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ITT: Times you met musicians and spaghetto fell out >sebadoh

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ITT: Times you met musicians and spaghetto fell out

>sebadoh show in the constellation room
>see lou barlow selling merch
>go up to him, buy 2 buttons
>he says "rockin shirt man!"
>"th-thanks dude i really like them"
>lou looks at me blankly, not in a condescending way, but "just being nice"
>go back to my spot
>realize i have more money
>go back to lou
>buy one of his tour cds
>"th-thanks man, i really enjoyed that, uh, duncan trussell..."
>he recently did a podcast and i couldn't remember the fucking word podcast
>"oh, thanks man..."
>i freeze for a moment
>reach for handshake
>he shakes it
>this is the hand that played poledo
>this is the hand that played those basslines on you're living all over me
>this is the hand that played sebadoh III
>wait, it's been more than 7 years since those albums, his cells have literally already regenerated
>it's a different hand
>wait why am i thinking of all this
>lou is still looking blankly at me
>"bye lou"
>get in my car
>feel my autism crash over me in tidal waves of shame
>tfw i was too beta to talk to lou barlow
That's pretty standard behavior for the average Sebadoh fan, he's probably had similar encounters hundreds of times.
Absolutely true, actually
I kinda forgot how to speak english when i met Mangum, he asked me how to spell my name and i forgot the names of the letters so i wrote it on my hand.
I saw Flying Lotus a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn't want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything. He said, "Oh, like you're doing now?" I was taken aback, and all I could say was "Huh?" but he kept cutting me off and going "huh? huh? huh?" and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw FlyLo trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like "Sir, you need to pay for those first." At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually "to prevent any electrical infetterence," and then turned around and winked at me. I don't even think that's a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.
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This one is even more embarrassing

>high school freshman
>hang out with dadmetal greaseballs
>one drags me to see George Lynch play at Guitar Center
>don't want to go, I hate 80's metal
>go anyway
>George Lynch keeps talking about how much he loves Ron Paul
>also says he hates white people
>tfw only white people come to george lynch shows
>there's a meet and greet a the end, free pictures are handed out to sign
>line is getting shorter, george is getting closer
>start getting nervous
>why the fuck am i nervous
>get up to him
>manage to say "can uh you put kill whitey on there"
>he laughs
>writes kill whitey
>now i have a signed george lynch photo that says kill whitey

I would post a pic as proof, but I think I left the pic at my parents house after I moved.
When I met Jeff Mangum, he almost seemed as nervous to meet me as I was to meet him. It made things more awkward. I gave him a hug and basically said "thanks for everything man" and left. So beautifully awkward.

fucking nightmare fuel
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>Sean Bonnette of Andrew Jackson Jihad doing a solo show in my town
>I decide to go, its a house show so it's crowded and loud.
>Listen to the set and have a good time.
>After he finishes playing I go up to his little table in the corner to buy a CD
>Hand him $5
>"I feel bad for illegally downloading all your music so I'm trying to guy them back and not be an asshole"
>He says something like "What? I cant really hear you it's loud in here."
> I say "What?"
> Maintain awkward eye contact for a few seconds.
>We both smile and just walk away in opposite directions without saying another word.
>Still had a pretty nice time.

But that's cool.
Hey bro I met him too. I asked for a picture

I went up and wanted Ben to sign some shit for me and then realized that I didn't have a pen or sharpie or anything. I eventually found something and spent the rest of the night waiting for a chance to ask him in a way that wouldnt be ultra spaghetti. i never did. :c

but I talked with Sean and got a picture and he was super cool. Ben was really cool too, but we just exchanged the general "thanks 4 musix!!!" "yeah man!!" stuff.

Great guys.
Dropping it and smiling saved this from being a disaster.
Yeah AJJ seems like the kind of band who are pretentious enough to make a huge deal about that
I was in line for a swans show and gira was outside the venue smoking and I decided to walk up and shake his hand and all I could do was say "hey..." And kind of just stood there awkwardly until he asked what my name was
>be 20
>Go see GG Allin & The Murder Junkies
>like 25 people there
>He's naked had has busted his head open with his mic
>5 of us in the audience running around in a big circle in front of the stage
>everyone else standing far back
>as I run past GG I punch him in the face
>he gets mad and chases me
>the fat cunt tackles me
>punches me in the head a couple of times
>squats over my face
>takes a huge shit in my mouth
>I have to eat it
>he then pisses on me and continues with the show

So awkward
go to bed Lou
If gg was a qt grill this is basically my biggest fantasy
That's not embarassing, that's awesome.

