thoughts connected. It was so strange feeling. But cool.

Highly recommend.
Unless you're 35+ years old you've never had real LSD. It died with Pickard, so stop bullshitting yourself. And yes I'm an oldfag who had the good stuff and have since been constantly disappointed by a myriad of markets
>Not appreciating music enough while you are sober and clear minded so you have to ingest drugs in order to do so

OP you are a pleb and a veyr boring person
Sir you forget those of us who are 25 with 50 year old friends who have head stashes.

I salute you though, cause it sounds like you were in the field when shit was real.

Also, I don't dispute that the market is WAY changed, that there's mad analogues and research bullshit and everything- but the recipe's out there. You really think no one's cooking it up out there somewhere?
File: yumenikkimanga.jpg (547KB, 1740x1227px)
547KB, 1740x1227px
I don't need LSD - I'm always tripping.
File: 1411186599429.jpg (3KB, 125x112px)
3KB, 125x112px
I certainly do, after seeing the kind of shit /mu/ calls good taste.
It was so easy to get back in the 90s, that was the amazing part, much less the much better quality. Anyway you're lucky if you've had a taste. As far as stuff being produced today, there may be, but I think it's unlikely. Getting the precursors to produce are extremely difficult to get without drawing attention. Maybe overseas and some of it makes its way over here, but I've talked to many friends around the US who are constantly looking (I haven't the last 5 years or so) and haven't found anything similar to the old stuff.
Where do you even get legit lsd anymore


/mu/ has absolute dogshit taste in music because your minds have all been fucking scrambled!
Damn his girl is fine as hell
File: SHADING.jpg (184KB, 513x640px)
184KB, 513x640px
>thinking we have shit taste in music when your mind hasn't even evolved to the next level.
Here's another still from that same documentary.

People are a fucked up thing, man.
Are you saying there isn't much real LSD anymore, or the quality just isn't the same?
File: 1405409511547.jpg (31KB, 500x348px)
31KB, 500x348px
Oh believe me it evolved, but I didn't take drugs and I didn't have to.

Every waking day I see the infinite expanse of existence that extends far beyond this mortal plane in every direction. I understand every ounce of it in my heart and I know what it is to be eternal. I hold the worlds I live in in my hands as they cradle me deep within their bosoms.I know an infinite number of things that can never even begin to be spoken of due to the complete inability of the human language or average mind to comprehend.

But I have never taken a single drug.
File: 1381428153541.gif (178KB, 214x200px)
178KB, 214x200px
I can't really be sure. Stopped doing it in the mid 2000s but the last I remember obtaining premium stuff was like 2000. There are a lot of other chemicals being masked as LSD from what I've gathered and I have friends who still look/use and they've confirmed that it hasn't been the same since then. I'm sure it's still being produced is some fashion however small, but much less in numbers. It used to be everywhere.
Made less naturally these days, with more chemicals etc.
You could say that if I was even human - I merely wear your shell during my time in this world.
File: 1408601994992.png (733KB, 1039x727px)
733KB, 1039x727px
>in this moment, i am euphoric
>not because of any phoney drug
>but because, i am enlightened in my intelligence
But you see no fedora upon my head, for I am no atheist.

Still, it is a shame atheism ruined the word euphoria - it's the greatest feeling in all of existence.

>inb4 euphoria the drug
File: NOfriends.gif (2MB, 358x146px)
2MB, 358x146px
What in the hell are you talking about.

Also if you guys want good LSD just look for tessellated. I can't recommend it enough.
File: 1369220357360.jpg (27KB, 644x644px)
27KB, 644x644px
Had some, they all ended up being backstabbers.

Better off alone where I can roam the multiverse freely.

Might pick some up in the future, but for now I fly solo and am quite happy to do so.
>less naturally
>more chemicals
wtf r u gabbing
File: 1415957092549.jpg (18KB, 413x395px)
18KB, 413x395px
Not him, but it's pretty well known that more harmful substitutes have replaced the lsd of old. Natural doesn't have anything to do with it like you implied. It just that some of the chemicals they're using can be incredibly harmful whereas the old form was completely safe.
File: shitkistan.jpg (14KB, 240x320px)
14KB, 240x320px
>mfw some pleb prides himself on appreciating music but never composed anything of value
lol am musician, have been in more than a dozen bands, so you can suck more than a dozen dicks
I copy some of my more obscure favorite artists and recreate their song stems to play for friends who are then amazed at my compositions. How do you feel about that?
>been kicked of more than a dozen bands
>still doesn't realize he's pleb on a genetic level and music isn't his thing
File: 1371219685812.jpg (7KB, 187x251px)
7KB, 187x251px
I'm not him but that makes me insane
what harmful substitutes? research chemicals? because you can still easily get lsd
I've got three albums under my belt, I don't know what you mean
File: 1414086413268.jpg (127KB, 713x900px)
127KB, 713x900px
the keyword was:
>of value
It's not LSD bruh, although the psychological effects are similar. People have died from the stuff you're likely taking. Google LSD substitute or LSD NBOMe. The vast majority of the shit out there is not LSD
File: 137.jpg (55KB, 320x240px)
55KB, 320x240px

My music has bought my groceries, got me laid, and been important to people who I've never met.

I call that valuable. It's definitely valuable to me, I got my dick sucked.
yea thats research chemicals 'bruh' im not talking about that shit. you can still easily get lsd, its not manufactured differently so idk what the fuck he meant by more chemicals when lsds already synthesized in a lab
File: 6lEg0WW.jpg (30KB, 327x450px)
30KB, 327x450px
You haven't even listened to them yet.

They could be the greatest albums you've ever heard.
Only I can make music I like so unless you are me they cannot be better.

Fuck u and ur shit music
File: mEcYki3.jpg (29KB, 300x450px)
29KB, 300x450px
Let's hear some then.
File: 1378149603573.jpg (47KB, 789x604px)
47KB, 789x604px
pic is a mexican drug lord who made his captains prove their loyalty by eating the hearts of children.

What the fuck do YOU know about making music?
This is actually my go to move and led to a relationship with one of my long-term ex-girlfriends. Why would I waste time coming up with something one my own when my guitar "skills" are only good enough to pick up unsuspecting chicas.
File: latfh[1].jpg (144KB, 640x791px)
144KB, 640x791px
Pic related, got sucked by this fan of mine. Shit was cash. He then shat on my head, priceless experience.
File: 1335378708668.jpg (46KB, 677x461px)
46KB, 677x461px
File: 1335377172081.jpg (55KB, 589x459px)
55KB, 589x459px
File: TeZI7LE.jpg (23KB, 400x267px)
23KB, 400x267px
Interesting, but over-muffled. Sounds like it's coming from behind a closed door down a distant hallway - I'd hate to know what it actually sounds like down the hall on the other side of a closed door.
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