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>Twilight Sparkle: Princess of Friendship >Rarity: Owner

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>Twilight Sparkle: Princess of Friendship
>Rarity: Owner of several successful boutiques
>Pinkie Pie: Spreader of laughter and baker
>Applejack: Run family farm
>Rainbow Dash: Wonderbolts
>Fluttershy: Animal caretaker

What is he? What does he want to be? The reason why his episodes are the way the are is that he has no motivation to do anything but help Twilight. What does he want? What is his character's motivation other than Rarity's horsepussy and being seen as useful?
Someone just watched the new silverquill video and wants to try and sound deep
He's Twilight's pet, and when he dies in a few years she'll just flush him down the toilet and get a new one.
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Spike probably wants to be a badass dragon when he grows up. He probably wants to be Smaug.
He brought up a point and wasn't a pretentious fuck about it like 90% of "analysts."
>He probably wants to be Smaug.
He wants to be the weird Superman~ish dragon, though.
Either that, or the animators were too lazy to re-use the Spikezilla assets.
That boy needs to join the military.
Spikezilla is his nightmare, he picked his dream.
And what is Discords purpose once he is fully reformed? Run his own kingdom? Start a family with Fluttershy? He seems to have no ultimate goal, too.
Because he's chaos incarnate, he doesn't have a long-term goal, he just follows his whims.
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>What is he?
a dragon.
>What does he want to be?
a knight.
>What does he want?
to treat rarity like a princess.
>What is his character's motivation?
helping his friends in any way he is able, even at personal risk.
I never appreciated the clever naming in the first gens until they started fucking everything up with the latest ones.

She already reached her goal. Becoming an Alicorn and a Princess supposed to be her final accomplishment according to Faust. Now she have no purpose other than solving friendship problems which is basically her every day job rather than any goal.

Same, she wanted to own a shop in Canterlot and she already made it this season.

>Pinkie Pie

She never mentioned that these were her goals. The show didnt give her any purpose beside working in bakery. She never mention anything about becoming a famous party planner or making the world smile.

She never had a goal that was about her career. Is all about metamoprhosis. She want to be more assertive, more social and less scared. Her psychological development is everything that could be called as a ultimate goal. Same with Discord. After he fully understand friendship and become good, there is nothing for him other than waiting for death.

>Rainbow Dash
That's the only M6 with recurring goal:Becoming a Wonderbolt. And it's the only legit one out of M6, Spike and Discord.
Rest of them have as much goals as Cadance and Celestia.
It's a headcanon based on his small crush on Rarity, it has nothing to do with his future.
Char Salamander.
Squirt Turtle.

Honestly the only clever names in Gen 1 that weren't basic puns were Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam. And even then it was STILL a pun. The names are still puns Anon, you just get more and more exceptions as the gens go by, but gen 1 had its share of exceptions. Pikachu and Raichu have no definite english relations, as pikapika is a sound of sparking and chuchu is the sound of squeaking in japanese.
he is the one that will save the world
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>he is the one that will save the world
>save the world
Please anon, stop to create some hopes for Spike's character when these hopes will be destroyed one day...
which part is a headcanon?

Doesn't Spike work for Celestia (and Twilight) as a messenger? I'd love to see the show redeem Dragon Quest by making Spike an ambassador to the dragon lands and revealing the dragons to be more than just a bunch of assholes. I think this would give him something to strive for equivalent to the mane 6.
That would be nice and and the map could even send him there.

>the map could even send him there

but Spike doesn't have an ass tattoo
Just use a flame or some shit.
Guardian of Equestria.
Twilight Sparkle is no longer a princess in the finale.
No, he'll be back to evil next season and he'll be dating with Queen Chrysalis.
G.M. Barrow said Twilight Sparkle will lose her wings in the future.
Discord will be back to be a bad guy and tired to turn Twilight Sparkle and Flutterguy to the dark side.
tfw Spike is the final boss
I think Applejack would want to start a family of her own.
>pikapika is a sound of sparking and chuchu is the sound of squeaking in japanese

I'd almost think it would be the reverse.
he's going to live for several hundred years. he has plenty of time to figure out his life.

spike is going to outlive his friends and several generations of their offspring.
>being seen as useful
>implying that isnt the greatest motivation
being Spike is suffering
He's a dog, his destiny is nothing but serving the Princess™ Of™ Friendship™ and being infinitely friendzoned forever by her cunt friend as she gets railed by huge zebra stallions every night.
He wants to be a knight.

Even when he was a villain he didn't really have a goal beyond "have fun" that's just in his nature. It's just what he does for fun has changed.
>What does he want to be?

Rarity's cunt-warmer.
>Spike bent his leg, taking a knee as he pulled out a small, dark box
>"Oh my... Spike?" Rarity muttered in disbelief.
>"Rarity..." Spike began before being interrupted by Rarity.
>"Spike! Are you?" Rarity gasped
>"Rarity, these past few years have been the bes-"
>Spike chokes, finding a ball forming in his throat and tears welling in his eyes
>Rarity was similar, holding her dainty hooves in front of her mouth as tears freely ran down her furry, white cheeks
>"Th-these past few years... They've been the best of m-my life." Spike managed to choke out, tears now falling frelly down his face
>"Yes, Spike? Yes?!" Rarity squealed.
>"Will you do me the honor..." Spike weeped.
>"Mmmhmm?" Rarity moaned giddily
>"Oh just say it Spike! I need to hear it!" She begged.
>"L-letting me be your cunt-warmer?" Spike asked, finally managing to squeeze the words out and opening up the small box, reveling a small, diamond ring.
>"YES!" Rarity screamed, jumping in the air out of excitement.
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Please, Spike put the ring on!" Rarity demanded, drunk on excitement.
>Rarity spun herself around on her hoofs, revealing her pale flanks and winking horsepussy
>Her pink, heart-shaped clitoris was gorging and twitching for attention
>Spike took the silver ring and squeezed it over her fat nub
>Rarity moaned loudly as the tight ring squeezed around her gooey, lubricated clit
>"Oh my! It's perfect! Do you know my measurements?"
>"Mmhm." Spike nodded, climbing up her haunches to her pert, white butt.
>He took his erect cock and shoved it into her cunt, both parties moaning in unison.
>Spike wrapped his stubby legs around her haunches and hugged her belly, securing his place
>They stayed like this until Spike became too big and tore Rarity in two
>He still keeps her entrails and skin wrapped around his cock
>A rotting reminder to the beautiful connection they once shared
The End
>Loyal, devoted, determined.
>Willing to aid others in need and puts the feelings and needs of someone he cares about ahead of his own.
>Ask little to no rewards in return.

>When he was emotionally pressured, he choked and temporarily lost his fire ability.
>Huge chunk of falling ice attempts to crush ponies below.
>No way of knowing if he won't choke again. >Leaps into danger anyway.
>Summons a fire breath as large if not larger than an full grown dragon and saves the day. >When ask how he manage to do that, he himself doesn't even know.
>Claims he just reacted when others where in danger.

What is he you ask? He's a god damn bloody potential hero in the making is what he is.
He has probably had somewhat of an education to the power of magic.
He is an outsider, who is a different species, raised by another species to associate with their society.
It is likely that he can be extremely strong, is probably very smart, and might be the only dragon to be fully integrated into pony society.
He has been taught good morals and the values of friendship.
He is noble and wants to protect others.
He likes comic books and wishes to be a superhero.

He has a similar origin story to Goku or Batman.
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 7

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