He was a part of this which is pretty rad.

It would have been so much worse if you didn't eat his shit. Can you imagine the sort of looks you would have gotten if you didn't swallow it?
>5 of us in the audience running around in a big circle in front of the stage
I wish this story was real but maybe you can explain what the fuck is up with that?
holy shit, spaghetti fell out of my pockets just by reading this
when I met him I was so scared that i couldn't bring myself to ask for a signture, just handed CD to him.
he looked suspiciously at me
I'd be too scared to meet Gira. Seems like he could be really sardonic, most likely not, but enough of a possibility for me to avoid it and regret it for the rest of my life.
He was actually incredibly nice. Warm and softspoken, he complimented my shirt. To which I responded "its a good shirt"

A circle pit, but with only 5 people
My buddy and I saw ajj in New Orleans earlier this summer. Before the show, Sean just walked around the bar talking to everyone. Seemed like a pretty swell guy.
Awesome. Guess I should've attempted to meet him at the Roseland then. Fuck.
I just saw swans at the Roxy. I bought to be kind and I didn't stay to have him sign it or anything. I regret that a lot. I read a recent interview and it seems he's pretty pleasant in person. Way fucked that up.
Do they have tbk on vinyl with them? I didn't buy it when it came out because i want to buy it from them personally when i see them
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Slightly different kind of story

>be 20
>huge TSOL fan
>Jack Grisham told everyone his phone number at a show at the Observatory
>tfw I was actually autistic enough to put it in my phone that night under Jack Grisham
>get the balls to call it a week later
>"hello?" (norwegian wood playing in the background)
>uh hi, is that norwegian wood?
>"who fuckin cares? what's wrong with norwegian wood?"
>uh, n-nothing, i like it a lot i just wasn't expecting it
>"who is this?"
>uh my name's anon, just wanted to talk for a minute
>"about what?"
>i d-don't care
>"ok man, i don't have a lot of time so make it quick, don't mean to be a prick but i'm busy"
>it's cool man, i can let you go
>"you sure?"
>i guess so
>"alright man, take it easy"
>ok bye jack
>mfw i called jack grisham and blew it hard
>Go to see Swans
>Breddy gud show
>Gira is staring me directly the whole time (I was up pretty close)
>Wouldn't break eye contact
>Show ends
>Go outside through a back entrance of the venue and see Gira standing outside his light blue van smoking a cigarette
>It's like he was waiting for me because in a very gruff voice he calls me over while waving at me slightly as soon as I walked out
>Went over because why not
>"What's your name son?"
>"uhh, it's a-anon."
>"That's a pretty name."
>"T-thank you"
>He leans in closer, exhaling smoke into my face
>"You ever hear the last heartbeats of a dying man?"
>"uhh...wha.." Mid sentence he puts his hand down my pants while still holding a lit cigarette and grabs my dick
>Headbutts me and I fall over forcing his hand out of my pants but the cigarette remained inside my jeans burning me.
>He spits on me and while getting into his van he chuckles saying "No one will believe you."

No one has so far.
Oh my god

I met the lead guitarist of Ratatat.

I was on acid, and it was after a show in Orlando, LF. He was chasing this girl that was in our group while he was blackout drunk. He starts to get into our car, don't know why. His band would have been pissed and he would have just ended up in the suburbs.

Anyways, decides he has to piss. He walks and pisses onto a dumpster and a bike cop catches his. The cop makes his do twenty pushups or threatens to take him to jail.

I stand there completely tripped out of my mind because fuck that whole situation.

Anyways, dude stands up with tears in his eyes, looks at me and says "I'm sorry you had to see that".

I just kinda stared at him. The girl we were with ran after him and I guess fucked him and they went to Tampa. They left her there the next day. I guess he kinda was the one who spilled his spaghetti.
>just saw tim hecker in portland
>whole show was in complete darkness
>after the show i see a lone guy smoking a cigarette outside the show
>something inside me tells me it's him
>"hey man, that was a great show"
>"yeah it was i loved it"
>it wasn't tim hecker
oh jesus fuck that's rough
That sounds so overwhelming
I asked him to sign my copy of The Consumer but he refused.
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It was kinda hilarious. I just tried my best not to look like I was freaking the fuck out. You know, Florida cops and all.

The girl stole this striped sweatshirt from the band. That was funny.

I ended up fucking her at some point. Guess that makes me eskimo brothers with Mike Stroud
i like this one the most
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>See Koenjihyakkei live
>Go up to Tatsuya Yoshida and buy some CDs
>Tell him that I'm a big fan and that he's played music with a friend of mine before
>Tell him we should collaborate sometime
>He doesn't speak much English, but I can tell he understands what I'm saying and just wants me to fuck off
>Give him some of my own CDs and ask him to sign the one I bought from him
>qtpi vocalist comes up and while she's there I ask her if she can sign it too.
>I drop the sharpie and it falls under the table
>She immediately crawls under the table and I instinctively stare at dat ass
>Look up and smile at Tatsuya
>He just stares at me because now i'm blocking the line.
>to top it all off I forgot my Camera at home (this was before good cell phone cameras) so I had bought one of those disposeable cameras.
>Ask them to take a picture...

I never had the pictures developed. I was such an asshole back then.
Lol I just saw that show too
Fucking great, I sat next to this 60+ artsy dude and it blew his mind, he wouldn't even applaud at the end
I met Tom Waits at a diner in Oakland. Walked into the diner and he was sitting at the table closest to the door I entered, so I just stood about 3 feet from him processing who he was for a good 10-15 seconds because I knew subconsciously he was Tom Waits but was in disbelief that he was right in front of me in the flesh. He gave me the biggest, oddest Tom Waitsian look and then I finally realized who he was, looked away and walked to go get some food.
I thought it was a fucking fantastic show. I couldn't believe how many people walked out though. Pissed me off every time a door would open and let light in. I applauded the shit out of my hands.

I met Micheal Jordan a few times. Not a musician but whatever.

I didn't spill my spaghetti. In fact I didn't do anything. I was serving him drinks at his son's Basketball games and we were told we'd be fired if we bothered him at all.

Dude only tips 20 percent.
>Dude only tips 20 percent.

you faggot.
>Dude only tips 20 percent.

Fuck off
Yeah I feel you I was like in the 2nd row so I dealt with idiots letting the light in every 5 minutes. Loved how he basically played all of virgins I wish he played a bit longer though, still amazing show. Bummed I'll be missing oneohtrix point never this week
I was saddened by the abrupt ending a bit. The fade in was orgasmic. I spent most of the show watching the blinking red light in a trance haha. Fuck, looks like I'll be missing that too.
This one started off pretty bad, but ended up being pretty cool
>Animal Collective DJ Set in Seattle
>wait outside venue for about an hour after show
>decide to leave
>as walking a security guard tells us they're in the bar next door
>we go to the bar and they're the only ones in there
>order a rolling rock and a shot of whiskey even though i'm already pretty drunk
>we all sit down at a table next to them
>we all chill for a little bit
>as they get up to leave and close tabs we leave at the same time
>eventually I go up to geologist and say, "You're my favorite member of the band because your name is geologist and I study geology in school."
>then I give him a fortune from a fortune cookie i had in my wallet for a while that read, "You look nice today."
>he reads it and takes out his wallet and puts it into his wallet
>he then proceeds to talk about how he's actually a biologist, but that he has an uncle who is one and stuff
>eventually Geo, Avey and I just end up talking about the NBA and NHL playoffs going on

I thought I was gonna spill it right after the first interaction with Geo, but they're all really awesome guys. If you get the chance to meet em do it, they're fucking great guys.
>see Screaming Females in Brooklyn
>after show want to talk to drummer and tell him I like his podcast
>see him standing there with without anyone around him
>go up to him
>doesn't notice me, keeps staring directly to the right of me
>I turn around and walk away


>singer marissa walks past my friend and smiles at him
>I go to wave to her
By the time my hand is up in the air she's already walked past me and I wave to nobody

Sounds about right. A diner seems like the perfect place to see Tom Waits
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>leaving pixies show
>crowded as fuck
>finally make it to the exit
>on the way to the car see Kim leaving side door
>high five her and say "great show!"
>"thanks man"
>some guy comes up to me and says "you just high fived Kim Deal!"
>"i know!"
>go home and fapped
>2 person folk band in portland named Shootdang
>see them playing on street corners relatively often
>stop and listen each time, really like them
>never seem to have money on me
>it's first thursday
>they're playing outside PNCA
>i stop and listen again
>walk away, i had a few bucks in my wallet
>feel like a prick once i realize
>see them later on when i come out of PNCA's bathroom
>reach in my wallet for money
>"i feel really bad for not giving you guys money so i wanted to give you guys money"
>"oh, cheers! thanks!"
>realize i'm too drunk
>walk back to table with girlfriend
>they're still just sorta standing there weirded out
>that feel
It's amazing because i could see it happening

not true though :/
You better not have washed your hand before you fapped. It's like she gave you a handjob. Legend.
this kind of thing happened to me twice when i saw keith morris at a FLAG show and again when i saw king buzzo
Why would I lie?
Yeah I loved how intense the sound was hitting me and how he bowed like 4 times at the end. Try to go to the Liz Harris thing, my friends are going and supposedly it's going to be really good
They both seem like cool guys to meet but I'd be in full spaghetti if I met them. When I saw Circle Jerks in like 08 Keith's dreads hit my face when he shoved the mic at me to sing i just want some skank and that was good enough for me. Glad my spaghetti didn't make me forget the fuckin words at that moment.
any reason?
I didn't. Should've gotten her autograph but she looked like she was in a hurry.
how about the opposite? i irl trolled/heckled jesus lizard. bassist hid behind the cabinet. i irl trolled/heckled crash worship, "wolf carcass" pulled out a mojo bag and "cursed" me, i made a sign of the cross he said "that won't work!" (does anyone know who crash worship is now? of course not). i irl trolled/heckled Thurston Moore in an airport, he offered me free passes to see Sonic Youth, I declined, 8 years later, fucked his wife. I irl trolled/heckled the butthole surfers, my bottle picked off gibby from 80 yards.

I did have steakburger @ a greyhound park w/ neil hamburger i didn't even have to pay.

also, partied w/ rihanna. don't give a shit re: her music. but she is all-caps REAL. she even paid for my uber home.
what are you on about m8
Met Matthew bellamy and Dominic Howard of muse.
Literally a lifelong dream, favourite band since 2002, own all their albums etc.
All I can fathom is "where is Chris?" And ask for photos and stuff, looking back I would have sounded rude but I autismed everywhere. So many things I could have asked!
Cry after they leave because when my girlfriend took the photo of me and Matt the autofocus wasn't on and it's blurry as fuck.
I met Shuggie Otis once and shook his hand and thanked him for his music. Then we just kind of stood there and I said "Well see ya man" and he stared off into space and nodded.

Also once I bought a cd from Jad Fair and that wasn't awkward at all.
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>Go to Hellfyre Club show with Busdriver, milo, Open Mike Eagle and NoCanDo
>There was almost no one there
>Walk up to Busdriver before the show cuz he was just on his phone at the entrance
>Hand him Temporary Forever and ask if he'll sign it
>He says "Oh thanks for having this man" (the CD came out in 2002)
>Didn't realize Busdriver thinks I'm an OG fan
>"Yeah it was really hard to find"
>"Oh, you mean you got this recently?"
>"Yeah, two-fifty at a record store."
>wtf am i saying
>"two fifty? what do you mean?"
>"Uh, two dollars and fifty cents."
>Busdriver looks at me for a solid second
>"Well I guess that means I made it."
>Laugh and wish him a good show and leave.

The worst part is I had been rehearsing different conversations in my head the entire way to the venue.
i'm so jealous

Yeah Geo is a marine biologist.
btw, kim gordon is a dead fuck. no wonder thurston left her. but that coco. she calls me "uncle".
it was magical. :)
anyone here a fan of the gaslamp killer? (GLK)
met him this year while utterly fucked off my head and was just talking utter shit like 'man i'm you're biggest fan/you changed my life'... not even embarrassed about it tbh
File: hillshaveeyes1.jpg (154KB, 974x620px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>electrical infetterence

Fucking every time.
When I met Gira in DC last May I for some reason wanted to impress him, so I kept tying to like ask him like "Did you really know Lydia Lunch/Thurston Moore" expensive though I already knew he did, I know it's autistic as fuck. But every time it asked him, he didn't even acknowledge me, it's like he didn't even hear me, I still have no idea if he's one of those kinds of personality types that can only hold attention with one person at a time or if he was deaf from the show or if he heard me but was just ignoring me or what, but either way he signed some CDs I bought and I told hi that he's a huge influence and whatnot and he genuinely thanked me, so I think it ended up well in the end.
>>then I give him a fortune from a fortune cookie i had in my wallet for a while that read, "You look nice today."

Did he fuck in the ass after?
I made eye contact during the show sometimes too, you can't really compare having your idol-like figure acknowledging you in person to anything else, really
>be 2012
>at first annual beach goth party
>get drunk
>get to meet the Growlersj after the show
>become flustered when shaking Mr. Nielson's hand
>stay silient and look at Brooks like a creep
>end up smoking a joint with his dad instead
>become paranoid that everyone wants me to leave
>take girls bottle of shit bourbon and pass out in parking lot
Man, I was pretty drunk when I did that. I thought it would be a good idea. He seemed entertained though.
That'd entertain me if I were him.

I bet you he still has it in his wallet, anon.

I bet you he looks at it every night before he falls asleep.
>see Lee Ronaldo do some audio visual shit
>the guy's my favorite guitarist of all time
>shaking while in the line to meet him
>finally get to the front
>hand him a receipt I found on the floor
>"h-hey can you sign this bit of paper I found"
>he looks at it
>"Oh wow, never signed one of these before"
>giggle like a pre-pubescent 8 year old
>he gives me and odd look
>turn red and walk away quickly without saying anything else
if you really wanted to impress Gira (in '14 no less) you should have axed him about french kisses w/ David Yow...

you do understand if you have a steady job, you are on a higher footing than micheal gira?

also, the swans?
>I bet you he looks at it every night before he falls asleep.

A man can dream.
Super great show, I loved it. I'm going to that Grouper film thing this Saturday and am stoked on that as well.
>go to Swans show pinging on MDMA
>soon as I walk in I see Gira
>Walk right past him staring him in the eyes the whole time before murmuring "howdy" and nod
>He nods back
>see guy I know from Uni spaghetti all over Gira while getting his shit signed.

>see Boris
>good show
>try to hand Atsuo my discography because why not
>completely bars me, hi 5's everyone around me
>walk outside to throw up violently before getting a taxi home
>I still love Wata

>Pulled Apart By Horses
>Only have 1 t shirt left, 1 size too small but not too bad
>ask Tom if that's it, he confirms and apologises, told him not to stress because getting the last tshirt of the tour is cool, he agrees
>Take James' set list, pick, water and scotch and coke
>see him later outside giving an interview and having a smoke so decide to interrupt just to let him know what I did
>he says no problem and he hopes I have a great night and thanks me for coming before shaking my hand
>still the best show I've ever been to.

I've been in crowds of thousands and not one crowd has been as mental as the crowd of roughly 50 people who saw PABH that night.

Anyway I don't spaghetti.
>Chilling in artists lounge at imagine festival in ATL the end of last month
>See a dude walk by
>I think i recognize him
>is that.. Diesel Boy?
>Not that huge of a fan, but I have mad respect
>Hey.. Damien?
>"No you're thinking of Diesel Boy, im Logam."
>He walks off to the bar
>He and Diesel Boy were wearing similar outfits
>spaghettie everyware
oh and Post Script: I lost weight and that t shirt fits me perfectly now.
>Airborne Toxic Event
>house of blues
>end of show
>find someone's camera
>want to get it back to them
>figure if anyone can help it's Mikel, the singer
>he's shaking hands and giving autographs
>Go up to him
>try to give it to him
>"Hey I found this camera"
>he looks at me like I'm an autist
>"I don't know what you want me to do with that"
>walk away in shame
hahaha I would have thought the same thing man.
>see Death Grips at a festival
>MC Ride is walking around after and watching Yeah Yeah Yeahs play from a distance
>go up to him
>planning on just saying hi or something but my mind stops working
>"C-can I hustle your bones"
>he just looks at me
>run off
File: 1318926947573.png (97KB, 245x247px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97KB, 245x247px
>C-can I hustle your bones
i'm giggling like a madman imagining this
Not really awkward but
>see Black Flag play in Perth
>Ron Reyes gets kicked out like two songs into the set
>walk out later since they suck ass
>see Ron walking down Wellington Street later
>go up to say something
>he asks me how shit the show was
>tell him it was total ass
>"yeah that's what I kept telling Ginn"
>sorry man
>he goes back to his hotel and I go home
i did nearly the same thing to brenden small and bag of fritos
i still have the shit on my wall
Feel sorry for Ron. Ginn is a cunt. Nice dubs, though.
I sperged at that show too. Bought two cds off of him, then said something like "great show", he said thanks and then I just stared at him for a couple seconds without saying a word. I kept thinking about what I should say and didn't realize how much of a mongoloid I looked like while i stared at him. By the time I figured it out I just left without saying anything. Probably didn't last that long, but I remember it feeling like a lifetime.
File: sadboys.jpg (87KB, 1032x774px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meet the lead singer of The Front Bottoms outside of the venue after the show
>Friends are all super psyched, get their stuff signed by him
>Get phone case signed by him (it rubbed off later :\)
>compliment Skeleton like this
>"Dude, you really had to work hard to get that to be the laziest chorus. You really emulated being stoned"
>He gives uneasy laugh
>Realize he took it the wrong way
that show was even awkward. remember how low the vocals were? lol
Quints! Jesus Mary and Joesph!

holy fuck
one of the best yet
File: manlet forever.png (477KB, 1080x548px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
manlet forever.png
477KB, 1080x548px
Thank you. I dunno I kinda thought that's how pop punk worked on some level
That was one of the most awkward moments I've ever seen, no one in the crowd knew what to think
It's starting in 5 minutes. Who's tuning in to ask him questions?
This meant to be a new thread. dammit.
Don't worry Anthony, I'm sure someone will
Anthony a shit
Not with a musician but
>reading this thread while waiting for the doctor
>open it back up after I finish
>so involved with it that I forgot to pay
>receptionist chases me to my car as I'm about to drive off
>she thinks I was trying to run off without paying
>tell her I legitimately forgot
>can tell she doesn't believe me
>Doctor bulk bills me so my health plan covers everything anyway
When my dad forgets the copay they just bill him later that month. Why would she chase you down?
I met Mark Kozelek at SXSW this year, he was getting food at a cart that I was at while a buddy of mine was in the bathroom. I approached him and much to my surprise he was actually pretty nice.. I thought he might be stubborn but we engaged in conversation about his set.. I asked him to autograph my ticket and he did. Just then my friend showed up, and Kozelek immediately seemed distraught at the sight of my friend, who is black. It got really awkward even though my friend was more excited to seem him than I was, and when he asked him for an autograph Kozelek said "I don't sign for niggers" and then walked away. I couldn't believe what It.
you should change it to hillbillies.
I am planning to do some MDMA at the Swans show in November. Is this a bad idea? Is Gira going to spit on me?
He hates it and doesn't want anything to do with. He apparently has hundreds of copies sitting at home.

He's fucking lovely. I met him once and told him that Love Will Save you was the best song of all time.

Then all I could think of was how much of a dick I was for practically snubbing his lovely set of We Are Him material.
this is the hand that played poledo
>this is the hand that played those basslines on you're living all over me
>this is the hand that played sebadoh III
>wait, it's been more than 7 years since those albums, his cells have literally already regenerated
>it's a different hand
>wait why am i thinking of all this
>lou is still looking blankly at me
holy shit 10/10
holy shit you fucking asshole
I wish PABH would fuckin tour the US
File: Thom-Yorke_Promo.jpg (85KB, 500x634px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>have an eye infection
>constantly having to put this awful eye drops in
>twitching my eyes all the time
>go to see a thom yorke dj set
>catch him later on in the night outside the venue
>go over to say hi and tell him i enjoyed his set
>walk up to him, exchange hellos and a handshake
>a bit of smoke from the person smoking next to him catches my eye
>cannot stop twitching my eye as I'm speaking to him
>he cuts me off midway through
>"are you taking the fucking piss mate"
>pushes past me and storms off into the venue

i-i'm sorry
lol wtf
i'm sorry you were sexually assaulted by gira-kun ;(
is sebadoh iii any good? never listened to the band before.
well i mean he has the money to tip more
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